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fhonly paper 4
The only' paper
in the county
giving ALL the news
. the county
1 . MI the news
Stak Libra
..Vincr ,
" H E N4) EvBSONV I LLE , N . 0. TH U R S D A Y V APRIL 14 , 19 10
VOL. XVIV, No. 15
i i - i i ; j i i
(Asheville CitizenApril 7) ;
At a meeting of the democratic
executive committee of the tenth
congressional district held " last
night at the Swannanoa 'hotel,
jjr U. L. Shipman, of Hen
derson county, commissioner of
labor and printing, was elected
chairman in the place of for
mer Chairman W. T. Lee; of
Haywood county, ; who tendered
his resignation on account of his
candidacy for the office , of 'cor
poration commissioner. The
committee decided that the dis
trict convention should be held
in Asheville on July 12 at noon.
The meeting of the congres
sional committee last night was
held pursuant to - the call of
Chairman W. T. Lee, of Hay
wood county. Everyone of the
counties comprising.; the district
with the exception of-, . Swain and
Macon, were represented at the
The first business before the
committee was a resolution
presented by Mr. Philip C.
Cocke, fixing July 12, at noon,
and Asheville as the time, and
place for holding of the district
congressional convention.
There was some discussion as
to the time for holding the con
vention, which was participated
in by Colonel Sol Gallert, of
Rutherford; Hon. Walter E.
Moore, of Jackson, and Mr Philip
C. Cocke, of Buncombe county,
but finally the resolution offered
by Mr. Cocke - was adopted
and the above mentioned time
and place were chosen.
It was with much regret that
every member of the executive
committee heard Chairman, W.
T. Lee submit his resignation.
Mr. Lee is a candidate for the
office of corporation commis
sioner, and the board realized
that he was speaking correctly
when he stated that the manage
ment of his own campaign
would take up all his time. After
much discussion the motion of
Mr. E. H. Dysart that Mr. Lee's
resignation be accepted , .with re
gret was adopted.
The Hon. M. L. Shipman, of
Hendersonville, was unanimous
ly chosen as successor of Mr. Lee
as chairman of . the democratic
executive committee of the tenth
congressional district. Mr. Ship
man was the predecessor of Mr.
Lee and the campaign he con
ducted resulted in a democratic
victory in the congressional race:
The democrats feel that, they
nave chosen a worthy successor
to Mr. Lee and have selected a
man who will be able to put up
a strong fight against the re
publicans. . s
ith a few well chosen- re-
ks, Mr. Shipman took the
Cnair and outlined the nnlimps nf
the coming campaign. Mr. Shin-
ttan was warmly congratulated,
?na every committeeman prom-
ea the majority vote of his co-
Unty in rerWinr ctM--
from the republicans. In resign
ing the office of chairman,- Mr.
Lee did not FPfiicrn Viies TnomVior.
shiP on the executive committee,
the committee will continue
60 get the benefit of his counsel
as such member.
Mr. P. Q Cocke's rpsnlntirm
ln the matter of noli tavps.was
unanimously adopted. The res-
UUOn lei no 11
Resolved tw v.
this committee is Hereby em
W vered to arrange any and all
,PavT f the uing'of the
Wither inot,.... j .
, "uv-ieu to arrange
Py and all details necessary for
m .
It is probable the Retail Mer
chants Association and indivi
dual members of the organiza
tion -will offer substantial cash
prizes for Jhe best acre of broom
corn grown in Henderson county
this year. . y- V .:. 's';; r
" l That broom corn may be grown
here profitably is beyond ques
tion, . In Shipp & Ewbank's
office are ; some splendid ; speciT
mens grown here. It is a .very
profitable crop and the demand
is almost unlimited. - : "
Capitalists are in readiness to
build a broom factory in Hender
sonville if they are assured of
sufficient- raw ". material. Many
progressive farmers have agreed
to cultivate broom corn this year
and it is hoped that a sufficient
number may be interested to
make the factory a certainity.
It's a money crop, there's a
home market for it, and if you
are at all interested see Mr. E.
W. E wbank, in the - rear of the
Citizens Bank, who is in a posiT
tion to give all information de
sired. ':'
The Comet Schedule.-
It's 75 years since Halle y's
comet has paid this dull world a
visit, and after September this
year, it will leave us again until
1985-1988,' about the time the
cement walks are finished.
On April 19 the comet is near
est the sun-and its speed is the
greatest, 1,878 niiles a minute.
On April 24, the comet rises at
3.00 a. m. .J;
Oh May 1, " the comet is
3,000,000 miles from theearth.
After May 20 it will beT seen
in the West after sunset.
Postmaster Jackson is having
the postoffice re-decorated and
painted. He is only happy when
improving the office. A new
floor will be laid and everything
possible done to make the place
attractive. While this is all right,
the urgent need for a new build
ing is going to be forcibly de
monstrated this summer, when
Hendersonville is going to have
the greatest crowd in her history,
and when the total inadequacy
of the present structure is going
to be forcibly demonstrated.
The County Tax Sale.
It's strange, but
pie neglect to pay
until their property
advertised. There
many peo
their taxes
is actually
were 391
names on the original delinquent
county list, but V. C. V. Shep
herd, the efficient tax collector,
says but a small portion of these
will actually permit their property
to be sold on May 2nd.
the proper carrying out of this
On motion, Mr. Philip C.
Cocke was-appointed to arrange
all details for the holding of the
democratic congressional district
The members of the tenth
district committee are as follows:-
- , , '-
Buncombe, Philip C. Cocke;
Graham; E. P. Tatham, Ruth
erford, ; Frank Reynolds,. Chero
kee, M. W. Bell; Polk, M. H.
Hill; Clay, T. W. Harrison;
Transylvania, T. W. Whitmire,'
Swain, A. M. Fry ; McDowell,
E H Dysart;Macon, A.W.Horne;
Haywood, W. T. Lee; Hender
son, M. L. Shipman; Jackson,
W. E. Moore. : ' -
Bryson & Hamilton, the side
walk contractors, are now .work
ing on 5th Aye. , grading there
preparatory to putting down the
cement. The contractors will
clarryout the instructions of the
engineers and the committee in
charge of the work, which means
"permanent' ' grading.
It is probable, a friendly suit
will be brought in the Superior
Court to determine just what
proportions of the cost of the
work," grading and cement, the
property, owners and the. city at
large will be called upon to pay.
Guard God's AGre.
Oakdale Cemetery, God's
Acre, the last resting place of
the beloved dead, robbed of
flowers and plants, by people so
lacking in common decency that
they would probably take money
from the collection plate in
church had they the opportunity!
It is said the cemetery authori
ties will place a guard there,' and
the next person, man or. woman,
found robbing the DEAD of
THEIR flowers or plants, stands
an excellent chance of helping
to build good roads for Hender
son county. '
4Put me down for a subscrip-.
tion to' the Daily Hustler: I know f
it takes nerve to even consider
establishing a daily newspaper
in a town the size of Hender-
sonville, but with the hearty co- J
oneration of thff community it !
will do so much to benefit, I be
lieve it will be a success. Hen
dersonville needs a daily paper.
"It will do more to advertise
the town than any other enter
prise possible. All we need is
advertising to make the town a
city of ten thousand. I. hope you
will succeed."
This is the kind of talk
counts, that puts ginger into the f Dr. S.E. Greenwood's residence,
men trying to promote the 'es- William Miller's residence, 0.
tablishment of a daily paper Blythe's residence, J. T. Daven
here. ",v , j ports store, J. L. Allen's resi-
With co-operation all things dence, L.L.' Johnson's residence,
are possible, even starting a daily T. B. Allen's store, T. L. John
paper,: a live daily paper, in a son's store and J. S. Rhodes,
town of five thousand. 'residence.
Publicity means progress for The subscribers on the line are
a city as for a business enter- now in constant telephonic
prise, and a daily newspaper is communication with each other,
the very best means of secur- and, through the Henderson
ing that publicity, ville exchange with telephone
As Mr. Orr says no other en- users in Hendersonville.
terprise is more essential to the The construction of this line
development of Hendersonville and its connection with the tele
than a daily paper. It is a gigan- phone exchange here is another
tic undertaking and only through step in the progress of telephone
the co-operation of all will it be development which is being
possible. ' ; made by the residents in the
'rural sections of Henderson
Dr. T. A Allen has sold his county. Under the plan of the
grocery business to R. L. Jones, j Asheville Telephone Company
formerly of Jones & Co., who "formprs and other rural dwellers
assumed charge Wednesday
News of tlie Kniglits.
The Knights of Pythias held
another interesting ; meeting
Monday night. The rank of
page was conferred upon F. S.
Wetmur, the rank of esquire
upbn "West" Freeman. It is
desired to increase r the number
of Knights in North Carolina to
10,000 during the next month,
and; Hendersonville Lodge is
doing her full share toward that
, If a jmiet, inoffensive looking
man comes into your home and
asks you " personal and ! intimate
questions about your age, color,
is inquisitive about the size of
the mortgage you are carrying,
don't get: angry. Treat him
kindly, for' remember, he's the
census man. ;; .'' . - " ' i
On April 15 he begins his
work which will continue for the
following 30 days. 1
He will ask you yourage, sex,
color, race, 'whether single or
married, widowed or; divorced,
how long married, how many
children born? aiid living, place
of birth of parents and children,
can you peak English, etc.
About this time you ask the
census man to have a glass of
buttermilk, and while he is
drinking it you tell him how to
make hair grow on a head which
resembles a billiard ball, how to
vote bonds for cement sidewalks
and then not get the walks, etc.
You converse! pleasantly fox a bit
and then he starts in again:
What is your occupation, were
you working on April 15, 1910,
how many weeks were you out of
a job during 1909, can you read
and write4, have you been to
school since September 1, 1909,
do you oWli your own, home or
do you pay rent, is your home
mortgaged, did you serve in the
Unionor Confederate army or
navyare you blind, deaf or dumb.
You wipe the prespiration
from your brow, breath hard and
look the census man in ' the eye.
He will take the hint and leave.
but if you want to tell him what
you tMnlT about good roads, the
care oi DaDies, me Dig nog con
test and the need of a daily
paper, it will be all right.
But be sure and treat him
kindly he's paid to be inquisi-
New Farmers' Phone Line
A new farmers telephone line
i having nine i subscribers has just
been connected with the Hender
sonville exchange of the Ashe
ville Telephone Co.
The line extends ten miles out
the Haywood road and furnishes
I service to the following well
that are enabled to secure telephone
service on an ' economical basis.
As a result, farmers in all sec
tions of the State are installing
telephones in their homes.
1 Sacrifice Sale.
In order to; raise some money
to take advantage of an v un-
usually good business propo-
si tion at -Brownsville, Texas, I
will sell a few lots or a 7-room
cottage at Hyman ; Heights at a
big rsacrifice. See me quick if
you want a bargain
W. A; Garland.
No cut-and-dried program, no
pre-arranged "slate" marked the
proceedings of the democratic
convention, Tuesday ' night,
which nominated tAree com
missioners to succeed Messrs.
J. C. Morrow, E. . C. Ross and
J. O., Williams, whose terms ex-i
pire next month. ' '
The court room was comfort
ably full when McD.Ray called
the convention ' to order. Jno.
T. Wilkins was elected chairman;
and after a few brief remarks by
prominent democrats the con
vention got down to business.
Nominations were called for
and the names of J. C. Morrow,
M; M. Sfiepherd, E. C. Ross, C.
S. Fullbright, J. D. Dermid, A.
G. Thompson, Foster Bennett
and George Justice were placed
before the meeting. But one
ballot was taken, resulting in the
nomination .of M. M. Shepherd
and George Justice. On motion
of S. J. Justice, C. S. Fullbright
was then nominated unanimously
and enthusiastically.
The retiring commissioners
were called upon for talks and
all responded happily, pledging
their support to their successors.
Before the nominations were
made, S. J. Justice was called
.upon for a-speech- -He called for
Mr.- Schenck - who said he was
proud of the work -accomplished
by the democratic party in - Hen
dersonville, compared the present
financial condition of the town
with that of three years ago and
predicted the election of the
ticket in May.
McDJlay referred to the ef
forts being made to launch a
citizens ticket. Said one party
or the other should be in power
and be held responsible and re
marked that if a citizens ticket
was good for the town it would
also, be' good for the county.
Said that few towns in North
Carolina have as ,low a tax ; rate
as Hendersonville.
S. J. Justice, who lives in , the
northern end of town, said time
was when he was the only demo
crat there, but he has raised one
democrat and imported seven, so
that part of town is now of con
siderable political importance.
He nominated Mr. Morrow, pay
ing him a fine tribute as a man
who has always dore his duty.
Mr. Morrow requested that his
name be withdrawn from nomi
nation as did Mr. Williams and
Mr. Ross. .-' . . , '
It was business like conven
tion whose proceldings were
marked by a spirit of harmony
which predicts a sweeping suc
cess at the polls onMay 3.
As one business man said after
the meeting adjourned: ':.
"It will be impossible to beat
such a ticket. Mr. M. M. Shep
perd.C. S. Fullbright and George
j ustice are the ,three men who
enjoy the public esteem-and
absolute confidence to a degree
surpassed by no other citizens of
Hendersonville. They will give
the town a good; business ; ad
minstration, it is needless to say
that they will be elected.
C. E. Wilson, accompanied by
Miss Mary, leaves Thursday for
Spartanburg where they will
enjoy the' great music, festival.
Mr. Wilson will attend the Furn
iture Convention of : South Car
olina and it is needless to say,
that he will talk Hendersonville.
Cotton teeff-itorerstei-ciatii
The Cotton Manufacturers As
sociation of South Carolina, com
posed largely of men who almost
control that staple, may 'hold
their next annual convention in
Hendersonville, about June 3rd,
They will hold it here, if an
energetic effort by the citizens
of the town is made towards
that end. ,
The importance of the Cotton
mauufacturers association, " the
prominence of the men compris
ing its membership, makes it ex
tremely - desirable that they be
urged to meet here.
It would introduce Henderson
ville to just the men it is desired
to get interested in this town..
Capt Ellison A. ' ' Smyth,
president of the Association has
had some correspondence, with'
Mr. A. A. Gates relative to the
matter. V '
If the town authorities, the
Merchants , Association get busy
it willjbe entirely possible to per
suade the Association to meet
here. . r .
Theamportance of the Cotton"
Manufacturers xssociation; the -prominence
of the men compris.
ing its membership, makes it ex
tremely desirable that they should
meet here. :
A $4, 000 filtering plant with a
daily capacity of 500,000 gallons
of water has been ordered by the
city, and will be in operation en
or before June 1st
The plant is guaranteed to re
move 98 per cent of all ' impuri
ties in the water. lAs the source
of Hendersonville's water supply '
is mountain springs, that- ought
to make the town's drinking
water practically absolutely pure. .
The filter plant will cost rabout
$2,650, 'the installation," 'etc,
about $1,350. v The apparatus
fills two cars and should be here
snrm Thp filtpr will hd lrvntd
above the dam, all water passing
through it before being stored in
the reservoir. The . operation JJf
the plant is practically - auto
matic, complies with State Board
of Health requirements and was
purchased from the Roberts
Filter Co., of Philadelphia.
Gouldn't Please Anybody
"Mike" .. Schenck tells "this -
story: '
One of the town commissioners:
looking discouraged and despon
dent, met a friend on Main street
who slapped him on the back and
said: . " ; ' . . . ; ,
' 'Cheer up, old man ! You
can't please everybody, you
know." :
. 'Please everybody, " replied
the town daddy, lifting his eyes
f rom he cement sidewalk whieh
suggested so many gloomy
thoughts, "please everybody
Huh, it "; -ain't that. '' You can't
please awbody!"
In the Presbyterian Church
next Sunday morning all the re
ports for the church year will be
read. All members are : espe-:
cially asked to be present
r -:

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