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The following extracts' from
Ae Biblical Recorder, anent the
Baptist State Convention, recent
ly held in Hendersonville, will be
0f interest. 5 VvJ vy ' v " 'i
The Biblical Recorder; goes into
nearly fifteen .thousand North
Carolina Baptists homes. It
fcoald go into twenty thousand
IJd under the capable direction o 5
it, brilliant editor, Rev. Hight C,
jloore, will undoubtedly soon
Hustling Hendersonville.
According, to .apbintinent, the
Convention was held last - week in
that happy,, healthful, : hustling,
hospitable highland city-Hen-rsonville.
It is beautifully sit-
tated on an undulating plateau
mst beyond the Blue Ridge. Fer
a fields and meadows stretch
.way from it on every side to the
:"wMWpfl borizon. Its rma-,
rwak-f ringed horizon. Its perma
nent population numbers 3.000 .or
feore, and the summer tides quad
rljples its census, last summer, for
example, registering" in its guest
books not f ewer than 12,000
names. It has I many beautiful
tomes, some oi tnem eiegant; ana
its hotels are far-famed. It nas
jod churches and schools, sever
al substantial business houses,
four strong banks, agood tele
pkone exchange, two big Lake
filnbs. and various other enter-
! prises. The court-house, in which
the convention, met, is one of the
finest in the state. On the streets
'ad sidewalks $70,000 is 'now be-
in? spent and a $60,000 Federal
bmlding is on the way. An elc-
'trie street-car system, free city de-
liYery of mailman' electric line to
jAsheville, and a goodlroads move-
aent in the county are immediate
are the good people of- the city-
the strong men and fair women
Who within its Agates are bringing
.iLogt to pass for the betterment
uw yaj ana seuuoii. x , ; :s.
M Report of DaHy iEIeraliL
The Daily Herald of Henderson-
.Tiile gave full and" sympatheticTre-
ports of the Convention, publish-'
jed thirty or forty pictures of
Jaethren in various parts of the
iate, gave several editorials 4o
ie work of the body, and in every
Jay exhibited splendid jonrnalis
pe enterprise. The city editor Mr.
J. B. Barrows, did Ks rwprk well,
-adit was greatly appreciated by
invention delegates and visitors,
ion. M, L. Shipman, our erBcient
aie Labor Commissioner, is edi-
or-UH!hief of the Herald and of
r M7u Da" xxusuer; anu ne
p on hand contributing much to
ijeentertamment and sucecss of
ffle Convention.'. , . v . '
Baptists of Hendersonville.
H 1845 thft first RktifiRf iToK
Hendersonville was' organized.
$ first pastor was Elder James
fjthe. The list of his successors
pMes the names of the jfollow
rr ministers : Nelson Bowen, But
Justice, G. S. Jones, D. B. Nel-
Elijah Allison, Joseph E. Car
iV.B. Boone, John lIitchell, D.
Wenn, Samuel Gibson, William
chards, A. R. Love, M. h. Law
A and J. G. Hughes. The pres
,J Pastor is Rev K. W. Cawthon,
Z v st. taken cnarge, begin-
Sws ministry most auspicious
vn re membership of the First
m October, is 273, its proper-
w j, O '
and its contributions
year wpt0 aqr - rf 1,
2 Hendersonville' church, (re-:
organized), Elder A. I.
e la nneAi. Tl,'-iA'iJ
is fifty-nine; its
J? Property is worth! $2,500,
contributions were $1,900
The Baptist.cause in
.rsonville is in good condi
! m Progressing rapidly.
:j A Great Eevival.
1 JJ eeks before the Con
'eoCp assembled EvangeHst
Sam ates had heen conduct
eatflendersoilviUe a meeting of
..Power and influence. Every
'Sr. as deeply im
k&A nnstlans wer aroused
3 ton . ; tiere were more than
! i881?118 faith about half
'W.Ad ted " with the
... c 01 the town; flTirl tbftrft
c cv - r,
of r . ce ana nome me j
rehgious fervor. It was f
J ii I
l! Li ilUiUo
. a holy atmosphere for the Con
vention to enter. v " And it was to
the credit "of the messengers, as
Brother Cates bore witness at the
Convention's close, that their pres
ence' deepened rather than,eftaeed
the good impressions made. Broth
er Cates attended the; Convention
every day and continued evangel
istic services fat night. i Me is a
remarkable man, greatly used of
God in soul-winning, and we re
joice at V the revival under his
preaching at Hendersonville
Words -of Welcome.
Pastor K. W. Cawthon introduc
ed Hon. : Charles . French Toms,
who, in a well prepared and well
received address," gave his breth
ren Jiearty welcome to "Hendersqrf
ville, " a city of the glad hand, of
ovenuons and i cnautauquas.
Mayor R. H. Staton, another active
Baptist! ollowed with much cor-
aiaiixy ana neartmess.'. un Denaii
of the Convention Rev. Walter N.
J ohnson made unique and impres
sive, response, regretting that more
delegates were not here to accept
this gracious : hospitality,- urging
larger "attendance on the -ground
that our State Convention must
stand for the great popular Bap-'
tist impulse, and suggesting that
the Convention be entertained t on
the Harvard, plan (simply lodging
and breakfast.) 1 A hearty' wel
come heartily accepted.
; -: A Beautiful Incident. s
At this point occurred a leau-
tiful incident,a loving tribute to
one of the grand old men of the
denomination. , 'After. Brother
Johnson f had f finished, his speech,
Elder F.; H; Jordan . arbse and
ous life as a minister of the gospel,
preaching . .in 'very. part- of the
state arid baptizinmdr-lim
5,000" converts With gret Yap
preciatidnhe ;told KoW the educa
tion" of two of his ' daughters had
been provided for by friends, one
graduating at Chowan .Uollege. tne
other now taking a course at Mer
edith College. ; The youngest of
his ; daughters, yet m : school and
anxious f or college Vtraing, being
present, he called her to .nim and
with' emotion on her part and his,
he introduced h- r to his brethren.
Instantly-President Bruner offered
to educate her at Chowan College,
Pastor Butler, of Hertford, pledg
ing co-operation and Elder Josiah
Elliott placing - ten dollars , in
Tlwth at Jorrlan fa hand. whereuDOn
a spontaneous offering was made
wniie the audience stood and wept
,sang when X can read my
, title clear," Brother Jordanlead-
hno - A manxr onmxn forward to
1 - - o .
erasn nia nana, jxne - couecuon.
- i - mi .11 -i!
amounted- to" f628Brother Jor
dan ' thanked his friends," and a'
striking scene passed into history.
;i:'Evcryone-Had B'Home,!.;
Every 'messenger at Henderson
ville avers that , he had' the best
home in the city a fine tribute to
the - charming cordiality of that
delightful" town. The editor of
the Recorder must, however, be al
lowed to claim the strongest sup
erlative for the hospitality accord
ed him and the President of Mars
Hill College. We were entertain
ed in the home of that saintly and
fevered mother in Israel; -Mrs. J.
S. Hawkins, who, attended by her
faithful daughter; ; Mrs. M. G.
Hudgins, is spending the evening
iof her days in the home over which
she has presided for more than
tnree-score years, one is , xiuw
eicrhty-six years of age,
and the
oldest" member of our church at
Hendersonville.-- J Her sight is
nearly gone,-her strength has fail
ed, she must be constantly attend
ed, and she was unable to visit the
Convention thongh. "-within, two
blocks of her door, our witn aierc
mind she- spoke of passing events,
recalled the early daysof Baptist
struETsrle in this section, and took a
deep interest in the proceedings of
the . Convention. It was . a-bene
diction to be, in her home, .where
so many servants of God have
found a hearty welcome througli
the years. She'cannot linger long
before " the ' gates of ) life ,ei crnal
onen wide to welcome! her "to" the
better world.-V May the sun" of her
r.v , , : ,
me reacn xen
clouded !
horizon in a sky un-
S ; - -
A few of the farmers of the Blue
Ridge township realized that they
were losing money on their ' corn
crops. For the betterment of the
community they organized a club
and agreed that hey would give
one dollar each to the one. of their
members who .made the largest
yield on an unimproved , acre.
The land which they used was all
unimproved and would have made,
an average of over ten bushels to
an acre. ; .- -V - ;
They have made yields, all of
of them,' which they C may. feel
proud of. That is not all, they
have 1 an acre of ground, either
one of the fourteen will; tell you
that it is worth from twice to four
times what it was when they , be
gan for their corn crop last spring
The following, are the yields : ; ' -Hamilton
Jones, 44 bushels and
J. H. Hyder, 47 bushels and 57
pounds. ; , ; J ' ; ' ; ; ..v. : j. - -. . ' 'x
H. Ward -.34. bushels ahd :I7
pounds-'::c;; :-iXrj ':yjiV'vi-
General - Wardp 33 bushels ' and
19 pounds;; : ' r- ;:c.
T. P. . Garret, . 41 bushels and
27 pounds. : 'r'-: ' :
R. E. Ward, 70 bushels and 45T
pounds. :;''' :
P. : T. ;Ward,l 65- bushels -.and 30
pounds. ...v r;:v" .-1 -5
O. Ij. Merchants 52 bushels and
30 pounds. ,: f-:, V'itJ.:
W. , P- Gibbs. 70 bushels and
68 pounds. h- .
Horace Case, 38 bushels !
JSen Blackwell, 51 bushels and
58 pounds. : ; -: . v v ' :
Tom Blackwejl; 47C bushels and
17.pbnnds.";""rv -iv-;i L"; '.
Blake wardii'notr gathered; i;,.!r'
The following are the. costs and
profits of ;fWof theQnte?tnnfe J
Hannltpn- Jcnes, -xgzls
4 bags of fertilizer ri i . . . : . $110
1 sack of Nitrate Soda:. . W; .5.5Q
3 loads of Barn-yard -Manure . 3.00
Labor . . :5.00
Total . , .... $24.70.
44 bushels at 75c . . . i .$33.00
4(K)l)ushels tops at 2c. . ;'8.06
' JTotal. . . . . . v- .$41.00
R. E Ward, costs : ;
5 bags phosphoric acid. .$ 9.00
1 sack nitrate soda. . . . . . , . 5.50
24 bushels lime. ... .V. .. 5.00
17 loads manure. 1 . ... . . r . T. 17.00
Labor. . . ..... . . . . . . . . 5.50
Total, r . . . . . V. . .$42.00
v'r;-'" -'" .Profits.-
70 bushels at 75c . , . r! ; . $52.50
Cut Stover, v, :7 . . . : : : 16.00
Total; :-y . :.-.. w'.. . ." . . $68.50
From this we can. see. that one
made $14.70 and the other $26.50
besides ther improvement of their
land. ; We can readily see the dif
ference between the use of and tne
none use of lime. . But we could
not; say that lime made the whole
difference. But it is evident that
lime helped. " . " : .-o
It would be a good idea for all
. x -
the .townships of Henderson coun
ty to have a corn club and then
have a general one for .the whole
county. That is to have a prize
for each township and one for the
largest" yield in the whole county.
What have you to say farmers T
' Pleased With the Reminder. .
Mr.' W. B. Fewell, speaking of
the little reminders of subscription
being sent out from this office,
says : ' ; . . v.v
"I took your letter home and
we all enjoyed a- good laugh
over it. At first I was tempted
not' to" send my little amount due
you, -. wishing; to see what you
would' say in your next letter, but
on second ' thought changed my
mind, and , herewith' hand you
amount due. Your letter was the
most pleasant dun I have ever re
ceived." ' '
1 20U halhigii.
Dec. 13. Miss
neater of B. F.
Adlino 1 "
Keith, c
port of 1
ribly t;
months i
with ale cl
Icctcr of customs for the
Hininstpn; who was ter
ned . more than - two
;o through, an accident
10I used. in her room at
College her, has so (far
a , to ; be able to be re-
moved from the college infirmery
to the home of her parents
Wilminf oh. Her hand and arm
and one J de vrer badly "burned,
bandage . being- still necessary.
Shi't tra eled; on a ot on which
shewas carried into the car.
; Here tc Izy on ..business5 with
Governor lut chin was tri Joseph
Hyd Bratt," states -"geologist and
secretary of the State Good Roads
Association. Ill isr enthusiastic
over: the;; progress of the move
ment for ,th& formation of "county
good; roads association thatwfll
co-joperate with the state associa
tion. HoV says.' there i are .already
formed 27 of these county associa-j
tionS and that others, are to be
orgamzed before January 15 in a
dozen or more v counties, -many
dates bein already fired. ;These
include Randolph, Richmond, Gas-
tqnr Mecklenburg, Pender Duplin
and other counties. 4 ; : He is being
assisiea in tins worK Dy engineer
W;' L. Spocn.' Ut 1 is I jmderstood
that there is to be a determined
effort during the approaching leg
islature for. the creation of a state
highway 7. commission.,-that will
bring about a systematic road im
provement the state over :
Th e state snprem e court- is this
hearing' the , final arguments
of -tlrc-t t c nza in ;r:nin cut . to
spizzzjcx February term to
take, plac of early ; next week most
prohabl, TH6 sixteentit: Siitrict
cases -are Deing ; neara xnis weeii:
Howeyer ' )donsderable time was
devoted today , to ah appeal set
down ;frQm a previous ; disfrict,
State "Ts'i pinner: Holly, from Guil
ford that is ( novel in " several Re
spects. vThe prisoner; has already
servted oneyear of a five year sen-:
tence for larceny" and is making a
fightor hisUberty on the ground
that the trial judged exceeded hi
authority, in sentencing,' for five
years when the larceny of which
he was convicted was of articles
worth $10, The contention is that
this degree of larceny is" punisha
ble -with not more than one year
sentence. There ' was a writrof
habeas corpus hearing fefofeAs
sociate V Justice Piatt D. Walker,
of the supreme court yesterday in
this case in which the justice de
clined to grant the writ. N He is
therefore not participating in the
hearing before the supreme; court
now. Tinner Holly is a negro and
his is a 'pauper appeal." - C
Road Meeting on Saturday.
- If you are intersted in the Hen
derson bounty road law, present,
past, or to be, go to the meeting at
the court house on Saturday.
There 's going to be a full discus
sion, it is hoped, the matter, and
you want to be there and express
your opinion. ; c .
A Sample of Many. t
Here is a sample of the many
letters being received here by the
hosts and hostesss of the recent
convention. - This is from Rev. A.
E. Brown, superintendent of
Mountain Schools,' who says :
"I am still enjoying the ' inspi
ration received at the convention.
I beg to thank you again for your
kind hospitality and to congratu
late you, your church 'arid-town
upon the splendid entertainment.
The convention was never better
entertained. ; I .have Jieard only
expressions of gratification, at the
Smith '6 Sehcnck, the well
known legal firm, -have been. em
ployed :to investigate titles' and
f make abstracts of a large body-of
land, including -many :sep arat e
tracts, south ; of . Kanuga Lake
Colony, for a company of wealthy
Charlotte men. " - ,1
The deals have been closed and
will be consuniated as soon as the
titles can be passed upon. :
The work of investigating the
titles has been going on since the
first of. last we ek.
; ' That -'s' just the bald, plain, un
ornamented recital of certain
FACTS. . .-.'-'i
Columbia, Dec. 14. Lewis W.
Parker,' of Greenville, 'the most
prominent cotton man ; in South
Carolina, was in Columbia 'Tues
day, enroute home ' from Charles
ton, whef 6 : he announced, Monday
ascheme for.the largest mill mer
ger .ever Attempted in' the south.
Mr. Parker is at the head of or. is
interested in nine big cotton mills
in this state and his visits to Char
leston was made for the; purpose
of -presenting toithe Charleston
stockholders, of these mills a pro
position to merge them all into one
company unaer. ; one ' executive
management. ;The proposition
was made and the plan explained
at a meeting of the local stockhold
ers held ' at ; the Commercial " Club
in Charleston. No - - action ; was
taken at the meeting, but it is un-
derstodd that a majority of the
stockholders are heartily in favor
of MrParker's plan; J ''--'"'-
1 "' ; iSrovr Burby TcbiccoHere:;';-;'..'
. Hon :A;:.Cinion lhn3 .returned
from sL. meeting of the State "Board
ol v Agriculture 7at: Ilalcigh Miy
Cannon is quite ' enthusiastic over
the prbflbiition of the a griciiltural
department to try the experiment
of growing burley tobacco in this
section.'1 ; He believes it can.be suc
cessf ullygrown ; at a good profit to
the f amer. - One man' in Madison
county realized $284 from one acre
of burley. and Mr;. Cannon, is con
fident the farmers of Henderson
will find it a good cash crop. It
will be of interest, by the way? to.
know that some of that fine corn
rcc cntly xn exhibition ; in this of
fice grota : by Mr: Canon; has
been shipped to the Ohio corn ex
hibit by the stated - V '
J "ArModeru'- Lumber Yard.; "
Forced to enlarge the already
big lumber y yards twice during
his two years of b
increased : storage : room 'under
cover, biggerf-hipmentsj S arid a
stronger and stronger, hold upon
the confidence, of the people-this
briefly is the . history of one of
Hendersonville 's best known busi
ness firms, that" of Mr. J. R. Will-
son, aeaier m lumDer oi ail Kinas
as well. as building material of all
kinds, too. In fact, if there is
anything that ' . goes into a new
house which is not handled by Mr.
Willson, that gentleman would be
glad to know of it. - 1
; But really, the marked increase
in thev business done by this, firnl
during its two years of life here
reflects; the steady growth
of Hendersonville, For instance,
the: yards have ' been enlarged
twice during -that time. Addi
tional sheds have been provided.
A much larger stock is . carried.
Mr: Willson has a car load of the
unquestionably superior Ajax tin
shingles now on the road, makin j
our cars of this fine article, sold
here in the past three .months.
Acrain Mr. Willson has contracted
with one mill alone for twofhuri
dred' thousand, feet of framing,--.
Which is some amount of lumber,
you will admit, i. He orders even
such an article as window" weights
by the solid car, and most; every
thing else in the same way. . - -
The motto of this firm, ' 1 Qual
ity, V is, -possibly,, the one word
that explains its success. Some
contractors there are who believe
J. R. Willson 's No; 2 stuff Is equal
to much sold elsewhere as ' No. 1.
However that may -be, certain it is.
that the motto of "Quality," is a
fitting one, and under, all circum
stances is it lived up to. :
f 1
m f r1 m n
U w
Special to the Hustler
, Charlotter N. C, Dec'.- 15. The-
North Carolina Bankers Associa-
" :n V- . j ? - tt " ' -i ' J
nun win meet m nenaersonviiie, .
at.Kariusra Lake, on June 21: 22,
.... - w , - - . 9 f
and 23. . - '.' , --v- ,
The executive committee of the
Association met here today and'
unanimously decided to hold theirr .
convention at Kanuga Lake.
This is the way the Old Ilanr
looks when he strikes Hcndcrco
county. : - .
A Ilerry Christmas. '
The French Broad Hustler, withr..'.
this, it.i nhristmis edition, wishes -each
and crcry one of its fifteen
hundred subscribers a Very ilerry
Christmas. v
'iere ia twenty-iourt5 paces to -.
thi3jc3uerwhile T aiot tha larjcctT-
paper ever published in Hender--tonvilie
.Thp Hutkr thinks, it - ik r.
one of the best. Everybody has
tried to riiake. it S9,,at aireventsi-
and that is all they can do, isn yt it ?:
vuie nave neipea. iney most cer- ,
lamiy ;nave:i it is generally -.at;-knowledged
these days that' tie C
Hustler ,is absolutely, the best ad ¬
vertising V medium in Western
iMonn uaronna. .it goes into tlife-
it is a clean paper fronr nrst to -last,
and has the - very-' generous -,
Every merchant 'represented in'";.-'
this paper is worthy of your cori- -fidence.
Read what they hav . to i
say to you. You will find a most
gratiiying aosence of . "sensation-n
al ' advertisings-just v straight.
nlain heart, tn heart tflllro witl ,
you people- they all know and
wnose-- meritea confidence they
wish: to win. , ; .;. , 5
The paper is really a 4sho i f 's-: ;
Kiuuc .;: uiu u uu iXUtS . LUiUtU 111
' QClCCLiUll 11 L ill I 1M I11HO IT I 1 Tjt
by. lt.you. cannot go far wrong.-
The Hustler again wishes '.eao
and every one of its readers,demo
crats and repubheans" alike, a
Very Merry Christmas; and if this.
copy of the paper contributes even .
a little mite towards making th it
Christmas a Happier or a Merrier
one it will feel .well repaid for its
labor. : : : . ; l -; v-v"-
irroua oi me iioaa iiupervisors
-7" V : ; Work. ; - 1 ; : :-j v
: Said a well known professional';
"Whatever the outcome of the '
meeting at the court house Satur
day, I am most certainly in. favor
of insisting Mr.'P. F. Patton at
the head of the work.. There is a. .
mail wuq 13 prona oi ms womj as
We are," who thoroughly I under- .
sfanHs lEe work" of building iroodT'
. J- x T - J3 : : : l a - j
ruacus, as xiaa ueen ueuiuxisiraieu. :
the one man for the position.' ; 1
. The very , many mends and ad
mirers of Dr.- 'Meriwether, ef
Asneville, .and one of the best
known Kurereona -in 'the ' South .
will b e pleased to learn that he is-
now said to be out of danger after
linerinff ;' danErerouslv close -.to
the death line for several days. Al
-0 - - . ' . . '
blood poisoning, witn almost fatal

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