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(VHO :. WILL mi!!, WINNER OF- -;lfE. HUOTiifem : mM
T0L.1C K9.1S.
The Margaret Davis Hajes Chapter
- n c will meet on Wednesday, Jan:
tbe home of Mrs. J. B. Brown,
5 Bock drive at S, o'clock Mem
Jeri are urged to be present. .
xrho is the most popular rourig lady
ta the county? Let this question be
Sdded by saying that the most popu
,.7iadv in Henderson county will win
S, First Grand Prize in the Hustler's.
Toting Contest on Saturday, January
The contestants and their friends
Mu have about thirteen more work
Ik days before the contest closes,
Jndtbey are making, erery minute
There are more than Fourteen Hun
ired Dollars in Prizes to be given
!ay to the Contestants on Saturday,
January 13th. Which of these prizes
will your friend or relative win?
Double Votes may not be offered
jeain, soin order to be on the safe
,ide, better pay your subscription to
day, so that you will have twice the
regular number of votes to give your
favorite contestant.
The Hustler has the largest circula
tion and is the best advetrising me
dium. Mr. M. L. Shipman, editor of the
Hustier and State Commissioner of
Labor and Printing, who came up
from Raleigh to attend the directors
meeting of the Greater Western North
Carolina Association in Asheville on
the 16th, spent Sunday with his par
ents at Blantyre. He returned to Ra
leigh the folowing Monday afternoon.
Uncle Alex Barber, once one of the
bravest of the brave Southern soldiers,
was a visitor to Hendersonville the
irst of this week. Mrs. Barber ae-.
eompanied him.
Mrs. J. N. Bradley, of Asheville,
pent awhile here last week Inspect
ing vacant residences with the view
to selecting one for occupancy in the
tear future when her husband as
aumes his duties in the postofflce.
Lonnie Grant, one of Marshall Lo
gan's field operators, came up to visit
kis family last week.
Just a few more days before one of
the contestants will be the happy win
ner of the handsome $400.00 Upright
Grand Cote, which will be given away
by the Hustler.
We are going to allow double the
regular number of votes on all sub
scriptions to the Hustler sent in from
today until next Wednesday, January
3rd. Suppose you pay your subscrip
tion right away and vote for your fa-'
write. It will soon be too late.
The Hustler's Great VotingjCantest
will close promptly at 3 o'clock, j. m.,
on Saturday, January 13th, Just a
a iew more days. Get busy today and
see that your friend or relative wins
the First Grand Prize.
Contestants you know what Double Votes mean, and they may not be given again. Get busy Today and ffetevery sot
scription possible. Remember the only way you can secure! votes is by getting Ballots, and subscriptions to the Hustler, and
snbscriptions count up much faster. Get your relatives and friends to pay up their subscription to the Hustler for several yearn
xna give vou the votes.
between Thursday, December 28th and
Frnrlo vJotitmc fVP nnffanhs. pet busv and work
Piano. Make her the most popular lady in the county by winning the First Grand Prize. We are giving
Wek, and now is the time to prove your friendship, as the i contest closes in fourteen more working daysr
Posey, wag here from
section last weiek.
now willinr to a
Bhow-doV "ft; Any weekly nanr in
Western No. . Nina, as to circula
tion. It makw n y assert that it
has them. all; And still pew
subscribers keep "on pouring in every,
iday. The; business man who ; wishes
to reach the1 greater number of the
reading ' public in this ; neck of the
woods must do "it through The French
Broad Hustler : No longer any doubt
about it .;;
Grady Dotson ho is atending Wake
Forest College ia spending the holi
days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
F. Dotson of this. city. .. ; ; , .
Miss Gussie Dotson, who is teaching
in the graded school at Tryon, N. C, is
home spending the holidays.
' - s -
Miss Allie Lewis of St George, S.
C, ia visiting Miss Gussie Dotson.
; A" dinner was given by Mrs. F. E.
Durfee,0in honor of Miss Isabelle Mc
Nish7. Mich,' on-Christmas Day. Miss
McNish is spending the holidays here.
Mr. Leroy ; Goldberg of New York,
was in the city Wednesday on busi
ness. B. F. Staton spent Xmas with his
parents at Saluda.
Alex Willson is spending Xmas
week at a house party near Columbia,
s. C. j v"::' "
Miss Amy Edwards left Wednesday
for Richmond and ' Charlotte to visit
friends and relatives. ,
Orme Edwards leaves today for New
York, where he will pursue studies in
R. J. Alderman returned Sunday
from Wilmington, where he spent a
week with relatives.
William Twyford spent the week
end in Asheville :
Gordon Garlington of the Hustler
company returned Wednesday after
spending Christmas with relatives in
SouTi Carolina;
o. w.-xmas Quiet Here.
Christmas passed off Very quietly in
Hendersonville. Business was brisk
l?t Saturday when numy of the couu-
try peopl-5, vrho had, waited for the
rainy weather to subside, undertook to
make the trip into town in spite of the
weather. Stores were filled with
Xmas buyers all day Saturday until a
late hour.
Christmas day many of the stores
were closed. Merchants and business
men spent a quiet day at home.
Police department report very little
disorder during Xmas. It is said that
more fireworks were used on Main
street this year than ever before. The
police made several unsuccessful at
tempts to find parties exploding large
crackers on Main street.
Uouble votes win
. - V
k, The , is
Contestants continue t6i rurr a
to Name the Popular Winnerj
and see that our Favorite wins.
Double Yotes. 1
: Ab will be seen in this Issue1 of the
Hustler,' DOUBLE VOTES will be al
lowed on all subsclptons,, either, new
or renewal, sent or brought to the
Contest Manager on or ; before next
Wednesday, January 3rd.
. Closing Day Rapidly Approaching.
As the contest is now rapidly draw
ing to a close, let every- contestant
and her many , friends and rel
atives re-double their efforts to secure
every possible vote. Votes is the only
thing that will win the handsome
prizes, so lose no time in ' getting
every vote possible. We are going, to
allow Double Votes for the next five
working days, so let every contestant
make the strongest fight ever put
forth to earn as many votes as possi
ble during this time. Nothing will
count up faster than the offer of
double votes, and for this reason,' the
contestants who expect to win the
First Grand Prize will be up and hust
ling during the next few days. ' Let
the friends of every contestant pfiy up
their subscription right away while
double votes are being given, and! vote
for their favorite contestant. your
votes may cause her to win the -first
prize. And if you neglect to give1 her
your votes she may lose the i first
grand prize by the votes .that you
could have given her on your sub
scription, and which would not have
cost you a penny. Are you going to
assist your favorite to win, or will
you wait, and let her win if she can.
Prove the sincereity of your friend
ship by being liberal in assisting one
of the contestants to be winent of
the handsome piano. Remember the
old maxim: "A friend in need is a
friend indeed."
Flat Bock.
Miss Sallie Patton 264,525
Miss Daisy Jones 259,800
Miss Jennie Rhymer 25S.100
Mrs. Mattie Candler .211,900
Hendersonville, Route 5.
Miss Tommie Lane 21d,000
Hendersonvlllei Route 2.
Miss Sibble Rogers 205,100
Edneyville. .
Miss Frances Townsend 185,700
Hendersonville. '
oe aiiowcaonau 5uuouijuuiw,ncw ui iciicwai uiuuih iu
Wednesday, January
).-' '; I' '
v--. K- 1 '.. .... . ... .. , -' ..'"" -
tJbSanb yet; V Get ; busy
Miss Lizzie Dotson . . 73,100
East Flat Rock.
Miss Esmeralda Williams. ,65,000
- Hendersonville. -Mrs.
Llla R, Barnwell.1. '. ,v. ; . .23,600
Mr.-. Theodore Jones. . . . . i . . . ... 9,400
Glance over the scale of votes given
below, ind remember that- double this
numberof votes will be given on every
subscription-to the Hutsler sent in by
next Wednesday night; January 3rd.
Contestants and friends, no wis the
accepted time. Get busy and take ad
vantage' of this special offer, and send
in every;, subscription that you can get
before next Wednesday, and . receive
double the regular --" number of votes.
The Contest will last' only a few more
jdays, so' keep hustling and, be the hap
py winner of the Flrat Grand Prize,
the $400.00 Upright Grand Cote Piano.
- Scale of Totesu . -
Renewal Subscription. - ;. '
.vv... v.. 1,000 Votes
1 year.
2 year..;..
3 year. i. .
4 year.. .
5 year. . i. . .
10 year.ri .',
20 year.;? .
30 year...
v. 2,600 Votes
. .4,000 Votes
...a.. 5,600 Votes
. . . ; . .7,500 Votes
. . . . .-. . .18,00 Votes
. . .:;.. 40,000 Votes
.. 65,000 Votes
i Newt Subscription,
j... ;V-.. ..'.....2,000 Votes
1 year
2 year
.". . : , ; ; . 5,000 Votes
. . ..v: . .' . 8,000 Votes
........11,000 Votes
. : . ; . v. 15,000 Votes
.. ."...36,000 Votes
... .....80,000 Votes
. 130,000 Votes
to change without
3 year..
5 year. .
10 year... ... ..
20 year. ......
30 year.. . . .
N. B. Subject
V. L. EOEHtt, Contest Manaerf
per American Mercantile Co. '"K'
Contest Managers, Jacksonville Fla. .
VoL T. S. Kenan Dead.
Raleigh, N. C, Dec. 23 Col. Thomas
S. Kenan, clerk to the Supreme court,"
died this morning at 7 o'clock.
Col. Kenan had been in failing health
for a long while and his death was not
unexpetced. He was one of the best
known men in North Carolina and a
gentleman of the old. school who num
bered his friends by the hundreds. By
reason of his long official conection
with the Supreme court he was known
to almost every lawyer in the state,
and many members of the profession
will regard the passing almost as a
pr-r-onal bereavement.
3rd, I V I Z.
lor vour tavonte and
North Carolinian . Killed by a Train.
Florence, S. C v Dec 25. Norphie
Pleasants, white carpenter In the At
lantic Coast Line shops at 'this place,
was run over by a coast line work
train in the.: freight yards .here, last
night and killed. HIb body was liter
ally ground' to 'pieces.' The body -was
shipped -to his old home at Aberdeen,
Founder of Red Cross Society Spends
I " ' Happy Christmas .
Washington, ..Dec , 25. Miss Clara
Barton,, founder and first president of
the American ' National Red Cross Sor
ciety' was showered-today with greet
ings and good wishes upon the nine
tieth anniversary of her birth. Al
though feeble from her illness. Miss
Barton was able to celebrate the day
with herre latlves" and friends who
are. spending Christmas with her at
her home, "Red .Cross'' in Glen Echo,
Maryland, a suburb of .Washington. .
Child Went Too Near to Candle on
the Christmas . Tree
Lynn, Mass., Dec 25. Playing Santa
Claus in flannel attire and "towsled
hempen hair," George H. Sawyer, aged
14 years, went too close to the lighted
candle on the r Christmas tree in his
home in Clif tondale today and suffered
burns which- are expected to prove
fatal. - His parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Seward Sawyer, were burned severely
in beating out the flames.
Locust Thorn in Appendix
Keyser, W. Va.,; Dec 25. Surgeons
operating upon John, aged eleven
years, son of J. Sloan Arnold orchard
ist, at Hoffman . Hospital, in this city,
discovered a locust thorn in, the ap
pendix. It had pierced the side. . How
the thorn got into the appendix "is the
subject of much speculation.
At the First Baptist Chuch Next
11 A M. "Be Sure Your Sin Will
Find You. Out" will be the. subject.
7:30 P. M. A Union service of the
Presbyterian, Methodist, and Baptist
Churches. Rev. Mr. Stanford, pastor
of the First Methodist church will
preach. V'
A cordial welcome to all." ; .-
KiWf Cawthon, Pastor.
The Bond Issue. -
Intense interest is "being i centered
upon the approaching bond issue for
paving Main - street.; The - election to
be held soon will-be- one of -vital- im
portance to, the people, of Henderson
ville. . It will be remembered that last sea
son the visitors complained and many
of the citizens spoke about the delapi
dated condition of Anedrson avenue.
The city council desires to put paving
on this street and an election has
been called to ascertain the wish of
the "people of this city.
The Weather.
The weather man says that the wet
season is about over. This news will
be received with great rejoicing by
those who live in the country.
The roads of Henderson county are
said to be in a fearful condition,
caused by the recent continued rain.
see that she wins the Handsome
Change at Post OfSccv
; A change of localities has teem
ranged by the nost office denartrtisj
effective January 15, -1912, whieh pxs
vides the transfer of Mr. BenscSa
Good, of Postmaster Jackson's foaxa
to Asheville. ' He will be succecisi3
here by Prof.; J. N.. Bradley for foair
years registry clerk in the Ashexnie;
office. i " .
Mr. Good, who is a capable clerk ci
an excellent' young man, has chosen tr
take a position on the carrier's ftsxaB
in Asheville which affords: him an -
portunity for outdoor exercise. P!rs2
Bradley has long desired to becomsa.
resident of Hendersonville and glaSr
seized upon the, opportunity presezis:
in transfer. '' He will be disburs:
clerk here and supervisor of the taciw
riers' department ; His wide experJ
ence in the service means added ,t2
ciency 1 to Mr. Jackson's corpse pT
clever assistants. -: "
, FoRowing Suit. - -
(Wilmington Dispatch) -The
news that, a big heartejfc?iocn
southerner has donated $10000 for t3m-j
j purpose qf erecting a monument, ts
I the North Carolina women of the.Cfesa-"
federacy is Indeed gloriousv f GraxsSEr
tribute could : not be ; paid, ; course
could not be better rewarded" or EEKsa
ory-made sweeter than by the erecSasat
of such a monument. The meat a
South Carolina have-taken the frica
tive all honor to them-and the
pie of the old North-State should
close second. - ;
Southern is Derailed; No PasseBSS&s
Hurt. '
Klngs Mountain N. C, Dec S.
Train No. 38 on the Southern raiftrajs
from Atlanta to, New York, was wra:
ed there-quarters of a mile nortXx 3F
here yesterday but though croroSec?,
with passengers, no one ' 8ustsfsss2
even a scratch. "
"The third car from - the IoconxySste
left the track as the train was xx2S
ning about 25 miles an hour anA car
ried the three cars immediately behxml
along with It They fell Upon a tt,
embankment and when the train b$e
ped were leaning at an. angle. of 25
degrees. ... y - . .". . - -.. .- ; i
What Did She Heant f G
At a recent wedding, a baby tm&
shrieked without intermissioEf to t2
great annoyance of the guests?,.
As the bridal party was leaving tie'
.church; a slight delay occurred?- .Cbaa
of the guests seized the opporten3s?
rt(r say tcf the " first bridesmaldr -
"What a nuisance, babies are at
wedding!"---- -
"Yes, indeed!" answered the brS3ca&
maid angrily. "When I send out fi
invitations to my wedding I shall fcsve
printed in the corner: 'No babies; ex
pected.' ": Judge.
Sweet Fire at Boston.
Boston, Dec. 24. More than on :eaar
lion gallons of molasses was destroy
ed in a fire today among the w&sitgb
and buildings of the Boston Molasses
Company. The loss on the stock: asS
property of, the company which &sssi3
to have been the biggest plant of Sts
kind in the world, is estimated to
amount to between $50-,000 and 1395,-
iuy vuuiiittim
Double Votes

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