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We might fee in a position to help you
Our Bank has aidfed many citizens
in their business undertakings
Interest period Started July 1st
4 per cent on Time Deposits
irs! Bai
! list Co.
Florida Man Reaches Asheville After
Lng Trip; Says Report of Bad
Roads Greatly Exaggerated.
Mr. and 'Mrs. W. B. Powell and Miss
Maxine Powell, of Clearwater, Fla.,
arrived in Asheville Saturday, finish
ing 6,290 miles of an automobile trip,
which they began June 7, and of which
they spent about seven weeks in the
rain. They are stopping for three
weeks at Mountain View with the Flor
ida colony.
Mr. Powell is president of the cham
ber of commerce of Clearwater, and is
former secretary of the commercial
bodies at St. Petersburg and Tampa,
Florida, and Columbus, Ga., and is
also founder of the St. Petersburg
Evening Independent and the Clear
water Evening Sun.
He made this long trip in the inter
est of good roads and to pick out the
best route from Florida to the eastern
Seaboard, traversing the line of tour
ist travel, and naturally struck Hen
dersonville and Asheville, as most of
the South Florida tourists linger at
these plaees both going from'and com
ing to Florida.
The trip was made via Vadosta,
Macon and Atlanta, thence to Chatta
nooga and Nashville, Cairo, St. Louis.
Chicago, Detroit, Toledo.. Cleveland.
Akron, Wheeling, Hagerstown, "Wash
ington, Richmond, Raleigh,. Charlotte,
Greenville and thence on to Asheville,
The party made many side trips in va
rious cities and to many points of in
terest en route.
Mr. Powell said yesterday:
"Hundreds of motoring parties kare
diverted their course and gone other
than the Asheville region on account
of the stories prevalent as to the con
dition of the roads leading to this sec
tion. "We were told at Washington, at
Richmond, and at many other places
that it would be impossible to get
through. We were told that they
charged $15 to $23 to ferry cars over
the streams were bridges were wash
ed out. That teamsters would dam
age roads so that they could 'soak'
motorists fabulous sums for use of
their mule teams.
4'0n "the contrary we found men
willing to help without cost, and the
ferries never charged more than fifty
"Coming from Washington we had
to make a detour through Dumfries
and Joplin to Garrisonville, on the
other side of the Chopawamsip pwamj .
as the water had covered the eleven
miles of causeway; and the detour was
a frightful trip of thirty-nine miles
over impassable roads. But this con
dition is only temporary as a few
sunshinny days will make the swamp
route of easy access.
"This is the only bad place of road
to Richmond. The balance of the road
is a delight to the motorist. From
Richmond to the South Carolina line
the roads are excellent. At Charlotte
you are obliged to go via Mt. Holly and
cross the ferry there, twenty-five cents
and thence to McAJensville where you
ferry at fifty cents cost. At Gaffney
there is a bad approach to a bridge
whose approach is wrecked and which
you have to climb at a bad angle at
your own risk. The first few miles in
South Carolina are slippery in wet
weather. At Gaffney you have to
go via Thickity mountain to get to
Cowpens. a detour of five miles, but
the roads are excellent. The road
from Greenville over the mountain is
not the best but a few dry days will
put it in shape.
"Asheville should give the lie to the
reports in the eastern press of TOad
conditions to this section. Motoring
parties are changing their plans on ac
count of the stories which seem to en
large as they pass from one to the
'other. Naturally each motorist de
sires to impress his friends that he has
broken records and he adds excess to
his talk when recounting the perils of
his trip. I am writing to the Wash
ington Star today to my friend Fisk.
the automobile editor, and next Sun
day that paper will tell the motoring
public that they can get here without
any great exertion.
The route Mr. Powell followed was
not the National highway, except in
spots. When he returns to Florida he
is to start a campaign to route the
route he traversed from Tampa
to Washington signboards with
through mileage from these two points,
and by marking each telegraph post en
route. This marking of each telegraph
pole is used in many central states,
and is done by local aid each com
munity marking half way to the next
town. Mr. Powell stated that there
is not a reliable good book in existence
as quite frequently they advise to turn
right when the correct routing was
turn left. He has found scores of in
correct routing, and he has been gov
erned mostly by local markings in hi3
The Powells have purchased a lot at
Mountain View and will make that
place their summer home hereafter.
Asheville Citizen.
iaXEICIH kewS, ITTEIt ; :
Interesting Comments "oh Political and
Other Happenings at the
State Capital.
(Special to The Hustler.) 7
Raleigh," N. C, August 15. Promi
nent Democrats in Ralt&h recently
from various counties of the State, in
attendance on the meeting of the State
Executive Committee and otherwise,
were in optimistic frame of mind re
specting the results of this, campaign
year. But there is work to be done,
and they all expressed approval of
Chairman Warren's policy of "safety
irst," which can be best guaranteed
by thorough party organization begin-
ning with the precinct activities which
he is urging on the local county chair
men, and precinct committeemen.
The State chairman regards the
proper polling of the precinct vote in
every county as the corner-stone of
success this vear atfd he expresses the
parnest hone that the local Democratic
managers will be prompt and thorough
in undertaking ana penorming tnat
Secretary Callie and his office force
at State headquarters are getting the
preliminary -work of the campaign
well under wray, and soon announce
ments of dates for speeches over the
State will be announced. Governor
Bickett will have a great crowd to
! welcome him at Asheboro Aug. 19th.
reports reaching here state. Chair
man Warren is addressing himself,
also to the task of enlisting a strong
force of speakers. He wants every lo
cal Democrat in every county who can
talk well and effectively to join the
speaking force and take the stump
without delay. He says he has infor
mation that the Republicans in all
close counties are being well supplied
with money and that the Republican
National Committee is flooding the
State with campaign literature "m
which there is much misinformation
and many false statements. The
State chairman wants every Demo
crat who can make a speech to take
the stump and tell the voters the
held its first meeting here during the
last week at the ' instance of Commis
sioner of Insurance J.: Young, was
a pronounced success and will result
in annual meetings hereafter. It
promises t0 become one of the most
useful and beneficent of organizations
upon whose good work many lives and
much property will be saved annually,
the loss of which (through faulty elec
trical installation and kindred acci
dents) had become so alarming of late
that Commissioner Young determined
to secure means to stop most of it.
The meeting extended its thanks to
Mr. Young by a rising vote for his ac
tivities and good advice.
Federal Relief for Flooded Sufferers.
North Carolinians who have iust re
turned from Washington give assur
ances that the Federal Department . of
Agriculture and the War Department
are already at work to help relieve
the situation in the flooded counties of
North Carolina. Representatives of
the government have already been in
Raleigh in this connection and are
now in western counties.
The meeting held last Friday In this
city was attended by some -of tnem.
The work of these agents and the
mnnpv roneress is aonroDriating will
greatly help our home people who
have raised thirty-odd thousand dol
lars in the state so far. The means
at hand, however, are not yet ade
quate to meet the situation.
. That Farm Loan Bank. t
North Carolinians who are actively
working to secure one of the twelve
farm loan banks for this State have
wisely reached the agreement to make
the city of its location subordinate to
the main idea the establishment of
one of the new federal banks in North
Carolina for the benefit and conven
ience of North Carolinians, the rural
element especially. Raleigh wants
the bank and there are other towns
that would like to secure it. Once it
is declared by the Farm Loan Bank
Board to locate a bank in North Car
olina, the matter of selecting the city
can be adjusted later.
This week the North Carolina con
gressmen and other Tar Heels m
Washington for the purpose, expect to
purpose for which the funds are to be
expended will attract a good, crowd
who will be prepared to pay. a fair
price for the nice things that will be
sold. The furniture includes bed room,
furniture, easy chairs-and porch chairs,
china and glass,, tables, etc.
The Russian senate has been in ex
istence since 1711.
State headquarters here is circulat- j et a hearing with this farm loan bank
Ing many of the Maxwell pamphlets
which is regarded as one of the
strongest campaign documents, and
which dearly refutes Republican
charges of "Democratic Mismanage
ment." Every voter should read it.
Cheerful and cheering news comes
from different quarters of the State to
headquarters daily and is very grate
ful to all but Chairman Warren is
not banking on forecasts, but pins his
faith chiefly to good work and plenty
of it.
Elector Cameron Morrison begins
his speaking tour of the State next
Monday. The following dates have
been fixed for Mr. Morrison to date.
Other announcements will follow: At
Rockingham, Aug. 21; Laurinburg,
22; Wadesboro, 23; Monroe, 24; Rae
ford. 25; Sanford, 26; Lumberton, 29;
Fayetteville. 30; Sain Pauls,, 31.
Hughes' Speeches on Low Plane.
Candidate Hughes is severely criticis
ed for the "misstatements" made in
his speeches in the West the last few
days, concerning the alleged removal
of Republican officials not coming
within the civil service law "protec
tion," etc. The heads of the depart
jments which Mr. Hughes misrepre-
sv-meu v.-"a.i atici izea uis uieiauces us
"false and misleading" and this is
the "high-minded jurist'' lilted from
the bench under the pretext of con
ducting the campaign pn a 4 high
Ever since Candidate Hughes open
ed his mouth he has exhibited a mar
velous knack of saying things ho
"hadn't ought to." Indeed, it seems
that he has a special penchant for
getting tangled up (probably the rea
son he kept so quiet pending the do
ings at Chicago) and if the rope hold;;
out before the more astute party man
agers grab it, he probably can be de
pended on to duly hang himself politi
cally by the time the hour arrives for
counting the votes in November.
Meantime, the real issues of this
campaign will soon be properly pre
sented to a thinking and discriminat
ing public in President Wilson's letter
of acceptance: due soon.
Something Worth While.
The N. C. Electrical Institute which
board. Later, when this district is
reached, chairman Norris, of the bank
board promises he will hold a hearing
in Raleigh soine time in November.
'ew Tar Heel Lieutenants.
A number of young Tar Heels, grad
uates and students of the A. and M.
College at Raleigh and other colleges
where military tactics form part of
the curriculum areexpected to take the
test here for army appointments Aug.
21. There are fifteen hundred vacan
cies in the grade of second-lieutenant
of the U. S. Army at present and the
pay is something worth while. Early
promotion to first-lieutenant is also
possible and the salary that much bet
ter. The Adjutant Generals at wasnT
ington has written to President Rid
dick of the A. and M. college stating
that graduates and certain students
at that institution are eligible for ap
pointment if they stand the customary
This opportunity is "something dif
ferent" and rather to the good, when
compared to the opening for enlist
ment as privates in the National
Guard of the several states. Enlist
ing in the State Guard has practically
ceased in this community, as the pros
pects of a fight with "Greasers" have
Kf vnnifihPd and the boys here
abouts do not aspire to border patrol.
or Fort Bliss camp duty, lhe re
cruiting officers sent here from Camp
Glenn report practically nothing do
ing. Llewxam.
fl Tomorrow
Tomorrow holds uncertainty
for the man or woman who
has no bank account.
Emergencies demand money,
and many misfortunes that
have happened might have
been forestalled had ready
funds been available.
To make your tomorrow cer
tain prepare for it today.
The best way is to start an
acccount here. Any sum of
one dollar, or more, is large
' 1 "'
U one of the most Satisfactory
early forage and soil-improve
Practical farmers mainti, t,
luai i
of Crimson Clover turned under f
equal to a good application 0f 8v,'
1 fc-oie-
It. O.OSte lfRo in naryj-
uvcu per acre
any similar crop and the results
putting the much-needed nitron .
uuuius mio me son are considered su
perior to cow peas.
Price $7.50 per
Orders under fifty pounds can u
eent by mail. Add for cost of sacks
25c and for postage.
"Cyclone Seeders"
$1.50 Postpaid to Any Address.
T. S. Morrison & Sod
Asheville. N. C.
Let your pocketbook consider this
Which is more economic!
60 gal. Ordinary Paint at $1.5O$90.0
,48 gal. Fair Paint at $1.75 c ftA
40 gal. High Grade Paint at $2.00 80.00
i iiim i mi i
The Flat Rock Country Club has de
cided to give its furniture for the es
tablishment of a free ward at the Hen
dersonville hospital. It has been
thought by the officers of the club that
a sale of the furniture at public auc
tion at the club house grounds in Flat
Rock will be the best way of realizing
the value of the furniture, thus secur
ing a fund for the designated purpose.
Accordingly with this end in view,
the sale will take place in front of the
club house Saturday, August 20, at 11
a. m. It is hoped that the laudable
Good Looks are Easy
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matter if you do Tan or Freckle Magnolia
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your face and rub it off again before dry.
Simple and sure to please. Try a bottle
to-day and begin the improvement at
once. White, Pink and Rose-Red Colors.
75 cents at Druggists or by mail direct.
LYON MFG. CO.. 40 So. 5th St., Brooklyn. N.Y.
r I. in. m V-., .. i -...,., ,,., , J
Gall Stones, Cancer and Ulcers of the
Stomach and Intestines, Auto.Intoxi
cation, Yellow Jaundice, Appendicitis
and other fatal ailments result from
Stomach Trouble. Thousands of
Stomach Sufferers owe their complete
recovery to Mayr's Wonderful Reme
dy. Unlike any other for Stomach
Ailments. -For sale by W. H. Justus
and druggists everywhere.
AT $2.15 $64.50i
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outwear them all.
For Sale by
n.-inim .hi -in i. i im i raii 1 1 . m , ii m;
The Smithsonian
Is unquestionably the best
Truss on the market to-day,
We have it in stock and can
fit you. Guaranteed.
Hunter's Pharmacy
The Nyal Store
Electric Line Corner
6i GO AFTER HT ! 99
- 1 L'" 1 fc
Drive Hard for Subscriptions in the Final ' Home .Stretch" of the Bis Booster
so that in Case you Miss One of the Grand Prizes you may Own this Handsome
Diamond King to be Given Away by the Hustler on the 26th.
mwm ' , - - hi i
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