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Gbe Jfrencb BroaMjuetlcr
. . Editor
Associate Editor
Enttrtd at the Po&loffict al EendcrsonvuU
oj wiail mailer ot Ike second class.
. llie open letter issued by Governor
Glent the people of the State an
nouncing his decision not to become a
candidate for United States Senator
against Senator Overman was received
with surprise by the numerous admirers
of the Governor throughout North
Carolina. The Impression has long pre
vailed that the Governor would contest
for this great honor with Senator Over
man and many pledges of support had
been accorded to the former by many
strong men in the party, in the event he
he should decide to become a candidate,
and the battle would have been a mem
orable one. The Governor's letter is a
long one and shows the spirit of a sin
cere man, as the following extract from
clearly Indicates:
"I have given the matter careful and
prayerful consideration, and feel that
I am doing right, and in coming to my
conclusion, two things have actuated
me. Tirst, to serve the state by pre
venting a bitter contest. Second, and
I hope is a still higher motive to help
humanity. With hostile papers saying
I was making this canvass for prohibi
tion as a stepping stene for my own
political advancement, or hoping on the
crest of a big temperance victory to ride
into the office of Senator, the effects of
my campaign would be weakened, and
my sincerity doubted. So desirous of
being un trammeled by thoughts of self,
but only acting for what I believe the
State's greatest good, I lay aside my
"I know that the present is my flood
tide and in refusing to take the politi
cal current I lose all my ventures and
surrender forever my ambition, but one
thing is better than holding office and
that ia duty."
As an admirer of both Governor
Glenn and Senator Overman, we are
gratified that there is to be no conflict
between them at this time. The Gov
ernor says he will support the Senator
and this settles the matter. Both are
good mea aid of senatorial size. Sen
ator Overman has made a very credi
table representative and it would have
seemed an injustice to displace him at
the conclusion of his first term. It is the
party custom, we believe, to give a cap
able official two terms, at least. Many
neoDle took this view of the matter and
would have supported Senator Over
man against any one who might have
concluded to enter the contest. How
ever, Governor Glenn has taken the
wise course and by his action relieves
. j li. ....nil. nt
the party and his friends generally of a
bitter contest which might have resulted
In injury to the State. We commend
his action most heartily. He is not an
old man and the people may yet call for
him4'to go up higher." Governor R.
r pi. MATJunrl th Twnli of
B. Glenn i. a MAN and the people , of
nortn uaronna never naa a niei mcu-
live who was more devoted to them or
more loyal in his efforts to guard and
protect their interests. That he should
lay aside personal ambition because he
thinks it best for the State is convincing
evidence of his sincerity in serving the
people to the best of his ability. In
domirri table courage was necessary In
the deliberations which prompted the
Governor's conclusion.
Governor Glenn has been a much
maligned man at the hands of certain
nfluences since the passenger contro
versy started early last summer, which
was augmented by the reference to pro-1
hibition in his message to. the Special
session of the General Assembly this
year. The railroads and whiskey ad
vocates have no love for him, but "the
corn-stalk" folks are generally Glenn
men. so far as we nave been able to as
certain, Mot tbat they dislike Senator
Overman, but because they like "Bob
Glenn." He is their friend and they
know it, the genial, affable and sunny
spirited "Bob Glenn." May he live
long in the service of the people of
North Carolina, who have honored him
and have no reasons to regret it. He
has been true to every trust reposed in
him, discharging the many arduous
duties imposed upon him with the ut
most conscientiousness, taking pride in
the courteous treatment of every one,
Need we say more?
The contest for the gubernatorial
nomination is warm ana waxing
M " I
warmer, with Craig leading and
his mn.n.crAr wnrkincr hard fcn bann I
in front of the procession. If this V
lead can be maintained until the
convention meets it will be Craig
on the first ballot.
Only a week remains in which
you may settle your poll tax be
fore the first day of May. Don't
neglect this important matter.
The Johnson Press Syndicate is
ending oat pages of matter, to
newspapers that want to use it,
free of charge. It is now evident
that a systematic effort is being
made to defeat Bryan for the dem
ocratic nomination for president
and his friends may as well be on
the alert from this time until the
convention meets. Governor John
son has consented to the nse of his
name as a candidate against Mr.
Bryan and the opposition to the
latter seems agreed on the Minne
sota Governor as the most availa-
ble man with which to accomplish
their purpose. Johnson is a good
man but comparatively unknown.
Have you paid your poll tax for
1907? If not you should do so at
once. May first is the limit and
there remains only one week more
in which to qualify yourself. At-
tend to this if you have not al
ready done so and ask any friend
who may have overlooked the mat
ter to settle this tax before the
time expires so that he may be
enabled to cast his vote for prohi
bition at the May election and al
so for good government this fall.
ine question of disfranchising
yourself "is up to you." You
anyway, why not do it now and
tWiIi-f i t
thereby qualify yourself for suf-
frage privileges? Delays are dan-
serous, von know.
Every good man will hesitate on
nictinff Un a Kollt .nthnriTinrr
the manufacture and sale of intox-
icating liquors before putting it
in the box. TAninc inTYvrw-nnfJ
i ,
iu nica oi dots ana young men
and many a man who weighs the
mailer rignuy, by taking time for
the proper consideration of it, will
see the dangers attending such ac-
tion and vote for temperance, the
only safe course to pursue for the
protection of present and future
generations. "Woe is he who
putteth the cup to his neighbor's
One of our republican exchanges
"flmiltnitllf" CAtTO 4kk Kl.l.A nnln
argument the republicans will
need this fall will be to read the
articles the democratic candidates
have published on each other."
Yes, and vise versa. But even
this will not be convincing enough
x ! Ji i a
wj cause any iair-mmaea man to I
vote the radical ticket in North
Carolina, who has been a demo
crat from principle. Four years
of radicalism and fusionism was
qute sufficient to last the good
. . . . e i
peopie of thi8 Sfcate for many long
I years yet. The people have long
memories and can be "fooled onlv
o 7t VL i loulBUOUiJ'
a pari oi me ume.
uwi. - vm,.iau owm uauu-
ing out some hot stuff to Repub-
. -
tnere is likely to be some more fun
when their state convention mta
wnenmeir state convention meets,
And yet the radical organs talk
abont Wc. harmnnv tA crnnd
r ' J o-- i
know good state government if
would not
they should meet it in the road,
or county government either, for
that matter. "A leopard is known
by his spots.-
Judge Pritchard and Governor
m i , , I
v i
w",uu wiu.w.iitb jumeu nanas
in tne great fight for prohibition
. , . . ... ..I
111 .North Carolina. AAP.fl TlAincrvifh I
Q other in the effort to persuade I
Lv. vn. . . , er8Qaae
w diouu iur temper-
ance and the right. These distin-
. . , - . &
guisned speakers are attracting
large crowds wherever they go aud
the cause of prohibition has no
two more effective champions.
The North Carolina Press Asso
ciation is holding its annual ses
sion in Charlotte this week. The
Queen City has made all necessary
preparations to
. m 1
. H. .
.fvB a uuu wujti aua in is is I
enough said." Charlotte
does things by halves.
ray your poll tax on or before
next Thursday, else there will be
nothing doing," for you, either
at the May or November elections.
uo not take any chances. Fix it
today. Republicans are doing this.
wl. ri,, txr
Of Pigeon River.
Asheville, April If Papers in a test
suit have been filed here by United
States District Attorney A. E. Holton
for the purpose of establishing the
ownership of the United States to ail
land in North Carolina west ob Piareon
river and southwest of the mountain.ex-
tending from the source of this river to I
the South Carolina line. The territorv
Includes eight counties, with popu-
lation of 100,000.
In this territory are 50,000 sctres of
George W. Vanderbilt's Pisgah forest
preserves: on which are two high moun
tains, four railways, copper and kaolin
mines, and many towns and villages, as
well as the large holdings of the Toz
away Company, owned by Pittsburg
millionalres.and including a large hotel
and an artificial lake.
In 1783 North Carolina made a treaty
with the Cherokee Indians, conveying
to that tribe these lands. Later the In
dians ceded the lands to tho United
States in return for a Bmaller allotment
in this state and a grant in Indian Ter
ritory, to which part of the tribe emi
grated. The United States contends
tbat North Carolina treated the lands
as its owa and granted them to settlers
It is asserted in the bill that the United
States still holds title to these lands.
Sweeping Victory for
Mr. Craig Predicted
From All Sections,
The congressional convention of the
tenth district will be held in Asheville
Jane 22. The congressional executive
eommittftB of this district met at the
tu a t .
Five counties of this district were re-
i -un Limn aiiu in m i inrniiiiv.
Hstvwnnri. w. t.
Lee, chairman of the committee; Hen-
Person, M. L. Shipman; Rutherford,
, n ., a.WbHi!
Poiir. J. n. Fihhr. other aunties of
It ho rn.trw. rnnt.Di Kir rim
Mr WehhaoitnrnTv fnr Mr. Kerr,
member of the committe from this
The meeting was called to order by
Chalrmftn T M. shinman wfta
elected secretary. Dr. Sevier, chair-
man nf th Buncombe conntv executive
I i.f unecnfin. tha ritv
i w"j"ji"w
Asheville. ureed that the convention be
heJd her Mr. Webb als0 made a
speech urging tbat the convenUon meet
here. Upon motion of J. C. Mills, se-
conded by J. C. Fisher, Asheville was
selected as the place to hold the con-
Mr. Shipman made a motion tbat the
convention be held at such time as
would allow delegates of the western
part of the state to go from the district
to the state convention without having
to return home between meetings. Up
on this tuggestlon Mr. Mills moved
June which wag adopted bj the eom.
I ... ml . . .
mat the convention meet at 4 p. m.
mitte. The chairman was authorized
to issue a call to that effect.
Favorable conditions for democracy
were reported from all sections of the.
district and a sweeDin? victorv Dre
- & c m s i
dieted. The chances of Locke Craig
were discussed, and it was the unan-
imouse opinion of the committemen
1 iV. -3:r. .Ill n. .1 4
uu uuu wn wn K buhu iw
Mr. Craig. Each reported that he is the
choice of his section. Citizen
Ta - 1 1 -n.su - I i. !
ioi uuiwi- yy in jruu (ucftw pnub iu
yonr paper a few lin3 trm an orphan
irl OD tne rreat subject of prohibition.
Vr.u ,, 987 to tQe yunff men
of North Carolina, not to let the pre-
cious oppportunity of voting the whis-
voting a dry ticket. Dearyoungmen I
pead with you go like gentlemen should
and vote for a prohibition law, and you
ball be rewarded at the judgement
it has caused the death of many a
Pers0D- Young. jnen first think of the
many unhappy homes all causea by the
filthy substance called whiskey
ume . lnl ..a
room (nai means "ueath' lor the first
ram calls for another and on and on.
streets with red eyes, worn out clothes
Irving and crying for papa To come
home. Oh! where is he.
thouXrhn,; J?
ing with the young men because the
olderones 8ha11 paB8 away aud tue
" x -F.a.c:J.
villi Lr nnpg m nar mi rhmv -i i n nnn i i
,ia conclusion i win say to the young
" V pieu wim me young
; 1 jM.m. V.WVUiUU w TUIO till" UIU-
hihitinn tinlrat It nA JT
J w'h a young man and he don't
vote a dry ticket let him alone for you
" utsver ue nappy wiin mm until the
?L cmes Mf Payers shall be
that a prohibition law shall reign
throughout North Carolina.
I remain
Gerton, N. c.
Caster Shirts
and linen generally should riv
al the snowy Easter lily in its
whiteness and finish" and you
can obtain the desired results This Cortright Metal Roof
by having your shirts, collars nS 1S tne best thing that ever
and cuffs laundred with us.
Let us know and will have ouri
wagon call for your bundles
Paone 142 Chas. B. Whitakke, Mgr
6w Many Trips
Mark them and see Corliss
Coon Collars outwearothers. They
are strong, hand made collars.
The HendersonYille Mercantile Company J ,
Agents for Ladies' Home Journal Patterns
I J. S. RHODES, President.
To the Commander and members
of Watt Bryson. Camp:
Your committee are again called
upon to record the crossing of the
cold stream of death by another
comrade. In February, 1908.
Wesley M. Justus, so long and well
known in Hendersonville. died and
was buried, nerd i 79 Years
" n
He had loug been in business in
I Hendersonville, and was recog
mzed as among our best and safest
bueinesa men and of unquestioned
integrity, measuring up to the
high standard of former days,
when men s confidence in each
unid was wen luuuueu.
He served the Southern cause in
the sixties as a mechanic in an
He- was
twice married, was a
widower at the time of his death.
Tnus OUT COUtlty and town have
lost forever another of their old
i , , ,
'and marks.
Your committee recommend the
reading and publication of this
report. . V. .Pickens, Uh'm
For Sale.
Acetyline gas plant for sale. Superior
light. Apply at the Hustler office for
terms. The machine can be easily
transported ana set to wors. it is a
fine lighting plant for private residence
or smait Doaraing nouse in town or
country. Write to or call at Hustler
office in Hendersonville, N.C.
Order for Election
By order of the Board of Commission
ers of the Town of Hendersonville an
election is ordered to be held in the
Town of Hendersonville on the first
Tuesday after the first Monday in May,
to-wit: 5th day of May, 1908, at the City
Hall, for the purpose of electing three
commissioners to succeed D. . Pace, J.
O. Williams and J C. Morrow. And it
is further ordered that notice of this
h.l.j i. . i . -i . .
lished in the town papers and in said
city hall. It is further ordered thatS.
T. Hodges be appointed registrar, to
have charge of and revise the registra
tion books so that the tame shall show
an accurate list of electors who shall be
entitled to vote at the municipal elec
ton to be held in the town of Henri pr-
111- .1 1 1 -r i . .
boqyjub un me ao?e aair, xc is iurmer
ordered that l. T. Williams and W. C.
Stradley be appointed judtea to hold
8aid election. It is further ordered that
notice of his appointment as registrar
for the said election be served upon S.
county, or his ouallified deoutv. as ra-
quired bylaw. It it further ordered
that the ballots upon which the . names
of the candidates shall be printed.haU be
a x incnes ana on white Daner with-
out device, mutillation or ornamentation,
Micheal Schencl,
J.F.Brooks. Mayor
Marcl1 3Utn. H
and Machinery
Now ArrivinfiT
The first consignment of new material
for this office has arrived, and the bal-
ot the equipment is on the . way.
Tne new Press is here, and also the big
Per paper cutter, although neither
uMveioeea sei up. av me zwen OI
..a. i -r . . a
May, it is hoped to have everything in
gooa snape ana in running order,
How's Your Roof ?
Is it fireproof ?
Cortright Roofs arc.
Is it handsome ?
Cortright Roofs are.
Is it always needing re
pairs ?
Cortright Roofs never do ?
Will it last a long a the
Cortright Roofs will,
Was it expensive In firt
Cortright Roofs are not.
came our way. It has been on
the market 20 years, and there
isn't a complaint against it.
Come and see it for yourself.
Absolutely, you can
not pet better ap
pearance, style, fit,
construction, wear.
OUTING. 2-in.
TOURING. 2-in.
F. Z. MORRIS, Manager.
Notice of Sale ot Land for Partition
By virtue of a decree of the Superior
Court in the case or W. Jr. btepp et ai.
vs. K. C. Stepp et al. rendered the 25th
day of March, 1908, ordering a sale for
partition of the lands described in the
petition in tbe said case, after the wid
ow's dower therin bad been laid off and
assigned to her by proper metes and
bounds and excepting tbe same from tbe
lands sold, whicb assignment bas been
made, and appointing me a commission
er to make sale of the same, I will sell
at the court house door in Bender&on
ville at auction to the highest bidder
for cash, on the first Monday in Mav,
which is the 4th day of May, 1908, at 12
o'clock noon, one-fourth of the purchase
moDey to be paid at date of sale and the
balance to be paid in two equal install
ments in one and two years time prop
erly secured as required by law, the fol
lowing described lands lying and being
in the township of Blue Ridge, county
of Henderson and state of North Caro
lina and bounded and more particu
larly described as follows, viz:
Tract number 1: Beginning on a pop
lar in the James Case old line and runs
south 88 deg east 64 poles to stake;
thence north 5 deg east 02 poles to a
stake in tbe line of Liucinda Stepp's
dower; thence with said line north 89
deg west 56 poles to a chestnut, corner of
said dower tract; tbencewith tbe old line
south 5 deg west 69 poles to the begin
ningcontaining 21 acres more or less.
Tract number 3: Beginning on a pop
lar, corner of lot number one and runs
with the line of lot number one south
89 deg east 54 poles to a stake; thence
south 5 deg west 80 poles to a stake on
top of the bill; thence north 70 deg west
76 poles to a stake in tbe Liverett line;
thence with said Liverett line north 5
deg east 40 poles to a rock on the south
bank of Rocky brancb; thence with the
meanders of the branch south 70 deg
east 24 poles to a stake in the branch in
tbe old Case line; thence with said line ,
north 5 deg east 21 'poles to the begin
ning containing 25 acres more or less.
Tract number 3: Bejrinninsr at a
stake on top of the hill, corner of lot
number two and runs with the line of
the same north 70 dee west 78 Doles Co a
stake in the Liverett line; thence with
the Liverett line south 5 deg west 37
poles to a rock; thence south 85 deg east
211 poles to a black oak. the James Case
old corner: thence south 5 det? west
with S, A. Blackwell'a line 48 Doles to
John Jones' old stake corner: thence
with line of said S. A. Blackwell south
85 deg east 50 poles to a dogwood; thence
norm a aeg east 7U poles to tbe begin
ningcontaining 28 acres more or less.
lract number 4: Besinnioeon a doe-
wood in the old John Jones line, corner
of lot number three, and runs south 85
deg west 10i poles to a sourwood, F. M.
ttiacicweirs corner; thence with bis line
south 86 deg east 40 poles to a hickory
in the old Reuben Stepp line; thence
with said line north 5 deg west 90 poles
to a Blake in said line: thence north 89
deg west 36 poles to a stake on the top
or tne ridge; tbenoe south 5 deg west
91 poles to the beginning containing 24
acres more or less. .
Tract number 5: Beginning at a stake,
corner of lot number four and runs
with the line of the same south 89 deg
east 36i poles to a stake in the Reuben
Stepp old line, also corner of lot number
four; thence with the Reuben Stepp old
line north 5 der west 56 poles to a stake,
tbe Reuben Stepp old corner; thence
with the Reuben Stepp old line south
80 deg east to Little Hungry creek;thence
up said creek to the mouth of (he first
branch entering the same: thence ud
said branch 34 poles to an ash; thence
west 53 poles to a stake in the line of
lot number one; thence with the same
south 5 deg west 80 poles to the begin
ning containing 15 acres more or less
Tract number C; Beginning on a stake
at tne iord of the creek in the John
Stepp road, corner of the Lucinda SteoD
aower, ana runs wicn tne line of said
dower tract north 89 deg west 62 poles
to a stake, third corner of lot number
one; tnenc with tbe line of number one
south 5 deg east 36 poles to a stake:
rhence east with the line of number five
ad poles to an ash at the branch: thence
wnu ine Drancn 3? poies to the creek
tnence with meanders of tbe creek to
toe beginningcontaining 18 acres more
or less.
The 6aid lands will be offered for sale
in lots as above described first and then
offered as a whole and the bid resulting
in the highest price for the entire tract
will be accepted.
McD. Ray
This April 3rd, 1908. Comissioner.
Eyes That Squint
People having a tendency to
squint may be relieved of the
awkward, unbecoming habit by
wearing proper glasses.
Squint is caused by nervous
twitching ot the eyelids, and is
positine proof of defecvive eyes
Children should have
their eyes examined before be
ing taxed by stody. Defects
may be remedied them that, if
left alone, may cause much dis
tress in after years.
W. H. Hawkins 61 Son.
Hendersonville, N. C.
1 6, 1908
By virtue of a Ven Execution in favor
of Block Coal and Coke Company and
also two Ven Executions in favor of R.
O. Campbell and J. B. Campbell, trad
ing under the firm name of Campbell
Coal Company, all azainst Ira J. Davis,
issued by the 'lerk of the Superior Court
of Henderson county and directed to the
Sheriff of Henderson county, I will sell
for cash to tbe highest bidder on the
4th day of May, 1901 during, the legal
hours for sale at the court house door in
Hendersonville, North Carolina, the fol-.
lowinc real estate . to-witt
First lot: Beginning at a stake in the
east margin of McBee avenue 50 feet
from the A. & S. railroad, and 27 feet
south of the French Broad avenue, and
runs south 18 deg east 90 feet to a state,
corner of Standard Oil Company's lot;
thence with a lice of said lot north 70
dear east 192 feet to a stake at 1st avenue;
thence with said avenue nortli 24 deg
west 112 feet to a stake, corner of lot 4;
thence with the line of the same &outh
63 deg west 184 feet to the beginning.
Second lot: Beginning at a stake in
King street at the original northeast
corner of Abby Williams lot, about 150
feet north of Academy street and with
the said Williams lot 90 feet more or
less to tbe corner of tbe Town Hall lot;
thence with the lice of the Town Hall lot
north about 60 feet to tbe Caldwell line;
thence east with tbe Caldwell line about
90 feet to Kiner street: thence with
King street about 50 feet to tbe begin
nine:, including . what is known as the
Malory Stable lot.
Sold to satisfy the sum of $137.10 with
interest from 20th day of Feb. 1907, and
costs dne to Block Coal and Coke Uom
panv and $258.90 with interest from the
10th day of March, 1907, and costs due
to R. O. Campbell and J. B. Campbell,
trading under the nrim name of (Jamp
bell Coal Company.
R. P. Frfeman,
Sherif of Henderson County.
This March 31st, 1908.
Executors' Notice
Having qualified as executors of the
last will and testament of John S. Car
son, deceased, late of the county of Hen
derson, North Carolina, we hereby give
notice to all persons having claims
against his eatate to present the same to
us, or either of us, on or before the
first day of May, 1909, or this notice will
be pleaded in bar of any recovery again
st us on that account.
Claims may be presented to either of
us at Charlotte, ri. C. at tbe office of
C. M. Carson, No. 203 South Tryon St.
R. C, Carson, Executor
Mrs. "Virginia Page'Carson
This, the 1st dyy of April, 1908.
State of North Carolina,
County of Henderson.
In the Superior Court,
Before the Clerk.
V. a Stepp vs. D. W. Brown, G..C
Brown, W. S. Brown, Sims and
wife, Mary E. Sims, J. Mooney and wife,
kmily Mooney, heirs at - law of L. E.
Hoi lis, heirs at law Jane Norton, heirs
at law of Sophia Owenby Brown; Rich
ard uuagins, Frank llurtgids. Alex-
adder Hudtins. Chas. Baiiev and wife.
Bailey, E. J. Dalton and wife,
Dalton. heirs at law of Sukev
Owenby Hudgins; Drew Clarke, Robert
Clarke, John (torn and wife Corn,
and others, heirs at law of Caroline
Owenby Clarke; Ellen Clarke, Mandy
Clarke, Thomas Clarke, and ethers,
heirs at law of Alzey Oweuby Clarke.
By authority of a decree of the Supe
rior Court of Henderson County in the
above entitled cause, dated the 16th day
of March, A. D. 1908. I will on Monday,
the 4th day of May, A. 1908, at tbe
Court House door In Hendersonville.
North Carolina, within the legal hours
of sale, offer for sale at public outcry,
and sell to the highest bidder, for par
tition among the parties to the said
cause, all that land described in the peti
tion in said cause, to-wit:
Known as the Margaret Owensby land,
containing 155 acres of land in Hender
son County, on the waters of Turn
Breeches Creek. Beginning at a white
oak, corner of land 6old to Jonas Will
iams, and runs 8. 75 W. 110 poles to a
pile of rock on the ridge, and thence 55
W. 54 poles to a white oak, and thence
S. 35 W. 100 poles to a hickory, thence
S. 66 E. 144 poles to a Spanish oak,
thence N. 63 E. 112 poles to a double
poplor (down), thence N. 9 W, 88 poles
to the beginning.
Terms of sale one-half cash and bal
ance in twelve months, with interest at
6 per cent on deferred payments. Will
receive payment in full when deed is
given if tendered.
G. B. HILL, Commissioner.
This, the 16th day of March, A.D.1908
Under and by virtue of the powers of
Bale in that mortgage executed to me by
William Watson, on the 18th dav of
April, A, D. 1900, hich mortgage is
recorded in Book 13, page 32, of the
records of Mortgages for Henderson
county, I wjll sell, to satisfy said mor
tgage, at public outcry, at the court
house door in Henderson county, Nortb
Carolina, within the legal hours of sale,
on the th day or May, A. D. 190S, to the
highest bidder for cash, all that land
described in said mortgage, to-witt
Beginning at a stake at the Old Blake
Bridge, in the middle of the old creek
run, being the southwest corner of the
original Patton tract, also Sidney
Blake's, Martain Herri n's and William
Watson's corner, and runs with the lice
divining tne Blake land from tbe Patton
place, as follows; North 31 deg. east 30
poles to a stake, north 52T deg. east 20
poles to a stake, thence north 17 desr.
east 10 poles to a stake, thence north 32
deg. east 28 poles to a stake, thence
north 25 deg. east 80 noles to a Dostoak.
thence south 581 deg. east 28 noles to a.
sourwood, thence south 3 deg. west 16
poles to a stake and pointers, thence
south 86i deg east 23 poles to a stake
and pointers, thence south 28 rW. wpsf.
208 poles to a stake at Mud Creek canal,
thence up middle of the canal about 50
poles to alstake at head of nlri r.rppk nm
about 20 poles north of H. Jones? houtw.
thence fjown with tjie various meander
in gs of old creek run to th beeinnino-.
containing 56J acres, more or less.
J.hls, the 2d day of March, A. D. 1908
Annie E. Patton, Mortgagee.
Smith & Schenck, Attorneys.
Notice of Land Sale.
By virtue of the power contained in a
mortgage deed executed to us by J H.
Taylor and wife. J. R. TavW. v win
offer for sale at the court house door in
M.enpersonyille on Monday. May 4th,
1908, at Public aiinrJnn tniho Mcrfcaet
bidder, for cash, in order to satisfv tho rr.
dAht qmiinwI h o T". " " 3 '.
having been made in the payment theer-
- j om . u.. xoyivr aniiwue, ine ioi-
lowing described Jands, lying and being
in ureen ttiver townahin Hand
county, North Carolina, Being a part
of the old Pearson survey and adjoining
the lands of L, R. capps and others.
Beginning on a black oak and runs east
80 poles to a whith oak at the old line;
thence south with the old line 60 poles
to a water oak, L. S. Jones' corner In
the old line, thence west 80 poles with
L. S. Jones' line to a eour wood th
north 50. poles to the beginning rne
tainiog twenty-five (25) acres.
Said sale is advertised and will u
made in pursuance to the condition
specified in said deed. unQHio08
This April 4, 1908.
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