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V - Continued from 1st Page " ;
to lend. aid. The food supplies of the
" town were destrbye'd and immediate
"" -aid to survivors wre urgent Hun
"dreds of those who escapedwere seri
ously injured in theollapse of. their
T homes 'ana the panic, of .the - rush for
safety.:.. .; :' ; , . '""- ,'':
.' Austin, Pa , Oct. J. The curtain: of
BSght, which was rung down on. the
Austin flood scarcely before its vic
- tlmsf had all been claimed and.lts sur-
. Viving spectators N f ully realised how
great tragedy the' elements of water
. and . fire had : enacted 111 the natural
amphitheater . of the Allegheny moun
tains here, was lifted by dawn today,
re vea lingua ghastly scene of death and
, devastation, V- ,
- Austin, itself yesterday a busy mill
" town of three- thousand people, many
' of 'whom were enjoying the fine au
tumn afternoon as a Saturday; half-
holiday, is 'only a ghost of a town to-
day. Torn ".to pieces by water and
etaten by fire, the .wet and charred
remnants of its buildings, -believed
to hold the remains of three hundred
or more persons, were" strewn along
thds valley .edge, piled In rows where
the main' street business section was
" or swept in scattered masses fardown
"the ravine. -i ' -
A Hundreds View Ruins. S "
Spectators, 'many of whom barely
escaped being victims of , the disaster,
: and hundreds of persons from sur-
- rounding towns, looked down from
' the steep hillsides on; Austin 'and Cos-
tellojthrough'a veil of fog -this morn
ing to see the 'wreckage, here of some
four hundred houses, a score ofbusi-
- ness ''-blocks, three -churches and sevr
eral large lumber mills and three
t miles "further: down the. river at Cos
" tello the ruins of mare 'than fifty'
' buildings. The -flood did not spend
its force until It' raced for more than
ten miles from the reservoir. .Whar
ton, Still farther on, suffered some
what, but. Is practically Intact. The
loss of life at Costello, where the
residents had more warning, is be-
' lieved to be but three. " '
Property Logs $6,000,000. k .
The property loss in the valley is
estimated at upwards of $6,000,000. .
-r in Austin out of the hundreds , di
rectly enveloped in the deluge hard
ly a dozen survive. J!The furious flood,
let . loose when the-Bayless Paper &
PuTp Co.'s dam crumbled - yetserday
s afternoon, picked up a huge battery
of -heavy -timbers In. the mill yards at
the foot 'of the dam and with these
thousands of planks and legs rammed
its path with terrible havoc --At
the hospital, today there were
but- six injured for the care of the
-Ismail army of physicians and nurses
' who poured into the devastated town
" all. night and day. The medical sup-
- plies remained unused in- the 'cars
rushed here by the railroads. ; -
Austin, Pa., Oct. 2.-Twenty-four
known dead, 86 missing and believed
4 -V
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or other contamination can, reach it. Lard fs'seldom guaranteed
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There are thousands of Cotiolene users in the country who would never
letlard or any oAer substitute, enter their Mtchen.
is purer
cooking fat Prove it by a trial. .
i ...
to be buried beneath the debris is the
cHIcial census" tonight of Austin's loss
of life in' the flood of Saturday. It is
conceded, however, that several if not
many visitors "and strangers - were in
town that day- and undoubtedly per
ished. , Including them and allow in;?
for inevitable errors in compilation,
the total of-dead probably will reach
150. Twenty-one of the 24 bodies . re
covered have been Identified and of
the missing hope -is entertained that
some may yet be accounted for. , .
- Austin, Pa Oct, 3. With six bodies
recovered fro mthe debris heer today
the face of another and a skull; so
badly charred that neither the sexj
nor approximate- age or the victim
could be determined.Othe total num
ber of known dead in the . catastrophe
of last Saturday now' stands at 8.
All but one of the -bodies were ider-
tified. - : , - V v
,With the' almost hourly revision of
the list missing, ;the' remaining num
ber' is approximated only. Thfs is
given out officially as about- forty,-!- ;
Although' the expected number of
laborers have not come in there - were
approximately 600 at; work jcle'aring
up the wreckage today and ( the chaot
ic appearance of the village is fast
ing changed.- - r v ' .' ' :.
Unrecognized, by a Single Person' His
Body Lay on the Public Street Idol
of the Nation Dies Amon? Strang
ers Tragic -and Pathetic End of a
Brilliant - Naval History. ? ; -
New York, Oct. 2.Unrecognized by
a single person in the curious throng
that rushed to his aid, Rear . Admiral
Winfield Scott . Schley,' U. S. N.y re
tired, fell dead in front of the Berkley
Lyceum on : West Forty-fourth street
this afternoon. The death of this
notable figure in the naval history of
the nation was for the moment that
of an . unknown ,. man In a strange
crowd. The admiral's.' sudden death
is attributed to cerebral hemorrhage
which attacked him' shortly after, he
with Mrs. Schley, preached New York
thisv morning from a visit to . Mount
Klsco and had1 called at the -New
tprk. Yacht Club for His mail.
-.'. FeU Helpless to Street
As the admiral was . walking
through West Forty-fourth street a v
passerby, who saw -him stagger ,
grasped his arm and tried to : support
him; Despite the stranger's servicer
however, the admiral fell helpless to
the street and a physician who press
ed his way . through' '"Jhe crowd jnrc
hounced him dead. There was a gis
over his right eye where his forehead
struck; the "sidewalk. 7 A slight fra.
ture of the frontal bone had ensued
but surgeons who examined the bod?
expressed disbelief that .this lnj-"-In
any , way contributed- to death.Hiy'
Identity "was quickly established b'
letters -and papers found in his poc
ets and from an inscription on h
pold watch which bad bow
- iilirittiSFi'ir.-
t.4 . mSM
. i t
f .
your charices; the purity and freshness
:, and any grocer who sells it will refund
satisfied with it
more healthful, more'economical than laM or an v nf hpr
Made ,oni by THE N. K.
Your Food-
to-the admiral by Lis native state of
Maryland. "For . his . heroism and
memorable services in rescuing Lieu
tenant A..W. Greely, U. S A., and
six comrades from death at Cape Sa
bine in the Arctic region on June 22,
I88i.' -" ' '
In Center of Club District.
v The spot where Admiral Schley
died is In the -very centre of New
York's club district and rmembers of
organizations - whose Jiouses are
thickly clustered there soon penetra
ted the throng and confirmed the iden
tification; of the .famous commander
who ' figured so prominently, in the
naval engagement of 1898 at Santiago
The ody was taken into the nearest
pollcevstauon ana reverently coverea,
.while' the family and friends of the
dead officer . were - notified the body
later was ' removed to the Hotel Al
gonquin, where Admiral Schley made
his : home- while in this vcity. Blue
jackets from the -Brooklyn -navy yard
who; had been summoned, furnished
an escort, their sooimahder being Re-
oruiting r Officer C M. - DeValen, who
was with Admiral Schley on the crui
ser Brooklyn at the battle cf Santiago.
One of the kdmiral's sons, Dr.' Win
field Scott Schley, Jr. reached the
scene .before., the body was. removed
A message conveying the sad. news to
the admiral's . other son, Captain T.
Fv Schley, at Fort Logan, Denver,
Col.,'was dispatched. . - - .. ;
This Offer Should Be a Warning to
Every Man and Woman.
The 'newspapers and medical jour
nals recently have had much to say
relative to a famous millionaire's of
fer of a million dollars for a new
stomach. " ' ' '- -.n.1:'..' t
- This great- multi-millionaire was
too busy to worry about" the Condition
of his stomach. He allowed his dys
pepsia to run f rear, bad to worse until
in the end it became Incurable. . -
His misfortune serves as a warning
to others: y : i JI
.'- Every one who suffers with dyspep
sia for a few years will give every
thing he owns for a new stomach.
Dyspepsia ds commonly caused by
an abnormal state ; of the gastric
iuicesr or by lack' of tone in the" walls
of the stomach. The result Is that
the stomach loses its power to digest
food., '- -
- We are now able to supply certain
missing elements to help to restore
to-the gastric juices their : digestive
iower, and to aidJn making the.stom
ach strong and-well.
. We uor that Kexall Dyspepsia
Tablets are v a. most dependable jeme
ly for disordered stomachs, fndlges-r
.ion, and dyspepsia. .
We want you, to try them and will
return- your money if you are not
more than satisfied with the result,
v Three sizes, 25 cents, 50 cents, and
$1.00. Remember you can obtain Rex
all Remedies In this community only
at Our store The Rexall Store. The
. A I
1 4
H t
" . . .
engthens Your Life..
ifoncz or ror.iGAG
whprpaa on the 27th day of . Janu
nrv. 1911. L.J, Jones and. wife E. B.
Jones, executed to the undersigned a
a Deed of Trust on tne iana nerem
tpr described to secure a note' in the
sum of $1250.00 in favor of Slaydn-
Fakes &Co., due im twelve .'mratns
f rem " date of same,- and which peed
f Trust fa nf record In .book, 31, at
page 21 of the records of mortgages
and deeds of trust for . Hender sea
county; and wheras said Deed of
Trust provides that In the default of
the payment of. said note,- or any part
thereof when due, or tne interest as
it b'ecennes due, that the whole -of said
indebtedness . shall mature and be
come due and payable, and whereas
default has been made in the payment
of the interest which Is now past-due
Therefore by virtue of the power-
contained In said Deed of TrusFand
for, the purpose of satisfying all : cf
said indebtedness togetner-witn m-r
terests and costs, the undersigned
Trustee will on Monday, Nov. 6, 1911,
between the hours of l0va.i m.and 4
p. m, at the' court house -door of Hen
derson county North-, Carolina, offer
for sale tc the highest bidder for cash
at public outcry all the following. de
scribed lands being. the lands. describ
ed, in and conveyed by said mortgage,
situate, in the town of Hendersonville
fncluding the new . residenceknown
as the Lee J. Jones residence on West
College . street, or Third : avenue, - and
being all the land described in deed
executed by J. ' H. Ripley ta. A. GL
"Poanfthlr no rprrSrdp.d in" book 47 naee
328 dated June 28th, 1902, except that
part of said lot heretofore conveyed
off. The part -herein being conveyed,
Is described as follows:, ; ; ; '
Beginning at a stake on the South
side of said. College street standing
lust '150 feet East Ripley, now Patton
stake, standing at North .East Corner
of W; C. Rector's residence lot, and
runs with College street. North 78
deg. East 121 feet to a stake Ledbet
ter's -corner, . then with Ledbetter's
line. South 21 "1-2 deg. East .160 feet
to Robinsons lot, then with Robin
son's and Kilpatrick's line South : 78
deg. West 121 feet to Rector's line,
then with Rector's line, North 20 degV
West 160 feet to the beginning.
- This the 5th day of Octbber 1911.
' - T. L, DURHAM. Trustee.
Best. Wheat Fertilizer. ; 6. GHyder.
- r . . . . ... , . '- -"
For Sale A single country wagon
ana norse. . worn in gooa -. ceuaiuca.
On account of the summer season over
will sell- at a bargain to the rigth par
ty. . Phone 210 or call at The Hen
dersonville Transfer Co., -
-.- t ; . ' . :.
Thirty acres of good land, half clear"
ed; beautiful building site' ; 20 minutes
drive from town. Address
Route 1. Hendersonville, N. C.
Phone Dana line 6 rings.
of Cottolem are '
your money if '
U ii
1 1
in house with, family fit two. Ad
dress' P.-O. Box 454 city. -10-5
WAXTED A reliable -man to. assist
in dairy ,work. .Write at once, J.
- A. Weatherly, Bennettsville, s. . u.
PIAK0F0E SALE At a bargain, a
comparaliveiy. new. Ep worth piano.
Tom P. Jimison, Horse Shoe, N.
R. : F. D. ?j:r ; 9-21-2tp
WANTED To rehf-'by - r-Vntleman
-and wifeva small, furnished' cottage
- with modern conveniences, must be
in desirable 'neighborhood, will
lease for. year..
. The Hustler.
Address "O.
W." care'
9-21 3tp
FDR SALE-rTwo - horses, three two
i horse wagons, 1; one-horse wa.gon;
-1 one set of two horse wagon harness.
Will sell cheap for cash or on time.
Glover T. drr.x
LOST Lady's gold watch and chaifl.
mslck ot watcn engraved vv. j. (J. to
;E. E.;-: C. Dec ' 25, ;1902 : Number
131304 Fifteen, dollars reward, and
cno questions asked if returned to
this, office. , ;- - - 9-28-3tc ....
To make oiir store HeadquMters when in
J We are showing a vast : array of ready-to-wear for
service wearatles for women, misses and children. A
grand display of garments, the very latest and the most
fashionable creations in vogue in the large cities of this
country arid abroad. f r '
Beautifully tailored suits and coats, pretty dresses, skirts,
'shirtwaists and Lundreds of? other things too ,
numerous to mention; ,
51 PATTON AVE. ,: :
Sixty five ladies linen suits, worth from
$5.00 to $10.00, for quick
. . ' - .... ' . .
t172 Sanitary
eMB $ S ffiti
: ' P?e Most Prolific wfi Best of - Maiin Wheats
Yields reported from our customers from twenty-five to fifty
two bushels per; acre. When grown side by side with other
kinds this splendid beardless wheat yielded from five to eighteen
bushels more per acre on same land and under same condi
: tions as other standard wheats. , r
V Wherever grown it is : superseding all ouier kinds and it
, ' should be sown universally by wheat growers everywhere.
Write for prices and -Yood's Crop Special'' giving in
. o formation about all Seasonable Seeds.
T. 'yr. WOOD 6 SONS, Seedsmen r . Richmond, Va
We believe in telling our patrons what we
have received in tKe way of new fall goods
what we purchase the very latest in Dry
Goods and Notions.1 Our Mens and
Boys Clothing Department , is Complete.
desire to join a private cla
stenography, book-keeping
typewriting. If interested .'
No. . 35 or- address "M. L d ?
Hustler office. . '10-5.3
'. . TAXES."
. The tax payers of Henderson on,,
ty are requested to meet me or f
deputy at the -.following times
places "for the purpose of sotti
their taxes - for the year 1911 5?f
are now due and in mv aici;
-; "U8 ior
: Clear . , Creek Fruitland,
October 16th 10 &, m. to 1 p. m
Edneyville, Maxwell's store, iw
October 16th, 2 to 5 p. m.
Bat Cave Tuesday, October 17tT,
Hooper's Creek Cunningham's Rtn.
Thursday October 19th. Wre
Green . River, Morris - store. Sai,,
Friday, October 20th. ' baluda
- Green' River, ' Green River Mte
store, Monday, October 23rd. 8
Crab Creek, 'Justice's store Bn
man's Bluff, Tuesday; October 2m
10 a. m., tq-1 p;. m. '
- Mills. Rirer Etowah Station Ti,00
. Mills- ' River,- Davenport's Bt..
Wednesday,' October 25th. '
. ' .V..C. V. SHEPHERD,
. Tax Collector.
Good Wheat Fertilizer. G. G .Hyder
; " ' ASHEVlLLE, N. C
r m - mm
Gleaning. Pressbg
IMic 'W- h e at
1 1
r.H A MS
- -: s f

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