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Henderson County's
Home Paper
OL.XXIii. NO. 48
riJkl 10 IlfE lOllLK IET
K isi CITY
E s. Millsaps of Statesville, district
jseiu Farmers' Co-operative Demon
stration Work, is expected in Hender.
Olivine the first Monday in January
and j. largo and representative gather
jrff of te farmers of the county is de
5,tYi on that date.
' In addition to 'ookini into the mar. j
ter of employing -i iarm aerr.onstrai or
for Henderson county, Mr. Millsaps
also explain tne law m regard to j
a farm loan association for the county
and if enough are interested will or- !
anize the association on the spot. For ,
these reasons, both of which are vital 1
(0 farmers, it is aesirea to nave us
many here on that date as possible.
In a letter to A. S. Truex, acting sec
retary or the Hendersonvilie Board of
Trade. Mr. Millsaps says:
-I have your favor of the 9th in
stant, and I thank you for the interest
you manifest in the great work of
building up the agriculture of the
county. If all the farmers were as
much interested in this work as the
business men we would not have such
bard work to keep things going. The
only thing I have to criticize is that
you say you want to 'urge the county
commissioners to appoint a Farm De
monstrator.' We do not want them
to appoint one. We want them to rive
half the money to run the work, or to
par the salary of the agent. We will
consult with them about the appoint
ment, but we cannot leave the selec
tion of the man to them. We have to
be responsible and we must know the
sort of man we have on the job.
"I think I shall try to go to Hender
sonvilie the first Monday in January,
but I would like to kill two birds with
one stone. So far as I know you have
no Farm Loan Association, and i
would like for you to have all the
farmers in the county who would like
to have a Government loan to meet
there on the first Monday in January,
and I will explain the law and organ
ize an association, if enough applications-are
..made by that time.'"i'liO0"
jou will take enough interest in this
matter to get the farmers out. Tqis
is a great thing for farmers who need
to borrow money."
It might be a good idea for all far
mers who wish to make application
for a loan to write to Mr. K. S. Al.il
saps at Statesville, N. C, at once so he
can have something tangible to work
upon when he arrives here. The Hust
ler sees great things in store for the
farmers of Henderson county and will
do all it can to further their interests,
and in doinp this it can hope for no
direct financial benefit. The Board of
Trade will also back every movement
that will lead to the upbuilding of the
county and city. Organization and co
operation is a great thing for the far
mers if they can only be made to re
alize this fact.
Calvary Church. Fletcher, (Episco
pal): "Morning prayer and preaching,
Sundays in December at 11:00.
Evening service and preaching. Sun
flays, Dec. 10 and 17 at 7:30. Friday
afternoon serices at 4:00.
12-7.2t Rector.
rite j Hr'OT-
mm Mm 4ert.
A company of motion picture artists
of the Fox Film Corporation, New
York City, arrived in Hendersonvilie
Monday afternoon from Jacksonville,
Fla., and will spend two weeks here
filming a mountain picture which will
be released on the Fox program about
Feb. 15th. John W. Kellette, assistant
director of the company, arrived Friday
and made preparations for the arrival
of the movie-makers and also selected
locations for filming the scenes. The
entire company is stopping at the Ken
tucky Home hotel while here and the
picture will be made at different points
in and around the city.
The director of the company is John
G. Adolfi; assistant director, John W.
Kellette. June Caprice little 17-year-old
star, whom William Fox, the great
feature producer said last April he
would make the most famous girl in
the world inside of a year, and it looks
like he appears to be doing it, will play
tne leading part in the picture. Miss
Caprice is a charming little lady and
Is making many friends here.
Other members of the company are:
Frank Morgan, Miss Caprice's leading
man; Mrs. Frank Morgan; Florence
Crawford, well known on the Pacific
coast, doing her first picture on the
Fox program; Madeline Bonnes, and
Bettie Prendergast; Loel Steuart, a
five-year-old girl; Maury Steuart; R.
B. Schellinger, photographer; Ben
Kline and John Geisel, his assistants;
Harry A. Stillwell. property man.
These were joined Tuesday by Tom
Brooke, Tom Cameron and Richard R.
Neill .three well known screen charac
ters. John G. Adolfi, the director, is one
of the most famous of the master pro
ducers, some of his latest pictures be
ing "Capriceof the Mountains," ' little
Miss Happiness," "The Ragged Prin
cess." "The Mischief Maker," "A "Mod.
ern Cinderella.' and while with David
W. Griffith on. the 'coast, took some of
the. "Birth of a Natlan&.-vs&Jr
Mrs. Newton Lanning. of Fletcher,
died at her home early last Saturday
; morning after a long illness. Funeral
services were held on Sunday after
noon at Tweed's chapel. She is sur
vived by her husband and the follow
ing ten children: -
Mrs. Garren, Mrs. Merrell, Mrs.
Buckner, Miss Lina Lanning, Miss
'iidith Lanning, W. H. Lanning C. H.
Lanning, J. C. Lanning and W. H.
Lanning. Citizen.
There will be a Christmas trer nd
an entertainment by the childra of
the Sunday school of the Firs' Metho
dist church at the church on Friday
evening, December 22, at 7:30 o'clock
to which everybody is cordially in
vited. The regular monthly meeting of the
Hospital Association will be held at
the Patton Memorial Hospital Thurs
day, December 14, -at 3 :30 p. m.
The Merchant who
Advertises is the one who
Merits your Trade.
Look through the -.twenty pages of this
keek's Hustler and you vill find ad
vertised any article for Christmas
that jrou could wish. Make out your
list and buy your selections from those
who advertise. Every advertiser in
the Hustler is reliable and they de
serve your trade.
The French Broad Hustler
Woman's Missionary Society Has Good
Meeting Local and Per-
sonal Items.
(Special to The Hustler.).
Fletcher. R-l, Dec. 13. The Wo
man's Missionary Society met at the
. parsonage Thursday of last week wUh
a good attendance. After devotional
exercises and some very important
business was attended to.ice cream and
cake was served. After the lefreah-
menta which were were so much enjoy
ed by all. the much loved pastor made
his appearance and invited the ladjes
into the dining room to see what Santa
Claus had brought, for tucked away
under the seat and in the back of each
vehicle each and every -lady had
brought a nice parcel of seme kind to
show their love and appreciation for
the pastor and his family. After they
had heard a few words of thanks and
appreciation from the pastor, a beau
tiful Thanksgiving prayer was offered
to the One who we owe all our. thanks,
and the ladles jjidew-er adiea
tanddeparted to their homes feeling
better by having been there.
The hum of the shredder has ceased
and every farmer' is feeling glad and
thankful that the crops are all stored
before the bad weather comes on!
Grandma Gibbs is visiting at her old
home in Polk county.
The children are wondering if the
flood and the election are going to keep
Santa Claus away.
Since the closinsr of the school at
Smoky Hollow Miss Vernie Johnsor
has opened a private school in her
home. Miss C":da Carter ha salso
opened a private school in her home.
Why don't the men get busy and
get out a petition for a special school
tax to be voted on in the Smoky Hol
low district, and have an eight months
nVinnt aym 9 Th o Tiofmns ftrfi well
OV.11UU1 ItlUl, vx -
tn iin it net hnsv men. don't let
uu'e - '
the women have this to do.
A Merry Christmas to the Hustler
and a Happy New Year.
"Thanks to God" Our
Song of Life
Thanks to God" may be your open
ing and closing song. One brief life may
be a life of gratitude. Have you a home?
Then be thankful for it, however hum
ble the home may be, for roses will
not bloom more beautifully and the
vines will not more gracefully cling to
any other home. Have you friends?
Cherish every friend you possess, for
really you haven't as many as you
think. Have you parents now alive?
Cherish with fondness their every
presence, for the time is not far away
when you will look for them and they
will not be here. Have you a brother, a
sister? Make them feel your great and
human worth by thoughtfulness and
kindness to them.
So, friends, let the great past sweep
before our memories, have the nation
bow its to the Almighty God and
let the Individual ipeak out his grati
tude, and, after all is said, there will
remain many more blessings which
call for our thanks as eloquently aa
those we have mentioned. Some of
yoti may have seen the Sistine Madon
na at Dresden, In some respects the
most wonderful picture of materna'
loTe which exists in the whole world.
For a long time the canvas was cov
ered wilh a crust of ImpuriTieg gather
ed from Its years of hanging, and an
artist, in making repairs, discovered
a cherub face In the dark background
and wan kd t suspect the pK-ture had
been overlaid Iy tlrne and neglect. He
commenced cleaning it. and as he went
on cherul iiftcr cherub reappeared un
til it vns found that this priceless Ma
donna w.-is n i background made- up
wholly of little heavenly cherubs. So
those blessings for which we should
give thanks are sometimes shamefully
covered by our thoughtlessness -and
neglect. -ricv. V. A. Rupert of Pitta-burgh.
" ,-. iiiirifli iinnnr nnilnrnnr.m iRinmni
Hendersonvilie, N. C.
R. S. Curtis, animal husbandman,
beef cattle -and sheep investigations,
North Carolina Department -of Agri.
culture, has been interested in the pos
sibility of holding an auction sale of
blooded beef cattle in Hendersonvilie,
and it is stated that at an early date
one of the field men of the department
will be asked to visit this county and
look into the practicability of holding
this sale, provided the farmers, ar .interested:4----
' ; ' ; . -; :-.: ;vy;':;SN
VThe next -annual ' aneetifagof Lthe
riliNGarolftia-livetcl: association:
will be held in Winston-Salem January.
9, 10, 11 and 12, 1917, and there is a
possibility of getting sonie of the stock
shipped here after the meeting, these
to be put on sale at auction. It is a
known fact that it is better to feed one
thoroughbred steer than three or four
scrubs and by holding this sale and
getting more blooded cattle in the
county much will bo accomplished that
is desired.
If enough farmers are interested in
raising better cattle, the Hendersonvilie
Board of Trade will be only too glad
to promote the sale by co-operatins
with the State Department of Agri
culture. Fill out the following blank and mail
at once, either to the French Broad
Hustler or A. S. Truex, Henderson,
ville, N. C:
Dear Sir:
I am interested in promoting the
auction sale of blooded beef cattle.
(Special to The Hustler.)
Horse Shoe, Dec. 13. Mrs. J. F.
Drummonds of Greer, S. C, is visit
ing her sister, Mrs. Vernon Moffitt.
Henry W. Allen of Hendersonvilie.
spent Monday on his farm near this
We are sorry to note the serious
illness of Mrs. Julia Allen, the moth
er of our. neighbor, M. E. Allen.
Robert H. Lockaby of Pisgah Forest
spent the week end at Maplehurst with
the Davenport family.
Garland Barnett of Pisgah Forest,
visited his uncle J. D. Barnett on Sun.
At the last business meeting of the
Horse Shoe Adult Bible class the fol
lowing officers were elected: Presi
dent, James Greenwood; vice presi
dent, W. N. COrn; secretary, Avery
Galloway; treasurer. Mrs. L. E. Dav
enport; chairman of the membership
committee, T, N. Redden, of th devo
tional committee, S. E. Case; of the
social committee. Mrs. "T. C. King;
teacher. Prof. W, A. Osborne. This
class has been organized for about
five years and has done a great deal of
Christian work as the members and
officers are always on their jobs.
The Parent-Teachers Association
will hold a meeting on Wednesday of
next week at 3:30 p. m. This meet
ing will be of unusual interest for W.
H. HIpps, county superintendent of
public instruction of Buncombe, will
address the meeting.
Capt. L. M. Dodamead will leave Sat
urday for Portsmouth, Va., to spend
the holidays.. After January 1, he wiii
go to Hopewell, Va.
WANTED A First.class housekeeper.
Must have best of reputation. Ap
ply to W. F. Case. Southern Supply
Company. 12-7-3tp
imv nuiair. uhdcuuwu aiwhl
Business activities in Henderson
vilie are never at a standstill. Prop
erty is changing hands and plans are
being laid for next summer's business.
Among recent deals was that' of the
handsome Cox house on the Flat Rock
drive next to , Ledgerwood, the coun
try place of the Misses Carson, the
purchaser being Miss L. E. Dawson,
the proprietress of the "Villa Mar
gueritte" at Charleston. S. C. Miss
Dawson is already having the
grounds broken and preparing to sow
grass and to beautify the place. She
will open up her new house as a
boarding house next summer.
Another dear of importance is that
Gi;reath and Gurley have secured the
contract to build a large ten-room
stone house on . the commanding knoll
on the Flat Rock drive opposite the
Durant estate for John Maybank of
unarieston. workmen are at wjrk
now on the excavations for the foun
dations and the building is to go right
up at once. The price on this house
is not given out but it is said that it
will be one of the handsomest and
most expensive home3 in this section.
Mr. Maybank and family have been
spending their summers here for many
years, occupying their home on their
large estate just back of the site of the
new building place. It has not been
learned what disposition Mr. Maybank
intends to make of the former home.
Will Fill Out Unexpired Term of K. C.
Clarke, Who Recently Resigned.
The regular monthly meeting of the
city council was held in the city hall
last Thursday night, J. W. Mclntyre
was elected to fill out- the unexpired
term of R. C. Clarke, resiened.
"Prbf. C. !S. Blackstock, Judge "BIyihe
4mxl-4- 4iiiae- appearea oerore
the board and requested a donation
from the city of $100 with which to
pxirchase a. laboratory equipment tor
the high school. It was stated that
with the equipment the high school pu
pils' woul dbe allowed to enter the
Freshman class in college without los
ing conditioned on science as hereto
fore. The board decided that the
city's finances were not such that jv..
expenditure of this nature could be
L. P. Carter requested the board to
allow" him to move his meat market
counter closer to the- street on Sever. t'i
avenue East.His petition was gran'ei
J. S. Lanning offered to work out a
new street and deed the land to the
city if the city would accept same.
Street was accepted.
A permit was granted Dock Hyder 1o
build a two story cement block build
ing on Seventh avenue East.
The regular routine of allowing
claims for current b?Ils kept the alder
men busy until a ?ate hour.
h EVflBTBOPr r
mm f,;V 'Mr; ;
Hendersonville's second annual ma.
nicipar Christmas tree will be held at
the city hall at a date to be announced
next week. Mayor Brooks has ap
pointed a committee on arrangements
and it is planned to make this tree an
even, greater success than the one of
last year. .'...
The following are the members of
the committee : ' Chief of Police Otis
Powers, Miss Ella; McLane and Mes
dames R. P. Freeze, L. R. Barnwell. J.
F. Brooks, J. L. Rose and J A. Laugh,
ter. These will have charge of the ar
rangements and will look after con
tributions for the tree.
The committee will be glad to re
ceive contributions of money, clothing-
or provisions and everything given to
the poor at this time will be of a sub
stantial nature. The gifts will be dis
tributed among the most needy of the
city and they will be glad to receive
names of those in need.
As stated before the tree and gifts
will be for the benefit of those who are
in needy circumstances, and any one
wishing to contribute to the cause
should see either of the members
the committee at once.
Whereas, the Board of Trade of Hen
dersonvilie., N. C, feel a personal loss
in the removal from their midst of
their beloved friend and fellow worker,
John Wilson McCarson, it is hereby
Resolved. That they take this means
of expressing the esteem in which he
was held by his associates, and that
they hereby tender to his family and
friends the deepest sympathy in their
bereavement, praying that the, Heav-
jonjy P.hf irtrntitt&?'
comfort which He alone can; give. And
it is further , - ' :
..Resolved That a copy 'of these res
olutions be presented to his family
and a copy to each of the local news
papers and a copy filed with the re
cords of the Beard of Trade of Hen
dersonvilie. By order of the Board of Trade.
' A. S. TRUEX,'
Acting Secretary-
The announcement by the Teutones"
allies of their readiness to discuss
peace with the entente allies continues
theabsorbinfr feature in the war news,
the absorhmg feature in the war news.
As yet, however no announcement has
been vouchsafed as to the basis on
which they desire to attempt to bring
an end to the war. Neither has there
come from any of i the entente coun
tries any official announcement as tn
the attitude they purpose to take with
regard to the proposal.
" I
: f.
- .
J t
. -

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