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ri -.,-,, ., M. - . - t
The latest report of the Federal Trades Commission siaies that 50O,G0O more - dwelling houses are urgency
needed throughout the country,' and that they must be built. Think over. this official state. Hunt iiie next atii
anyone advises you to delay that building until material fails to before-the-war prices aca ask your
he is basing his advice on anything more reliable than his owe half-baked opinion possibly
colored by his own interests
hen You Build We Can He
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archyGerman Agents Also Busy
Here Holland Getting Worried
Washington, Jan. 23.- Testifying
before the senate committee investi
gating German propaganda, Archibald
Stevenson, of the military intelli
gence bureau, said today representa
tives of the bolshevik movement al
ready have organized Soviets in the in
dustrial centers of this country an'l
that their plans contemplate eventual
seizure of the government.
Mr. Stevenson also said evHence
exists that Germans in tue United
States have begun a post y:t iopa
ganda with a view to exerting an in-
uueiice wcicn wouia maite tue v,Qa-.e
tention to a recent edit-0r;ai in 'The
New York Staats Z.oftung which, he
said, endeavored t'o convey ti:e idcu
that America? 'soldiers overseas had
come tyf"egord the Germ -ins in alUou
inef than that of enemies.
By virtue of the power of sale con
tained in a certain deed of trust exe
cuted to the undersigned to secure the
payment cf ;he indebtedness mention
ed in said deed of trust, dated August
24' h. 1D1G. executed by E. S. Xetner
and recorded in Book 47 at page 119
of the Henderson County mortgage re
cords, default having been made in the
payment of both principal and inter
est of said debt. I will sell at the
Court House door in Hendersonville,
on February 28th, 1919, at 12 o'clock
terms Imposed on Germany less oner- I M., at public outcry to the highest bid
der for cash all the following describ
ed pieces, parcels or lots of land, ly
ing and being in the City of Hender
sonville and being lots 10, 11, 12, of;
Block 10; and lot 29 and half of lot
28 of Block nine; and lots 26 and S
and 3-4 of lot 27 of Block 9 of the Hy-
man Heights division all of said lots
being fully described in a deed from
Wm. H. Lyle and wife to T. C. Wil
liams, dated the 9th day of March,
1916 and recorded in Book 90 at pac
30 of the Henderson County records j
of deeds, to which reference is here
by made for a complete description
by metes and bounds.
Said sale being made to pay Mie bal-ance-of-the-purchase-price
debt, in
terest and costs.
This the 24th day of January, 1919.
E. W. Ewbank, Trustee
for T. C. Williams
Citizens National Bank, Assignee.
at the disposal of the government or examination seeming only to make
same train, who identified Wiseman
as to height, weight and movements
as the same man he had seen shooting
;on the night of the tragedy; told ow
the murderer was dressed, and that he
shot with two pistols, one of blue
steel, the other nickle-plated. W. N.
Hennessee of Glen Alpine, a brother of
POSTPONES.; the killing, shooting with two pistols, the dead man, testified that Dr. Hen-
;He described his dress and general j nessee's body bore ten distinct buller
No Decision on Universal Service. 'appearance and stated a number oi -reminds- all entering from th hark.
Back to Old $15 a 3Ionth for Pri-1 times "that there was no question in Judge Long committed Wiseman' to
rates Poison Gas Condemned. .man' Jail without bail awaiting the next
J This testimony was substantiates ; term of Burke criminal court, which
Ramsey, a passenger on the wni convene March 10.
forfeit their right to pensions. Lieu-jnim more positive in his statements
tenant-General von ivtorif, whose ltnat ne knew the man who killed D.
wife is an American, will continue to Hennessee to be no other than Aaron
devote himself to the former eraper- Wiseman, whom he had known ror
or jmany year3 and whom he could iden-
' jtify positively as the man he had seen
WAR DEPABTMEST ffrom th8 train window on the night of
...With your cooperation wo can make the QUEEX THEATRE as
safe as the streets or as safe as your own home aainst the "FLU."
The QUEEN THEATRE is t Islnfected every day and aired thoro
ughly just before the disinfectant is placed on the floor, on the
trails and In every nook ar.d corner. :f
We do all we can to maie It safe jor you and wish yonr co-operation
by your observance of the, following requests:
m If there is any one in yon homex that has the "Fin" and has
not fully recovered please do not cometo THE QUEEN.
2. If you are in the shewyand are forced to cough repeatedly
please get up out of your seat and ask for a ticket at the box
office as yon go out. This ticket will pass you in the show at any
future time. We make this request out of consideration of the
other patrons who might be in the show at the time.
3 Please don't spit on, throw trash, orange peels,
hulls or anything that might carry germs on the floor.
, 4 For your own safety, please report anyone who
have consideration enough for others to comply with
quests, to the manager.
Yours for the stamping out of the "FLU."
Said to Get up a Perspiration, But Has
to Have Wood Brought up by Ser
vants Skaters Kept Away From
Most High Presence.
Amerongen, Holland, Jan. 23.
Sawing wood continues to be the chief
occupation of the former German em
peror, who spends several hours each
day within the castle grounds working
hard while several men servants re
spectfully hand him logs and then pile
the short sticks in heaps for use later
in the furnances of the castle.
The shortage of coal in Holland
compels the burning of wood. William
Hohenzollern wdrks so well he is able
to furnish the entire consumption of
the castle fires.
ine former emperor scarcely evtr
Washington, Jan. 24. The house y J
military committee practically reach
ed an agreement today in conference
with Secretary Baker and General
March, chief of staffff, to postpone tiic
war department reorganization bill
until the next session, of Congress and
with it a large part of the prospec
tive debate over the future military
policy of the country.
"The question of universal training
!s a question of national policy," said j
General March. "It is the duty of the
general staff to submit recommenda
tions to the secretary of war when
they are called for. If they do not ge:
by the secretary, they are stopped." "
General March said the army was
now organized under presidential or
der and the plan included in the stair
bill was practically that organization.
, A total strength of 509,000 men is pro
vided for, he said, to be organized in
to 20 divisions grouped In five corps.
The total annual cost he fixed at $1,
185,000,000, estimated on a return to a
base pay of $15 a month for privates
and exclusive of $86,000,000 carried in
the fortifications bill.
All of the existing wartime organi
zations such aa the tank corps, trans
portation and . motor transportation
lcorps, independent afr service and the'
.1 like, are to be continued, with the ex-
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"I got into a weak, run -dowii con
dition, no appetite, tired all the tune
and headaches but had to keep
around and do my housework I read
about Vinol and tried it within two
weeks I commenced to improve, and
now have a splendid appetite and feel
stronger and better in everyway."
Texarkana, Texas.
" I keep house and I was weak, run
down and nervous, back ached a good
deal of the time, so it was hard to
take care of my chickens and do my
work Vinol has restored my strength,
and my nervousness has gone, so
I can do my work as well as ever.
Every run-down woman should take
Vinol." Mm. Emma Britt
Wor all run-down, uerrotiB, nanmlo condition, wnk women, rworked men,
feoblo old poopla and, dolleato children, thoro i no remedy like Vinol.
mm cwas awagfe
.t i fS r M A KM A :
AiwJ Dnifrgists Everywhere
speaks, to his attendants waile work
ing. The two moats which encircle tception of the chemical warfare ser-
the castle are covered with ice sufB
ciently thick to bear skaters. The
villagers, howfcvtr, haye been given to
understand that the accustomed per
mission to skate in the moats can not
be accorded while the former emper
or is in the castle.
There are various reports in cir
culation concerning the alleged inian
tion of the former German empress to
return to Potsdam. These are based
on her expressed desire to end her
days at Potsdam which she- regards!
as her home. The former emiress it
is said, has no intention of leaving her
husband in Holland. Communication
between the former empress and her
cnildren and grand children is fairly
frequent by letter and telegiam.
For several weeks nothing has I-een
"We are not in favor of the use of
poison gas in war," General March de
lared, "not that it makes any differ
ence how you kill a soldier, but the
gas lies on the ground and pene
trates back to villages and kills wo
men and children. No civilized nation
ought to use it."
" T. S. M. and CO.
Aaron Wiseman Committed to Jail
After Two Witnesses Identify Him
as Man Who Shot With Two Guns.
Held for March Term of Court.
Morganton, Jan., 25. Two state's
witnesses, at a preliminary hearing
held here this afternoon, identified
heard from the former crown prince. AarQn wiseman as tne man they
who remains virtually alous ou the Ic
land of Wieringen.
several more member. of Hit tvr
mer emperor's suite ar5 aboui to
leave for "Germany, uer-J, as state
Kill Dr. E. A. Hennessee, at
Alpine, on January 31, 1918.
The star witness for the state, Fred
W. Amos, of Rock Hill, S. C, could
his mind as to the identity of Wise-
servants, they must phv theme!re, 1 gnaken ta hl3 testimony, cross
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ASHEVILLE, Jf. C ft ' i 4 ?nTT
1 -V.

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