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with ; Cottolerie a pure, vegetable - shor cLaing-7;which makes :gl
"' V healthy, digestible food? : y :
f ' "Cottolene comes from me cotton fields of the Sunny South. rIt is a , I
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and freedom irom contammauon it isreuuuimcuucu,. w ";0""10
5eihg fully as healthful as olive oil. j V v .
Made only by THE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY - ; '
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Chicago's budget for 1911, as pre
pared by the council committee on
finance, amounts to $49,440,000. Of
this amount, $13,500,000 will go to the
board of education. .
A life-size bronze bust of John D.
Hockefeller has been placed on the
mantel above the fireplace in the south
wall of Hutchinson hall, at the Uni
versity of Chicago.
Rear Admiral Charles Stillman
Sperry ,U. S. N., retired, who com
manded the Atlantic fleet on the last
leg of its , round-the-world trip, died
suddenly last week at Garfield hospit
al in Washington of pneumonia.
That it is not safe to "cuss now
that women are eligible as jurors was
the lesson learend a few days' ago by
Ned Crane, of Wenatchee, Wash.v found
guilty by a jury of women of having
used profane language and fined $1
and costs. The charge was brought
by a woman.
The Atlanta Journal says the larg
est check that has come to the may
or's desk since he went into office was
signed by him Wednesday morning.
It wag for public school 'teachers'
salaries for the month of January,
and the amount was $33,603.58.
Miss Victoria Kuschura, aged 106 1
years, died at the residence of her '
niece in Duluth, Minn., last week, re
taining clear mental faculties to the
last. She was born in Poland in 1804.
She was the oldest citizen of Duluth
and is believed to have been the old
est spinister in the United . States.
Every death and every birth in a
small town causes approximately 300
m v.fc4r.4U.w.u.s VUllUf UVV'VOA Ulll A.j
urea issued in Columbia, Mo., by a
telephone company. The calls result
ing from births are more trouble, says
the report because these are limited
to women Tand the conversation oc
cupies much more time than in tel
ling of a death.
Jessie Seals and Miss Tassie Seals,
both of Campbell, Ala., were married
last week by Justice of the Peace
Kean. It : developes that Seals had
eloped with his brother's daughter
and the justice had married uncle
and niece. The marriage in the state
of Mississippi is illegal and a felony.
Both Seals and the young woman are
from a prominent Alabama family. '
Henry P. Brown, Jr., son of Henry
P. Brown, the weil.known constitu
al lawyer of Philadelphia, and a third
year student in the University of
Pennsylvania Medical senool, last
week volunteered and allowed nearly
a qia-t of blood to be transfused to a
midd.e-aged Italian woman, whose
husband at the last moment refused
to submit himself to the operation.
The committee of the Cleveland
Mounment association in charge of
the fund for the memorial to the late
president, Grover Cleveland, is mak
ing, every effort to have the necessary
$100,000 subscribed by March 18, Mr.
Cleveland's birthday. L.ess than
$25,000 now remains to be collected,
subscriptions having been received
for $75,590.
Judge Robert S. Lovett, president
of the Union, Pacific and Southern Pa
cific railroads, has announced that
the executive committees of those
companies had voted to expend $75,
000,000 in double tracking the Harri
man system from the Missouri River
to the Pacific, Ocean. The expendi
ture of this sum in these improve
ments will extend through the. next
five years.
Lieut. John Rodgers was lifted 400
feet from the deck of the cruiser
Pennsylvania last week by man-raising
kites at Barbara, Calafornia. The
war ship was steam twelve knots
against an eigh-knot breeze at the time
and Rodgers, suspended from the kite
cable 100 feet astern made observa
tions and camera views for 15 minutes!
He signalled the result of his observa
tion to the officers on the ship.
Sheriff McCracken, of Lincoln, with
the assistance of the sheriff of Casey
county, Kentucky, will lead a. posse of
officers in the searth for Mrs. Amanda
Harrison, also known as : Mrs. - Gil-
more, who is charged in a warrant
with being one of the ghouls who at
tempted to rob the .grave of Georga B.
Stufley last Monday night. It is be
lieved she is with, relatives who reside
in an almost inaccessible part of
Casey county. -Kd!3
Horror, followed by 'what threat
ed to become a serious panic, was
the-result of an accident last week in
the Census Bureau, at Washington,
when the scalp of Miss Alice V.
Houghton was completely torn from
her head by a whirling shaft of steel
connected with an electric tabulating
machine. She was removed to a hos
pital where over 200 stiches were re
quired to replace her scalp.
Wilbur Glenn Voliva, overseer and
successor to the late John Alexander
Dowie at Zion City, is confident that
at the April election he will regain the
power wrested from him by the "inde
pendents" a year ago. In addressing
a meeting of his followers in Zion
Tabernacle last week he renewed his
declaration of war against tobacco
users, and said he would , appoint a
vigilance committee of prominent cit
izens to horsewhip on sight any user
of tobacco. x ,
Miss Nellie Raymond, of Knoxville,
Tenn., was accidentally, shot at Rog
ersville, last. week. While visiting an
uncle at Rogers ville, she was seated
on a block of wood near the house
watching a friend,' John Sizemore, dis.
play his marksmanship, f he shooting
at blocks of wood Tiurled In the air.
While trying to get aim, he lost con
trol of the gun and a charge from the
shot gun entered the left side of the
girl's head. Death was instantaneous.
She was 18 years ' of age and the
daughter of Mrs. Margaret Raymond,
of Knoxville.
Mr. A. J.- Lormon, a popular old far
mer, living on R. F. D, No. 7, out from
Dalton, Ga. on February 2, celebrated
his 82rd birthday, and he can boast of
the fact that during his entire life he
has never taken medicine in any form.
Mr. Lormon is an unusally robust and
healthy specimen of manhood, and in
spite of his advanced age he is able
to do the work of a young man. He
attributes his longevity and excellent
health to his steadfast determination
to shun physic in any form.
Following the lead of Atlanta, the
city council 'of Macon has put a li
cense on the social clubs of the city,
taxing each one $300 pef annum and
posing riged restrictions. Chief
among these is that each of the clubs
must' give the chief of police keys to
every door opening into their estab
lishment, and must also have a list of
the members publicly exposed. .There
are now about 15" clubs in Macon and
because of a likely large increase in
the number the council decided to
exact a license of each one.
When' Harry SimDson. an actor
staggered into the town hall police
station in Chicago a few days ago,
with blood streaming down his face
and gasped out that he had been rob
bed of $250,000 in bills, tbere was a
wild scurry to rout out the reserves
and summon detectives. Then more
attention was paid to Simpson, and he
added , that the $250,000 In bills was
stage money he had been using at a
performance. "But it was such good
stage money I hate to lose it"" he
added. What the footDada said when
they discovered that the monev wasn't.
real is not known.
A bomb, placed on the doorsten of a
tenement at 401 East 83rd street, New
York exploded at 1 o'clock Thnr?dav
morning and shook the fivestory build
ing to its foundations, , sending
175 panic-stricken tenants flying half
clothed to the street. A barber shop
on the ground floor received the brunt
of the detonation and was completely
wrecked, fragments of barber . chairs,
shaving mugs and plateglass being
picked up later at potats more than a
block ' away. - Two Italians, who oc
cupied an apartment directly over the
barber Bhop, were thrown from. this
eds and carried bodily through a four-
inch partition.' Both were seriously in
jured. .
Two large street .railway companies
of Washington, the . Capital Traction
Company and the . Washington Rail
way and Electric Company, distribut
ed $1,275,000 in dividends to their
stockholders during the year ended
December 31, 1910. The gross , re
ceipts of the two companies were
$4,622,259. . Over 1,000 persons were
injured on the two systems during the
year, the Capital Traction Company
being , responsible for 576 accidents
and. the Washington Railway and
and Electric Company for 434. Five
persons were killed on the latter rail
way and four on the Capital Traction
Company's lines.
One of the imposing funcuiis from
a national standpoint held in Lexing
ton since the burial of Hon-y Clny,
half a century ago, was that Thursday
of Miss Mary Desha. tne of the foun
ders of the Daughters of tV-.e Ampr
can Revolution, who died at Washing.
ton last Sunday. Representatives of the
D. A. R. United Daughters of the Con
fedecacy and Sons of the. American
Revolution marched on foot behind
the hearse. Distinguished persons from
Washington,, Kentucky, and . adjoin-,
ing states, attended. Miss Desha was
a granddaughter of Governor Desha,
of Kentucky, and was related to fam
ous southern families. ,
Mrs. Mary Salzman. aged twenty
three, and Eliza Ells wick, her sister,
of .Newport, Ky., last week swore off
trying to commit suicide. Miss Ells
wich has . atempted suicide seven
times and Mrs. Salzman three times.
Sometimes it has been the river and
sometimes poison. Mrs.r Salzman is
just making her third recovery from
arsenic poisoning. Miss Ellswick's
record as given by herself is: At
tempts to die by drowning, two, by
carbolic acid, five. "I a'm going to
quit trying to commit suicide," said
Mrs. Salzman. "Lt's take a pledge
on that," suggested her sister, who is
nursing her. And then and there
they agreed to await death in the nat
ural way. - .
Those who have superstitions re
garding the number 13 will have no
cause for uneasiness over the assign
ments of new street numbers in the
downstown district of Chicago. The
"hoodoo"' number has been avoided
by the city map department Notices
of the new numbers that must be put
in place by April 1 on every building
between the river on the north and
west, the lake on the east and 12th.
street on the south were sent out re
cently and, nowhere in the list could
a 13 -be found. Property owners had
warned Superintendent Riley of the
protests that would follow the attach
ment of the unlucky omen, and as a
result the tremulous ones will find
their number are either 11 or 15.
The bnerating revenues of the
Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis
railway for December, 1910, exceed the
million-dollar mark and increases are
noted in every department. The op
erating revenues for December were
$1,064,643,46, which is an Increase of
$146,275.64 over December, 1910. v
The annual report of the New York
Society, for. the Prevention, of Cruelty
to Animals, just issued, shows that
in 1910. the society put to death 307 -000
small animals gathered from all
sources. Of this number. 246,000 were
cats. All were killed by gas. The so
ciety's ambulances responded to 71,
000 calls during the year.
Placft For ?Ir. Eooserclt.
The; following is credited to a ne-.
gro preacher in Washington:. ..
t -v "Ah dreamed Ah was in Heaven the
other night. As Ah stood jest Inside de
golden gate, dar ..came a rap,- and
George Washington was announced by,
St ' Peter." Let , 'him: came up and sit
on mah right ide, said the good La wd,
who was sittin' on de throne, :
"Pretty soon there was ... another
knock, . and Abraham Linkun war .an
nounced by StTeter. Letv him , sit on;
mah left side,' said the Lawd.;. ;
"Den Ah , heard a; terrible knocking
at' de gate, and the angles all tremb
led., ; f -"i ;
; SL Peter opened" de gate careful
ly and dea .he turned 'roun and. said
to de Lawd: . "You'll have to get down
and give: hiinvyour seat,' Lawd it'sMr,
Rocevelt'-HDenver JTimesv r;
Ih the Superior Court of North
Carolina for the County of Heni
dersori : March Term, 1911. ' !
Rudolph C. Seigling, ; Trusted,
Plaintiff. .; ' . . .
- wersus ' ;
Effie 0. Seigling; Mary S. LeClerq
Eliza , O. Horlbeck; Kate R.
Seigling; Henry Seigling ; John
, A. Seigling ; Rudolph Seigling ;
Kate Seigling ; and "William S.
Lanneau and wife Mary Lan
. neau, defendants. -
To . the above named defendants :
You are notified to. be and ap
pear in the above - named court,
at the term to be held at Hender
sonville .commencing , March i 6,
1911. and answer or demurr to
the complaint of the above named
plaintiff which will be filed with
in the first three days of the term,
or judgment by default will be
entered against you.
The object of this action is to
obtain an order or deerce authoriz
ing the above named plaintiff
trustee . or a commissioner . to
sell and convert into cash for re
investment1 all of 1 that certain
tract of land in Henderson county
North Carolina held by the above
named trustee for the benefit -of
himself and the defendant, said
lands known 'as the "Fowles"
tract . or the "Eyrie ' ' ; part of
the "Farmer" tract; and part
of the "Tabor" tract, on the
grounds that the present invest
ment ' is unprofitable 'and ; that "a
sale and , re-investmnet of ,the
funds derived therefrom will
greatly enhance the value of the
property of all the parties here
to and will be for the benefit of
all the parties to this, action. This
the 1st. day of Feburary, 1911.
CM. PACE. -Clerk
Superior Court.
Shipp & Ewbank,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
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.,cw v, ,:V.fv-r--,; .."7fr"e mean, a perpetu
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ous, in quires for houses for the
coming sumemr.
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