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condensed for husy
Judu'f II. A. Oilli.mi of Tarlxro
died on lat Thurvl-ty.
TJie Odd Fi llouM Orphanage wi'l
b located at (Jfoldboro.
M". J. L. ltanwy aucceeds llvw
Baylu Cade on the Pro? r-1 ive
Fa nur.
The Ninth Annual Fruit Fair will
q iH-ld tltiH year in (IriTiisboro ou
Auuu.t 4 1 1 1 uud Glh.
'I he (Jov. I i.vuing warrant for
the Dinct land tax. North Caio
lina U the first St de to commence
the r- funding of (h; inoiw-y to the
The jjn at cuifii lor 1 1 1 fouuda
tionofthe large Light IIou at
Cape Hattera wa overturned and
swept away hy a severe torm on
YrdneMlny of lat week. The Ions
i about 75.000. Another Cafcon
will have to lo built and tlir work
commenced from a new.
Mis Helen Fowle.daughter oi the
late Oovcrnor Daniel O. Fowle,will
be married here on the 22nd instant,
to Mr. Wright, of Chicago. IMiss
F'owle is w idely known in this State.
The giomi is a man of wealth and
position. The marriage ceremony
w ill be pet formed at Christ church
at Raleigh.
It ii with Hutifaction that, we
print n our telegrams thn morning
that the Department at Washington
has agreed to pay lo Gov. Holt the
$26,600 which tvax at first erroneou
sly withheld. The delay of the
(JoTernor in paying out the money
i.i shown to have been wi.se. Full
payment can now be make to all ap
plicant. Newa and Observer.
The Wilmington MeHsenger speak
ing of The Or ton ays:
This elegant hotel is furnished
with every modern appliance for
comfort and convenience, and the
lct that the rates are now $2.00 and
upwards per day should mnV.e it
overflow with guet.. The rooms at
f 2 are equally as well furnished as
those on the first floor and the bill
of-fare is tho same. J. K. Montague,
tho manager, is a genial and cltver
gentleman, and makes his guests
lel completely at home. Under his
management. The Orton is more
popular than ever.
Mrs. Jefferson Davi has consented
for the body of her husband, ex
President Davis, to be removed from
Mississippi, to Richmond Va.
Gov. Campbell was renominated
by the Democrats of Ohio for Gov
ernor on yesterday. The nation will
watch the contest in Ohio this year
with peculiar interest.
Congressman Oates denies using
the language he is reported as using
about the Alliance, but the wording
of his explanation shows a spirit of
The Prince of Wales, w hose royal
nephew, emperor Williams of Ger
many, is now visiting him, will
probably initiate the Kaiser into
the mysteries of baccarat before he
returns to Germany, that is, if
Mama Vic, has not prohibited it.
Colored Teachers' Normal Institute.
The Ina'iJute for the Cohort d Teach
ers was opened Monday morning by
Superintendent I ham Itoyal. In his
opening remarks he counseled harmony
anion the teachers, attention and in
vestigation of all the subjects presented
to them. He outlined the work of the
Institute, stat'na: that th e principal sub
jects of the lectures for the week will be
Arithmetic, English Grammar and Gc
ography. The first lecture in the morn
ing was devoted to English Grammar,
giving an outline of tkc order in which
the subjects Bhould be taken up, and the
manner ot presenting them to the pu
pils. The evening was deveted to lec
turing on Arithmetic. At 4J P. M.,
Mr. F. It. Cooper delivered an excel
lent and appreciative address, counsel
ing them to admire great and good men,
and to love whs t is ;ure, noble and vir
tuous, and that would lead them to have
the same qualities. The teachers show
ed their appreciation of the speech by a
funanimous vole of thanks.
Dnplia County.
(Special Correspondent.)
The new and beautiful Presby
terian church at Chinquapin was an
cidently burned last winter just as
it was completed. The accident was
caused from trying to dry by stoves
the newly put up plastering last
winter. ThHgood people of this
section are making an effort to re
place the building, and appeal to
Presbyterians in the State and a
generous public for assistance.
. Mr. llenrv L.amh
,r 'itv isyv ii
quits low with fever Is, we re glad
to itate, rapidlly improving.
. Flrtt Court is Duplin August 3rd.
Kikston, N. C, July 11th, 91.
Mr. Vnrion Butlrr 1 notice tha- you
ay in The Caucahan that the first
Court in the Sixth District opens at Pen
ur on September. Uth. This is a mis
lak. Dupliu in the firt Court and
opens ou the 3rd day of Auxmt. See
Acts ol89, chap. 323. Lenoir is Aug.
llth' and then Pender. Pleas make
this correction for the benefit of your
' lhiplm irieml . Yocrs, ofcc,
Falsoi Items.
The trucking season is about over.
The young people here had a very
plyiiant dance ou last Friday night.
Uev. Peter Mclntyre left for Can
& Tuesday morning on a visit to
u retet'ons.
i J jgjflj() j
Continued from flit I'ugt-.j
tjipre b Dei the ajeor nor a lareeii
iaifi, grave." Come, fl je -who Larfe
been oOt to tlie grave U xreep thero
! o-bcoa 11 ye ooauprted aouls, ret up erf
y&ur knees. & Cw no power lo tfifrj
, ,. .. a. "
l 1 T. At
np power in thle religion U quiet tip
wrft paroxyim of grieti TLcr corxu
nj An answer from contorted vtdo"7
hootl and orpiiaooge and chtldiehsne
Hajlng, "Aye, aye, w am vitnpwP
Agxin, I remwi tuAt we aro wlt-
iy)6dt4 o7 tbe fact that religion
tower to give composure in (he
X&ornent. I ehoU rlefcr forget tne flrji
tlffid X confronted doatfl. We vnt
fi f it a
TTT rTf. t J
dEUDe to the fatohoudo whf-.ro tins &e
jrjement had Gome, and wb Sawthfe
oz afon0 mA 6CLrrlare&
vfdfi one carriage thai crpoc&u
mf bofuh atteotion, and. ;
lack plomet. I Bail: ''Wftat
whaVs tUaU Why those bl
at Uio tocf AM alter it:
nod to too 1 W mtod ci
-ppon the bnght ac0 of ai 0
A ... I "
womarirM three daya
departed la. Wompa.
lt sermoos ftod la our lay eiho
W9 are ver apt, when tW) woii
r illustrations ot dvina triamrrl
back to aome dhitlngalshed pe-
to a John Knot & Harriett
But I want you for witnessed
I want to know U yon have ever
anything to make ytm behove thai
KtUgion of Christ can give composure-
the final hour. Now. In the courts, at
torney, jury and Judge will never ad
mit mere hearsay. They demand that
the wHnees must have seen with his
own eyes or head with his own ears,
and so I am critical In my examination
of yoa now; and I want to know
whether you have seen or heard any
thing that makes you believe that tho
religion of Christ gives composure m
tho final hour.
"Oh, yes, you nay, "X saw my father
and" mother depart. There was a great
difference in their deathbeds. Stand
ing by the one we felt more veneration.
By the other tltcre was more tender
ness." Before tlo one you bowed per
haps m awe. In tlie otlier cose you
felt a ft yoa would like to 0 along
with lier. Ilow did tliey feel in that
last hottrt How did they seem to act I
Were they very much frightened IHd
they tafte hold of this world with both
hands as though they did not want to
giro ft Hpf 'Oil, no," you say, "no; I
etnetnber as though it Wero yesterday;
she had a kind word for ue all, and
there were a few mementoes distributed
among the children, and then she told
ue how kind we must bo to our father
In his loneliness, aod then site kissed ns
good by aod went asleep as a child in a
cradle. " What made her so composed ?
Natural courage f
"No," you say; "mother was very
nervous; when tho carriage inclined to
tho side of the road she would cry out;
she was always rather weakly." What
gave her composure! Was it because
she did not caro much for you, and the
pang of parting was not great? "Oh,"
you say, "she showered upon us a
wealth of affection; no motlier ever
KlYwl Iwt nmnmi - mrwD Tnan stncr
loved us; sho showed it by the way 9he
nursed us when we were sick, and she
toiled for us until her strength gave
out." What, then, was it that gave
her composure in tike last lourt Do
not hide it. Be frank and let mo know.
"Oh," you say, "it wa because she
was so good; she made the Lord Iwr
portion, and sIkj lid faith that sho
would go straight to glory, and that
we would all meet hr at last at the
foot of fho throne."
Hero are people who riy, "I saw a
Christian brother die, and lie tri
umphed." And some one else, "I saw
a Christian eister die, and slie tri
umphed." Some one else will say, "I
saw a Christian daughter die, and she
triumphed." Come, all ye who have
seen tho last moments of a Christian,
and give testimony in this muse on
trial. Uncover your heads, put your
hansl on the old family Bible, from
which tljey fisod to read the promisee,
and protnlee In the prescneo of high
heaven that you will tell tho truth, fhe
whole truth and nothing but the truth.
With what you have seen with your
own eyes and what you liavo heard
wtth your own ears, is there power in
this Gospel to give calmnese and tri
umph in the lost exigency? Tlo re
sponse comes from all ettae, from young
and. old and middle aged, "Wo are wit
nesses 1''
You see, my friends, I have not put
before you an abstraction or a chimera,
or anything like guesswork. I present
you affidavits of the beet men and
women, living and dead. Two wit
neeeee in court will eetahllsh a fact
Here are not two witnesses, but ml
Dons of witnesses on earth ail in
heaveo testifying that there in power in
this religion to convert the soul, to give
ifmnSost in trouble, and to afford etun
peruse in tho lost hour.
H ten moo should come to you when
you ate sick with appalling sickness,
and say they had the same ekrknees
and tot a certain medicine and it
cored them, you would probably take
ft Now, sappose ten other men
noma come up and say,' "IVelom be
lieve that there U anything in tfmt med
jap. "Weil," I Wr7 tried
ktr "Nq, I never tjfed it, but I dost
befieve there is anything hj If Of
course you dlscrodft thetr testimony.
The skeptio may ootne and Boy, "Thefe
fa no power in your religion. "Have
you ever tried itr "No, pa" '"Then
avauntr Let me treke the testimony
of the minions of souk that have been
converted to God, and comforted m
trial and solaced hi the lost hour. We
will take their teetimonv fMI t.hfv frv
"We are witnesses f"
Professor Henry, of Washington, dis
covered a new star, and the tidings sped
by submarine telegraph, and all the ob
servatories of Europe were watching for
that new star. Oh, hearer, looking out
through the darkness of thy soul, canst
thou see a bright hght booming on
"Where r you say, "where!
How can I find itr Look along by
the line of the Cross of, the Bon of God.
Do you not see it trembBng with aU
teoderness and beaming with all hope?
I fa the Star of Bethlehem.
cpp horror tW my vkUa froze,
Pjaafh struck I coased the tido to stem.
U wh the Star oBctiilshom.
Oh, liearert, get your eye on HI It
ii easier for you now to become Chris
tians than Ufa to stay away from
Chnst ajid he von. When Madame
xd4 b. u-r muj or
wm nuvl oil the tftihfx ml Vienna
by the frvrJ of Iter rlvul, Aux-Ila
Stelnlngpr, who had alrt-fvt? Urah to
decline through lux dJWtUioo. Yaws
pitBed on, aiI otm da MaAamo Sjo
tag, in t gVjry, wtwi riding through
tho tn?t of lVrtin, when ft) saw a
little child tattling a UlnJ woroan, and
she auk!: "Ouo hra, Hltle child,
coLue htsra Who 1 tliat you aro leod-
lnif hv -
I n t '
I " " WK i-MWJH I liKJ 11U.H3 CU1KJ
And tho liUks child
AiiiJia Su-!n!n-x. u?l to x- a
grU e!nAcr, txit f-he t hut &rxl
twin crld laiK-ii jjit it tliitt hJit- J
lux eyvfnhW "le my lorn U Ikt," j
add Mikdanw &uUm, "and tell her an
old fvjrpwlatawu will null on Ikt tliis
T1k iieit w'k hi H.rlln a vu-st
scmbLie gatli. rl at t Lt-rvllt for t2iat
fcvt "flJJiu nt'iiifiu, rtiWl 11 vui- fvJJU ILUIV
j Sontiwf that night i had uever
sung before.
And she tok a sklllod
la J;i trfcl to givn eve-
J oculist, who
fcight to tin i,r bUl wonutn. Until
the day of An; lLi Steioln r'b de&th
Miiks. Sutig tAi ntr(j of ht iu A her
dfMirhtcr aft-r tii;it. Tln.t wi what
tlo queen of hmi did for !.t omMiiy.
Rut, oft, 1kit a ni'.re thri'Miu titory
I still. Rlind, l;a:;i. r(;il, p,r aikl lost,
thoo w!k, uh -ij tho world uud Christ
vere rival.- for thy heart, didst bias
thy Ird away f'hrist com now to
glv th hlj(ht, to tvo tht)a l.om, to
ylw thee bx-iiveu. With mjro than a
Soiling's generosity, La oonios now to
meet yotir ntl. With inoro- than a
SoritagH iuus!( lie comes U pkid for
thy dellveranoa
Both the method ad rcsulta when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and acts
gently yet promptly ou the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the Ss
tera effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipaiion. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial m its
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs 13 for sale in 50c
and $1 bottles by all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any ore who
wishes to try it. Do net accept any
w. c,
line of
a. choice
pure Wines,
at the J.
miANWEs, Beeu, &c,
W. White Store.
Cigars and Tobacco of
quality always in stock.
I will be glad to pee you.
ItESTA U 11 A N T. R. C. Soath
erlanj runs a First-Class Res
taurant up stairn in same build
ing, and will be glarl to serve
the people with meals at all
hours. W. c. RICH.
jy 16 3m Agent.
New ai mm Faclifls
My Factory is now run at full ca
pacity. My heavy work is now done
by steam power. I am turning out
a large number of new style Buggies
and Pheatons. We make to order,
but always keep a few styles ou hand
for examination.
I will keep on hand 11 large lot 4
Western Buggies (open and top)
and Roads Carts. They will equal
in quality and are sold as low as any
like good.-; in Goldshoro, Favetteville
or Wilmington. .
t& Round Shaves, Hacks arid all
Edge. Tools made, and Ropairii)?
done on short notice.
I v ill here.Uter keep in stock.
Harness Department i under The
Caucasian Office, on Favetteville
btreet, near my Factory.
-Be sure to see my style ar
get uiy prices hi fore buyLig.
Handsom Library Free I
We will give a handsome Circulat
ing Library free to one person in
esich village or city (having no Free
Library) on condition that thev wii!
a!lowthe people to have the tise .f
it fcr one year, at the expiration oi
which time it becomes the Idb.iriau's
absolute property. Address,
010 F Street, N. W
!5 - I in
Washington, I). C.
TIl 3Iillllte.S to IVelve
(Continued from First Page.)
hhc had coiuddereti the man with wIrjih
elie had gone through the cretnony as
the contracting party. This no eab
queut declarations would change.
That Hart Ii -ysd by suppression of the
f.'tct that h wi aeting ha jroxy should
have iuvtstd himIf vntk entire re-FjoEu-iibihty
aa pruicipal appeared to fol
low .t a l.jgical s?ju.-tJoe. And any t
jfxt f;-to eScrt to free himwlf from ihti
i c-'
.- fwwxa or his MunJenng might
;i'.n, W'uM certainly li aorrediU.I
ti a Ji-v'-ry on his Krt that his ini-
Tstjuatjou of the d3id inaa wotdd be
Nti rvn of niwricml rults wouki pLioe
him, in short, in th.- iition of a Ixtflkd
itf irxaliuunt iiiiiurtor.
"You Ihjw it tbe poor fellow
f uii'A I'm caught in the trap by both
leg. Jf I hold to my marriage. 111 be
foisting on a woman a husband she dont
love and doat want, awl that, too, when
tle thinks sheVt ra.irried to somebody
elsti. And if I get a divorce in order to
fret? b-r, f-le may thiuk, and theworkl
will .ty, that I do it bocau.- I can't ge
hold of tle money. Xob'ly had a hint
of th- jiroxy business at the time, and
nolxiy i goin u.- lelieve in it now. 1
wouldn't i:y-lf if I were outside of it
all. lN-oplt will swear the wh;de thing
w;is a plant from limning to end, and
that I'm slinking thy b ig lcau I've got
found out. Them ik-v.t wfwssv-h a oon-
I fotindfl iiibw fbi'x- tlxi wnild lxranr
1I ac tually Htinpl on tbo Qntr in
his impotence anl Ijewiklerment. JSfrs.
Hart's f;K wiw tuncxl from him, 15it a
suspicious gurgle and movement of ler
shoulders attracted his attention and
changod the current of his thought.
"Oh, it's tremendously fanny, I dare
say!" he growled. "I dont see the Joke
myself, but to an outsider I suppose it's
exquisite, Tisn't ofton one has the
chanco of rejoicing over a man wrig
gling in a dilemma like a worm in a
woodiKx-ker's beat. I'd laugh outright,
though, if I were you. It's more decent
than sniggering in corners."
A handsome ffice, in which amuse
ment struggled with contrition, was
turned toward him, and two hands wo
cordially extended:
"Forgive me, John, and dont be cross!
I'm g-xng to help you, I am tudeetL
with wits and will both. Only I couldnt
forbear a quiet chwekte. Yon looked 00
preternaturf-illy concerned aod solemn
and ami caught."
Royal wad molhfwd. Pew pwojilu could
resist the chtenn ut Mrs. Hart's nKiner:
it was invigorating and comforting, like
sunshine. Catching her eye he experi
enced a sudden and delicious revulsion
of feeling, like that produced by a bit
of commonplace In an abstruse volume.
He bit his lip to keep from smiling.
'Nina," lie rebuked, "the way you are
taking this affair is positively subversive
of morals. Instead of howling at me
with indignation, and hounding on the
populace with tar and feathers, yon are
acting as tlwugh tho situation wasnt
past mending. And I believe in your
sonl you are enjoying yes, actually en
joying it with the flippancy of a gamin.
What do you suppose is going to Ijecome
of you in the other country if you dont
fetch his folly home to the fool in this?"
His words were light, but they over
lay considerable emotion. He was grate
ful to her with a gratitude beyond ex
pression for her sympathetic compre
hension. "Something more satisfactory than
endless twalmody or aorial progression, I
hope," she smiled. "Mocking at those
in sore straits and grievously tormented
I hold to be my mission. Seriously,
though, I am sorry for you truly sorryi
P.n. nffr all Tnhn i J'-
t vcm po nracn. 1 lie tit nation is and will
be much harder on Phyllis. You did it,
you Know. Wlien there 13 a smash up
the man who holds the reins and does
the breaking gvts the most comfort out
of tho affair."
The mention of his cousin's name
caused Royal's face to soften, and he let
the blood relation frankness of his com
panion's jx;h piss. His intercourse
with Phyliia, restricted as it had neces
sarily been, had awakened within him a
tender, chivalrous devotion, touched and
materialized by admiration and a sense
of ponKmal p (sson. Her acceptance
of and JiWhite trust in him, her sweet-
new, patience aii-1 courage, won on him
day by day. Ihs proiossional instinct
prevents! him fix.m feeling any of that
intangible, egotistic shrinking from af
fliction inherent in so manv mon. ar1
the hopefulness of Ikt case caused it to
present no bar to her attractiveness.
Then, too, it 13 probable that the con
sciousness that she was his wife no
matter how sho had become so stirred
and influenced his emotions more 'deeply
than he waa himself aware.
He was very considerate and gentle
with lier, having always in mind that
time of disclosure which must surely
come. He had taken no advantage of
the situation, and le intended to take
none. Probably his unconscious manli
neae explainer! the readiness with which
Mra. Hart had coiistituted hxsrseif bis
ally. Her own instincts in regard to
her sex were tender and protective.
"What are you going to doT
She had risen, for from the room aGross
the hall there came to her ear the sound
of soft music Tho blind girl had found
her way to the piano, and was cheering
hr darkness in the manner she loved
befct They had fcffc ber long enough
Royal wuansd himself .
"It woukl make a pretty oae," he
impersonally. "The lawyers
told 11x3 kx That ten minutes to 13
timeof tlx death nd the ceremony
woqM admit of considerable argument.
The 'shake-bag' follows would flock to it
ugo nogs to the call of com. But I'm
going to glv tbera the go-by, divorce
courte and ail. I shill stand to my mar
riage." "And the inoneyf"
Royal's thought consigned the money
to the halh? of Eblis with emphasis and
dispatch; Ma speech wae more circum
Qiecfc: "The money has done barm enough.
It hue been the active agent in the im
broglio. We'll let that part of the busi
ness mellow for a while. John Royal's
legaey w of vastly more importance than
his aunt's."
The expression of Mrs. Hart's face as
quisrea tne room -was like snr
weather, a conflict between sunshine and
shower. She managed, however, toca?t
jest back at Lim over her shoulder:
in tne division tbrell perhai be
w-'ufcu. to i?uy a ring for I'hylhs bv
fuiunif two parts texreth. Mw
share shall be devoted to defraying the
expenses for making my will acoordicff
(.Continued next we-k.
Cures Indigoetion, Biliousness, Byspepeia, Mala
ria, Nerrousness, and General Debility. Physi
cians recommend it. AH dealers sell it. Gen ulna
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to hurt I hi. rt. 7.ML ;. r: mroa
n .r nH .7- - - uuo l 1 . .ITUJO f
gy5Tft3 f f YU a" ktnow W reputation
SStfWSff Trork. - The
ffiJS?i48&Lr of the Blacksmith Shop
ST!!'S?sSSl?"1 be of th0 "'0 guaranteed
sTHiSWr ' qalf ty w at my Ilarnea,
thU pric; one trial win oonTlnce Uioo Shni'
&i.00 W'erkiBEinan'a ahnoa
nare glren them a trial will wear no other make.
Boys' 2&?z3'79 ch
rr.Y J wo by the boya everywhere; they tell
on their merit, aa the, lnmin. .ZirZZZLT
Ladies' U.50, -J
jiies are u oeai nne
ho for
pricc are stamped on the bottom ofeach aSSST
fob sale by j
JJJIlAXSTEix.CUnton, N. C; and
n. T. Ham, Mount Olive, X. C,
jy y om
-5v ..OrigMatalrCenlMr a
mmmt 4a.
i lata aaj
stela, jr.
trom -uxi to tfcoo.
fV and 91.75
Prices I
"AftPfin -ind.S 11 miner (J oods
time .... A DE
teams .
that we aim ays carry a
I have opened a Buggy Shop
at the Warren Johnson old
stand. I make
(and do ALL SORTS OF RE-
l jvl ki if s I make TURPE N -TINE
TOOLS. , In fact anything
done at a first-class Blacksmith
Shop. I have not quit the HA R
NESS BUSINESS, but am ma t
ing and keeping on hand a lar
ger supply of
Harness, Saddles, &.c.
before, and at the
Tlrim. . t- -r .
m my line.
30 it
j Excellence of Grain, Pc-rfeci ton' o f I
x Aler xiK.rMvnowletlge of all tLe )
best Method of Di-;tillatiou. Extfn-i
, sive Experieuce: AbunUnt Capital. I
! Coaiplete and Expensive Equipment !
In iriL 11 . . . . . t '
ja"u A urjKise; aiinpso are use 1
in the niakiug of
lor winch 1 have K-ured tht full
ngoncy. .
We shall close out our entire Line.
We are in mid June with too much
of unsold Goods.
We won't stand on prices, the goods
must go.
You can buy a nice Coat for 50 cts
a pair of Pants for 50 cts., a Vest for
50 cts., a pair of Shoes for $1.00 a
Hat for 5 cts. Pants Cloth 10 cents
per yard.
It will pay jrou to call now, Stock
is unbroken.
You can buy lots of goods for a very
small amount of CASH.
Yours Very Friendly,
'Tr r-: AJ CA
Look out for
Advertisement in
April 12th, 1891,
King Clothier and Hatter.
a big Alliance Store
this space next
A. Clute,
i iust Jfff 1 vfd from York
Uty all the latest and newest
rijapes in Bormets, Ha'Nete,
b lowew, new Tips, new Trim
mms new Ribbon., Ac, c.
i AT OUR . ,
Everything fashionable in
Head-wear , at th. ver;
Cash Prices f
CM it tun, N. C
Miss Annie Gioofjes'
Millliierr EstabUahaeBt.;
jyi Gin
. . ----- v-iA

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