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For Up-to-date Clothing
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of course
Cigars, CigQLretts, Tobaccos g
Magazines, Papers o
- o
b Postal cards
8 Hotel Gates News Stand- 8
0 - ' " o
The Best Fire Insurance that any country buildirg can have is a
Cortright Metal Shingle Roof
It cannot burn. It cannot leak. It never needs repairs, and makes
the handsomest long lived roof on the market. Insurance Companies
recognize its advantages and are glad to quote lower prices where it is
msed. Drop in and see them.
!!. Redwood & Do. Asheville N, G.
An excellent stock of merchandise for Autumn of 1907
Fine Dress Goods in silks, wool, linen, and cotton, staple
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Prompt and careful attention to mail orders: Our best and
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'-Stoves, -Etc.-
Solicit Your Patronage
The Postoffice DepOLrtment
Allows us to carry no delinquent subscri
bers on our list, except we pay one cent
postage on each and every paper mailed to
such delinquent subscribers. "
This is impossible of course.
. and in pursuance to this new ruling of the
United States Postoffice Department
All Delinquent Subscribers will
be cut oft the list.
The Mxjls tier for
Prompt Prirtirg
Souvenirs o
"If it's .Hardware,
we sell it."
are '
if arm arid
A Qlimpt at 8om of Thir Phaaaa In
, 8outhrn California.
A dependable water supply that can
be drawn upon whenever needed Is
one of the Ideal conditions of agricul
ture and almost a ' necessity to the
truck farmer. . Thia consideration ex
plains the undoubted interest , in irri
gation schemes and their progress to
some extent at least.-in humid regions.
One. of the' irrigator's problems every
where is the waste water which sinks
Into the soil from ditches and reser
voirs. The .loss sometimes amounts to
more than half the total flow. The
water ..which escapes is often worse
Lined with cement mortar.
than wasted. It collects in the lower
lands, fills the soil, drowns the roots
of trees and plants, brings alkali to the
surface in some regions and is very
generally a prolific breeding place for
On large storage works linings of
cement, concrete or asphaltum may be
employed without the expense being
prohibitive. But oh lateral ditches
and small storage basins simpler and
cheaper methods of making the. sur
face impervious to water, such as can
be carried out by farmers or unskilled
laborers, must be found. Muddy wa
ter soon silts up muddy ditches, but
where water is clear, as from wells or
reservoirs, seepage losses are likely to
be permanent, and some sort of lining
to stop this becomes an important mat
ter. . 7
Southern California affords one of
the great fields for studying Irriga
tion. B. A. 'Etcheverry of the State
university, tracing the progress there,
Bays that canals were first paved with
river bowlders or cobblestones. This
paving was then Improved upon by
paving and cementing. . Plastering with
cement mortar from one-half to one
Inch thick and the use of concrete for
linings from, three to six inches thick
were introduced afterward. The use
of steel or cement pipes has become
much in favor in southern California.
Where the volume of water to distrib
ute is not large they have to a great
extent replaced the smaller open ditch.
The advantage of lining a canal is
not alone the decrease in seepage. Oth
er factors should be considered. First,
the prevention of growth of vegetation
is an important item and is quite an
expense when in most, cases the ditch
or lateral must be cleaned out several
times during an Irrigation season; sec
ond, the resistance . to scouring, on
which depends the velocity which the
water can be given, 'and, third, .the
prevention of squirrels and gophers
from burrowing into the banks and
bottoms of ditches.
The cement mortar lining Is reported
by Professor Etcheverry to be proba
bly used more extensively In southern
California than all the other meth-
Showlns vegetation.
ods combined. It has proved very
efficient, and its cost is small. The
Jurupa canal, in the vicinity of River
side, as shown in the cut, is lined in
this manner, the lining, however, being
only one-quarter to one-half inch thick.
Thin plaster lining is subject to rup
tiy 'from burrowing animals . and
from storm water washing out some
of the back filling. It is probable that
this kind of lining would not resist the
climate of a country subject to very
cold weather. - ;
Heavy road oil has been experiment
ed with and found very effective in
preventing growth of aquatic plants.
Puddling with clay is said to be a
good preventive of seepage, but it does
not hinder vegetation.
Soil Sterilization.
The results of tests at the Vermont
experiment station show that soil ster
ilization is an effective means of pre
venting or controlling some of the
worst enemies of greenhouse plants.
Professor Stuart considers It "one of
the most Important of the more recent
developments of greenhouse technic"
and believes that "on account of the
severe injury so frequently caused by
nematodes to tomatoes and cucumbers
when grown under glass the steriliza
tion of greenhouse soil has become al
most a necessity when the soil is thus
Infested." ,
Notic Iv hereby given that the firm
heretofore known as Pace F ck er Co
baa been dissolved. All partieb indebt
ed to said firm will make payment to
Picker Bros., and all parties holding
accounts against Pace-Ficker " Co: wi
present same to Picker . Bros., for col
lection. Respectfully
, ' Claude Pack.
This Jamury 8, 190$.
Dr. Drafts for Said?
There's a fuuny notice on the
board at the Court House, just -as
you go in; the door. ' It's an ad
vertisement of certain artiicles
to be solji on chattle mortgage,
and after reciting the different
items sueh as ''one sewing mu-
chine, one organ," etc., says:
arces Irish potatoes on Rickman
and Qeo. Jones land, also . Dr.
Drafts." ' ' :. , ' ;
Now, why should Dr. Drafts Ibe
sold? It MUST be, a mistake.
Dr. Drafts is altogkther too valu
able and necessary a member of
the community for him to be sold
and thev Board of Trade ought to
do something: about it at once.
The idea of selling Dr. Drafts!
Endorses Meters
Editor Hustler : ' - '
There is an old saying that
"some people would kick if they
were to be hung." Therefore, we
must expect some "kicking"
again t water-meters. A water
meter system, like prohibition, is
noi ideal, but has become neces
sary because of the existence of
the human-hog. If no man drank
to excess prohibition would be an
impertinence. If no one wasted
the water the .meter would be un
necessary. IthiukMayorSchenck
and our city fathers are to be con
gratulated on the intelligent and
satisfactory way they have faced
this problem. They knew the
meter would be unpopular, but
they also knew it was the right
because the only thing to do. -
The great beauty of the water
meter is that it "hits" the right
man. The man who does not
waste water will probably not have
to pay as much as he pays now,
while the difference will be paid
by the man who does .waste it.
And this is the way it ought to be.
R. N. Willcox.
Good R.o&,ds
It were better that Henderson
county have one mile , of GOOD
road, that may be traveled at any
and all times, than to have the
chain gang here and there all ovr
the county. The material for
such road is convenient every
where. The chain gang could
furnish the labor. With a stone
crusher working all the time,
GOOD roads over part of the coun
ty at least could be obtained.
NOW, there are good roads no-
where in the county, and great
holes exist in the roads inside the
corporation limits even.
Mill Employees
Scarcity of suitable labor is one
of the principal obstacles .the cot
ton mills of the South have to
contend with. .
The best argument in the world
why mills should be located in
Henderson county is this:
That skilled mill help may be
more easily procured here than
anywhere else, North or South.
In proof of - this may be cited
the hundreds of applications re
ceived by the Green River Manu
facturing Company for positions
in their big mill atJZirconia, this
The mill building is not yet
completed, but Mr. J. O. Bell has
received requests from skilled mill
people from all over the South.
There could be no finer argu
for the location of cottcn
in Henderson countv than
this fact.
Said the OldMau to
The Bc
" The Onhr Watch that has given perma
nent satisfaction to YOUR father, to MY
father, YOU and MEk is
- The Watch De Laze."
Why not be able to say the same to Your
Grandson? .
Let Ua Tell You About FJOWABDS
of Bethal Church
Rev W. M. M. Owens, pastor of tie
Star of Bethel Baptist church, colored,
ib now conducting & successful revival,
with excellent results.- ' '
The services at this church are: On
Sunday, preachin? at 11 o'clock at 3
o'clock and at 8 o'clock. Sabbath school
at 9:00 a. m. . . . . v
- Our : Prize Offer.
The Thrice-a-Week World expects to
be a better paper in 1908 than ever be
fore. In the course of the year the is
sues . for the next groat Presidential
campaign will be fore-shadowed, and
everybody will wish to keep Im formed.
The Thnce-a-Week World, coming to
you every other day, serve all ibe pur
poses of a daily, and is far cheaper.
: The news service of this a tr con
sUntly being increased, and it j-e porta
fully, accurately ' and promptly evry
evenl of impertance in Ibe world. More
over, its political news is impartial
giving iiyou facts, not opinions . and
wishes. It has fall markets, splendid
cartoons aud interesllug fiction by
standard authors. .
regular subscription price is. only $1.00
per year, and this pays for 156 papers,
We offer tbia unequalled ne vspaiter and
together for one year for 1.60,
Like election
; 7 : V Day, 'Most.
Last Saturday was a day of excitement
on Main street.' H. Patterson's bank
rupt sale brought people by the hun
dreds to town. It had been pretty well
advertised and a competitor next dooi
sought to take advantage of the printer's
ink which had cost him nothing. The
two big. signs, covering both stores,
were much alike. B th stores had a
"barker" in front assuring the anxious
populace that each was the only genuine
bargain bouse. C. Smith was in front
of the Liberty Bell, in this capacity.and
he made an excellent "spieler.'' Pat
terson's store at times was crowded to
the doors with buyers, and whan bus
in ass was at its height, bis competitor's
sou. E. Lewis got into an altercation of
some kind with an employee of the Lib
erty Bell. No blows were struck but the
Liberty Bell mu was arrested. At the
bearing before Squire Tinlay, on Mon
day, the case was continued and a war
rant was served on E. Lewis. Both
cases will be tried on Wednesday before
the Squire.
A plot to destroy the U. S. fleet at
Rio Janeiro discovered by the Brazilian
authorities. .
Three miners rescued after being en
tombed for 46 da s at Sly, Nt vada.
$100,000 fire at Winston Salem.
Congress trying to regulato influx of
pauper immigration.
Count Szechenyi, who is to marry
Gladys Vanderbilt, goes after photog
rapher with cane and ends in police
The Legislature refuses to give - pro
hibition by state law and orders an elec
tion. If state goes dry, law to go into
effect by Jan. 1, 09.
In Thaw trial, Evelyn's tory is rob
bed of its effectiveness by Jerome's ob
jections. Alleged 'that Thaw at one
ilme attempted to commit suicide.
Trial progressing rapidly.
Supreme Court of
Henderson County
The Patterson trial was going on at
5 o'clock Wednesday evening before
threeimagistrates. the supreme const
vt Henderson county.
2.Squire Dermid, Squire Tinlay and
Squire Miller weretf the court. McD.
Ray represented Lewis and Michail
Scheuck, Patterson. Court roonj -was
full of people.
V.!.;,i n. 'Ion Called.
In h!i l.oS: -V.-.r.:: I-i Great Cities"
the LI: !;op -Lur-uoa writes: "You
have orioii i.-i o"!.- tr learn- but to
practice. VIit rjav ic scribed as tbe
foot anil door t:-!c!i. It is minatiou to
the boot an 1 roc i hurts the toe.
but It t-ou;is5ts Ij' ripely, but quickly,
passing the foo. r.i il:e mouieut tlio
door 13 opened' ia ovdr to twjre. Jt
any. rate, a fdv."tz!.ir.:3S pai I-r-"
to w hat ui:v" Laipca ib wi-il; .: .Vf :-er
long he:f:atro:j ii.v.-i:i bo ope:: i-J by -
little girl abo::t L:: T.a foot. a:i I thr.i
you will hear a dicta ut voice from the
wash tub in the rear. 'Well, r -illy, w ho
is it?' Then Sully vlll answer nt the
top of her voice, T'lea3e, mother, it's
religion. You will require all your
presence' of mind to cope with that."
The time came, however, when every
door was thrown wide open to wel
come "our bishop." London Christian
YourShoes Repaired
with the best grade
ot White Oak Leaths
er, hand swed soles,
patching, rips and all
upper work by maeh
ine. ' :
AH worK guarantee.
Look for the Shoe
oir Useful Articles
Tooth brushes ; Chamois Skins
Now ftock, well made, soft and ,t . , .
u j o Soft, extra fine quality skins,
hard. The A. D. S. Antiseptic , ... .
. - Large assortment. All sizes,
is one we would recommend for , 4rt '
r- good values. 10c to $1
Ne.il files Nail brushe
All very well made- Good long
Lonsf thin ones, well tempered, wearing bristles. Five styles to
made for service. 10c to 26c. select from. 25c to 50c,
12 yotii wsrt
15he ROSE Pharmacy
Where you will find everything NEW and FRESH
Prescriptions carefully compounded, day or uight .
Agents for Jacobs' Candy--"Made last night
r- Si & :
just: Look "
In our window at the array of Electrical Fixtures and
Novelties. You will find switches of ail kind and
(jj sizes, snap switches, flush
and knife switches. Receptacles from the simplest to
the most elaborate of flush gans with choice of plates
eith nickle. polish brass old brass or oxidizt-d cofper J
W SCC testan(ar s'x pound electric iron for jjjj
'i household nse and the heavy Tailors, Grose Disr (1
StOVeS. frinO nanswater KpatP ihavintr - mnarc anrl VI
' o i
stand lamps. Keep
Christmas Novelties.
Main Street,
No better clothing for men and bo s.
You will be pleased with the cut, the
price, the style, the material.-For the
next two weeks We will sell these fine
suits almost at cost. Come earlv.
IPrice ho e
begun a.t
& G tri Cr. tr- vri & & & Cr
switches, pendant swichc.
- .
your eye on our window
fo ii
" i
W. H. Hawkins &. Son
Jewelers and Opficians,

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