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I- n,-- rVf 'f.'Ll il I raw. AM) CATAIIlMf t'l'lH .
ubjectt David Grievej For Absalom
V ;2 Salnuel 118 Golden "text
-Pfv,: 7:25 Commit-Verse 23
- Commentary. : '
TIME. -10
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EXPOITIOX. I. -Tidings of .ViW
Jory, 2tl. .It will not do in teach
ing this lesson to confine oneself to
Ierse? 'assigned. .Absalom had
laid his plans with great shrewdness
fim- But he had left God out In
- calculations ; ( ch. 17:1 4, R.
v.), .That omission was fatal. ! It
Si'aMer to David's prayer that
God, had ordained to defeat the good
sounsel of .Ahithophel" (cf.- 2 Sam.
15:31). ; Hushal, had appealed suc
sessfullyHo the vanity of Absalom in
Ws attempt to overthrow Ahithophel's
Jounsel (ch. 17:11). In this tima ot
leeming general defection from David
there were really many -who stood by
iim still (ch. ,1511921. 8227: 17:17.
118-20, 27:29,-18:3) .. At last a for-
auaaDie army had rallied to his sur
port ( ch. 18:1, 2) . David's chief
ioncern was about Absalom, and his
parting word to his generals was to
leal gently with him (v. 5). The
Jverwhelming victory which was - the
result of the battle is a type of the
verwhelming final victory that shall
ipd ,our David's--conflicts with sH is
ioes ( Rev. 1 9 : 1 1-2 1 ; 2 Thess. 2:8).
More people of David's enemies were
lestmyed by the "hand .of God In this
battle than by the hand of -David's
loldiers (y..-S; cf. Judges 5 : 2 ; 2 1 )Y
a.bsalom had longed to.meet the ser
vants of David, but when be met them
It was to his dismay and ruin (v, 9).
Absalom was' not now riding in a
ihariot with horse and 'fifty men to
run before him (cf. ch. 15:1), but on
i". mule with his men running away
trom him.- ..It was an appropriate end
OATARMUil - TT.-T T vr
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iii jpanic : anl rver-exertion
though; Che ank 1klin greaC. uiry - I r
to, find - shelter Iimfiscrarh himr to - V, . ; y3 111 Y 11 'i
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go slowly. ' wo, milfis an hour,-on
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By exereisiiig 'cahtidn,c a :mnn ' "may
Mildnes3- governs -i better ; than van- "Y -thrptigttr a .week of -what htf is
ger;-- .:-:----.-v ' uiueiuiug. 4,0. mase xnis -article
: ' ,'" . I brief," Lbwevay'we shall Suppose that
. Ihe regains tberoad by the afternoon
ot the - nrst day. He doesn 't ' vet
know, of - course, justHiere he is.
He should examine, the, tracks' of the
person' who last passed that way. . It
being afternoon, he must follow: in
the direction . takep by. he last pass
ing vehicle or team, as shelter : will
be nearest in. that idirection. . Had
it been . morning he would have" taken
the opposite . direction.'--' as whoever
made the tracks must have come. from I
in sreiuiii; seveiw stuic uiuxc uiccca
out of it than had gone, into. its mak- tor Absalom that he should be. hanged
in?. The floorwalker led the abashed ipe. . 21:23; cf. De. 27:16,. 20). We
Parisian aside and politely explained 111 deserve to be hanged, as for that
-w ih lirnkPTi vnso Tnnst. Ha nniM fnr t vuai. ;iu;. ine oniy mm
Monsiei:r ietched a handtul 01 small
silver and copper, mostly .foreign
from his pocket when he was told the
Talue of the trifle. "Mon Dicu,1 '4 father "will be like to Absalom's
cried the Parisian, "seventy francs!"
At this he took out his billbook'nnd
discovered a fty-dollar draft, which
the floorwalker instantly seized upon,
to the unspeakable horror : of its
owner. After deducting the value of
the vase the former handed the man
his change and dismissed him with a
floorwalker's hlessing.vThe express
draft reached the bank-in : due. time,
with four others, as fraudulent, but
the volatile little Frenchman had de
parted southward with the swallow si
-From "The Latest Methods tf
Graft," by Don Mark Lemon, in The
Bohemian Magazine for November. .
that save3 us from it is that" an
other was hanged in our place (Gal.r
5:13). The destiny of all who treat
their parents as Absalom, treated hi3
Proverbs aid Phrases. - .
By night an atheist believes in i a
God. Young. . . . .
A bad tree does not : yield . good
apples. Danish. .. - m . -
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happens. Dutch. 5 .
If lies were Latin there would be
many learned men. Danish.
A day's pleasure and a year's
grief. Modern Greek .- - ": . ; V
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A veiled insult is just as shameless
as a marefaced lie and a lot more
cowardly. So. 45- 'OS,
(lrot. 2 0 : 2 0. R. V.) . Absalom was
leserted by all at the last, even -"the
mule that was under" him went away."
A.bsalom paid dearly for the injury
that he had done Joab at an earlier
iay" (ch. 14:29, 30). Joab was a
rengeful man, and had been waiting
all these years to get vem All our
mean treatment of others is likely to
eome back some, day. upon our own
heads with compound interest. How
the heart of David trembled when he
wras told that ? man was comlng run
aing. He kce .v that he had tidings,
but what kind of tidings? Then when
another appeared in the distance the
heart tf David beat faster than ever.
Then when he was told that it was
Ahimaaz, and he was sure that-it was
good tidings that he brought, fear
lor Absalom filled his ' heart. " Poor
David! Sin is awful costly! The first
word of Ahimaaz to. David was
"Peace" (R. V. Marg. v. 28 . That
Is the message that the gospel brings
to every contrite sinner (Rq. 10:15).
Ahimaaz bowing himself before the
king with his face to the earth (v. 28,
R. V.). It was not only in honor to
the king, but also In worship of God,
whom " he immediately proceeds to
bless. But before our David every
knee shall bow, and every tongue con?
fess (Phil. 2:10. 11). Ahimaaz as
cribed all the glory fdr the victory to
Him to whom it belonged (cf. Gen.
14:20; Ps. 115:1; 144:1, 2; Rev.
19:1-3). It was Jehovah, and Jeho
vah alone, who had delivered up
David's enemies. And it is He, and
He alone, who delivers un ours. But
David had but one thought, "Is the
young man Absalom -safe?" Ah,
David,' you should have thought of
"that" years ago, when you took that'
I awful step that plunged Absalom into
' eternal ruin. Most fathers think, of
the safety of their sons too late.
Ahimaaz avoided the question, but his
; mswerwas ominous. David felt that.
- j The Cushite, too, ascribed all the vic
j tory to God. So did David himself;
1 (ch. 22:48,49 Ps. 124:2, 3). Ven-
geance Deiongem iu uuu, nuu nc uau
avenged David on all those that rose
up- against him ( cf- De. 3 2 : 3 5, 3 6 ;
Ps. 94:ll Ro. -12:19). t
' II. David's Overwhelming . Grief
Over Absalom, 32, S3.. Thi3 i3 one of.
the saddest scenes in all history, and.
one of the most Instructive. David's
first question of the Cushite, as of
Ahimaaz, was, "Is the young man
Absalom safe?" The Cushlte's an
swer, was not direct, but it was none
the less unmistakeable. ,. In an Instant
nirii Vnnwa that ' Ahsalom is dead.
J f .VA AUV " , , . ,
nervous spells and could - not ana " "
eep nighU. was
Eestion, bloating and gas on stomach measure agony of the father who
alfected my heart ; -I" ;. j looks upon the temporal and eternal
"I spent lots of money doctoring- ,' ruin of his son, and-knows that he is
one doctor told me I had chronic ca- himself to blame for It all? ' .That
tarrh of the stomach; another that I an agony that every, father who.;wanT
Mtt heart disease and was liable to aers mxo n m atelv
Ie at anv tim.. tt,av all. dieted me - enemies.of our.tfavid will ultimately
ntil I was nearly starved, 1 but ' I
seemed to get worse Instead of better.
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IB... II . I H I l .(. 1 IULI ,.H T II .. U I
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- - The. Tamily Tcthbrrish. '.' 1
Country people,: as a rule, "always
try. to make the teacher feel that he
is ." one of the family and all that
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ure.3 One Monday '"morninsr, upon." re
turning to her boarding place ,after
a -i visit home . over Sunday, she dis-
covered, .to, her annoyance, thai, she SKSSS!
naa ieic Jier lOQtnnrusn ;at nome ana
she" expressed her annoyance atlthe
fact, the lady of "the house replied
Nothing New or
' fviysterioiu. .
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Coffee at Bottom of Trouble.
It takes some people a long time to;
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But when once "the . fact la clearr
most people try to . keep away .from '
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"About three years ago I hegan to
e appears from time to time.
aey ar genuine, true, and foil oi
ftu,aaa inter - - :
all beAS that young man was. David's 1
sin was no sufficient excuse wr ADsa
lom. He had brought Tiiin, upon his
own head. Our 'David too-sorrows
over the ruin-of His bitterest foes
(Lii. 19:41, 42). David said of Absa
lom, "Would- God r 1 5 had V died, for
thee'? Christ did. die for,His enemies.
David seems to have never recovered
from thi3 sorrow- All . over ; these
chapters is written In large letters.
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Every man should be his own, tree
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t - i 1 " i - r a !
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his currant and berry fields more ' or
less bushes that cultivation lias
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should slip a narrow shovel under
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- The Old Standard GROVE'S TASTELESS CHILL TONIC, drives out Malaria and build- up the
system. You know what you are takings - The formula is plainly printed oa every bottle, showing it .1
is simply Quinine and Iron m a tasteless, and the most effectual form. For adults and children, 50c
1 I..., 1 i'ii 1 1' i ... 1 . " 1 ,-" 1 !- " iJJi . in il 111 - iii 1 . 1. in ii m m auiiw-'ij .n.i.... i jpwi. w
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it -mmict -ri tiriirfrtr-i - wn'irii -T--
W. t. -Douglas makes anil sella bmht
men's S3.O0 and 30. shoes thas svtty
other manrrfacturer in the world, be
cause they hold their shape, fit better
and wear longer than any other mafcw.
,. Shoes at Alj.PricBS. far. Every Member of the
Family, Men, Boys, Wamen, M 11
WX.Doiu;lM4.09aa4 $5.00 SUtXdf Shorn
to enUd at aay price. W. L. PmigUa $2.M ant
$3.00 ihoe t th beet la the world
: Frtt Color Jlytleta TTm&Batl5lvuilit9
fa-'l'iike JM MaUarltute. , V. L.. DouKin
name and priie is stamped o bottom. Sold
everywhere. . Shoes mailed from factory to al
cart of the world. Cat alovn free.
W. L. DOUGLAS, 157 Spark St.r Brortton. W
KPI p fylnrM ort- Having- ;
wosvi en - - v&ssssr
i fiend far bk,1MtteIIel for Wotwb." 1 -.
Cardu?' yrrites Mrs. Susan A. Hall, of Hayne, N. C, "has been & heaven-sent Messing .lo me. Sinco
! taking Cardui" I have been in tetter health than in the past five years. It curd me. I could, not have
: had my baby, ii it had not been for Carduu I cannot say too much in praisejjf it," - v -
B 33
fLaaiea who suffer from the pain and ailments duo to womanlyUls; each. as head- '
ache, ' backache", dragging sensations, pain in side, numbness, inabilitjr 6 walk, nervous-ns-irregular
fimctioriii: dizzmes3. etc.. 6houldTtry ihis famous i email remedy, which -
uomposea oi purely vegeiaoie, su&xmu ,uxgia9. y " ;
and.reZiaftk remedy. Try it . . :. ':'-;r;;i'-.l-:--:':--
-"r.in-' ' v
rBSS'C -T- N. A M:
So. IS'03. .
tflSZ ' dy. eaTwitbout rtpp aTiw lor free Wtot-Eow to Dj. Eic and
IT -A D E L lt;S'S;- P:.TS:S
aay other dye. One 13c. package bCDer. "3 Vm, ,7. MfTr ITai-
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of employees ; "
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