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- V
VOL. XXV, NO.-23
The entrainment latTVloiidayf the
43 men called, yrtsnt through with, out
a hitch. Every man was present and
&e 3 men called' as atfetUutes "were
-not needed, t whl te a fcvexi unnsTtal
thing. One man was Tejec1;ed on ac
count of physical disaT5ility. The men
ere placed in charge of R. M. Kln
zey. At the depot the "men were ad
dressed by Hev. 31. TT'Moores, ol thte
city. " ibz .-rrrr c- 1 1
The last call, of Angust 1, went
through order .ntrmlnef 73 of the l"9XSj
Class 1, wmun mcatra LiittL wubiuw-
. ably less than TiaTf o"t thisn remains.
It is not known ,iifthvBpartwlll-:.
-receive another call, but it Is suppos
ed that calls '"''Ttwi"Wwi4":,tlre
-passing of ol : Ore bill s xtending,dChe !
age limit from 18 to -R, will be limited'
to the aYallabTe urea'"-in ? class l,.- It.'
is stated on good "airBiority tttat lt.lsj
the purpose ot Are !Warj. Department:
to avoid the ffeferrelfr classes 51 pos-
fSible. . i
1253 Moore, .Joyce P., Arden, N. C. :y
1263 Wodfin, Hoy, Horse Shoe; N. ..
1264 Garren, Acbdlrjinis, M. Fletcasrer,
N. C. ; r,v
1273 Hardin, "TkTayerTiendersonTnie. .
12774 WhiteT5iae, Hugh, Barberton, 0.
1278 Peace, Xrafher Toevi, Zirconia, '2T.rj
1285 Ward, Rokinley,"Tuxedo, N- C.
12S7 Bane, Kesley R Zirconia, N. CJ
"3 Maxwell,
Robert 23. " -Henderson-
vtlie, X,
c, m. 2." '
"6 Pace, Harvey MacfcSaluda; N. CL,
"8 Kuykendall, Villxam Crawftsrd,
'Tmxedo, N. C. ? t r
9" Mabin, Charts Ivi; Zirconia, TLC.
H Lindsay, T7CIiam; Eirconia, N. C.
rRt:i. r'f'tv.
T2vinsey, RolftSforf far 3fr Sonti
15 -ealie, Altwrt tetr- nenaersj
-Tille, N. C.
?n:Jstus, Jara Taylor, Henderson
vilk, N. C.
20 TMcMinn, James "Everett, Header
fsonvfiie, N. C, Et. S. : - 1
r21 Justice, AruoM 2lo,Hendersoit
wille,N. C. ; ;
23 laevi, Ulysses ISajstwi, J ZirconSat.
2c t3aw$s, Homer GlKdstoufi, Zirconia,
N.. C. . .
21 Moot, M artin Jaobatl Ottanola,
30 Stepp, WiUiam farther. Hore
32 rktcber, Joe BanrwsSl, -Fletcher, K.
35 Gtar la3, George, H endeDnville,
n. a - ..c. ,
38 Blythe, Barrett H., nflewaiville,
N. C.n 3tt..
39 Marwell,-Hubert J, HenUerson
ville, K" C.,!.t. 1. j T,
44 Lerj Kensieth, Zircoida, :N.i.C.
Rt.l. - - - -47
Johma, Wtllie Donald, Flat 5leck,
N. C.
45 Drake, 3IaCk Bernard, Hcaderepi
ville. N. .ii, y v ;
al Walter, I-rvin'Case, Fletcher, N.CL
'52 Baldwin,-JosexSi-F, , Fetcherv.?!. C
r54 Bane, Sanson .V'Tedoif." '
"58 Shipman, Clarejice W., Zirconsa, .
t., Rt 1.
SI Bane. Clyde HendersonxStle,
:C, Rt 3.
62 Bradley, James B.tstler, Henderson'
MHv, N. C.
C3 Field, Wm. McKitftey, Horse Shoe,
Rt 1.
RVymer, John Edwssrd, Bat Cave,
0 Wh?tling Cicero MeF, Fletcher,
N. C.
?2 Stepp, Henry Grant, fiafianon, N.
73 McCall, Udgar, Tuxedo, X C.
' Boston, Robert Lee, Hederson-
ville.N. c.,m. 2.
76 Melton, William Lawrence,
Letcher, N. C
Ueut. Vincent de - Wierzbicki, ' of
French High Commission at
Washington, official Representative of
ft? French Republic, will deliver an
address at the City HalLj August S,
8: p. m. r x -;
A" is understood that he is an ex
ceptionally gobd speaker and the pub
c 18 cordially invited to attend.
X is flour barrel ana the
! i
. A nKffis ureefing was lield here at;
i.th cbartlrouBeI3oiiday to: tonor Jtge
t;.jM.,JPSaaB,: tttAt dat& being:, the isom-'
kpletion of 50 years, as clerk of eourt
VoX BcaderBtmieountyi J 4"
SmJffib styaxiair- immediately ifter
wardswas led in prayer by Hev. XL P.
-Mcares. aater the prayerjiihe house
was opened. for hominatlon lorxGcers
and 3Ir. Smithwas elecled (chairman;
said' Airs. TU." Ripley BarwIl ifwaa
etecJed aaaaretary. , . ... ,
Judge James J. Merrimon, f Ashe
1RiIle, hswas to have been :the first
aEpaher 's$Z the ,pccasiosv,jRnaBB absent,
.rW expressed his
regrets fair not being able to be'pres
- ' V. 3';.'
J.'ir. 'Britt, X)f the local te of Ashe
Vtlle, -was ythe. next speaker and he'
reViewsfl t the s vast " charrges ; th at; had
taken place during the paastT50 years,
the?prfeW ,J.udge"Pace na's,been in of
flcei He also reviewed fine tmtA
and 'tdlntiof the magnitude-tof the of-
Tire T2neeting was thttsrwE open for
impronrjtu speeches and among those
respondtng; were: Judge BJythe,' J. tJ.
"ilackey, xf Buncombe county, Messrs.
Simpson, Cannon and Michael Schenk,
and Mr.owiisend; of Columbia,TS. C.
W. CTtector made a motion that &1
fkose present who had vofeeflc for Judge
Piace atrBTe first election 50 years ago,
stand up and about six bt eight of
the oldest' citizens rose in response
rth'iSTcil3. ' "
Short .talks were given "byEall mein-
(sot local bar in coramemora-
ficm of: his loug term of offiee and his
T-Cie-loe&l baiho ,.with
ra few fitting words of acceptance...
2t .wssitfcsn decided that the mem
bersedl tise Hendersonville Taar should
imoet andiraw up a set of resolutions
and tfhat ; tire y should be recorded on
tfhfi rnBeord ? books at - the coxrSt .hpuse.
jTbe IHendersonville Hospital Asso
iatk)n a?$iid'a" very ""sxaacessf ul
swacrj raoa tne --fatton Memortuu ios-
ipatal 'under the Association's manage
xoesA Ihae :hen'r of great publlC'erv
iB&. 'Ttemanasement has beentsuch
&b to ma"ke-the institution practically
eSffi-uppoarting, -and but few calls
hare "been ma debtor assistance eft- any
Jctoa; Tjtft Sn corHer " that a sapgilyr pf
cEal. anay;be Idol I in' before winter
the assoCisCion 11 have "HoSital
Tag Itery;" be condSaturday.iin
Angust, zhfia e?5r one .in the cmn
ljntnity will -be given an opportunity
and" will be requested tO" contribate
something to aid the association 3a
buying its winter -supply of coal.
-.'Rale!ghn:tkddition to the. routine 3
work tne tcounty IrealGi .departments
operating with the tate board of
health during the week ending July
27 accomplished ; especially notable
work in the campaign -agakast typhoid
Sexer. . ,
f The fight against , this disease nat
urally falls under two liearls, the sani
tation of homes and the Immuniza
tion of individuals. In these counties
during the week there y ere ."324 sani
tary -privies Installed, which means
that many homes that aT no 'longer
constant menace to their occupants
and neiibors, and 2,510 people "were
given the anti-typhoid treatment.. '
In Bobeeon, Nash, Lenoir, North
hampton and Davidson counties den-
tal clinics for the school children were!
being held during the same week, andjj
592 children were treated.
The typhoid vaccine gives immun
ity from the fever for three years, but
the sanitation of a home gives perma-
" x
fnent immunity, to both its occupants
and to the neighbom. Typhoidr fever
being passed from .the body of one
Lwho has had . the disease and . then
conveyed to another. -ine comroi oi
th e disease beebmes, - therefore, a
question, of '-properly disposing of sew
age, and that is why. so much stress
is laid upon' proper home sanitation.
Frequent "letters from home
cheer up, the boys in the camps,
Know- -the-Fob d,, r emulation st
. Whereas, the President:of e.paitr'
ed States Wood.ro w Wilson, and TAW;
Bickettf Governor of "North Carolina)
have issued proclamations' requesting
that all churches have their hells jrmig
H'for- two 'minutes each day at 7 p.;ni.
and the bells fh al 1 public build
ings be rungf at the same time,' that a'll
the 3 Inhabitants of the several cxran
munities throughout- the country may
at this time in one common accord -offer
up -fervent - prayers to Almighty
God for the preservation ot our "boys
"Over There, and lor the Huccess di
our arms in this great slrnggle 'for
tr.. t -i i -t .... m " Inf'
iiuiuttu Ajiuertjr,xiow,:mereiore,
' I C. E. Brooks, Mayor of the .City
of . Hendersonville, do hereby, request
that the bells on all ? public buildings
the City and upon all the ichurches,
both white and, colored, be rung fat
.7 o'clock p. m., each;day,and this tinre
is hereby, fixed as a moment. of t uni
versal prayer on. the part DT.nour. peo
pie and all traffic is iereby ordered
suspended and all . of our. people "ire
directed to, stand uncovered "for two
minutes with v heads., reverentially
This the 5th day of August, HIS.
. C. E. BROOKS, Mayor,.'
An interesting garden fete will be
given at the home of Mrs. Edward
Parsons, at Flat Rocx, on Tuesday,
-August 13; for the" bnent of the Red
Cross, an auxiliary of the Henderson
ville Chapter. 1 '- i , t
A , mlltary band from Camp Wads
worth; and dancing 'Wljl "be--the tein
ture atr ractiOns.' There wlir be vari
ous.gmes,- - prizes .',ag& rfceajggatgd
T;iBtjOerved,,!Ai .outdoor tableful
which. wiiie lillumi
lights, will be another of e rgttrao
tions. i I ,
Howard Hilder, a well know'art
Ist of England, will direct the tableaux
which will be in the following order:.
"The Spirit of the Red Cross," by
Mrs. Julian Mitchell, of Charleston,
A sylvian dance, by. children, f 1 1
Belguim, "Our .Lady of All the Sor
rows," by Miss Sallie Pinciney, -tsf
Charelston. . !
France, "The Red Robe d WrmxcK'
by Mrs. Marion Bra wley, of j'Green
Tille,S. Ci-, ' " v
Jeane d'Arc, "The Soul of i Jeanne
W Arc," by Mrs. Marlon Whaley, of.
Charleston. .. : ?
-England, "A Chant of Lot for
Englandt by Miss Greta Grfanshaw,
of Flat Rock. i
N Italy, "Italia Mine," by MissrMai
B. Parsons, of Charleston. .1 . '
America, "O, My America, by Mrs.
Daniel Huger. f I
The committee in charge of the en
tertainment Isn composed of Mrs, Ed
ward Parsons, chairman; Mrs.1 Gordon-McCabe,
Mrs. Daniel Huger; Mr?.
Julian Mitchell, Mrs. Marion Bravr-
ley-Mrs. John Ravenelr -Mrs. ? J. K.
:tt - j 111..., t .
neywara, virs. a. . ko aman. v Mrs
Charles Woodhull, Mrs. J. WJ Hilder
and Miss Elizabeth B. GrimbalL;
T&e "Scenes of the Sixties" which
was reproduced at the City Hall on
Tuesday night was a success in every
way. ""Thee was a good crowd pres
ent, the auditorium being over half
full, but was -not quite as full as it
was at the first performance, which
ywas given ome time ago. It was a
reproduction ot the scenes of the past
with carding, -spinning, weaving, etc
There were eleven dressed chickens
.sold, also a nnafber of handwoven
towels. A neat sum was realized,
frhich will go to tfee Red Cross.
. The following marriage licenses
i were issued bythe Recorder of Deeds,
A. O. Jones, last week: George H.
Jones, Azalia N. C, and Nannie ! An-;
derson, tFtc"4r,;N. C; B. E. Jones,:
Hendersonville, Rt 2, and Edith Gar?
ren, Hendersonville, Rt 2. : ;Harry.
M. Bonnell, Atlanta, Ga., and Adelia
Hainline, Atlanta, Ga. Walter M. Marf
tin, Spartanburg and Eleanor MRah-
dolph, also of Spartanburg.
. How full is the flour barrel gd tie
BUajr howl?
1 .tiVf.V:-f.l.V
4'1 ''I:, T ...
.jfFrohe'Hnderi'onviUe VisitorJ
f tThe'ctermari Dlace-the;:Talaabie'
.5 MeBlrabre 'property on North Main
jmd 'ghth ' avenue facing - the "Caro
Han Terrace hotel has, been purchase
fed yrTJx A-. C. bcau,of Henderson
'vfne.and Xi.' E. "Whaley; of Lumberton.
. 'The new 'Owners will undertake im
mediate improvements and' highly der
velop the seven acre of ground into
fleslraCble'buirdfrj'g cites .for resident-
i purposes. . : . ftttvr- t t-i,- i
. Tentative plans call for the removal
j"0f the present building: so it will face
fghmtenue Tnstead 'of Jdam street.
This' property Is highly valuable and
a? movement was recently on foot bys
tee rsvoodmen-ot the' World to convert
If Into a-Root JVfemorial park. r f .
fiThei development of - this ; ..property
will place some very ..attractive close-hV-residentialvSites
on theLmarketlat
an ealy -dafe. j, 3.v.r.:; .,
J The deal was made through the real
estate-firm of Smith, Jackson & Mor
ris, f- , 4. . ,
. TThe . annual , Dahlia Shbwt given by
the Woman's '. Club; wm lie held: In
Mrs. Cates' store building on North
."Main -street -next door to the Slay-
den-Fakes Grocery Col The proceeds
j of this show will be' divided between
ine Kit Dags ana the Red Cross.
' .Asters as well as dahlias will : be
exhibited and every one in the county-is
urged to send flowers. Prizes
will be given for the 'handsomest col
lection of six dahlias,' for the largest
iiuniber of ''flowers in one, collection",
foy the handsomest ' collection of : riot
, more than two dozen, and for the most
artistically arranged collection.'
'Additional .jprlzes will beJ given for
4. W--i.-UL.. - . . . . ' . . . .as-x !'--
oraeie mention "for mhlias. ;i
War breads, cakes and candies sold
will '.be ma$e entirely by war recipes.'
There will :be music -during the after
noon. The Show will take place on
Wednesday, August 28th, . at four
'O'clock.1 t ; ' '
Any further information can be ob
tained from Mrs. Erie Stillwell,
-chairman of the Dahlia Show Com
mittee, or Mrs. C. A. Hobbs,' chairman
t)f the Advertising Committee.
i "
'WASHINGTON, AUG. 4. Manning
-Of the American merchant " ' marine
With "100 per cent American crews is I
to be included in , the program of 'ac-
tivities .of s the Shipping board, Chair
man Hurley announced a few days
,ago, adding that the success of the
huge -Ship-building pregram was tas-4
sured. TJew training ships are to be
placed at New Orleans . and Cleveland,
he said, and "36,000 men are expected
to be trained , In the next year." ' r
WaT needs are to be the sole con
sideration,.lt was said, and a founda
tion is to be laid for maintaining the
all-: American, crews for the " . great
peace fleet with which this c ountry Is
to take a .compandings place iaf. world
trade after;e war4;
In beginning, the educational cam
paign the shipping board made it plain
that the manning program is based
on present and potential needs of
merchant service In coastwise and
overseas traffic, for. both existing and
new tonnage.
. At a meeting of the Board of Health
ten order was passed extending the
time In which all school children' must
be vaccinated . It was decided that I
this date should be September 16, and
al lthose who have not been "vaccinat
'ed by the required time will be In
vestigated by the Board.
iFrarik Hyman, Jrl; one of the mem
bers of the TJ S; S. Cyclopa which was
sunk by a submarine sometime ago
"was a; son of ''Frank' Hymanr of ithls
f ourig; mair since the- accident ; arid If I
is supposed "that he was lost
New PericirHoIdtr. M '
"For' rierknn ''Vefn ttMio-.'iiii'i I'-
continuously 'a clip- has been Invented
to hold one onf the backi of thi llpft
hand momentarily when
en the right hand
.twjrll.. - -.T-jr
WJoccrpUd fcr otier
Frank Corn, of Tuxedo,
son oi Elfred Corn, suffered a very
serious j injury last t Sunday afternoon
when the ' Northbound Carolina
Special7 ran ?over hfm and 5 cut Off his
right ;leg. The little fello'w, ' together
,..i-5l.f.pf2. ir;itiKfl,. .f-Ur-Zri' I -.
witn , some, other., boys, were playing
arounaxtne- station aoout strain ,tme
and her was in the 'act of crossing the
track when one 'of his playmates saw
the. train, approaching and called ;to
bim but itjfWas ldo late tietrjain'hi't
Jihn before lie could get qU.th& jtr&ckj
it is aiso,,reported that he will prob
ably;, lose one of his eyes.
: i
L-t Jftr -m.-f-.t..
?t it .i t
t r
Return, of tax . listrbyiA.rB. Freenjan
for -Hendersonville township, shows
an; increase .'of . $301,634 oyer the year
1917, and increase of $264,000 in the
'City 6f; Hendersonville; in taxable val
ues, v' r.
The 7 increase is chiefly from per
sonal property as there will 1 be no
assessment of real 'property until 1919.
The figures show, that there lss a
largein crease . in the numberof cat
tle and hogs,;the' latter almostdouble
that of the nreceedlnff vear '
mat, or the, preceeaingyean
These figures show that the county t
and .town' are on the.incre'irom4
financial point of view.notwithstnd-:
4ng the fact that .nearly- a half million
dollars has been spent "in the? purr
chase-of Liberty Bonds and ? War SaY
,0n Saturday, August 10, all the,boys
and girls, who are members' of ;the
Agricultural -Clubs of Henderson
County, will meet together for a sple
nic. Eachuboy and girl is asked, to
bring lunch. 'All 'will' meet at the
court house at 10 o'clock a m. ?We
are planning for all to go out to Laur
el Park and. spend the day. Some -of
the club-men from Raleigh will be
here with us to help make the day a
.Pleasant .one. We hope every member
will be here. If you have not been
as successful with your pig, . pota-
toes, poultry or corn as you would
have liked . to be, come . anyr
way,' and. let us try again. next year.
Every, one come and we' will, try and
have a good .time. Parents- are also
invited ,- to come with the boys and
girls, v .- -' . . . -'
. County Agent. '
Philadelphia, . ... , Penn. With - ? the
president and Mrs. Wilson, officials of
the shipping? --board and emergency
shipyard workers and .their families"
looking orii the- Quistconck, a cargo
carrying vessel of ,7,500 tons, went
down ? the ways of the Hog Island
shipyard Monday, marking "In the
words of Chairman Hurley of the ship
ping board "another milestone in
America's progress in the war against
the German government."
: The Quistconck is the first of the
large cargo-carrying vessels to be
launched at the Hog Island yard, the
largest shipyard in . the world. It
a few weeks and it is expected that
more than 50 ships will be launched
by the end of the present year.
"It was no. mere incident In a na
tion's shipbuildiis program that
brought the president and Mrs. Wilson
to the scene of . this achievement
aaid Chairman Hurley, who was the i
principal speaker at the launching, j
f It was the beginning of an epoch ln(
the nation's history.
? "This., launching;
marks another V
milestone in America's progress in the
war against -the German goyernmerit
P55duction tof ships ln talli.the. yards
of the United States.
(-3 f'5;r . r
1 J nd ! Man.
- -f
. He who tries to harmonize his con
"flucfc Iw.-xhe laws of the landwill
iae:'iessrirocDie ican me. man ?who
HIT BY Tflfili
..aged: 15,
rctw.k;;can make the laws harocn- j
..JS tJcafl?5f; 2i!l -'A ""J'! !
- - J" 1 1 . . .
lV kit;.:.
ft -2
(From the Hendersonville ; Visitor.)
s jCr v.Ft? j Blan.dt:owner of , the"; Bland
Hardware companyi has purchased the
building occupied by. this.. business,
known as the Clarke building, the con
sideration being $25,000. - ? ; :
The r property : was purchased . from
P. FfPattonof Greenville;; Sv Ci and
E. .0 Guy,' of MarioriN. C. .
r ?Mr Bland has befn.a resident and
business man ; of- Hendersonvilla for
.only a few - years and this substantial
purchase is regarded as an Index' of
his faith in;HendersonvilleC
ViS f
, i , j KiNUGl, CLUB ; AtJCL? 15.
The 'rcarrivlal Fair" to be held on
Tliursday August ,15,. atvKahuga 'Club
win be one. of, the most unique, enter
tainments ever offered in this 'hill
country '1 -ty i iv-.?.;
:? The maint obiects is to gather to
gether a large number pf the glimmer
guests and; residents ; m our 4 section
and give them the opportunity to ex
press their interest in our little
French t allies. ; ; r; "V ' ' ' :
v.The' cause "of Children- is always
most appealing and particularly to
Southernr people who"having known
the'burd'ens5 6f reCbristruction after a
devasting war on the home lands, have
a keener sympathy for the present
and future trials which must be borne
. u
, &v-"6ia,uu r.u-uuwicit
is4 the firsline of defense in the conf-
MK?' fafter;peace
? 13 toA.conserJe these
uiiuicu uuenug me support, ana
protection "of individual Americans to .
'individual orphans, that-brought1 Into
It is, hiopei that allwho. can wilt'
come to Kanuga on August 15tli and'
"receive the inspiration of the address
by Count Vincent deWIerzbickl, of the
French.High Commission, at 5 p. m. on
There, will be no udmlssion. .charge : ..
and all? are welcome arid assured a
most Interesting and c entertaining at
ternoori an evening. wrjrfu ,
The original order that the approval
of a regimental or higher commander
was neccessary , before packages
might be sent to members of . the ex-
peditlonary .forces has been modified
so officers with the rank of major and
higher may approve shipments. "The
approval of a company commander is
not sufficient i -
The questidri of the shipment, of par
cels to France first came to the atten
tion, of the War pepartmentwhen'the
commanding general of the ,expedi- ,
tforiary forces cabled that congestion -
of' such articles had reached ' such a .
point that French railroads wesej un
able to handle the .--load. A . Aboard
the Postmaster' General v exammea
5,000 sacks of parcel-post maii, arid
found that the articles being sent not
only in the main, . were apso
lutelv unnecessary but undesirable.
The investigation showed that the
amount of such mail had reached a
total of 500,000 pounds a week and
was steadily increasing. '
Relatives and friends, according to
jja recent statement by the War De-
A partment, will find they often can do
fc, greater service to soldiers by send
ing them money for the purchase of
articles In France than by forwarding
the articles. Tobacco la now tteing
, supplied as part of the Army rations,
and merchandise of nearly all ' kinds
may now be purchased in ' France
through the huge general store - es
tablished by the' Quartermaster
Jorps at lower prices than charged by
retailers here.: - ' '
' The 'annual meeting of the Baptist
.IvCroAsrotlon, embracing' Hen-
derson county, ;is in session, at rValr
ley Hill, two miles west of Hehdersonr
ville. The opening session was held
on Wednesday. A-full, representation
is requested by theJ officers.; t
-Frequent letters
cheer up thV boys
. -,
from - home will
!ns the'eam'ri.

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