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John Roylwiltfjuna. M'-PV
Canon Farrar in Ws 4Life of
xrlst," says, "Amidst all the boasted
elTillzatiori of antiquity there existed
-ao hospitals." In that statement it is
' tllentlhat Canon Farrar is in error.
" Prhristian history gives interesting
irlcsmation regarding hospital, .dis
iHorles, . instruments, medicines
tlca were in use for the sick and
ZsxSss- It may De that such places
it refuge for the sick were not called
cr-itals, but it was tmly because the
" 5l S3 applied o its present mean
' cr was not at that time in use. Hos
certainly date back to the days
.ffifl Romans and Hindus. -
The exact date is not fixed, but it is
certain that in the pre-christian days,
la state, Abad a room ; or rooms in
l, filch they received their patients for
fa-aosis and treatment. " Such places
r5r properly termed "dispensaries,
-"rca which the modern hospital has
;jeai a development. The evolution
be-sin as one large room, which is in
;r.fcSmodern hospital a "ward." From
,tt3t came two large rooms or wares,.
izA later smaller.warder and then.the
c-jTate rooms of the modern hospital.
4a the medical profession became , a
hlsher and more exact science, the
A SVSVTYt Bterlirfne room.
tJto anaesthetic room and the sundry
lATMirtmenta" were
Kyinr thn institution up to
modern - twentieth century hos-
t- inNTxrn that n.s far back as the
seventh century before Christ, there
- Tfcrw.Hnn Colleee of Physl-
. . SOB U1C "Orffv- -w .
.iana. The existence of the sixth cen
tcary B. C. ther was known physicians
lonononripq! and there was also
montfnn nf a hosDital: In: the
l. "R P. Kincr Asoka
issued an dict commanding the estab
lishment -of -hospitals throughout his
domain, and tnere is aurt;fc
these hospitals' were in operation and
flourishing in the seventh .: century
jD . -':"': -.fV: '-X
s At Rome,' duping the reign of Had
rian, 117-138 A.D. we hate the ear
liest record of a military- hospital;
and the ancient Mexicans were known
to have hospitals for their wounded
and disabled soldiers, as well as for
the care of. the sick of all clases.
There Is jjarly history of the establish
ment of asylums for the Insane among
the Mohammedans. The ancient med
ical administration', was made to-include
both man and beast, indicating
wisdom of the government in. caring
for its subjects. Quoting ' from the
edicts of the time of Alexander the
Great, SOO B. C: "'That : wells and
trees and caravanseries were tOrbe
erected in public v mgnways wr
use of travelers; ana mat uie sic, buu
wounded were to be carefully attend
ed to by the erection of medical houses
or hospitals and " depots of medlqine
for the sicK.oi moa uu ouu?i-vj.
were provided with Instruments, and
medicines of all kinds made from min
erals, vegetables or nerD Q ruga,
,. 'otawa annntntml and naid by
the state to -administer , to .the Bit
and wounaea inerein. -auu
were provided with food "according to
their experience of what is right," - :
And so we coma gu uu. uunutv
hostory of time to the present day,
tracing the development of the mod-
O .... . . 1 J4... T nnn
era twentietn century cubiuuv, ui
which IS piacea so muwi : ucv"v
by the sick and suneringv auu :
as in the days of Aiexanaer me .wwv
when the sick ana thhuuibuv; two
cared ?for by the state, at the state's
expense, so is it today that hospitals
are provided for by the state. and pri
vate charities, so that the needy e'ck
and suffering can obtain relief which
m,.nMantfv ti tirtt lav claim to the
VUIlDUaiuij ww -
glory of having originated the idea of
these beneficent.;' institutions, jet Uie
full development and modern hospital
has its origin from ' the later - day
scientists, whose works have been en
vironedby the Christian. spirit and
whose; creed has been fhelp the help,
less" while carrying out the; golden
T There are two-, classes. "of -hospitals
now ; in existence, . which are the Gen
eral Hospital and the Special Hospit
al. The former, the. General Hospital
is that to which all cases of patients
are admitted. -Special hospitals, are
those from which certain classes or
patients ; are. excluded. Under the
head of special hospitals are classed.
Hospitals for the Insane.
Hospitals for Contageous Diseases.
Hospitals for Tuberculosis. V .
Hospitals for Obstetrical Patients.
Hospitals lor urgicai f.aueaw.
Hospitals for Children's Diseases.
Military Hospitals. ; r
r Naval Hospitals, and others. -
These Institutions are proviaea m
all civilized countries, and they are
doing: A good that is not measurable.
There is no known progressive com
munity, where there is an aggregation,
of people of any considerable number,
that does not. have its hospital, .which
la f narf . ail nnorted bT nubliC and
IB XK ' w x' " .
private , chanues. wiui uio ttu aug
ment of modern knowledge of disease,
its prevention ana . cure, mere
excuse tor ine ausexiw i buw.u
tions.r In fact, with the trend of mod
ern times, the development of civiliza
tion and Christianity, it ViA bUght-and
not to have a hospital In keeping with
" sTtatnir imnrpsflpd with-these facts.
there are a number of citizens of Hen
dersonvllle wlio have felt a duty de
volving, .upon them; and they have,
set about to' establish a Ixospital ior
uooronnviiiB nnd its surrounding
territorywhere the poor and indigent
sun.e,rers,cau eo buu icvcuu uo
that Is due them, and which-the peo
people of this community owe by vir
tue of being human beings. - S far,It
has been gratifying to know that Jthere
has not been one voice - raised against
this- movement, -and , it is tratiy
hoped that rather than there being any
opposition to the . movement, ' all wll
measure up to the requirements which
pubUc - healtn ; demand of them, and
will .contribute as generouslpohe
common - cause , as their means . will
nermit. Every acre, every Pain that
fs ellevde by the , administration
which will be meeted. out-in this pro
posed hospital will be a monument to
the donation and to you--who shah
-a. - anri'flRnl stance of this
come io mo u L, v . t,ii
movement Every child ; which Bhall
have been recoverea uwui Mu;vor'
ji tfeafa nTirf handed .back .to
some anxious ; parent .will be, a balm
applied by your hands to some ach
vf "T not the eame worth
the price r . v-v. ,' ;;"
rm, TTiiRtlftr force will take a day off i
for Thanksgiving aay. xuo utr. ,V
be open auring. u? uuui d -
o'clock. .". ; V. -r;r : - '.'-:-V-:.
"A Stewas, Lay: Leaders, and Pas
tors Conference; for Asheville District
will be held- in Central church. Ashe
viller December 6th In sessions as fol-
10 : 30 X ktIMstrlct "Stewards Meet
ing. ; ';; -: .
- 2 R M. Lay Leaders conference. .
. n .5ft t xt PotoriR Conference. ---
ah noofnrs inv lAaflpra and stewards
of the district are Invited to attend the
Atmln eoelflfma MfitffV
aiieruiMjii auu gtui.u do... , -
Dr. Charles W. Byrd.of Asheville, of
yii rooming. ; -. :
Let .Cwen.IIospfeJ;
c'.'ttam'Ati'tIIIa TTosnital Associ-
i flB neuuei ou" - . .
ation is very much encouraged m the
,m,itBAt of its camDaign for the es
tablishment of a hospital.; In less than
twenty-T.our nour mwc -7 :
Ing of the Boara 01 irusiew a ou1M.
ble site for the erection of a hospital
has not only been rouna, dui, iiiaio
the philanthropic and generous spirit
OI Mr. Jr. r . iranou, lc Dair
donated as a gjft to the Hospital Asso
ciation. - Too much gratitude; can not
be shown to Mr Patton ior nis gener
ous 'contribution? and the Henderson-
11- TTnimftQl 'A asnr.fatlon wishes to
lilW ilUBf .v .-
take this method of. publicly expressm&
. . t 1 m a 11.. v.uinn X Vi 4 a
to hinv on Denan 01 uie viuicuo v
community, the - sincerest apprecia
atioh '-Jii;:c "vVv';r::; s ' --
ffVi InnateI hv fr.- Patton. is
i JLC - aV ft uuuwvvvt 'rf - - - T
situated in what is known as the "Pat
ton Heights'" property. It has an east
rn southern exDOSure, . and is
about one acre in extent: It will be
amniA for the Durnoses of the hospital
for many years to come, and it has
been given without any smugs ueu
n. t t cnon.ft lonsf wav towards as-
suring the people of this community
of the early establishment of this-be-
neflcent institution. The great need of
and the many benefits wmcn wui ac
crue fro ma local hospital may noi as
t y, o va imnrpHpd themselves-oh the
minds of the people of this community;
.... - .. . it..i 11. . n.i n(U
but It is Denevea mat me uuepiu wm.
not nave oeen m operauuu w jr
until one will be convinced of Its ned
and the good that will follow its estab
lishment. : -": .': - '. ''. --V!- :
' ti TTranit9i AssnMation "is encour-
- A Uv . .Wfc?Jfc . .
aged to, believe that there are many en
terprising and philanthropic citizens in
... Iji 1 11 1 . t.M4t
tnis community wno wi give men
widow's mite" 3 to this ; enterprise.
While It is not expected to find many
who will be generous to such a large
extent as has Mr Patton, yet there are
many who will give to that extent that
sufficient funds ' win be quickly rais
with which to build the hospital, mak
ing: it ready for occupancy, and fre
from any debt.
.The hospital is to be a charitable ia-
o4tJTi4r - orft tho -TkTrtl non , ..
DUVUV1UU . ' aav, v fcv juwa , vu get UX4
medical and "surgical attention needed
at the minimum cost V Those who win
be unable to pay any thing for attea.
tion will be provided for in some way
so that no one will he ; turned Q 1
-. wnai
who are worthy of help. There wiu
be private rooms, where those who are
ttOiB iu yajr w - icvchcu, tue T-
ceipts from whom will be used to de-
Via roTitftl Tf will "Ha maila on .
RhI INIi III IIirLlilH aa UUBfilUlK. Kn Q tl
w K ' m 9 MO iiUt
to draw on the charities any more than
is necessary;" ;-:; -:.;"
; The Hospital Association will imiat
diately become active in the endearor
to get contributions to provide for tht
erection of the necessary building. Ko
more material proof can be offered to
show that the community appreciates
Hf -Patfnn'a cpn'prnRltv than n
AUX. . v uvw 0. uuuu iu VUU1S
to the relief of, the Association with do-,
funds will;be obtained for the erection
of the hospital. ; Lett your municipal
and civic pride stimulate you to give
as generously as; you , : can to this
Trtliir':aTi trt:ttia-f "BTtt. an mi. -
community, as' well as being useful and
Secretary Hospital Associatioi.
: r- - Card CIul Organized,
A' : card club J composing sixteen
members of the r younger society of
Hendersonyille was formed last Sat
urday; afternoon when Miss Amy Ed
wards "delightfully entertained a few
of her friends at home. Progressive
five: hundred was played during the
afternoon . following which a delight
ful course of refreshments were serv
edThe club will meet every week
during the winter months.
t JJ" A, S Mjj-ju unuM ugjft lgHBp MBP - ,,
' -.V. . '
it X
fB 3
-s-i r.
Wl 1 . -
- -4 . -
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brings or s
tions to
in $10.00 in subscrip
next : 'V"::- -k
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estant can
se Votes ieasilv !
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rv n
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