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The Caucasian. (Clinton, N.C.) 188?-1913, February 28, 1889, Image 4

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J!V . . - II. Muhk,i..
TKfcim.i ui,. K. JUiyu!.
CltiKK m J'oi.ii W.iJ. Kl (.
Ja If . lt. Jrf. II, 1. iit.il. will
fVwMiHfo,ttu K. If, i!til-i-r.
J. K. l.'..va. W. 15. Stewart, J. It
UodaJ.iui-r, W. If. 8i.o.
(OUMV . KU Kits:
HlU.Klkl J. . .;.ll.
t Vi.t rjk.nr t ri. joit t'oruT J
Trkahi iikb J. H. rroimtn.
liiXMIKH OK l).r.l O. I- . Her
inrxTV SrKvirvouArthul 1-e.-Cono
km I r. A.T. C er.
I'.oAKII iK,KlrO'l lo. W
NVP:ittoMf A. i:'. Ilcrrli !
. SJ.'V'vw.irl.
'..Vt"fnV XHH-i-0if;i)1 C. Put
sr.,':, 44t'. Mi I.rw, .1. ,M. Marl,hiiti
.'PJtKINYK.Nrir.XT of I It. a i
OB CV'XTV Jjr. J. A. Steven.
- M -.; iAUi Kjvt.i't:it V. K. lUn.-
I- AKM Jumew llijip.
i.ic Ami ixtWkatok -None.
i .'i' 1 1 . k' i.' .
H7. I.JhnMiii.'ltiiV-tn.
Mail k'oi.l.y rail Iiumk ihwioiM.-.
dully nt . :t.) A. M., itml I. M ..
fi i vely. iinil X'tifk' via llnli-!
to i, XYwti i. (tovu, I Mini, Jli-iiriiiti.' I
f ' St i..... m..:i' .1
.,... v.,v..ti..viit... vi H....H..V
J.li-rkerV. i U-., !ivt Ht :oo A. M
TiiewfuyH, TliurlHyn toiu Haturi.j,,. (.i -..17 ,rt ,lt, .,,,,,1,1.. ..r ;-'
'Jni's. '
Illl'Itlll I' S
' '
i:u'n"T. t-anior, j. 1.. SMew-
... . v . .
ini-b H"iiitli. I'rnver inert in-.' Ttw
' r'y i.t 7 f. m. humlay M-I.ooi, Sim-1
wv, 9A.J!. .
I n-.ytiTmii-1'aMi.r, I r. JJ. I-
,"..nv . I i.iveiu,, -t W ' iii-.
.ill.'ii. m imn m leul, !i A. .! .
.1 . i..,.ii.-.t I'ufitor . I '. I'. Ji 1 .':.i
.Vtxi.N .u l'li-iyt-riiiM mr! j t. a o-ij siniiny ot in,
ti.l. MMiucluy II, A. M 17 '. ,.,.,. s tt 1 t.,;!1. " u-io-l.-j
,r.J. M.mi: e.l.uul (in L.Hlmi H,r - I , , ,.. ,. . . .
vl'tit il-o-.teria., Hill. .ti. "I J'1"-"""
U'A' :tt
fill .
i . '. .. -
1 '
I. M.
i'.- i -IT. !. r. .J. w. T, 1
iiiid lV, i l A. i. 1. .
I "ii V SI'lll...', .t ('. .,;.
1.1 i.i.;..v y 1:01
1 nrj ifc
le:i T mil
-Ap,y HvfitV.i. i.n .
vniln 1. r 1 1 li.ltii-e. I.ll.r irian,
o . S. I ie".!!' r.
I. Huh l. ii Ao l.-ti-i " :et i
i. i 1, .1. I.. Mi wall ; Ciiliiei,
U. iio. A l ot A jron t, II. I!
l.i.-t 1 ;t. 'ii i..li j ni lor --.1. '
. :.(l:l.
1. ;i.( . A. K. t:. CiM.pi r, rr-;
1 1 1 . M( i ';- h ( nun mu.. f ( l;
.'i iJ.iv .i' " I'. M.
I 1 Mi! I. vaII.
.' 1 ui I nd a hrt n 1 n '
Iii.H fiii'c M ri.i'.' worm, th n ri !
iiit I'jind-' .s le. tiv, t hen ji r ni.-.f
in hiot.- 00 Ids b.u k and hl..
..IiM (o.K i nulls wu'iiir.; ahon;
to dr. ji olF, and his rondi ion
was 11 hi 1 n in;-. !' d r In at
jiant if lisici as he fi
worse for Ii vear-. II Lim
intake S iinil tin- i-ii;I t 1 1
Letn .0 il sa ii.-.n. ii. -o;dinii
fd to taUe it 11 nd every sVii ui
i ho jdann left Idtn. lie owes!
Jds resloilma to Sv. f. 's S;ie.;ilif. ! if at all.
. (i.C'iaiss. j 'i he expldiiat'on of at: sn'.
I.eesl.in, Ca.,Sed. LH, 1 HA. j j,M-t b;niniw tnoi e lneid, if it i
THMKIi ISOITLKS. I made t y Mime tnact ii-.il il
I regard S. S. S. a- a ciTi. in t'o:i. Heme like thi.
cure lor lih ninatinm, as three i Advii-e i o.i!ia;i.i:iy tivm,
LoUh's ni.nl me or thai ttonhlf ' yu:ii; ikmi to oi.ih -avor to n-,
with v hiidi I had bet 11 pa nfnlly ! d"5 i" i-dnratnm. Let us prp
afflirtid w it Ii for sevr;il muis ! 1-' that after hearing such ad
L. ). Wii i iiotin vi . liv Viniu nw-i, A, P. C.
T.or'- Mill", S. (?., Oft. -'7, JSSS j J) l re-olve to puisne dii-rb
r,j h" y. ai s airo Scr ifnla at- -l ''intsH and a -(jiiire an e(l-iu-
i '; ! tw 0 1 f my children, and tion. They al' t:lrt out with
"1 . hr.dly nfflicted with "'' rosointiotis lo succeed, tmt
.o.u. d st te, u iiiidi ro.iistd tln Ix.ore they havo p?ne lor K's
eatincnt of my family physi- j lesolution tail-, because he falls
i:in- I was per-nud. d to ns-! in love at a lliuh School or be
fcri I Is Specific by seeing an fo' le KpU that far marries
arcoiint t f rates in my eon .ty ! if ready for woik. 1 os
pa er. 'i ho impi oveinoiit was farther, but for thp same reason
apparent from the first fe.v 'r ome other lie stops; C and
lose.s and In a sh.nt time m ''tl ea 15. continues some fartln :r,
children-wen; en;rd, and are hnt s'op sin it of the o sd for
still sottii.i and w ell
John Wit. mams.
Swift's SpociUc is entirelv a I
liable remedy, no is theon -
V n;. di.-ine wlncii pel nwiiei.t-!
! Mines Scrofula, llo.d llnmor-,
n..-vir and Uonta ' on- lilood
lVison Send for Looks on I'.loo 1
atd Skin liienpes, mailed free.
T II k S w 1 1 -r S i Kl i v ic Co ,
Draw 3, Atlanta, da.
tKVI-.PE ( ASKSM)F l(l.(K)D
Thoosjirds suffer f i oin Llet d
' peiOiJ, who would be Ci-.ied if
'thiyj-ave 11. 15. IJ., (loiatdc
Hood Palm) a trial. S nd to
tl i -cod Palm ( o. A ilan'a,da..
for i ioK of wonderful eure?,
iha- convince the most skepti
cal. It is tent free.
J. O. dibson, Meridian, Miss.,
" wiPus: "For a i umber oi years
I s'lHejed intold agonies from
blcod poison. Several prominent
. pLjsicians did me little if., any
;oo.3. I Le.an lo use Ik Ij. ti.,
v. ith very little faith, I ut, to
si alter surprise it has made
l.'. a w ell and hearty psrson."
Z. T. llallerton, Macon, Ga.,
ivriles: 'T contracted b'ood
poi.-on. I first tried physicians,
.d tiieu went to Hot Springs.
I i'"ti:n ed :hoaie a liiinen man
jLysii'iiily--. Xothin seined to
iio me any good. Aly mothei
ptrsuaned me to try Ji i Ji. To
Sy utter astonishment every
cer quickly hca'ed." . .
. Benj. "Moms, Atlanta, Ga.,
writef-: "I suffered years from
rphllitick Idood poif on which
.refused to be curtd by all trett
dent. Physicians protounred
it a lioieless ease. I had ao ap
petite, 1 had pains in hips and
joints and my kidneys wtro
diseased. My throat was ulceia
ted'and my breast a mas 'of
tunning sores. In this condition
J commenced a use of li. B. 1.
It healed, every ulcer and tore
and cured me completely within
two mouths."
I he C'aui'asi
! . IAS li'N, V. . - I. . 1
I i.f. Ovil ' ii -v-u J 1 . '
M)li; Tlii-I 'itliic illAl i K;.'l. .
T.iAl'll . AM I'.l i
(H"i-IhJ "o . I he I '..ue;i J;"...
'i lat it ti e dii';.o T r
'i "inl t heir rhi en f -ei
I LOW H ft'i-ll !.V ; 4 Mi i
M ju.ijo: -ir- u ei '
t i jnv fh'-ir ' fl 'r"!i wi'i
in :nlei' if- of r.i.. w . . .
I i h ir I if i'ihiiim uUl
i i! h! hv m no, lie, in ii.
that va iw.il'y i!i'. !; .i
: in c ;it ; '-ill h re
nni tHvc eiru an-Diii; :i.
tit ! r trcaU'r int-I-
jgelil'e, U lih h nllht loIcr-j
.,.,-ti1, nii'l n-ust he ere any j
ui.ukeM lliteJIrctual rt r.-r
Iran Ih iiad aino thf iha.-f.".
'I.eii U- ri.iM Im m iiI t . a
ii1 i.i:iii tli 1 1.!,- i'i .i iiiii-li Ti-.i
U.mii rl'one." Not h: Ief.7e tL, '
. i(i i,,,v-s I.....IH ,hi r.- si ,.,ilii
- 7 "
;, ........ j ., , '
.e it iHiliiflil M'al'l'il on Lite Jial't
1' I lie jia'fiil.i tor Lite iiut
turher or ti ac Iters.
ii.w ium it on, lit h .l,iii t,, "
....1 l.i... I., u ! : I
n,,i anv f; r.ln-r ail v.i mr it thn
.. , I : ii .Is!
J"1' " '' v. 1.11 1
.1. .. l il.l.l l !. .'l
i in.. i'i i.fi i.iii,. iww 1 . u
" " i"" r"r
till lllllf Tft r.JIItl Q 111. ...HA 1
1 ...1 1...- t. ,.... :. . i t 1
b'l ''.ill V." . Utl. I C11IV I'I ll II
Qjj timo h.n.Hclf ? It would !
' it-u in; in r viii - ii. tin ii.c
ireeni fi,r better fo.- st.ch a p.r-;
. t . atteiwii,,., hcUiu,
liia'i i l Jllii..
: l-fwiv a I,., mo.-!
! .ii. rreHs in 1 i.c .!,:- t li.;i-- '
v i. .,. ... 1.. .i
.no 1 1 ' in t niii-.-il r . le u-It
'1.1I ;i 1 ! 1 ;i '1 1 1 .i ' 1 1 (,. r v. '
ai lory orany - 1 1 i r Inan;. uh
i oidy ituniliar wi h oii? ;ih-
:!(!)' Wliili OH tll:lt I1.MII1 it
I In ff lll'lft : 1 didiTi-lil m il.iV
;.! tli" -v'l'vin nf d lr.Tent v 1
ll, M tl.H t. til - Jiol." S-itj!f
lu.iy I"- plaro.i i.el'oi't' the lil.l.d-
IIiiv is il::s I;' toTai'il 'o !n
tfijiiifo. '' II is n . t.Miii ! lort!io-4
-.v In; h;t r a v ry si -lit spriu'
di.tr i i' l umvl duv, mid a w r
stioi.if HveiMirith towarriK t'ir.i
work !io urn kiiid.so-f ;:iai in
L; l;
a jn's'ti m, i
w I'icli tlo-J' ran
Ctjuiio nn easv
(. via.-- m h:Hi j ersons ate 110
.0 fe it iisui ii !oi oll j'i.in' !i 1
t'lV.Cl. J lllM e ,- IV. Il "Wl'VO. ,
r.vo j iM iiei nive.i.-ary, "Tor a
tr.iilc" at all tinu
The latrons of a sc'iool ii:-.-t:.l
foinpidlod to sel-:t. mi Ji
, e son.". It, j-ist .i. r.; thai
.he ton c or' ev.i Iio-j, nd here
ll liHIHt in- i-.iil'.i vl d
which Ilcv s:arted.
i;r, with mote will and iiv
! complete.? Ins conrteala prepar-
,,ar-' s,,"v enie!H college -n
nnp.' ci"1iim-i' i'IiImi u it 1 -.
p'1 - 11" K inv iir W, U P"T '-! for
u,,,'k 311 h' hn tewr u may
Ue canr.ot po.-siidy have
iu,lti0 JUlA a expendi
tine ef belweeii :i(JdO and
SU'OO; a'l Le has to show for
it." is his education; had he bee
f-jrininir or norchandisin, h.
iiiilil have h id the same in
vested in i c.tles ate or me.chan
di e, which oivrlit to brim ;v
annual income from SduO .o ?UJ .
above alt expenses. It' A lias
the shine amount invested a
another way lie should receive
the tame income; otherw s ho
hits made a bad in vestment, and
tin-. :entieiaeii who advised to
invest in such a way counselled
Whew A returns home a teach
er is wanted to take charge of
the school there; so he makes a
proposition,"! w 11 take charge
of the school for G0 per month ,"
or, which is the same thing in
the ilhistration, for so much tu-jto
ition for each pupil. Ii comes
in (after having been at work
and accumulated for two years,
while A was at .-chool investing)
saying I wilt take the school Tor
50 per month. C, who has ac
cumulated still more, offers his
service for $35, D for $25, while
E, who has proven- him.-elf fit
for nothing, unless it is to aid
iu the reproduction of the hu
man race, uladly offers his sei-
vices for $15, or for rates of tui
tion that will amount to that
Those sau e old gentlemen bold
a consultation to salect a teach
er for the fcchool, and after loa-
ture(?) consideration decide t
employ .b, or allow him to take
charge ut the school ; begin?
teactting Iatin, Algebra, "etcet
ra' ad infiDitum," although Tie
has never seen a text book ou
many of the subjects, Would
t Ji i i.
it not have been as well to have
no s:hool at all?
Vt.ia if lio.,ouif! .
U Its' ' .
IJ ' .-Hi!! '' ' VIT
I ?
j . ir. w.. ..!
t i-r
.'. lli tie
,. r . i . '
r ii 'r:eil of" lenjity.
l':r; !-. r ,i t Kir l
H 'lc iftr.)f JJmu- I tliefi'i 1
tuht to waiK ? l:i ni tlier
- 'r'.H I ri', ui"! th
. .rit i n '1 '.i.u't- -.-I1 '
i t i-! r
II. v i-
.rk? i.
ifmi: i
!JS tt-,
: -.1
f i .
- i
H i -: -i
i. . .! !!. ; i i "
ff! fi-n ir vi.-m il i iii efi?t
mkI fr thi lljji.iau iillnw.
nine ice lilt uii'lll liejurc h
j nan (ItMtpH'.Htrht't lihn-e'f ror
j' iiy la ileal witii t f e roiuplicateii
tcs whirli lie me n in lii av
I -lutio'i? 1 th w.rtli' a'n1
"wl JiiiyiC kii
ii: jr i .'-
H'f un'o: uiy ru.il 11 .-Kil
''1 1 Most :,r iU not. Tli-
'WnoT t Tm "tat" r.j or himj
lo slinw wurt Jii::e- r Iiy mss 1
K" iiiU'xatnmatiti-i
In I k- !
lia.iu - r theyoiiiiu' attorney iim-t
1 !! r ef ro tin; It twin's' jiuli-!
;til n;il of tii rotate and!
inw liis Htiios- to .-erve liiscli-
11 So ntlt. tlo mi -iLtei of!
(j 'Spel, kt'hoin it seetn-'
nia pi; 1 ia?i tiKeiv iu imos
1.1 1 A .!.
UI'" liu'' ,,0"5imm 1
. - ,
Hi tciii-.s aro I-m-H t.
"'or'c wliCiiMM-r ami WliPteviM'
. j ,
! !,'? r'"
' ' r In mis y prei.-.-jatf t.i
ifi,,r dutiis .-ro m j.n tortert;
"' " " a y H.o a ( like,y to 11,1-
' OS" .. I O : t lit' Cot: ! Ill Ml. : ty . lOL'.-l
1 , .'" " "'I'-' 1 . ' !
.oinonsnuy nt Ki.re, ; s tha
1 .-"T
1:. I-. lit o
.veil :
l it Jj' u
1.1 I....... .1 . . . . 1 . ....
.. I to lav - a rlilit-a le lioin
; .i.t;l v ?:oa-d ot Kd.tcit 0:1, n-o
, ell S lert d, 1e I fVlv.U- 't!S!t
tint 1li hetirer is citn Itlo if
te.ii-iiin .-n"'! l'.n'i.fr, nno
0:1 1 V
,1 ve
si:."u t i'.! iiCi.cs naiu -i h
r! i (''! t". Th s oiiiht lo
.s 1 1. sl.tr' j. 11 U) iili Loll s'
1 aicp, '.)! no l.ouest man will re
iinila i-d lnv-a s- he is not al
llo.ied to :it em; t that v;.i;h lu
j ii not r.al ,ib e of do a.
j 4'otsrs.; thee rvii;iil.s are
; .ml ao;lii: t .'!' to the imbii;
i i 1 r .1..
M-ll'HI S. I j ton liiHl Ml 7 ' : .
miv'i 11 i;! t i) s-.i 1, btd titno
wiJi not 00W 1 it.-iait.
S. 1 1
IH: n Pir.-K
As a wa
Li t xo-l
...,l I 1
I VII Li.ll V U I III Ij 111
is now
-.iii'.ii iii..f. I L isten 1 1 . i
lell .mi- ..-..in.i. n- i!.vr.,,ri.
i hro:ir
. .. ..... . ,.
. oil col n in us, I o v lo b"-.u th.
enemy in a h o n less, cheap, mo j
' "vn prolit i'oe tn-n er. It is!
this; k'p perfectly c oi ant ;
! oiiiett let. i iii i s ! . i is lo t L e t h . i
' i
only tn.iu -v. r a away
nf no b edos nir oMr-r .1 i
1,1 011 l"c, tl ;
-ome prommrat .e.-ma-i- men-
ans act the preb; di d sjiy in
1 1 . i . . i
at. im; pnnnieec i.orl.-.. ;t:o i
s nd wo d to dennany tlmt '
lliey n ed not, shoot at-Hircitii si
fiom disra.ice, but c m set.d j
an arms right along, and land j
it qn etly and iu good shape.
When the army trets her., we j
can .-imply circulate! tlid iufot-i
mati mi among the Gcr.naa sol-i
diets .hat eich and every on;;
who will4declare hisinttitions'' j
can have a homestead it' P5(i;
acres of good land, and that I
our railroads will c.ury actual,
intending set tlei, fi-c'e. !
Having obtained their oee a; I
pa-sne ir -e, tit-; men '"itl leav j
en mas-r, c -.: r in t'ier n -eip i
tftia.-, bf-M.iiy s, e wliicn w iJ
cotne iian.l... m t:x-ir new We- j
tera honiv;s; the ofiije sal
artillery w 1! bj ief , a"d w 1 j
fall an ea-y prey loour Al'and!
and Pacific' militia, or th j
officers can be clubbed to djatn i
by the New York police. !
Wl'-dU the y-iung Kai-er hea sj
f if, he wil; -.y: "Py Scnun-'
miny, vos lot z j" whilst we
will hawe all of our uiilita'y
oands triiimp'iantly playiiiy.
"Kaise, don't you want to nu
do r?" (oa acco m of the reat
er failh tu ness of t!ie "alter i
lb. will qti ciily discr.vor thi
-ending armies ,o mer.ci. i
lil:e pnarin bc-r down a r-i
hole, v will has:nn to m..Ue
propositions of peace, alike
honorable and orofit ibie to us.
In due time I shall .pply to I
our governaient for apeiu-ion o ;
)tX,0p0 per week, as a small i
testimonial of its indebtedness
m there beiur two prece
dents iu application- for pay
for ''plans" for "suppressing the
Yo;4rs, hocLachtimgsvoll,
Hans Ho.sentraeiier.
Wurstuniehle. Wilcousin.-Puck.
Beware of Gintm nt fr Catarrh that
luiitaniM Merciiry,
as Mercury wilt surely destroy the !
senrHJ of biuell an;l c-iiiuiletelv ihvJ
r.uige the whole system when enter- j
ing u uiroen tne mueb huTTaces. !
Jueh articles sin ukt aiever he useui
except on prcM-i-iiitii:w I'roni repu
table physician?, iv thedainiiKC! thev
will do urw ten fohl to t'ie ood yOu
can possibly derive- from . lliein.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, uianutaetured
by F. J. Cheney Co.. Toledo, U..
coataius no nierenrv, and is takea
internttlly, and acts directly upon
the blood and mucus surfaces of ;he
system. Ju buying Hall's Catarrh
?ure, thc genuine, it
.rn AmViTI aTu tn r. "
rhMo. Ohio, hy t. J. Cheney &Co.
Car Sold by Drugjrist, price 75c
per battle.
Spring Disorders
-iJn. kntpn-v Wrat,
w lb? i.'jr:l ...
I'n' ivirr l
. ., ,s.
.n.-4-iru w. i. :rpIi.i..f. B'lri'n-'
nm. ii.. n"-: -i nair iiii 11. . i4
"tt'fnlt i. u ..vr,.l -ii-l. M :-:
on n ri uif i. I .of.iii.-i'.vl 4 I-- t
n sr-.!-i! t.mi.- al:4 ij-.ii'' luriJiiD-1 ilv i .
Not .with s t andi n g
R'ush !
T have sticoee.lci In unboxing
!.. . L'i ..... if .1 . .
"'"iowc oio.u 01 u.nerii .uerribinuiio, wuicii 1 am ollmlnj
io my rnfttouierts on the sdiiie old
' Jf Hilt
.1 at J'-'C n
: .1 1
Mv . V? i.'o ids i'm.-: vt!M"Rt !js
t.l. . mil 1
Ii ve . vts. fhowit.
"Jif 'd 1 in" of nil- -'nd :i "i
Xev and diln-hle s'md -s ' ')'.. nth ) s iiures at 2- ccat
j.er y.trd n. liu-irain not to bo fo'md e'sa'vhcre.
DIJ1SS TlUMMIVn-; (o.'s'i
Moo-o Si 1 k- n n 1 V'vets, haiidsonie
to nuiti-h i'i lress (Jnods.
lvt''is' ve i me or 1 ,afiis and den lemon's Wool pod
i "iid-rweir, llo. iery. (i loves. -Siiawis, Jackets and Wraps,
' I1 Ho I .0 tost C. . XT I an in
IJikl IVl, lI!"i, '1 11 -l.' l
'1 K iJ X K S, V A I . : '-1 .S
i I I V
.A. 4 .B.JL
t3 S . ht I - . A 1 1 i'. M I ( ) N
H'-"1 whi'-h I am plersed to t-ay i-i jniTe compk'to than ever,
Cl,I,ll): isl o m iny lines, manufactured e-poci.iUy f r ir y tr.il c.
-1 w .n . i"c m ... .t l . a . n i . i
iiLi i. jj.i i I... iili: i lei 1:1 1 : iiii-mi
ri:h thebe-i and freshest goods,
am me! ai't'd io i ftei-.to merchants nt. sr-.ec.i.-il i rices, such as
Chewi u- a..uS i.oktu-'i . jxcco,
Cri NVra-piug Paper, i-gs and lvmo
K an -iTi a: am -art
mm r.iEArjs' as k u shoes
" C oui petition la the Life of Trade," and If ycra have not seen our latest Improved goods you
cannot imagine low lively trade Is. or how hard our competitors have to work to keep within sight or
us. Ask your retailer for tne J araes Means. 3 Shoe, or the James Means' l Shoe according to your need.
Pon tlTely none genuine unless having our name and price stamped plainly on the soles. Vour
retailer will supply -mi with shoes stamped if you Insist upon his dolns so; If yon do not InsUt. soma
rcljiilpm U'lll v..n Inln . . . ..... .
j '".". ""j "e incnur mKies
Tm. "-w .A'WUrUlVjk
kw u. unc.viUALJ.uj
CTVir iii,.m...
AND -r-
the OaS? L.?5ent TOBrc" U' branch ,ndustoy at we are now able to affirm that
Hcdnr ,! "J11 eVef7 TeSPCCt t0 ,he ,ho wh,ch on," f ye MO were ro-
rf arc b. orfJin.f "- WI trJr you wlU " not exaggerate.
t7wni. niton rhC8' ,hfM.Wb lnatf onr Tem of business ar. unablsto
I'S su. 17 producte- la our Uow we are the largest manufacturers In tha
of a?e0InT,"ee,T,b,telfaCtorir M BO,!l bT wide wake retailer la .11 part.
iltTn'a, 'carT wr "' ' "
JAMES MEANS & CO,, 41 Lincoln SU Boston, Mtoss.
C 1". Simmons. St. Louis. I'ropr
M. A. SiminoBi Liv.-r Medicine, Ktf d
if-in, in the U. S. Court defeats J.
11. Ziiiin. l'rop'r A.i.SimmoHS Ltv
er liegulatcr, list'J by ZciliniSoS. -
- .. . . ivi 7 j Lai.
if lJ'l.I-:,AA,.-)lt.X HKXrACHR, LOST
J.ev. 1 It. Ucaras, lastor ii.- K.
Cfcurch. Adams. Tcnn writes:
lUnnk 1 should have been dead but
lor your Oanaiae M. A. Sim-n-.ens
Liver Medicine. Iiiave
1,. st.mrtimes had to subsiilute
r?fc '-De lia's ituff" fr your iledi-
nc, oni k aun t answer the
Dr. I.R. Gtzvm. Xlditor TH,
Captist. Mc innhii. Tenn. .
1 received a package of roar Liver -JUdicine,
and have used half oi it.
It work like charm. I want n
fcetU-r Liver Kejriil .:lor aad cer- '
, tainly r more UZciau'i nuztiuc ,.
l)o vou like The Caucasian?
Show it hy extendins you subscii
t ion six month?.
,to.1iuB -lift' iof awl K Jn:.t
Celery, Compound
pr Ttbi-3 it p". d. tjr.. n--itnm-tuVnI hy
. r : l, Uiitr. j.r .11 l.f
1' ilit &d hp boar
-' quir. yr tomoa bp.
ru.l.lCS IPC BlOOu.
, ' -
.! r-! fi!iJ--tiii luU laUnL raS. ttt-n.
Ml M I'jT t- .
IJ, rj.
A QT-t
ajHlplaciiig iuoaler my hmm
. . . .
ai ;
I . " W .T
i" v 1?
full and co npWtearu satpis-e
d ! . 'I."4-!! - t oO ccn'' p''
- .f i'liotvnd P.nd- d Cimps I
S.ik L
i.s ion at 1 ()J per jard .
tinnri am c T-Tc fa
. !
1 Ti O 1t"T!i u XT
U '.ii
r iil Vjc'ur? Ftaine--, W'm
( W d'AV Sh-ides, Oorii.e.c Palls,
C"n: t.iin Ui a us. 1 looks, Am-.
is C.t iei I i o my o IU J D bl'Ai i 1
, j - i
and csiata. as Fo:ne articles wh.ch
i, i ij--i:e' cinsi uiv p.ii'Miicii
SUrcii, Dal I Potasn, Match-
fervT cv5l
upon wmcn they make a larger profit.
unpp nntsrp'
knuinwi .Trtiu
. Tn
N. C.
AhTiost as iPalatabloas Fr.k.
So tilegtalaed bsvs it cai bo taken,
diget'rd, itsd nsrlprlTat. 4 br tlte most
aeaksltiwo stanaKer., wixeu ttto plsvlsk mil
rsBt tie Colera tetl ; sud by the rnis
bti at ton of tfco oil with the lTePbo--yhitea
io ra-tx Mr offirskeioma.
Kcnurkable ss t fiesh prstfuer.' " '" ' '
' :: Ttnmu gala rapidly il!e talking ft,
'; Bcbrrs EMULSION is acknowledged try
Fbymciat.8 to be the Finest and Btl prepa-
. ratiou in tLa worid for the telL i &nd cuia of
I'll Oa-arT MMIt Ami o..-: - 1
i yvm 9wtw.x.f jsw wiKainL:u.i VoTt
I T7a tit ChUdrsn, &M & Druggist
El m
cm! At vuTt?KU:.Vis
Oiintoii School
i TrrV. J. V TlRVP. V. !Vt., PHixIil.
1 TIM stIi"" oiivd oi fiiinlty, Septmfxr .Irtl, and pnpo?c
.i roniiuiie Tkx -Hoi.nfo m vim.
. uati.of rurnox:
Inli-nntHlMte hianrhco, pi r 'nonth, $2,Ort
HijrtiT hrirliet, jut monlh. $3.60
T.Min, fjri-k nil Frieh itn tu:rlt w ithoul rxtrn clisirjro.
X" '-ntin'iir U rknml. Vher-exiiUeut. e,untry prrnl uiP
h nr lvil in fvtl! em of liilH.
fc-?-The slrls will have their nMi for t lv nd their nlav-ffroum
i -jwrateftiMU tlie Iwiys. ltoritutiutw
ticulnr i M-e,
Salem High School.
IVliiiifti limltti lfincij ui
Sprinir Tnn owns Jaumry 7th, IH.S.l. ThU sjUoI. as all itn
patrons knmr, la thorou;hly fnuipMe4-itt vry d'artmutf nnd
that e have iijuh! .10 small amount of paiiw and motley to make
it Strictly lirtcia. '
A Better Corps of Teachers, we could
not find any where.
Hoard from $ IX) 10 JS7.ini j.er month.
Tu'tion from I 2h fo 4.10 4
auy lut ther imoiiaaiion will be g'3-dly given hy the
:ilTX7LKV, X. C, Doc. 2()lh3rn.
- .... , rt-
rfl.:Conie to the Old Stand of T. C. Pope
and examine
t c- t 3 t a
Wi n ar seMii' (toods :.Hlowaany other l-usin.s lio bo in town.
W..' mentioa a 'ew a-ti"lo.s aid p :co-: Calh'OM from " to tl.
,e'ii.s per yard, (lit tflrmi s reals, Wrstods 10 rents, worth lo
ice. as; Standard Plains i cents.
I'.e sure to ca'l ond "s T'i d s nvit and will sold.
If you wish liarin-, come soon ad m ikrt vour seletions.
O L j Ii &
Jan. 20th, is.sn. if
In our GROCERY DEPARTMEXT can be found a choice line ot
which we g-uarautee to sell as low as the lowest.
We cany a full and complete lino of
XTT. JK rt-X3 w -A.ri.3B of Eve ry Uosoriptiou..
Builders' Hardware a Specially
Nails. Hinges, Locks nd Screws; also Farmers' and Mechanics'
Our line of Staple shoes i unexcelled.
We have just received another La, of 1HRXES3 to bo sold
cheap for cash. - -
Eg" Remember we guarantee to give satisfaction In every
thing wo sell. Tli goods will show for themselves. Give us a
call before buying elsewhere.
nv tj T
FC 13 if
A Bargain Sale !
1 am now taking an inventory. I luve laid my entire
I ut for COST. I do this so that
Job Lot
Which will he sold for COST,
I mean just what 1 say. If you buy now you get a bargain.!
Kespectfully, .
ae sate
Mammoth Stock!
J (On the corner of FayetteviJe street.)
.Notice that mr stock is complete and first-class in all the fol
low ing departaents viz: Dry
parimen'8. -
. SIn addition to this regular stosfc, I have two leadepj, that
defies the market of the State ; Viz :
First, a man's full stock li.igan for $1.00
Second, a woman's full stock Pebble Grain, for i.00.
Hardware department, Stove and Hollow Ware department.
Now your attention to this ; A No. 7 Elmo Coo!t Stove for 14.
f The above price includes evervthiug that goes to make a com
plete CXoaing Stoe. T
HUILDEPJS' MATERIAL always on hand
Grocery department necessaries of. lit cheap and firet-dVaa.
xumimre aetarimeut every thin s. from, a good Chair up to a
fine Jled Hoom Suit, as cheap as can te bought in the Fayetteville,
Goldsboro and Wilmiiigton onaTkets.
Tobacco to suit every tooth.t 1 ; , : ' .
Thanking my many Datrons - f or th lilvrni M'mn9ir.' t r.Tr
received, and respectfully invitiug the attention of everybody
the above. I am jrery truly- . j. JiOYAL.
villle top-ther. For furtlior par
XK VV A I) V KlM'l ".EM KX I s.
the stock of
UU xj j J til x JT1 .
a "ii rp r t rr e, ttw
I can invest the money in new
I have a
of Shoes!
and a irreat manv other thi hits.
Goods department, and Shoe de-
2 ai 1 nvotth
D1L -. M LKK ,v I:!..,rnj':
scTl rn ..el i,,,,. "
when twy ,irr kk hi..J : , , '" f
I.u.kT. thfi they u.,., ,1, f
M that rm o h:i I. Ir v u
llMlhiT ki p .nly .in , TW' -carry
atuli littw T j. "
I WntUt iU, lVi t (..., x , " " X
F.ii.'IUIi Txth nrul.,-; "
lL'Ky Jtre 'i.l I i.tUt :
Mtlil tlX Nt Wllllil-
im.m mtl aUuent '.I II... ..
tttttltS Hums iSjiiltry. t. . '
In Xrth ('mTh:ikB Mimn , ' .,
Tin ir wornl'itm iitn. i , ,
Kxert mi iiirtaetiri- nit.!!ii,r
In n:imtriH2 Ihmham , i
Ami many a liu mI-kh; Wjt
IxiV IMnti-? il?tli mV.
Yon n frnr h lail imm- , r p.
i-he 'Mie5.T ilh oik- rf
t.r thsn Vy r.y oi r . .(.,., Ul
tt wSter tho hakjiarhe : ( lni y '
can .lill vcjr the j..iti r
r. ir: i. -
niri ivii iiiimmii, or luurr. T
j KMt dUx.v. ry. l4 ,
''"f1 to fi"I,,,u.n '" 'r " 1 ' tU
wll. not yield to t i;r. v. ,. 1 lt;t
ly T.J. l.KK, lrti.-ut.
rvRK Mrninx.M. ui:!ki:v.
A pine niul vrliolcii'iif u, j..
li:ioi'ai.( is a tiiSd. r it .in ;:,
iiilei. in ftipply JIim iviiii J'.
liar ley (' ra WJii-key, ...
oli', I " otr.rt d tf tin ' hlir, v, nhtv
uai-uiiUH' of it Hrltf! cot : M
hidifKi'iicncrVi in cvt-rv ; i;,nit
ri.i a..., 11.. . .
voux nnd HAitM
fTimrro, uqwui nor .o, i.. t
1m , ....
any iilnnce. o ily ly
Dii.A. M. IsKKJt ItltO., lUti-.Uu
l.KK S WAI T HM'ini
a VH;rtftin cun for wrt ei lm-
mid utuli-K :w td. J.i'oi A-.'.hM
Cai t. .Cah nebin i..rlri4t, fapt. V
l.ueiiw FaiMin, jir. W II. i i-
t'ol. Ahner M. l ;d!-on m il h i: .In
of ittli(-r in S;l iip-iill ;.ul ;(!,. i
iouiititf. will i l.l'y. Se'.J untv i
1 . .1. I.l-V , lrut-.i.
- WouMS IV liot:si s.
Ice's Wirni Sh.-i ilie never l iiU t
etel worms t'miti lmr.-i .n il nul.
I VV . ...I II. i,i ..ri ...I-.. . .1. ' . ... 1 . 1
.. wi iu. mi i .1 ..- .i.m . . i.i... .ii.. 1
T. J. l.KK, lin;.K-t.
Wo offer unuer thi he.i 1 tin- I.
Condition i'owdcr-i dn tit an 1
I'hry are pl'pill 1;.V the lea lit
f)ru lLouo '!' ihe Piiitetl M il.
In. io tlu loiiiiul.i uf l.r. Willi eif
l laigland, Ihe ui.i-t llil-nul-!l -.
Veterinary Surgeo.i ifvi-ig. ?.v,
are xcel'e:it appetiz.-, a rc '.
alterative and toiih , m.d i.i . h
r. lied uo:i a a reimil '"m ..II ltf
i ;
aes m ihmuistic auiaial . l.iv. iU
onipisel ol' I.ieurii-e llut, .l.tiiij
Uerrie., Fhixsretl, Ue.itian, f;i:vvr
lion and A .iiuuny. Sidd ur.ly ,J
Ik. A. 1 1 1. A. J5i;o lini'vi-k
Whf-ii T M)r CVT.n I do not mean rni;t'vi!
rtofi ih.-m lur lime, ami tin u luivu lliein
turn Hiram. I JIKAM A R VtMCAX. CL itt. '
1 iiava niado ih fti ui of
A !lfe-lonr atljr.. I WAHHaKT mrerom 1
CUKK tli won't arc. Itfu.i '.l'in,
f ilod Is no reon l.ir not now rr.-'nvinc Jfu"
Sond aton' fur a ircntisr and a r r.fck. I;.ni
of mr tri.uni.r ickmbdt. ii-
and I'ot Oliho. It nirta yon n il.mg furl
trial, ana it will cure u. AdiXms
H. C. ROOT, M.C., 1 83 Pun tu Kew Tea
... lm 1 1 '''jLTggrggi
AS FO'ri 'i .
In it nf r53
hied tli. rin
Pil .eoehr.riic-
i-i. 11. ii; "K.,4 yvfT
ui'l pracii!Vr.i vn.3t
r.tl lin iwii A-
i v;in::i!.'si tUt
in ike it net,
inar iiiitcUitie
ilesirntilc t
Factci7riaiyhaleMl8Ci3i;B,r".TL.;r HI
sus ,. .4 tui.,,..
Vrit.lt)ci i.t.l?i: Wl?
Piso'a Cure for Con
sinnplion is also the bent
Cough Medicine.
If you have a Cough
without liea of Ui
Langs, a fc dma are all
yon need. But if you ne-glect-thia
eaoy muw of
safety, the alight Cough
may become a serious
:- matter, and several bot
tles win lm required. .
ik . ly (j? Jtli
PVko's -nomcdr CataiTB H tbe
Best. Eortmt lo r-, and Itwr fx--
tf Air AM:
SM b drwertiu or aeat br nmlL
4. iVT. Baseltiiie, Warren. i
war wm nm u-..atf NerVoU.
lindinrlic pi
IllLll LVSil u.te l. hoaroutr ''.2 f
! f"m 1,,S effu r ear,v J vi! '."iS'J'Jiu
mBvaaa w vil v v m.-r wa i.ii ---- b lias-
reults ir Lnomnce or folly, will I "
lKA!rs siw;ipii; u iMMiurK auJ Per"
rnancut cure lor Neavou le..ility,iei0" j
wai weaLueb. iavoluntary v'! lo"f :! ;
'hum' '
na., .
in shtmps tor. Pear.' Tn-a
e of n an; their a.
J. S. I
Ciurch Street., N;
. ' .

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