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Tut 8 tor of Wealth Emptied Fron
New World . Into Old. ;
It has never been told how. vast was
the treasure that was. emptied from the
new "world Into the old in the glorious
days of the Spanish dominion We can
only Juge of how great it was by col
lateral evidence. The booties of Cortes
and Pizarro are. famous in annals of
new world history. In them we have
read how the soldiers of the former
carried away -only a small part of the
treasures looted at Mexico, yet were so
loaded ' down with stolen gold that
when they fell from the" causeway into
the lake in the memorable retreat from
Mexico they sank and drowned as
weighted with plummets of lead; also
we read how Pizarro exacted as a trib
ute for the liberation of the Inca Ata
hulpa gold that filled to the depth of
several feet a room seventeen feet wide
by twenty-two feet long and that was
valued at 1,300,000 pesos d'or, the
equivalent of nearly $15,500 of our
money. V" ;;-:5. X T-X-J-- -V: ; :
When Drake sailed the south sea in
the . Golden Hind upon his piratical
voyage of circumnavigation in the
years 1577-79 and when he captured the
Nuestra Senora della Concepcion 6ur
named the Cacafue or. Spitfire of Cape
San Francisco, It took three days to
transfer the treasure from the cap
tured ship to his own. In that single
haul ' there was realized a "purchase,"
as It was called, of over twenty-six
tonsiof silvfr, besides eighty pounds of
virgin; gold, thirteen chests of pieces of
tight- containing over -$1,000,000 in
money " and an enormous amount of
jewels and "plate. - . v
Upon the evidence of John Drake we
read that when the Golden Hind laid
her course for England, Jay way of the
Cape of Good Hope, she was so heavily
"ballasted" .with; pure silver that she
"rode exceeding deep in the water."
Harper's Magazine. r - ..
'- Whee the . Excitement Wa. --
'l don't suppose, it's unnatural for
me to be excited now that the hour
for .. my marriage to. the count - ap-
proachest" said the bride. "I guess I'm
the most excited person in, town at this
minute." , "Oh, I don't know," replied
Mrs. Nuritch, her mother." "Think how
excited they must be over it in- the
newspaper offlces." Catholic Standard
"and Times. .
.. '. - ' . ni Reception.
Young man I have called, sir, to re
auest . the hand of your daughter in
marriage. Old Grumleigh Has she ac
cepted you? ; Young Man Yes,; sir.
Old : Grumleigh Then what do you
want to- come round and -bother me
with your troubles for? X:- . C
Bear Vallow Items." .
8pringt beautiful spring' ts here and
the pear and peach tree in full . bloom,
and promise a full crop of each.
W. S. Grant has gone to Henderson
ville oh iraportanu business. -
Misses LeahTDaiton and 'Annie White
side, of Koosevelt,' were in this ..section
Sunday. V. ,. ' y:X ':i X-' ;." '-
VMark Huntley went to the. Roosevelt
section Sunday evening- where be has
great attractions. --y' ' ; ,
b, J. Sumner has" just returned, from
Bear -Wallov Nevs. .
A Www J
the soutberp markets, where he, has the road to recovery,-
Rev. II. n. Freeman ..preached an in-1 A ijU 2 ' Li
structive sermon at Bear Wallow- Bap
tist church Sunday from Proverbs 30:
24-28. ' --
MIssZettieMcAbe, of De Witt, visited
friends and relatives in this section
Sunday. This is her old home and ter
friends were glad to see her.
- John, and Joe EIcAbe, of .Asheville,
were visiting friends and relatives in
this section Sunday. : - -y
Robert Lee Freeman has been on the
sick list for a few days but is now on
n - i -
V If .
Horses Well 'Fed and Weir Cared For. Up to-date Rigs at
- ' r" '" REACOrJABLE RATEO : :
If you ever bought a box of Witch Hazel
Salve that failed to. give satisfaction the
chances are it did not have the name E.
Or DeWitt & Co." printed on the wrapper
and pressed in the box. The original De
Witt's Witch flazel Salve never fails to
give satisfaction for -burns, sores, boils,
tetter, cracked hands, etc. For blind, bleed
ing, itching and protruding Piles it affDrds
almost immediate relief. It stops the !
pain. Sold by F. V. Hunter.;
- ' : c i
ben with apples and .potatoes'. -
Verney aod Clinton Merrell, of Gor
ton were visiting in this section Sunday.
Carl Huntley "made a flying trip to
Fletcher last Friday, returning Sunday
and looking happy. h J
The farmers of this section are pre
paring for a large crop this year to make
up for he short one last year;
; Boyle Oates was a guest at Grant
Laughter's last Sunnay evening. - t
, Miss Aa Grant, of 'Afeheville, was
visiting her uncle, Van Grant, on Hick 1
ory, last week. .
Miss Jennie Edney of Reedy Patchf
was visiting in this section last week.'
Equipped for Handling Horses for Saddle & Harness purposes
" BAXTER AV E.y formerly Garland's Stables '
1 . .... .- . . . . .
" x. ... ' -, - . ., . ' -"
Printing that talks ! and . prices that talk,
too, at. the HUSTLER Print Shop
: : - . - Gerto'n News. X:yX:
Mr. Will Dotson visited Bro. Pryor's
last Sunday, His
much appreciated.
Miss Bessie Morrison has
for the summer.. . ; ;
company was very
Come again. r '
one south
Mrs. Brooksbire and two daughters.
Barney Huntley has returned home of Ashe vi lie, are visiting relatives at
after rambling about for the last six Flat Rock this week.
Arch Field.
" Mills River. : -
Another nuptial occasionT on Mills
The happy parties are. Mr..'f.
T. Carson and Mrs. Flora Allen. The
ceremony was periormea oy tne ivev.
A Sailor Experience After a Nlgbt
Nap on Deck In tne Tropica. ;
"People laugh at moonstrokes," said
a sailor. "They call them shellbacks
superstition. I once had a moonstroke,
bough, and I tell you it was no laugh
ing matter. . : .
"In a full moon one night in the trop
ics I fell asleep on deck. The moon
shone directly on me. I lay In a -white
pool of moonlight. So three hours
went by. : ' " ' -
"Then, when they woke me, I felt
like a man in a dream. My mouth
hung open, as it does when I sleep,
and I couldn't close it, and my head
lay-over on the side, and I couldn't
straighten it up. "
"Nor could I understand what people
said to me, nor could I obey orders.
Voices I'd hear far away, but they
seemed meaningless, V unpleasant. I
was very drowsy. All I wanted was
sleep. v -' ' ''.'-;: .
"They worked on me for two days,
" rubbing m down with cold water and
dosing me with castor oil, before they
brought me round. 'And always after
that I have been careful never to sleep,
where the moon's rays could get at me.
My moonstroke happened eight years
4 ago, but still at every full moon Iam
stupid and drowsy, my head droops a
little to one side, and my mouth tends
to hang open.. . ;
'There's many a sailor has been
moonstruck, but , this . accident never
befalls landsmen. Landsmen, you see,
never : sleep out of doors." New Tors:
United Confederate Veterans Re-Union:
New Orleans. La,. Anril 25-27. 06. Tick
ets sold .April 23-24. iyim. Jtf inat nmu,
leaving New Orleans April 30th. By per
tonally depositing tickets . with Josepb
Richardson. Theatre Arcade, not earl ter
than April 26th or later than April 30,
1906 and pavmant of fee of 50 cents, ex
tension will be" given to leave New Orleai s ivePt
not later than midnight May 21, lUUti.
Kate f rom Asheville' for round trip $14.90
- - J. . " " . - .. I M " . , .-
Imberial Couucil. Ancient Arabic Order Mr' Brown.l at the residence of the
Nobles of the Nystic Shrine, May 7-10, bride, at 3:30 p.m , last Thursday. . It
1906. "v X . I does seem as if we will have to issue an
Sor, Vno; .nH Tq. -AnroW f!ali- miunouon aKini oru. uivwu. u
. - . ..... ... . : I nnnt.iniiAs txi marpv Olir DGOIDle aa Q6 Das
rnrnia 'fwtzota anin aim-11 V,4in Lf .VI flV I " r
4th7 inclusive. Final limit July 3W, 1906, uwu . , ""V , "
prior to midniebt of which passengers oce 'eiw; ..-u
must reach .criminal sUrting point. Rate "zen coupies ne uas oouuu i Wuu,
ftom Asheville $75.50 for round trip. of matrimony tnis winier
NTatunl Tnnstinnal Afiftuciatinn Con- xuo cuiuuiiuwoo mau w w..
iinn Tnl. Qia ftfi Ran TTranoiv and Ol lue new rresujwuau " y
. . -r .... . . . 4 ..111
Tickets sold June 24th nave agreea on a location uu wut uu .u
to is 1 nar line of the a cad em v property on a
r i ii hi 1 1 in i l ntrtiL. i -
Flat Bock flews
Thos. Benison has taken charge of t' el
Rhett mills and will grind after 6 o'clock
in the evening,
Mr. Malorie,. has bought P. W Hart's
home place. . It will be the prettiest
little in Flat Rock when he completes
his repairs. ; "
Mrs. Danie Hood and-Misses Girtie
and Josie Brooksbire 'attended Tracy
Grove meeting. Sunday. . - '
: Ben Jones and Oscar Edney went on a
flying visit to the Kidge Sunday and re
turned Monday. They report a good
time. ' ''" "
9t j
Los Angeles, Cal.
to 'July 6th inclusive.
15, 1906 prior to midnight of which pas
sengers must reach original starting point.
For .further Information apply to the un
derslgned: Kate from Asheville $77.50
for round trip. ' a ;
" Gtneral Assembly of the Presbyterian
Church in the. United States. Greenville,
S. C. Tickets sold, May 14tb, 15th and
16th Rate, one first; class - ticket splu
$2.00.. for round trip. Rate from Ashe
ville, N. C. $5.15 1 '
Southern Eaptist Convention and Auxil-
lot given by Mrs. Reed, it is a beauti
ful location, and I learn the work will
soon commence. The most Important
t'llng in building is the money, which I
learn they have in hand. vt-
Fred Johnson was over from . Ca vert
yesterday and took his mother, -Mrs. P.
L. Johnson, home with him for a week
or two. . j ' i- x.. si.
0 ..
' X yyrriE,
It is safe for children.
It is effective with adults.
It breaks up sudden colds.
It relieves chronic coughs.
. ..".; (;.-:"
Anybody can
Keep a shoe store-
anybody can a ell shoes but ours
is the onfy store about here thzTt
can sell you shoes that bear the
" Good" sign -
and have the patented 'Urf it"
fitting " feature that prevents
sides swelling :- and heel slip,
ping and preserves the shape,
style and poise as long as -the
shoes are worn.
J We nnow these shoesto be
of superior quality throughout,
and therefore recommend them.
We wish to inform the public that our stock of steel ranges is
; v : ' . Complete. " . .
DaBger Frm The Plagae.
There's grave danscer from the plague of
, -We .'have 'sold a great many
bottles and it gives splendid satis-
'faction ks a reliable ; remedy for
J coughs, cbtds, sore throaty hoarse-
ness, bronchial and. chest inflam
mations. Get a bottle. Its a
tanooga, Tenn. Rate .on first class fare
rjlns 25 cents for round trio.' Rate "from
Asheville $7.60. Tickets sold May 8th
9th-10th, 1906. Final limit 10 days in ad
dition to date of sale. .. :
Summer school of the South, June 19th
to Julv 27. 196. Knoxville. Tenn. Tick-
ts witl be sold June 17tb, 18th, 19th, 23rd,
24th, 30th, July 7lh, 14th, 15th, 1900.
with final limit 15 days in addition to date
of sale. " One first class fare, plus 25 cents
for round trip. Rate s from Asheville
$4.25. '.. , . - - , 'y " . -
National Grand Longe of United Broth
ers of Friendship and Sisters of the Mys-
Bynonymons in the days of Queen Eliza- terious. Lexington,' Ky., July . 30, Au.
beth) iVras in 1809. It was at Leomin- 3 . 190t5 Tickets will be sold July" 29-30
ster,when a woman named Jenny and ,AugU8t i8t, final limit Augnst 5th,
Fipes, auas jane wrran,-wi 1906. Rate .one tare dIus 25 cents. vRate
through the town on the ducting stooi Aabeville $10 15 .. - , 1
and ducked in the water near Kenwa- Irom Asneviiie iu.io.
tpr hrldee bv order of the magistrates. Peabodv Colleee Summer Schools fori
In 1817 another, woman, called Sarah I Teachers: -Vanderbilfs University Biblical
Leake, was wheeled round the place in institute June 10. Aug. 10. Nashville,
l I 1 1 ama a nMtralnr tin
mrv K,etujL Mav 10.15th: 1906. Chat- i-a r- " - - " - ... - -
J J I 1 i.,Wa Mf ITin.r'a AJuOT IliaonVArv I B 1 ..DA ..I.
JIUU VHC iii iiiuj o livn iuvw.v.j lis UvUBOUUiU eaioguaiu.
Jot- ."Uonsumpwon,.,. i.oagns -ranq voiub.
Mrs. Geo. Walls, - of Forest City, Me..
writes; "It's a Qodsend to people living in
climates where coughs and colds prevail.
I fitd It quickly ends them. It preveuU
Pueumonia, curt s LaGrippe, gives wonder
ful relief in Asthma and Hay Fever, and
mates - weaR lungs strong enough to ward
ff Consumption Coughs and Colds. 60c
I and $1.00. " Guaranteed by The Justus
Pharmacy. Trial Bottle free. , ;
- Blade by - "
The Justas Pharmacy".
The.Drug Store on theCorner"
Prices to suit all customers.
Glad to show the goods at any
time .
(CHarke Hardware. C
Contractors for ; :
Painting, Paper Hanging and Decorating
Tbt Dncklng Stool In England.
The lastest recorded use of the duck
ing stool In England (the designations
cuckinsr and ducking were, ot course,
the same chair, but not ducked, as,
fortunately for her, the water was too
low. The instrument of punishment in
question has not been usedsince then.
London Notes and Queries. ' w-
Indla Rubber Tree Prolt.
The fruit of the India rubber tree Is
somewhat similar to that of the Ricl
nus communis, the castor oil plant,
though somewhat larger. The seeds
have a not disagreeable taste and yield
.a purplish oil. It Is a fairly good sub
stitute for linseed oil, though It dries
less 4 rapidly. Mixed with copal blue
and turpentine, it makes a good var
nish. The oil may be also used In the
manufacture of soaps and lithographic
inks.: The seeds are somewhat like
tiny chestnuts, although darker in col
or. The Indian girls are fond of wear
ing bracelets and necklets' made of
them. "". s.' .
XXi Ioner "wm Trouble Blalcers.
Did. y ou ever consider how much
trouble . and turmoil In the world is
stirred up by loafers? Do It and you
will be surprised. Investigate careful
ly and you will find that nine of the
ten fusses and quarrels that you know
of In your town or neighborhood were
started by loafers who had no busi
ness of their own to attend to and so
got busy with other people's affairs.
Burlington Republican.
i-:A' In tbe Lead.
' Hostess (introducing first violin .. to
sporting and nonmusical guest) This
is Professor Jingelheim, who leads the
quartet; you know. Sporting Guest
(thinking to be highly complimentary)
Leads eh ah by several lengths, eh
and the rest nowhere! What?
Nothing ts impossible to industry.
Ptriander of Corinth.
Tenn. Tickets will be sold June lO-li-12-
18-1 0.20. Jul v 19-16-1906. with final
limit 15 days from date of sale. Rate
one first class fare plus 25 cents. Itate
from Asheville $10.50.
- University Summer School, June 26ih
27th, 19 6, Athens, Ga. Tickets, sold
June - 23-24-25-26-30. July 2-9-16-19C6,
with final limit 15 days from date ot "sale.
Rate one first class fare plus 25 cents.
Rate from Asheville, $6.65. X ,
So. Carolina Retail Hardware Associa
tion, Columbia, S. 0M June 12-14, 1906.
North Carolina Federation ot Womans
Clubs, Charlotte, N. C, May 1-3, 1906.
Grand Lodge of N. C independent Or
der of Odd Fellows, Goldsboro, N. C.
May 3-11 1906. '.yX-'- ' y''
' Royal Arcanum Grand Council of N: C,
- Wi ilmngto u ,.C.,N ApriilO-12.
Oasis Temple; Order pf the Mystic
Shrine, April llh 1906, Columbia, S. O, ;
fironrt f mnr.il nf K rth Carolina, - In-
dependent Order of Red Men ' May 2 4,
1906, Raleigb, N. C. y " - - XX y-
Rri Roard of - Medical EiHtniners ar d
N. C Medical S ciety, Mar 23-June 1st,
1906, Charlotte, N. C. . ," ..
Grano Chapter, Royal Arch Masons and
Grand Commandery, KnigntB Templars,
Cbarloti e, N. C. May 8-12-1906. . v -
Aunual Tournament, So. Golf Associa
tion May 2-3-1906. , New Orleans, La. I
X- Fur' further information as to rates,
schedules and ,etc., apply to lhe under
sigid... : . ' :. - v . ;-. ' ;
R. II. Gbasam, Ticket Agent.
" . , . . J. U. Wood,
District Passenger Agent
State of North Carolina, "
- - x County of Henderson.
In the Superior Court, before the Clerk.
M:H.Finlay. J.C. I rake and wife, .Mary
H Drake, and A. F. FinJay, -.
: .:"- -'vs. " -rX
Alexander Finlav, George Finlay, James
Finlay, Hattie -Finlay, Edward Fin
lay, Albert Finlay, Arthur Finlay,
Walter Finlay and Robert Finlay.
: i , Notice of Sale. ' c
By authority of a decree of the Supe
rior Court of Henderson county in. the
above entitled case, dated the 27th day
of February, 1906, I . will, on Thursday,
the 3rd day of My, 19tK5, at tbe couri
bouse door in Henderson ville,' N. C,
within the leel hours of sale, offer for
sale at public outcry, and sell to the
highest bjduer, lor partition amongme
heirs-at-law of John inlay and William
Finlay, deceased, all that land desoribea
in the petition in the above entitien
cause, to wit: All that land in Hender
son county, N. C. known as , the John
Finlay residence lot, containing o
acres, more or Jess, inciuaing tne mm
site, and bounded by the Drake tract.
Alex Finlay tract, Will r inlay tractanu
Rnhrt Finlav tract, and all that lana
described in deed registered in book 32,
page 12t of said records containing 80
acres, more or less. - ; ' ' .
Said lands have been sub-divided in
to fourteen (14) lots, as per plat which
can be been at the law office of Smith &
Sohenck, in the town of Hendersonville,
and which will be exhibited at the sale.
Tbe land "will be sold first by lots, sep
arately, and then offered as a wnoie w
any one who will pay more than the
aggregate price bid for tbe lands in lots.
JTerms of sale, one-half cash, and bal
ance in t wel ve i months, with interest
atfiper cent. '". -X'. -' ....
This 28th dav of, March, 1906. , , ,'.
' Michael Schenck, Commissioner
Eye-ache and'
Office; Main St., over Burckmyers Store:
rt :
; ()
I We are soliciting the trade of the good people of - this county. Any work
entrusted to us will havej our most careful attention. We use only the bei
f-j graces of Pafnts . All work guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction. We ar
also contractors ior vA5,JlUiU,-u6 iuuioowiu. w .. Btuvu6
Frescoing and Interior Work is our long suit. 'Give us a trial and be convinced .
We have no competitors when you once give us a trial. Prices right. . Awaitibg
your valuable future orders, we are, Yours for Business, .- . , -i
' --
Phones 165-141.
Properly Adjusted Gldsses re
' move' the cause "and efiect
. a permanent cure .
Satisfaction Quaranteed - C auIUtlon Free
W. H. Hawkins Son.
i Ophthalmic Opticians ,
Hendersonville. N. C.
-Established 1880. .
Rnot Set of Teeth for
1 . T . - ' ' ' ' " " -
For thn mouth of. April only, I
will make the best rubber plate
for seven ' dollars. Any one m
heed of teeth can't afford to miss
this offer. Remember: I guaran
tee satisfaction in all of my work.
' Teeth. extracted without pain
Allen, the Dentist ;
Offices opp. Opera House , - .
Implement Co
, 1302 Main St Richmond, Va.
Have issued a new and interesting
Catalogue telling all about the best
V Time, Labor and
Hone Saving "
Farm LxiplementSe
It ves descriptions and prices of
Corn aiid Cotton Planters,
Wheel & Disk Cultivators,
- Farm Wagons, Ensues,
Buggies, Surrics,
Harness, Saddles,.
Barb Wire, Fencing, etc
Farmers will get the best Farm
Implements on the market and
save money by sending us their
orders.- Write for our Catalogue
Mailed free on request. .
fLMX i ' fni trnr mst and iodement In thinrs
social, depenos largely on your notes
and invitations.
'-.-. ,
Be Sure i
... . ' . . ' - " ' " ' ' f
to use the correct style of. Stationery.
You can alwavs set it here. '
all tbe latest styles of Visiting Cards,
Wedding Invitations and everything in
the line of fine Ecgraved Statiooery.-
When in Town . " V
liU ' CALL ON , - .
. ; -t. A. -AiLisKf.- . ; v.
The Old Relhxble Grocer
; I guarantee-more jroods for less money than can be
boutrht anywhere else in Hendersonville. Have just received
a car of ACID and have a car of GUANO ordered. Also a
full line 6f GARDEN and'FIELD SEEDS. The best that
Mean be bought.
Yours to please
Opposit cthc Coirt Hon:

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