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' (Items from Daily Hustler.)
E. J. Hawes, of Asheville, is in
the city.
Hiss Waldrop, of Spartanburg
.is hi the city.
S. S. Strauss, of Richmond, is
in town. ' ...
j. W. Hastings, of Charlotte,
is in town for a few weks. -
D. H. Hamilton, of Toxaway,
is in the city, ' J .
j. K. Ross, of Horse Shoe, is
among the visitors in town.
Hiss Bessie and Will Carmj
chaei have returned from a visit
to Brevard. , . .
'Squire A. Cannon was herei
from Horse Shoe rtoday on
p. W. Anderson and family of
Spartanburg is in town.
W. M. Marks, of Manassas,
Ya.,js among today's arrivals.
Mrs. Geo. Gash and little eon,
Steward, of Tryon, N. C., are
guests of FloralCottage.
P. S. Corn is in the city from
Union, S. C, circulating among
old friends an acquaintances. '
Mrs. F. Wf Ruff and two ch
dren, of Rockton, S. C- are reg
istered at the Gates.
Miss " Charlotte Young is con
ducting a kindergarten school at
the Heidleburg House at Flat
A. S- Chamblee, of Sanders
ville, Ga., is stopping at the
Summer Home for the days.
Mr. T. R. Shields, of Laurens,
is summeriog at the Arlington.
Mrs F J Davis and daughter, of
DeLand, Fla., are among today's
Mr. M. L. Meddleton and wife,
of Allendale, S. C, are-in the
Misses Ada W. Bolanzand and
Pauline Duncan, of Chatham, Va. !
are at the Gates for the season.
Mr. Sutton, wife and sister, of
Columbia are stopping at the
Arleogton. Sutton is attorney
for the Southern road at that
The Andes show opened before
a large audience last night but
after the first act a hard shower
of rain broke the crowd for the
Mrs. Beckman, accompanied
by her grand-daughter, Miss
Dora Howe, of Charleston, are
occupying Mrs. Beckman's beau
tiful home here.
The rank of Knight was con
ferred on "Jake" Hickman by
the local lodge K. of P. The
lodge meets now-twice a month
and is in a prosperous condition.
"Mitchell Bryan Shipman"
arrived at the home of Editor
M. L. Shipman on East Aspen
Street this morning, where his
family are spending the summer
The Colored Help of The Hotel
Gates will give an up-to-date
cake-walk in the ball room, Thurs
day night July 30th. A magnifi
cent cake and money prizes to
the winners.
Prof. H. H. McMillen, formely
of Wake Forest College, arrived
today to take up his work at
Fruitland Institute! The tenth
session of the school will open
August, 4.
The sale of that attractive
property konwn as Boweh Hill,
which is to occur on August 4th,
will afford an opportunity for
those desiringldesirable sites for
summer homes to secure the same
at a bargain. .
S. H. Friedman left today for
his home in Port Deposit, Mary
land after a stay of two months
in this city. Alter, spending a
ew days at home he will leave
Denver, Colorado.
Henry Allen goes after the tax
delinquents in earnest.. Better
see him and compromise matters
before your property7 gets into
his possession. , Two things, you
know, are sure to come, death
and taxes. ,
Confederate Reunion.
The Anuual Reunion of the
Henderson county Confederate
Veterans' Association will be
held on August the 13th;
Horse Shoe.
.'. All other veterans
cordialy invited. . - J
All members of the Associa
tion are requested to bring their
lunch baskets s$ we can serve
dinner on the ground.
Hon. Michael Schench
mayor of Hendersonville, will
make the address.
The following committee are
appointed to make arrangements
for the entertainment:
W. B. Cltse, J. P. Johnson, A.
F. Allen, David Barmett, M. S.
Johnson, Dock Sitton, Capt. Pres
ton. Lane.
Wives of Veterans :
Mrs! W. B. Case, J, P. John
son, A. J Allen, D. Barnett, M.
S. Johnson, Preston Lane.
Sons and. Daughters of the
Confederate Veterans
Miss Joe Lane, S. Johnson, Sue
Johnson, Sue Cannon, Callie
Morgan. Mrs. Henry Allen,
David Barnett,Mrs D. N. Daven
port. Messrs. Henry Allen, J.
W. Morgan, David Barnett,
Shem Allison, David Davenport,
Henry Lane, ThomasMiller, Silas
Case, Taylor, Osborne.
A. Cannon,
J.--M. Shepherd, ,
A Rumpus
There was an exciting rumpus
at Arthur Burgin's restaurant
Sunday. It is reported that the
DroDrietor was tancrled up in a
conflict with some women and
men in his place of business.
Burgin made good his escape
yesterday but today Pojice Ar
ledge having his eye, as usual,
turned toward such things, pick
ed up Burgin. He will have j
hearing in 'court tomorrow.
Skyland 7; Union 1
The ball game between Sky
knd and Union which was played
at Laurel Park Saturday, resulted
in the score of 7 to 5 in favor of
The Union team scored four
runs in the first inning, and
things were looking blue for Sky
Union was five to four until the
eighth inning when McCullough
for Skyland made the Union boys
look div zy by knocking a home
run with two men on bases,
which won the game for the Sky
land. John Forest acted as um
pire, Grady Justice acted as score
keeper. ,
The increasing tide of
visitors evidently has been
seen for the last few days.
The boarding houses and ho
tels have felt tre increase, as
well' as many other kinds of
business. , .. -
The bustle of people on Main
Street from morning ..until night
is enormous, and reminds one of
the crowds seen in cities many
times larger than this.
Yesterday the liverymen could
not supply the demands for
horses, and driving and horse
back rising was seen to be much
on the increase.
- Toxaway Train Wrecked.
Passenger train No. 8 was
wrecked yesterday about three
miles this side of Toxaway. -
Fortunately no one was hurt
Three passenger coaches and the
.tender were . thrown from the
track and two of the coaches
tilted slightly but not overturned.
The train was running at a
moderate rate, and several yards
of track .were torn up before the
train came to a standstill. The
wreckwas caused - by. spreading
rails. Traffic was stopped for
several hours. x
TEe Giant
with nine small letters UNDERSELL. We sell new,
fresh goods too, because our irresistible, incomparable,
paralyzing prices, pulverize competition and cause the
folks to take goods off before they have time to get old.
Merit, modern methods anl more goods for less mon
ey keeps business continually booming at Collins Bi'g De
partment Store whether July, January, or December. We
know no dull season.
TODAY we offer 20 yards good yard wide bleach
ing for only $1.00. Think of it! Good quality bleaching
only 5c per yard. Barker Mills, best bleaching made, at
10c. Good quality white India Linen only 5c. White
Come today
Cut this ticket out and bring to the
Bee Hive and get 20 cents cash when
you buy 2.00 worth or more anywhere
in the store except in the basement.
Headquarters North Carolina
Division, United Confederate
Veterans, Durham, N. C, July
23rd, 1908.
General Orders, No. 38.
Paragraph 1. The annual re
union of the North Carolina Di
vision of the United Confederate
Veterans will be held at Winston
Salem on Wednesday and Thurs
day, the 19th and 20th of Au
gust, 1908, to which are coriall
invited all Confederate veterans
in this State. Our comrades of
Northfleet Camp No. 436, of
Winston-Salem, and the other
hospitable citizens of the Twin
Cities are preparing to make this
the grandest reunion ever held
in this State and will do all with
in their power for the comfort
and pleasure of all veterans who
will attend. Free' entertainment
will be given all veterans who
cannot pay for meals and lodg
ing, but they must carry a blan
ket and also must as soon as pos
sible notify Comrade Z. T. By
num, Adjutant of Norfleet Camp,
that they wish this free enter
tainment, so that ample provi
sion may be made for them. The
commander of every camp is re
quested to notify Adjutant By
num as. promptly as possible the
number of men who will attend
the reunion. Supper and quar
ters will be provided Tuesday
night (the 18th) for all who may
arrive then.
Paragraph 2. The annual elec
tion of Division- aad Brigade
Commanders will be held on
Wednesday, the 19th, and such
other J)usiriess will then be tran
sacted as may be deemed proper,
and on the 20tlx will be the grand
parade. Among the distinguished
visitors expected are Gen.. C.
Irvine Walker, the Commander
of the Department. of the Army
of Northern Virginia, Gen. W.
E. Mickle, Adjutant-General of
the U, C. V., Gen. Bennet H.
Young, Commander of vthe Ken
tucky Divisionand Col. : Robert
E. Lee, Jr., the grandson of the
immortal Robert E. Lee
Paragraph 3. The railroad
companies will give reduced rates;
the exact rate from every station
can be learned upon application
to the loeal agent.
By order of
Major-General J. S. CARR
H. A. LONDON, Vdjutant-Gen-eral
and Chief of Staff.
There's another swimming con
test scheduled for the Swimming
Pool.' , The last was enterpris
ing and exciting, - and another
will be pulled off Friday night,
the 31st.
Quality up prices
John D
Greatest store.
Chairman tiler ,
Predicts Bio Victory.
Winston-Salem, July 26. Mr.
A. H.Eller, who was elected chair
man of the Democratic executive
cammittee Thursday night, re
turned to the city yesterday af
ternoon from Raleigh. Mr. El
ler stated in an interview that
the keynote of the Democratic
State campaign would be sound
ed in the speech of Hon. W. W:
Kitchin in Rockingham county
August 3d, but the work of the
Democratic execut ive committee
will not begin in earnest until
after the Republican State, con
vention, which will be ; held in
Charlotte, August 26th.
Mr. Eller will leave the last of
the week for Raleigh to .appoint
an advisory committee of ten
and to ascertain as near as pos
sible how and when to begin ac
tive work. . i .
The chairman would person
ally prefer to have his head
quarters in Winston-Salem, his
home, but he finds that it would
not be practical because the rec
ords, files, papers, etc., which
will have to be consulted of ten,
are in Raleigh. Then, .too, the
advisory committee will be there
and Raleigh can be more easily
reached by the candidates.
However, Mr. Eller will return
home once a week during the
Mr. Eller says the prospects
for a Democratic majority this yea
are exceedingly encouraging. He
finds hopeful indications wher
ever he goes. He says that if
the Democrats display the zeal
during the next few months that
they did during the campaign
for nomination, the party will
poll an even larger majority than
Ay cocfc or Glenn. He thinks the
Republicans will without doubt
wage a strictly defensive fight
this year, for they have made a
record of which no party would
be proud, and which cannot stand
for a moment against a determin
ed assult
The Ciiautaaqua
The work on the new Chautau
qua is showing up more every
day. The metal roffing is all on
and the two sides and v rear end
have been covered and are be
ing, painted v v ' :
Judge NBlythe has closed a
contract with a large company,
and wrU have the" program dis
tributed in a few days.
Agency for Singer and Wheel
er and Wilson Sewing Machines
sold on easy payments. Special
discount for cash. We rnt; ma
chines by day, week vor month.
Singer Sewing Machine Co.,
Hendersonville, N. C.
That Commads the Public Pocketbook
is written
sheer lawn worth 12 l-2c at 10c. Whitesheetfrig lull yrd
wide at only 5c; Brown linen, all linen, at only 10c; Brown
linen wider worth 20c at 15c; Pongee silks, all colors at
20 per cent under price because summer goods.
Black Taffeta Silk, the rustling kind, full yard wide
worth $1.25 at 98c. Black Pau de Soie Silk worth $1.50
at only 98c, French imported black voiles woth 1.50 at 98c
Cream Mohair, 36 inches wide worth 45c at only 29c.
Cream Sicilian worth 45c at only 29c. White brilliantines
at 29c. Young men's hats correcf styles, good quality,
worth 1.50 at only 98c. Men's sun hats, the Malaga at 10c
All the better grades at 75c and SOc.
down. Ladies' OxfdfflS, all SOiS, 98C. lip.
To our handsome new store on Main si.,,
between Justus Pharmacy and
the Citizens Bank -
Cuts the Price and Sells the Goods
Many attractive offerings in our great stock,
and you are cordially invited to call and in
spect them and to look over our new stock
Notice of Sale.
State of North Carolina,
County of Henderson.
In the Superior Court,
Before the Clerk.
J. A. Crowell and wjf e, JSallie
Crowell, Eugene Stradley and
wife, Carrie T. ' Stradley,'
E. E. Robinson and wife,
Mary Robinson, George Kest
ler, J. M. Orr and wife, Nan
nie Orr, and Ben Staggs,
Claude Staggs and Jeff Stags,
by the next friend, Maggie
- Staggs. i v
x vs
, W. B. Staggs.
Notice of Sale
By authority of a decree of
the Superior Court of Hender
son county in the above entitled
cause, dated the 23rd day of
July, A; D. 1908, I will on Mon
day, the 24th day of August, A.
D. 1908, at the court house door
in ' Hendersonville, North Car
olina, within the legal hours of
sale, offer for sale at public out
cry, &id sell to the highest Jnd-.
der, ;for partition among the
heirs-at-law of the late E. M.
Staggs, all the land described in
the petition filed in said cause to
wit: .
"Beginning on Shaw's .Creek
Street, atO. H. Henry's corner,
and runs to Ray's corner with
said street; thence with' Ray's
line 204 feet to a stake, B. F.
Staggs' lineT thence with his line
156 feet to Of H. Henry's line,
thence 204 feet to the beginning;
excepting and reserving that lot
cenveyed to Mrs. J. F. Brooks by
deed from E. M. Stagge, dated
October 30th, 1903, and recorded
in Book 47, page 540."
- TERMS of SALE- One half
cashr-balance in six months from
date of sale, with interest at 6
per cent per;, annum This,- the
23rd, day of July, A. D, 1908.
Michael Schenck,
Watch or clock given away with every
suit of clothes we sell for5.00 or over $5
(B 1
Executrix Notice.
Having qualified as executrix
of the Last Will and Testament
of Jessie B. Boone late of Hen
derson County North Carolina,,
this is to notify all persons having
claims against the estate of said
deceased to exhibit them to the
undersigned at Henderson ville,
N. C., on or before the 1st,,
day of August 1909 or thisv
notice will be pleaded in bar of
their, recovery. All persons in
debted to said' estate will make
immediate payment.
This July 24th 1908.
(Mrs.) A. M. Boone.
Staton & Rector Attorneys.,
Dots From Maion Villa
The following guests are now:
registered at the'Marlboro Villa:
Mrs I. W. Francis Hephzibah,
Ga.. Mrs Robert Easterling.Aikeo,,
LS.C, R W Crosland and wife,.
Beunettsville, S. C, Mrs. T
Crosland, Bennettsville,-S. C.Mr
L. D. Hewlett, wife, baby and
nurse, Atlanta, Ga., Mrs Miller,
Calumbia, S. C, Mrs Ingram,,
Wadesboro, N. C. Sarah M. Ripy
Atlanta, Ga., Misses May and
Julia Crosland, Aiken, S. C,
Elizabeth and Willys Stetson,
Jacksonville, Fla., Canieon, Cam
den, S. C, E. J. Ingram, Dur
ham, N." C, Xula Crosband,, j
Bennettsville, S. C, L. C. East-'
erling, Aikens, S. 0 Messrs E.
C. Ingram,' Monroe. K: C., W. H
Ingram, Wilmington, N. C., F
L. Ahdress, Jacksonville , Fla.,
R. P.'jEasterling, Aiken, S. C.V
Malcom and Edwin Crosland,
Bennettsville, S. C, Judge Hutt
son, Bennettsville, S. C.
The Marlboro Villa is centera?
ly located overlooking the moun
tains in the distance. The gueste -enjoy
mountain rides, drives, pic
nics and fishing parties daily. '
; Much credit is due the Misses
Crosland for the delightful
ner m whichjihey entertain their
guests. '
'. h
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