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The only , paper
TKe only paper;
in. the county
VI . -.-
m ui J
I II V. 1 I 1 - II
ALL the news
giving ALL. the news
VOL. XVIV, No. 16
1-17 lnraTT- ttt)
' X 1 "
Mr. C. S. Fullbright has With
drawn from the aldermanic tic
ket, and at a called 1 meeting,
held in the town hall, Tuesday
night, Mr. Foster Bennett was
unanimously chosen to fill the
vacancy. "" V - ; . V"
Mr. Fullbright in making . this
decision, feels that the proper
performance of his duty as a
town commissioner. " wquld . re-j
quire more time than he could
give. ' . . ;
m I ;
From An Old
Editor Hustler:
Among some clippings of v the
long ago I came upon the follow
ing which may.be interesting to
the readers of your, papers -
Respectfully, 1
Susan Pinckney Magwood.
Warm Springs, N. C
May, 1838.
The proprietor of this estab
lishment begs leave to inform
the public that he has made ex
tensive improvements during the
past winter which will add much
to the comfort and convenience
of those who may visit this
healthy, romantic, and delightful
summer region the coming sea
son. We would also mention for
the benefit of strangers as - there
is a wejl established White Sul
phur Spring near Asheville
which has also undergone ex
tensive improvements -during
the past winter. Persons :irom
South Carolina, North- Carolina
and Georgia who have been s in
the habit of a1 sojourn at tfie
Virginia Springs, over bad.roads,
may enjoy all the benefits of
such a trip in Buncombe -with,
much less labor, fatigue and ex
pense; besides all the bills of the
different Southern banks are
taken in Buncombe at par.
The stage line from- Greenville
via this place has changed hands
within a few months and the
present enterprising proprietor
promises to spare no trouble or
expense to meet all the wants of
the traveler. The Buncombe
road has never been in as good j
order since it was, made as at
this time. The proprietor as
sures visitors that no trouble or
expense shall be wanting on .his
part to render his House a place
of pleasure to all who may call,
and.to the invalid he would say,
the climate of Buncombe, with
the aid of its mineral waters,
will be able to restore him to
health unless his disease be in
curable. In conclusion I would say, with
such a climate as Buncombe and
the romantic scenery of its
mountains and rivers, with such
Public establishments as Flat
Eock, Asheville, Sulphur Springs,
Warm Springs and the inter
mediate hotels, few parts of our
country can boast of superiority.
J. E. Patton,
The Augusta Sentinel, Colum
bia Tim-sand Raleigh Register
will copy the above once- a week
until the first of July and send
meir bills tn Wn
Warm Springs, May 8, 1838.
We wish through this paper to
express oar sincere gratitute and
appreciation to ourlfriends in all
jms cemmunity'and country for
. e undness shown to Dora dur
g her long illness. Her friends
were many and may we all be
'eady to meet her when we are
J. Ledbetter & Family.
A shriek and a roar, and the
thirty gleaming knives, making
oyer two thousand revolutions
per minute, have bitten into ' the
huge,, bark covered jog and in an
instant; the long, graceful shav
ings rising in a blinding, protest
ing cloud, have transferred the
ugly tree trunk into a graceful
cylinder. A lever is moved and
two great steel blades, set at an
acute angle, in a massive iron
frame, move downward and
shape the white cylinder into a
symetrical porch column. - ' ,
From, the time the enormous
log is hoisted into positio n. until
it rolls out ready for the steam
vat, but 180 seconds have elaps
ed! ry
That's what they're doing down
at the Hendersonville Column
Company's plant -making solid
bored porch columns out of al
most any old kind of logs.
There are now about ten men
at work there. There will be
more soon. The machinery and.
the method of making the col
umns is most interesting. The
company is making it is said, the
best -solid bored porch column on
the market, their product having
several features, peculiar to itself,
which makes f it far superior to
any other. They are on the
market . for . green logs, for
which they offer very attractive
e I
"- The logs - are unloaded from
- .-- -.i.'-r
the car or wagon iin the yard:
Thejriare then loaded on a tram
car, run into the building and
unloaded directly in front of- the
great shaping machine.' Hoisted
into position, the machine,: with
its scores of rapidly revolving
knives, tears off the ibark and
shapes it into a graceful column,
of the desired diameter, from 6
to 12 inches. It rolls out the otlier
side, is clamped into the boring
machine, a hole its entire length
is made through its centre. From
there to the steam vat, where it
remains many nours, and from
there to the paint house where
it is painted and stored ready for
shipment. ' . ;
Underneath the shaping ma
chine is a chain conveyer which
carries the shavings from the log
to the furnaces, which uses only
the waste material of the factory
to generate the steam which
drives the great engine an in
teresting instance of modern
methods of utilizing a waste pro
ducta true economy.
The Hendersonville Column
Company is a most welcome ac
quistion to the town's commer
cial life. It has a payroll of im
portance now, which will gradu
ally increase. It affords a market
for quantities of logs, at very
attractive prices, ana its pro
duct is superior to that of any
other similar concern.
Competent judges believe that
Hendersonville and Henderson
county t his year will
have the biggest crowd
in thear history. It isi' said that
all available accommodations in
certain parts of the county . have
already been engaged ' for the
summer season. In town there
are but few boarding houses riot
yet engaged. Cotton is high, the
people in the low country have
the money and many, , thousands
of them are Coming to Henderson
ville to spend part of it
- With thfe nomination of Grant
, . , ' : '
Dy ;xne 1 repuDiicans oi me uis -
trict tho fixing of the time
. V -v
and place for holding the demo-
vi(twv wnviv,. VM,,My.r
and: the .selectioa of Hon,.-; M. L.
Shipman to succeed Hon. W. T.
Lee as chairman of the Demo
cratic congressional - executive
committee,-the campaign in ' the'
district is well oh. The re-
nomination of Representative
Grant by his party means that
the democrats this year must
again contest with the H ender
son county man for representa
tion in the Congress ; of these
United States. The people and
the press of the district evidently
believe that Hon. Wm. J; Cocke
of Buncombe is the nian to make
the race against Grant and in7
dications are that he will be
nominated and1 elected. The
press is most friendly disposed
to Mr, Cocke while the leaders
of the district express confidence
in his ability to redeem the dis
trict whenjaominated..
The Marion Progress in re
ferring to Mr. Cocke as the lead
ing aspirant for the-nomination
says that "we do not see any
thing wrong that he has done or
any mistakes he hasinade;neither
do we see a possible one he can
make; we think he will undoubt
edly be the man : to Tedeem ' the
district; we like tHestamp- ,of
The Hayesville Herald "of Clay
county says that the nominee of
the democratic party must
vigorous, fearless, able and ac
tive; that he most be invulner
able; that he must be a mixer
and a man filled .with enthusiam.
The Herald editorially says that
Cocke is the man. "He knows
not defeat' says the; Herald,
"and we believe he will carry
the district to certain victory if
The Tryon Bee in Bolk county
speak highly of Mr. Cocke and
says that his record is perfectly
clean; that his democratic princi
ples arid manly manner commend
him to the voters of the district
as one who would make good if
The Gazette-News of Asheville
(Ind. ) speaks highly of Mr.
Cocke and said that his announce
ment was a clarion call to an in
creasing number of friends . and
supporters and a challenge to
political foes.
The Waynesville Courier in
referring to Mr. Cocke's an
nouncement says: "The Courier
is of the opinion that Mr. Cocke's
straightforward presentation
of his position will mee.
a favorable response
from the voters of the
district." It further says "we
commend Mr. Cocke for hitting
the bull's eye at the first fire. "
The Sylvan Valley News of
Brevard in a strong editorial en
dorsement of Mr. : Cocke says
that if any "democrat can win
we believe it is W. J. Cocke; we
believe, that Mr. Cocke is the
most' available candidate."
The Bryson City Times of Swain
recently county said editorially
that "we believe a great ma
jority of the democrats of Swain
county favor Mr Cocke as their
congressional nominee;"- that
it is the opinion of v the Times
that the Democrats 'of the dis
trict could make no mistake by
placing their standard in the
hands of Mr. Cocke."
The Forest City Herald speaks
lih publicans .of Henderson-
xrillo i lof of'Ko rkiir Vinnco TtVi
7 -r.r f
dar nfand nominated three
.candidates for town commis-
6ioners'. w. a Kecior( p. Z.
Moms ana j.. m. atenn. xar.
Wiilianbrrdnated the three.
Ttiere wjrfeiio other nominations
Wiljiams called for a rising
vote, an the nominations were
mide unamimous on . motion of
EtAS.cAjiderson It took very
good , sized v crowd was
present 1 when Mayor Staton
called nieetirig to order.
Ch'ilei French Toms was elect
ed hairiQan T.; W; Valentine,
secretary Mr. ' Toms said he
always esteemed it a privilege to
preside; at a meeting of republi
cans. "Said "Henderson county
republicans ought to be happy,
thev-had nure air " a grand ad-
'. . A v
ministration at Washington,
pure water and the greatest
congressman. in the House.
The three nominees were called
upon for .speeches. Mr Rector
resnorided at some length. . Mr.-
Stepp and Mr. Morris , briefly.
Judcre Blvthe said the town
o f .
needed but one policeman and
wanted to know what an office
would be to a; democrat If there
wasn't living in it. No one
replied. ' . '
Mayor Staton closed the meet
ing by advising everybody to pay
their poll taxes before May 1
which' falls on Sunday. ' "
Vn ' I Vin -Cnr,n
' Re vli John Hughes will preach
his farewell sermon at the First
Baptist Church, next : Sunday.
Rev. Hughes, a man of marked
and recognized A ability, has
accepted a call io the Broad
Street Baptist Church "of Rome,
Rev. Holland of Danyille, Va.,
has been secured by the First
Baptistr Church for; its pastor and
will preach his first sermon here
shortly. .
.-'-'Taldng The Census. ;
Hendersonville township has
been divided into three census
districts and B. F Hood is tak
ing names in town, Mrs. J. L.
Redden on the West side and W.
J.Case on East side of township?
They began their duties last Fri
day and are working every day.
Mrs. Hayne Here.
Mrs. Frank B. Hayne of New
Orleans registered at the Hotel
Gates, Tuesday, leaving for New
York on Wednesday. Mrs.
Hayne made a brief visit to
"Beaumont" while here, inspect
ing the ; improvements being
made there improvements
Which will aggregate, it is now
said, over $50,000.
in high terms of Mr. Cocke and
believes that no man could make
a stronger race for Congress
than he. , - -
Mr. Cocke's friends are en
thusiastic over the strong support
that is being given the Buncombe
man while from his home county,
they say, come indications that
he will carry-Buncombe; that he
is growing rapidly in favor not
only in- Buncombe " but ; all over
the district and they feel certain
that the convention iriv Asheville
in July will nominate him for
congress. ' - ,
Following are the nariies of the
bi hog" - contestants. - The
large, number Of contestants and
the interest manifested is grati
fying (6 both the donors j of the
prizes-; and; the efficient com
mittee, having the contest in
charge: :.V '
R. M. Reid, Horse Shoe, 2 pigs;
Mrs. L..T. Dermid, City; L. T.
Dermid, City; W. W. Teague,
Saluda, 2 pigs; F. R. Jones, Flat
R o c k; J. rH. J o r d an ,
City, 2 pigs; Mrs. Henry; Hyder,
City; Mrs, G. W. Gallamore,
City; G. W. Gallamore. City; T.
M. Reddin, Horse Shoe; R. P.
Freeman, Horse Shoe, 2 pigs; L.
B. Blackwell, City, R: F. D.; H.
Pat Reid, City; Robert F. VReid;
City; Wm. P. Fisher, City; 0. E.
Blythe, Horse Shoe, 2 pigs; Z. Z.
Blythe,City,3 pigs; F.M. Michel
son, Horse Shoe; P. D. Hefner,
City ; Harry Roberts, Fletcher;
L. A. Watkins, Fletcher.
The following, are from Dana:
J. Hamilton Stepp, Blanche Case,
Mrs, Amanda Blackwell, O. L.
Merchant, Jas. H- Hyder, Hamil
ton E. Jones, R. E. Ward, Mrs.
Amanda Case, P; T. Ward, Mrs.
J. Maning Case, W. A. King and
Mrs. S. Pace.
- These are the entries from
Mills River section:
Mt M Brittain, 2 pigs; ;.H. IL
Campfield31toond x Steed
man; J;PoseyA2 pigs; Fran
cis Nichols; Milton Allen, 2 pigs;
CI" S. Corpening; J. W. Posey;
N. W. Posey; 2 pigs; R. B. Alli
son, J2 pigs: J. M: Crook; W. J.
Stepp; Thos. Gash; G. M. Brit
tain, 3 pigs; S. ,E. Johnson, i
pigs. r
Only those who are subscribers
to The Hustler, and whose sub
scriptions are paid up to Jan. ,1,
1911, one year are eligible to
the second prize of 35,00.
List of Prizes.
First: $50.00 in gold offered
by the First National Bank, for
the largest hog.
. Second: $35.00," offered by
The Hustler Company, $10. 00 of
this amount being contributed by.
Mr. P. D. Hefner.
, Third: $15.00 offered by M.
M. Shepherd.
"Mr. Shepherd also offers $10
for the largest hog of. any age
killed during next December.
jor Barker's Bam ,
Destroyed By Fire
The big barn on the Barker
place, with its great quantities
of hay, was completely destroyed
by fire Monday evening. Loss
probably exceeds $3,000, with no
insurance. The origin of the
fire 'is - unknown. Men were
storing hay . in the loft of the
barn when the blaze was dis
covered. r All the cattle and
horses .were saved, as were 500
bushels of corn in a near-by crib.
" ' '
Vg Get tlie SHoes !
' What's the population of Hen"
dersoriville? "Roe" . Shepherd
offers a pair of shoes to the per
son guessing nearest the correct
number as given by the census.
We ' guess 5000: and have . the
shoes jpicked out. '
Ilcini COliEE : -
The deniocratic executive com- ,
mittee of the county - met ; at
Hendersonville bri Saturday ' at "
noon; April 10. This meeting
was called :f or the purpose of de
ciding upon the methods of nop-;
hating. candidates for the various -
offices and showing the Chdice cf
the county as to those officers .
nominated outside the countin1 , :
which- the democrats of the
county take a part It was de-'
cided , -. i L: ;
1st , That county -candidates
be nominated at the convention
on July 2 by the delegates from
the various precincts to the said
convention. , ' ,N' :, :
2nd. That the precinct com
mittees be elected and that they
organize at the time of holding
the precinct meeting, June 25.
3rd. That township candidates
for Justices of the Peace and
Constables be nominated at the -said
precinct meetings in the
usual way of making such nomi
nations. : . , : ' "
4th. T hat the county organi
zation be perfected at the time
of the county convention by the
election at that time of a county
chairman and secretary of the
executive committee and to that
end all chairmen of the various
voting precincts are requested to
attend the county convention."
5th. : ' That ; a primary election
beTrjel4 Jor the purpose of ascer
tairiirig itlfie Choice Of the demoV' :
prats of the county for the.ofBces - ; ;
of '? Solicitpr Jand Conssmani; , v ,
That said primarshall Be.lheld. r
tfrom :1- ocldck to ' 5 'cloclrTcri1
June 25, 1910, at the usual pblW
ing1 places in theyariong precirirti
by.the chairmen of the Vprecinct
cofnmittee or . such persons - as ,
said chairmen may -designate. -The
delegates to the comity con- . ,
vention shall be elected by ballot
at the primary elections L nd all
democrats who vote in said; pri .
maries are. entitled to vote for
said delegates. v
6th. The delegates to the 1
county convention shall have the
power and it shall be their duty
to appoint in the usual way or in
sack, way as they may desire the
delegates to the state, judicial'
senatorial and congressional con
ventions. All of said delegations
to go uninstructed except as tt
the judicial and congressional,
the delegates to which to vote
as instructed by the primary and
shall not be instructed as to the '
nominating of the judge for the
judicial district
7th . The various precincts are
entitled to the following number
of delegates in the county con
vention, and may send three
times or twice the number at
their option to cast the number
of votes to which they are en
titled in the convention. ' ;
Blue Ridge .i..2
Bat Cave ..i.3
Bqwmans Bluff rl
, Clear Creek i.3 -
- Crab Creek .....V-...l .
Etowah '
t E. 'Hendersonville 5 f
Flat Rock2
Green River 2
Horse Shoe .3
; Hoopera Creek'4
Mills River -l.4 ' ; ,
Raven Rock .1 .
W Hendersonville 6 : -;
Total .-4
MC. V. KAY, . -
. " . . Chairman, " ',
- V. C. V. Shephed v: s ,
; --.y Acting Secretary;; j
cow. Must be cheap ; for cash.
Aaciress n. s., iiustier oili

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