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Raleigh, K C., Jan. . S. The 1913
General Assembly of North Carolina
convened in bi-enniai session heretor
4aj at 12 o'clock and the Senate and
House of Representatives settled down
to business immediately.
The House was .. called to -order by
Principal Clerk T. G. -Cobb, of Mor
anton, after which; the 120 represent
atives from their respective counties
took and , subscribed to the oath of,
-office. : ; : .v' v.-'-.' '''
The Senate 'was miled to order: by
Lieutenant Governor W. . Newland,
of Caldwell county, , who wilKpreside
over the deliberations ; of this body
until the inauguration of Hon. E. L.
Doughtridge,of Edgecom'be county, as
lieutenant ' governor of the state, on
January 15-. '.; v.'-.- ' :.
After the fifty members of the Sen
ate had taken he -oaUi of omce, this
body proceeded with ?the election of
officers, resulting in the . re-election of
Mr. R. Otis Self, of Jackson county as
: principal 'Clerk, At - this hour other
officers had not been selecteii. - i
The House -of, Representatives elect
ed Hon. George "W. Connor. -of Wilson,
as speaker, and re-elected T. C. , Cobb
as priECipal -clerk. Other officers are
now being selected; - '.
, The General Assembly is composed
of conservative men who are disposed
to legislate .in favor of the masses in-J
stead of the classes. : Judging from
the general appearance - of things,
there will be some legislation of vast,
importance to the, ' stafee, among , the
questions under , discussion . being
those of -a more equitable method of,
taxation, longer school - terms, good
rcad3 building, etc..
As there has been considerable agi-
tation , for immediate, action along
lines-of proposed legislation, it is be
lieved that the legislative biirwill be,
set to srindiBg without a customary
delay of several days and for, thia rea
son the opinion is expressed that im-
until the last few days of the session,-
when the mill is naturally overworked
and congested. -w
The followingrgentlemen were elect
ed: . House, reading ;Clerk,' A.M. ifc
LeaiC " Haraett coTOtyv- SergBaxrtt
arms ,J. ".H. Moitog Wake county .as-
sistant sergeantHat-arnja ?enk-:
ins, Randolph, county Senate, read
ing clerk, R. M. Philjipa, Guilford.
grossing .clejk, : W. E. Hooksayne
county; sergeant-at-arms, VVilbtfr G.i
Hall, Cumberland county; assistant
. aergeant-aF-anns GeoUW Huntley of.
1 Anson 'county. Presid'ent pro tern,
N. Pharr, " of. Mecklenburg : N.. ,M.
Hollowell, late of Hendersonville, is
to be journal clerk f the seaatQt av-
ing been selected by principal clerk
Self. - - : -v;' - . ; ,. ,
Legislative actions especially inter
esting to the Tentbr Congressional Bis
trict will be reported weekly txy this:
paper, which has a Tepreisentative
standing by the "mill' to watch what
goes in and what comes put of inter
est to the ""people at home," who will
"know . what their f senators and repre-;
sentatives are doing for them, in the,
way of legislation.
Two Heads Better Than One.
The First Bank and Trust Company:
-of this city has rather a unique, ad
vertisement in this week's issue of,
this paper. Announcing to the many,
fi 5ends and customers consolidation of
the First National Bank and Wantes
ka Trust and Banking company of this
eity the new institution' gives many
reasons why it is the"hest place to do
your -banking business. . ' . . ' . ; -
Having emereed from a National
"bank to a state bank and .trust com
pany the new bnk can "handle-all kinds
of real estate, and trust funds, rental
and insurance business. Mr. P. F. Pat-
ton, formerly secretar and treasurer
o-' the Wanteska Trust and Banking
Company has been elected vice presi-r
dent of the new bank and will he a
tive at the head of the Trust depart
ment, insurance and real estate busi
ntss. The former officers of the First
Na rional bank will hold their same
portions with the new institution. " -The
capital stock of $125,000, a sur
plus fund and undivided profits of over
$30,000 and deposits , to the amouni
of nearly $400,000 making ; total re
sources over a half million dollars this
bank starts an era of wonderful pros
Parity. . .-, ,'- ;
Prf. T. B. Brown, of Charleston, to
trect Handsome Home at :.LatireT
Park and Conduct Summer School
"Next Season.
Prof. I. B. Brown, of Charleston,
ho occupied the home of Hon. W. A.
Smith and conducted a military sum
ner school at Laurel Park last season
expects in the near future to erect on
his lot, at the head of Rhododendron"
Lake, Laurerpark, a handsome resi
dence, comprising ten or fifteen rooms,
the same to be ready for occupancy
fcext season. Prof.' Brown will re-open
his school in the early summer, and
the cadets, according to their accus
tcmed habit,-will form an encampraen1
and like the renowned Arabs dwell ir
tents. . .
fir: nnsi7: lAinm
mm mm
: i A GeorgiavState 'Association. was or
ganized here Tuesday afternoon by the
Greater.: Hendersonvile c(lub. '. Dr.
Truex, of Atlanta," was elected presi
dent, Harold 'M. Smith,' of Tennille,
Ga., secretary , and Leonard Phinizy, of
Augusta, treasurer. Ar number of
prominent Geprgians were enrolled as
members..- .The organization of this
association will come as a matter of
interest to all Georgians and especial
ly to that r t element that spend the
summers here. It will be remember
ed that the weekly Press Association
of , Georgia held a convention here
about 4ryears ago, and those in attend-;
ance expressed themselves aS being
delighted with' Hendersonville. As a
result a 'greater number of Georgians
have been coming here .since. The
fact that -a Georgia State Asssociation
has been established here will doubt
less attract' many others to this high
ly .favored section. The State clubs
committee, of the Greater Henderson
yille club is actively engaged in organ
izing .similar associations in ther
states! Hendersonville is destined to
become The City of States. :
Further press notice will be iven
In the future apropos the Georgia
State Association. . ;
Ilan from Here Blamed B
In l the boiler explosion :which oc-
J curred at .the Seaboard Air Line s
round hcuseat Hataigy .a-'little ovt?r
a week: pgo,;ia which 11 ihen lbst theirt
iives, Dicea Dill, of this lace, wife of.
Xohpi: Dill, the victica to whom it is.
said the blame' for" the catastrophe :1s
attached, figures . coaspicuously. : ; ;
i In 1905 John Dill '.was married to
Dicea Alien,' of Campohello, S. U3. At
that time . licenses to wed were not
Issued inrlhat state. The license law
has since been enacted. ' , Dicea claims,
that the marriage was jperformed be
fore a Justice of the Peace ;andjn the
presence of witnesses, hen.ee -was legal
lneyery sense.' At first aD.went.well
and. John provided for Ms vif e's Hsnp
port. , Later he grew indifferent in
this respect and spent most of !his
time-away if rom ; home. IFour.'years
ago 'Dicea sued him for nonsupporL
The. stipulation set forth' was thatrhe
either, suppott her or stay away from
her entirely and ceased to Interfere
with her affairs. John chose the latter-recourse.
Neither sued however
tor divorce. There has been no com
munication between the couple since
that date. ; In the meantime, John took
unto himself two other wives 4n differ
ent :twns. It is alleged that these
wives can show "certificates of mar
riage. He grew tired of them in time
and deserted them likewise."
John's highly colored matrimonial
career suddenly jerminated when he
was blown into atoms by the'bpiler
explosion of a week.-ago. He had been
discharged by the Southern, for which
road he had worked, as fireman. He
Unst tippn p.moloved by. the Sea
board in the same - capacity and had
reported for work, for, the first time,
only .about four hours before the ex
plosion occurred. Dicea claims that
according t . report he was tinkering
with the boiler and run down the; pop
valve too low in order 4o hold down
the steam. He. took one ' chance too
many the pressure was too great
the steam could not rass off, and the
horrible catastrophe which resulted in
hurling eleven -souls into eternity was
the result. ' , J .:.. ' -' .' ..
Dicea had not even heard of his
death until the claim agent camehere
with" an offer, to compromies. , Dicea
claims that, he said the road was will
ing to divide three "hundred dollarsbe
tveen her, her child and wife No. 2. It
seems that wife No. 3; has tereda:
damage suit against e road.. vDicea
8aysthe claim agent has already, paid.
her - $25.00,; and that he claims he .wfll
nay the child in the neighborhood of
$125.00. Wife ... No.- : 2, according to
Dicea's statement is -to v receive the
f three hundred. Dicea
states that she agreed to accept what-
"v vvv , . . i a i., Vail oa. np.r
ever the road saw m y
respectability, kept her from nting
to' be Ji.ixed up in a sl.wfthQm
,gly features. She further, states that
she has "signed the papers She
seemed to think that, the fact, that she
could not "show a license," under the
laws of the State of South Carolina, at
the time of the marriage, -would prove
a bar to legal proceedings, though-he
claims she can prove that her marriaee
was legal. t '
mxn jfettr kj !yktu , at-ff liar
-, r -- " ' . 1 "
., ' - . 1 : : - . ...... , , .
Miss Sallie -Rollins, of Asheville,
was registered at the St John Sunday.
Mr. Sam T. Hodges went to Boston
Friday. . , .v;-. i ;:: J '
- ' -'"-t V'.
Mr. S . C . Caldwell, Jr., has return
ed to v Nashville after 'spending the
holidays with his family hereJU ;
y Br. - Morse has returned from New
York where he recently went on press
ing business., 'X- . '
Mr. Oscar Cook has. returned, after a
short absence from town. Mr. Cooke
visited his mother In Norfolk.; : : j
Miss ! Sadie '- Davidson, of Charlotte,'
was among the arrival sat the St John
Sunday. . ; ; - V j : r'r ;'
Mr,- C. Bn Mbffitt, of Horse Shoe; was
a pleasant caller at the office of The
Democrat Monday. r Y 4 , .
".Mr. D. N, Showalter, of Lake Toxa-
way, ; spent a few hours
Monday. . . -. .
. .Mr
E. G. Stillwell t returned from
Atlanta Friday
business trip.
where - he went on
Mr, Moore, who is
associated with
the Kentucky Home, -spent-the day in
Asheville Saturday. v - 'j
vW' flJ';r;o vt'Kr 'tC.1-
. , -, ;
Mr, and Mrs. J. E. Kellogg, of Kelton.
S. C,', spent a few-days at the St. John
last w..ek.
- Among the xecent arrivals at the"
St, John hoted were Mr. and Mrs. LI
B. Houston, . of Greeenville,' Si C
Mr. AI : S. Hammett,' of x Galveston.
Texas, has -been stopping at the St,
John hotel. . - ' . . r
' Mr. Hundley Cover Is acrain' at . the
University of Virginia after a short va
cation spent with his mother Mrs. M.
A Gover, Christmas week. -. : V
-Mr. Tance Norwood returned Tjips-
day afternoon, from a visit to his .par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. R. w. -NorwocHi, at
Waxhaw, N, C. V
Nineteeen arrivals were placed to
the credit -of the St. John .register
I Monday.. --This looks as if the travel
had opened up with renewed vtgor. . ;
f -Mr. W.'iC. Vaughn, of A.sheville. W,
LP. Kirby. of Cleveland, Tenn.. and XL
A., wood, of .weaver ville, were recent
axriTals, aintuHoE;9:.v
-Miv !Fpj22c Earl wh spent' therhbl-'
12ays:with JUs aunt. Urs.' Vance Ner-
hwood, retained - to Ms i.home'. at Elm-
wood, last Saturday, afternoon. -. i rV ;
, .Misses Gladys Gover and Cora lott
returned 'to Staunton. Friday, to pre
sume their studies at the- Mary Bald-
r win Seminary. ; :-
Mrs. D. J. Fuller, and daushter.'MlBB
Muriel "Fuller, left Wednesday -even-teg
for New York for a two weeks
tltitto!lrkjads.; ' , -'t
. M.r. and Mrs.' Charles French .Toms,
and children, of Asheville, were thei
guests of .Capt. and Mrs. U. C Toms
a lew days last1 week.
After spending a delightful Christ-'
mas vacation with her parents, Mr. ,
and Mrs. Sanr T. Hodges, Miss Gladys'
Hodges has returned to .Randolph-.
"Macon. ; s
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Gilbert, of Spar-"
tanburg, are among the newcomers to
Hendersonville. They are living in'
Marshalltown. Mr. Gilbert and his
family, have formed a very pleasant
impression of Hendersonville, ' '-
- Miss Minnie Ewart had as hernests
Thursday n'ght,' Misses Annie and
Elay.'McDowell: a-nd adonted danirhtpr
of Asheville. : The Misse3 ? , McDowell j
were en route from Greenville, S j CJ
where they visited a niece Christmas
week. . ; . - ';
Some New Year "thoughts under the
heading, "Mostly ' Contemplatrve"
reached the paper too late for-publication
last week. They appear in an
other column of today's paper and are
well worth the reading. - V
,-. ' -: .O'
. Mrs. LeVoy and daughter, of Cin
cinnati, are at Mrs. Bailey's for awhile
Mrs. Norton, of Brevard, was among
those recently registered at the Ken
tucky Home. . '.'
. Mr. John Alden. Mrs. Smith and Miss
Smith are among . recent guests at
the St. John.' The party left New York
last Friday hy automobile and arrived
In Hendersonville Tuesday. 1 . ,' -
Representative "J. P. Patton, of Flat
Rock, has cone to Raleigh. . He will
witness both the -Inauguration of the j
Governor at Raleigh, and the President.
at Washington, before his return.-., :
DrV W. F.v Nickel left Tuesday night
fox Cocoa; Fla.', where he will remain
about eight weeeks. Upon his return
he w'll open up his office 'oyer Hun
ter's Pharmacy.; t'- . . ' ' c - 7
- Misses ; Ruth ;.; Smith,- ;-Helen .Child
arid Louise Hodkes have returned from
DeLand, , Florida, where , they were
members of a; very, delightful . house
party given by; Miss Jessie Lewis, dur-
the. holidays. . : :,'.-: ' 1 ' 'v ' '
:v,:. - ;;- --s..:. - "!
' Mr. W. F. Randolph, of Asheville,
manager "of - the E.5 W, Grove estate,
and one of Ashevllle's foremost boos
tr.s. !'was present, at the. recent, ban-o-p'
e'ven.' by The ' Greater. Hender
fnnvttle Club.- ", , (
llev. Donald . W. Richardson will
preach at the Presbyterian ;: church
next Sunday morning at -11 a. m.
J2-. erybody is cordially invited to" attend.-
:;r :- .;; , . ... ' -
- Dr. Buckner - and brother, - Mr. N.
Buckcer, secretary . . of ' thefAsheville
Board of Trade, were pleasantly, noted
among the out-of-town guests at the
Third Booster Banquet Thursday
evening. Attention is called to Mr.
Buckner's very excellent address on
another page. " ; ; , ' -i . - V.
f - ' " ' ; - . ' v ' ,. .! "
The friends of Rev. A. L. Standford
are pleased to note that he Is able; to
be 'out again- after a slight indisposi
tion last week which resulted in his
enforced confinement to the house for
h fe days. ' : ,: ; ; : ... ; 'V,-.'
Mr-T.: W -ood, .land and mdustri
a agent for the Southern ' Railway,
whoseheadauartera are In Asheville,
was-here Tuesday, In the interests of
,n th, citjjFalr. Mr. y Wood- 7 has assured
I ville club tot"-' his wish - to co-ODerate
v; ith .them in all matters pertaining to
the Interests of the club; , -'
Mr. "and Mrs, F.XE.' Durf ee have with
! them, as their: house guests,. Mrs. Dur-
t fee's sister. ": Mrs ;r"WVj C. French, , and
I husband, of Lansing, Mich., ' who "ar
I visiting, here." several years ago, Mr.
t and .Mrs. French; madea ; number o.f
: friends wher will he .pleased to.' knew
of their return. .Mr. .French is much
Interested in real estate: He speaks
enthusiastically of the many improve
ments which have; taken place , here
since his first "visit. J ; o ;
' Among ; the . distinguished out-of-town
: attendants 'at - .the . banquet
Thursday night were Col. S. A. Jones,
of Waynesville, and !ol. Sandford ,H.
Cohen; of Asheville, CoL Jones was
formerly president off 'the South Atlan
tic Transcontinental R. R. Co. He
' possesses admirable, , literary gifts
which ; i$lace" - him . among- the well
tnown writers of today. As manager
i)f the Greater "Western North Carolina
Associa'tlon, CoL Sand'ford H Cohen's
name has become a household word.
His popularity: extendsfrom the At
lantic to the Pacific, v . '.
Citizens Birnt Pays V
The regular semi-annual' dividend
of 4 ; per cent was , declared last week
by the Citizens bank ot this city. This
bank also added to its surnlus lund.
making a total of over 6,080. JThe
past year has bee en iby iar the most
prosperous year In the history of the
lhank. : -
' The annual stockholders meeting
will be held nextTuesday In the direc
tors roooKS; of the hank. - it is &aid
that a! very encouraging report will
be given hy .the officers of the institu-
Final Test of Fewer PJant4y ' JEleetrl-
cal Engiaeer, : r-- ;: v;-';
Mr. W. H. Bangs, of Atlanta, , one of
the foremost electrical engineers ; of
the south, was here last week forhe
purpose of completing the installation
of the power plant of the Laurel Park
Street Railway company and giving
the machinery the final test. .The test
jjroved. satisfactory in every detail and
tLe plant was accordingly pronounced.
ty Mr. Bangs, to be ir nrst class
Working order. : : i'.
The line was staked for the poles
tome time ago an$ a force of hands is
j Mr. Bangs ' left here Wednesday
night, with the understanding that he
Would put in. an immediate order for
trolley wires, brackets and line equip
ment. ' Upon recepit of; this Mine
etruipment, whicli is expected ata ' an
early date, Mr. Bangs will return and
string the trolleys and the road will
then he ready for. operation. . - ; '
: i - Brldae Settlemt nt
. The county commissioners of Hen
derson ' county held their; monthly
meeting at the court , house' Monday
and Tuesday. Much routine work
was disposed of. Among the principal
matters of busmesss that came before
ithe meeting was the settlement witn
the Roanoke Bridge Company for two
biidges built across the French Broad
riyer. One of these bridges is Known
' as the : McLain : bildge and spans the
river. at Horse Shoe; the other desig
nated as the Fanning bridge is located
a- Fletcher. These - bridges ol
of iron . are considered among the best
In ; the state nd cost the county, ap
proximately ten thousand ; dollars, y. i
The' piattqr. of . the . posting ot roads
vas taken up by the commissioners at
thfs meeting and It was ordered that
roads in Mjlls River: township. Crab
Creek and Hendersonville townships
be posted. : A. numher of claims were
allowed and much ' routine work was
disposed of.. : . . '" :
nflnV'QTAnr in in Wutivi :- -
. ' . s S.. I (ill s
U. OnillfLK iULLO
Gus Gaither, colored,-" shot and in
stantly killed his wife,. Zerusha Gaith
er, at their Jiome, directly across from
the Presbyterian Manse, shortly af
ter 9 pciock Thursday, night " The
.weapon ;used 'was an army rifle. sTne
ball entered just ;above the upper lip
and came out at the back of the neck."
Domestic infelicities .' are alleged as
the., cause of he dastardly crime. A
quarrel had been in progress for sev
eraldays, according . .to the : testimony
of various, persons. - While the negro
and his wife were eating their supper,
it Is' alleged, the uuarrel was resumed
and that ' the wbman requested Gaith
er to pack his trunk and get out, as It
seemed - 'impossible for them to, live
peaceably together That they finish
ed their supper and the woman af
terward seated herself in front of the
fire. "Gaither left the rbom and soon
after was Jheard ( fumbling around ii?
an adjoining room in which there was
no light A slight noise - evidently
caused 'the woman' to turn her head in
the direction of the opened door to the
darkened room: Instantly there was
a blinding flash and her upturned face
received the full discharge of the gun.
Death was instantanedus.-: . It is claim
ed thai' a woman and boy; were, in the
room at the' time, but had their hacks
f turned, intent upon looking at a mag-
azine, and that tne crime waaf enacted ,
With such hferrible swiftness that they
uia not nave , time to turn Tound be
fore the woman was stretched: in
death, Hence .there ; were no; real ey e
witnesses' tolhe tragedy.; :No sooner
1 was the diabolical ,crime committed
than4 the murdered threw down hls'gun;
rushed out o rthe hfjuse and gave him
.' self up" to " the1 authorities He ' was
locked in the county Jail pending a
preliminary trial which was held; at
thecourt house Tuesday, before -Justice
of the Peace, B. F. Hoood, at
whicli time three or four of the state's
witnesses were examined, when the
statefrested its case and the murderer
was - committed to Jail, without :halL
McD. Ray, Esq., appeared as plaintiff's
attorney, and W. A. Smith, Esq., rep
resented the defendant ; The case bids
fair to. be an Interesting one full of
dramatic coloring. . ; ,
Zerusha Gaither was the daughter of
Frank Brown, commonly known as
"Parson" Brown, a highly respected
colored man. According to v common
report her reputation was not of the
best. -:yX:; y:
Gus Gaither,; the . murderer, , came
originally from Charlotte and was for
some time , employed by Mr. George
Stephens, of Charlotte, in the ca
pacity of chauffeur.' For. two ox three
seasons, .including; last summer, he
worked at the Kanuga Lake Club. ; It
seems that, there has beeen domestic
friction in the Gaither household from,
the beginning in which other parties
have played a prominent part u .
muraerea woman was ounea m
Oak Dale cemetery last Sunday after-: J
fTI-U 3 : 4 ' t m m I
noon. A Ions procession followed her
remains . , " .; ;- v '-- -.-''. -;
Tourists CanNn 6 Longer Complain.
Tourists can no longer complain of
not finding comfortable quarters in
Hendersonville during' the cold weath
er.: At Mrs. J. W. Bailey's- boarding
house!1 always known as a favorite
stopping placed a system of hot water
heuting has Just . been 'installed. A
number of ; Hendersonville boarding
liouse keepers, desiringto -add to the
comfort of their guests, have adopted
this more satisfactory system of heat-.!
lug. The last few days, however, fires
have bardlv seemed necessary. :, The
air nas Deen almost as r Daimy as
spring, x Dandelions and, violets are In
full. bloom. The winter has been unu
sually' mild, and the early return of
ton rists from : ,th e extreme Southern
points is expected. ;. : " t
; v At tlie Modist Church. -
The services at the Methodist church
wlirbe of Interest next Sunday; The
pastor will preach, a sermon to ' the
laymen at the. close of which all the
official members : will Ube installed.
There will be v SDecial : music. -The
music is becoming a: very interesting
ahd attractive feature at the Methodist
church.. The entire :, membership, is
urged to be present and the commuri
Ity is cordially invited. V' -"X V
Sunday , school at 9 :45. - Come and
bring; a friend. ; " : i ".A--i '. ':-'; v;
Forty-eight dollars . worth of new
subscribers to The Western Carolina
Democrat insures you a free trip to
Washington. " Get busy.1: ;'- . -, .
, They have started on that Washing-
I ton trip, which will be given away by .
mis company , to any person 'coming
up to the requirements, all ready by
hustling, around to -their friends and
getting new subscribers.
j One of the best features of the trip
proposition is the commission also ,
given all those who . happen ' to fail to (
get;the necessary $48.00, 20 per. cent
will be paid anyone bringing to this
office a new. $1.00 subscription, in this .
contest Of -course you - are expected
to enter the contest fin good i.faith be
fore the ' commission is extended. -
..Indications point that the Hustler
company will ' have a; party of at.
least 'twenty people to see the great
capital city when Gov. Woodrpw Wil-'
son takes the chair in Washington; D.
. Bo not wait Make the. amount for'
the jtrip and then start "over " on the
ier ceniage ana mane . your Bpeaamg,
money, from-the Hustler company J .
-.'. ' T' Kevr Pastor Arrives. y.V"; " '
" Hendersonville welcomes among its
new-comers,. Rev. R. - D. Carroll and
family of Newtbn, N. C. fc ;
;. Rev., Mr. Carroll has accepted the
pastorate of ; the-East Hendersonville
Baptist- church, and - has already en
tered upon his work He and his fam
ily are at present stopping at the home .
of -Mr. D S. Pace in East Henderson
ville. i A 'hearty welcome is extended
to Mr Carroll. ';;.: -"v-. -.N ; ; :,:V.'' -
Proceedings of Business ; Ileetlns; Vf'-
4 Grcilter Hendersonville .Club 3Jari- -i
cdWith' Enthusiasm. r V ; -is
Thebusiness meeting ef the Greater
Hendersonville club,, which preceded ' -th;;banquet
- Thursday ;:evening was ,
marKedj with a full attendance - and, -much
.enthusiasm. Thaitreasury A re- .
port showed a balance of cash on hard
of $160LS3 Dr Fuller report on- -'
sigjas ;f or: eastern ciUeawasi accepted
and work of committee continued llr. -BamTT,"rHBdgeg';-chairman;-
dent: of ; County Fair assocfatibril re- "
ported that" a rpermanenr orgahizaticn
had been affected, with Mr. F." A EV
bank as , permanent secretary; . thiit;
committees hadTjeeh' appdinted td- 6'
lect a date and " secure grounds "and' -buildings
for location; - that it had been .
decided3, to appoint a' committee of
count ry men tb work in conjunction .
with the ; town committee j that the
fair would be held In the business sec-
tlon of the town and the work pushed:"'
vigorously.. - : r'-X- : " "
Motion 5 prevailed ; adopting the re- '"
port and adding to the committee C. IL
Brooks, W. S Miller and R. P. Freeze,
making the committee iir full: Sam. T.
Hodges, chairman, Dr. J. S, Brown.
W. A. Smith, W. F . Edwards, P. F.
Patton, Frank A. Ewbank, C. S.' Full
bright R.: M. Oates, C . E . Brooks R.
Freeze and W. S. Miller; ; ,
. . Tha matter of complaints with re
gard to the assemment of street -tar .
upon the" servants of visitors was tak
en up and satisfactorily -disposed of.
The question of the enforcement of '
the State, automobile r laws was dis
cussed and actionduly' taken thereon. '
v Election of officers next to. come up,.
Mr. Smith put Jn nomination for -First
Vice President, Mr.. E. W7Ewbank. No .
other nominations . mo4tion''prevailed'
that secretary cast ballot of the meet-
A ' 11. . 1 tL r 1 ...
; Mr. King G. -"'-Morris wa3 nominated
for second vice- :resident" nomination- '
seconded and1 secretary cast ballot of
the meeting electing Mr Morris second :
vice president; '.::; '-. :"v;;.;V.:-
" The president suggested that the
office of - secretary be : made an " ap
pointive one, and Mr. E. W. Ewbank '
placed in nomination for this place
Mr'. H. C. Meyer, and motion prevail-
ed : that secretary cast ballot - of the
meeting electing Mr. Meyer secretary, ,
salary to be determined by the board
of governors. ;? : ' : K .;;"-'-;-:' v:-
' ' TWr .RTrjffh mntraA that '. fha trr '
into "ithe; election of treasurer and Mr.
-: Alack-' Rhodes was nominated aad
received, ballot of the meeting, secre-
tary casting ballot of those present for .
his.. election. - "T '-:. I ' -' ' 1, !-
Letter from" Miss Eva Jordan, State
Normal college, relative r. tvp olub
carrying a full page advertisement tn
Siate Normal College Annpal '-efe red v
to, advertising committee with power
to' act; ':..''."' " , v '-v - ' r
, Mr. Smith moved that the club send -our
president to St Petersburg. Fla,
to be there-February 21st occasion big
Board of Trade meeting of-St. Pe'ers
f burg people in. connection with Caro
lina meeting and .Washington s birtn-
ay celebration.
At 9 o'clock the meeting adjournea.
to ' participate' In1 banquet,; a descrip
tion of which appears In another col
umn'. :'.:-" : :.:--; ..; , ":.,v' 7- ' ;;'.'
; Mrs. S. C. Caldwell shopped in Ashe
ville Wednesday.; - ., ' "'
i. Dr. .Morey has recovered from his
illness. . ,
y Dr. J. G. Waldrop's condition re
mains unchanged.

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