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. "
Pliarr-3Iatthews Highways Bill In
sures Federal Aid. Neal Child-La)-or
Bill rasses. School Board Bill
and Woman's Suffrage Defeated.- -S.
II. Hudgins to Replace Claude
fcaies on County Board.
UN f?
Later: Sales Wins Out.
Raleigh, March 11, 1919. During
closing hours of the General Assembly
Monday night, Raleigh friends of Mr.
Claude Sales decided to protest
- -
the appointment of S. H. Hudgins as
the successor to Mr. Sales on the
ppunty Board of Education and after
ft spirited contest in the House they
were successful in having Mr. Sales
A-v cicLicu. iiu cuut t uau previously i
$een made to displace Representative
Jackson's recommendation, but when
the report of Senate and Hou3e con
ferences disclosed the fact tbat the
Republicans were iven represntatiori
ton these boards in only two counties
of the State, n'anlely, Cabarrus t and
,enderson an effort was m mediately
- launched to re-appoint Democrats in
these two counties. Mr. Bryant, or
Durham, Chairman of the House Oo'ra
xalttee "on Education, who had r'niro
duced the bill six, iv.cusly opposed the
. change asked for, and was strong!
supported by Mr. Williams of Ca
birrus, the, Republi-xu 3oor leader,
but they prove 1 r.o match for Pay c
Mticon, Doughto -.if Alleghany ana
3Vt;cCain of Vance, who stood by Mr.
ales and the Dtuiocr.it v reposed foi
lembership on the Board of Kd't
on for Cabarrus C t nfv. It wi'l be
c'l news to the friends of ;Mr. Sales
t he is to contlm-j on the Hender-
rd of Education, for he Is a ; To
rsive citizen ana till? t'ft-''Osiiio
' Raleigh, March 10, 1919. The Gene
ral Assembly of North Carolina lia3
r -completed its work and nearly every
member, is now on the way back home.
On the whole, it" has been a progres-
sire body, but reactionaries were Ly
1 no means strangers in either branch
1 and their presence was often felt
.when attempts were made to put
' across progressive measures of any
; kind. They tried to beat the income
. tax amendment in the Senate and
. failed, but did succeed in preventing
' the enactment of adequate child , labor
i legislation. However, the labor bill
. I known as the Neill substitute for the
administration measure offered by the
Deartment of Labor and ' Printing con
tains some strong features in harmony
'! 'with a number of the provisions or
" the Connor-Saunders bill and Is an
j improvement over the spineless make
shift now on the statute' books
4 . Some of the legislators have gone
i home feeling proud of .-their record;
ouiers ao not ieei bo kwu mo
- HvLlt of their activities. The represen
tative of Henderson is not the only
one who had troubles over local mat
ters. Dozens of others kept him com-
tpany until the gavel fell for the last
time and they turned their faces
' homeward for a season of rest. The
last 'few days were nerve-racking in
i the extreme for those who had to be
ooastantly on .vigil in the interest or
r lmfety for themselves and the people
i ly blocking Innocent little bills Con
their faces) which are much too often
loaded . with dynamite. Many ' went
V -tome with a feeling of disgust towards
'all kinds of legislation and declaring
they will never again return as a
' ! iember of either the Senate or House
i-he two branches of the Assembly
Anally got together on a State Hign
. .Vsy measure by the . adoption of the
: , blouse bill designated as the Pharr--V
llatthews road bill with some ameiuJ
t -tnents offered by the Senate. Tl
WKouse promptly concurred in the Sen
7 J arWdments and made posslMe
r t J enactment of a good roads Jaw
s.h. fnr North Carolina
:S Qucila of any Federal aid -rrhlcii
rtor become avaii-
uxay now. - ---.
The bill provides for
A x
- A N
j well.
1 .1 able
I $zn.k of short-term
. nnt of something li!:
state to uic
i - .iti.dollarsayearrif necessary tc
v i t- Federal aenwuM ""
5 1 tua interests of State ""and county
VI x,ai shears to be satisfiea
Helm' ,
fUh the bilLhut the point is maue
niiht It will answer - -
illCw,fl.Snre. An extra session o.
.ifhe Legislature is to be held
a year
ri- ihQ nurnose of aajus1.u15.
l?th tax rate ndr the neW valuation
The March Term of Superior Court
is in the second week of the criminal
docket, and it is expected to clear the
docket by the end of the week, and a
full reviw of the court proceedings
will be published in the next issue. In
the case of Grant Kramer, charged
with manslaughter, the defendant was
permitted to plead guilty to an amend
ed bill qf indictment charging forcible
trespass, and was taxed with the costs
and required to give bond for appear
ance at each term of criminal court
for two years to show good behavior.
The case of Karl Wenz was remanded
to the mayor's court, and Jeff Hill,
charged with barn burning, was found
guilty but has not as yet been sen
tenced. A large percentage of the
cases presented are traceable directly
to blockade wniskey.
J scheme and the highway bill may also
be strengthened if the necessity
State Appropriations. ':'
The Sutechirftabfc; "fetf anj
educational "Institutions have fared
well at Vthe hapds of this General A.s
semblyVas the- following appropria
tions? will show:
Central Hospital, Raleigh . .$292,800.00
State Hospital, Morganton. 400,000.00
State Hospital, colored, Golds
boro ..... : 173,500.00
Deaf and Dumb School, Mor
ganton 80,000.00
Caswell Training School,
Kinston 125,000.00
Stonewall Jackson Training
School... 27,890.00
State Sanitarium for Tuber
culosis, Sanitorium 99,000.00
University of North Caro- ...
lina, Chapel Hill .". 235,000.00
East Carolina Teachers
Training School.
Appalachian Training School
Doone ... ....... . v. . , . .
Cullowhee Normal and In-
duatrial School,..;... ..
State College for the Blind,
Raleigh..; ...
State College of Agriculture
and Engineering 150,000.00
Normal and Industrial Col
lege, Greensboro 315,000.00
Oxford Orphan Asylum,
Oxford Orphan Asylum,
Soldiers Home, Raleigh...."
Confederate Museum, Rich
mond Confederate Cemetery, Ral-
- igh.... ...
Cherokee Indian Normal
Colored Agricultural School
Greensboro 20,000.00
State Norma 1 Schools for
Negroes, Winston..... .
North Carolina State Board
of Health
Confederate Women's Home
North Carolina Orthopedic
Hospital ..
State Board of Charities and
Public Welfare. . . ... .". .
State Home and Industrial
Schools for Girls ....
North Carolina Economic -
and Geological Survey.. 40,000.00
Agricultural Extension work 226,061.00
Jfo Suffrage Legislation.
The ladies failed completely to pur
suade the members of this General
Assembly that it would be the part or
wisdom to give them the, ballot, even
in modified form., They decided to
fcwait the coming of the Federal
amendment for a general campaign
on the issue of equal suffrage with
men in all elections and concluded to
try the experiment in modified form.
A bill allowing women to vote in mun
icipal elections in cities of 5,000 popu
lation and upwards was introduced in
the 'Senate and -passed that body by a
two to one vote. Elated by this initial
success the "girls" stormed the House
and well nigh captured it, too. The
vote was 49 for, and 54 agaiust and
the bill was dead. It was argued with
some force that the proposition dis
criminated against the country women
land, furthermore, tnat iunaamemaj
questions should be submitted to a
vote of the people. The fight in the
House was fast and furious and a.re
cord attendance of members and visi
tors witnessed it-
School BmtI Bill Failed -Senator
Warrens bill profiling the
election of school boards by the peo-
was turned down ith a wuoop
in the House.
Ray, of Macon, 3are
other western
ner; 01 xancej, auu
m6mber, with a t
th ttt,
This allotment for the local Red
Cross musjt be finished within a month
and the lime is nearing for the ship
ment. 120 night gowns tor children.
P0 shawls
50 stockings. 1
The work room is open fromUO to
1 oYiock every aay. Mrs. W. R.'
Kiri will see that the room is open in
the afternoon if there are workers who
can not 0 in tlic forenoon. Please
phone her. The shawls and stockings
are to be knit.
I have purchased from the Board of
Health of North Carolina fMi-htherla
anti toxin in 1000, 3000, 5000 and 10.-
ifinn unit na.clra.ees. These are for the
f part in any manner that best suited,
j poor only, the price per package their pleasure. Tfee Observer iq prifiV
t Tjeing 25c each. .211. '. ine an article tfidav trnm an a.,tt,
V ' L. B. MOUSE, M. D.
"-r Count, fh3ician
Chief Engineer Wohlford of the
Blue Ridge Power Company has finish
"ed making a survey for a transmission
line from the company's development
Von Green River to Hendersonville. It
Lis not known just what the company's
plans are in this connection, but the
fact that the survey has actually been
made will be a matter of decided in
terest. knocked the thing into smithereens in
"less than no time." Republicans got
nasty and had a few things to say
about a certain brand of local self
government, but their attitude only
added fuel to the fire. During the de-
bate Frank Ray called republican
Leader Williams - a ' "sap-headed
whipper snapper" and told him how
the republicans managed the schools
when the fusionists were in power.
This settled the fate of the hi'! If-
went down by a vote of thirty to sixty-six..'
The-House vote ror a State
system and adopted the primary l-Iaii
of selecting nominees in all the coun
ties, with rc change in plan of elect
ing by the tjsatial ssembly.
I - New Members School Boards.
, ; The omnibi'3 bill carrying members
I if the new boards of education in the
i.iiou3 counties carries the n .mes of
icpublicans in republican counties tvt
t first time in many years. Ueino
irili les'.flatures for the past seve
ral veaia hre given member of ih
minority aim st anything they have
asked for in the matter of loc.ti legis
lation, hut this is the firt tim repre
sentation has been allowed oa r..n i
boards. ..It is nemaogery gone to see-.:.
(ftr tu frvih rcQuiremeat is Applle-i
in democratic counties),' in the vie of
those v.ho r elieve in consistei.cy.
Henderson and Polk draw en h e-P'4iican-this
vear and if the process
of evolution shall continue past the
session of the General Assembly two
jrears hence and republicans repre
sent them their boards of education
will consist of two republicans and
one democrat. Then we shall havQ
a beautiful" State system. -Transyl-
rvania's new board will contain the
jnames of Edwin Poor and Fielding
Paxton, in addition to the hold-over.
Mr. Poor succeeds himself and Mr.
Paxton continues as the successor or
Mr. J. M. Southern, whose death last
summer created a vacancy on the
board which Mr. Paxton has been
filling through appointment of the
other members Representative Ly
day encountered no difficcUy in get
ting a board composed ji democrats.
Representative Jackson, of Hender
son, asked that his county be ec n;-t-ed
from ti.e provision or the state
wide primury law in ro fa s it re
lates to noiamatioL. or ; - .uuiit r can
didates. WM opposition developed to
his bill and It went tlirouh
without a hitch. U depart
ed on Qatnrf-v whe i th ixtr-day
limi- cxpi -el and left Skater Cloud to
"hold the'bag." Before '.Hiving he .re
commended S. H. Hddctv . for ;a;v
polntmeat as the republlcdn member of
the county board of edacaticn. This
displaces Chairman Claude . Sales '
than whom no better man ' for the
plwse can be found anwhere. But
-local self government ' hs to be re-
jgarded duiing these ' days ot iDe-
Taut 1BQ Biuiu"
Letter to Charlotte Observer Meets
With Approval of That Papers
Opposed to Any Sort of Country
Unit System.
Under a heading of "Asleep on the
Job" the Charlotte Obser-rer or March
1st makes the following editorial com
ment: The legislature appears to have
gone to sleep on the good (roads' question-
So far there has been no pro
gress for any bill which has been in
troduced toward securing Federal aid
incosstrucUns. a system, of State
highways, amTenthusiasm evidently is
at a low ebb. At last reports the Leg
islature was faced with a proposition
that would bring the road-building
system back to section-hand days,
V: i'
Z"" THHT' l T
way oi me latest proposition. Doctor
.Morse is the builder of the highway
to tne top of Chimney Rock. He haa
given much study to the subject of
highway construction, and he is aa
authority entirely competent to spear:.
He relates certain local conditions
which will be recognized as the bane
of past highway undertakings in the
State. Tltere is no road connecting
any two important points in Noitn
Carolina that does not afford visible
evidence to the force of his argument.
The Observer does not believe that :i
law providing for such a haphazard
manner of investing road money
would meet the approval of ahe. Gov
ernment. System and concentrates
authority are the prime ohjects to be
sought in any form of good roads
legislation, and any bill from which
these essentials are
lacking woula
jali cei0w requirements
The1 Lesls
lature cannot 'afford to fail .the! State
in its expectations of the enactment
of an intelligently drawn and satis
factory road-building law, and as the
days speed by the concern of the peo
ple that the General Assembly should
get together on the enactment or a
road law which will meet the require
ments! of the Federal Government is
growing manifestly ; uneasy. Char
lotte Observer.
Dr. Morse's letter was as follows:
To. the Editor of The Observer.
- I have observed with profound re
gret the latest phase of the road mat
ter in Raleigh rtjy. which they contem
plate returning in part at least to the
county unit system.. I confess that 1
thought that we had gotten away
from any smaller area than the state
as a whole as to a money raising unit.
While I was In Raleigh I only heard
the county unit mentioned to be con
demned; and to see it again crop our
at this late hour is to say the least
I know how you, like so many, have
opposed anything less than a state
wide program. To depend upon coun
ty initiative and the reactionary Ktti
tude which is all too commonly char
acteristic of the smaller counties will
block continuity of highway construc
tion. It simply means that thore will
be an extensive road development in
the wealthier and more proressive
counties where better roads are in
evitable under any circumstances
leaving the poorer counties to consti
tute the weak link in the chain.
Just this, you so full well
elate Is what we most strenuously try
kto avoid. It matters noi-nuw .
road may be m part, 11 il wu.
tion is not relatively uniform, its use
fulness 'as a cross-state or inter-coun-tv
hizhway is materially damaged.
Not only this but whole sections of
country will become "held up, as
were, because of any such plan which
will be sure to 'bring about a lack or
uniformity. .
'. There are instances all over the
state of North Carolina as everyone
knows where certain counties hftve
blocked the' development ;6t row
state highways. It has not alone
lack of -.initiative or indeed to a ttn
dency to reaction, but in inany cases
bounties as a result of special legisla
tion have not had it in their power to
raise the necessary money even to
comply with the lesser demands pa.
upon them by the older federal aid
law. This being the case, what In
deed can we- expect to accomplish In
an effort tb bring about state high
ways! A peculiar case in point too is
wce tks Ckarlette-AihvU!
Author lative advice has been received
from Raleigh that an amendment to
the Henderson County road bill has
Leen passed, eliminating the sei'tion
which provided for a bond issue of
$25,000 for surfacing. As a matter of
fact the framers of the xcad bill had
never intended to authoriza the&e
bonds. The new bill was drawn by
amending certain sections of the old
act, all unamended sections of the old
bill being included in the new bill and
reenacted. Through oversight this
section authorizing a bond issue was
not stricken out, amivwas consequeat
lj re-enacted along with the otber !ti-
amended sections, and incorporated
inter the new bill, the county eQi;;i
sioners being thus direct isug
the bonds. As state, tQ er.; ta.fr
1-een corrected $ menmeat au r.
An examination 1?iH' fee held at. th
local posiofilce oh April 12th to fill the
rosition of Fourth Class Postmaster
at l'isgah. Forest.; Any person desir
ing to enter the examination may ob
tain the proper blanks either at Pis
gah Forest or from the Civil Service
Commission, Washington, D. C.
The city is in possession of a de
spondent looking mare mule of uncer
tain age and still more uncertain
value, which was found roaming the
streets and locked up in the city
stables for safe keeping. When taken
up the animal was apparently suffer
ing from a well-developed case or
melancholia with suicidal tendencies,
but has cheered up wonderfully since
being given a ration of grain and hay
from the city supplies. The owner is
invited to get into communication with
-. -
Street Superintendent McCatl and
take Maude back home.
.(By Miss Evelyn Byrd Graham)
The Pageant given by the Methodist
girls Saturday, March 1st, under the
management of Misses Maude Cham
bers and Lucy Bomar was a great
success. The costumes were of a
gorgeous color and were cleverly
gotten, up. A brilliant ball folio wee
the Pageant. An ice course was serv
ed during a short intermission. Ihe
sum cleared was more than enough
to support a French orphan, which the
Methodists in school have under
taking for, a year.
The Episcopal girls are divided In
to groups and are doing various things
for entertainment to make their Len
ten money.
Mr. Farnum held services at the
school on Ash Wednesday.
The Par ?-Teachers : Association of
Flat Rock, will have a window sale in
the Morey building. Saturday, March
15th. The proceeds will be used to
make the final payment on the school
piano. Everyone is urged to come
and ouy.
way for a distance . :i eight miles
(from Bat Cave . to the , Buncombe
county line) actually lies in Hender
son county but is of no Ruefulness
whatsoever to the county In which It
jg situated, crossing as it does the ex
treme northeastern corner and lead
ing not to the county seat of Hender
son county uti to the couaiy seat of
Buncombe, county. In this particular
case it is inconceivable that Hender
son county could or should expend
ynany thousands or aonars wnen mere
are five radiating highways from our
county seat which 'are of direct bene
fit to our people.
Similar instances of this characcei
must exist rall over the stat-. I re
peat it seems peculiarly a lamenta
ble fact that at this late hour the
county unit should be ' injected into
the efforts of ourstate to secure a
state highway system that will be
w i.thy of the name. - :
As inconceivable that '5f th!-J nat
ter were tested out by the vo:e of the
people that there is a - county if. the
sUtt wh?oh would approve of suci a
retrt Ion a.iy step. I hope r?r ?nuch
tat ep-i at this eleven. h rr t t
this icgii'itive body at Ra.elgh an
orrsat fis vital mistake..
KitraavJlIs, Fes., 37.'
While testing a spraying outfit at
the Bly Hardware Company Monday
afternoon Dr. C. Few had a very nar
row escape from serious, possibly
fatal, injury. A high pressure had
been pumped up on the machine in or
der to demonstrate its spraying possi
bilities, and after this had been shown
to Dr. Few's satisfaction the sales
man released the catch which holds
the cap on top of the reservoir, in or
der to release the air pressure. It re
leased it all right. The instant the'
catch yag thrown off there was a re
pjft tkej u.ato that of a 'small , sized!
53 and toe cap and ntir pWBt
re ejected' 'from the cytlad.OT &nV
laQ"with a bang against the eeiX-
ing of. the store. Finding progress
4 blocked in that direction it took, the
downward. . course and landed witH .
another bang squarely on top of Dr.
Few's head "where" ifalsT tol'
ress blocked.- Dr. Few announced
quietly but firmly that death had
found him prepared to go. The mat
ter was reconsidered, howevar, and: . .
after a. visit to Dr. Hicks Justus tho
victim came off with nothing more
serious than a headache and a neat
little patch of antiseptic plasUr. As
a matter of fact the accident might
easily have proved fatal, and the doc
tor's friends are congratulating him
on his escape from more serious in
jury. 4 . . . .
The Local Board of Henderson
County, in common with all local
boards of the state, has received no
tice from the office of the Adjutant
General to make preparation to ship
all records at once, to sell board
property . not later than March 27th,
and to be in readiness to close the
board Office finally by March 31st.
No doubt the final release from all re
sponsibility in connection with the
draft will come as a very welcome re
lief to the members of the board.
The board work has entailed a tre
mendous responsibility and a vast
amount of hard work upon three men
who were already busy citizens The
work of the Henderson County Board
has been handled with justice, energy
and care, and ;has been fortunate
enough to receive special commenda
tion from headquarters.. The mem
bers of the board are: C. E. Brooks,
Chairman; J. Mack Rhodes, Secre
tary, Dr J . S . . Brown, Examining
physician; Chief Clerk, C. N. Wren
shall. .
The Young Men's Folio wahip class,
which numbers 20 and is tiivght by
C. F. Bland, had 15 present on Sun
day, March 2. Mr. Bland had prom
ised to give the clats aoclil meeting
at his home if that number waa pres
ent. On Thursday evening ,of last
week, the33 young men enjoved . an
evening with Mr. tnd Mrs Dlanfl,
Kenneth Best, William Penny, Ro
bert Gilreath, Fred English, Glennard
Harris, Norris Cannon, Lee Allen,
James Reese, Ralph Parrent, Houston '
Klncaid, Donald and Harold Patteion,
Allan and Gaither Rhodes. The in
vited guests were Rev. and Mrs. M.
F.' Moores, F.'E. Durtee and Miss
Lallah Wynne. ;J
Mrs; S. A. Ballinger presided at
the piano and the young men wang
several of the popular songs.
Mesdames Moores, Ballinger and
Miss Lallan Wynne assisted Mrs. .
(Bland in serving ce cream and cake.
After the social hour the-e was (
brief business meeting and these offi
cers were elected for the ensuing
year, Allan Rhodes, president, Fred
English, vice-president. Robert GJI
reath, secretary and ' treasurer.
. : f r-
First Grade : Amelia ; Dickens, An-
na Lon Odum.
Second Grade: -Tad Newman, Hen
ry Ddum. ' C " ..
. Third Grade: Aberro Xewraan,.
Fourth Grade- Iren Oduin, ClaraV '
Edwards, Rarsome Newman. ,
Fifth Grade: Brooka' DTake. Paul
Dunlap, '"Olive Odam.
Seventh Grade: Elizabeth Israel,
Vera Dixon, Pirl Whitaker. Tufs
Newman, Louise Di:nlap, Dewey New.
man, Josephine Rnodes.
Eighth Grade: Homer Nev.man,
Eugene Parkinson. '
Teatk Grate: -Jaais C4rcy. -
4 : '

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