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The Hustler
The largest cir.
dilation of any
paper in its
The BEST ad
vertising me
dium in county
The Hustler is
read by the
VOL. XVII, No. 17
T. 0. McNeely is home.
w. A. Smith is attending Polk court.
J. D. Boyd went to Spartanburg last
Dr. J. L. Egerton went to Asheville
on Saturday.
J. S. Liverett, of Asheville, was in
town last week.
Mrs. Ganry, aaJ her duigh.ter, Mrs.
jacksoD, are guests of Mrs. Ro Bards.
John L. Orr has returned from a busi
ness trip to Greenville.
Fifty cents for thi3 paper from cow
until Jan. 1, 1908.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A., Hobbs have re
turned from the North.
W. C, Rector is attending court in
Polk this week.
C. E. Wilson went to New York, last
week. Will buy new goods there.
j. T. Davenport, of Horse Shoe, was
in town Monday on business.
R. A. Moody has returned from a bus
iness trip to Richmond and Washing
ton. Judge Ward, who is holding court at
Polk thi9 week, was a guest of the
Gates Saturday and Sunday.
Geo. Justus is h 3m 3 Icon Rutherford
fon for a few days. He returns this
J. Leon Rose, proprietor of tb.2 Rose
Pharmacy has gone to Kentucky for a
brief visit.
D. R. chewning, who has been con
fined to his bed for a week or more, is
now able to be out again.
Miss Verda Waldrop, who has been
teaching school at Falkland, is expect,
ed home shortly.
Miss Lucile Burroughs, of Converse
College, spent Easter with Mrs. j. L.
W. P. McCall. of Mills River, savs
there is the greatest interest In his sec-
ion in the coming prohibition election,
O. R. "Keith of -Wilmington, is now in
charge of the Hendersonville Buggy Co.
This company reports a highly satis
factory business.
H. L. Keith, of the Atlanta Dental
college, is spending a few days with bis
brother, w. A. Keith, enroute to his
home at Wilmington.
Mrs. M. A. Summsy, age 19 years, is
suffering from a dislocated shoulder. The
king bolt came out the buggy, while she
was driving home last Wednesday, and
- - I
Mr. and airs. 1. 11. Uantrell have gone
to Spartanburg for a visit of some dur
ation. Mr. Cantrell has not yet fully
recovered from a serious attack of ill
ness, but his many friends trust he may
soon be as stout as formerly.
j. A. Woodward, of the Henderson
ville Realty Co., was in town last week
Mr. Woodward says that Hyman
Heights, the property of the company,
will be fuily developed this spring, and
that many improvements will be made
on that fine property.
Mr. and Mrs Alex Capps were in town
last week and shoved their eubscrip-1
uon mar up a mp e oi year iu
vapps, speasing oi tneir recent iriu
nui.Ko m ,, wo fw
hardly drinkable, and that Henderson
count.v mud enough for her.
airs, lxmise opringer, jusb ixjuise
Webb and Miss Winifred Dalzell were
the guests of Rev. and Mrs. R. N. Will-
cox during part of Holy Week. Mrs.
Springer is the highly efficient and cap-
able teacher at SbFaolM school, Edney-
ville, where she is doing a good work.
Miss Dalzell and Miss Webb are station-
ed at St. John's school, Upward.
Earl Grey, Governor General of Can-
ada and Lady Grey, who are guests of
the British Ambassador and Mrs. Bryce
in Washington at present will arrive on
Saturday or Sunday to be the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. George Vanderbilt at
Biltmore House. The President and
Mrs. Roosevelt entertained the Earl
and T.aflw flrov at lnnnhpnn afc lh
white House on Wednesday. Lady
"juii urej aaugmer oi lav uovtrnur
General, is visiting Miss Nora Langhorne
at Nnrado, the Virginia country estate
of the Insnghorne family. Citizen.
Frank and Horace Morris, two clever
hoys, now of Bakersfield, N. C. spent a
few days here last week. Frank is the
one wno created so much excitement in
town a few weeks ago by telegraphing
the Blue Ridge Inn to reserve the best
bedroom aud bath they had in the house.
Everyone thought he had been married
aua on the Sundav he was expected a
crowd of his friends spsat rnosl of the
day at the depot, waiting for the bride
aud groom. But there wasn't any
TIONS. 1. If prohibition does not pro
hibit and make less drinkiner. whv
., , ,
to it?
2. If prohibition laws should
not be enacted because they do
not extinguish and absolutely pre
vent me tranc, wny not repeat an
other criminal statutes, as none of
. .1 . n i i . .1 .11 I
them absolutely prevent the crime
lutely abolished crime, what need
is thereof criminal courts?
4. If it bo true that "if you let
liquor alone it will not hurt you,"
then the agonies of parents at the
incarceration and death ot tneir
drunken boy, is not to be counted :
the sufferings of the wife and
children caused bv a drunken
father must be ignored, and we
must deny aud forget the untime
ly death of that sober, good citi
zen, Sam Cunningham, who at his
own home was slain by a bullet as
it shrieked from a saloon broil.
5. Shall the saloon be located
by your home or by your neigh-
bors, and wnicn oner
u. it we need tne license money
to make streets, etc., wnat is the
price at which you offeryour boy?
Are not the boys of your county
worth more than all tne license
money in North Carolina?
7. If the liquor league has pro
vided a large fund and put it into
the hands of some bloated, un-
arrnnn1rni3 politicians with which I . .
rn... 'n ;
lO liuiuwuutj vuw t'lcunuu, 10 id uvi
v" " - - 1
an insult to every honest North
Carolinian, an intimation that you
1 V 1 A. f AC WO I
can oe oougnt tor .wj
..n,.K-nm.ii.in mwn visitw his
father, E. w. Gurley
Mrs. s. V. Wheeler is in me
city a
euest of Mrs. chas. Pless
chief-clerk Montgomery of the Hotel
Wheeler is in town
Miss Harrison of
guest of Miss Annie Smith.
Miss Dora Grimmett of Lafayette,
Ala., is expected to arrive this week.
Mrs. a. C. Tutt of Aueusta. Ga.. is
visiting her mother Mrs. W.A. Garland.
Claude Brown's auction sale will be
the biggest held here this season. Over
75 head to be auctioued off.
D.AnA!n eauoltoa of. tVlA TAllMsf.
vh (n.M,,if.,rMt Sundav morn-
evening. Rev. Dr. Miller of
Alabama js expected to fill the pulpit,
A11 are inYitea.
. ...
Mr. and Mrs. ciouse aesire to express
'' Pub'lc their appreciation oi
tne many iavo.8 aou muu
I . 3 .1. . 1 111 nna ,o erl
i nv mem a urine iue iuuk iuwh "
death cf ther BOUf from tneir many
friends and neighbors, who have more
than proved themselves "friends In
D. F. Guice, aged JO years, oiea at
M home in this city last Saturday night
iofrAT an iiirmssnT n vh wkhks. iih was
on Mond Rev Moore ctmduct-
jng the services. Mr Guice is survived
by his widow, who has the heartiest
I - . . . 1 . 1
sympathy oi many irienaa in ner
W. A. Yoong, the popular and efli-
cient cashier at the Southern depot, and
Miss Irma Sindorff , of Charleston, were
married in that city on Wednesday,
Am-il 22. Mr. Young, accompanied
by his sister, Mrs. C. S. Fullbright, left
Phorlontnn nn Knndnv. Mr. and Mrs
Young, after a visit to Washington and
i oiaer points, wut rciuru w men luium
j home in Hendersonrille.
I Water lIeteTS
All water consumers who have.!
not installed their water meters
oy June nrs wm ue uuu uu num
the city water.'
Make vour application to the
Phif of Police or to J.C. Morrow,
and thev will zive the matter
rrnmnt attention.
unions meters are
niuvu. ,
tailed bv the firet of June you
Forty Years Ago
Forty years ago last Tuesday
Judge Pace was elected clerk and
he has held that job down ever
The election, or elections, for
thev'lasted three davs. was held at
the old court house, then compar
atively new. It waB in. 1868, and
the elections were held under mili
tary rule, under General Camby.
General Grant was elected presi
dent the same day.
Judge Pace succeeded Samuel
Waldrop, and was elected as Clerk
of the Superior Court, Probate
Judge (an office since abolished)
succeeding J. C. Gullick,
father of our Judee Gullick
and clerk to the Master in Equity,
which office was then filled by H
T. Farmer.
The election lasted three days
and all in the county came to town
to vota. The first constitution of
the State afterthewar, was adopt,
ed at thla same ti and altho
nquor wag to be had in abundance
t.lia rlov nrna OTfromolv n n nnrl
Forty vears aso Hendersonville
wno anmo orTnf,iipr thnn it ia tnav
There were no water meters, no
cement sidewalks.no paved streets.
A11 thafc beautiful part of the town
fo ufi wfisl. nnA tha r,nrrhpoat. wiva
covered with wooded land, with
here and there a feitile farm. Mrs.
Pattern's house aud the residence
of Col, Livingston wore the only
buildings in that part of the town
now thickly settled.
Dr. Allen was in busiuessat the
same old stand. Memory Justus
was in business then and Colonel
Pickens was practicing law.
Wesley Justus was registrar of
deeds. Capt. W. G. B. Morris,
Columbus McCrary, Dr. Whitted.
james justus. father of Sam Jus
tug aud q Johnson were' the
gve county commissioners. They
are now all dead and gone.
Forty years ago Mayor Schenck
aud his crusade against blind ti
gers would have been out of place,
although he is the right man in
right place now, for then
1 i , . . i i. n
naraiy a siore in town uuk hoiu
mt 1 1 J J-
ine cnange in pnmic sentiment
in that respect has been remarka
ble. The grandfatherof Judge Pace
- . i TT 1 1
was a distiller. nis son piayea
IlL. .
the fiddle, and for allowing this
the old gentleman was threatened
with "churching" to be put out
of the church. He lived to see
the day when liquor selling was
frowned upon by public sentiment
and sat in a church in his latter
years aud heard a fiddle played in
the sacred edince. A complete
reversal of sentiment in one man's
Auditorium Sold
J. D. Davis bid in the audito
rium property at the foreclosure
proceedings last week for Judge
Ely. Paid $1,079 for land and
wrecked building. Chairs brought
$125 additional. Dr. Strouse held
mortgage, and he is out about
I ... .. - . .
siwon this section or nis unau-
tftnqua experience here
For SaJe A Bargain
One 11-room, pebble dash cot-
taee. on E. College st. One 10-
room cottage on E. College street.
Prices reasonable. Terms to suit
! the purchaser. They are the best
bargains in real estate in this town
today. This offer holds good until
av 95th onlv
J -
Auction Sale Buggies
I will sell at the court house, on
Saturday, April 25, at 12 o'clock,
"oon, a lot OI seconu-nana oug
. . 0 3 1 J 1
ffieS ftUQ Carriages. UUB auu IWU
horse wagons, second hand.
SPECIAL 2 cakes of fine transpa
rent White Rose Glycerine soap for 25c
at Hunter's Pharmacy.
Best for the hair Hunter's Quinine
I nnS.Tnn!i T? omnva rl nnft mfT. KQft at
. " " - ---- -
Prohibition Meeting
The prohibition meeting ior
...... .
next Friday night promises to do
of exceptional inheres.
1. . - 1 A. X
speakers will be present.
i - .... . . , r: J
out and listen to tnem. xrmiy
Easter Sunday was an ideal day.
The rains of the two days pre
vious came but to freshen and re
vive and make even more beauti
ful the verdure clad mountains
surroundiug Hendersonville.
The sun shone with ai genial
warmth, the azure blue sky had
but a few lace-like clouds, and
Dame Nature, clad in the most
delicate green, smiling and laden
with flowers, was in attune with
the sacred day. ;
Of course the ladies took advan
tage of the superb weather and
Main street was a veritable fash
ion parade between 12 aud one
o'clock. Many pretty gowns and
hats were seen, and one poor,
puzzled man was heard to exclaim,
"Well, what bothers me is this:
Which is the prettiest, the' hats
and the dresses or their charming
But then he was only a mere
man, of course.
At the different churches
Easter was appropriately and im
pressively observed.
St. James church never looked
more beautiful. Dogwood, Nar
cissus, spirears aud snowballs were
used in profusion in the scheme
of decoratiou in the body of the
church, while dogwood blossoms
and magnificent Annunciation
lilies transformed the chancel into
a bower of beauty.
Rev. R. M. Willcoxs sermon
was impressive and eloquent and
the church was crowded with de
vout worshipers.
The special Easter music, with
Mrs. F. W. Eubank at the organ,
was fine, the solo, "He is not here,
He is risen," by Miss RoBardsand
Prof. Ruhl, being really excellent.
The other members of the choir
were Mrs.. Louiae Springer ""Miss.!
Haas, Miss Emily Ewbank. Miss
At the five o'clock services for
the children, Rev. Willcox spoke
of the necessity of discipline in
our daily lives, punctuality being
one of the results of this discipline.
At the Methodist church Rev.
Jno. W. Moore delivered an im
pressive sermon, taking his text
rom Acts 26:8: "Why is it
thought incredible with you if God
should raise the dead.'
Special Easter music by the
choir, a solo by Mr. Pless in the
evening and by Mrs. Pless in the
morning, the decorated altar made
the Easter services very beautiful.
There were no services held at
the Baptist church.
At the Roman Catholic cnurcn
Father Marion, of Asheville, con
ducted the usual Easter services.
Owing to the illness of Mrs. John
ston there was no special music.
Jury List
First Week
Will Russell M. F. White
J. V. Redden
S. P. Pitillo
C. E. Brooks
j. T. L. Pace
J, E. Summey
Z. Z, Blythe
Charles Praytor
G. W. Case
E. M. Osteen
A. W.Justus
T. J. Blackwell
P. D. Nelson
j. S. Hoots
W. D. Guice
B. W. E. Stat n
B. J. Foust
G. W. Byers
W. O. johnbon
W. B. Case
J. H". Griffin
G. S. McCullough
C. R. Orr
Second Week
M. G. Sentetl
j. Q. Davenport
J. C. Gordan
james Heaton
J. Hall Ripley
L. C. Patterson
Anthony Hoots
7. P. Johnsen
G. W. Conner jr.
H. F. Justus
J. N. Barnwell
N. E. Salts
W. A. Mason
J. C. Drake
H. N. Qlliespie
J. H. Rev is
C. D. McKillop
T. W. Freeman
Hunter's Pharmacy say that they sell
more of Garren's Sarsaparilla and Blood
Tonic than all the patent Sarsaparilla
Sulohur and Formaldelyde torches
for Fumiffatiner. 10 and 25c at Hun
ter's Pharmacy.
For Everybody
The only exclusive Fruit
and Candy Store in the City.
The IdeaJ
Miss Nettie Le Grand, Prop
For the Hustler
To Miss
I know thou'lt be another's
His beautiful, his own
That thou will leave all others,
And cling to him alone.
I know thou hast forbidden
Thai I should think of thee,
Tho in my heart be hidden,
- A love consuming me.
But fate schemes on above
, To strike young hearts with .awe,
For I am dead in love
And you'll be dead in law.
A Puzzle
Ransomo Pace was born in Bun
combe county. He was raised in
Henderson county. He lived and
is still living in Polk county, and
he has never changed his residence
and still lives in the same spot
where he was born.
How come?
See the answer next week I
"Only one place like Asheville,'' de
clares an experienced trave'er lately
here Citizen, April 18.
Tbank goodness!
For the Hustler.
The Cvillasaja.
(By Charlotte Young)
I wish you knew a way I know
Along the Cullasaja.
There, everything to quietness
And happy thoughts persuade you.
The river sings its own wild song
Around the rocky turnings,
There honey-suckles lieht the banks
With red and yellow burnings. '
Along the cliffs the ferns uncurl,
And trails the pink arbutus,
And here the wood thrush lilts a song
As sweet as any flute is.
I wish you knew a way I know
By dreaming flowers and river,
The little cares that hurt you so
Would float away forever.
Do you Believe in trie
Golden Rjule?
When the catalogue comes from your
mail order house, draw an easy chair to
the table where the light will shine full
upon the page and put on your glasses
so that no bargain will escape ycur eye,
What a wonderful book it is to be sure,
wonderful for what it does not contain
as well as what it does. W e miss some
thingajwe wouldjialad to see. Where
is their offer to pay cash or exchange
goods for your wheat, oats, corn, beans,
butter, eggs and hay? How much do
they pay for cattle.sheep and hogs f.o.b.
at your depot? How much tax will
they pay to support your schools and
educate your children, for improving
roads and bridges, the support of the
poor of the county, for the expense of
running the business of township, coun
ty and state? On what page is their
offer to contribute money to the church?
What line of credit will extend to you
when your crops are poor and your
money gone, when through illness or
misfortune you are not able to send
"cash with order" for your groceries,
clothing, farm tools and crockery?
Where is their offer to contribute to
your entertainment next year? In short
will they do anything to proviae a mar
ket for what vou have to sell and there
by keep up the value of your estate?
Will they do anything lorsocial.churcn,
school or government support or do they
tatce your aonars oui oi tne community,
with no returns except the goods you
Did You Ever Look At
It This Wlv?
Plick Wins.
"Pluck wins. It always wins, though
days be slow,
And nisrhts be dark 'twixt days that
come and go;
Still pluck wins; its average is sure.
He gains the prize wh3 will the most
Who faces Issues, he who never shirks;
Who waits and watches, and who al
ways works."
Watch for Wilson's ad. He will have
many bargains to offer when he returns
from the Worth.
Two Fresh Uows for Sale. Young a
will be sold at a bargain. Addr
Pinnacle Stock Farm, V. C. V. She
herd, Proprietor. Hendersonville,
C, R. F. D. 3
C. E. "Wilson is buying the latest
Spring and Summer goods in the north
ern markets, watch for his adv.
FOR RENT Cottage part furnished
kitchen, stable, garden lot, etc. Apply
to DR. T. A. ALLEN, Mam Street.
For Sale Pair English Berkshires
Would exchange for a cow. Mrs. S. A
Davis. Route- 5, Hendersonville, N. C.
Wanted Twenty men for cenera
work, good wages, Toxaway Tannery
Rosmaa, N, C. Steady work.
Egga wanted f or cas'i at Shepherd's.
C E. Wilson is now in the northern
markets buying Spring and Summer
Best 5c cigar sold. The Squaw, at
FOR SALE, for Cash during next 10
days all brands of Fertilizers for less
than cost, l must naye some casn.
Will also eontinue selling on time at
reeular time prices. Come and see
what I have in stock. Two ware houses
full. Also Main grown Potato seed.
Near Depot G. G. Ryder.
Hendersonville. N. C.
The citizens of Hendersonville
do not want any blind tigers in
their city. ' .
Public sentiment is against them
And don't ever monkey with
public sentiment better go down
to Bennett's mill and toy with the
buzz saw there.
The mayor and his highly effi
cient police officers are making
every effort to suppress the blind
And they are successful in their
elforts, too.
The tigers are so scared they
dou't even dare to wag a tail for
ear Zeb Arledge will see them.
There have been numerous ar
rests, trials and convictions in
Mayor Schenck's court lately for
illegal liquor selling.
Town Attorney W. E. Eubank
has appeared in some half-dozen
cases within the past few weeks,
as a result of the activity of
the town's officials.
Some wf 11 known men are now
under bond for October term of
The names of other well known
men hare been mentioned during
the trials.
Others have turned state's evi
dence to save their own skins.
Now, the neit time these men,
or any others, are before the may
or for this offense, thi3 little old
paper is going to publish all the
acts and evidence in the case.
The mayor and his officers are
doing a good work.
They are backed by everyone,
irrespective of party, who believes
in the enforcement of law, and
they have that great power, public
sentiment, behind them.
Hendersouville i3 a dry town
because its citizens want it to be
a dry town and the community is
fortunate indeed o have as officials
men who see their duty plainly,
perform it without fear or favor,
and who are gradually ridding
Hendersonville of this curse of
liquor selling. " ' '
It was one of Mayor Schenck's
anti-election pledges that he
would stop illegal liquor selling
here, and he's doing it.
Shop Talk
The great power paper cutter
just received, is a massive piece of
machinery, and getting it into the
building was a very difficult job.
It's keen knife would cut through
au 18-inch plank almost.
The Universal press, probably
the finest piece of machinery made
for fine printing, is a solid piece
of mechanism, and requires a con
crete foundation underneath it.
Mr. J. R. Johnson, an expert
machineist (also high priced, and
he'a worth it) came from Balti
more to erect the shop's new ma
chinery. He has been here now
several days.
The new type for the paper is a
large, perfectly clear and distinct
type, and will be easily read. The
"New Hustler" will be handsome
in appearance.
The new equipment is not al
here yet only about a fourth part
of it. The job department wil
also be entirely new, with many
labor-saving devices.
The newspaper composing room
will be upstairs in the present
building, and there will be proba
bly five compositors in that de
partment alone. The job
and press room will
ground floor.
be on the
Get your meter!
Pay your poll tax!
Get your meter by june 1st or you'll
be cut off from city water.
J. D. Boyd has a new awning over hi
tore. .
Walker Smith has a new delivery
wagon and it's a beaut.
Jury room la court
flooded with water. Monday
It is fashionable now to walk in the
middle of Main street.
Oaly fifty cents for this paper for the
balance of the year.
The town was unusually full 0f peo
ple last Saturday, The merchants all
report a satisfactory business. '
To genial Thomas shepherd we are
indebted for valuable assistance in
moving our heavy machinery.
When it comes to obliging ueonle
outside of business hoanTSSSi
BfJnlow Jackson is there with the
The Southern Railwav will bVami.
have three operators at Balfour, the
station recently closed. There are now
about 30 cars on tr-e track there
m. m. shepherd has received a car nf
the "Simmons Quality" Iron Beds and
Springs today.
The new office building is almost Rnm-
pleted, the store fronts now being put
in. The building has not yet been
S. M. King, deputy registrar f deeds.
has resigned, and W. J. Davis has taken
his place. Frank Staton says he does
not want the nomination for registrar
County Tax Collector C. E. Brooks is
now preparing his list of persona! prop
erty for delinquent taxes, which will be
advertised as soon as completed. By
paying at once costs will be saved.
Dr. J.Steven Brown lost a valuable
calf last week. Animal ate "Wickie'
an4 A I . i . . . . ....
ooks like a dwarf laurel, and is very
beautiful. Also verv fatal.
A. ic waters, of Pickens Co., S. C.
uo iwi una, i, IB eaiu.
shaved his whiskers off, came to this
town, was arrested by Bill Hill, and
miurueu to r-icKens uo on Tuesday.
One day last week Col. Pickens pointed
out a cloud of "flying ants" in front of
Capt. Toms office, and said their ap
pearance was a sign that there would be
no more cold weather.
The children of St. James Sunday
School enjoyed an Easter egg hunt on
the rectory grounds, Monday, and the
eggs found and eaten were many in
Paid your poll tax yet? Must be paid
by May 1st or you CANNOT vote. Tax
Collector Brooks says he's going to get
your poll anyhow, so you might just as
well pay it in time to vote.
The cement walks are being put down
rapidly. The city hall block is now
complete and the block between the
poswmce ana j dsius rnarmacy win oe
the next to receive the attention of the
large force of workmen. The improve
ment in appearance of the street where .
the walk is completed, is really re
markable. The three new iron bridges will be a
permanent improvement. One will
cross Broad river at Bat Cave: one at
P. J. Hart's place across Green River,
and one across the French Broad, near
Red bank. At Mills River, a new road
will be laid off , by way ef the new bridge,
to the railroad at Brickton.
The road overseers of Hendersonville
Township are expected to make full re
ports of their respective roads on the
first Monday in May 1S08. For blanks
call at J. D. Dermids office.
w. L. Miller, Chairman
j. D. Dermid Secretary
This April 22 1308.
In a hotly contested ball game, Satur
day the Shaws Creek team wiped up the
earth with the Hendersonvillians with
a score of 7 to 5. Corn and Carson for
Shaws creek, and Garren, Rheinhart
and "Edwards for Hendersonville, were
the batteries.
Col. Wm. Hewitt, of the Hotel Gates,
is now an authorized agent for Cupid,
though you wouldn't think so to look at
him. He offers to refund the railroad
fare to all newly married couples within
a radius of ISO miles of this town, who
come to the big hotel for their honey
moon. The news is gradually spread
ing and soon the streets will be blocked
by couples who think the moon is made
of green cheese. Therejare already two
bridal parties at the hotel.
Hunter's Pharmacy shipped six bot
tles of their "Digestive Elixir to Aug
usta Georgia the other day. It must
be good. -
Phone vour arutz orders to us and re-
f.ceive them by our quick delivery system
Hunter's Pharmacy. '
twas just one of Frank's jokes.
n ight at the court house.
get no city water.

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