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Xnate Passes the Kent Bill by- a
. Latere Llaioritv. . -
"debated for two jiours the, Kent
iill from the v House prohfbiting
jiear-beer in North Carolina, pass
ed it on fina lreading and sent it
back to the House for concurrence
i-crvTYis rninrir am An rim fin ts that
Jil OV-UV v
are designed to make more clear
Just what drinks and medicines
the druggists are to be permitted
lo handle However the bill on
iinal reading Was 51 to 3. f
Une oi tne most prominent wed
dings that has taken place here
this winter was the ona last Wed
nesday, Februa'ry 8th, in which
Hiss Sue Pattori became th j bride
of M. M. Shepherd. r - 7
The marriage was held ac the
home . of Mr. and Mrs. Kobert
Smith on 3rd avenue at eight
thirty. Rev R- B. Grinnan offiiciat-
The house was beautifully de
corated for the affair a ad many, of
the couples close friend gathered
in several rooms to witness the
ceremony, which was very solemn
lj and beautiful carriecTout. There
were no attendants and the bride
and groom came, tov the alter to
gether, where Dr. Grinnan pron-H
cunced them man, and wife.
Both of the contracting parties
arc well known in Henderson ville
and'Western North Carolina. Mrs.
Shepherd as Miss Patton has liv
ed in the city for many years,
where she has made many friends.
M. M. Shepherd is one of the
best known merchants in this part
of the State. For many years he
has been in the merchandise busi
ness and scores of his friends are
busy congratulating him on win
- ning such a charming bride. Many
beautiful bridal presents were
given the couple by their friends
in the town. Mr. and Mrs. Shep
jherd -are now at home in their
Jiandsomely - fitted apartments
Main street. V
I wish to take this opportunity
to thank our many kind friends
who were so thoughtful and help-
lui aim vv uu ixiixiisiereu so lov
ingly to us during the illness and
death of my darling wife.
No tongue can express the
gratitude that I feel in my heart
to those who. when it seemed that
the load of grief was unbearable,
prayed for and sympathized with
me and my precious children.
I regret that F may not thank
each one personally, but that is
impossible fpr some of you I do
not" know; v but God knows and
,surely He who rewards a cup of
cold water given in His name, will
.richly reward you who have so
4nderly ministered to His suf
'fering and bereaved children.
The Baby Chow.
6he. of the . most .interesting
events of the mid-winter season i
was the baby show,, given-by the
MaxgarerJ)avis Hayes Chapter U.
D, :Q."at the -Kentucky Home, oin
Friday afternoon, February 10th.
The judges rendering theHmport-
ant decision were . Messrs. -Brown,
Buickmeyer, Glazener,. Waldrop.
arid Dr. Morsel They" deliberated
with "great carefulness and con
scientiously made;' their choice,
which: was truly difficult in. that
array of infant loveliness; More
than twenty babies' contested for
the. five prizes.; Each was, num
bered, -weighed, and that with the
age written on"a card, - was .at-,
tached to the ' girls by a blue rib
bon, to the boys by one of pink.
The first, a ring, for the finest
child under one yeair was awarded
to Edward Murray Brooks, a pret
ty, blonde boy. The second, a
spon to rthe finest Vunder-two
years, was won by Frank Reese, a
sturdy specimen of a young moun
taineer. The third, beauty pins,
to the finest under three years to
little Miss Pauline Brown who was
admired not only for her beauty,
but her gracious and impartial
flirtations with each of the judges.
'The fourth a spoom, for the finest
under four years, went to Joe
Oliver, a handsome young visitor
in our midst. Everybody was re
guested to vote in the final con
test which was for the prettiest
child under four years. This was
a beauty pin, captured by Miss
Blanche Carter, a beautiful, little
maiden. Her lucky number was
13, and she had 13. votes. It is
concede'd that no town of equal
size to Hendersonville could have
exhibited such a number of
healthy, handsome, attractive chil
dren, indeed they were all prize
specimens. ; 1
The show was well attended, and
great enthusiasm was shown over
the rival merits of the candidates.
The Chapter is much indebted to
Mrs. Gover, for her hospitality,
and her kind assistance" in'making
the baby show such a perfect suc
cess. "
At The First Baptist Church.
Morning subject "Fire Launch
ed into the Midst of the World."
Night subject "Lost and Found."
Special music led. by our orches
tra and chores choir at the service
Unless your taxes are paid for
property in the city limits of Hen
dersonville by the 15th of this
month your name will certainly
appear on the "advertised list af
ter the first of the month. Tax col
lector Williams is now busy taking
m taxes for those who have put it
iff. Keep your name off the list by
paying before the 15th.
: ; -
I JlhetuntLtism Relieved in 6 Hours.
Dr. Detchon's Relief for Rheu
matism usually relieves severest
cases in a few hours. Its action
upon the system is remarkable and
effective. It removes the cause and
the disease quickly disappears.
First does benefits. 75c and $1.00.
Sold by Justus Pharmacy.
A. B, Freeman of , Asheville was
in town Tuesday. A
' ,- ' r r .
Mr) and Mrs. Wm. ' Lott have
one on a few weeks visit in Florid
J. W. Holt spent Tuesday an
Asheville. c . " r .
Judge C M. Pace, has gone to
Raleigh on business. . ,
A .wreck of a freight "train near
Balfour, jause' the mid day train
to be several hours' late in leav
ing here Tuesday."- Several cars
were torn up. ; r .
Mrs. H. E. Stillwell has return
ed from' Tryon where she spent
several days visiting friends.
Mrs.. Cora Ransier left last week
for New York where she will take
a steamer far Europe. While in
Europe Mrs. Ransier will visit the
Holy Lands.
Money making is as easy as fal
ling off of a log if the farmers in
this county would plant and grow
the the things that brings the mon
ey. Onions always bring good .big
money and are being planted in
this county more extensive than
at night. The sermon at night for ever before. To induce the farm
15 minutes. This service will be- j ers to plant more of them. Govan
gin promptly at 7 :45 P. M. and Hyder has purchased an immense
the morning service at 11 a. nu stock of sets, and will sell them
" Speciarniusic led by a chorus-jfor less than they can be bought
choir and orchestra at the Sun- jin the wholesale markets. , These
day School which will begin
promptly at 10 o'clock.
Mid-week prayer and praise
service each Wednesday night at
7:44. . . - : ;
Everybody cordially welcomed
Attentive and agreeable ushers.
K. W. CAWTHON, Pastor.
sets are the finet yellow onion sets
that evercome to the town of
Hendersonville and will, be' sold
for half price. 25c per gallon.
Don't fail to see Govan Hyder for
your onion sets. They are fine.
Old Folks Should be Careful in
Their Selection of' Regulative
We have a safe, dependable and
altogether ideal remedy that is
particularly adapted to the. re
quirments of aged ; pedple and
persons of weak constitutions who
suffer from constipation or other
lowel disorders. We are so certain
-that it will relieve these com
plaints and give absolute satisfac
tion in every particular that we
offer it with our personal guaran
tee that it shall cost the user noth
ing if it fails to substantiate ourl
claims. This remedy is called Rex
all Orderlies.
- Rexall Orderlies have a sooth
ing, healing, strengthening,
tonic and regulative action upon
the bowels. They remove all irri
tation, dryness, soreness and
weakness. They restore the bowels
and associate organs to move vig
orous and healthy activity. They
are eaten like candy, may be tak
en at any time without inconven
ience, do not cause any griping,
usea; diarrhoea, excessive loose
ness, flatulence or other disagree-
usble effect. Price 25c and 10c. Sold
store,- The Rexall1 Store.
-&stuj Pharmacy, s
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bough)
Bears the
Signature .
King of Externals
Is the Original in the
field of external rem
edies for all forms of
inflammation such as
pneumonia, croup and
colds. Nothing can
approach Xjo wans. It
stands supreme.
We have been Belling G 6 wans
preparation for Pneumonia and
Colds ever since U was put on the
market, and bare found it one of
our most satisfactory sellers.
Wholesale and Retail Druggists,
, Greenville, S. C, Juljr f 1910.
All DraiAUta. 50c 25w
hmihHi W MMf rafmJrf W fmt Bivtsht
One lot of mens and womens
shoes. Slightly damaged hy water.
$1.00 per pair. Rubber boots $1
per pair. Glazener cuts the price.
Your new spring suit, hat, Ox
ford shoes Fautless shirt and
whole outfit now ready Glazener
cuts the price. .
Miss Dorthy JBarrows left for
Asheville where .she has entered
St., Genedeive in the Pines, an in
stitution for young ladies..
Earnest L.Withers . a promient
insurance and real estate jnan of
on business. ; .
latest uts me; most
Spinng. talazner has eirclus
Sbxne of KeyCTy
f; worn hatstKis
side of John Bi S tetioii hats.
' r
GLAZENER cuts tKt; Price and Sells the'GbbdVHendmonyilleV. N. C.
wnere aia you get so many
dogs! asked a stranger oh the
street the otherT ,day. "Why,
every sxep x tane l ,nna : a new
beast treading along iny : . way."
This is not the first time such re
marks have been heard iri Sender
sonville. 'There arel hundreds oi
dogs in Hendersonville that really,
nave no ownerSjOr.i. tney nave
the owners do not csire enough to
keep them at nomTG '
The attention haspeen brought
times and a persistant effort, will
be made to keep 'the animals off
the streets unless they are look
ed after. Stray dogs are liable
to be killed.'
G. H. Walker left, local repres-.
entative of the Greensboro Life
Insurance company left last Fri
day for Danville, Ky., his old
home, Tor . week's visit.
and around the , pannels is red
creoe paper which aids in carry
ing out the color scheme of red and
white. Punch will be delightiuliy
served in the hall-and the couples
will enjoy many dances until a
late' hour in the night. : About
twenty couples are expected. '
C. E. Wilson has returned from
a trip on the Toxaway railroad.
i 'J. E. Skadan, a prominent. Ixxm-i
ber and real estate dealer. is in
the city for a short visit on a trip
through" the South. ' Mr. Sk.aden,
is said to be worth a quarter ot a
million dollars and is looking oyer
this territory with view of invest
ing money. He is a large landhold
er in New York state, and Oregon.
In speaking ' about the people of
this town,-. Mr. i Skadan said, "I
have never found- a more hospi
table class of people in all my
travels than I haveiii ' Hender
sonville. Hendersonville1 is 'a fine
town andT-'shall recommend, it to
anybody for one of the prettiest
cities u Western North Carolina."
Given in honor of JMis3 Margaret
Feighri who is spending the win
ter, in Hendersonville. last Tues
day evening at the - Aethaldwaldl
Hotel in Brevard w,as a beautif ull
dance of the young people of Bre
vard. The local band furnished de
lightfull music and many couples
enjoyed dances until a late hour.
There will be,a special meeting
of the Epworth League of the
Methodist 'church Wednesday
night after prayer meeting.
Every member and all the lead
ers are urged to be present.
- v ,
When your accounts are handl
ed through a McCaskey Account
Register, they cannot grow while
you sleep. Wm. Guill. Grocer.
Is your accounts too large each
pay-day- where you are now trad-,
ing. Our customers keep the
books. ":Wm. Guill, (Jrocer. :
With all probabilities the town
and county will own a steam roll
er in a short -whilel. Negotiations
are now being made by the author
ities about purchasing such a
machine. The town is badly in
need of a steam roller. Some of
the principal streets of the town
are in need of repairs which will
be made as soon as the "machine
is received.
. The Hustler company has pre
pared a neat folder of, Henderson
ville vwhich is being old the mer
chants and business houses of the
town yljry cheap. Nearly 2Q,000
copies "have already been sold and;
more concerns are to be heard
from. The folder is very concise
and is intended to be scattered all
over the county, either through a
business envelop or be placed in
public places for. distribution over
the county. . .
, ' . .. - j-. .
A beautiful dance given Wed
nesday evening in the ball room of
the Kentucky Home was oneof
the most brilliant - affairs 6i the
season. Artistic decorations were
made in the hall, for the occa
sion. Thousands df- large and
small red hearts were strung along
the walls (while streaniing from I
the ceiling was Va ;aHbwer ' of cot
ton balls, giving the; halli an ap
pearahce of .a falling tsnbw . .: ;
, In front 6f the orchestrastano!
is'pl&co fersrend .pgttd j plants
' - - i -'V. v. - v
our iOTTomS I
,r -
. Safety, first, liberality next. Both
" are . essential to successful bank
ing. If you are satisfied with our
, motto come in and see us.
Dr. A. B. Drafts 7vA.. Cannon. Curtis Bynum
G. Mf. Glazener 7 FM; Bly , J. O. Williams .
m. E.-Whitt X P. Mallorie. A. H. HAWKINS
President Vice Pres. Cashier.
Rev. R. E. Ikliller is conducting
a revival at Fruitland Institution-) -
in this county Dr. Miller is an not
ed eyangilistJ Messrs T. S. Pace
and Oi E Fullbright went Qut last
night to-assist in the successful!
meeting which N will ; continue
through the week -
mdsit Here
- The season for Kg) spring
plowing is here, liat plow
are you useing? i
has a reputation unexcelled
we are asrentsl rtall and
There will be an important meet
ing of the Commercial club Thurs
day night in the city hall.
I .. .- : V
The Ladies Aid Society of the Pres
byterain Chuch will give- an oyster
and Ice cream . supper at the Hotel
Majestic Tuesday Feb. 21 from 5 to
10:30 p. m. .. ;
WANTED To rent Arling-ton
- House , Furnished for summer
season. Hawks Park Fla.
T. A. Allen Sr. ,' 2-9-4t.
Shang eggs for setting purposes
. at h50c -per., setting. , See Har-
lowe "Waldrop at Lott 's Shoe
Store. ' ' 2-9-4t
- For Sale Good family horse.
"Will sell reasonable to the right
party Address postoffice box
215. " : ' . '
FOR SALE One' good second
hand'disk plow. Can be bought
, ; for a quick sale. ' A. J. Gibb 's
blacksmith shop. "
LOST One right-hand buckskin glore
. finder "will receive a very liberal Te-
ward If returned to the Wanteska
Bank. : ,.r . '
FOR SALEOno black f mulelQ
months old, one angled hoirse
t. wagon and iarness.::"VrW.,sell
I at, a ))argaiii.KSeo S, JX; SSa
y R. P, fi, He. 1, &t en
see our new s
Headquarters for
Representatives for J. I. Case Threshing Machine
. '1. Succestor to T. L. Shipman & Co. V
Pulp and Extract Wood, Tan Bark and Cross Ti
Two doors east of Southern depot
Phone I8li
7e care just received : new t hip.
Casat of Picliard 'China. J 1 ?
17." H. HAWXLUIO 'i-C0ty.'v.'
Having. qualified as exec
the last will and testament of
A. A. Plumhlee. all persons
irig claims against her estate,
notified to present theia to
the 1st day of J anuary
this notice will he pleadeai
of their recovery and
-This the 1st .day of JJS
H&Tiasr sold our .odMM
Farmers Supply Co, aUPVt
accosts or notes, pa ;gSij
are revested to eall aW
tie aafl fare expease Qg(yf0

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