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"f1ll 1 W , . - - - .. "rr -
Day Only. s ' - i See Our Wmflpw .
. -
v.. i
! i
1 Doz. Arrow Brand Collars -$1.00
soft or stiff.
3 73c Sport Skirts for $1.00
1 Doz. Lisle Hose (men's, ladies,
children's) --$1.00
13c quality.
1 Doz. Linen handkerchiefs for $1.00
2 Pairs Shoes for $1.00
value $3.50.
2 Pair Dancinff Pumps for $1.00
Watch and Alarm Clock for $1.00
6 1-2 Yards Oilcloth for $1.00
13 lbs Sugar ror, $1.00
3 Caps for $1.0
value $2.23.
3 Suits. Men's Underwear for. $1.00
6 Pr. Ladies' Black Silk hose forv$1.00
3 Famous Dress Shirts $1.00
2 Lion-brand shirts for $1.00
3 Garments heavy men's fleece
underwear for $1.00
2 Boys base ball suits ror $1.00
3 . Pair Tennis shoes for 1$1.00
Old Ladies Comforts for $1.00
3 Boys Lsop to Loop Waists $1.00
3 Pair Cacliimere Knee Pants $1.00
Men's Hats up to $3.00 for.' $1.00
1 full size bed spread and 1 full
size sheet for $1.00
14 spools C. M. C. Crochet Thread $1.00
4 Pair Ladies' Silk Gloves for $1.00
Wool Sweater for $1.00
12 yards best dress ginghams for $1.00
$3.50 gold filled rings for $1.00 .
Men's or Ladies' sweaters, 2 for $1.00
1 Pair $1.30 rams and pair sus
penders for " $1.00
20 Yards sheeting for-- $1.00
1 yard voile Taffeta or Massiline .
for .$1.00
New fall hats for ladies for ..$1.0D
$3.00 toilet articles for $1.00
- 1 such as perfumes, powders, cream
toilet water.
15 yardTflowered Crepe for $l.nn
1 wash skirt and corset cover for $1.00
- A lot more articles special for this
day not advertised. Come in and see
- n
curdisplay. Anything you don't seo rl
in the display please call for it.
$1.00 off for every $5.00 garment an!
up for this day.
Profit, Sharing Coupons Now Giving
' Would be pleased for you to call for same
On account of Jewish New Year will be close.! Thursday & Friday, Sept. 28-29th
and would: advise early buying
King Clothier
Hendersonville!s Greatest Department Store
King Clothier
Flies at Night and Catches Bugs and
j Beetles That Are Enemies to
i. Farmer.
At the first plaintive notes of the
jwhip-poor-will in spring, the farmer
isays, "It's time to plant corn." The
bird is the corn planter's calendar.
Also it's the farmer's insect destroyer,
lit flies only by night and catches the
moths and beetles that venture out
jafter the sun 'goes down. Inasmuch
: as many of these beetles and moths
!are counted among the farmers' ene
jmies, the bird is a first-class friend, re
marks the Philadelphia North Ameri
can. It sleeps all day, squatting flat on
:the ground, or in the lowest branches
;of trees. You can approach quite near
to it at midday and it won't wake up.
If finally you interrupt it, the bird wfll
fly a short distance away and settle
down on the ground for another nap.
:, Since, it turns night into day, twi
light is its dawn, and then it does most
;of its singing. So plaintive is the song
!that superstitious persons have long
lassociated it with misfortune. It does
mean misfortune to the moths and
t beetles!" "JlxrGS
Prom a vantage point on a rail fence
;at the edge 6f the woods it darts out
like an expert fly catcher. To aid it in
the hunt tho whip-poor-will has a bris-
to tho ciaws oi a maraudihjr cat. t.Lie:
r -o"!r all -V" fronts of destruction is
11: j c:.l., 'second we must put
the well-fed cat. Every cat is natural
ly a bird catcher and those that are
not sufficiently active to catch grown
birds find an easy prey in the newly
fledged young. It is during the-early
hours of themorning that most young
take the initial flight and it is at such
times thaf the cats go unrestrained.
Every owner of a cat, every cat lover
and every bird lover should see to it
'that during this month, at least, cats
with homes are kept indoors, caged or
tethered, and that every stray, owner
less cat is captured and mercifully put
out of the way."
The Rodin Collection.
France has at last accepted this col
lection offered by the great sculptor
Rodin. It took her three years to de
cide. She always hesitates when au
thentic riches are- offered her. If it
is a question cf horrors like those
amassed by the late Chauchard she
jumps at them. Rodin has collected
many antique marbles, but he has not
admitted the terra cottas of Tanagra
or Myrrhina into bis gallery. "One
may be easily deceived," he said. "It
s so easy to mold an ancient original
in clay. And how are you to detect
the fraud? Henri Rochefcrt had two
glass cases filled with Tanagras which
were false. iThe fraud was discov
ered by analyzing the earth of which
i j -i- -t i i
ueiiKB yearn, wiucn is a uarDea-wire ; thpRA stotnpnp wro morfn Thi, ck
trap for rvery insect which gets in 'clancesaid the 'geoTciists, was found
! "It doesnH; go to the bother Of builds.
Ing a nest. Ycu'll find the whip-poor-,-will's
eggs cither on the bare ground
or in a heap of dry leaves. Usually
there are two yellowish-white eggs,
spotted with brown.
- in the suburbs of Paris. So it was not
Certain that the Greek decorators
would have gone there for their clay."
Among other antique fragments Rodin
possesses the marvelous hand of a
statue. "This is signed Phidias," he
said one day to an American who had
come to - visit him. The American
CATS AS "ENEMIES OF TREES".! turned the hand ovefto discover tbe
j precious stamp. He could not find it.
Are So Because They Kill Birds, Says t: Ah," said Rodin, "the signature is
only visible to the eye of the artist."
Le Cri de Paris.-
Thriving Community Grows Up Be
cause of Discovery pf Almost
Pure Article.
Hoffland, Neb., from a little railroad
siding a year ago, with two or three
cars standing on the track, has grown
until it has been placed on the railroad
map as a full-fledged town, shipping
out thirty cars a day. Hoffland prom
ises to grow still more, the Omaha
World-Herald saysr
It is all on account of potash and its
by-products. The fields at Hoffland are
the only ones in the United States
.where the almost pure article is
found. In Utah ancTjSouthern Califor
nia, where the" mineral . taken from
kelp beds.v the cost of reducing, the
pure potash from the vegetable matter
makes the marketable product expen
sive. Here is found an almost pure article
that necessitates nothing but pumping
boiling and drying, when it is ready for
the refinery, where it brings the here
tofore unknown price of $500 a ton. A
Chicago packing company bas con
tracted for the town'3 entire output for
five "years" . .
by "the Egyptians, and the ancient
Greeks used it as a medicinal com
pound. We find it cultivated in Rome in
200 B. C, Cato being one of the" first
to encourage its national planting.
Modern scientists agree that the
highly beneficial results obtained from I
eating asparagus are due to its large
content of asparagrin. Physicians rec
ommend asparagus In cases of heart,'
stomach and kidney trouble.
the American Forestry
Association. .
A warning that cat3 are to be con
sidered enemies of tree conservation
.because they prey upon birds which
destroy insects dangerous to trees, is
Issued by the American Forestry asso
ciation of Washington. The warning
'says: . -
"June is the month for nesting of
-.birds, it is the month when by far the
largest numbes-of birds of all species
are raising their young. It is the month,
when insect life abounds, N when the
weather is mhd, when storms are few;
the month, by all odds, tke most propi
tious for the birds to undertake to in
crease their numbers. It is a. month,
inowever, when probably the largest
number of birds are killed.
v' "The maternal instinct, which knows
: aiotiear bring many a mptherbird in-
- Evidence.
"Not guilty, sir," replied the pris
oner, s - .
"Where did you find the prisoner,
constable?" asked the magistrate.
"In Trafalgar square, sir," was the
"And wliat made you think he was
-..."Well, sir, he was throwing his
walking stick into the' basin of one of
the. fountains and trying to-entice one
of them stone lions-to go and fetch
it out again." rEverybody's.
A Willing Worker.
An amusing incident is told which
took place in one of the occupied dis
tricts of Belgium where the German
occupier doles out potatoes to such
of the starving people as agree to
work for him. One recipient present
ed himself before the German author
ities and declared himself quite ready
in return for a supply of potatoes to
work for the German3 and only for
them. He seemed quite decided and
genuine in his offer of work.
"Then you- are quite, willing. to sign
the declaration?" asked 'the German
officer. ' V " - .
"Yes, quite willing." .
"And what is your trade?",
"I am a grave digger," replied the
-Belgian stolidly."0
Complex Bookkeeping.
The one fundamental principle un
derlying all successful business is that
the cost must be less than the selling
price. In the operation of this prin
ciple agriculture is no exception.
Farming, nTJwever, is such a complex
business, and the different "enterprises
making up the farm, unit are so Intri
cately related, "that it requires an ex
pert bookkeeper to juggle the figures
and ascertain whether there, has been
profit or loss.
The Angel us. :
The Angelus, a' prayer to the Holy
Virgin, was instituted by Urban the
Second. It has three verses,-and each
verse ends with the salutation' "Ave
Maria." . -
Cultivating Liking for Work.
The secretof life is not to do what
one likes, but to like that which one
ias to do; and one does come to like
it in time. Dinah Muloch Craikl '
YOtTR.K003I Cottage lights and va
ter. Ner.r in. Apply Sycamore Cot
tage. 921-1 tc
Worth While Quotation.
To be protected is is more won
derful than than being loved. Peggy
in "Persuasive Peggy." ' . - .
She Couldn't Have It.
A small boy who was sitting next to
a very haughty woman in a crowded
car kept sniffing in a most annoying
manner. At last the lady could bear
it, no" -longer, and turned to . the lad.
. "Boy, have you got a handkerchief ?"
she demanded. . . '
The small boy looked at her for a
few seconds, and then,- in a dignified
tone, came the answer: "Yes, I 'ave,
but I don't lend it to strangers."
London Chronicle. . -
. Frequently Hapsnsr . ;
"There's always room"; at the top,"
said the man vvho speaks sagaciously.
'Yes," replied Broncho Bob; but the
trouble is that in a lot o'- games 'the
ifcsf cards is at the bottom of the
.)ack." Vvashicgton Star
Might 'Be Something in That.
"Don't be too rough wif de forgetful
man," said Uncle Eben; "mebbe wlfat
ha nvas .busy remmberin' was more
important dan what bo forgot."
ii f?W rr .iLJ L ril T
m m m v. k. v - mem. r m-m t - i
Asparagus Is Healthful. "
Asparagus haai often been called the
Ring's . vegetable- It was cultivated
Millions o? Glass Eyes. "
The - world's population makes use
jo 2,590,000 glass eyes 4n the course of
each -year. - " :- .
Spain's Olive Oil Production. " :
Spain is credited with- producing
more than thre-quarters of thg
world's supply rff olive oil. -
Make Poor Companions. :--People
who do not know how. to
laugh -are always pompous and self-''
conceited. Thackeray- '- .- ,v
& - m 'me

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