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Western Carolina Democrat and French Broad hustler. [volume] (Hendersonville, N.C.) 1913-1915, July 10, 1913, Image 3

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"We admit frankly, that the Citi
. 2 em Bank want3 your business.
But we also, can assure you that, in
return for your business this Bank
not only offers a service . which we believe almost . perfect, -but un
questioned security, for every dollar entrusted tb our
WE REPEAT: This Ban!: Wants Your Business. :
in : i r
P. E. DURFEE, Pres.
E. 'V. EVTBAim, Vice Pres.
0. E. BROOIIS, Cashier. '..
E. Hi DAVIS, Asst. Cash. v..
M: lfe)j mil k
i 'lings,
Caretn! Attention and
Courteous- Treatment.
'A iwi.Wlii-i mtt
f r-
Isaia EifSht" Ovc27Tood Shingles
Ab Afo Hother In a very short time any building can have its fire- '
trap coveting turned into a modern fire-proof, storm-proof, lightning-proof .
roof at a very moderate cost a roof that will last as long as the building -and
never need repairs. .4
.-. For Sale lit
Farmers Hardware & Supply Compny
Hendersonyille, N. C.
Conrczcinan Cmrl Gives
Praiso to Choinnan cf Great
Finance Ccnuaittco'.
Washington,!). C,, (Special.)
"The Simmons-Underwood Tariff
Revision Bill" is the title of an in
terview with Congressman John
H. Small, of North Carolina, who
takes occasion to compliment in
ithe highest terms the work of
senator Simmons as chairman of
the Finance. committee.
Mr. Small Js statement is as fol
'There is one comment on con
temporaneous : history, interesting
to North Carolinians and cretable
to her senior Senator, and well
worth recording. I refer to a
phase of the pending tariff bili;
While the bill was pending in the
House it was generally referred
to as the "Underwood bill." This
was just and proper. The distin
guished Alabama member not only
gave a prolonged study in i ts pre
paration, but he exhibited a men
tal poise and self control during
u cuusiueranon . in the demo
cratic caucus and in the House
which entitled him to distinguish
ed credit. , ....
'But for weeks now the bill has
been in the Senate. The Finance
committee of that body has given
to the bill exhaustive vnn fstr? ora
tion.: Senator Simmons, as chair
man of that great .committee, has
j exhibited qualities -of real leader
ship. With prodigious industry
and hne intellectual vigor he has
-nsoa County.
- ' -in bupenor Court.
II. E. Braswell
. vs. -
U. B. Smith and Mattia L. Smith,
Summons bv PnhHr.fn
The defendants above named will
,WM tOUCQ tnat aa action entitled as
Dove -has been commenced in the Su
perior court of Anson county, for the
,ct"ve'y oi carnages for breach. of
wuuaui, m tne sum of $3000.000 .and
cV Mae cancenea-a certain deed to
iaas snuatea in the county of Hen
v-.owu, "uuu . Carolina; wnich deed
was made , by, the '. defendant M. B.
omith, to his wife the other defendant
mims action, wnich deed -was made
ior me purpose of defeating tho
U1 sam piamun ta the said proper
ty; and the said defendants win furth.
er take notice that they are . required
iu appear at ine next term of Suneri-
or court for .said countv. whfTi- ia
be, held on the 1st Monday after the
j-si jvionaay m September 1913. at tho
court house in said countv.-and stato
xNortn Carolina, and answer or de
mur to the complaint in the said raiiso
or the plaintiff wil apply to the .court
j uw reuei aemanaea in' his mm.
piamt. . " : -
This the 10th day of -June' 1913.
j W. K. TlOttfiAxr
Clerk of tthe Superior Court of Anson r
vuuuij. . , . - 6-19-4 tC
. . Anson County, 1
In SuDerlor Court.
H E. Braswell, -
TS. . - - " ,
M. R. Smith and Mattie L. Smith. . ,
Notice of Summons and Warrant of
' , , , Attachment.
The. defendants in the above entitled
return Will take, notice that on thfa
analyzed statistics and other ma- f?e 1?lh of June 1913 a summons
At Our
Rubber Sole Ox
fords for Men
and Worn en V
e Save
Money1 r .
Every man and .woman who
buys, a, pair of shoes at our
store' saves from 50c to $1
on every pair. .
Before you buy your next
pair, it will pay you to come
and see us. . .
Every pair of our shoes as''"
guaranteed to give you satis-
faction in every way:
All the newest, styles in all the . latest leathers, made over the
most popujar" lasts, are ready for, your inspection. ;
A line of Gents, Furnishinffs
Hendersonville, N. C.
The " Oakley Florida
terial ; bearing on the several I Ba
cvucuiuca tlJUU. WJIinnwen Iflft I IDA SlJllPrtnr nnnrt for. 'Arasn
wheat from the chaff.. No falla- North Carolina, the? plaintiff claiming
cies. have entrapped him. No , e sum of $3,000 as damages for
protection dogmas have obscured Xrl e wrong-
his vision.. He has earned the which Bummnna i rntMTOQM aZ?JL
connaence oi nis colleagues on the next term of, the Superior court, for
commuiee ana m tne Senate not lu wumy, wncn ,is to De neid. on
onlv in his clear and Wip1 m' He lst Monday in September 1913.
; :r The defendants will also take notice
u xxx yaiuy xo jemocrauc, that a Warrant of Attachment was
meals. tiven the brilliant but lm- if sued- by said clerk of the Snnnr
putsive senator trom iientuckv. court on the loth day of June 1913,
Mr. James,- who is frequeni against the property of the said de
characterized as a radical in tariff
redUQtion, openly expresses his im- ty of Henderson, said Warrant. Isttp-
4licit faith in Chairman Simmons turnable to the next term. of the. Su-
as an ideal tariff reformer. - perlor court for Anson county, at. the
"The Senate committee have TSirSi JS11!? le?i
substantiaUy completed considera- defendants are reauirdA t Mntor
tion of the. bill, and it is now be- answer or demur to the complaint or
lore the caucus of " Democratic me reUef ema3ided will be granted.
senators. Several hundred a- Am8 lue AUUX aa3L OI June LV16i
mendments have been adopted, p. W. K. BOGGAN,
1. il. '. ! .t . I . "
nme since tne civil war tnat a
r . 1 , -m . ... . .
senate r inance committee nas . . NOTICE OF SAJE.
amenaea a tariit Dill in the inter- Under and by virtue of the power of
est ' of the consumer, and withJaN sale contained in that mortgage given
view to restoring competitive in- D Joseph Mccrary and wife, Sarah J.
dustry. In all this Senator Sim- tT' n7 n -l -
J v . v-j first. ' September, 1910, and re-
uwia. uoa.ucwi; guiuiug iiauu. corded in Book 30, at page 175, Re-
as one piece oi eviaence among cora or Mortgages for . Henderson
others that the amendments by the pounty North Carolina, .to secure an
Ratio noTnni.Qta Ti indebtedness of one thousand one
A . . hundred and fifty seven dollars and
ap.provalof ; the administration seventy-five cents ($1,157.75) due on
ana tne House, i may quote irom the first day of September. !1911. with
a statement made last Saturday by interest; default in the payment of
Mr. Underwood, who said i : , Baia maeDieaness navmg Deen, made,
' . ' -.IT mill s.T Kfnnilnw ' , JlV Jnn A
xoCix,c gusti 1913 at tbe court house door in
the Democratic caucus of the
Senate is . satisfactory in a
large measure." None of the
amendments is of a nature to
cause a serious disagreement.
The bill, if it is passed by the
Senate without further alter
ation, will, I believe, speedily
become-a law."
The press recognizes the effi-
Henderson county. North -Carolina.
within the legal' hours of sale, to wit:
at twelve oclock, noon, offer for sale.
and sell, to the highest bidder at pub
lic auction, for cash,, for the purpose
of 'satisfying said indebtedness, the
following described piece and parcel
of land, to wit: ;:' v..'?v-.. .
; Beginning at a stone, J. D. Davis
corner, on the south side of the Davis
road,; thence, with, the road S. 64 de
grees E. 13 poles, thence with the road
ciency and ; capacity .Sunday's N. 59 degrees E. 10 poles, thence with
papers referred conspicuously to Jfe roaa , o oo aegrees . o poies
it, aa' tt j j m thence with the road S. 72 1-2 E. 5
tho "Simmons-Underwood Tariff nniao a Q wnr t
Revision bill. The name of the Davis corner, thence "with H. K- Sit-
senior, senator wiu nereatter oe tons nne .in. zu aegrees ilv.s i-z
linked with the greatest tariff re- poles to a rock; at the railroad N. 47
vw v, a 4? degrees W. 30 "poles to s a stake in
torm legislation. since the famous T MflnrBrv hpr,r with
Walker Act. I have followed the his line S. 30 degrees wi 100 poles to
work of Senator Simmons closely, the beginning, containing 22 acres,
nd i Jmow wnereoi i speaK. more or less. .
This, the 24th day of June, A. 1).
1913. J. R. WILLSON,
6.26-4tc . , Mortgagee.
Michael Schenck, Attorney.
As a JN ortn uaroiiman l am
proud of his record and his dis
tinguished service. " J . '
- Over the Postoffice
HsndsrsDnv ille, N. C.
H ft
X . I r! .
Pithless Dentistry a Specialty
FOR EXCHANGE House and lot at
Inman, S. v C. within three hundred
yards of the bank. Six room house
freshly painted and in good condi
tion. Good out building, situated in
grove. Lot two acres, splendid or
chard and garden.: Value $2500.00.
Will exchange for small farm or
property near Hendersoriviile. Ad
dress "Owner" Box 543, Spartan-
burg, S. C. v'j'j 6.19-3 tp -A
Singer Sewing Machines for sale, lease
or rent J. A. O. Jones,' opposite Court
House. ' ' . .
THONE Y0UB ITAlfTS Jfumher 11
for drugs, Ice Cream, etc., Prompt
service.:..:- Brooks Pharmacy. 6.19tf
"The Oakley Florida. Home under the - able management of
Irs. Frank King has opene d for the season.
Mrs. King has made exte nsive improvements this year, one
among the many are several private baths. . ' ;
' W. P. BANE- ;
. ', . , j -. . .;
Can furnish cut and crushed stons ol
any description.
irEET HE ct Hunter's VIztz-zzj"
Electric corner. , C-18-tf
JTJST EECEITED--Car load of Wes
tern Hay, price $1.25 . hundred but
will sell for $1 while It lasts, get It
now. Govan Hyder. - - 6-26-2tc
Hunter's Pharmacy. F. V, Hun
ter. ., . . . " 6-19-tf
I OB SALE-One J. W. Miller Incuba
tor, capacity 120 , eggs J Practically
new. A bargain. Apply J. P. Pat-
ton, Flat Roclr, N. JC.
S i M Bk mum. - ffh - .
Have Jug received.'.! COeiglit ,;rib-
bed full sized varzon 6? hurrfv
.umbrellas. ' retail tlie iorli
over at' 0ll60
k t
ii ilMii' elixir--"
Villi dl Kxlnres
Cuts the Price and Sails the Good
Kmgan's "Crest" rand Sliced Brealifast Bacon
nn 'Mm"
Beariis Squash, Cucumberi
Liettucef ; Onions, Tomatoes
Potatoes-Fruits of all Kind
Phone 169 W. M. GUILXi Main St
el 1 n
1 ' Best made, Will outlast any other grade
See our new up-to-date Stationery '
Books that sold for$1.25 to $1.50
Now 50 cents
Books by best standard authors for 10c Latest-and best maga
zines. Base ball goods. ' ' "
. Whitaker's Book Store '
- j.
e Quality Shop
Branch of the Spartanburg Quality Shop
. " People's National iBank Building.
w.- RmvyiqNs"-'
Move Into their Handsome New
Store in the W anteska Bank
"T - ' ' " ".' " " - -' . . ' ' '
; which, they purchased apd have compltely reoiodeled for
Jeelry and Optical Business
" - '
They will show a new and comnlete line ; of Diamonds.
. watches, clocks, Jewelry, cut Glass, Hand Painted China
and Optical goods. With, this new and complete arrang
ed Optical parlor and repair departments they will be in
first class shape tb take care of all work in the quickest
. possible manner- "Will give you satisfaction ct refund your
money. ' . . , - -
mmm mm mm. m V V 4 KJ , W- ' M

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