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liKiSB COO CcI!3rEl
im Freae& Broad Hutler
Published by
Geriem F. Garlinjton. Kaaasrer.
jtaji XL Htllowell, Editor.
One 'Year, in advance $1.60
fiight Months, in advance. ....... LOO
45ix Months, in advance 75
Tour Months, in advance 50
Write it 1915.
' The weather is quite fickle from
2ad to worse.
There were only a few holiday
3rides hereabouts.
Sand-clay streets will be far superior
to passage ways minus the sand.
" - - - -
First take care of your suffering
mcighbors then if you have any charity
?eft it will be time enough to look after
he Belgians
With Christmas behind us we have
So excitement to look forward to until
the municipal election except an occa-
clonal dog fight.
In making your New Year resolu
tions don't forget your duties toward
organized charities and the Greater
Hendersonville club.
It is fortunate for Hendersonville
and the neighboring .summer resorts
that all their residents are not able
to vamoose for more congenial hiber
nal climes
Make it a point to attend those
ficplth meetings and hear what Dr.
Kankin has to say on Friday. Hi3
toctrine needs to be put into practice.
Resolve, 1st, that during the year
3.815 I shall continue to read the Dem
ocrat; second, but that I shall sub
scribe for it and quit bothering my
If you ever thought that a cabbage
iian't. get deserved consideration or
'vice versa, thoughtfully peruse the
lines of Mr. Rickman in the Forum.
The Democrat sincerely trusts that he
tiad cabbage of various sorts for- his
Xmas dinner.
GiviDg to the suffering Belgians is
worthy beneficence but we cannot see
Ihe necessity for becoming worked up
ibr the people across the sea when
Caere Is much suffering from cold and
liunger right at our doors in Hender
sonville. The Democrat acknowledges witn
many thanks a fine box of oranges
from llr. E. E. West, of Jacksonville,
J'la., a summer resident of Henderson--ville.
Although belated the fruit prov
ed to be toothsome and very much in
demand among the ofllce force.
Mr. Farmer, it remains with you
whether or not the farm demonstra
tion work is to be continued in Hen
clorson county. Your silence at this
ime - means the pad neglect of your
own -interest and also that of your
neighbor. Why not manifest your
CrUUngness to make of Henderson a
great; agricultural county? This may
le done by appearing before the coun
ty commissioners Monday and urging
the continuance of. the farm demon
stration work. The question is left
vith you.
The organization of an .association
- or the acceptation and dispensation of
oharities has not been perfected as
yet, but the detailed work is slowly
progressing and it is to be hoped that
the institution will be placed on a good
sorting basis.
The, charity work that has been
done , in this city has to some extent
Seen loose-handed. People have
often given to those seeking alm3
without knowing the merits of the
fceggar, for the reason that there was
mo organization through which the
ases might be investigated. Organiz
ed charities will take care of all this
work and when it reaches a good
-working basis it will be the center of
AlJ charitable activities not wholly
performed by the churches or lodges.
Foiw- meetings have been held, a
preliminary one, another to draw a
oonstitutlon and. two others to perfect
.n organization, but all the delegates
failed to appear at the two meetiiua
Monday and without the constitution
tbf fore them the plan of organization
prescribed by the constitutional com
mittee could not be followed. Anoth
er meeting will be held at 10:30 o'clock
- Monday, at which it is to be hoped
a good representation will be present
and organize for the great amount of
Tfrork that needs to, be done in Hen
dersonville." "
A review of the report of Farm
Demonstrator E! Perkins makes in
for' those who are Interested in. the
more modern and . progressive meth
ods of agriculture.
The results of demonstration work
in Henderson county for one year
show most gratifying returns In that
the average number of bushels of
corn to the acre is sixty-three against
only twenty for the State at large.
While it costs the average farmer in
the State sixty cents to grow a bush
el of corn it is grown In Henderson
county at a cost of 22 1-2 cents.
The result of demonstration woru
foi wheat and hay is encouraging and
the report of Mr. Perkins should bo
given most serious consideration by
tfcc farmers who wish to improve their
methods and thereby greatly increase
the profits. '
If the spraying of fruit will continue
to produce eight bushels of salabla
cpples out of ten instead of two out of
ten as ' heretofore, the price of. the
demonstration work in Henderson
county would be defensible if only'
fruit growing were to receive the at
tention of the demonstrator.
- In the light of these facts we can't
see how the commissioners would feel
Justified itt'discontlhulng the work nor
how the farmers could view it other
wise than their' plain duty to appear
Lefore-jthe commissioners - in regard
to the continuance of the demonstra
tion work at their meeting Monday,
when the matter will be re-opened for
further consideration. If the. farmers
stow sufficient interest the work will
be continued, therefore we hope that
tbey will be abreast of their urgent
r.r eds in regard to this valuable work
iu Henderson county.
Hendersonville needs money. It has
always needed money and we predict
will always need it. This lack of suf
ficient finances with which to make
l ublic improvements and conduct the
general business of the city is not
chargeable to extravagance or lack of
judicious applications of the funds at
hand. ' - -
Sidewalks have been asked for but
the city can't build them; a new water
tr.ed is a necessity, but bonds will
have. to be issued; a new city hall is
needed, providing a city market, office.. 1
for administrative affairs, city, prison,
fire station, etc., but things" will
doubtless rock along as they are un
til probably the building ; which has
been condemned, falls in the path cf
some heavy storm; we need more at
tention paid to sanitation and beautifi
es tion and numerous other conditions
that might be improved.
Who is able to name a remedy.
The tax " rate is now 3-1.35 which
would be sufficiently high .were tho
property correctly appraised. Would
it be wise to raise the tax rate? If
cot, could Hendersonville as a health
lesort consistently lag behind in its
improvements .while other sections al)
around us better equip themselves for
the needs and comforts of both resi
dents and visitors?
Do we want to grow and prosper?
How can we do it without money and
plenty of it?
Can we expect to live in a - city with
the many natural advantages that wo
proudly possess without more ex
pense than would be required in less
favored climes? Certainly not! Hen
dersonville is composed for the great-"
er part of a cosmopolitan citizenship.
People are here from many state?.
They came for various reasons- main
ly because they could enjoy advant
ages not to be had elsewhere. Now
should we object, to, .paying, for these
exceptional advantages or privileges?
The business and professional mei
of Spartanburg have felt the call of
the hour. The tax of $1.25 is not suffi
cient to pay current expenses and the
interest on the $774,000 bonded indebt
edness therefore they have decided to
petition the legislature "to pass an
enabling act whereby the rate may be
raised to an amount not to exceed $2.00
as compared with Greenville's rate ot
The Waynesville Courier charges
Henderson county with having pulled
out of the Greater Western North
Carolina Association, and the Hender
sonville Democrat charges the Cou
rier with that is, says the Courier
made a deviation from the straight
line of veracity; says that Henderson
county has done no such a thing. The
News wishes to serve notice of its
strict neutrality, and offer our services
as mediator. Brevard News. 7
The boarding houses as well as
many business concerns have shown a
disposition to remain out of the
Greater Hendersonville club. . Don't
wait for some ont to beg you to do
that which is your plain duty. Join
the club you need its influence and it
needs your help. . -
Hendersonville residents . will no
doubt be interested in the announce
ment; of ManagerrGeorge-WJr.Vustlce
thatvthere will be liberal applications
of r sand to the streets ahd "sidewalks
during, the winter. . '
Improvements of this kind will give
Hendersonville the distinction of hav
ing sand-clay streets while Henderson
county will be 'a net work of sand
clay roads, thereby making travel in
both rural and urban districts much
less difficult and far more enjoyable.
Since a number of streets in the
city have been paved and miles of ce
ment sidewalks built, the muddy,
streets are much more undesirable,
therefore some money invested. 5u
hauling sand on the clay beds will, it
used in sufficient quantities, be the
means of making Hendersonville more
attractive by reason of greatly improv
ed streets.
Paved streets are so expensive that
the city ' cannot, afford to invest In
them to avery great extent, but with
an abundance of 'free sand,: which we
understand has. been offered by Road
Supervisor P. Fi Patton, thejecan not
remain for many more winters' an ex
cuse for almost impassable streets
fet&h as the people have tolerated for
m any, yeara. v
The1 sand-clay idea appears to be
feasible for street building as well as
foa "building, especially on the side
walks and more important thorough
fares of the city. The Democrat would
be glad to see this sand street-building
campaign kept up from year to year
until the people 'can see their way
clear to invest in something more ex-
pfnsive and permanent
J. (Contributed.)
; :
This is the last day of the year 1914
and there should be high resolves and
earnest purposes of reforms in every
life which seeks the realization of
higher ideals as time passes. There
Is no more convenient season for
reaching the conclusion to improve
one's opportunity in life than upon
the threshold of the glad new year,
after enjoying' the delightful festivi
ties of the happy .Christmas, season,
when the cup of joy still lingers
around the hearthstone. -The new
year should bring to all the thougtn
and desire to become better men an4
women and "more useful citizens. It
Is a, good time for thought, a good
time for new resolutions, not to be
hastily made and carelessly broken
but to be thoughtfully made and sa
credly kept. December 31st marks
the turning point in many wayward
lives and permits the jaded and weary
heart of the evil doer to begin anew
its purpose of saving the man. It re
cords the determination of the sinful
8nd repentant to forsake evil ways
and resolve, heaven-helped, to control
their old selves and live new lives for
the future; to get away from them
selves, shake off the old familiar de
mon and be ready on the morrow to
smile back to the dear, sweet, Innocent
little boys and girls, who cry out to
all "A happy New Year." .
Let those who would actually "turn
over a new leaf he reminded now Is
the acc$$ted ime. Of course, thoao
who may be content with their present
riatlon in life will continue to plo.l
along. In a blind thoughtless way,
drifting with the tide. All of' us are
in 'the stream which bears our boats
along, despite any protest to arrest its
progress. The only means of escape
from the rocks and whirl-pools, Inci
dent" to the journey, . lies in a proper
handling of the oars, by each Individ
ual .of his. own Jittle Jbarque.-r-by th
proper use of which he may steer
cTear of breakers along the way. While
we may not be able to control the
r.tream, everyone, who wills to do so.
may certainly succeed In directing hit
owrr boat If the water has not beer
smooth the past year, opportunity oX
locatlng-the dangei points has been af
forded and further contact with these
same impediments thereby avoided.
But, after all, it. must be remember
cd that every man is the architect of
his own fortune.- Old self has to be
conquered first, for by personal effort
rnly are the heads of men and women
kept above the waves of adversity. Dur
ing this glad new year, now dawning
uponthis .world," each and every one of
us should strive to curb passion,
bridle appetite, be thoughtful :n
speech, from the errors of the past
take warning for the future, and start
upon a new threshold aright." And
ptarted right endeavor, by courage and
determination, to keep" In the middle
of the road, face -to the front, head
erect anda firm resolve to win in ths
battle of life. It is within the power
of each and everyone to do so, with
the help of Him who doeth all things
well. Through the sunshine and the
rain, we should strive to carry a word
of cheer to those around us, remem
bering that, with all the thorns -and
thistles; . . - , . ;
"This world we live in ; "' ' '
-if a mierhtv hard to beat.
f ibngh a t&ortiWltiiery rose; ' " V
behalf ot oliThe Democrat,' r the;
t&vqr of the people; i ? Invoked for? th';
cniing'.yyearnarity' for . the short
comings, and recognition of whatever
merit it possesses, it gives greetings
to itg many readers and wishes each
of ihiem a happy and prosperous new
year." For its own part, the Democrat
thanks the public most sincerely for
that liberal and loyal suppor it has
received the past year. Many evi
dences of popular favor have come to
it, from time to time, for which it Is
profoundly grateful to many friends.
So saying, the paper starts on the long
journey to another mile-post, in the
hope that no" danger may befall it by
the- way, and with the sincere wish
that one and all may realize, before
its close, that the year 1915 has been
exceedingly kind to them.
; i . :: HONORS.
. The North Carolina . Legislature will
convene : on Wednesday, January 6,
for the bl-ennial session lasting
sixty days,.. There will be some honor?
to pass around, a few compliments to
bestdw upon, worthy ones and; a num
berpf clerkships for ' fortunate" aspir?.
ahts.- First and foremost, the duty of
phacting a Speaker will devolve upon
thek Democratic caucus of the House,
and- four aspirants are mentioned In
connection with this important post.
These are: Emmett R. Wooteni of'Le-"
rJpir; L? H. Aired, of Johnston; A. A.
F fieawell, of Lee, and T. C- Bowie, of
Ashe. J No mistake will be , made, it
matters not which one of these capa
ble and deserving Democrats Is select
ed to wield the gavel over the popular
branch of the General Assembly. Fo
Principal Clerk and there Is little like
present Incumbent, Mr. T. G. Cobb, ed
itor' of the Morganton News-Herald,
appears to have a clear field and will
discharge the duties with the same
caie and efficiency "that has character
ised his record in the past. Mr. John
P. Berry, of Raleigh, desires the po
sition of Reading Clerk of the House
and would serve the members admir
ably in that capacity. There may be
other aspirants for this place, as usual.
Mr. J. H. Moring, an aged Confederate
veteran of Wake county, will ask for
a second term as Sergeant-at-arms of
thft House. Hon. M. D. Kinsland, of
plywood, .-wants to be EngTpssing
Chrk once more, and ought to have, ifc.
i )xf the Senate side, our own Max
Gardner would like to be assistant to
Lieutenant-Governor Daughtrldge and
the indications point, to his. election as
resident Protem of the Senate. This
will be a happy selection, for Senator
Gardner has had the experience and
possesses the ability to preside with
ease and dignity. Mr. R. Otis Self, of
Jackson county, expects to again be
Principal Clerk and there is little like
lihood that he will be disappointed.
He makes a good one. Mr. W. D. Gas
ten, another veteran of former days,
and a most deserving party worker,
is a candidate for Sergeant-at-arms ot
the Senate, with fine prospects of land
ing the plum. And there may bo
The Baptist State convention, during
the session in Raleigh last week,
adopted a resolution similar to the one
passed by the Western North Carolina
conference in Shelby a short while
p.go relative to matrimonial certifl
cntes. The resolution, which is ad
dressed to the legislature) asks "that
the statute prescribing the form of
irarrlage license be so amended as to
require under oath from the person
applying for said license the "condi
tion'of the persons to be married, con
dition to be answered by the-word
'flngie 'widow or 'widower or 'di-
vorced.' as the case requires and ; if
M...tha'i which hft dil
yorce was procured, stated in the legal
terms , applicable, together with the
Etate and county where and the time
at which procured. The object sought,
it was explained, is to. put ministers
or. guard with reference to those who
may appear before them having ma
trimonial intentions. The clergy is
peherally opposed to divorce in any
form and many of them object to offi
ciating at the marriage of any individ
ual who has been divorced. The sub-
4wt mallar nf tha TOanliiHrvn tn nnoa.
ttcn will aouDuess oe consiaerea oy
the forthcoming session of the Gener
al Assembly. "
-1 If the reported condition of the 7,584
national banks, at the close of business
November 30, is to be taken at face
value there need be little concern
about a money stringency, If these
Wf i ' m'-
snouia open meir vaults 10 tne people.
The capital " reported exceeded one
till ion dollars; circulation outstand
ing, $740,500,821; - secured by bonds
and other, securities,, . $270,078,236
This is "some money," and if the half
of it were thrown into the channels of
trade it would create such an impetus
to business that' all the. calamity how
iera would tire ot their Job. Presuma-r
bly, the 'state banks throughout the
country are equally prosperous. - No
danger of a money panic. .
WliaC Ccmpany isc
During the' last five yearg 92 stock Fire Insurance Companies
4lther"falledr of have f e-insur ed "and qfiiit :'T ! '
Now tbe causeft aw simple. So few men know that fire insur
ance Is a science and based on the law of averages, both of time
and distribution of risks. It takes years and years of patient
work to build up a company so that It has a sufficient surplus and
capital to stand, against the conflagration losses and the mysteri
ous hut inevitable periodic "off years'' of heavy general losses.
Twelve year sago we took some primary lessons in safe and sane
Fire Underwriting, and heeded them with the satisfactory results
,that we'hve never had a company fall on our hands or lost one
cent for any. policy holder. It took grit these long years to refuse
to take on small companies that offered to pay large commissions
for business that we oould give them. We have accumulated in
our office the biggest and strongest companies in the world, the
ones that have been - Tried and Tested with years of experience
and always pay their honest losses without discount. A policy in
one of our strong companies costs no more than a policy in a small
one that may follow the exan pie of the 92 others that have either
failed or gone out of business in the past "five years.
Have Tour Lawn Mower, Axe Scissor
knives, hack saws and all other cut
lery sharpened, at the Community
Shops. . , 12-31-4 tc
$7o JTOJfET MONET 6 Loans
may be obtained for any purpose on
acceptable Real Estate security; lib
eral privileges; correspondence so
licited. A. C. Agency Company,758
Gas, Electric Bldg, Denver, Colora
do. 446 Pierce Bldg, St. Louis.
HATE Tonr Horses, Males' and Oxens
shod at the Community Shops.
CANDT! CANDY! The Ideal Stare
has arranged to sell everybody
candy at wholesale prices. We
have the finest assortment of can
dies, fruits and nuts to be found in
the city. 12-17-3tc
HATE Your Buggy, Carriage, Automo
bile, painted at the Community
Shops. 12-31-4tc
ed at the Ideal Cafe on Christmas
; Day; Price low enough for every
body. 12-J7-2tc
FOR RENT Two office" rooms with
toilet, steam heat, hot . water and
light, in Morey building. Seq Dr.
Morey. 11-26-tfc
HATE Rubber Tires put on your bog
gy or carriage at the Community
Shops. 12713-4tc
FOB SALE Call Spigenert Garage
310 for dry oak and pine wood.
A Second Hand $60.00 range iH goo)
condition for sale at $15.00. Mrs.
C. Few. 12-24-3tc
H ATE YOnr Furniture Repaired at the
Community Shops. 12-31-4tc
The income tax law is hearing fruit
and appear to be no respector of per
sons - in gathering the sheckles. . The
sergeant-at-arms of the House of Rep
resentatives -recently deducted some
thing like sixteen thousand dollars
from the salary checks of congressmen
c.nd turned back' into the government
trcasury To those representatives.
who were defeated for re-election, this
Tnust have been a pretty heavy jjqlt
But they have plenty of company. -A
total of 357,598 individuals were listed
for the payment of income taxes ac
cording to the reports, of government
al officials charged -with the enforce-
jment.ot this law. The net increase
reported is, more than ,$500,OOQ,000. ;It
is well that the wealth of the country
should share in the expenses of oper
ating the government and encourag
ing to note the statement that few
cases of false and fraudulent returns
8 re reported.
LINE-UP IN 1916.
General Zeb Vance Walser, Stat;
chairman of the Progressive executive
committee, who attended the recent
pow WOW Of
Bun Moose leaders in
Chicago, tells the Lexington Dispatch
mac ne aoes not tnins tne noosevei
party has the remotest idea of "closing
up shop. He says everybody in the
Chicago meeting expressed the belief
that the nation would yet come around
to the acceptance of Progressive doc
trines. The organization, national and
state, will he kept in tact and the meet
ing put itself on record as unaltera
bly opposed to fusion with the stand
pat elemerit'of the Republican party.
Colonel Roosevelt was not there, but
jen a me5sage of cheer. He Is the
only man in the country who can keep
the ball rolling and there is evidence
light now that even Teddy has lost
much of the enthusiasm" that kept the
thing going two years ago. -
If you want to see . a genuine "stand -pat
smile," mention the result, of last
BreSliismticer blicy In
Citizens Bank Building
FOR SALE A good brass bed, spring
. and mattress, bureau and wash
stand all in good condition. Will
"sell entire outfit for $30.00. Appl
Democrat office. 11-26-tnc
HATE Your Buggy, Carriage and wag-
repaired at the Community
FOB SALE 2 Cylinder Maxwell Tonr.
ing car; 4 cylinder Firestone tourin?
car. Will sell both for one-third the
cost of one. R. M. Oates. 1112-tnc
SALESMEN Wanted to look after our
interests in Henderson and adjacent
counties. Salary or commission.
Address The Victor Oil Co., Cleve
land, O. - 12-31-2tp
To cut acid .wood, hickory, saw stock
on contract good wages for experi
enced and steady men, only those win
appreciate steady employment need
apply. Pay monthly, good board.
Males, Horses, or Cattle Wanted.
Steady all winter job good con
tracts hauling acid wood, wood and
saw : stock; only 1-2 to 1 mile distance
to" railroad-rimy: .monthly. Work in
Eagle Rock and Chestnut coves.
J. W. COATES, Contractor,
Bee Tree, Postoffice, N. C.
With H. A. Coggles. 12-M-tfc
HATE ns make you a buggy, carriage
or wagon at the' Community Shops.
WANTED Talented People for the
atrical companies. Good salaries,
excellent chance to travel, experi
ence unnecessary, particuars free.
J. F. Stevens, Dept. 1, Henderson
ville, N. C, 12-24-4tp
HATE Handles put in your axes, hoes,
picks, rakes or any other imple
ment used at Community Shops.
month's election in Progressive strong
holds in 1912 to Joseph G. Cannon.
' Uncle Joe" says rosy prospects for
the old liners in 1916 and anticipates
a straight fight between the orthodox
Republicans and Democrats, at that
time, with Progressive tendencies lost
sight of entirely,, or quite so. It may
be a contest between plutocracy and
democracy, as the former Speaker sug
gests, in which event the result of two
years ago will be repeated. President
Wilson continues to grow in the esti
mation of the people and two more
years of wise counsel and earnest de
votjon to duty will serve to increase,
rather than diminish, his popularity
amongst all classes and conditions of
the ? country's "citizenship'.! " The Re
public Is getting a taste of govern-
meit by the people and the -folks are
not likely to return so soon to the
domination of special interests,
through hired agents and otherwise.
Pfctties maycome and parties may go;
Democracy "goes on forever."
I wish
all my Friends
A Happy New
Year and a
WM Shepherd

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