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French Broad Hustler
Published Every Thursday
Entered at the Postofflce at
Hendevsonville as Second class
Subscription Bates
One Year ' $1.00
Six Months .50
All subscriptions payable in
advance and discontinued upon
Editor and Manager.
Make all check or money pay
ING COMPANY, Hendersonvillo
N. C.
That pound of wheat flour YOU save
every week will weigh very heavily on
the Kaiser's mind.
Corn muffins are mighty good for
breakfast. Ea,t them several times a
week and help win the war.
The cause of food conservation
offers to every American citizen a
chance to render a patriotic service
that does not entail a sacrifice.
; "What YOU save from what YOU
serve will help turn the scale against
Kaiserism. ' Think of this when you
sit down to eat.
You don't want American boys to
die needlessly. Saving food m Amer
ican kitchens will save lives of Amer
ican boys in France.
President "Wilson says American
women can do most to help win the
war by enrolling as members of the
Food Administration.
Every bunch of vegetable leaves
use for greens instead of throwing
them in the garbage can is a boquet
on the grave of Prussianism. Save
your bit!
Abraham Lincoln ate corn bread,
and grew to greatness on it. By eat
ing corn bread today you can help
make secure those things for which
Lincoln gave ihis life.
Unless our allies are fed they can't
fight. To feed them is one of Ameri
ca's vital obligations in this war. Do
your "bit" by enrolling as a member
of 'the Food Administration.
American boys who4 die in Europe
will die in vain unless American wo
men - do their part. Isn't that a
thought to stir you Your part today
is to enroll as a member of the Food
Administration, so that American boys
will not have to bear the battle's
brunt alone, and on this side of the
The son of the woman who lives
across the street i.3 in France, fight-
each German soldier. At the ton is
Ing to protect your home and your German portrait of Deity and under-
neath are these words: "The good old
daughters against the horrors of a
German invasion. Aren't you willing
to help him win his fight by practicing
small economies in your kitchen If
you are, let the world know it by sign
ing the pledge card enrolling as a
member of the Food administration.
Consider tke "squirrel. If he lives
in Chicago he doesn't run to Kansas
City or' San Francisco for something
to eat. Nor does he sit dowa and
wait for someone from one of those
places to bring him something. He
goes out in his IMMEDIATE neigh
borhood and gets the food that grows
there. That's a valuable war lesson.
If every American housewife would
do the same it would not only conserve
the country's war foods for export to
our hungry ailie"., bnt it would help a
lot toward solving the transportation
problem in this country.
German God." The Deity holds a
weapon in his right hand, and the
token bears these words: "Smite your
enemy dead. The day of Judement
will not ask you for your reasons,"
To this native characteristic Goethe
was referring when he said: "The
Prussian is naturally cruel; civiliza
tion will intensify that cruelty and
make him a savage." Knowing. his
people through and through, the
Kaiser, called his soldiers before him
and gave them this charge: "Make
yourselves more frightful than the
Huns under Attilla. See that for a
thousand years no enemy mentions
the very name of Germany 'without
shuddering. "
"Why do the German people say they
feel so terribly because the authors of
the world call them "Huns" and bar
barians? Who named them Huns?
Their Kaiser. Who christianed them
"barbarians?" Their Kaiser. Who
likened the German soldier to blood-
' hounds held upon the reash hv the
Tr - . "
raisers tnrong, as they strained at
the leash with bloody jaws, longing to
It was the assassination of an Aus
trian prince in Servia which served as
a pretext for starting this world war,
But well informed neoDle know it was
the ambitions of Kaiser Wilhelm II, tear the French and Belgian soldiers
who had long been preparing to en- to Pieces' as Drey to tne victors? The
large his domain at any cost, that Kaiser- " baptize thee Hun and
threw the nations of the earth into the barbarian. Let the Kaiser's words
vortex of armed conflict. Greed for jstand: "For a thousand years no man
power is behind it all and if America ( sha11 speak the word 'Hun' without
bad not enlisted with the allies to pre
vent the .spread of German militarism
to. Europe the people of this country
. The- plan was well laid but poor-bleeding-Belgium,
by the sacrifice of.
would soon have been called unbn to . hon?e country, slipped a surprise
aefend themselves against the"i- c Raiser and he . may yet be
crachments of this nation" of murder to rlef- : Had nt 'tha
crsononr own soli v' " . ru'-ff :-,manrvnny "been intercepted by tl ?
This war, according to Her. keUV9''-11 drecjn
Dwight Hillis, of Boston, had its drigmW;??A would have become a r. tfity;
in a meeting held at : Potsdam Palace ' in : ?iar as the designs upon other
in 1892, twenty ?years ago.1 On that , European countries were concerned,
occasion the Kaiser placed in the But there has been a rude awakening
hands of his friends a confidential and the principle of human liberty
document; at the head of the document yet Prevail for the United States
were these words: "THE PAN-G'SR- , iJnJ game to win. .
MAN EMPIRE." The second line read j ' "
"From Hamburg to the North Sea tai WtiA and Heart.
the Persian Gulf." The third line 1 iOU cannot educate the head enough
was: "Our
l Gulf." The third line 1 ttUUUt euueute me neaa enouga
ultimate goal-by 1915-! "0ne '"M, ? iu?a"oa ot tte
of peopled Tb9 fourtS 3f 'DS "
line: "Our final goal the Germaniza- I
tion of all the peoples of the world." I
On the opposite . page this, a , part o'f j
the Kaiser's address: "From "my child- j
hood I have been under the influence :
of five men: Alexander, Juuus jaesar,
Charles V, Frederick the Great, ana
Napolebn. All of. these men dreamed
their dream of a world-empire they
failed. I have dreamed my dream of
a world-empire I shall not fail."
On thethird page of this remarka
bel document was a map of the old
Roman Empire with Rome as the
capital, Caesar Augustus as the war
lord, and the once mighty states sud-
dued with Garthage and Jerusalem,
Ephesus and Athens reduced to the
level of county-seat towns. Un the
opposite page is the 1915 to .1925
world-German-map. Instead of the
Roman Empire, you have the Pan
German Empirt Instead of. Caesar
Augustus, you have Kaiser Wilhelm
II. And upon the countries once named
"Russia," "Austria," "France," and
"Great Britain," you have the word
GERMANIA, for Petrograd, Paris and
London have become county-seat
towns i .v i
Tht Kaiser informed Ambassador
Gerard that after this war was over
he would have no nonsense from the
United States; by which he intended
to convey the impression that GER
MANIA would be written across our
country with the CG" on San Francsi-
co and the "A" on Washington City.
To succeed in this undertaking the
Kaiser has bent every energy. He
has turned his whole nation into one
military machine with which to con
quer the world.
It was in 1894 that the Kaiser and
his associates first put into the hands
of their leaders the Pan-German
scheme, with its motto, 'From Ham
burg to the Persian "Gulf." In 1911
the Pan-German Union published a
second series of maps, with military
and political plans, bringing up to
date the scheme for a German empire
beginning at Hamburg and ending , at
the Persian Gulf.
The maps and plans given out In
1894 ran the German frontier line
around Denmark, Holland, Belgium,
the iron provinces of northern France,
the German province of North Switzer
land; they make Austria-Hungary to
be an ally state of equal rank with
Prussia. But in the plan as publish
ed in 1911, the Kaiser places" German
military heads in control of the Aus
trian and. Turkish alanines, while the
southern lines of the tan-German Em
pire include all the Balkan states, the
Kaiser's sister state of Greece, with
all of Asia Minor and Persia. So
carefully was the plan wrought out,
so perfect were the details, that today
should the war close, as some appear
to wish, nine-tenths of all t.h Pn-
German scheme would have been
An iron coin is given as a token to
o You Know
vou have
news before.
a nose
it appears
in print ?
Did you ever want to com
pare your written work
v -
with that or others?
Hustler will
in detail a
give a cash
The French Broad
next week announce
plan whereby it will
prize each week to the person in
Henderson County sending in for
publication the best story from his
or her section.
:::: Over $J 00,000 worth of, property
passed through our firm in Iast
six months. v ;
Get in touch with us for Farms,
Residences. Renting and Fire Insu-
- V
Ewbank, Ewbank & Co.
Real Estate
This is one of the methods the
Hustler will use to more thorough-
ly cover the news of every section
of the county and add to the grow
ing popularity and prestige of
this paper.
over the Questions
forward for
tailed announcement of the
. plan next week. ,
Conservation is the W atchword
of the Hour
It is Good Business for the Farmer, as well as his Duty
to Use every Pound of Material on die farm to the
Best Advantage.
Write for a little booklet "Some Facts and Figures,"
showing how it will profit you to use a manure spreader.
The Manure Spreader Saves Time and Labor
"Manure goes further and is mose quickly taken up by the
soil when applied with a spreader'
with "wide spread"attachment.
Write for catalog, prices and terms.
T. S. Morrison & Co.
Asheville, N. C.
Good Heavy Oak
8 Foot Lengths
$3.50 Per Cord in Lots of
J Cords or More
Single Cords $3.75
Delivery Commencing in November
These Prices Good To-day
We dont Know About To-morrow
, Ice Foel Cq.
Earliest American White Settlement
The most ancient white settlement
In the. United- States, while once
thought to be. St. Angustine in Flor
Ida, which was founded in 1565, Is
now thought to be Tucson, Arir
which is said to have received a char.
er In the year 1532. .. - '
Certain Cure for Croup.
Mrs. Rose Middleton. of Greenville,
III., has had experience in the treat
ment of this" disease. She says, "When
my children were small my son had
croup frequently. . - Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy always broke up these
attacks immediately, and I was never
without It in 'the house. I 'have taken -It
myself for. coughs and colds with
good results." . . . -

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