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estate is most cherished in the minis BLOODY BATTLE STAGED
of the old settlers. I ON TENNESSEE LINE.
(By Patsy O'Brien)
The year 1838 marked an ennoh -:
the history of the Old North State. Ta ?af. P"S clistin-ui.hed
i Of the , old Flat Rock people, Dr. ' pj
Noted Ifesperado Falls After lvoniul
iuucnei lung the beloved plivsl-
The State Geological and Econe-
During that year was born a new
county. Henderson County is in
debted for its name to Judge Leonard
Henderson a man of influence in the
history of the State. We will but
and at the University of "Geltingea'
formed a close friendship with a fel
low student Gilo ton Bismarck and for
several years they corresponded. The
letters are carefully being preserved
lag Officers Ben of Criminals Brok- mic Survey has just been notified of
en Near-Murplij". ,tne shipment of six head of buffalo
(three males and three females to
Asheville, Jan.", 24. Seeking for j Hominy, Buncombe County, as a start
Georsa Crawl ev r.nd his narty. Geor-!in stocking the Pisgah National For-
gia deserters, S. Glenn Young
posse i an into the famous "Jim Rose
gang," murderers and outlaws, near
Jeffrey's hill, over on the Tennessee
briefly touch on the "before the war, "' WMUja,U3-
history. ! The fateful yoar 1SC1 d? vned red in
It seems that in ihese early cltys.1'3 ho-izon- The popu'aaon of Hen- line early thig m0rning, fatally wound
the men of this section were as prone Ufcrson oancy wa- .-deiy scattered jing Jim Rose and dispersing the gang,
to argument end dissentioii as thov .orritac lt compared lavorably
s.rrrouatiing counties.
with the
The town con-
s'rted of half a dozen or so buildings
now. In 18-11 after much wrangling
the legislature provided that an
election should be held to establisn ! 1Ined &loaS the Main Street, the
I rest of the present town being a thic-
Julus MeClure, a deputy sheriff of
Cherokee county, had his left arm shot
off by Rose.
Mr. Young, special agent of the de-
the new County seat. Thus it came ! rest ot tne present town being a tnic- partment of justice, detailed to run
about that Kendersonvilie is situates ket bordering a large marsh. down army deserters and draft eva-
on the main throughfare instead of o-' Ane Pisco:?ai cnurcn was rearing jders wag detailed to go after the Geo
the banks of the French Broad Rive.. its neatl and v;hat is Mrs- Sample's rge Crawiey gang after United .States
Judge Mitchell King conveyed the house now ws then owned by thesldiers had heen forced to give up
fifty acres which were laid off into Episcopal clergyman, Rev. Collins the chase George Crawiey wanted
town lets. The Sist Court House wasHuSks. Judge Shipp, father of the L dGsertion and the murder of De
a plank building which was later de-ilate Bartlett Shipp, owned a house I . v Ued states Marshal Uen jf.
fa-e and in its place wa'wnere now stands uie Fine ovcDixon near siairsville, Ga . hadmaoe
his way, as far as could be learned, in
to the mountain fastnesses over on the
stroyea e;
erected a miliums: suitaniv rlpcorntp'l.
with in V.Uf.mnvo tn l.-vn-l .T' Col ... Fuller "S llGUSe
Further down Main Street was
where W. A
nity to the growing community. This cmnn nas ms OIiiee mt xupiyy nuu, iTcimessee iine
Accompanied by United States Uep
House in 1904. Ripiey residence and tne house wiiicii
Tho -r-rr.-n 'itiro rf iTiia rr:i .ia lirirolv is Col . Pickens home.
A 11 1 X-T li.Lv 11VV . llitO V 1 II. 1U 1M 1 llj
centered about, the stage coach which j iiie Ariecge noubo ou aum
in those days was the only mode of and the old rock ce building on the
travel. Along the stage road passing corner of 7th Avenue have been stanc-
through Hendersonville lumbered g unchanged since before the foi-
three times a week the mail coach. Ration of the county.
This enterprise was bought in 1S45 by! We win PaES over the war- Tt is
Col. V. Riplev a large land owner, the 'history that does not touch closely
father of Mrs. Lila Barnwell weil-PO Henderson County. When the
known as a writer and public-spirit- bounty puiiea itseii out or tne aeuri
cd woman, and the step-father of the and its sons came back from the army
late Judge E wart. This stage line he ! it looked around to find the carpet
continued to operate between Green- baggers overrunning the country ex
ville, S. C, and Greenville, Tenn., citing the neroes to bum and pillage,
until 1S5 when the railroad crept in Families dared not leave their houses
to connect the mountains with the out- and many a snug farm house went u
side world. His run was then short-! in mes. It was the Ku Klux that
ened to Asbeville. leaved the south during these darK
Col V. Ripley owned and ran the days of reconstruction. One old dar
Ripley House which stood on the co--hey who met one of these ghostly
ner where the laie St. Johns Hote: 'riders' was asked to describe the meet
stood. It was a noted .tavern thejing. "Wal, I was a walkin' long dc
waen l neai s u, - uaciiii m
I's oowerful
country round. He also owned one.roaa
rho rsu-,er hniMinss now standing : bushes long side of m
in the town, the" Old Rock Store on peered but I darstn't run. Den out
a0p Mnin Street which 'dem bush steps a hoss like I aint ne-
o lv
. -i j . a -t . - r- : . r t " T VIII 111 1 .
1853 and now owneu;er seen uewie, .wt - 'crimes, and the breaking uo of the
on him. i nopes 10 uivi i i,rn;,Pht a rotsr -f relief to
uty Marshal Charlie Kwj, :ho man
who cleaned up Jaeknr-. county, Mr.
soung went so Mvp;; and startea
from there, his as&uinpvi m he'ng that
the Crawleys wou;d j forces wuh
the Jim Rose gang, a band of raur
dor era and outi-rw ? who have been dc-f-,mg
arrest to. some iin?. This
cicrr.ig just l .-e ia :.t the pos
.,: crept up crk hi T. g.ng and a
m ensued, I-oro. ri a y deser
ter, using a regalauoa army rifle and
his companions high-powered ri'!es.
The battle raged for a few minutes
until Rose fell, shot through the ab
domen. Investigation showed that his
wound was mortal. e
The prisoners and the wounded were
brought to Murphy by wagon, a dis
tance of 25 miles, and it was stated
tonight that Rose cannot iccover.
McClure, the deputy sheriff, who had
his arm shot off, although weak from
loss of blood, will recover.
Jim Rose had five murders to h!s
credit and was a draft deserter. His
companions are wanted for various
est with these animals. The bison
left New Hampshire last week, and
are expected to complete the journey
in about forty-eight hours. The ani
mals, therefore, are probably now
once again roaming the North Caro
lina forests, which their ancestors in
habited hundreds of years ago, but
which have been free from them for
a very long time, possibly since the
advent of the white. man. The only
present indication of their former
presence is in the names of many of
our water courses.
At the meeting of the Southern For
estry Congress in Asheville, July 1916,
three of the most prominent members
of the American Bison Society were
present. These were Mr.. ' Mmunc
Seymour of New York, President, Mr.
William P. Wharton of Massachu
setts, and Dr. T. S. Palmer of Wash
ington, D. C., members of the Board
of Managers. These gentlemen join
eded in the excursion into Pisgah Na
tional Forest, which was arranged by
the Congress, and it was at this time
that the plans were laid which have
resulted in this shipment of American
bison to Western North Carolina.
The Survey is always especially in
terested in the conservation and per
petuation of wild animal life, and this
start towards re-stocklng our forests
with the largest game and food ani
mal of the country is looked upon as
a distinct step towards a sane and
rogressive State Game Policy.
iuf it ir
f ... 1
tf'with 10 cemi
ts he sail
fcid you fiet that
sent joiiJ If so, br;
If rsn '.1SlTtf ITiyf if
You can st
increase your wlyjntn
ms Banking Clcb pass hook that we
nd join our Christmas Jl.inkiKer Club.
i(l join, anyway.
s, 5 cents, 2 cents or 1 cent. Yotx
le amount each week. In 50 wocaSs
AYS $127.50
was erected in
by his daughter.
In 1851 was issued a charter for a neve
It jest stands
plank road running from Greenville,
S. C, to Asheville. This was the
first step towards good roads bu.
1SCG, after the war, found the roac
thar in de road an' it 'pears up an
en it 'pears down den all of a sudden
t disappears."
North Carolina has been somewhat
i j3 J,ir.io-n Tt TVPRTVt 1171-
much run down, its charter was re- a mggiiiu m Cuuv,n. -
o.h tbP mail was allowed to: til 1840 that a PUDHC saiwi a,.
"HMT CLUB PAYS , 12.75
We Jilso have 50 con: s $1.00 and $5.00 dab, where you pay
in the same amount each week.
Join today. Tut the children in, too.
Legislators Warned That Federal Gov
ernment Will Take Coutrol Vnless
the State Corrects Conditions.
the people of the Murphy s?.?t'On, as
the gang was greatly fearel. Mr.
Young and Mr. Mason will continue
their hunt for the Crawleys.
was established. In Hendersonville
1 : 1 fry criT-lc rrT1-l
run to neglect.
1855 marks the rise of literary en-
Avnr. n Wprirlersonville and the; ducted by
County, when Rev. James Blythe with this was in the old rock building now
W. C Berin and J. M. Bryan started I used as a sanitarium by Dr. Guy E.
iipi thfi Caro-'Dixon. Later
Vile uiai uc v oij.jjv. , ,
lina Baptist. As tne name iuuic "" .A ersonally
it was published by a Baptist for the ane boumeru pu .Vr' and will remVin in Asheville. this
. tt. iir, TnctitiitP. seven miles from .
Bantists who were in a large major- nuiiu.u iMMV.., Tuesdav onlv. Fb. 4. Seeley savs
. r ax nini TnrJ r'fiiiiiiv t - ' a
town. bcaueitu ttiuuuu
tbe Southern
Called to Asheville.
F. H. Seeley of Chlc-ii.o and Thi:-
ae caro-ixon. . Z ' done d adelphia, the noted trusi expert, will
indicates bankrupt, and was finally abandon eu t
About three miles out from Hcnder-jwere
on the average
received the o:
and in Spain
ard in KnglanC
results with-
Scatterecl arcuna uie uoum. . , . ,
bCd , CT.a tTl "The. Spermatic5hild wih not onTy
?mall log cabins where , tnc x 1 ,f , t.
smaii iuS retain anv case Vrrupuire perfectly,
w-k f- ""V T M O I A Willi ! ' - T 3
sonville on what is now known as the three its were lu"" the but contracts the Ip v.ihig in ten days
Shaws Creek Road stands the oldest hungered after knowledge. Alter tn , This instrument
house in the county, probably built war schools began to spring uy
about 1820 or 30. The Johnstons own- night it - "
ed and built it and living still m me ay neuuei . - sureerv. itf jectionmedieal treat
xi-m0Mri ir "Aunt. Cute" John-, with public schools ana nemx Xinn,
ston well in her eighties, who boast, Iville holds one of the : PrePara "!has docume
. . . i -t. tririss in me state.
of having lived through eight wars., oxy stuuuu - .fore! Government Va-;:ungton,
Further out in the Horse Shoe bene it may uav r insnection. All chary cas wi.hout
of the French Broad River stands the fathers of our county site .f interestedtcaii. !lc
old brick house built by Judge Avery making a navigable stream oat cu : m e . -Hrfthoui
one among the oldest settlers whos3 French Broad River, : ana u s - r fit th-:i if desired.
original grant compnsea mousanas c. prouauu - . T ' fnr thG town. ness demands prevent stopping at any
Mr. Seeley
itec' Lj-.atts
C. fct
Raleigh, Jan. 25. Commissioner of
Labor and Printing M. L. Shipman
mailed u all members of the gtr.eral
assembly today copies of a bill to be
pressed for enactment ac thi-3 session,
piovidint" 'or a system of child laijoi-in'.ooct-cr
and the supervision of hi3
department ' applv to factories and
industrial plants generally. Along with
be bill vent a comprehensive
cussion of the bill and necessity for it
from the viewpoint of the commissi.m
er. The bill would constitute the staie
superintendent of public instruction,
secretary of the state board ot health,
mm pw'Ti' f '! m
and. commissioner of labor and print
ng as the North Carolina child iabor
commission and provide for inspec
tors under the direction of the com
missioner of labor and printing to
have access to all places liable for in
spection purposes. There is provis
ion for a $6,000 fund for the purpose
of the bill in his "personal" note to the
legislators. Commissioner Vfhipman
insists upon the necessity for legisla
tion included in the bill, saying: "We
must face the stubborn fact that chil
dren under the legal age are being em
ployed in industrials in this state."
That federal inspectors last year
found numbers of violations that
would have been prosecuted, but for
the development of the unconstfta-
ionality of the federal act. He warns
hat pending federal legislation will
provide for federal inspection again
unless the state legislature takes the
necessary action and takes care of the
situation through state authorities.
Charlotte Observer.
Let Us Print
Your Sale Bills
- ""i ilJiiii-iH" " ""
o ' i
,v.;i, viq Vkm-ie- tvia hanks of that river
is built were made from the clay on ship. The. idea, if there was one to
he pllce The Horse Shoe Farm ,s allyally culminated in the mind o.
it is designated has passed througn Gen. Robert B. Vance m 1876. Gen.
Iny hands since then and seen much Vance, after being a
history. The slave quarters have en- sioner of patents J
tirelv disappeared and the house has 'secured permission to dredge the river
been remodeled but the age-old tree, between Brevard and Asheville and tor
hL?Z LTLt vaVd and the a short time that year ran a small
V-ir.v that have held out through the ; steamboat between
of passing years still uphold enterprise however
and the
the house.
other place in this section
p s Everr statement in this no
ice has been Ter Jlc.l before he Fc?
ral ard State Courts. F JI Seeley.
(boat was nauieu up j" u,j nue i cncvicu vuiumc umi
t . n . vA 4oVoinl . t , tin.
be in tha Mills mver vauej', xuyx oo free irom .lauseauug aim santu
Of JJ'iai . oo SPhnol. Gen.i
onlv time ana space usea ioaay as a. - uug .ucvia.
11 Hfrt V O TTJk
wruieii. c u - - t anoi n spmir
tn touch lightly on the subject. Judge .Vance was aiso uu.u .
1829. nis estaDiisi"s "
Physicians or druggists will tell you
that the best thing in the world for a
cold, grippe or influenza, is Calo-
the The eolden year ot 1882 pushed th
beautilul r and Vallroad into Hendersonville and the I abs the pertected calomel, that is free
nronerty of Col. iiemi"&Ci " j.c fn. " A.
- , m .u imintmna siiiLe uioauuv-ui -w Trnm naiisHMr liitr m 1 1 ( l sa.iiva.Lnui
fho smvines. ui" uiu uou.wv- ........... "
IS now uwucu " ' . , , .',bvgsV :!Tl-tn.a ,QVQ lpornPrl that nther lasa-
ripsrendants still own homes in tac ever.
village. He was followed by cnaneb
Baring in 1830 a member of tne ml
lish banting firm of that name. His
rarife. a taientea iuguu
ives are uncertain and unsatisfactory
"WHILE THE GOING WAS GOOD, 'for cold and gHppe, but that they can
count on Calotabs, the new calomei,
that has all the liver benefits and none
e consum-
A darky was ushered into the em
, , -n-oi k-nnwn i?.',n nvment Dureau oi ine rum ru-,ui. iiuub, ..wx --0.j
IQTir HIlll UCiVl, " . !.. . . . x"
on(1 Henderson County, ,'der Works and plied with the usual j nver ana put xne syst
. i iMiiif thr famcus &t.
v was sue ,oRHi; Qt th works. ,vent influenza and pneum
in ideal con
Questions put to all new hands taken Edition to throw off the Qld and pre
on at the works. jvent influenza and pneumdnia.
ThP old darkey stood the examina-t The best time to take Calotabs is "at
hPntifuf Highland LauHion pretty well, but was beginning to the first sign of a cold. If you take it
situated or. the sight d.CM Just a little bit "oneasy wnen onef t umuius - -
iVht.. One Calotab on the tongue
john's-in-the-Wilderness under vwiose
floor both she and her husband are
buried. The
club house is
. .- fnr hisvCf mpn suddenly askec
the home Mr. ; . ...",.
second wife, the daughter of Commo-
core Dent.
Following these two pioncei 4same
Mr. Molyneux, British -counsel. of Sav
anaali and Count de Chceu, irern-h
, ,omP nla--. one ot thc-
;.SUi ui '.''W.P'
the cm rw cio
w.ficjt famous O
rhonrp came "vJr.
i ii.
Henry Farmer, son ot Henry i -mm
Farmer of Eng and late, ox Curler,
:iiBS 6i aimer of .-ender.on-ert
sister ot iitaxy, has in her pt s
: n t relics of :,io eld famiU
Kev JohnG urayton many years ree
fer of St. John's-in-the-lYhderness
and founder of the noble Ravenswood
overnight. One Calotab on tne tong
And who would you like to be no-'at bed time with, a swaliow of water
tified in case of a serious accident?" that's all. In the morning you van
The darkey paused and scratched' up feeling fine wirtsJiearty appefie
his head a bit at this unexpected for breakfast. Your cold has vanisn
blow at his morale, but after a little d and you may congratulate your
while he thought of two persons who self that you have possibly prevented
. i-i,. -,,;-.-T, - Icorinnc rnmniir.?ition3 for- uhysioans
mirrllt L'O tO ITTinW Ul 1113 IU1BIU4 IUUC. . c-x x v.
illlCjti U llrt -v "
Their names were written down.
"And now," said one of the examl-
ners, "where would you like your re
mains shipped?
'Where wou
tell us that neglected coids number
their victims by the millions. .
For your rrotert n, CaJotabs are
sold only in origi.pil sealea, packages
vi t ihtp mv remains price thirty-five cenV: our druggist
shipdr. repeated the Zf
erofzy sort of voice. "Boss, lse gwine -
groggy buiL ui. AitaA with fhi5 new form or
from, nere ngnv. areui u""1"
to take 'em away
calomel. (adv.)
either of the above usages
er desires a coal Especially Adapted, in or
der to eet the best results arid at the same
rime have an economical! ruel "bill.
5 W .
Our VuAL Xs the.
Quiality obtain
SPECIALIZE-to give our customers
the best in coal rrom

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