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This preparati
greatest blood p
tonic in the wor
absolutely guarantee
beneficial results from the use
of this already famous medi
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Lady onppeiy ...
Document Designed to Promote International Co-Operation,
and to Achieve International Peace and Security With
out Resort to War.
The High Contracting Parties Agree in This Corenant to Main
tain a Scrupulous Respect for All Treaty Obligations
in All Their Dealings With One Another.
Washington. The state department
made public the text of the revised
covenant of the league of nations, as
it was presented to .the plenary ses
sion of tfre.naace conference at Paris.
Ihe text follows, with parenthetical
insertions showing changes made in
the covenant as originally drafted and
made public:
Covenant of the League of Nations.
In order to promote international
co-operation and to achieve interna
tional peace and security, by the ac
ceptance of obligations not to resort
to war, by the prescription of open,
just and honorable relations between
nations, by he firm establishment of
the understandings of international
law as to actual rule of conduct among
governments, and by the maintenance
of justice and a scrupulous respect for
all treaty obligations in the dealings
bf organized peoples with one another,
the high contracting parties agree 'to
this covenant of the league of nations.1
(In the original 'preamble the last
sentence reads, "adopt this constitu
tion," instead of "agree to this covenant.")
Article One.
The original members of the league
of nations shall be those of the sig
natories which are named in the an
nex to this covenant and also such of
these other states named in the an
nex as shall accede without reserva
tion to this covenant. Such accession
shall be effected by a declaration de
posited with the secretariat within
two months of the coming into force
of the covenant. Notice thereof shall
be sent to all other members of the
Any fully self-governing state, do
minion or colony not named in the an
nex may become a member of the
leaeue of nations if its admission is
agreed to by two-thirds of the assem-1
bly, provided that it. shall give effec
tive guarantees of it3 sincere inten
tion to observe its international obli
gations, and. shall accept such regula-.
tions as may be prescribed by the
league in regard to its military and
naval forces and armaments.
Any -member of the league, may,
after two years' notice of its intention
so to do, withdraw from the league,
provided that all its international obli
gations and all its obligations under
this covenant shall have been fulfilled
at the time of its withdrawal.
(This article is new, embodying
with alterations and additions the old
article seven. It provides more spe
cifically the method of admitting new
members and adds the entirely new
narasrraoh nroviding for withdrawal
from the league. No mention of with
drawal was made in the original docu
ment.) Article Two.
The action of the league under this
covenant shall be effected through
the instrumentality of an assembly
and cf -a council, 'with a permanent
(Originally this was a part of ar
ticle one. It gives the name assem
bly to the gathering of representa
tives of the members of the league,
formerly referred to merely as "the
body of delegates.")
Article Three.
tv0 r." """- c rep
resentatives of the members of the
The assembly shall meet at stated
intervals and frm tim t9 tm an
occasion may require, at the seat of
the league, or at such oter place as
may. be decided upon, r- - '
' The assenibly may deal it Its meet
ings witli any matter within the
sphere of action of the league or af
f ecting thejaee of the world. . .
At meeting of the assembly, each
member of the league shall have one
rote, and may have not more than
three representatives.
(This embo'die's parts of the orig
inal artioie one, two and three, with
only minor .changes. It refers to
-members of the league" where the
term "high contracting parties" original'-
was used, and this change is
foliated throughout the revised draft.)
Article Four,
The council shall consist of repre
sentatives of the United . States of
it.. Tj;tici mTire. 01
America,, oi we V u -
France, of Italy and of Japan, together
with representatives of fotr other
members of the league. These four
members cf the league shall be select
ed by the assembly from, timeto time
in its discretion.. Until the-appomt-ment
of the" representatives of the
: . i thfi leaeue first se-
; lour meinueia - -- -
tives of (blank) shall be members of
S the council.
With approval of the majority of
i the assembly, the. council may name
additional members of the league
: whose representatives shall always be
i members or tne tuauui, :r i 1fl vears.
'with li approval may increase tnei '
The City of
Akron. Ohio
be selected by the assembly for rep-
resentation on the council.
The council shall meet from time
to time as occasion may require and
at least once a year, at the seat pf
the league, or at such other place as
may be decided upon.
The council may deal , at its meet
ings with any matter within the
sphere of action of the league or af
fecting the peace of the world. .
Any member of the league not rep
resented on the council shall be in
vited to send a representative to sit
as a member at any meeting of the
council during the consideration of
matters specifically affecting the 'in
terests f that member of the league.
At meetings of the council, each
member of the . league represented on
the council shall have one vote, and
may have not more than one repres
(This embodies that part of the
original article three designating the
original members of the council. The
paragraph providing for increase in
the membership of the council is new.)
Article Five.
Except where otherwise expressly
provided in this covenant, decisions
at any meeting of the assembly or of
the council shall require the agree
ment of all the members of the league
represented at the meeting.
All matters of procedure at meet
ings of the assembly or of the council,
the appointment of committees to in
vestigate particular matters shall be
regulated by the assembly or by the
council and may be decided by a ma
jority of the members of the league
represented at the meeting.
The first meeting of the assembly
and the first meeting at the council
shall be summoned by the President
of the United States of America.
(The first paragraph requiring un
animoxts agreement in both assembly
and council except where otherwise
provided Is new. The other two para-
rr rrtia oVi e-in-n.il v were included la
O " a r
article four.)
Article Six.
The permanent secretariat shall be
established at the seat of the league.
The secretariat shall comprise a sec
retariat general and such secretaries
and staff as may be required.
The first secretary general shall be
the person named in the annex; there
after the secretary general shall be
appointed by the council with the ap
proval of the majority of the assembly
The secretaries- and the staff of the
secretariat shall be appointed by the
secretary general with the approval
of the council.
The secretary general shall act in
that capacity at all meetings of the as-
semblv and of the council.
The expenses of the secretariat shall
be borne by the members of the league
m accordance with the apportion
ment of the expenses of the interna
tional bureau of universal postai
TMc rpnlaes the oriffinaf i article
flv In the orudnal the appointment
of the first secretary general was left
to the council, and approval of the
mninritv of the assembly was not re
quired for subsequemt appointments.)
The seat of the league Is establish-
ed at Geneva. .
Tfce council may at any time decide
that the seat of the league shall be
established elsewhere.
All positions under or in connection
with the league, including the Becre
tariaV shall be open equally to men
and women. & . - , .
representatives of the members of
the league and officials of the league
when, engaged on' the business of the
league shall enjoy diplomatic privi
leges and immunities.
The building and other property oc
cupied by the league or its officials oi
by representatives attending its meet
ings shall be inviolable. -
(Embodying parts of the oM' ar
ticles five and six, this article nataes
Geneva instead of lea'ving the seat of
the league to be chosen later, and
adds the provision for changing' the
seat . in the future The paragrapn
openiS position to women equally
with men is new)- ''J
Article Eight
' The members of the league recog
nize that he maintenance of a peace
the reduction of ' national
armament to the lowest point consist
ent with national safety and the .en
forcement by. common action cf inter
national obligation.
The council, taking account oi tne
geographical situation and circum
stances of each state, snan rormuiaie
plans for such reduction for the con
sideration and action of the several
governments. -
Snth. plans shall be subpect to re-,
consideration and revision at;,least
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