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and Fretith Ei'dadVi-Itis tier
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The Mont Clair hotel, formerly, the
Wheeler has been sold by Its owner, C.
P Fo""s, of Charleston,, S. C, to How
!n rnbb of Wilson, N. C4 one of the
ell Cobb,
vr.t known
hotel men in the state.
op-rttintions were closed on
filial ...- t
vmidav wnen aiw" a uwao Ui-
i;r; nf Asnevmc, icyiwvuvui6 . .
fnbb arid Aitunicj wv,wM
Arheville, representing Mr, Fogus
Vere here to draw up the papers for
thpir respective clients,
The Mont Clair hotel Is one. of the j
c'tv's largest tourists nosieineu. v,. i VJ onn nre. The subject would irvi
B "Fogus purchased this place last tate him, especially if some one would
year and made extensive improvements -come along and try to cover up track
upon the property. J. R. Stewart and put a great big question mark
manased it during the . past season. , afler the. chiefs truih-telling qualities.
Mr Stewart has been working on the t There is some question as-to who' oc
recent sale for several months. He cupied the hotel. 'The chief had the
was for twenty five years connected j matter well fixed in his mind, too well
thP hotel business with Mr. Cobb
and later he was four years with Mrr.
pn"US. '
Mr Cobb will be remembered; by
a anv of the older citizens as having
built" the Wayside Inn here many years
aro. He has been forty years In the
1 otel business in this state' and ha3
been manager oi suuu uuicis oa
Yarlovough at Raleigh, Guilford at
Greensboro, and many others in cities
xnvth Carolina. He owned at one
t'me the Hot Springs hotel at Hot
Springs. X. C. He will move here with
his family and make Hendersonville
his permanent residence.
Plans are being perfected to have
the hotel refurnished and modernized
in every respect. Mr. Cobb is a famil
iar hotel man through out the country
and he will interest many tourists to
visit Hendersonville through out the
year it is thought. . - ...
A box supper will be given at Eto
vrah school house Saturday .nighVOut;
30. from 7 to 10 o'clock. The proceeds
vill go to the school. , -
Everybody is invited to take a long a
Richmond, Oct. 26. The police re-
ceived a letter today from Richard
Hamilton of Etowah. N. C. seeking
details relative to the murder of his ;
brother, "William R. Hamilton sign i
painter, age 53, whose body, with
head crushed and throat slashed, was,
found in a field on the outskirts of the
city last Wednesday.
The same mail brought also a letter
fi em "Miss Ella Hamilton,, of Blantyre,
N. C, the murdered man's sister, ask
ing for details of the crime and ex
pressing the hope that he died in the
faith and was prepared to meet his
The police are now working on the
theory that Hamilton was slain by a
jealous assassin, who removed a roll
of money from his pocket merely to
cover up the rear motive.
Though deeply religious, Hamilton
as addicted to drink at times. In
one of his -pockets was found a" half
filled flask of "'North State" com
whiskey. He has an aged father re
siding srtTenrosej N. C, and a daugh
ter, Mrs. ;J. M. Trantham, of Asheville.
The patrsns of the Flat Rock grac
ed school met on Friday evening, Oct.
22, and organized a Community Social
J. S. Jones read the constitution and
the purposes of organizing the people
f Flat Rock Community into a Com
munity Social clsfe.
Very interesting talks were made on
organization by Prof. R. A. Reed; J. F.
Erookshire and E, R.. Pinckney.
Officers were elected a.s follows r J;
" Brookshireb pres!4irt;;;J 1 S'. Jones,
vfce president;' frof. R. A. Reed, secretary-treasurer;
Zeb Ktl patrick, door
eeprr. An executive etmtfntttee with
E- R. Pinckney as chairman, and there
other committees on educatJojn beau
tincation and recreation were ap
Refreshmpnta wra - -The
meeting elosed with a sons: H jfor.telry had added much r to the favor in
Carolina. i which HendersonvJUe was held by the
, The next social wiil be Thahksgiv-
evening, and a special program '
""i be rendered. - r - ... '
-jueaDurgt va,, Oct. 19. Congress- Southern. from Hendersonville. to itos
"ian Carter Glass, chairman of the man, .making the - Transylvania road
ouse committee on banking and cur- ted as good a3 any on the system. This
icy, vho spent three days last week' WOrk was started several months ago,
tif .Baltimore hospital, returned to and win pe carried on to Lake .Toza
Jat mstitution today for treatment, j way . The curves south of. Rosmac
r. Glass is said to be suffering from have" already' been relaid with eighty-
"vous breakdown due to overwork, pound rails, and a large force of men
rtS expected that he win Quickly be are -now spreading cinders along the
Euin JGd d-health for tb$ e-, way between here asd Hendersonville
g sessjpn pf congress, - I Brevard New,
The Queen and :Vista thea-
. tres hare decided out of re
spect to the, Alexander and
Chapman meetmsrs tn rln
their houses until the revival
services are finished ivith the
exception of Saturday after
-noon and . evening of each
M"eei ' - .
H. 31. LORD, C. R. GLENN,
Feethe Tista. For the Queen.
The Sheriff and Chief- Police Both
. Figure in Slight Affrays.
-The European war spirit has broken
out. in Hendersonville.
Durinc the nast week n. -niimhpr or
peopie were seizea with a warring
yiriu -ana luereiore went to war.
-auuui tue nrsi. m line was Unief of
Police Otis Powers. The chiefhad his
veracity questioned. He had beei
working mighty nard In &p effort 'Id
uncover some evidence concerning the
to suddenly change it. The chief was
asked to turn over his memory,
refresh it . or do something that
would make - it act somewhat . to
the contrary: One word led to another
and finally the chief is said to have
asked the man who approached" him
if he meant to call - him a
liar. Instead of a positive "no" a
round-about answer is said to havo
been issued and the chief couldn't stand
it any longer so gave a round-about
Jeff Willard sort of a reply in the form
of a-slap in the face in front of th-3
Justus' pharmacy. He is said to
have spinncd around a few times and
about the time he stopped turning and
witnessing new brilliant stars in' bis
sudden and painful revolution two or
three other officers, were on the scene
and intervened. And the chief's mem
ory yet rings clear about the conver
sation said to have taken place.
; Sheriff Drake was about next in Hne
and his turn came on Saturday morn
ing, whjch was a had day tor 'fighting
since Bveral similar. 'taTH"vare aM
to, have pej-f oimed HnflecsTppvil ie
Pink' Case is . said'to'la takeli 'iRR
early start Saturday jnbrning tihd
wanted full-handed uBtice right In
the temple of Justice where tfae sheriff
was holding forth. (Case is "said to
have . politely and formally iriforme'l
th8 sheriff that he (Case) had come
to give him a -gooa whipping. The
sheriff dismissed the matter or at least
tried to, and didn't lay much attenT
tion to Case, "but as the 'former pro
ceeded Into the clerk's Tmce-lJase is
said to have cut away -at 'the sheriif.
A little scuffle ensued but no serious
damage was uone, for friends inter
vened. W. H. Bangs also got it into his sys
tem to do the unusual -and -some' fellow
made him so mad that he "just'boiied
over, coulan't "boia himself still any
longer hot- -control his physical
strength, -so struck away -with a pair
of pliers and is said 'to "have'hadly
wounded some nan's :nose who was
passing thrcirgh the olty.
The folkntfiEjg news Item from Ra
eigh will fce of Interest to, J. -B. Belk's
"A commfeslon was issued today by
Adjutant General Young to John B.
Belk as first lieutenantt sixth com
pany, Coast artillery, Hendersonville "
Mr. Belk has "been "serving as second
lieutenant hut VanXinjlsey ias resign
ed as first lieutenant and tasbeeh suc
ceeded by MrBelk, -who -will take an
examination for the promotion "in
Greensboro on Novemter
D. T. Crinkley has returned from his
old home near Warrenton, N, where
he was called last week on account of
the death of his father, Andrew-Crinkley,
who died from troubles dut most
ly to old age, being 86 years old.
The tdeceased was survived by - six
sons, ene of whom has been "engaged
in' the ?nercantile business in Hendvf
sonvillt jBor the past few months:
(Waynesville Courier.)
Our sympathy goes - to Henderson
ville for the losss of the John Hotel
on Monday morning by fire. "That hos-
tourists, and its destruction is a sad.
blow to the town
j . neavy wn uavo uct;u
- - -
R. P. Freeman Sells Interest In Sta
ton Hardware xto J. C. Jamison?
- Capln Toms Sells Western .Union
. Bnilfcing to W. II. Hawkins & Son :
J. D. Boyd and Miss LeGrande Sell
Ideal Store Bunding to IV. S. Miller-I 7:30 p" m meeting for all.
- and E. K. Black; Mr. Black to MOTeJ - Subject: "Regeneration."
. , - T. , . w, ,r ' Monday, 7: 30 p. m.
. Barber Shop; Ideal Store Will Move Remainder of the week, ex-
Cir Discontinue. ' - -J " jcept Saturday, three services
' " ..each day, 10 a. m., 3. p. in.
- . T .. , , , J.i5c7:30 p. m..
Hendersonville Main street real" ee-f;j-Qreat- cinging and preach
tate has experienced a boom during Great meetings. Come!
the past few days and with this comes Jfc'Sf & & & &
announcements in the change of busi- i " ; ; ; " - .'
ness firms. , ?
The building occupied by the Ideal
r-i rwn oryrl tla Q 1 f TS i CT fn O rkrlH"1'H
by the Western Union Telegraph office
have exchanged hands, . , . .
" The Ideal store building has-been
sold by J. D. Boyd and Miss Nettia,
LeGrande to W. S. Miller and E. It.
Mr. Boyd and Miss LeGrandet who
have been conducting the Ideal storv
will either move into new quarters or
discontinue the business,, the outcome
depending on quarters obtainable.
Will Move Barber Shop.
It Is Mr. Black's purpose to event- ;
Nation between e Bee Hive and the
Burckmyer grocery into the building
purchased by him and Mr. Miller. Tne
date of moving has not been decided
upon nor the time when the Ideal
store will vacate the building, -;
r. iiaiina nn. fmm rnnt mAraD
W. H. Hawkins and son, A. H. Haw
kins, have purchased from Capt. M. O,
Messrs. Black and Miller and occupied
This building i3 a small one and carries
with it no vacant back lot, the .Messrs.:
Hawkins owning the lots to the rear
of the telegraph office and the Ideal
store. So far as is known It will be
occupied by the telegraph, office with-
ho ctrnrturt
uul.ttu; """" " " ,
Messrs. uieck ana wuier wunw.a-.,
sarily remodel their property in order ,
to maKe reaay lor uw uaruw euuy,.
which It is reported to make Tery at
tractive and strictly modern.
Mr. Freeman Sells to Mr. Jamison
R. P. Freeman, who has been associ
ated since the first of the year with C
G. Jones in the Staton Hardware com
pany, has transferred his interests in
this business to J. C. Jamison of Pleas
ant Hill, near Hendersonville. Mr.
Jamison will move his family to Hen
j dersonville and give his full time with
Mr. Jones to the business, wmcn wia
continue under the corporation name
of Staton Hardware company. ?
In the trade Mr. Jamison is under
stood to have transferred his home
place with a few acres of land, an au
tomobile and some other property to
Mr. Freeman. . v
It is not known what husiness Mr.
Freeman will follow but it is rumored
on the street that he is grooming him
self fo rthe office of sheriff.
State Superintendent Joyner and the
State Committee on Community Ser
vice have named Friday, October 29, as
North Carolina Day and Community
Service Day," and the law requires
its observance .in every public school
Toni the building between their jew-f aiscojerea man aiso sioie a ouggy
elrstore and at purchased b,
in North Carolina. The subject U.isthe State Health Department in Sep -
year is school and neighborhood im
provemeirfand a bulletin just issued
by Superintendent Joyner is ; packed
from start to finish with practical sug
festions looking not only to moonlight
school work, !but also to better schools,
better, community life, ' better health
conditions, better brary and rural re
ceation, for every country neighbor
hood. - ; -f ; .-' . .
"Remember, all the grown 'BeoUle. of
your district, the parents and -'-other
citizens are asked to' meet at yoar
schoGlhouse ' Friday to r consider a 1 1
eehoo? and " neighborhood progress.
Then oja Saturday, October 30, the peo
ple ar.e asked to join together to do
some actual physical work for improv-
ine and Tautirying scnooinouses ana
crounds. ehurch buildings and grounas,
Tnart4 narka. etc.
Head on our ar-
mers Union page what some comnun'
ities in this state did last year,." aud
see if your neighborhood can't do just
as well. -
And be sure, to lend your aid to the
movement to teach every white per
son in North? Carolina to read?-and
write next month. See your teacher
and school committeemen and off ct
.your help toward making Friday and
Saturday bf next week ted letter, days
in the development of your communl-j
ty. Progressive Farmer, ,
&.y. ?:JIEETINGS,; ' -.; : & -
' t On; motion of Rev. F
jjcj ' "VVomble, pastor of the Meth-. .
odist church, seconded by
cRey J.vV.- Lafferty supply
pastor of the Presbyterian
caurchy the great congrega-
tion h at the Chapman-Alex-ander
- meeting on Tuesday
ntght Voted to hold all of the
i- . meetings following Wednes-
' 'day .afternoon in the First
Baptist church building. Fol
lowing are the meetings :
V Thursday, 3 p. my, and
".7:30 p. 'm. - ' . , .
fr Friday 10 a. m., 7:30 p. m. .
s 1
& j
5 Consecration Day. -
- i Saturday 7 : 30 p. m. BIG
& ..SING. ;
Sunday 10 and 11 . a. m,
Regular-services in all . the
' churches.
" A "; ,!v2-,n n, iifTrrrnxnr.v ' - ' ""
!V;4u)lfo;n" 01 T . .,
J Uli? ?,Vr5
hours after he Is alleged to have stolen
a:mule belonging to W. C. Nix and a
buggy owned by Elisha Kerlee, both of
whom live near Black Mountain, Mel
"vin Cox was arrested on Pack square
by Sheriff E. M. Mitchell and lodged in
the county jail on larceny charges.
Sheriff Mitchell climbed into the;
buggy with Cox and ordered him to'
I drive to J. H. Creasman's stable on .
Biltmore avenue. Arriving there Cox t
4 w .a fa. AMt A X, m a. x a
iIt RmiS &T S and W&S
-eld until the. ohertff caae up.
I . t. Vft' SW by M,r' N!x
i went to his stable this morning to
JjJ j? J0 ahuletaWicn ,?c
morei than $100 had been taken, the
r";rl "rrr&;"rjl r.tfr
1 li .'j. ' .a . '
i "- v r 7, '- .
is understood that he was trying to
sell the outfit when arrested
Sheriff Mitchell visited Black Moun -
tain this morninir in order bn Investl-
cate a rumor that b.H been received.
i to the effect that Cox had a confeder-
i n.n. vt. . ti ii. -
ato waiting therP. for Tilm tn rpII th
thevwere to leave
nd DUSgy and they Te to leae
, ,
of agandisasonpfT.ox.wnolive3
in Henderson county near Fairview.
The first woman's fair ever given in
Texas Is now being held in Houston.
This is something new In the nature
of fairs, but why should it not prove
a success ? Texas women are capable
of making a success of anything they
undertake. The exhibition was creat
ed exclusively by women, and the
many displays that have been arrang
ed, show what the women are doing
to better their condition in life rural
and urban. Waxanachle L4ght.
Analysis of Water by State Health De
p&rtment Finds That Spring is
Filled With Typhoid Germs.
- The Columbia Park spring, which
has been furnishing water for several
families in that section, is contamina
ted and it is believed that three cases
of typbod fever originated from; the
use of this water and that two deaths
have been the result. -
Dr. J. Frank Cranford, city health -
officer, sent a bottle of the water to
tember and the analysis proved that
the water contained typhoid germs,
R. P. Freeze of the Freeze-Bacon Hosr
iery mill in Colunibia park near 'the
spring was notified and he followed
the instructions of the health officer
in placing lime in the spring and drain -
ing It and digging ditches to take care
of surface water close to the spring
It is not known what condition the wa-
ter is in at-this time ' ; - ,
-: Dr. Cranford gave notice of the im
purity of the water, and in order to
avoid trouble offered without cost to.
VT.ccinate those who: bad-been using, the
water so as to immune them from'are resorted to In order to tang outJf0r our librarV to be closed for.ih
typhoid fever , This offer is under -
stood to have been declined by the
resiaents or the "park, many or whom
.have been using the water Instead of,
j that provided by the. city.
Dr. Cranford states that he is con-
fident that three cases of typhoid fever
and two deaths , are traceable to . the
use of the water, possible one or two
cases having originated: through lack
of precaution in the first case, which
doubtless started from the use of the.
water. -
Since the purity of the water is now
unknown although-the spring has been
treated. Dr.'Cranford advises against
tho further use of this and other spring
water in the city. - . . , .
The churches oi Hendersonville am
coming back into their own. -
There ig a resurrection of the relig
ious life in Hendersonville and the oid
backslidden church members are now
reudy to "slid forward," as Dr. Evarts
would put it. . ;
The Christian forces are aboutp re- 1 dersonville and community an oppor
gain the town and the devil is just . tunity to attend the Asheville services
about to lose his. grip. v and-return-by rain on the same da v.
A great religious revival is on and
will continue fpr several days and ths
outcome is expected to be long remem
bered in the religious annals of Hen
r dersonville.
1 Dr. C. L. Evarts, a member of the
Chapman-Alexander party now in !
Asheville, who has been associalec
i with such distinguished ministers as
! Dr. Moody and Rev. Billy Sunday is
leading the meeting in Hendersonville.
He is attracting some of the largest
congregations ever known in. the city
The people attend once and return
from night to night,; not through curi
osity nor excitement but through the
desire to hear a message that is worth
taking home. Dr. Evarts is not of the
sensational kind. He gives his hearr
ers the pure article in its simple forui
and accompanies . it ' with enough hu
mor and interesting timely illustrations
drawn from his rich storehouse of ex
perience to make his messages take
well. ' " . . ' V
Preparing for the Harvest.
As was stated in last week's. Demo
crat, preparation has been in the mak
ing for these meetings for several
days. Dr. Evarts began the meeting
proper Sunday afternoon, when the
Methodist church was comfortably
filled with people anxious to hear him.-
The number greatly increased; Sun
day night, when-he, went after the
backslider in no unmistakable terms
with the result that many of them re-
solved . to turn over a . new leaf .and
show more loyalty to the church. . ; .
1,000 Attendance,
baptist' cnurcn. wn ere tne services are
1 b.?in& neld and before time for preach-
!InS Sunday night nearly every seat in
, the ,main auditorium and the annexes
had been occupied. On Monday night 1
another comfortably filled house wel-
compd tiis message - an rl nn Tnesda'v
comea niS
they were there . again. The
j congregations are unusually large fo.-
WpndorsnnvillP anH Tr Fivarts sa!,
tha. romDaratiVelv sneaking conditio--.;
VVtll ,sp,m155"0
were more favorable and gratifying
Hendersonville than they were in Ashe'
ville, where thousands are being turn-
ed away from the tabernacle built es
pecially for the Chapman-Alexande.
meetings. He expressed great satl
faction at the results so far. Thr ; '
ternoon service on Tuesday at. . "
Methodist church was also largely at
tended. -
Reviving Indifferent Ones First.
Dr. Evarts is carefully preparing the
way for a great spiritual awakening m
Hendersonville and community. Thus
"tZZZ " J?" ":.T ur"s
liic uiuci . ui ciuic iubuiuic iraiuiug
for the Christians m order to show
them how to win the unsaved. Not
until Thursday night of this week will
ht- begin the active, campaign for the
unsaved. He is getting the Christians
and the cold and backslidden members
in lines for active and soul-winning
service so that after Wednesday the
real campaign for the unsaved will
begin, to continue-through this and
next week if not longer.
All Services at Baptist Church.
It was first decided to hold all the
night meetings at the First Baptist
church in order to accommodate the
large number in attendance and alter-
! nate the afternoon services between
the Presbyterian and Methodist
' churches, but on Tuesday night it was
decided to hold all services after Wed
j nesday afternoon at the First Baptist
j church. v ' ' 1 . , '
Large Choirs Organized,
0ne of the largest church choirs
ever known : in Hendersonville has
1 been organized. Dr. Evarts has taken
personal" charge during the services
; ahd froin a little Btand especially
s erected for him, he conducts the work
with marked enthusiasm. In .the sen
ior choir there are nearly a nuudred
voices and i oyer to the other' g ido ot
.the pulpit ts another choir composed
of about-100 children. Various mWns
are resorted to in order to fering out
, the musical talent and hold interest,
" on choir being pitted against th
otner, uenommauon against anomer
a"d me men against tne women.
Great Interest in Jleetragg.
Great interest Is being taken in the
: meetings, which form a topic of gen-
; ersl conversation among the people of
the city. The meetings are attracting
numbers who have not attended church
for a long time and the part so encour-
aging to those in charge of these meet-.
ings is tnat tne indifferent ones arc-
keeping up the attendance, which it: is
bei eved will increase from night tc
f night ' - ,
. Regular services will be hell at the
various churches uniting in this meet-
ing on Sunday morning. '
Before the revival closes the Chapman-Alexander
party now in Asheville
will attend one of tho, services. It is
probable that arrangements will be
made for an excursion train to run to
Asheville and give the people of Hen-
after the meetings close in Henderson-
Advocates of Good Roads Report That
AUttiun-naiice jruuiem is living
Treated Too Lightly.
There is considerable talk in Hen
derson county about road maintenance.
Some contend - that the roads, and a
finer system -Road. Supervisor P. F.
Patton said he didn't see in tn road "
inspection tour over nine western
cfates; during the 'past month, are not
getting proper attention so as to keep
them in good condition during the win-' .
ter. months. . " -
The following item from the Press
Bulletin bf the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture should be consid
ered good authority:
There is no phase of the road prob-.
lem more important than that of main
tenance. The general impression that
there are; certain types of roads that
are permanent is erroneous.. .No per
manent road has. ever been construct .
ed or ever will be. The only things
abcuta road that may be considered
pei manent are the grading, culverts
and , bridges ' Roadsconstructed by
the most skillful . highway engineers -will
soon be destroyed by the traffic,
frosV rain, and wind, unless they are
properly maintained But the life of! -these
roads may be prolonged by sys
tomatic -maintenance. A poor road
will not only be iiaproved by proper
maintenance-; but-may r become- better,.,
in time than a good road Without" iWT
The first and last commandmenF hi'
earth road maintenance is to keep the
surface weU drained. "To insure good .
diainage the ditches should he kept,
open, all obstructions removed and a -smooth,
crown maintained Except for
very stony soil the road machine or
scraper- may be used very : effectiVci. -
I lul " .-umo bhuuiu
ior tnis worK. , xne maenme should
used once" or twice a year-and the,
1 work should be done wlien the: Rnii is
dJ?mf att'4?
" ' au uuu?
L'uuum u3 uiaiuiaiucu vy xl 11 ouinuiciii.
! fall and capacity, to 'dispose of surface ;
'T';-; ter. : These ditches can in most
'places be constructed and ""repaired
with a road machine. '
A split-log drag or some similar de
vice is very useful in maintaining the
surface after suitable ditches and cross
section have once been secured. The
drag should be light and should he
drawn over the road as an angle of
about 45 degrees. The driver should
ride on the drag and should not drive
faster than a walk. One roQnd trip,
each trip straddling a wheel, track is
usually sufficient to .fill the ruts and
smooth the surface. ; If necessary the
road should be dragged after every
bad spell of weather, when the soil is
in proper condition to puddle well and
still not adhere to the drag. -If th
road is very bad it "may -be dragged
when very wet and again when it be
gins to dry out. A few trips over the
road will givejne operator an idea as
to the best time to drag. Drag at all
seasons but do not drag a dry road.
The slope or crown of an earth road
should be about one inch to the foot.
If the crown becomes too high it may
be reduced by dragging toward the
ditch Instead of frcm it. If the drag
cuts too much, shorten the hitch and
change your position "on the drag. If
it is necessary to protect the face of
the drag with a strip of iron it should
be placed flush , with the edge of the
drag and not - projecting. A cutting
edge should be avoided is to smear the
damp soil into position. t--.
Editor, Democrat: I '
. May I use a small space in your pa
Der to ask if it is absolutely necessarr-
1 greater Dart of each week It is with
snmHsp that t lpam thia nipr x-
sideratioh. ."' ' " "" " , . ' i
" The. closing of the library for a large
part, of the week will not only intion
venlence the people of our city, but it"
will greatly handicap' the work of our
i High school. We have no school II-
brary. We have only such reference
books ' as the teachers supply.' Our
students, have been using the refer-"
ence books in the library and for this
reason teachers and pupils. beg that
the City Council keep the Library" open
as "before. -
- Teacher of History and
... - Assistant PrihcipaL

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