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VOL. J. X(). 5s.
The Closing Hours and Incidents
Connected Therewith
All's Well.
Vrnl I l..f....M,rnr i,.,7Uir.T,i Mill,;
M. T,.k.n-.KvltUlir of t.,,,,,.
"M. , ,.KrM.'
l. ..,. ri. ,s,, In K.hUuu.
W K I ,N K r I Y t MUM :.,...,.,. , ,M
I'll" Semite V,;1s rail,.,! I,,,,,.,,..,. . '
i-'vi.:;:;;;..:, -;..'..
"he expiring hour., , ,.. ,;,.,.,.,,
A-scmhly u, re spent I.j, i. presiding i
ol.lcer,. ..r f,c fU ,r.U.,l.es signing
... ... . r.-.Mv.a,..,,.
, "' r.f ,nfcf, iuuf.-nrrffvJ,!( ,
cons.dcrabl nics-j,,,. wa-
tn I a 1 1 ii r t II I'll'. I llini'i't.. ..I' I
lO'titlury jwmI a Sta'f lihrarian.
'M e It'll r' ri'pi n on voti- lor Sfali
libni I hi Hih that in tin lloiii. of l:,.p.
ri-M'iilativ". Sun t'onl i.f. iv, v,;.
ami Horn hitm ra-l a-aiu-t him ,.
I . . . kJ ...... 4
iii'-.iiaii- in riT-n.-, :, voli-saml
jtfktkn u.. .... t .. : . . .
..... -i aaniM nun. Tins mini.- i
. vot.'s only ra-l l..r ami ji-ain-l I
tliMfltrli ,n. is n. .sary, I,, i h,
any on. hy h,. ;,.. ral AsM-inhly hv a I
joint majority of tin two hons.s to-wii '
."i Villus.
Ill tin yoti on pi'iiiti-nliary lirv
tors thin wr'-j! volis iat in tin
Setiatt ami in th IIoiim- .( vot.'.s, ,,iak
"M; niTi-ssary for ai. rlfclion
It was ihilariil upon t h n-ports of
or th' tilhrs that thire was no flec
tion. Kiel, ( Kepnhlieaii.) inoveil that the
Senate declare Stanford elected any
way. The President stated that the tellers'
report stated otherwise, and that the
journal would show to the eonlrary
Kiee replied, "that makes no differ
ence," and rimling that there was no
support for his motion, he abandoned
the matter.
I'addison sent up ami asked to have
spread upon the journal his protest
njjainst t he ratilieat ion of an act for
the relief of ex-Sberill' .1. ;. Kenan, of
Ihiplin county. It was so ordered.
I 'arsons entered his protest against
the pasa)je of the divorce billwhich
was ordered spread upon the jour
nal. A HOW MINOH Mill
were considered and passed.
The Senators lounged about the lob
bies ami in the aisles conversing upon
dill'erent subjects, only to be interrupt
ed by -mi occasional rap of the avcl,
calling attention to a message from the
Utilise of Representatives transmitting
a stray bill which that hotly had just
passed, a fid request i ug concurrence,
which was immediately disposed of.
A resolution to pay extra money to
live assistant enrolling clerks was
.voted down.
Adams requested the President to
vacate the chair for a few moments ami
call some Senator to preside.
The Lieutenant Governor called the
lion. Senator from Cumberland to the
chair, when
Mr. Adams said :
I,ientenant-iovernor Doiighton and
A few days ago the members of this
Senate presented to you, as our prosid
ingotlicer, a testimonial of high appre
ciation of the manner in which you
liave graced the chair, and thecllicient
and impartial manner in which you
have presided over the deliberations ot
this body in the dispatch of its business.
Now sir, I am delegated the pleasant
duty to tender you another testimonial
as a mark of the esteem.respect anil hive
of the little pages of this body. For
them, it is my delight to present to
you this handsome gold watch charm,
and, for them, to say that it is their
earnest wishes that the circle of your
life, your usefulness and happiness
iimv always grow larger. This little
token Tarries ..-L it their profound
respect, their best vvihes. teir esteem,
ati'eetion and love.
The Lieutenant Governor was deeply
touched, and in reply said :
Surely, I am among my friends, both
larire and small. I feel most sensibly
thiatransaction. It fills my whole be
ing with joy. From my heart, I thank
thvse little page hoys for what they
have seen tit to do. May each one of
them grow up and become taithtul ami
tieieiit men of this State. Many boys
.seek the place of page in this body and
iii.nuo of Kenresentat ives. It
III Uir ..mi v ,--
is right and proper that the youth
should thus be brought in contact w it h
the representative men of the state in
her legislative halls. It brings them
in touch with public affairs, and is a
great educator to them to become good
and useful citizens.
I see this present is gold but I take
' it that these little fellows are not gold
bugs but that they are in favor
of the free and unlimited coinage of
both gold and silver in the ratio of
1 to 1. . . ...
I shall most highly appreciate this
present, more so because of the source
from whence it came, and the youthful
impulses which give it,and may all the
richest blessings of life be abundantly
showered around and about these hon
est, efficient, patriotic little page boys,
and may each one of them grow up an
ornament to the great manhood of this
great State of North Carolina.
The Senate took a recess till 4 o clock
Afternoon Session.
At 4 :30 p. m. about a dozen Senators
were seated about the chamber, when
an enrolling clerk entered with an
armful or enrolled bills. The gavel
Bounded, and the President gave notice
of the ratification of a number of bills
I lw.r K'O ma law.
A h'Jf hour later another batch of
bills came down from the enrolling de
partment, were ratified, and a recess
was tawen un o !.
IN I eh t SeBslon.
The lights were lighted for the last
.. siunatp chamber for the ses-
1 f ikS. and the expiring legisla
lature passed through the agonizing
M.-.rtM- .flj tl:il a
i-o. ..;ltir l a,-,,.,
I ad
f tin.
. nan uraw n ali t.i
n-geilicr with
P-' , a.d tin-.
w ini n w. r,.
ii his i.,,. K-t Look l.,i
' H. .t u,,ub N-nalor. bad pari
Mri. for hi- I,,.,, ,r w)Mh , j
return In. lasting thank-.
I en lo-t
,.",r,r" k - l' Hi- following
lolv.. That the ,,i;illk, (;
Senate l.-.a. tli.-v ;.re ,.r... t , .
J ';'lM.........lal,i,, and impartial
" " OUT! II. II- t,.. .r .. I. .i
' ' fc. 1 1 1 1 1 1 i
Hi- senate, ami (hat a ,,r tlll.
- r-oluilnn tta- put ..,,:, j,H t ;,.
.-m..,:.t. r Mart.... k lillK t,,
;i'in.ti ii. v
.in- .-m ..r...r.o vo,-,-a;.
U,a,'rt""",".V! r, "-""r- who
II..- I
oa mi'.
'Ilowin r
: J ' ' ' I I i . I
p-. i,i!i i t ih. ir
A.lai.:. . l:.lai:iy, l;iark, arsi r, D.
V' ,'ra"l1 ,r, ' '- H:!..,r,. k. II, , l.i .l,
U.'ov.r. ll.,rl.-. I.i.i.a, MrC;tk,j
I s0ii , Tarsons, i, ,., Sharp. shiw. Mar-
-to,,, Pars..,,, Hi
t.n. k, Wall W,
I ol A lamancc.
tmorilaiHl aii. I Vhit-
I IlilllKSI.
j Senator t'aro-r entered ,is ..ol, ,,,!.
ri.t.v ajfain.l the lit of ma"i.i r-it.-.
; appointed t n (i,.u,.rili A-i-mblv
: I'.r Cumberland county, h.-iau-'e
h.iu i,i., ni.Kle ly m , ne one
..un in i names airreetl
upon ami Mil, mill.-, 1 by him-elf and the
repreM-niat ie. The prof, ( was ,r
derrtl spread upon I he journal.
Mew borne, tturiny a lull, addressed
t he chair a nd said :
Mr. President :
The hour has well nitrh come when
L t w oi .
tin 1 1
ot us are anxious to reach those
homes and mingle wilh those we love
I, myself, am exceedingly an x ions to
be where 1 can smell the apple blossom
and see the blue birds and join m v
..... ' r -' iiwiin .
lamny: nut I have determined to slav
and do all that fell to my lot to per
form. To-night I have been called to
perform a pleasant duty. Our Secre
tary isa man I have long known as a
good citien and a splendid business
man who, wherever you may put him,
will always do his whole tfuty as he
has p.-rformed the v ry a d; ous duties
here. Now, in behall ol i he clerks and
employees of this Senate, I present .Mr.
II. K. King this watch, and asked Hint
:ii . .. i . . . . i .-. .
associate clerks.
Mr. King accepted the watch in a
pleasant little speech, relating the ups
and downs of a Senate clerk's duties,
and closed with his heartfelt thanks to
the donors.
A resolution was received trom the
If ouse of Kepresentat i ves I hat the f. en
era 1 Assembly of North Carolina would
adjourn without day at the hour of
10 :::) o'clock' p. m.
The Senate concurred in the resolu
tion and when t he hands of the Senate
clock indicated 10::'o p.m., the travel of
t he President rapped and he said: Sen
ators, under the joint resolution of the
two bodies, this Ceneral Assembly
stands adjourned without day.
I.KlilSI.ATI V K N't I KS.
Among the many pleasant circum
stances attending the close of t lie (Jen -eral
Assembly was the presentation of
an elegant gold headed cane to Prin
cipal Doorkeeper by his assistants and
the employees in his department.
The enrolling clerk of t he Senate was
also the recipient of a present in the
shape of a gold headed cane as a me
mrnto of kind feeling and high esteem
of his assistants and other friends,
House met at 9:30; prayer by Rev.
Dr. Branson.
The reading of the j-urnal was
commenced. Mr Ray moved to sus
pend the reading and called for the
ayes and noes on his motion. The
chair said there was not a suflicient
number up Mr. Ray quoted from
the News and Observer in regard to
the Hst vote at the night session, and
asked that the journal of last night
so far as it related to the last votes
in the House be read. He intima
ted that there was something wrong
about the clerk's desk.
The chair stated that the clerk did
not have time to write up his jour
nal in Cull last night, and that he
would give him a little time. There
being a pause of some length, Mr.
Ray made an intimation that thure
was something wrong going on be
tween the chair and the clerk.
The Speaker requested Mr. Ewart
to take the chair. He then cme
down on the lloor and defended him-
ir aiminsr the insinuations ot the
gentleman from Macou. He said the
charge that had been made by the
gentleman from Macon was unwor
thv of any member of' the Hocse.
The gentleman from Macon knows,
and every member of this H use
knows that I was doing all I could
to expedite the business of this body,
and that I have been doing my duty
with fairness to all parties. The izen
tleman makes insinuations here that
he dare not make outside of this
house. He insinuates, and a paper
in this town charges that I am using
my position to further legislation m
which my party is interested, by tak
ing undue advantages and denying
to members their privileges on this
floor. The gentlemen all know the
charge or the insinuation is untrue
and I denounce it as untrue.
Mr. Ray asked the gentleman from
Henderson to retain th chair that
he (Ray) might be n terms of equal
ity with the gentleman from David
son. As far as my acting in a way
toward the gentleman, as indecent
and unbecoming a gentleman, I de
nonnce the charge as false, and the
man who makes it i an absolutely
unqualiEed falsifier. If an attack
has been made upon me, because 1
said there was something wrong
eoing on around the chair, I will say
that I did not intend to reflect on the
r,A T nat him to divest him-
ii e a.cep.e.i wim i rn nigii appreci- I der that there was no quorum devel
ation oi Ins worth and elliciency, and oped by the last roll call. We could
the lovt, ellection and esteem of Ins ..L,, f. "
! self of his authority as Speaker and
u, n iuaii tL- hur.i. uiifuaniy thmi
cay I h- not hi r.i with the 'u
' "! iij.-iu. I .J.-ny mak-
iij' auy ibrcf uj.tj ttn- ' mati'i.
iul-Kitty vh. n I tj,,-,,. vs
tliiu wrcn' umut: n .trout-ii
th- ienk-rV hair.
1 h- p-akr a.-pt.,i tb !i-,
laiui. rof the prill.-nmn from Ma
'fu.. iil.I M. lCy i.tru.ti.l uhat h,
fm.l haul th;tt oflu ,i v-, ami th-
sJ- ak r t.-turin-.l to hi 1. au.l th
Mi-iut! of the liou'f nt on.
'l!f.vote t Mi.-jitri.J th reajjuj:
as .,!, to ii The j.urnai ar,
I'r..v ,1.
nate r-holution in favor of W
. U.iVfS
aMs:aiit t:roiiirit' clerk-
pur on tho roll of rl,-rkN pa'S. (i
"fj.i an.l thu J rt-fcii da.
i'o.itiun to Apun from th-
joLrt.ai ot lMl.M u-.-or.! in r.L'ar.l
li-, ' called up nd table,.
Ml.J'eeblis iutroilueid a bili fur
tile i, 1 ft of Jno. A. Silt W. by fivi'tijr
hn.'i a ieeond-class pension. The bil,
he stati-d whs a Mibhlitute for n bill
lrl betwtfu the House and the Sen
n't. TLe bill passed us seeordatid
thinl rt ailiiiys.
lit .solution to pay J. W. l'rown,
nioiht Ur clerk, fluo iur t-x'ra viork!
was iiitroiliiet il bv Mr l. a.:.,
Phillips moved to amend by alliiiir
un name ot ti. P. llauM-r. Young,
by adilin; each for the laborers.
A iio iiduienrs ami bill were all tabled.
Senate bill, to repeal sections (i, Sf
!, 1, 11 and VI, laws of 1 fct!:5, in re
gard to the town of .Monroe, whs ta
bled, hsll to create a new township
iu Forsythe; to establish stock law
fence between Chatham and Ala
mance, amendment of Senate con-
.... 4,. i! t i i
. ' 1 esiaousn line Ottweetij
1 A U,!UM ' fllul Chatham called up j
! ' n,,il tue table and passed second i
! ami third reading. The Senate
'.amend merits to t he divon... I.ill
ct n curred in.
I "i j wouoi- nif ust oj dead
Mr. hwart placed in nomination j and missing is: .loseph Wel.by,
Mr. F. I). Stanford, of Yadkin conn- j driver of the wagon; Lorenz Iin
ty, the first assistant clerk of the j iuo, Pete Jacobiny, Anti nio i,, ', it-Hous-e.
Messrs McCall and Hunter j to, Stanzile Yittano, Francisco 'aft
acted as tellers on the part of the'eetto.
House, and the roll call developed j The other five suspects ha 1 been
4S votes for Stanford. ! released fro,.. .... . i...r .! i.
Mr. Pefairles raised the noint f nr-
, . : - - i -
only adjourn for want of a quorum.
or have the House polled to s e if a
quorum is present. He moved to
adjourn till 2 o'clock. The chair
r u let i mar me ro l ca. ua not vi
11.1a. 1 ii ..I..
,ntl tv- merely au eiec
tion. This provoked several inuuir-1
les ana questions auout a quorum,
which were brought to au tnd by
"message from the Senate" and the
Speaker proceeded to sign the en
rolled bills which were brought in by
the messenger.
Mr. Hileman from the committee
to nominate directors for the peni
tentiary made the following nomi
1st district, T. E. McCaskey; 2nd,
J. B. T. Hoover; 3rd, Mayer Hahn;
4th, J. E. Bryan; 5th, J. A. Cheek;
0th, H. 0. Dockery, 7th, II. B. Parks,
Sth, Ed. P. Wakefield, 9th, R. L.
Heibert. Four Republicans and
five Populists.
The roll was called and ."0 votes
were cast in the House for, and 2
against the nominees, a quorum not
ihe joint special committee, ?.p-
pointed to investigate the charges of
i i ii i
fraud in the shed fish commission
aiid matters pertaining thereto, re -
ported though Mr. Ewart that they
had not found time to enter into a
full investigation, and recommended
the appointment of a sub-committee
to act during the recess of the Gen-
eral Assembly, and report to the
State treasurer whatever they may
find due the State.
Mr. Winborne, Demociat, rose to
a question of privilege.
he had been -deputed by the judi
ciary committee, of which Mr. Lusk
was chairman, to present to him a
gold headed cane as a token of the re
gard in which Mr. Lusk was held by
that eommittee for his faithfulness,
punctuality, fairness as a presiding
officer and his arduous duties which
he had so faithfully performed. Mr.
tiT i : i i .: .t. . t : ....v 4...
U rZ ?"rV:
.til XiU.sn, aiiu oiaicu iuai A-i i .
Lusk was sick and confined to his
room at the hotel, he would present
the cane to Mr. French for him.
Mr. French made a graceful re
spouse as he accepted the cane in
Mr. Lusk s behalt.
Mr. Peebles called up the resolu
tion introduced by him in the early
part of the session, requesting our
Senators and Representatives in
Congress to use their influence to se
cure the passage of a bill for the
free coinage of silver at the ratio of
16 to 1, and for the repeal of the tax
on State banks of issue. Mr Hile
man saw the point, and moved to
substitute the money plank of the
Populist platform, which he sent for
ward. Mr. French said that while the
Populists and Republicans were co
operating together on State issues,
there were differences amng them
on matters of national politics. He
did not know himself where he would
stand on national questions two
years hence. He moved to indefi
nitely postpone both the resolution
and the substitute. The motion was
The bill to print captions of all
the laws passed by this legislature
was then taken up and passed its
several readings.
Continued on fourth page.
InttriutieLai CoiLpIi cations Prob
able Protest oi the Italian
ef-l .,l, Uml -,.,... I. .,,.
'"I" I l.t-lr I a. M .. Urn hll-
nl- itn- IijIbjj In .rr-t As;...,,- H,,rr
Vntl HiKjir I u ii n, I.
Al.-fcM-.fi,.. "oi.. Mar, 1, I.: -
The Unit, ii Stnt, s may L an i -
tertian, Jiml i-oinphcation on n.titd
as the rehuit ( ! il,.. i leuee iit re i .r
uii'tit, in which live ltalwui-, ...
ait 'iu-eti to be ut nat ui tli..-d,
were iili.ii. Alter the atta- k on ti .
wayof. paityei.iiy la.-t nH,i'iir, ,ie
seribfd in the Associated dt-s-
pa' chert la-t nijht, all wa-i -. mpar.i-
tiveh jni. t, until oon alter uj
Ab mt the i s, v n r -ii.'ht ui.-u w.-ai
tug maks, knocked at t .e d-,..r ol ti.,"
;u ; i .. i. . ... i . .. . . . .
j.in wnrie leneno iatni;o, io nh
: a"tr"l ' the other Italians with
caving struck the bhiws tl.at kiln, I
Hixson on Sunday, and the Italian
bounded in tho waon at'a k -er
eontiu'd. In answer to a j o-.tioi,
th ,nt.n said '.Mall. y the .-.j-i :tl".
wanted to enter. As soon as
the door was opened, the g;i.ttl
found iru,!s in their facts. Past
of the masktt m.-n went to the ceil
where the two Italians wen nfined
it tul in.. .... 4 ... I a li
"P"1 1,11 s'"" i"ei'h
,no!ier rece ved tour ,,r live bullets.
no instantly, but ti e other
'1tV(' h short time iu t;reat agony,
So ti ace has vet been found of if...
three Italians who were taken trom
; the wagon, though they were killed,
! K..,-...,.l ., .1 l. T-l i: ,
arose. Some fears were eut ' itairtd
at Rouse last night that the Italians,
outnumbered the Americans
antl other nationalities, might rise
up and attack their neighbors in re
venge. Nothing of the sort hap
pened, however, nor is it much an-
iitr. . , ,l. j.-jj.nt
il. j.jj.ii is .-m wi
tense that should an uprising occur,
the Italians would be evtermiro.te.l
Later The bodies of the tlnee
missing Italians have been tYund at
some distance from town. It is there
fore certain that the live men held
for the murder of Pixson hnve all
been assassinated.
Wash I m; ton. March 13 Marquis
Imperioli, first secretary of the Ital
ian legation, called at the State De
partment this morning, and directed
the attention of the officials to the
news from Walsenburg, Colo., of the
assassination of four Italians, lie
asked that the good cilices of the
State Department be used immedi
ately to prevent the killing of any
it L' .4-' 111. LAIItaixi-.m .
. .. c . -' ,-ii rer w ho supposed to have sailed t r. -in
Acting Secretary ot State 1 hi, at : avana,( ut.a.for V.-ra Cm. :u d that
the instance of the Daiian It gation t he detect iy. s beli.-vcl t h, y were.-i.,-.
in this city, has telegraphed the (J jv-; on his tracks. Ihe pinkt'rton pe.,p!.
ernor of Colorado for an explanation i admitted that the Associated I'n - Oi--of
the killing of the Italians at 'a" patches telling ot t he cani nr.- gave t In-
i A,,1 lf"1,,e steitl T,,, Wi!I he s,M,t
l'euitetitiary Olt Trmpura! till More,:
j New Orleans, La-, March 13.
j The levee, the scene of yesterday's
- rioting, presents a peaceful nspict
j today. Where yesterday crowds of
j excitt d workmen arrr."d with all
j kim's of weapons patrolled the river
front, nothing was to be seen but
squads of policemen discussing the
affair of yesterday at d it probable
outcome. The police did not wait
until actual :Yiooting began before
they took aclsn as w as the case yes
terday morning. Iheir experience
yesterday was one never to hi for
gotten. Word was sent to all pte-
cinct commanders last night to have
i.: p. 4'., f ..,t .1 ...-:.. i.
lut-ii iviir .u nuui ai uayiigfii .
ttiis corning. Consequently the po- j
lice were on hand in large numbers
to pevtnt a repetition of yes'erday'si
affair. There was a heavv fog thi
morning hauging over the river, and
. the impres-
sum mat me rioters would again
take advantage of this fact and
commit deeds of violence. lint this
.1.-1 A 11
belief did not pm out for the simple i hne tean.r: 'oute from Rilt.
reason that not a negro put in an ap ' Iuore l? N -r-Olk, on s-pL I'J, I .!,
pearance on the levee. Every col- ri whose family has t-ihce mourn
ored man, whose business calls hini;td h in as dead, was found today at
to the river front took a day off and the home of his brother, in (i.ve ns
very sensibly kept at home. The 1 boro, N. C. u reported to Ik- a
various agents whom have up to yes- mental wreck.
terday been working negro screw- j -
men told their men to remain at j A Te isoat sunk nn,i the ui tdn
home until they were sent for. At a1 , iroud.
meeting, the agents held last night,; New York, Mar. l-'J. -The tig
tbey decided, in view of the unset-1 boat X. 1. Starbuck, ('aid. li-au-
1.1 ololo rf F.;.r- It-,. 1,1 l. I . .1 ! 1 1- -IT . . . .
ucvi aiaic ui aiiaiij, u uuiu uc oauiuow, was s'.iuK on iier It l'4it
policy to attempt to work their col-
ored labor
Gov. Foster received a number of
thi"r atrPTifnTcl V.!-
snip agents ana reiterated nis asser-
tion that, hft wrmld ma 1 ft f 'J 1 n nan nri
and quiet at all hazards. lie, how-
ever, advised the agents not to at -
tempt to work their colored laborers.
believing that the negroes kept off
the scene for 24 hours, the fighting
spirit of the rioters would die of in
animation. The Governor also re
ceived information that the military
were many of them at their armories
and could be moved in a moment's
notice. Gov. Foster said that he did
not anticipate any more trouble.
Washington, March 13 Weather
indications for iNorth Carolina:
Showers, west wimds, and decidedly
colder Thursday night.
V ft mA ?
t i , i ' 1 , ; ,
What Hunting (irnvcr ;iv while .lMniiin
North State.
Tlir r-r of Hit- Itij; Ti.i.t I1. 1...
I'm nl I lit rat iu.il ton.
Si'i: i ni ; 1 1 1 i ii. III.. March I.:. - Ii, 1 1.
State Senate fodaj eiia1or ..!.. II .(,'-whi-key
Iru-t re-oiui imi can.e up , ;.
special order. The resolution re.it,--that
l he wh'ikcy, lru-1 is condi.-i.d
eonlrary to the laws ol tin Stale.
that it was decided l y (he Ma:.-
courts. Th,. rcsoiui i.,n ai-o prov .led
that at tent i..n to the senate I..-.: .-
I-" . ' !j.jrMt i . . . i -
l nited Stales circuit court at hi ao.
that curt being at present . onilud ii
t he business nf t he trust through a re
ceiver. Senator nmiluiii spoke at i tt .
length. gi ing the historx of lU- w In
key I ru-t cases in both tie s.aleaid
I . S. courts, senator l; rry n pli. ,.
it was not proper for the legislature to
attack t be judiciary of tie- Mate,
resolution wa.s defeated, .j to
; IU'nrtf-il Hs Il:iinu I'.o n A not.. I
f.nl t
NottiiiiK lo tii.ite Known.
Cine t.t, March LI. (ulicials of
; Pinkertnn tletectiye agency hae il
; claretl today that they have r-eei,d
no information from tln-ir men regard
I ing the reported arrest in Mexico t
V. W. lay h,r, the missing ex-trea-u-
correct alllM-es of the net ect j v who
are al ter t he man, and il was aj p.trt-nt
t he oitiiials b. 1 ie e.l the st T .
Piki:i:k. S. II.. March I:!. .t. ernor
she'd, n admit:
-urprised to -c,
I h it h - would not 1,.
W. Y . '1 a lor !! i. ri
to Picrr soon, rln- (.iisi-riini- il.-chn.-.
however, to give anything detinue,
other State ..nicer give , r-.! n,-e j.,
the re j ort of Taylor- cap! i. re tcit
know not hing detinite.
rr-tt.i ar h :.i.I I ..ni-ioii.
(HA LLEtTON, S ( '., M ilch LJ.-Th'
north-b-juiid fiasoenger train from
Charleston to Florence on the iirt.-wtf-.tern
railroad had a henl-end c -1-lision
with a fr ight train at B. t.
r.ear.3. 'J'he pasaeuger engine am)
ceyeral freight cars were ImdU
wrecked. The tireman of the ra--
eucer t ngine was budlv cut
! t li
ex press messenger knt ekid tl, a n at ti
, i - ,
UrUtSd.. AOLe Ol tie DlStliger-
pr(1 ;:,. i Thptnin , .....L
after a ehort delav.
' 7 I '
A Sui'pese.l lit ul Mmi I'ounil.
pETKli.-bl l;;, Ya., M ir. 1'i 1 t
M. Ntwcctule, the groxury imr
chant of this city, who uus suppos,.)
to have fallen overlioard from a .
Hver, at 10.45 a. m. bv the s
shiP ntCa' f. the 'aJd ,;,ie Tuo
s-opiaiu auw ucn oi uenien were
tU t - . , , .
i iuiumu iuiu me ruer ai.i ra-I to
! 6v,im or tneir lives- A11 pick-
i ttl UP Dy eurrounuiug tugs, but
vapi. nranuow s conuiuon was 60 se
rious that all efforts to resuscitatr
h;m were futile acd he died at the
barge office. The S'arbuck wa3
passing a line to the Seneca at the
time of the accident.
n tt l i .
Dover, Del, Mir. 13 Five bal
lots werg.. taken today for a 17. S.
Senator without reanlf F.mh Killof
was as follows: Higgins s- d-
dicks 6 ; Massev 4 WVcott 6
t 4 o:'- ' s , ' -
uuuci, s?eventy-nve cailO
have thus far beeu taken. -
' ,",' t ..tlln6 I.Va.lj .,r 1 1 r l(
I I. I ! II. Ills'..,.
'"vi i a. a. T. hti , Mai. h I :
i ii -I . N Fi t. n and i i n A . P.
S'i au. oj the nati -nnl ..n,i.i- s:..t:
o CI, i. katnaiiga Paik, d In ,m d .iti
tit Ii ii-, a -i je in.-,., ,,j , ,,,, t t
tilt- la 111 her o -oli,n. re thi-
' 1 . .1
111 'If!
n g. iiim in ,( . ,., ces-ar.
n par
t ion s f . r ,.. .1 . .1
, . . - ...... a
. ... ir --rrM r"TTl T..-X" lull.
i ulVitt.n -tatt d that t.ot ) -s than
oi l- hlltidud thou-aiid i lS.,s Vkouhi
be bete. Pi. M -lent C). v. Jat.d t.
com t:g Ullb s- s li:.,l'.,..! t a V It,
ei-b nt k t ps hi,,, j Wicl i, go.ti
Ve -Plesidt tit S'. V. I, -oil ai d ail the
ue inbejs of th.. . t ,,re e. lining.
as vm II as , fi -sals ihe arn hi d
navy. The ci.v. rn,,r- of i..-,,!y nil
the states and their stalls hav- i.ot,
li d the con. mis ,,,. rs that II. v an-
. ri . . i
liu.t;. j Y.f.1 l.t r Ml I'.e -i
t In-. . w i;c.v i n is to i.e. n r 1. i i-. .-..r
dit;g Iii staps'i, sf neatly n'.;ir bt u
1 1 i f f i , .'ii i.;n.
CI altaiiooga will bt gin at :,' to
make pn parati 'tis oi, a in ,-t t. n
slVe scale, and ;11 take care J t
ei yboi y. Tin- lailro.ols v. ill m ik a
one et nt a mii rate.
I!h I . i V i 1 1 ins i ii In,, lititr- l!i.i,.i.
.. i .1 ( on. i M l..yt I,,, v , , , . , , . ,j .A
M i I leir.
Phii.m-m.i Ht.y. Mart h .; -Thrt e
b. s si: tV. ti'g !r..in !,y di op.i. t. ot.e
of .. in was tit.l to a i -ir at.
,'i ri- :. " t g- rs o: th I', nt.'vl
van: iinin I'i- r.ia i j r r,
V. hidi ! tlir-.l.gh t'is ;v at
noon, on vav to i . P i-teur
ll.-titl.te 'I, Nt-W Yo'l;. Tt.t i,t,t. t-
t n.:t s Ht : V. 'ili.. Da j.. .j
' ar-; his ..:1 i. .1. 1 ,. Ji.tv.. it.ol
." y -a-s. ; nd Ati'br-
n, : gt 1
ais, au thr ' oj wt.om - ,!e in
( "t r.t y, llki r co.inty,
Wert bitten by a ri!,-l i g
1" a., at 1
n ..lar' ti
4. The boys .rc in chaig-d J'r.
Taylor, ptomiiit nt phy.-i :an lr"tn
hick, onvilie. uho U.'.d a n-
omiiie. !, V.,' a le;..,rtr
th'it the ca-es ere the worst he hxd
everm-t wih in his prae'i..... The
li-ea?c- iia.- mad.- in .r- prtgr s in
he r-j.i. of .lotinnit- llivis Ti an my
of the other-, and has evt i v -, n t-
leni of h Vi:ioti.bia. He ;ts t.t.l
. .
K-.v.n I a u s -eat by mean- ropes
ns .e sTi-tr.s at t li- doctors
HIii a
others who approach him.
A Mi.im I I irll.t- loi,t)- nn I I'm tttiii.t,
Neu YoI:k. March 13. -Mn. W'tu
. Van'Jerbilt and h-r dughter
C.,ns;e!o. sailed for Liverpool fnlav
ou the While Star Jim r. TiiC i.ic
The looking was u;a3 at ? pier
anl in a name other that, her own.
She will return, it is said, i,, the
early .-uinm-r for the season at New
port. The V.tr.dt rbilts took five maids
and one man -t-vant. and had or r
half a hutidred pieces of luggag?.
Atlanta, Ca., Mareh 13 Ti.
01c Midway church in Libert v eoi.n-
tp. the most ancient bouse cf w..r dero-r of Rev. Iiargesn Swoje,r
ship in the South, having been built r ved at the home of hi father.
m lt.2. is the set tie to.lv t.f th
D'3,d annual re-union of the" Midway
""o'-i.i, au ur;au;auD wnufc luis-
.i. .
" " i'ririu4ic win utsioricai
assocciations of the venerable ttrue-
N'groesnow own the build -
Ft. W rth, Texas, March 13
The Ttxr s serai-Centenuial Exposi
tion yeMt rday elected the following
President, II. C. HolWaT: Vice-
President, Heien R. Williams; Direc-
tor General, B. Ii. Paddock: Secre-
"IIIIOIU-, Wlltl
taiy, Glen Walker; Treasjrer, J. W.
r Tkestoi N. J., March 13. The
PuH1,.ean as5!emb1ymea in confer-
ence this morning decided bv a vote
nf .W trt i- .ca ,u ...r..
ciary bill over the governor's veto.
'..r i:rs.
- (jII(.-s lu the OM
It. ..t. lta,.ks II,. ( ,( ...
rttit...ta l,.ta.
W mi!.,1,.v, Mr. h I I Th. r
: o. th.t tolrtl thr Suprt-ruf
' O'li.'.fct tuptrity ttiy
It. I ir Mr. .!.. pt. . Cb.,tw tulm
tht- t I...,, g ntg-itu. t,t fcgttii.-i thf iu-
."" JUi-4.-rrT.1'7rtTT''
Jilting lt h euie M.iliii.. -;..n ' t
bt-foff it- etturt ft,r M'OI'I rtl
p;t has -nttft so inuth iiitt rt
this ,i ti t tin- validity of tl.o i
'O. I' 1" liol l . to tht th
,'llt 'Ui- it d lioU L, f ..fr
l;t it n, l.t h.
Mr ' h litt JHg-.li,. ut . ltgt-y
tt-. nni al Hlid N-gHl. Miid l,f tt.u Im
ttay t-.l tl- f nt t hut he had o ., r'.ud
1 l.sii,..,,. gt-iKrnl it-run k -ttrdnyat.d
Uid,.jttd tht with hi
ilitrodiieti- ti l:po-t ,,ff h- t,nl i
hi i,. i f, ttth ci.tlnt. himlf t f
t -tlliltl.,,1 un. I th.- pit -titatioti of
tt.t b (. points.
Mr. Choa'e 'tbU fldej llit no i
. har.ge f. r the Mir rend, r by Ihf
th!-n.f the J ow r ttn-.-K t- tuti,-.t
iinpfs's aiiA a ih g-Lrrl gr
erniin iit h-l i.t-c. s-aniy eom-, ,!.,!
tht- ptott t tion t.f ni tii-n iu thfir
tqu;tlity bt f.,:e the , mid tb no'.
ui.ifoi ii. it y tuu-t U ol t-ri t-L
Fat therinore, he &ss, ,,,.) i1,,,,
rub hud b u tct x withtoit n
t t tiou by '!, ft lit fill triff f-t.
.'Jr. .latot- While h-r t.kl if
t ie i,l frvh' ( . of iit, ruj toalI lijt
d.f'rt.y all .-e to- tp tii.
Ml. Cht.H'e ll.t.ugtit nt. and h
a..-. dis-entt-d frni a Migget lo tht
a ti.l:-tetif w. tiil- in tmiug mm
I !i: r r,t t grt . of wraith. Ther
a 1 G'-vi-r b a per .on a I "li-tinrtion
hi the tanf!
It nt .'I iV,rk when Mr. Chat-f
a':-r h vn g M-b-a t! re-hour t
d iv artl f..riy ti.inote vrt-rdyt
r. 4. 1 t-d Imp roraiit.ti. if La4l, Um
i'., tt-It a reip..i.sbihty io t Lt ra
ii as h- i.ai ti v r fa in any ,th
t rt -ss,. an.l iievr xprtl Io ft-
again, ar .l lt 1 rot L-li v that
any ni'-mbet ,f u, -ourt La i Trr
-at in a ..en or tLat any f
ih.-in wotiM -v-r live lonjr -nouirh
ht ar t i f more vital ronM-
'ItiiXJ'-. t' the ! o:l f fhi n.'ititrv
.i : . .w
1 to-.i jt .lion iuvtdve.1. wan kl,t.ll,i.r
we .-..nJ.I re.'y upon thr guaranty giT
en U, by the falh-r in th constitu
tion, at.tt under which the nation Lad
far in iti history prop-rJ. If it
was 1 1 ue. an ha 1 ix en a-rerted, that
h de, i,in advtrMs to the law wa lii
nb;? ft, causi an army of aev-nty
iilii'Ti to march thi way. "to mi
al.-. ut it.' then it ai all th tuor
imirtaiit to lh future welfare of
th- country (hit ths court ahould
if it has the power to decide bocL
q'letitit.L. and if it find that it La.
tuat it chouM exer-iM; it to put a
fctop to auch legia'ation.
At. Kttipul CatrMl.
Hawcsvili.k. Ky.f March 13. El
I'uiLain, the -M-ap-d lunatic tour-
Tijouiah Pulliam. at It vill. l&sr
night, in the rnuht of pooling rain.
ouiiirM! an ao fxuavuieu mailt
-;n . i... i i v . -j- ,
uir, ? uau urtu nuiuic ii ior
almost a week without firing it food
Tcday a pose of citizens and officers
sut rounded the houae and be was
captured, Loul1 hand and foot and
brought to thi city.
I'nk liok-krer'a MatVId.
CoLUMiiU. S. C.t March 13. A
Purwell hyramm, aged '2(1, book-
I.... . .1 I- S. . . .
i TIC . ,.r . "-
"V. r mrougn me
couat were perfectly straight. There
was some doubt as to whether the
i killing was suicide or iJtnt.L
! inn '. iuo- ua u & uuiiuiir. nil ac
l. v r;
' .i .iT .1. r
! was a straddle between. th two.
tortures oi lis nnai uibboiu.u
. s. M
I,. .

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