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a irate FROM
Editor of the Hustler:
I take this opportunity to thank
every democrat in the Tenth dis
- trict who did what he could to
sustain the cause of. democracy
at the recent election. . While
we have been defeated, the party
13 neither disorganized norv dis
couraged, and, in my judgment,
.the district will take its place in
the democratic column at the
next election. The los of the
Tenth district by the narrow
margin fcof 355 should not sur
prise us when we consider that
the Fifth district, which gave
Mr. Kitchin more than 5,000 ma
jority two years ago, has been
transferred to the republican
column, and the Eighth district,
with a majority of 1, 500 two
years ago, has elected a republic
can by a majority oj-1,600. The
causes and influences which
operated in the overthrow of
those districts also entered as
elements to supplant us in the
Different,causes have contrib
uted to our defe&t. The pro
gressive legislation of the last
general assembly along certain
lines was not satisfactory, to
L - J
many, ana-was misrepresented
and misunderstood by others, to
the prejudice ofthe democratic
party. And bogus and false is
sues were raised on other ques
tions and especially on wood
pulp, lumber and news print
paper which doubtless lost us
some votes. In addition, there
was not entire harmony and one
ness of purpose among democrats
iri some of the counties on local
matters, which is apparent after
the smoke has cleared away.
But these things cannot con
tinue. If our theory of govern
ment is correct, the people have
the wisdom to discover truth and
falsehood and have the integrity
and manhood to accept the truth
and repudiate the error.
The party in the district has
not lost, but gained voces. The
election returns will show that
the vote is larger by 1,500 to
2,000 than at any election since
1900. It will also appear that
Mr. Taft's majority over Mr.
Bryan is several hundred more
than Mr. Grant's over me, ami
that my vote is substantially the
same as the state and local tick
ets. I bave no complaint to make or
criticism tox)ffer. When the ver
dict of the people is rendered, I
am content. But my faith in the
ultimate triumph of the princi
ples of. democracy is unshaken;
Waynesville, Nov. 11, '08.
The Swine or the Flower?
Ah me! I saw a huge and loathsome st
"Wherein a drove ofSsrallowing swine -
were barred, ' -
Whose banquet shocked the nostril ant
: the eye; ,
TChen spoke a voice, "Behold the source
of lard!" . -.
X fled, and saw a field that seemed at firs'
One glistening mass of roses pure and
white, -TTith
dewy buds 'mid dark green foliage
And, as I lingered o'er the lovely sight,
The summer breeze, that cooled that
Southern scene,
TThispered, Behold the source of
Phone 175
,U. DOXdO.r,
r j r ut in 1
Star Dray & Wood fo.
C. H. Hamilton, Manager
On Church st, , rear of Court House
of All Kinds
See us if you have
done, or if you need
any hauling to be j
wood for the t
JPresli Malaga Grapes ,
Florida Oranges and Grape
esh dandies of every des
cription .
fTull line of Cigars and Smoking
r Tobacco ,
-Ijree Delivery at the IDEAL .
a. Fruit and Candy Store
Miss Nettie LeGrande, Prop.
Two Hogs, Two Cows, One
horse, 1 one-horse wagon,
One buggy, Corn and Rough
ness, Farming tools.
Household and kitchen
furniture. -
All to be sold for the high
est dollar cash, at Hill Girt,
N. C, November, 24th, 1908.
r J.R. Willson has received a car
load, of lumber and is pushing
the work on his sheds, located in
the rear of the court house:
A letter from S. rM. Johnson,
who went from this county - to
Paris, Texas, sometime ago, says
he made 30 bales o cotton and
corn enough, and is geting along
nicelv. He renews his subscrip
tion to the Hustler, and says he
can't cet alone without it.
J Col. W. G. Cprpening,of Ashe-
ville. was in the city Tuesday,
and cravA the Hustler a nleasant
can. ne is xne omest rauroau
11 TT - il .IJ J. II 1
contractor perhaps in the South,
having devoted some 40 years to
j, i i . tt i iij. rv :i i
xnat worK. ne Duiit ajv mueaui.
the Southern Railroad, "and at-
txrAaA V10 firct mootino tVint. wna
held in Hendersonville .' for the
purpose of arganizing the Spart
tanburg and Ashe ville Railroad,
and had many good things to say
for our growing city. '.
See the new advertisement of
Govan Hyder. It will doubtless
J JT W VWtl VI f
throwing out bargains j almost
dailv. and a creat many surpris-
now vaii Trt II rn him 5a hp is
ing ones. Call on him his goods
are new and iresh, ana prices
low. The mam attraction this
week is salt 55c per lOOlbs. sack,
having purchased this car for a
very low price, it will pay you to
call at once before it is all gone.
Butter and eggs are now remem-
bered in Hender'ville as luxuries
of the past Many people here
have dim and faint recollections
of having seen these two articles
m the distant past but it seems
almost like a dream. It is said
that butter and eggs have : never
been so scarce m Henderson
county as they are right now.
The Wilson Mercantile Co.
will hold a gigantic sale, an-
nounw oi wrncn wm lie
made in next week's paper, to
start Dec. 3d. Of special inter-
estlo the little s folks will be the
nowo Thar Ssqtitq I anw wnll ho
r , 1 . , 1 . rv our iniusL ine wiieoi our Deiovea
at tne big store during tnis saielhmtViPr nr . t n tl-
The real, genuine o d man Santa
iaus. Anu ne win nave a mce
v.Vuxwx Vvxj rr'
aim Kixi tumuiKw cue otuic wuu
uieir parents, xne baie pnuuu
to be one of the biggest
held m this part the State.
Shot by Son of Ex-Congress
man Moody, at Waynes
ville The many friends of Mr. D. B.
Vaucrhn in this city were shock-
ed to. learn of his tragic death at day and shoved up his subsenp
the hands of "Jim" Moody, son tion a most excellent example
of Ex-Congressman Moody: on which we trust will be followed
the streets of Waynesville last by many hundreds of our sub-
Thursday nicrht.
According to an eye witness,
Moody and Vaughn, between
whom it is said, bad feelings had
existed for some time, met on
Main street. Vaughn, itris said,
called Moody to him, telling the
. latter that he, (Vaughn), wished
i to apologize for having insulted
Moody some time ago. It is said
, ?j f , ,, j
v auenn a Q rascal, aim
2!& .'ffi
bullet lodged in Vaughn's abdo
men and the wounded man fell
to the street, exclaiming that he
had been w shot. " The report of
! the pistol brought a large crowd
! to. the scene and in the excite-
lmentMfndv madp. crnnd his ps-
nTW1 Witnocaoc .loim that
, V -" , T V v"rw
v augnn naa no eartniy cnance to
defend himself, the action of the
won ld-be slayer being totally un
expected. ' :
An operation was performed
on the wounded marfthe follow
ing morning, but despite all that
medical skill could do for him,
he died at 9.15 ;
. Both pHflcials' in the affair
live in Waynesville. y aughn is
. I XT
a traveling salesman ior urn-
barger and Co., a New York
firm. Moody, as stated, is tne
son of the late Congressman
Moody, who was once elected on
the republican ticket to repre
sent this congressional district,
and who was defeated . for a
second term by ex-Congressman
Gudger. ; ' - : .
The shooting is bitterly de
nounced by all classes of citizens
in Wavnesville. and no effort it
issaid. wilUbe spared to locate
Vaughn's assailant and bring him
to speedy tnal.
The wounded man has many
friends in Hendersonville, where
he has called regularly on cus
tomers. Those rwho know him
say that he was not of 'a quarrel
some disposition, but was always
(? '
I g
Resolutions of Sympathy.
Whereas, It has pleased the
HPflVpnlv Ffithoi. ;n wio a;q
wisdom to lay the heavy hand of
afflictjon on us by removing from
Ut resolved, .that Hendersonville
Lodge 116 Knights of Pythias,
tenaerour most neameit sym-
patny tnis sadly bereaved
brother i his sore affliction.
And let it be further resolved
that copies of this resolution be
sent to our bereaved brother, to
the Lodge: and it be nublished in
a Hendersonville paper, and also
spread upon the minutes of Hen
dersonville Lodge 116, K. of P.
John Ewbank,
H. S. Bruin,
H. C. Duffy,
J. T. Osborne of Horse Shoe
dropped in this news shop Tues-
Watch orlclock giyen away with every
suit of clothes we sell f or5.00 orxver $5
Our courtesy is as free as sun shine. Whether you buy or do not buy, you
are always perfect welcome to make yourself at home with us;
; -Special attentions for this week ar& men's wool suits that were 'sold" at $7.
,will' be $3.90. Men's black thibet suits that were sold at $10.00 will be $5.90.
Men's fancy wool Cassimere suits that were sold at $12 will be $6. ; r
Men's nobby worsted tiits that were sold at $13 will be $7.90. - C "
Men's high Luster finish worsted suits that were sold at $14 will be $8.90.
Men's best grade all wool blue serge suits that .were sold at $15 wiUbe $9.90
The reason for the above extraordinary inducements is on account of hav
ing an unusually large stock of clothing, which we must dispose of regardless
the cost. - -:':
mmm , . .11 ,
Tlhe IJiiidleirselliini
Land Sale Under Mortgage
By virtue of the power and authority
vested in us by a mortgage deed execut
ed by Henry Robinson and wife Kate
Robinson to McD. Ray on May 19th
1902, and by him duly assigned for value
to us. We will offer for sale on the 7th
day of December 1908, at the Court
house door in Hendersonville, N. C, at
public auction to the highest bidder for
cash, at 12 o'clock noon, in order to sat
isfy the indebtedness secured by. said
mortgage. The following described
piepes or parcels of landlying'and being
in the Township of Hendersonville, Hen
derson county, North Carolina, viz:
Tract No. 1, fully described in a deed
from Thos. J. Rickman and wife Lizzie
C. Rickman to Henry Robinson, dated
Sept. 8, J904 and duly, recorded in book
41 at page 162 of the records of deeds
for - Henderson county, containing 16
acres more or less.
, Tract No. 2, fully described in a deed
from H. F. Parish and wife S. E.' Par
ish to Henry Robinson dated Oct. 4th,
1880 and duly recorded . in Book 13 at
Eage 482 of the records of deeds for
enderson county, containing 10 acres
more or less.
The sale will be made in order to sat
isfy the indebtedness secured by said
mortgage, which indebtedness is past
due and owing, and has been often de
manded of said mortgagors. .
This November 5th, 1908.
. Assignees of
McD. RAY, Mortgagee?T
Per McD. RAY. their Atty.
TenvQuarter Size at $2.50
Eleven Quarter Size at $3.48
Grey Blankets, 1 0-4 at $1 . 1 5
Grey Blankets, 1 1-4 at $1.35
Greater HendersollvilIe,
Greatest tore.
North Carolina .
77 TTo
, - - ' " -
We Give You
Quality that Counts
at Prices that Mean
the Strictest Clothes
: Economy
is not an idle boast,
but an absolute fact. Based
upon the" opinion of those
who have worn our clothes
and thoroughly tested their
Snellenburg Colthes are
correct in style and
Suits $ 12.50, $ 1 5.00, $ 1 8.00
Buttrick patterns
Black Cat Hose
Phone 59
Cut this ticket oat and bring to the
Bee Hive and get 20 cents cash when
you buy 2.00 worth or' more anywhere
in the store except in the basement.
1 I
obliging and 'affable.

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