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D s. Pace has gone to the Jamestown
Exposition.-. v. : .y p:f
There are nearly 2000; copies of this
issue of The Hustler printed. -
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. McCormack have
gone to Kentucky for a month's visit, j
John Monroe, the well known painter
of Tryon, was in town Monday.
T. J. Shipman, a leading merchant
of Blantyre, was in Hendersenville on
business Tuesday. ;
Bly Bros, do not advertise often, but
wben they do it' something unique,
gee the last page.
, jjisses Mary and Rosa Sunofsky, with
tfaeir father, Cham. Sunofsky, went to
sheTiHe on Monday.
Laurel Park Bink is closed for the
season. Manager A. R. Fite reports a
most prosperous season. v
The Hustler for T5c a year is a bar
gain. All arrears must be paid to date
and one year in advance.
Mrs. T. R. Barrows and Miss Jose,
phine Gale spent Monday and Tuesday
in Asheville.
Mrs. Hart's Fall Millinery Ope ning
cccurs next Saturday. " All the laiest
creations will be on exhibition.
Sam T.THodges made a long jump
from Datonia, Fla., to attend court in
Asheville on Monday. V.
J. E. Wilson and Harry Duffy, with
Wilshire Griffith, were interested spec
tators in Judge Pritchaad'a court room
on Monday. , . r
For Sunday school supplies,, Bibles,
Testaments, etc., American s. S. Union-,
call on or write to G. S., Jones, Hender
sonville. N. C. ,,
Miss Bessie Crawford, of Bainbridge,
Qa., passed through here Wednesday
enroute to Waynesville and Asheville
for a month.
Mrs. Zora K. Justice and little son,
Frank,, of Davidson, came down from
Brevard Tuesday afternoon and are
visiting relatives at Dana.
W. L. Miller returned to the city
yesterday after some days absence.
He was looking well and happy and
was in good hands, the madame.
The Ashevilie Presby tery met in Bre
vard on Monday, Tuesday and Wednes
day of this week. Dr. R. B. Grinnan
left on Tuesday to attend the session.
Thoa. a. Wood, an, ex-representative
of Transylvania, and one of the pros
perous farmers of that county, spent a
riiort time in' town last week, but long
enough to subscribe to The Hustler.
Mrs. Maggie Staggs and children
hive returned to the city after an ex
tended visit with relatives ani friends
at Blantyre, Pisgah Forest and Brevard.
President Grinnan, of the Henderson
ville Auditorium Company, is , visibly
happy since the hearing before Judge
Pritchard on Monday. And there are
Mrs. M. L. Shipman and children
and Miss Annie Henry, who have been'
spending the summer in Hendersonville
and Brevard, left yesterday for their
home in Raleigh,
There's some fine, five-foot timothy on
exhibition at the Hustler office. It is
from the farm of Hon. A. Cannon, and
comparts with anything grown in the
most favored parts of the North or West.
A. W. Calhoun, president of the Hen
dersonville Wholesale Grocery Co., says
the demand for Copyright" Flour is
really remarkable. It is a most excel
lent product.
When Hendersonville gets that com
peting railroad, other talked of enter
prises will surely follow. Altho little
has been said of the big lake, of late,
that gigantic scheme is by no means
deadi ,
Prof. CM. Gallamore, who is in
charge of the Fie tchor High School,
visited his family near Brevard on last
Baturday, returning the day following
accompanied by his daughter.
Geo. S. Bryan, who has been spend
ing a few days in town, is the head mas
ter of Furman University. Hr. Bryan
has a party of ten boys, camping, out
this summer, in the neighborhood of
Chimney Rock.
Mrs. Hart's Millinery Openings are
always looked forward to and keenly
enioTed br the ladies of Hendersonville.
The Fall opening occurs next Saturday
and pormises to be an event of more
than erdinary interest. - .,
Miss Helen C. Cherry and Mr. Syl
vestsr A. Edwards prominent members
of the younger society of Savannah. GaM
were married by Rev. R. M. Wilcox at
the parsonasre. on SeDt 10th. Mr. Ed
ward's father and Miss Cherry's mother,
with other friends and relatives, wit-
neised the ceremony and extended con
gratulations to the happy couple. f
The Hustler is pleased to call the at
tention of its readers to the new Euro
pean Hotel on Depot Street half a block
south east from Southern Railway sta
tion, Asheville, N. C. This ie a new
hostelry with neatly furnished rooms
bears testimony, to the facts recited
ua commends the place to the traveling I
public. . - ' -
M Dr. FHunlerwent: to Ch ar lotte
last week and bought an exceptionally
fine lot of Christmas good3.
Grady J ustus has accepted a position
as shipping clerk in a wholesale durg
house in Spartanburg. . v - '
- A. E. Shanks, proprietor of .the Candy
Kitchen, Is seriously ill, and his many
friends hope he may safely recover and
soon be out again. , -
F. h. Plaisance was in town this week.
Mr. Plaisance has just secured a mining
property in Rutherfordton, from which
he expects good returns.
Bishop Homer will hold confirmation
service at St. James Episcopal church
next Sunday. The eonnrmation class is
quite large.
J. F. and G. W. Brooks has the hearty
sympathy of their many friends here in
their bereavement through the death of
their mother, Mrs. Whitfield Brooks.
F. L. Plaisance Is In tewn until Oct
lv when he will go to Gaflney, 8.
where he will open a moving picture
show, and it will be a good one, judging
from what he had here this summer '
Announcement is made of the ap
proaching marriage of Miss Llllie M.
Young, of Biltmore, to Mr. Samual
Stroup, of Cane Creek. The wedding
will occur in the latter part of October,
. 'w-
Fruitland Institute Is trying to raise
$600 to pay for its heating apparatus.
Read the lUt of conttibutiens published
elsewhere In this Issue and send in your
dollar to Prof. T H. Posey, Henderson.
ville. . . - ;
Mrs. Lockwood Jones of Charlotte
spent part of last week at Mrs. Pender's
visiting Miss Janie Hughes Fox. Mrs.
Jones is a granddaughter of the late
Commander Wilkes of the U.S. Navy. .
Mrs. C. E. Roper is at Biltmore Hos
pital. An extremely difficult operation
was performed last Wednesday by Dr.
Merriwether, assisted by Dr. Egerton,
and her condition is as satisfactory as
could be hoped for. Mrs. Roper was in
an extremely weak condition when tak
en to the hospital.
Miss Nina Pace will leave for James
town this week. Miss Pace, it will .be
remembered, . was declared the most
popular girl in Hendersonville and Dr
Hunter will pay all the expenses. The
Hustler hopes the most popular young
ady will have the most possible good
time while away.
Dr. Strouso Says
He Will Bo Horo
Next Year
Dr. Clarence B. Strouse states .that
next year he will hold a Chautauqua in
Hendersonville. He further states that
t will be of the very highest order, and
that the best attractions of the country
will be in this city next year
Ntw Office Building.
The contract for a handsome two-
story office building on Mala Street has
been let to Henry Jordan, and work on
its construction will begin not later
than Oct. 15th.
It will occupy the site of the fram
building known as the Twyford pro-
nertv. with the vacant let between it
and the Justus Pharmacy.
K -rf P
The building will be of brick, with
grey pf eased brick front and granite
trimmings, will contain 24 large offices
and two large store rooms, and will
cost about 812.000. A novel feature
will be the bath rooms connected with
th3 offices. "
R. 8. Smith, of Asheville, is the
architect, and the new building will be
absolutely mordern In every particular,
and will be of the most substantial con
struction. It will probably be com
Dieted bv early S prior. The two store
rooms have already been leased wltn
many inquiries for office rooms.
Messrs. W. H. Jastus E. W. Ewbank,
John Ewbank and F. A. Ewbank, who
are erecting the new building, are to be
congratulated upon their public spirit
aad faith in Hendersonville, which nas
prompted them to erect what will be
one of the finest office buildings in Wes
tern North Carolina. -
Help. :
Ernest Moore, age 19, of Danville. Va.,
was picked up on the street, Sunday.
He had very high temperature and was
very sick indeed. The city authorities
had noway of caring for him, nor had
the hospital association: He was taken
to G. W.Brooks stable Hfor the night
and Monday to a private house In the
country. Mrs. Bartlett and Mrs. jonn
Carson have interested themselves and
.these charitable ladies are asking sub
scriptions to aid the man. .A box on the
cigar case in Justus Pharmacy is there
also for the purpose of receiving money
from those inclined to help- a stranger
in a strange land, who Is seriously Ui.
Give what you can, if It's only a quarter.
"Cast your bread upon the. water jrou
know the ttzu
TAB 101.
The Auditorium Company have the
contract with Dr. f$trouse cancelled. .
Those much-talked-of affidavits were
not presented. - , : . ' ' : -
Dr. Strouse had three witnesses on
the stancf; went on the stand himself
and presented a mass of affidavits x from
prominent people testifying to his good
character and other matters.
The Auditorium building is plastered
three-deep with mortgages, of. which
Strouse holds the second one. .
The difficulties between the Hender
sonville Auditorium Company and Dr.
Clarence B. Strouse were. settled last
Monday in Judge Pritchard's court
Below Is the full text of the agreement.
The Asheville Citizen of Tuesday, said
'both sides claim a victory." This is
hardly correct. The company wanted
the contract cancelled. It has been
cancelled. , r v
It introduced those rumor affidavits as
to Dr.Strouse's character only to sustain
t8 contention that the contract should
be knocked out, so the company has got
ten all it asked for and something more,
as the company does not pay the court
costs. . "" , ,. 5
Judge Pritchard, after hearing argu
ment from both sides, refused to admit
as evidence, all affidavits or oral testi
mony, which might be offered by either
side. . - : '
After Judge Pritchard's decision that
no affidavit should be introduced, Judge
Moore," counsel for Strouse, announced
that Strouse was not Interested In the
financial end of the contract and was will
ing to cancel it if his character witnesses
were allowed to go on the stand.
After some discussion Judge Pritch
ard suggested that the attorneys get to
The attorneys all withdrew and In the
course of an hour returned with tne
agreement as below -' ,
Dr. Strouses character witnesses
wer1! sworn, mere werex.nree,u ruuw
Geo. R. Stewart, who has been talkrag
so ably in Asheville for the cause of
prohibition was one. Mr. Stewart ap
peared here at the Chautauqua last year,
and he said that "he (Dr. Strouse) has
always appeared to me as a straight.
clean, Christian gentleman." The oth
ers testified to the samereffect. "
Neither Dr. Strouae nor his witnesses
were cross-examined.
Judge Pritchard resumed the hearing
on Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock, and
the final decree, after hearing all the
character affildavlts, etc., reads that Dr.
Strause Is a man of high character and
Judge Pritchard Is' jquoted as say-
fntr that h had known tne aeieuu-
a 1
ants for many years and that he knew
them to be upright and honorable men,
and that the whole difficulty probably
arose from a business disagreement.
so ttir vmi are. and the Asheville
WV v w
Citizen says that botn siaes ciaim a
A Federal Court has quite, a lot of
dignity. - Judge Jeter C. Kitcnara is
heavy set, has ray hair, a drooping
black mustache, and eyes which nar
row to mere slits when he talks. He
was suffering from headache and took a
powder of some kind to relieve is.
Maybe the case gave him the headache.
It was Henderso jville day sure enough.
In the room were assembled, Messrs.
Wheeler, Hyde, Montgomery, Grinnan,
Hodges, Pless, Jim Waldrop, Schenck,
Anderson, Capt. Wofford, (who remain
ed over for the iniastrels at the Audito
rium), Clarke, Johnston, Toms, Staton,
Strouse, Plalsance. ;
The settlement reached yesterday and
signed by counsel for both sides follows:
Tho 'Agreement r
In the Circuit Court of the United
States lor the Western pistribt of
North Carolina, in Equity. .
Clarence B. Strouse vs. the Henderson
yille Auditorium Company, R. BL
Grinnan, Michael' Sohenck and 8am
' :T. HodgesT-
The counl for Dr. Clarence B. Btrouse
stated te the court that Dr. Strouse did
not care to hold the contract 1 with the
def endantr The Hendersonville Audito
rium Company, but that he Is entirely
wiliicz, eren dcilroua,' cf surreadsrinz
"- .,a, - - V 1 . 111 'j" - :t - 7
the same.He does, however, desire
that the opportunity be afforded him to
vindicate himself and to show that , the
attack made upon hit character is not
justified and that he Is innocent of the
charges made against him. , ' -
It is, therefore agreed that the court
shall hear the evidence of Dr. Strouse
and the witnesses off ired by him togeth
er with the affidavit he has prepared,
and that if the court finds as a fact that
D. Strouse is innocent, or the contrary,
of the charges against himt that said
finding shall be incorporated into the de
cree to be rendered herein, as a part of
the same, and that the court shall then,
by consent, then decree a cancellation o
the contract set up In the bill.
Each side shall pay Its own costs ex
cept that Dr. Strouse shall pay theeosts
of the court. No attorney's tax fees
shall be charged,
The plaintiff agrees not to bring any
suit or suits on account of anything
contained in' answer or the evidence
herein against the defendants or anyof
them or their witnesses herein or any of
them. Assented te:
Staton & Rector,
Mook & Rollins, .
Charles French Toms,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
H. S. Anderson,
Merrimon Merrimon,
Attorneys for Defendant.
In the Circuit Court of the United States
for the Western District of North Car
olina, Fourth Circuit; at Asheville.
In Equity. ;
Clarence B. Strouse vs. The Henderson
ville Auditorium Company.
This cause coming On to be heard be
fore his Honor, J. C. Pritchard, judge,
and being heard, and It appearing to
the Court that the parties, plaintiff
and fief eadant, have by agreement in
writing filed herein duly stipulated that
"the Court shall hear the evidence pf Dr.
Strouse (the plaintiff) and the witnesses
offered by him, together with the afii
davita he has prepared, and that if the
Court finds as a fact that Dr. Strouse is
innocent, or to the contrary, of the
charges against him, that said findings
shall be incorporated into the decree to
be rendered herein as a part of the same,
and that the Court shall then, by con
sent, decree a cancellation of the con
tract set up in the bill;", and the Court
having heard the evidence of the plain
tiff, Strouse, -and the other witnesses
offered by him, together with said affi
davits, and all the evidence in the case,
the Court finds as a fact:
That Dr. Strouse is a man of high
character and standing.
And, by consent of parties, it is ad
lodged and decreed that the contract
set up in the bill filed herein, be and
the same is hereby cancelled. :
It U further adjudged that eaeh side,
the plaintiff and the defendants shall pay
Its own costs, except that the plaintiff,
Clarence B. Strouse, shall pay all the
costs of the Court to be taxed by the
uierK, out in said costs there shall not
be charged any tax fees to attorneys.
The Clerk will enter this decree of
This the Hth day of September, 1907.
J. O. Pritchard,
U. S. Circuit Judge.
Dr. Strouse Vindicatod
Under the above heading the Ashe
ville Citizen, of Wednesday, has an ed
itorial of some ltngth, referring to the
recent hearing, befora Jonge Pritchard,
or tne Chautauqua case, which- must
prove interesting reading to many
dersonville poOple.
The editorial says, lThe Citizen con
gratulates Dr. Strousd and reioices with
him that he has safely emerged from a
sea of slanderous filth and stands un
daunted before the world." "Dr. Btrouse
was prominent and his friends were
prominent men." "He did good." "Dr.
Strouse did not run away." 'Those who
hadjmallgned him began to talk about
compromise, and more than one be
sought the good offices of the press to
save them from the results of their fol
ly." "Wc commend Jfcdge Pritchard on
his decision and the manner In which he
rendered If" -"It mjlst be a rare priv
ilege and ioy for a judge to remove the
slime 01 slander irom a man and place
him in his rightful sphere." "The fact
that Dr. Btrouse was .required to sign
an agreement not to sue any of his ma-
Hgners for libel is a pretty good indica
tion-that there is now a general scram
ble for cover, v -
x -' -
. Now as to Dr. Btroase standing "vin
dicated before" the world." The citt
zens of Hendersonville had absolutely
no desire to injure the character of Dr.
Strouse. - ' ..'
"More than one. besought the good
offices of the press to save them."
Who?- 1
"He did good."
No one has csver
questioned the
I quality and quantity of the attractions
at - both Chautauquas . held by . Dr.
Strouse. :'' ' '; ; ; " ' 7 ' 'Cz
. ''Dr.. Strouse did not run away." o
. No one ever said, he did, so far as we
know.; K Vv-. ' -:' """'.V-
"Those who maligned him began to
talk compromise. 1 v
Everyone almost ' seemed . willing to
have a quiet and honorable settlement
and to attain that end we suppose con
cessions were made on both sides.-
The Hustler believes a settlement
Fallarid Winter Styles. , A full display
of Pattern Hats will be on exhibition
SacKirdacy; Septal
Mr. A. I.
Mrs. A. E. Posey, will exhibit on : ,
this seasons designs. in headwear. . Nq pains .
has been spared to make this the most attract
ive opening of the Season. The work and
style of this old established house is beyond
question. Careful attention to all orders.
Prices are correct. r
J.P.RIOKMAN, President
li in
StOLte, Goxirvty atiid City
11 1
K . - , U
K. G. MORRIS, Cashier.
ITirst N-tioo-al . IBank
of Hendersonville..
-Capital Stock -
Deposits, Aug. 22 1906
Deposits, Aug. 22 1907
1 1'
We carry Burglary Insurance
Vice-President - a
Carolina Stated Bank
A general banking business transact , ; ;
- Exchange bought arid sold on all the leading commercial
centers of the world. s
Accounts of farmers, merchants and individuals solicited.
upon favorable terms, we nave ainpic iunus iu iuau our
customers, and invite you to call on us. . -
4 per cent Interest Paid on Time Deposits '
should have been made a long time ago,
and saved all this, and It sinoerly hopes
that no long-drawn out controversy in
the public prinWmay be started; r '
Both sides seem to be satisfied. The .
Auditorium Company wanted thf con
tract cancelled and it has been. "
. Dr. Strouse has been, given an eppor
tunity to vindicate himself, and the
court record . published elsewhere is
here in point. . .
Now let It drop. Forget It
get down to business.
Hart Co.
Cashier; v

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