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MasgaaftacsiOsM s,M'm wi" nil' y
- r.
t-- u-txtir-a is i i : n m e- vjk-:
f yt v ,
- ' : .' ' ' '"- i " ;
. t:id Mrs. Fv y.yHunteiy f
r.ir.g. a laughter. -
h. formerly IIopu,cwell
i; k to Hendersonville:;'.-
- -' ,
.no; Bailey left Monday
.dilute in. Virginia. - . -
:o: -. : :
; li.ilph Carson of 5pj.r
: t l'io week eiv visiting'
- :o: .
i i-nv s rpent S)iiday with
Six 5 returned to Ash e-
- -:o: .:-'y.
S. Cunningham of Durham,
, iy o: 9 day last week rcg-
.o Cz olina Terrace.
, a .C'r.arli0r Bittn?r,of St.
lvo "isiting their sister,
f ; -yton on East Thirjl ave.
nr rard made a business
ksonville last week,- return-
:o: ' Vii.
, !:. Vass of Spartanburg; is'
i or daughter. Mrs. C. W.
ijjt - .Mabel and Lila. Condon " of
Jh'ar'.ot ron. S. C, are the guests of
jrr J:: - Hickens. ' "
:o: - , - "
p, ;. Pell, president of Converse
Collo; 1 . : t t imed to Spartanburg Mon
du a: r spending several weeks at
sVeaiii:-;v Lodge.
:o: n
Col. andford IT." Cohen, general
ra?5tT-i:or agent of the Mt. Mitchell
railway, was in the city one day last
week en business. . '
A: Hi" a visit to her daughter Dr.
Emraa Male, ai Spartanburg,. Mrs. C. K.
F:'; '
trip ;o
US i etui ucu tu jlici uuiuc xu
cnville. - -
Liila Alexander has gone to
y. s. C.? for a visit with friends
- turning to her home in Way
y. While here she was .the at
; . y ;est of Miss Minnie Crane.
:o:- -
. Vova House of Rosman, spent
I : and Tuesday' night in the city
t of Miss Lill e Brooks, leaving
. s!av for Reidsville where she
v. HI tacli this winter.
Mrs. Grace Freeman and small son",
Brace, have returned to their home In
Tan:, a, Fla., arter an extended visit
here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
F. G. Hart.
Mr. and Mrs. Chailes Blackburn wio
have been summering here at the
Ewbank home on Shaw's creek road
left Wednesday for their home at Live
Oak?. Fla. Both Mr. and Mrs. Black
Blackburn are gifted musicians and
durinj their stay added much to the
pleas-are of the musfc lovers of "the
city. They were "members of the
Presbyterian church choir here.
"Mi s. C. R. TVTiitaker is in Chattanoo
ga at ending the National Grand Lodge
of the Rebeccas, the women's auxil'ary
to the Independent Order Odd Fellows.
Mrs. Whi taker is grand secretary of
the order.
- Mri;. x P. Walker; of Greenville S J
yi -m week with Mis.
Mattie Hart on West Sixth avenue.
' M;ss .Alice Bowl, of Colirrnbi'a; who
has been visiUng friend sin this-city
returned home Monday. : r;
Dr. B F. Cl'if ofat Rock, has been
on a two weeks' pleasure trip through
several western states. He returned
Tuesday. . -
Mrs. .E. E. Freeman, of Tampa Fla.,
who has been spending the sumtnei
in the city wih her-parents, " Mr. and
Mrs. Flayius Hare, on South Main
street has returned home.
;.: -: - ;o ' -
Mrs A. W. Anderson and family, of
Augusta, Ga., who huve been spending
the summer in" the G. W. Brooks cot
tage on West Jixth avenue will leave
for ther home tomorrow.
Capt. j; W. AVofford.who is spend
ing some time with his daughter, Mrs
N. B. Coogan, of Asheville, is 'quite,
sick. Capt: Wofford is one of Hen.
dersonvilleV oldest and most beloved
citizens and his manv friends win
deeply regret to hear of his illness.
. . -.c: . ; ; ' . "
Dr. and Mrs. Hallman. of Spartan
burg, spent Sunday in the city. Dr.
HaUman preached at the Community
club for the Lutheran, people Sunday
morning. , "
' ' IQl
Thiinbie Party.
Mrs. B. W. B. Howe entertained with
a: thimble party last Thursday after
noon. An enjoyable social hour was
spent while .clever fingers plied
needles, after which the hostessTserved
an elegant ice course with cake.
5 Ton j
s or More -t Sinsrle Toils
Half Tens
Quarter Tons y
Per To n
Per Ton
- .. -' V-
,.N : ' y y' -. J ; " y. . , " ::r-
:$2.50 f y.O0 I
The Woman's Missionary Society of
the First Baptist Church of Hender
sonville will - observe -State Missoin
Day. at the church September 26 from
2 to 5 p. m.
Mrs. K. W. Cawthon will conduct
the meeting and a very interesting
Hprogram is being prepared.
After the. first session a social half
hour wiUbe enjoyed by all after which
we will return for -the -closing session.
We plead for a full atetndance of. the
members and extend a cordial invita
tion to all ladies of the town and sur
rounding communities.
Rev. W. F. Womble, pastor of the
Methodist church, is preaching an in
teresting series of sermons on the ele-
j ments of salvation which he names,
conviction, repentance, faith, justifica
tion, regeneration, witness of the
'spirit and sanctificatlon. Last Sun
day he took up repentance and faith
and preached an unusually strong ser
mon. - . .
Children's day exercises will be held
in the M. E. church Sunday evening
at 8 o'clock. Everybody cordially in
TWO LtiTge Furnished Kooms for rent.
Icitchen and bath on first floor. Near
in. Apply to Box 350. -. 9-21-ltc
Cagit on the Curb
Homar Whitmire, colored, broke jail
Saturday night, and the officers spent,
a good part of the night search
ing: for him. A. W. Barnett indepen
dent candidate for city constable was
deputized by Sheriff Drake to aid in
the hunt. Mr. Barnett located his
prisoner Sunday morning and brought
him back to jail.
. S "
'Til give you 50 cents for any kind
of a thicken, dead or alive," said a
veil known hotel man Tuesday after
he had tr-ed every store in Henderson,
ville and all those that had telephones
in the county. He sent over to his
neighbors and tried to buy one from
them but there wag none for. sale:
Chickens and eggs are very scarce just
a B
Mayor Brooks has received a large
'shj-vmont of late garden seeds and
winter field seeds which he is author
ized by the government to distribute
amcns the farmers who suffered dur
ing the recent floods. He is anxious
that the seeds are called for in time
to secure an early planting. Those
desiring seeds should call at the Citi
zens National Bank before 2 p. m. any
S I?
"Heudersonville must have a $5,000
per year publicity and advertising
fund," said a well known citizen the
other day.. He said that he had al
ready talked with a number of the
most influential c'tizens and that they
had agreed with him that a lw should
be r.assed by legislature next year al
lowing an extra tax of about 5 cents on
the one hundred for this purpose;
Citizens of the depot section are go
ing to make strenuous efforts to see
that the compulsory education law is
Jived up to in that section:; It is said
that there are a number of children
who should be sent to school but who
lasr year for some reason were not
2;le to attend. This is a matter in
vhir-h the citizens all over the city can
srf-atly a;d the officers in .reporting
any child or parents who are failing
to rompiy With the-law. c ...y .
rver $3,000 collected withirLthe past
t' o weeks 's the record made by city
tax collector G W. Brooks. Mr.:
Ernoks states that a few skipped out
f town but that the majority of the
loading house keepers have paid up
'h r sneoi'm tnyps Rnecial -efforts
ar-1 being made- to collect street and
side walk paving . taxes. - J There are
j some , who have , not paid their side-:
walk taxes since the same was placed
down. . - . . . .
Case & King are building a mam
moth store building on the. East side
of the Southern depot on Seventh ave
nue, next door to the East Henderson
ville Baptist church.' The building
will be of granite rock with a
cement floor. Th'g . will be the head
quarters for the wholesale produce
business as well as, a general line of
merchandise handled by this well
known firm. Jonathan Case, a mem
ber of the firm, states that they will bo
better fixed to buy -all the products of
the farm than ever. He expects to devote-much
of his time to the produce
business, y ' -V- .
- - H t .
"Let's organize a Y. M. C. A. for
HendersonvitteT rent the Community
club building and. build, a gymnasium
in the rear." remarked a well known
man to the Hustler representative yes
terday. "If we could get a man to
devote half his time to the secretary
ship and et several hundred members
for sav $5 or $6 per year, I believe it
will be" a go. We could get in touch
with the National Y. M. C. A. and keep
the organization going under its rules
anil rotni latinns as hundreds of them
do all over the country," said this same
man who is in a position to kuuw .
workings of the Y. M. C. A.
Frank Osteen, aged "about fifty
years,, a former resident of this coun
ty but for a number of years superin
tendent of the Poe Manufacturing, com
pany at Greenville, was killed in- an
automobile acc dent -near Traveler's
Rest Sunday afternoon while he and
Irs "family were return'ng,to Green
ville after a visit with relatives in Hen-,
derstmville. J : .
Their car, according. to reports, ran
ud a bank and overturned, crushing
Mr Osteen to aeain. xue ;uwnu
was bora In this county and remained
here until he " was about 16 years old.
Going to Piedmont, SVC.,. he engaged
i in cotton mill work and won rapW
! nmninr Tn rvreenvilU where he
I r i .t.. '. .J. t Vf0
was supenntenuciiL -v -
mill he was universally I ked, both for
nnA r,rirht nonvictions and
I kindness to h4s employes and orchis
! splendid Christian character. The
.funeral was held Tuesday. v: s
- -
These prices are for RIGHT NOW. - They may told good for a week or they may take a shoot lo-
i-Day's Spartanburg He
Coal situation is very serious. Maybe Spartanburg people will get enough coal for the winter and maybe they
will not ! The situation is very grave indeed. " Of course that's Spartanburg, but it applies to Hendersonville' too,
We're in the Same boat. s ' : ' : : TV - -; .
These prices apply only to orders for prompt delivery of THE COAL NO VV ON OUR YARD. ANY DAY may
force us to raise them. You can get it at these prices NOWby" calling 142.r Don't blame us if you wait, and then
have to pay fifty cents or. a dollar a ton more. we guarantee Dotn quality and weignt.
,1 :6.;iiy2i
& Fuel
; . rv mon'o aTlfl bOVS saffi-
une u.g - rA- n
pie hats. $3.00 values ior .vv.
Ser cuts the price and sellthe
hats." '".V" Z " - - f- '
3Iagiiificeivt, Spectacular Production
for Hospital Rcnefit-
"Flu-Flu, the Land - of Fun," the
magnificent spectacular production
hat will be presented with 150 or morp.
of the Hendersonville participants . at
the new opera house, is being awaited
with keen - interest and pleasure.
Everything is being put in readiness
for this uniquely clever and beautifully
elaborate play that is being given ?or
the benefit, of the hospital and no de
tail will be spared to make this pre
sentation the most successful and elab
orate one ever given here.
Flu-Flu consists of exquisite scenes,
attractive parts, beautiful dance num
bers, unique effects, clever, skillful
arrangements, etc., all of which go to
make the finished production in all its
beautiful splendor that grandeur, as a
gorgeous bird of paradise.
This event is surrounded by unusua
interest as the cast is composed of
Hendersonville people, who will be
seen in the various scenes and num
bers, which is. a feast to the eyG and
a mustcal treat to the ear.' .. -
Among many very attraefvo other
scenes in Flu-Flu, this unique and
clever one shown in the cut, will form
one "of the interesting numbers on the
A very interesting and pretty event
in connection with Flu-Flu, the Land
of Fun, the uniquely clever and beau
t fully elaborate production, will be
the automobile parade that will be
given . preceding the performances
that Willi be shown at the new opera
house. . "Flu-Flu t .the Land . of Fun,"
is being given for the .benefit of the
Hendersonville Hospital Association
and no detail will be. spared to make
this a brilliant event. Flu-Flue will
undoubtedly be one of the most elab
orate presentations ever staged here
and' a rare treat is in store for Hen
dersnnviile never before has such a
nagnificent spectacle been shown here,
and each and every-one is urgea
take advantage of this bppotrunity to
see . Flu-Flu, the land .of Fun. The
cast including over 1&0 .Henderson
ville participants will; be, seen in this
uniquely clever play. "
'Rehearsals are being held daily at
the new. opera house atfd thOser not
yet in the cast, butdesiring to take
part, are asked to come up to the
town hall and be assigned to their
James A. Robinson of Durham, who
has been spending the summer here
at the Carolina Terrace writing
sketches of this section and also rep
resenting the Asheville Times as local
correspondent, will leave next-week
tyiiioVi to thf rceret'of his many . new-
made friends here, who are apprecia
tive of his work and the splendid ad
vertising h?s sketches, ana news uemfs
havedone for our city. Mr. Robinson
rQTTTcr.rftr man Of the Old school
and knows how to write interestingly.
Hi slast news letter in the Asheville
Times appeared yesterday and he jvul
devote the remainder, of his stay here
in gathering material ior sKeiun w
ing this -winter. - .
In sending his last letter to the
Times Mr. Rob.'nson says:
'"Your' correspondent, closes his
task, as news gatherer for. the Times
in Hendersonville, with this lettter.
It has been a source of great pleasure
to ine to serve the good people of this
beautiful and hustling town -in my
feeble way; and I desire to jiere-ex
press my appreciation for their uni
form kindness ' to me, especially , in
getting whafnews that has appeared.
I never met better people kindheart-ed-
generous. A -noble people. I
shall carry away with me a- heart full
of the mogj: pleasing memories of new
friends that I shall always regard as
old friends from this on. May th
Lord of such a beautiful country, and
such a lovely town as He has blessed
them with; ever let the light Qf His
countenance shine upon them, and
bless them more and more abundantly
year by year." -' ; - y"
No more entertaining writer and a
finer christian gentleman than .Mr.
Robinson ever spent the summer here,
and we can only wish h'm God-speed
when h& leaves us, and hope that when
summer returns again' with-it also will
- 7
come Mr. Robinson, better known pro
bably as "Old Hurrygraph." His
sketches have appeared ' in paper3
throughout the south. .
the first day of the - Jewish montlJ
Tishri, will mark the beginning of the
Jewish High Holidays. . These holidays
of deep religious significance, will
commence with the feast of Rosh Has
hanah, or New Year. The New Year
will be followed by Ten days of Peni
tence, which reach their climax in the
Day of Atonement, October 7.
"On the New Year all the inhabitants
of the earth pass before Him as sheen
before' the shepherd." In these words
the - ancient Jewish law book, the
Misha, refers to the s'gnificance of this"
day. It is a day of Judgment when the
sins and the merits of all men are
weighed- by - the Divine- Judg?.
The Talmud tells that in this annual
Ner ' Year's Julgment scene- three
books lie open before the Most High.
In one book, the Book of Life, the
names of the -perfectly righteous, the
sinless, are inscribed; the second book,
the book of death has recorded in it
the names of the utterly wicked; and
the third book is for the-ordinary
"middle type" of men, in whose be
half judgment is suspended through
the ten, -days of penitnece, until the
Day of Atonement when the decision
fs filially, made and recorded.,
The services for the day are especi
ally solemn.- Prayers in prose and
poetryy dwelling upon . the theme of
God's Judgment of man, are recited
arid sung. The Rani's horn, the "Sho
far," summoning men to prayer and
repentance, is soundeeL inilLsyna
gogs. At .the, close' of .the service Vthe
worshippers greet each other with the
words May you be written down for
ar good, year."
Orthodox Jews observe many cere-,
mon'es " which suggest the-ideas and
emotions of the day. In the home
honey and - fruits ; are eatenc and ? thje.
pious wish expressed "May it be Thy
will to renew tor us a good and sweet-
year. During the day, orthodox-Jews
will go to-a river, shake crumbs from
their cloths ' and rec'te among cfccr
nrayera the; verse-: from Mica "And
you wiH. cast into" the depts of th
sea, all their, sins' While orthodox
Jews -observe the feast for two days,
September 27 and 28 this year. Reform
Jews return to the ancient Palestinian
custom and observe but one day.
3Vell John, what can I do for you?
Doctor Brown inquired cordially ag
he Came into his study and shook
hands with John Forbes.
"I am applying for a position in a
bank, sir. S"ome recommendations
Sundown - Wednesday, September 27,4 ." -u? 1 . uSui you mignt
. - , - T - . rBe willing:-to give me one," John an-
ciency expert to look at things that
way, but I didn't think -a Christian
minister would 1" said . John sullenly.
- Th?4'g exactly the Christian nqint
Of viejy ng tb Christ'ait- teaching,'
The clergyman gat still, looking very
thoughtful. . -
"I certainly should like to. recom
mend you, Johh," he said at length,
"but I have a feeling that I ought to 3
be truthful about what I say in such
a matter, and I am wondering just
what I can say truthfully that will
impress the bank in your favor."
John's face showed surprise. "Why
I jcan't think of anything very wrong
that I have done" he said, after a
pause. , ,.- -
"That's exactly as I had rated you.",
replied the-rector,'"and I must admit
that the rating does not impress ,me
very favorably. : Suppose, - for in
stance, that you wanted work as a
porter, and the bank wanted to
knojv whether iyoii' were physically
strong enough for the work I might
be able to mention one hundred dis
eases you did not have. I might
make it two hundred, or any other
number, but that would not answex
the question. The bank would
not want to know how many
diseases you didn't have, - but
how much physical strength you
did have. You might have no disease
at all, and yet have almost no
strength. fW: - '
"I'd like to believe that it was dif
ferent with you 1 norally, but honesty
compels me to say i never have seen
an intimation of it in your life. I
never heard of you1 doing anything
very wrong; but neither have I heard
ot-youc-.doing'.. anything very good. I
can't, say that you. have morl iaarac
ter just-because ydu haven't; any: great
vioesi You haven'- een positively
vicious, as sonie of your'friends hav
but I sometimes fear that you have
no , more attained, a moral character
than they; it's even possible that some
Of them? are-nearer, to it than you.
r ''XPul; have-, only- drifted. You have
let yourself, float 1 along the lin.e of
least-resistance. You - have fritted
away your time and your opportuni
ties,,. You just barely escaped failure
all the way- through , your .high-school
course, -go, far you have escaped-doing
anything very wrong. You also
have escaped doing- anything very
good. In fact, you haven't done any-J
thing at all." . . ..
J'l might have expected some effl-
returneri tHS .ir.r ub. m Uk
J T v uvvnyi, v f .
of His parables, told of a number of
people who suffered punishment after
death. It is a striking fact that not
one of them was condemned for
wrong things Jie had done, but for
right things he had left undone, John
Forbes, turn about and face, the thing
squarely. You haven't been a man
you have beep a kind of jellyfish. You
haven't been anything positive. You
have been a trailer, a hangeron, a neg
ative weakling. Let met see you for
one week positively do something that
is hard to do something you are dis
inclined to try and less-inclined t'j
stick at, and then come back and
I'll give you the recommendation."
"I'm pretty mad," said John, "but
I'm going to do as you say."
"I want you to keep mad until you
have done it,' replied Doctor Brown.
Youth's Companion.
; . . y- y ; - r
(Special to The Hustler.)
Horse Shoe, S'ept. 20. J. D. Collins
and family of Spartanburg, S. C, are
spending a few days at their summer
home at Horse Shoe. .
W. E, Brown and family have moved
to theij future home at Jefferson City,
Tenn.y 1 y
One . pair of slippers stolen from, C.
B; Moffltt last Sunday-while at church.
Liberal reward if returned as these
mornings are very cold.
Yancey and Parmer, McCrary visited
their father, yV. C. McCraryy last Sunday.;-.
, V' , -
Thomas Case is spending a few days
with his parents-. -.
Miss EulolieEscoffier has returned
to her home in Charleston, S- C. ;
Rupert Alverson, of Spartanburg, SV
C-, spent Sunday with Thomas Case. :
Robert H, Lockaby ot. pfsgah Forest
spent Sunday with, friends here. " :
Mrs, Carrie Johnson will soon erect
a new bungalow on her place.
The wisest man I ever knew never
gave any woman the " opportunity- to i
say'No" to himi . j
-The wise old -hen chuckles to herself
every time she sees a fool man trying i
to put her out of business with an in- .
cubator.- . -y
Profile portraits are one-sided af
fairs. - . ..
Ben Few has gone to Pittsburg y
where he has accepted a position.
- It's wonderful what the dollar will buy in our store this date. We have just moved
and find many odds and ends in furnishings and furniture which we will sell for
ONLY $1.00 .
Coiich Cover $1.50 value. Dollar
; Dayi ,2 $1.00
Beautiful Colored Lace Curtain; ' :
$1.50 value, Dollar Day. :$1.00
1.25 Bed Spreads, Dollar Dayl$1.00
$1.25 Taboretts v- $L0J
2 . 75c Flower stands, made of oak,
- Special . $1.00
Good Oak Dining Room chairs $1.00
$1.50 values !n fine pictures, fram- y
ed, DollarDay . - -$1.00
$1.00 off on all cash Furniture sales made this day of $10 or more
v- y i - - We carry: all grades of Furniture k
W 77
enaerson viae w-vm tture

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