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Under Water-Proof
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The Big Tent
Show of the Season
Prices 20-30 Cents. 4 Big Vaudeville Acts between Acts of the Play
Play and Vaudeville Changed each Night Opening Play: the big New York success "LOVE and FOL1TICS"
Absolutely clean and refined. A play for the ladies. The Pickerts are the oldest and best known company playing the south. Making the Six
teenth Year. The first time under canvas. Do not compare this high class attraction with the ordinary tent shows. Other plays during the week
are: "The Girl Without a Chance." "Her Unborn Child," "Wolves of. Wall Street,"-" The Man That Stayed at Home,' "A Fight for
a Million," -and others.
Western Samoa.
German Samoa or Western Samoa,
as it is called since September, 1914,
when British occupation took place,
comprises the islands of SavaU and
Opolu with the town of Apia as the
head of the political and commercial
life. The islands are the remains of
a semisubmerged volcanic Tango, heav
ily clothed with tropical verdure which
to a great extent prohibits agriculture
or farming ; hence the principal indus
tries are the planting of coconuts,
cacao and rubber.
Right Idea About Business.
The old idea that business is get
ting the better of your neighbor is 'not
-only "bad business," but nonsense.
Business is not getting the better of
but doing the best for your neighbor
and yourself. If business is not mu
tually profitable, it is mutually de
structive. My neighbor's prosperity
helps mine and mine .his. When that
old pernicious notion is finally explod
ed the millennium of business will be
at hand, the era of universal peace
between capital and labor. Lord Lev-erhulme.
Why Delay?
"Take this medicine," said the young
doctor. "If it doesn't cure you, come
back irr a few days and I shall give
you something that will." The patient
pocketed the dope reluctantly. In a
few moments he returned. "If you
don't mind, doc, I'll take some of that
that will cure me right away." ,
Their Need for Safety Pins.
An atcheologist recently dug up a
safety pin from the ruins of ancient
Babylon. Judging from the pictures in
the Babylonian section of the histories,
however, it seems that safety pins
were worn mostly by the grownups ia
those times.
Substitute for Putty.
A . cheap substitute for putty; suit
able1 for stopping cracks in floors and
oter..y?oo.dwork, is made by soaking
-Jiewpaper itrtTpszts-Tnade by boiling'
a pound of flour In three quarts of
water and adding a teaspoonful of
alum. Force this mixture into the
tracks with a knife.
Satisfied With Little 'Food.
In the Edinburgh (Scotland) zoo
there is a crocodile that is content with
a rat or a piece of horseflesh every
fortnight. There is an anaconda which
arrived more than a year ago and has
sinct steadily refused" to take food of
any kind, an example of abstention
Surpassed, however, by an Indian py
thon which during its 13 months stay
has not voluntarily taken food.
Some Velocities.
When the temperature is 32 degrees,
sound travels 1,000 feet a second and
one additional foot a second for each
additional degree of temperature. Elec
tricity over a wire where there is, no
resistance travels 192,924 miles a second.
Famous Kaiser Wilhelm Canal.
The Kaiser Wilhelm canal was offi
cially -opened June 21, 1895. It Is a
little more than 61 miles in length, and
for the easterly part of its course fol
lows the line of . the old Eider canal.
It is 197 feet wide at the water surface
and 72 feet feet at the bottom, with
a depth of 29 feet 6 inches. The total
cost of the canal was $39,000,000.
Real Bonanza Kings.
The "bonanza kings" were James S.
Flood, A. S. O'Brien, John W. Mackay,
and James C. Fair, four men of Irish
parentage who acquired vast fortunes
from the gold and silver mines on the
Pacific coast. They had various imi
tators and successors who shared the
name, but these four men were the
on!y original" bonanza kings.
v wueer Find at Pomneii.
' A soap-boiler's shop was atnong the
things discovered in the excavation at
Pompeii several years ago. The city
was buried benaath volcanic ashes A.
D. 79. It is said that the soap found
in the shop had not lost all eflicacy,
although it had lain under the ashes
more than 1,800 years. Soap making
was quite a business in a number of
the Roman cities at the time that
Pompeii was destroyed.
We Wouldn't, You May.
"Would you call the lady you sing
with in the church choir a chants ac
quaintance?" Boston Transcript.
Friendship,' and . Freedom.
There ,can berno' friendship where
there is noTf reedbm. : Friendship loves
a free air, and will not be penned up
In strait and narrow enclosures. It
will speak fjreely and act. so, too; and
take nothinglill where no ill lsv meant;
nay, where t : is, "twill easily forgive,
and forget, too, upon small ackncwl
edgments. TPjenn.
Denaturing Alcohol.
Alcohol js, denatured by the addition
thereto of ?an element which renders It
unfit to drink and which may not be
removed from the'- spirit by any process
short of destruction. The term arose
as a convenient designation of alcohol
whose nature had been altered,, and its
standing was made official by legisla
tion in congress. V
Everyone knows what books are.
But what is literature? It is the ark
on the flood. It ; is the light on the
candlestick. It is the. flower among
the leaves; the consummation of the
plant's vitality, the crown of its beauty,
and the treasure house of its seeds.
tienry J. van jjyjie.
Take It Easy."
A great many young .folks ..make
hard work.of things that should be per
fectly easy, and as long as there are
plenty, of really hard duties to be done,
It seems a pity to make hard work of
the rest. One of the arts of life is to
learn to do our work in the easiest way,
saying on the.' simple tasks strength
to apply to the hard duties.
Reason for Term "Royal."
Naturally there is a good reason toT
calling golf a - royal .game, Inasmuch
as.lt was the. favorite spor of the
kings and queens of Scotland and
England, as well as the dukes an i
earls in ancient times. King Charles,
King James I, II, VI, Queen Mary of
Scots and others were pre-eminent
among the lovers of the recreation.
Domestic tragedy.
Janet and grandpa ia.d a disagree
ment durinr. the morning, and at
luncheon she uit nottake her usual
seat beside him. "Graiidpa and I are
unspeakable," she explained briefly.
World's Finest Church.
November 18 is the anniversary of
the dedication cf St. Peter's in Rome
;n 1626. This largest Christian bouse
of worship was begun about 1450. In
1546 Michelangelo was put in charge,
who redesigned the dome. The height
to the top of this dome is 435 feet, and
the building is one of the most impos
ing in the world.
-: : The r
is one in which the mer
chant himself has implicit
faith-r-else he will not ad
vertise it. You are safe in
patronizing the mer
chants whose ads appear
in this paper because their
goods are ;up to date and
not shop worn: : : :
Bobby's Version.
Asked to define "lunch," Bobby re
plied: "Lunch is what ytfu have for
dinner when; your father is away."
Send us the prjee of a year's .
subscription if you are in arrears.
I We Need the Money
i '
j 1 jJj
The magnificent property of J. H. Ripley on 3rd and 4th avenue has
been sub-divided and consigned to us to sel at public auction
SO BeaMitiiniil JLots
iliiree Sptemdlidl JBuiingalows
Come out and hear
Penny Bros., the famous
Twin Auctioneers and
their private band
Best of terms to
all purchasers
This property must be
sold, rain or shine, at
the high dollar
Prizes given away
Sale conducte
.- , St!
J.: T, TILLIKAN,- Gen. Mgr.
.. '' Creensboro, N. C.
.. ii:,.'
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