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presiding Judge Bars Testimony Re
garding Acts Wherein Legislators
were Concerned. . J
Albany, N. Y., Sept 29. Gov. Sulzer
today won. a triple victory over his
accusers at the trial of his impeach
ment. Presiding Judge Cullen, of the high
court, barred the introduction of evi
dence intended to prove that the gov
ernor had made a corrupt political
bargain with Assemblyman Patrie, of
Greene county, and held as incompe
tent testimony brought forward to
chow that he had made similar bar
gains with Assemblyman Sweet, of
Oswego county, and Assemblyman
rnrue, of Essex.
The legislation in each case had to
do with highway and bridge improve
ments provided for in bills passed by
the legislature to which the assembly
men were desirous of getting the gov
ernor's signature. In the Patrie case
no charges were brought in the ar
ticles of impeachment, and on this
ground Judge Cullen threw the charge
Rheims, France, Sept. 28. The most
interesting and instrutive event of the
second day of the Rheims aviation
meet was a cross-country race for
monoplanes and biplanes. The race
vas five times around a 30 kilo-metre
course. The result was a 'complete
triumph for the monoplanes, nearly all
of which made better time than the
leading biplane.
A novel feature of the race was that
the machines were lined. up in a row
are started by flag in the same man
ner that a horse race is started. The
biplanes were first sent away. Half
an hour later the monoplanes followed,-
Three -of the biplanes" abandoned
the race and most of the others were
compelled to land once or twice.
The altitude contest brought forth
sensational flying. Mr. Gilbert made
a determined, and what at first seemed
to be a successful attack on Henrey
cn's record of 19,300 feet, but an offi
cial examination of his recording in
struments showed that he ascended
only 19,020 feet. - ...
Representatives of the Aero club of
England and France met here today
and decided to hold an annual race
between London ad Paris .beginning
in 1914. Sepcial new handicapping
rules for the race have been adopted.
Washington, Sept. 29. The adminis
tration has reluctantly concluded that
at present there Is no constitutional
means of opening communication on
an official basis with the Mexican
This fact developed today as the re
sult of an inquiry as to whether John
I ind, President Wilson's special com
missioner to Mexico, was planning to
communicate with "the constitutional
ists with a view to obtaining a promise
from them to respect a true' while the
projected October elections in Mexico
are under way.
The administration is much interest
ed in the bringing forward of new
candidates for the Mexican -presidential
nomination, though not frilling to
express any opinion as to the signifi
cance of these entries in their, bearing
upon the settlement of the question
s to whether or not the government
of Provisional President Huerta is
genuinely complying with the desire
of the United States government for a
free and fair election in Mexico.
Hendersonville is nothing if not up-to-date
and its latest effort .in this di
rection was a jail delivery effected
Tuesday night in which three prison
ers confined in a cell of the county
il awaiting trial for crimes against
Peace and dignity of the state, made
tlieir get-away. The men who escap
ed were Sturgeon Kuykendall, charg
ed with highway robbery in snatching
a satchel and jewelry from lady guests
tf the Highland Lake club. Bob Col
lins charged with snapping a pistol at
iputy Sheriff Otis Powers and Joan
Vheatley charged with being an acces
Bry to the same offense. The mute
evidence of the escape shows that they
f awed one of the bars of the front win
dow of the cell in which they were
confined and lowered themselves to the
ground made from the bed clothing.
r&e escape took place after the mid
ght hour and was discovered early
yesterday morning by Deputy Dotson
Distinguished Speakers From Raleigh
and Elsewhere Address Instructors.
Large dumber Present
An enthusiastic teachers meeting
was held at the Hendersonville Grad
ed school last Saturday which was at
tended by fully seventy five of the
county teachers together. with a num
ber of citizens. There were present
beside Supt Shitle of this county,
Prof. Cale of the Graded schools and
E. L. Perkins, County Farm Denidn
ttrator representing Henderson coun
ty, - several visitors of prominence
among them were L. C. Brogden, state
supervisor of public schools, T. E.
Brown, head of the Boys' Corn Club
work for the state and C. H. Trow
bridge of Brevard. . Prof. Cale intro
duced the speakers of whom Mr.
Brogden was the first He spoke at
length onv the organization of schools
rnd explained in detail, the relation of
the teacher to the neighborhood in
which he or she taught.v Mr. Brown
followed and directed his remarks
chiefly to the great work which the
Boys' Corn Clubs and the Girls To
mato Clubs were doing throughout the
state and urged the fostering of these
organizations .in Henderson county.
Mr. Trowbridge also made an interest
ing address. The meeting was one of
the most successful meeting of teach
ers ever held in this county.
Anticipate Wilson's Visit.
Washington, Sept, 28. Sailors and
officers of the battleships of the Atlan
tic fleet are looking forward anxiously
to the presence of President Wilson,
their- commander-in-chief, Secretary
Daniels and members of the president's
cabinet, who next month will be guests
ol the secretary of the navy at the an
nual fall battle practice off the Vir
gina capea, The president is expected
ti witness the maneuvers and firing of
big guns from 'his . .yacht, the May
'fio w-er: . J- ; -trW. 'XZ': "L-" -
At the elementary practice recently
completed the battleship Arkansas
made a new record which also is be
lieved to be a world's record. With
her twelve inch guns in six shots she
made six hits in fifty seven seconds.
' The Minstrel Show. ,
Rehearsals 'are now in progress by
the Hendersonville Minstrels and a
splendid performance will assuredly
be the result The date of the show
has not been definitely set because of
the fact that several church revivals
are. scheduled to be held during Octo
ber and the minstrel show will have
to be held after, they are over. Some
date early in November will be an
nounced later. A number of new
song hits have been received from
New York and much interest and en
thusiasm has been arused among the
fun. .loving people of the city. The
next rehearsal will be held tomorrow
(Friday, Oct 3rd) evening at 8 o'clock.
For the performance the services of
quite a number of prominent people
have been enlited during the past
week and the indications now point to
a greater success than was anticipated
at the start
Roanoke, Va., Sept. 30. Two regis
tered packages one of $10,000 and an
other containing $1,000 are missing
from the registered pouch of the post
effice at Pocahontas, Va. Coincident
with the disappearance of the itwo
packages, a local detective firm his
teen asked by postoffice inspectors at
Bluefield, assistant postmaster at Po
cahontas for whose arrest federal war-
j rants have been issued charging Sil
' berger with the robbery of the two
. packages.
who tracked the men through the Per
kins lot where they .got on the side
walk and the trail was lost It is sus
pected that the saw with which the
bar was cut had been furnished the
prisoners by outside friends- who pass
ed it up from the ground on a pole.
The sheriff and his deputies are exect
mg every effort to apprehend the .es
caped men and hope bjefore long ta
have them back in their cells. The
men were to have been tried at this
torm of court and all of them were
charged with offenses which would
have sent the mto the "gang" had they
been proven guilty. In the same cell
with the men '-who escaped was also
confined T. O. Charles who claimed
tha tthe sawing was aone aua me co
cape eiiected while he was asieep ana
tnat he Knew nothing of it Charles
would probabV have been released to
day, but may be held longer pending
an investigation of the jail delivery.
arid French'
Wm mm
Offers to Return Voluntarily to Jfew
-York, State If Jerome Can Show In
dletment Found Against Him.
- J-
Concord, N. H., Sept 29. Friends
and . associates of Harry K. Thaw are
vorrying considerably over the failure
tc rid himself of a heavy cold with
which he has been afflicted for a week.
Thaw has been under the care of a
local physician, but has not responded
will to the treatment prescribed. His
broken refet and the hard work he has
been doing with his secretary, since
his arrival here have somewhere re
duced his weight
Thaw today issued a statement am
plifying the declaration made by. John
Ringwood, one of his counsel, at
Foughkeepsle, N. Y., that the fugitive
would return voluntarily to Dutchess
county and answer the indictment for 4
conspiracy to escape from the insane
asylum at Matteawan, N. Y., if such
indictment had been found at the time
that Wm. T. Jerome, special attorney
general of New, York, stated at the ex
tradition hearing.
3fany Confederate Veterans : Enjoy
Saturday at Laurel Park Several
Patriotic Speeches Made by Orators.
There was an enthusiastic reunion
of Confederate Veterans at Laurei
I'ark last Saturday which was not only
attended by veterans - but also -by
Daughters and Sons of the Confeder
acy. Commander J. P. Johnson pre
sided and after prayer by Comrade
Young, Hon. W. A. Smith was intro
d iced and made the oration o f the oc
casion. Mr. Smith "made an elaborate
eddress which was listened to very at
tentativesly and which brought cheers"
and other applause from his hearers,.
- His subject was "The Ideal Confed
erate Soldier" and he spoke of-the
greatness of the Immortal ;RloeTliJEIfr;ljp9piIs wereJUeldjntipurvQ'jock
Lee and the wonderful strategy of
that mysterious Stonewall Jackson
and other great generals of the South.
He told how they with their master
ful minds and brains could plan great
battles, but that it devolved upon the
men such as he was addressing to ex
ecute the plans." The men in gray
who composed the batallions on th
firing-line were the men upon whom
devolved the success ev failure of the.
undertaking. How well they did their
part, history tells," safd the speaker.
Continuing he said that while he would
not detract from the laurels of those
who were in command, yet' it was the
sublime nerve and courage of the pri
vate soldiers who went forward in the
discharge of their duty, amidst the
storm of shot and shell, toward the
redoubts and breast-works of' the
enemy, with unfaltering steps, up to
the belching cannons, were the heroes
of the occasion. These were men
whom the rising generation ought to
admire and their deeds be kept fresh.
These were men who gave prestige to
the great armies of the South.
He spoke of the new organization of
L the children of the Confederacy. How
rlad he was that this order Was in ex
istence and how important it shouH
be to inculcaW in their young minds
the deeds of valor of these same men
who have furnished the brightest; pages
?n American history. Continuing he
said "Talk of the heroes of the Revo
lution of the Mexican war; of. the
Light Brigade at Balakclave. A com
parison with that of the Confederate
soldier in the civil war at Gettysburg
and Fredericksburg and numerous
battlefields, will show how insignifi
cant the former were. In closing he
said "you, have no idea how much 1
feel honored in being invited to' ad
dress the veterans ' and a privilege
which" is appreciated beyond measure.
. Commander A. Cannon waB' called
upon and responded by saying that he
was proud ot the fact that he was a
Confederate soldier and of the causes
which nerved him to stand faithful
amidst it all, which he said was at'
tributable to the influences "back
tome." The women of the South who
labored in the fields; who kept up the
farms; who spun and wove the clothes
I tmd fed the army; whose husbands
andsons were at the front, deserved
as much honor as those on the muster
roll. His remarks concerning the
wives and sisters of the soldiers Were
much applauded.
Dinner was next on the prdgrani
and never in the history of Laurel
Park has there been such a "spread"
as was enjoyed. Boxes and baskets
were sent to veterans of the neigh
borhood who were ill and there was
still much left . f
Resolutions thanking the manage
ment of the Laurel Park estate, and
Miss Jordan,- proprietor of the Laurel
Park Villa for courtesies extended.
There was a photographer present and
protographs of the veterans and other
groups were taken during the day.
Altogether the meeting w.s most en
joyable and 'all who attended had a
good time. " . ,
Editor's Note The Democrat is in
debted to W. G. Gullick,- adjutant of
the camp for the above account of the
rreeting. - ' "
Efoad Hustler
CfllilES FOR OCT. rail
One Murder Case and Many Minor
Cases on Docket for TrialsLarge
Attendance From Over County.
ine criminal term ol the Superior
CDurt . convened in Hendersonville
Tuesday morning with Judge Justice
on the bench. Monday was the regu
lar day for the opening of the court
but the" judge was detained bv the
naai grind did not begin until Tues
y. A large number of citizens from
ail parts of the county have been at
tending court as jurors, litigants,, wit
nesses or spectators so that Court
House Square has presented a busy
spectacle throughout the week. The
docket is not a long one and these arc
on it no cases of sensational import-
ance with the exception of the case Of
the state against Jules Collins charged
with the killing of Joseph Israel about
a year. ago. This case has been post
poned several times but it is expected
that It will come to trial at this term
f the court There are also ten or
more cases of retail liquor selling
which wil be tried and a number of
it i demeanor cases. One highway
robbery and several larceny cases will
also occupy the attention of the court
if the highwayman who escaped from
jail yesterday morning is apprehended
In time.- '
School Hoard Meets and Decides
That Arrangement for Teaching
Shall Remain Same as Former
' - Years. .
At a meeting of the Hendersonville
City Sthool Board held Saturday even
ing it was decided that the one ses
sion plan' as obtained last year and
previous years, will be adhered to this
yi ajy-: During the first week of school
in the afternon, thus dividing the day
t siderabfe complaint on the part of
many parents and practically all of
the pupils as it proved inconvenient
to both. , With the one session which
"Mows school to be dismissed at 2
o'clock, the pupils may go honie to
their dinner and have time to prepare
their studies for the next day without
disturbing their slumber hours.
Reports - From ' - Hankow China Say
That Four Americans Have Been
Captured bj Bandits and Are Now
Hankow,' China, . Sept 30. Five
American and four Norwegian mis
sionaries are in the hands of the
Chinese banits, who Friday captured
the town of Tsao Yang. The American
prisoners are reported to be Mr. and
Mrs. Holmes and child and Mr. "and
Mrs. Fanske. . .
The Rev. C. Stdtikstad, of The
Hague's Norwegian mission, telegraph
cd from Fancheng that Mr. Fauske,
who is attached to the Lutheran Luth
eran Brethren mission, still was held
fo rransom, but was separated from
his wife, who, with the other foreign
ers, was held prisoner in anotheY part
of the city.
Mr. J. G. Hefner of R'. F. D. No. 3 is
in the city this week attending court.
Miss Rose Sunofsky left last week for
Wilmington where she will spend some
Popular in Asheville.
The Asheville Citizen in announc
ing the marriage of two prominent
young Hendersonville people has the
following notice :
"Of interest to a host of friends
tin oughout Western North Carolina is
the wedding of Miss Sadie Smathers,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John W.
Smathers, of Hendersonville, and Mr.
Preston F. Patton, also of Henderson
ville, which took place at the Episco
pal church, Hendersonville, Sunday at
noon. Dr. R. N. -Willcox, pastor of
the church, said the, ceremony: The
wedding had been set for later in the
fall, but as Sunday happened to be
Miss Smathers' birthday, she and Mr.
Patton decided to make it -her wed
ding day as well. They went to the
church without attendants .other than
the necessary witnesses and were
quietly married. Immediately follow
ing the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Pat
Ion left in an automobile for their
honey ,moon, and were at Charlotte
yetterday. Mrs. Patton is the daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Smath
ers, tof Hendersonville, and Is one of
the 'popular members of Henderson
ville society. She is well known in
ARheville. where she has visited many
times .and is a niece of Dr. WesleyH
Smathers, of this city. Mr. Patton is
the son of Mrs. Annie Patton, of Hen
dersonville, and is a prominentbank
er and real estate dealer, being vice
riesident of the First Bank & Trust
Co., of Hendersonville. Mr. and Mrs.
Patton will return to Hendersonville
this week, making their home at the
new residence recently erected by Mr.
Tatton on Third avenue, West" .
Ninety Are in High School and Seven-
- teen Graduates Commercial . De-
- partment is Attractive Featurel -
The Hendersonville Graded school
has reached the high water mark in
attendance, having now about five nun
died pupils, on the rolls. Of this num
ber about ninety are in the High
school and seventeen in the graduat
ing class! The new school year has
begun most auspiciously, and there is
every Indication that this will be the
most successful year in the history of
Hendersonville's schools. The Com
mercial department of the graded
school is an attractive feature and af
fords the opportunities offered by
business colleges. In this department
are taught bookkeeping, stenography,
typewriting and such things as are
necessary to a commercial education.
There Is a small charge for pupils in
this department which for the double
course amounts to about $24.00 for the
year or $3.00 per month. For this
small amount young gentlemen and
ladies of Hendersonville and vicinity
are given advantages which' would
cost a considerable sum in a regular
commercial college. Quite a number
are now availing themselves of the
benefits of this department, but many
more could be accommodated. ' Miss
ijary Minot Hill, a very capable teach
er .is in charge of the commercial'
Fire Bell Arrives.
The city of Hendersonville now has
a fire bell. It has just arrived from
the foundry in Massachusetts and
weighs In the neighborhood of, nv3
hundred pounds. It may be heard all
over the city with distinctness and will
be used in case of fire, riots and other
disagreeable happenings. , In order
that there may be some - system ob
served, the city will probably be divid
ed, into wards and-a. certain number of.
fire or other trouble is' located in a
certain part of the city. The bell will
be swung in the tower of the city hall.
Important Matters Come Before Great
, er Hendersonville Club at Last Meet
- ing Several Important Committee
At the last regular meting of the
Greater Hendersonville Club, which
was well attended, T. R. Barrows was
elected secretary of the club. Mr. Bar
rows - will devote all his time to the
duties of the position and will be un
der $1,000 bond.
A committee was appointed to ascer
tain the assessed valuation, the bank
deposits, and the postal receipts of
each one of the various counties com
prising the Greater Western North
Carolina Association.--The committee:
T. W.. Valentine, K. G. Morris, Brown -low
Jackson, G. M. Glazener, H. F.
Stewart A committee was appointed
to Tecommend some disposition of the
funds subscribed for the purpose of
fighting the telephone increase, and to
pay outstanding bills. The committee,
W. S. Miller, R.'M. Oates and K. G.
Morris. There will be no meeting of
the club Thursday night. The club,
meets in the city council chamber and
the city counsel will hold their regular
meeting on that date.
The secretary's office is in the city
hall where he may be found every
morning from 8 to' 10, and where a
telephone will shortly be installed.
The users of city water are hereby
notified that, the water will be cut off
fro mthe pipes on Friday afternoon,
Qct 3rd, between the hours of 3 and 5.
The purpose is to allow time for the
cleaning of the reservoir.
Mr. T. J. Underwood of Horse Shoe,
spent Friday in the city.
Much Encouragement Given Scientific
Farming by Henderson County Men.
Valuable Instruction Promised.
"There are about sixty Henderson
county farmers who will be experi
mental farming -during the coming
year," said County Demonstrator Per
kins yesterday. Continuing he said:
"I am greatly pleased with the enthu
siasm which some of these Henderson
mnntv farmers are showing and there
is little doubt but that there is a gen
eral desire througnout tnis section to
acquire information and knowledge on
natters pertaining to the farm. The
locations which I have selected for the
experiment stations are all convenient
so that those who care to investigate
bur process and methods may do so
Numerous Wholesome and Amusing
Attractions Constantly Being Added
for Entertainment of Visitors.
''"he approaching Western North
Carolina Fair, which will be held in
Asheville from October 7 to 10, gives
promise Of being bigger and more rep-,
resentative and more complete with
wholesome fun, entertainment and in
struction than those of the two previ
ous years, as evidenced by, the number
of prominent speakers, Including some
of the foremost orators of the coun
try; and the extended list of Fair at
tractions. Among the noted speakers are the
following: Secretary of State William
Jennings Bryan, Hon James J. Britt,
former third assistant postmaster gen
eral, of Asheville; Hon. John S. Rut
ledge, the noted Irish orator of Cleve
land, O.; - General Bennett H. Young,
Commander in Chief of the United
Confederate Veterans of Louisville,
Ky.; Mr. M. V. Richards, Land and In
dustrial Agent of the Southern Rail
way, of Washington, D. C.. In addition
to these a number of prominent citi
zens of Western North Carolina will
take part in the program of addresses,
among which are the folio wing r;:
On the opening day of the Fair, Edu
cational Day, Mr. Britt, will be intro
duced by Prof. I. C. Griffin of Marion,
rrayer will be offered by Rev. J. D.
Arnold of Waynesville with Profit. D.
McDowell of Canton, presiding.
Secretary Bryan will be Introduced
by Dr. L. B. McBrayer of Asheville.
Brotherhood Day with Hen.
! Shipman of Raleigh, presiding ;
morning exercises and Rev. R. a. . ..:!
cox of. HendersonHe;". presiding u-.?:--the
afternoon exercises, when Rev. Mr.
J.Rutledge will be introduced by. Judge
f Thomas A. Jones of Asheville. .
i On Military Day General Bennett H.
1 Young will be introduced by Col. J. M.
Ray of Asheville with State Adjutant ,
ie&eral" Lawrenee W,;lYiungj)f JRal- J
Xjovernor Craig will be introduced
cn the last day of the Fair, Western
North Carolina Day, by Hon. Felix E.
Alley of Waynesville with Hon. T. T.
Ballinger of Tryon, presiding in the af
ternon and Col. Sandford H. Cohen at
night, at which time Mr. Richards will
be introduced by Hon. W. E. Breese of
The Fair association has set a high
moral standard for the coming fair
and while the attractions will be num
erous, mirth provoking and entertain
ing in a most wholesome manner, as
surances are given that nothing of a
questionable nature will be allowed on
the grounds. A splendid list of attrac
tractions have been announced and ad
ditional ones are being booked- daily,
the list to date including the following :
Prof. McFall's dog and monkey, cir
1 us, Georgia Minstrels, Happy Hooli
gan and Gloomy Gus auto trick house,
Martin & Geimett's comedy, acrobatic
acts, McLinn trio comedy balancing
acts, Marvelous Melville's thrilling
aerial acts, Sutton Brothers' sensation
; a lacts on comedy, bars, Metcalf s ani
' mal and reptile shows, Jewell Broth
ers' daily balloon; ascensions, Motor
drome, Ferris wheel, music by Boys
' Scout Band, BryQn .Military band,
First Regiment bSnd gorgeous pydo
tcrnic display every night, McLinn's
' Musical Comedy & Jfovelty Company'3
. v . j . i . i
comeay acroDauc acts ana musical
comedy singing, funny comedians and
pretty girls in high dancing.
Misses Mary Rice and Arah Davis
of Asheville are the guests of Miss
Lillie Brooks.
The Jewish Jfeir Year.
The people of the Jewish faith are
ceelbrating today the feast of "Rosh
Ashune" which corresponds to the
Christian New Year. AH orthodox
jews observe the feast and in conse
quence the business house of H. Pat
terson in this city will be closed today
and tomorrow until 6 p. m. tomorrow
witha minimum amount of trouble.
At the present time the farmers ..are
all busily engaged with crops and have
not had time to devote to the theoret
ical part of the business that they will
have later. I dare say that after an
other year the desire for information
vill have greatly increased in this
spntion as it is my ournose to show the
T,pnrle what may be accomplished by
j scientific farming." Mr. Perkins spent
the week in company with Prof. Shitle,
county superintendent and several ex
pert farming instructors from Raleigh,
visiting the severs.! eocticn?j?f
; county anu a.4. . --
j rnd Mills River, there were large au
' diences who were much Interested In
1 the discourses of the demonstrators.-

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