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vUaeecenta word eachinsertion, ' :
Wqt SaleFresh J ersey cow.
Tramell Jones,
v Jlendersonville, Route 6.. .,
Pig white spotted, abput
xi5. -weeks old. Address O.- G.
Zkz, City.' .. ' 7 . . ' r;
T 3LOJST Kg, six weeks old 22
gsorands, white spotted in face.
JjCoESt eince July 24. -Reward if re
arzted toW. P. Cox, Henderson
ville, Nc. - l""7-r '
'tine of the best mountain farms
- :sm the, county, consisting of . 150
aenes cleared, balance in fine tim-
" Unr, -finch as chestnut, oak, hick
sngk popular, and without question
most and finest locust timber
: arseth in the county. There-are
jssJfSHgh cross ties, telephone poles
r.isssl locust on the place to pay for
iSt without mentioning the saw
rtonSier and chestnut wood. Seven
45ve acres ar..in p.tsturel This
SfSsci is jfivr -iiils from .the rail
rssfid station, three and one half
fessa a cotta mill, one mile to a
xmsfaadl, iwo and one half to two
iJaamjbes. A new railroad sur-
- sxmrey has -been run within sight
sCSJie .place, making it convenient
Ssor limber shipping, . as it will be
isws. grade to two public roads.
"TEfecre is no poor land on the place,
v3eing the very richest black
33iSL Cringsing is now growing on
part of the land. -
Tfeere are nearly 14 acres of this
" lasd nearly level, making from
-3 40 bushels of corn to the
xace-- 150 bushels of ; potatoes to
acre. There are 200 bearing
3s3clLeand apple trees 100 or more
anesyear-old nursery fruit, from
ssSbst to "latest : varieties. . A
r. gpssSLthree-room house with porch.
xiew barn, for ten head of
r s&asSz, corn crib, smoke house,
Sliicfcsmith shop and spring House,
' Eext house. - ' ;
There are fine springs all over
?:8bsdac'eand everything is well
5SjEd for a poor ma nto make a liv
iinjij. JTheo-wner is going "West,,
"stEdi;intxiraer?to make a quick sale
TisUake $1200 fo rthe place. See
oar write me quick. Address Hen
Ikesonville N., C, Route 3, box 44.
3feily Herald a Bright Paper.
Charlotte Chronicle.
...3Hte Daily Herald is a new ven
fencin North : Carolina journa
Tripit It is issued from the office
ci The Hendersonville Hustler, by
..ZHfcJM. Il Shipman, Commissioner
. d 3idbar and Printing, and is a
3351 paper. Mr. . Shipman will
. Ib most . of his editorial work
JfSrsag Should Have a Clean Fi ld
.Two Years Hence.
Cjfrncord Times. -
'liose who attended the Dem
txcasticState Convention at Char
Sage tait weekday that t.1.5 ojn
Tnsns of opinion . seems ; to be
.fSxat, Hon. Locke Craig will - be
unated lor Governor - next
-jgucsBs, without opposition of a seri-
-obs nature. Exchange. v
3Ir. Craig deserves the nw.Y
Sbo, i-but ,that he will receive it
sat55fchoUt serious opposition' may
' 3ae doubted. Some who attended
" ;S Demosratic convention in
r Qcsrlotte learned that it was prac
Teany settledvthat Mr. CLW. Til
I Sf Charlotte, will be a candi
3ale for Governor.--StatesYille
l xinderstand . also that it is
TSEacfically certain that, Lieuten
:' : JSSaataamark- -: ' V' '"
"STe understand also that is is
'cacSieally certain that " Lieut e
- 3SS3& Oorernor Newland will be a
aaaaidate. "WTiile Mr. Newland
-xssaailr.'T'illett ate both good men
xtxsa while "either would make' a
rgpaoa "Governor, under the circum-
Masses no other naine than thai
TSSc iCraig should even " be pre
ascd to the convention of 1912.
- Eept Blacks From Landing, ,
Mobile, Ala., July 25. Incensed
by 'the hilarious antics, obscene
dances and general rowdyism' of
negroe picnickers, who flock to the
eastern shores of Mobile bay al
most daily during ' the Summer,
the entire male population of Dap
pine, armed with rifles and shot
guns, met'the river steamer Gen
eral Lee today and prevented the
landing of 300 negro excursion
ists. : :; 7-'V ; : ' . . v
Dappine is a Summer resort 30
miles south of Mobile and today' at
a mass meeting there, it was deter
mined that no longer would " wo
men folk of the little town be
forced to remain in doors to es
cape the obscenity and rowdyism
of the negro picnickers. Follow
ing this meeting the 100 men pre
sent marched in battle array to
the Wharf. The negoes manifest
ed no disire to go ashore and were
taken several miles further down
the cost. "
Stedman Nomination Surprise.
. Raleigh July 29. The an
nouncement of the nomination of
Major Stedman at Grensboro yes:
terday for congress came as a con
siderable surprise in onicial and
political circles here, the impres
sion having' been pretty, general
that there had been a trade in the
judicial nomination that assured
Judge Jones the nomination for
congress. .Some take it that the
final victory, of . Stedman shows
that there was no trade in the ju
dicial nomination. Others con
tend that there was a trade but
that after the publicity and stir
that was made about it the dele
gates involve! in the trade wOuld
not stand for the delivery of the
"goods." Ther is much satisfac
tion expressed at the nomination
of Itfajor Stedman and at the same
time it is declared for his erst
while opponents that they are not
all losers as they can but abund
antly make good in-their profes
sions and have plenty of time for
the gratification of their political
aspirations As for Judge Jones
having resigned his judgeship to
make the" race for congress and
lost, it is pointed out that he had
nothing at stake financially since
there has not been a time in many
years that his income from his
practice was ' very considerably
more than the salary he received
for the judgeship. '
Boston July 30. Daniel J. Sul
ly the great cotton operator may
establish cotton warehouses ail
ove rthe country with idea of
standardizing, the staple. Savs
the scheme is for benefit of cotton
New York, July 30. Gifford
Pinchot may be candidate for gov
ernor of New York.
Savannah Ga., July 30. Two
persons were drowned and several
others had narrow escapes when
launch capsizes ' in Lazaretto
creek. 1
y Father Point, Que., July 30.
The whole world is standing on
tiptoes of expectancy waiting to
see if Dr. Crippen,wanted for, the
murder of his actress wife in
London ,is on board the steamer
Montrose now slowly coming into
Beverly, Mass., July 30. Jus
tice Moody will retire from the su
preme court bench this fall.
Washington, Jply 30. Census
wil lshow that . Oklahoma has
doubled population in ten years
and is entitled to one more con
gressman. ; Atlanta, July 30. Southern
Commercial Congress in session
here discuss plans to advertise re
sources of the' South.
County Superintendents.
Raleigh July 29. Announce
ment is made that the State Asso
ciation of County Superintendents
of Public schools will hold its, an
nual session at the niversity of
North Carolina this time 'August
30 to September 3. Dr. Joyner,
superintendent of public instruc
tion, is ex officio president of the
association. .
Interesting Discussions Upon Live
. Topics by Prominent Speakers.
Raleigh, July 27.0 the.firsV
day of the North Carolina Divi
sion Farmers Union there Was an
open session for the forenoon and
executive session during the af
ternoon. Then another open ses
sion tonight. Dr. IL Q. -Alexander,
of Mecklenburg, as'presiden,t
is presiding and there are about
four hundred members here, all
stopping at the college. .The ad
dress of welcome this morning
was delivered by Mayor Pro Tern.
Joseph G. Brown and the response
was by J. M. Kester, Cleveland
county. There was " also a wel
come on the part of Wake farmers
by Dr. Templeton, president of the
county unions Major W. , A. Gra
ham, commissioner of agriculture,
responded to an . invitation to
view of the work of the various
speak and gave an impressive re
divisions of the department in the
eft!ort for improvement in farming
methods. He reveiwed agricul
tural progress and the more gen
eral practice of farmers in the
growing of . home ; supplies. He
commended especiall ythis phase
of the effort of the Union in insists
ing on their members keeping an
eye to growing their home sup
plies. - ' '
.Hon. J. Bryan Grimes, secretary
of State, was introduced to the
especially well received in which
Union and made a speech that was
he told why parcels post would be
of special advantage to the farm
ers and urged al lto strive for
road improvement, insisting, how
ever, that the county and the state
and not the national government
should carry, on this, road improve
ment. He warned the' farmers
against the movement now on foot
to allow the Federal government
to take a hand in road building."
He believes it would be the final
death blow to "states Tights." He
advocated an educational system
for the rural sections especially
adapted for the children of farm
ers. Adequate steps for the pre
servation of the timber on the
farms an dthe general conserva
tion of the far mresources came
in for final emphasis.
This afternoon the Union held
an executive session. Then to
night there was another open ses
sion during which Hon.' J. Y. Joy
ner was heard in an address on
the question of rural and agricul
tural education. In this he pre
sented his well known ideas of
maintaing agricultural high
schools in all the counties and pro
viding for agricultural education
in the elementary sehools. The
Union continues in session tomor
row. - '
The Gratifying Postoffice Receipts
The fact that the Henderson
ville postoffice receipts ' show an
increase of more than 25 per cent
during the past twenty-five days
over the same period of last year,
is pleasing news to all the admir
ers of "the best town in the
South," and what is apparently
also "the fastest-growing town in
the South."
It is indisputable evidence that
there are more people here. than
there were last year this time,
were that evidence needed, which
it is not, for the crowds on the
street is evidence enough.
The First Regiment Band at Lau-
f rel Park.
' The announcement in yester
day 's Daily Herald that the fa
mous First Regiment Band of
Asheville would be at the Park,
Laurel Park, of course, on next
Wednesday, was a subject of gen
eral comment today. This will be
the first of a series of concerts to
be given there by this well, known
organization, and it is safe to say
there will, be a crowd "there to
greet: them. Asheville is proud
of her crack band, and it, is, of
course, but right' and fitting that
they should come to this town that
has" the crowd. . .
Resolution of Sympathy.
The ,f olio wing resolutions ,were
reported to. and adopted by Ked
ron, Lodge, No 387, A. F.:& A, M.,
Hendersonville N. C., at their reg
ular communicatioUr Friday night
July 22, 1910. ';
Keron. Lodge A. F. & A. M.,
No.' 387, is again called upon to
bow the head in . sorrow for.; the
loss of Brother G. S. Jones, a be
loved Master Mason and member
of this lodge, who has been called
from a blessed service on earth to
a noble reward in the. life which
is to come. For many years, as
as a member of this lodge, he was
a brother beloved by all, faithful
in his duties, noble in his aspira
tions, ever revealing in his life the
high qualities of., a christian gen
tleman and child ; of God, . !m
set before us an example of the
high qualities of true manhood.
We would express our deepest
sympathy to all the members of
his family in their hour of sorrow.
Resolved, that copies of this re
solution be sent to the family of
Brother Jones, and be published
in the .town papers and. spread on
the minutes of the Jodge. Fur
thermore, that an hour be appoint
ed for hearing expressions of ap
preciation of the character and
services of Brother Jones.
R. B. Grinnan,
J. G. Waldrop, .
" C M. Pace,
- : S:J.Blythe,
Good Crop News.
Charlotte Observer. . ' .
Over a dispatch from .Raleigh,
the Durham Sun carries the fol
lowing four-deck headlines : "Ex
cellent Crop Report in Hand. De
partment "of . Agriculture" Finds
Conditions Favorable. Won
derful Fruit Yield. Cotton Show,
ing up Well Since Weather Has
Been Favorable. Apples and
Peaches Break Records. V Incid
entally, it is doubtful if the same
number of words : could con
ceivably, be' employed, to ; convey,
news of more cheering import.
After all, good crops are scarely
to be excelled when it comes to
enumerating blessings.
Bottle of Whiskey Cost
Man His Life.
Charles H. Register a young far
mer of Warsaw ,Duplin : county,
who was assaulted Sunday after
noon by Walter Way, a young
white man of this city, died here
tonight at 8:30 at the hospital
from the injuries sustained.
The difficulty arose over a 25
cent bottle of whiskey. Register
and Way had - some words when
Way is said to . have suddenly
struck Register in the face with
his fist causing him to fall back
wards.- ;
In falling. Register struck the
back of his head upon a cobble
stone and it was this blow that
caused his death. r .
He was rendered, - unconscious
by the blow and never regained
consciousness, itegister was mar
ried and is said to have been well
known in his section.
Way was committed to jail Sun
day afternoon without any bond.
The defendant Way is well known
in poHce, circles and has ; been in
trouble before, but never of a very
serious nature. He is a plumber.
-Wilmington Special 19th to Ra
leigh News and Observer.
FOR SALE FOR $2000.00
If bought in the next ten days, the
J. I. Hood place, which I have
been : advertising for $2800.00.
Tract consist of ., about 70 acres,
about 25 cleared ; balance well
timbered with young thrifty pine ;
well located ,tflree miles from
Hendersonville, suitable for truck
farming ; good spring. Eight room
house, which with . some repairs
could be made very comfortable.
In order to raise, money at once
to finance certain enterprises here,
wil Isell for I the above named
price; if sold in the nevt ten days.
Wire, phone or address, t
v Tryon, N. C.
): -
Is the first step towards sucqess and fortune.
Protects your family in Emergencies.; J f f V
Educates your children! J K t'- -A )
. Gives you a standing in the community.
If you do not now Jiave a BANK account, let us
that you start one with us at once. ;
Either a checking or saying
We represent some of the very
Call and see us at The Peoples
JOHN H. CARTER, President
U. CSTATON, Vice-Pre.
1 i
Of the First National Bank, of Hendersonville has
been and ISrCo-operation with its customers. Along
this line The First National has made good, as is
shown by the increasing number of patrons the
growing volume of deposits, and the secure position
it holds among the (leading "banksT of i the South.
a MM Ml mm
W;;X DAVIS, President 1
&l MORRIS. V.-PresJ
Wanteska Trust and
1 f I X- I I t 111 I i
can be laid without fuss or bother riht over the old wood hinsrles, changing the
I top of your bufldlnff instantly from a fire catcher to A FIREPROOF ROOF that!
r wflllast as lonjr as the building itself and never need3 repairs. -
" '-For further detailed information, prices, etc, apply to
; ; ; . FORSALE; BY r
Hendersonville, N. C
"We have just signed a contract to buy 100 Electric Irons and we
have no use o nearth for them, except to sell them. "We know
that' every housekeeper in Hendersonville occasionally finds the
r time whe nshe would like to smooth a piece of ribhon, a dainty
: kerchief or something of this nature and, wishes she had an Iron
"hot" at hand. Now here is where the Electric Iron makes good ;
as it can be heated io the proper temperature in 3 minutes at a ;
cost of only 1-5 of a cent and you can use it an hour for only 4c.
-Now knowing these facts and the great convenience you will gnd ,
. itt we want to put one of these Irons in every residence in town.
By making the contract for 100 Irons we are able to sell them at ,
only $3.85 each. Phone 52 that you would like to try one and we .
wil ldeliver it and demonstrate its operation.
Henilcrsoiivingv Oght ;andrMef Company
account will be helpful to
- President.
-: Vice Pres.
best ,old line companies.
National Bank.
CHAS. F. TOMS, Vice-Pret.
S. G. RHODES; Asst. Cashier
business done at the Wanteska
Bank are ample resources and
able management. It has the in
terests of its depositors always in
mind as well as those of the stock
holders. -It extends to its deposi
tors all accommodations and
courtesies consistent with sound
banking. If you seek a safe place
to deposit your funds, the Wan
teska Bank invites your account.
Banking Company.

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