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- . v ... i - i . s - - . '
'..-';'..:" - .. ; - .. -r -y , ...... , '.-.if i . -
v -
A v.
French Broad HustJsf
HeindeirscKwville'B water, Ss Ideally
pure. ... ; ; . ; . .,.
XCiis is ahovm t7 the report
which the city haa this week de
ceived from the. Btate Ijaoratory
Hyienfitt Raledgih. v The report,
which vaa made ob Miay 5 4nnm a
sample received ia RalieSgfh on May
1, Ss as folio wst: V
Color.O. Txrrbidity, 0. Odor, cold
0. Odor, hot, 0. CMoxino, 2. Nitro
gen, (as iNitiratea, 0.Q6. Nitrogeii,
as iNitffites, 0. Free Ammo'nia, .08.
jlbumiaoid Ammonia, .050. Total
Bacteria per' c. c at 20 Keg. C, 110.
.Total CBacteria per c. c. at B8 de.
0., 2. Ad-iproducing Bacteria, 0.
Colon iBacdlli in 1 c. c, 0. Colon
Bacilli in 10 c. c, O. ' ; ; -v,; ;
Tjhe total iabaence ot colon ba-
cilli fend all acidiprodiacing baote
ria ia in itself a griarantee tt the
parity of Hhe water. And thstagiiar
antee is trengthfined.by the to
tal absence of nitrites the very
email (amount of nitratea, and tShe
very biniall amount of &lorine.
Hendersonrville's water is, aU
Miss Jennie Garren havinig 'been
successful in securing. Che largest
amount of ibusfiness dusrimg the per
iod that has just closed becomes
(the winner of the . Glazener Spe-
cial ipirize, a $3.00 silk parasoL
This special poize was offered by
G. M. Glazener on April 24, to the
contestant Who would pay in the
largest (amount on Bubscription to
the icontest nianager from -that
date 4o May 7, noon
In becoming tibe winner, of this
ihandsome prize Miss Garrea -has
much to congratulate bJeraelf over,
for Mhe has materially improved
Bier standing in the contest that
is bo rapidly coming to a close,
and fwith continued efforta of the
same type iafl the efforts she has
fput forth during the last -two
"weeks Blhe piromises to make it
very interesting for some of her
On (Tuesday, 'May 20, the West
ern Carolina Democrat and Hust
ler's "great contest will come to a
close. The contesitants and their
Mends are lined up for a", whirl-!
wind (finish. Some of the contest
ants far (down .the-line may. come,
up towards the top in a manner
that nvill surprise jBome folks. Ev
erything points to a lively finish,
and contestanits . who have been
Itafcing -life easy during the last
lew kiays had better wake up land
get into readiness ifor the home
stretdhi Not a single prize is
"nailed down," 'and no conltcatant
can (be sure of winning any cer4
tain prize. .
Tlhe contestants are ehrewd.
T'hey .keep their jreal standing to
themselves, (and Borne may hiaVe a
6tjong (reserve that will jgo in' just
at the close of the contest, and
'tiie (result prove a great Burprise
to the competitors fend Jthie inter
ested public Every time you etop
your vote stops, and ydur chance
to (become the winner bf the prize
7ou wish .grows less. The only
u"ay that you can feel safe to
keep contstantly on the Job, and if
you will do this you (not oinly pjace
yourself near the prize . of jyour
SoJyut should you find youiv
defeated in the end, rau will
lhave the consolatiion of knowing
that you did evwrv thing withinl
yo.ur power, that you fought fa
good figiht.' Stay actively. In the
weld ; gather - your , friends :' about
land see how fair thear Jfriend-t
jP goes; see il it will. last nnttf
end of the fight and Isee that
you bxake the landing safely.
An funwiso attempt to burn out
a colony of spiiclers in . the woods
caused a 'destructive fire Satur
day morning ' the othfer : side of
Marsiballtown. ; V'-:
Among k the iloaera 1 were W, C
Mocre, Mrs. McKnight and. Mrs. A.
E. Muilberger. The totl damage
to the corded wood and standing
timber was fully two or. three
thousand dollars. . . ' - ' : ; .
The fire started on W. C. HlooreVi
land near' the junction , of the - iBd
neyvdlle and Blue Ridge roads.
BIr. Moore has been making pre
parations Ton a large scale for the
summer ettove wood business. He
already had ; a large "amount of
wood cut &nd corded, and .a force
of (hands was at work cutting in
in the woods. One of the hands
found a colony of spiders, and, in
spite" of the resanonstrances of
the otthers, insisted on burning it
out. In tel little while the frames
got (beyond control and spread
over jmore than six acres ' of tlx:
Moore's land land from there to
the inghboring lands of Mrs.Ho
Knight, Mrs Mudlberger and
ethers. .; : : . r ...
On five a.ares of Mr. Moore's land,
the wood had beein cut and. cord
ed ; and much of this was .destroy
ed. In either plaices, . where there
was standing timber, much dam
age' was done. Some building8
Mrs. Muilberger's narrowly escap
ed desitructioin.
During these daya of food adul
teration and evasion oif; the. so
called (National pure food Jaws, it
is of (highest importance that con
sumers study the conditions un
der which their food supplies are
It fia a distinct pleasure to call
attention to the Pvxe Food Gro
cery of S. Maxwell & Co., on Mairi
street, (near the Electric Line Oor-
betr. v
This well known' firm not only
buys pure food products but while
they Iremain in their very beauti
ful and modemly arranged store,
every precaution is taken to keep
them panitarily pure. ;
, For; instance, sugar, rice, etc.
etc, We kept in dust proof recep-t
tacles, . Nearly aW other articles
are kept under glass. Tlhe old
fa&Aioned sugar, : cracker bnd cof
fee 'barrel are all conspicuous by
their -absence. " - : : ; V
There is too mbre attractive or
modern jatore in any city -no mat
ter what, itis size.
The igreat display windows are a"
consitant, temptation to step in and
buy of the appetizing pure foods
there displayed, and once inside
the courteous attention of Messrs.
S. Maxwell or E C. Moore, or of
anyone of their many clerks in-;
sures a completely satisfactory
ftrade." ' . ... - .
This firm has made good here.
It does an enormous business and
has just started tqgrow. ;
Of course, there's a reason!
the Ladies aid
The regular monthly meeting of
the Ladies Aid Society of the First
Baptist ' dhiurcih fwas held with JMrs.
K. W. Cawthon t the (Baptist (par
o.nage Monday iafternoon. The
mee'ting was largely attended and
'was highly enjoyed by the large
number of members present. The
principal event of the meeting was
the )repaatao(n, of a box If or a child
which the society is supporting
at th!e Thomasville Baptist orphan
age.. A large box containing many
pieces of "' wearin(g - apparel was
packed (as well as , a box . contain
ing.olthJer things calculated to de
light the Tporentleiss little ooe. nfie
afrwoo:n waa joleasanltly spent in
a EKMclal jway and , refreshtoetots . pi
Sees end oaks were jsearved. 1
; '.. All persons owning, property in
Henderson county ' eubject to tax
ation, are hereby notified that un-
leas sold property is listed, dur
ing Hhe month of Miay Ja double
tax on the same will Jte fcharged
against the owner or owners there
of, and such double tax will loot
hereafter be released, but will be
collected in all cases where charg-,
ed. It is also a violation of . the
crriminal law for a po.l .tax payer
to tfiail to. Est his gpoU. '- (
The tax payers 'are further noti
fied that-under the new law Jthtey
will have to; meet the list-takers
at (the places appointed tfor listing.
The list-makers for Henderso'nville
township are now listing in the
Grand Jury room at - the court
house. v . v ' ;,
By order of the board of county
commissioners. ;'. ': . ''
v. ' ' . John T. Stato'nt
v.. Chairman.
H. .W. Allen,
County Auditor.
Superintendent of OtySclhools
The rapidly growing popularity
of the Indian Runner duck yjx Hen-
demsotn county makes the breed a
matter of getneral interest.
J. S. Holbert, who lives on the
Clear, Creek IRoad, jusit outside of
itowm,- has demonstrated what may
be done here with' these duck
wonders. , . - .
Mr. Holbert (has . six English
Standard Indian Runner ducks, of
the white egg strain. These ducks
laid 186 eggs during March and
172 during April, or 358. in two
molnths which establishes 3 new
recordin jegg production. It is
(needless to say Mr. Holbert is re
.ceiviing more orders for Bettings
thaln he can possibly fill. ,
' The Indian Runner is email in
size, imitiensely active, and their
peamstent laying has given them
the liame fof the Leghorn of the
duck Ifamily. The shape differs
greatly 'from that of other breeds
of ducks, and they lack the char
tacteristic duck aVble,
In a recent egg comitest in Aus'
tradlia four Indian Runner ducka
averaged 266 eggs each for ; the
year. -' 1 !
, . At 'a recent meeting of the Board
of Directors of the First QBamk and
Trust Company the following res
olution ; was adopted : ; ;;
"Resolved, that Iwhereas the ov
erdraft feature has clearly been
proven to , be an injustice to the
stockholders' to the other depositors,-;
and to the drawer himself,
the officers of this bank Jare here
by ordered that on and after the
10th day of May, 1913, (they . allow
(no over drafts on the . books, of
'this" institution! ; ; - ':' A :
This has long been; a custom that
has worked against the . best in
terest of . the banks, as ;well fas
their customers, and in passing
this resolution 'the. directors feel
that they have taken a step that
w " prove beneficial to both " the
bank: and its depositors
1 ' t .
,' M.' M. ShcErd,;7y
P. S. Pace, ml : V h:
W. A. KeSthJ- E3t. :V.0: '."
J. A. 'FLetdher, t2$. '
i A: Ficketr, KS. '.. ''. ',: -
W. QrfffJth; XSS. ': ' , :;-..
A. J. Gibbs, m.
J. M. Stepp, 162. ;
D. S. (Pace made th following
auateanenT TOtt tregarct: CO cue e
lection: . '
For myself laasd thoisje who ran
on thie ticket with' me in the re-.
cent municipal election, I wish to
'heartily thdnk those. men who vot
ed and fworked tor ua.We cer-
tadnly fapprociate their efforts in
our behalf. '-,.'- ;
We are not, under Ihe circum
stances much disappointed at the
result. Before we jwere inomii&ited
a tist of the registered voters pf
fhJe city was canvassed. The re
sult of this canvass showed that
the Democrats had too large a ma
jority for jus.to overcome, if any-i
thing like fall the Democrats of the
to wn approved thie manner in
which the affairs of the city had
been handled for the past year by
a board thie majority of whose
members were democrats. But i
not withstanding our decision that j
Hhie majority -Was too large for us 1
to overcome under the- circum
stances, our leading party , men
tlio-ught: fit .best for us to run a
ticket, nd ; laccordingly a meeting
of our people was called, land my
self, . and Messrs.' Griffith Stepp
and Gibba were selected at that
meeting: to make the fight. And
we are glad !t)o know that those
who stood by us so loyally, are
pleased with the fight we put up;
We pitched our contest upon ft
'high plane, fand we believe ourop
poxjents will admit that we fought
a clean tfighjt.
I hope to see the day come when
our public officials can be elects!
by the votes of conscientious cit
izens who may be permitted to go
to the polls and vote as free men,
for the Candidates of their choice.
If this day should ever come in
this . country we will, no doubt,
generailly.et the bea tmen elect
ed to office. .1 hope the people of
North Carolina, will at no late date
wake up to -a full sens of their
duty fin this , respect, and bring
such, pressure to bear that the Leg
islature will not dare refuse to pass
a law under, the yorkinigs of which
every voter can !go up to the bal-
lot box, with la full realization of
what he is (going, there for, and:
Cast his vote absolutely unfettered.
Would not fa (situation Hike that be
a "great improvement over our
presenlt methods? , J
However, let ae sfaly in nfclus
io.n (that I fully believe there re
a considierible number of Demo
crats in our city who do not ap-
prove of the manner in which the
affairs of our town jare being ad-'
ministered by Dejnocrats, and who
would have volted for our men last
Tuesday, but for the f act that they
thought if 1 they old so they
would probably Jbe hazarding jthedr
chances for ja place at President
Wilson'a big pie counlter. If there
is fanything in the World that -will
induce the average Democrat to do
something he idbes blot desire to
do it" is the probability, or bare
possiihdlity, that he taay be given
a islice of Federal pie, fa"' thing :
which Is )so rarely dished out to
him. '. ' " : : . :
. Myself and Jthe gentlemen !whp
ran with me on our ticket the oth
er djay Were unfortunjate In being
selected at this , particular time to
make the ace, when about every
other Democrat in town "Is bald
ing his plate to Pie Blicer Wilson
for a piece of ptei, ', t : !
However, the jfight is over,' and
jiow boys, letls get together fand
make ,a Song pull, fa ) Btrnig pull
and a pull altogether for a great
er abd better Hendenaonville.
. . ' D. 6. Pficewi,
Setting forth purposes of devel
opxnejnlt and the irreparable dac
age that would be wrought by
coaademnatSoTi of water sites :on
Green River and Big Hungry, the
complaint filed in the 'office of the
dark. ;of' Superior court by R. EL
Oatea jalnd the a Henderflonville
Light aJnd tCower ' company against
the Blue Ridge Railway company
cointaintaiany statements of inters
es!t to. those cojneerned in the con
demriation and restraint proceed
Sngs which it is hoped to have
deTnmiatiQn , and restraint , proceed
tftarashed out fat the next ' week's
term of Superior court. ;. 7
The coming term of court prom
ises bo be one of the most inter-?
esting ever, held- in Henderson
couinty by jreason . of IQhis impor
tant case and Jtjhat off Henderson-.
vjjw agjmaw. ne xeiepnone . com
pany wi th Jref erence to the increase
of telephone rates in this, city. . 3
Tin complaint of the local power.
company sets out that in 1909 Geo.'
E. Ladshaw, (A. L. White and jorth-
era of Spartanburg, S. C organ
ized the Appalachian com-
pa-ny and apout the same time IW.
S. Momitgomery, J ohn A; Law, Hy
L. Bomar land Joseph Lee of Spar
tanburg organized the Green Riy
er Power company, both: of which
corporataons consolidated , into
the Manufacturer's '-Power comna-ity
my during the. latter part of the
past year; that this corporation
knowing that it coruld not condemn
Vvater power sites changed into
tf.ie Blue Ridee Interurha Rail-
way company, fiettins- out in its
tCiarter the x?ompany's purpose to
build four miles of railway to the
power . sites from Saluda. The
complaint alleges that the expense
of building ISruch a road would be
vory- great -and that the benefits
would be small in that the
line would run welfl back into the
mountains and fcfayp; that iti th - - -
belief of t!h plaintiff the Une codemnatio.
7?te,T'y2 y f1 and restraining order cases wers
" J y consolidated at fa hearinig befors
er6n Nto.bff of eminent Jud a c;Ly0iD Clerk Pace wa
domain, which pould not be exer- SIa
Icised by Ithe Mufactdrer's Pow-
Z nax tt'jy consents to thb ad-
the latter mp we to erect vancement case or unles.
a data 164 feet fcyrh the waters . the case perempto
would submerge Jthe plant of .the (Bodej
locfa . power, company fand alMdua )to have the mattef
dweltog of the foreman under la the courts as parly
twenty-three feet of water. . I as possible ,
: The complaint faefcs out that Jhe ee Uen-
ftotfd f hap. ests in three deramviJte agitating the tele
Powertes and that oaypne has ersy, .which will
has. been developed; that the -hi rv,-rii at this
plaintiff by - reason of heavy ex-
pense in restoring its plant wash -
eu away a lew years ago ana cne
Aft: 11. ii.. .
T?Tt?J?Sed developments
with -the developments ; . that , by
condemnation - the plaintiff would
uuuivluuii , uu aozx wutuu
sufferj irreparable loss and would
be seriously ( handicapped in ful
filling its contracts to furnish
It ia talot certain that this case
will fbe heard at the aotext term of
J. F. Ramsey of Tuxedo was. in
town Weclneadlaiy. - v ' - .
.TnHffA RKntrtrri mf lA-hviii a W
in town on Professional business
an Wednesday.. .' ;: , .
Martin Rickma'n " of this jcity idl
alt Beuna ; Vista Bubstitutisng for
Fleming Godfrey, one of jthie oper
aitors iof .the Southern Railway,
while the latter is awjay ytona fva-
cation. , v :..;.'-,';v . ',:v.; V.." ; '
Mirs. J G. E.. . Dixon - has .(returned
from ttoncprd, where , sha ialttend-f
ed the annual meeting of the Wo
man's Missionary ' Society of . tlhe
Western North- Carolina confer
ence. Mrs. Dixon was - la delegate
from the ' Hebdersonville . society
and reports fa most " interesting
meeting, and one of inspiration to
the large number , of deleg'atea
present. The invitation )to - meet
in Hendrsbiiville (next April iwas
alcceptod by the conference jWith
pleasure after this V city's enter-j
taining qualities i .were made
known. . ' , .
Evidences given, to show that
the city made a. good deal in the
purchase of "dumping ground.
That the city did not ; make'' a
mistake in the .purchase of the ;
five-acre garbage farm on the Cd-"v
ineyville.road for $500 is Bhownbf
the fact that the city authorities
could sell it for more than it cost
even-though the transfer was only
made about two weeks ago. .
.... Another situation . has. arisen t
show that it wias not a (bad invest
ment. The authorities have been .,
offered $15 per year ' for the rent
of the grounds as pasturage and
a little trucking. At the meeting
of the. aldermen Thursday night"
it -was decided not; ; to lease - th
garbage batch ' for less than f2S'
per yr fas the giouinds iwere con- -sidered
fully worth this much for
grazing cattle fand light trucking
purposes, which would be enual ts
five per cent on the investment.
For the purpose , of euKaraginjj ..
the Florida ,and South CaroHna or
ganizations in i Hendersonville, ths
authorities have donated tlx
' board of trade rooms in the City
1 40 thework of these organ-"
izations, which Lwere formed hers
'last summer by .the hundreds of
tourists from these States.
At the meeting of the board of
aldermen Thursday night it was
decided to donate the use of the
rooms to the orgajiizationB as th ..
Florida club authorities had r-
qnestied quarters. . The aldermen
took the '-view that: the dub )work
would be of incafculabite benefit
to Hendersonville and communits-.
calLa3.m Unless the bar u-
, term of the court. A' number of
1 i Bainst th.
... - ftM sW i MtM nd it .
id it
iuyiwwc lu.-T... i
leveral sub-
! titio(a m
circulationto the effect that they
will discontinue Bervice ; ' however -
j y two thxee subscribers are ,
; ,1 fn j, r dificontinued :
fiervice on account of increase in
telephone rentals. ; This matter, it
the . corporation , commission last
fall with: the result that an in- ,
crease V in j-ates was author iased.
The'towii througli its attorney ap- .
! pealed from the ruling of the com-
; missiLon with tne resuii wua --uum ,
: "case will be heard by a ' Jnry.
j .' Judge C. C. Lyon - wiU presids
over this term of the court.
Following is the list of jurors : ..
, ; ! FIRST vWEEK.
. J. A. Marshall, T. -V. Garland, ff.
A. Rhodes, L. C, Haniuton, Mark
Oc)ckran, M. S. Johnson, J. J. Bal
lard, C. C. Ledford, J. C. Palea, Bur
gin Stiatotnv J.' T. Maxwell, JJs
gin Staton, J. T. . Pa'cey H. W. Hill,
Jones, W. J. Maxwell, J .'' A. Hooper,
B. F. (Pace, S. M. Gilliam, B. A.
Erwin, ,R. E. Salts, ; C M. Jalton,
W. D. Case, J. F. Drake, J. C. Beck
R. H. Anders. .'
J. J. iFreeman, H..N; Lamb, p. C.
Jordan, L. W. Clark, J. W. priznea,
C. Oates, Ms E. Txanham, T. JX
Merrell, B. jC. Nix, A. S. Jackson,
G. C. Xanoe, J. C. Bowen Jw F.Gar
jren W. ,W. Beddingfield, J. JX Bar-
4J ' WHar. T r Mfl&WSlL J.' "VT.
Ill IUW ... HH.I , ':
Reddin. " " - .

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