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Tu eommnnictlo tt.tl ;U; ten
Carolina t!tu l' i. tuwu,.:;
rohimn "f Tm I've r.
dhrr paj-r in rJ-.e Ti::-. iVn
Show thin Pap.r to your ujigh- ;
JPxxr Domoornoy at-.rt Whlto s?iprojnn',y.
lr ami advis him to subscribe.
Subscription I'neeJkl.fJO lr V UL.
No. 41.
'a circulation.
Year, in Advance.
K'titvr nu 1 IVaprielor.
1 14
(Joldsboro, N. C.
Will pract in Sampson county.
SV-1,27 tf
U. LKK, M. I).
flic. in 1 jw'h Drug Store, jo 7-lyr
The Opinion of The Editor and the
Opinion of Others which we
Can Endorse on the Various
Topics of the Day.
The New Berne Journal raises the
danger flag and declares war in the
Attorney ani Counsel
ok at Law.
nni.-n on Main 8trct,
will ..ractiou in court of Saui pson and following language :
adjoining counties. Also in Supreme A danger menaces tho Demo
Court. AH business Intrusted to his cralic party of the country. Itdoes
r will receive prompt and careful not come lrom the disciplined fore b
t tpiitlnn. Je7-lyr of its old enemy, the. Republican
J. party, but from men who ride out
1. V. KEUU, of its own ranks under a banner in-
li Ai'foUNKY an I) (or"wKM.')it sciibed with its own principles. In
AT I AW a word tho Democracy is menaced
OMce on Wall Street. Alliance."
Will practice m Sampson, Bladen, Then we suppose tho Journal nnd
fender, Harnett and Duplin Coun- those who think like it will fight
Also in Suoreme Court.
LT"-- tvrauous laws, for the enactment of
and for the up
JlltANK BOYETTK, D.B.S. remedial legislation
'"r, I lifting of the empovorished masses,
nm,'.. mi Main Street. uT3tO is a memvoto Democra.-y ! Then
nrr.-iNi hii services to 1 1 ieople of surely latter day Democracy has de
Clinton and vicinity. Everything L.,.uerated in practice from wi.at it
in the line o iienusiry .ion . .
otstyie. urfinciiuu k .. ,
uspMv terms are Khctly cash. tice. o,
Don't ask me to vary troni tins ruie. majority 01 trie party has ueciaea to
ai-fert itnelf fnd use thw
iu both theory and prac
the trouble i tlmt the
i it n
"Comi.ound Oxygen lis mode of
1 iU'ults." is the title of
m new book of 2fo) pues, published
by Drs. HUrkey & lMleu, which gives
..iMi.(inir.r full ir.tbrmation as
to this remarkable curative agent,
ami a rword of surprising cures in a
for bringing about relief. The mi
nority probably do not object to the
relief coming, but they object to the
rank and file asserting itself. They
fear that this means a change of
leadeiship. Ah, there is the trou
ble! And it i from that element
of the Democratic party that the
howl is coming. The great majori-
wide range of chronic cases many hy of tho party is tho Alliance and
of them after Leing ananaoueu u, th h with u in it3 efforts
.. . .. i .i,.:,.., - Will ho
m!: !? ?"?L K ft i- there is danger, but to the poll-
,.i;,m ticurionly
jn25 tf
1 lure just received Urec lot ol
Kleaut Jewelry. This I will guaran
tee to tltt nurchabci to be jut as rejv
ront.Hl. I nail no ch;a "fu-is uilt"
V'vo.ls but cany a standard link of
u.ii.b vkont tiooDS. The attention of
Ui latin- in cii!lt! to tho latest stylet
ii f mtKAST i'i's--tlirv 'it "things of
The ilil rolmblr and ntaudard HUTU
THOMAS CLOCKS always in stock,
iu yiuiou HtyloS and si.oc.
Jtfi- Ucpairiiii? of Watches and Clocks
mud inendinkt Jewelry is a specialty.
All work I do is guaranteed t tfiTe en
i Hiitia faction.
L. v, j tf i . T. KAWLS.
1. T. k G. F. ALDERMAN
No. 112 North Wfttr Street,
Cotton ail Timber
: aio :
The Charlotte Chronicle says :
The Farmer;'' Alliance is now
rapidly cryetalirdug into two hostile
factions. nnI they are gatiiering into
two well divided famps. Theharp
division is being brought about upon
the sub-treasury scheme and the
danger Is that the dissensions will
completely destroy the organization
that has done o much tor the eou-
oition and eo-opvrlioii ot the fann
There is no daugei . The Alliance
will not split. The Sub-Treasury U
only a ikaxs. financial reform ts
the principle, and is only one of her
eral others on which this movement
is based. Tho national banking sys
tem muht go. If the Wub-ireasury
is not the best instrument to root it
out, then this discussion will show
something better. The people have
determined to have a larger and a
flexible volumn of money, a curren
cy that will respond to the natural
law of supply :nd demand, and this
must come, Sul-Treasury or no Bub
Further on in the same article the
Journal says :
"Gratitude should cause the mas
ses to stand by the Democracy."
Griititudo to whom? Gratitude to
themselves! and gratitude to them
selves for what? For allowing tho
Government to become corrupt and
offers them. The masses are blam
ing no body but themselves and
have hot much to be grateful to
themselves for. They are awakened
to a sense of their duty by the ne
cessity of self-proservation. They
ate determined and are moving in
solid phalanx to have undone those
things which should not have been
done and to do those things that
should have been done. But says
the politician don't blame me, I
have leen trying for twenty years
so do something for you but couldn't.
Well, admit it, say the masses, but
don't vou now stand in the way of
those who can.
A correspondent 'S" to the News
and Observer says:
If Democrats, in and out of the
Alliance, will unite in controlling
the Democratic mrtv in the inter
ests of tho people and of good gov
ernment; mako true the empty
boast of fcsiual laws and equal rights,
make finance the- first issue; tariff
reform the second issue: income tax
the third issue; and nominate can
didates from President down Mho
are not in sympathy with monopoly
nor with Wall street, nor with gold
bug leaders, there will never be any
necessity for a third party.
But if the Plutocrats capture our
erreat party, as they are striving to
do, where will the people stand?
Thev have owned the Republican
party ever since its birth, and own
it uow. We can hope for nothing
from it.
A third party triumphant means
more that a peace! ul revolution.uur
Democratic leaders must be in sym
pathy with the fundamental princi
ples of the Alliance. If good Demo
crats thev are and will be. It not
good Democrats they should not be
nominated. The people must rule
The News and Observer compli
ments the correspondent and refers
approvingly to a part of the com
munication, but does the paper
endorse the above. Ed.
the tc.vmu.iut
Ciiajtbk 1, Dr. Jehu Hart ttoya!.
who ha leen scnotwiy mjurca m a
railway accident, is a passenger on a
train running to tne mountain uimncia
of Virauiia.and by chance a Dr. John
Hart Hoyal No. 2 gets on boar.l at a
way station and prontrs aiu-nun m uic
invalid. .
Chapter 2. Dr. Koyal xo. n in
sists that the suffering man shall wait
over at the town of Matoacca aad re
cruit his trenth. Tlie stop is made,
and Dr. Hoval No. 1 confides to the oth
er that he must reach a dietaut point be
fore 12 o'clock the followius day to
married to hi cousin, Phyllis Royal. A
fortune for the coufeine, bequeathed by
an eccentric aunt, depends upon the
marriage being celebrated btioro that
time. Convinced by ms mecicai j aug
ment that the prospective bridegroom
cannot make theiourney alivo. Dr. Roy
al No. 2 otl'cis to on as a proxy an
iii accepted.
Chapteu 3. The proxv reaches tLc
church where the parties are assembled
awaiting the traveler. The ceremony
is finished tea minutes to 12.
Chai'Tkk 4. The anxiety of Dr. Uo , -al
No. 1 is explained to No. 2 by the dis
covery that the bride is blind.
Chapter 5. The proxy and bride et
out on the wedding tour, and at Matoac
ca Dr. Royal No. 2 hasten? to the bed
side of No. 1 and finds that he is dcr.d,
having passed away at exactly ton min
utes to 12 on the day of the marriage.
" Chapter 6 and 7 .The prosy learns
something of the family affairs of tbe
Royals, and makes a public r c ki;owi
edgenient of Phylis as his wife.
Chapter 8. The law In the case, is
made clear, and Dr. Reyal No. 1 finds
that he U lecally married air I de
terniins to stand by it. The bride, re
mains in ignorance of the situation by
reason of her blindness and long sepa
ration from her cousin.
the fciMswludMB tb&i he vw imA Hitvu.i !
to -, hnt the incamatkm of viorhei
sAAil. It gavn hkn wlinn uithh asitwp
of laahty vhich was xnuVleDing. The
eodavor U think the things which John
Royal might hv thoagbt, and to spoek
Xim words which Jin S.'yjU rnVcsbt havr
tpokfo, nirtdo hhu at ttso feJ ain t
rdy U tt iin own thrr, i? only t
evict the intloptti fTit ".vh hi-Tm3
ttJ.-s tte mat rr:! fiic-jtyot vttti hk
"IkrKAv Usj liiK fiU-r ft tHis&i-n
h' w H ft4ri to rs hfmtod," whitri8i
(S.ily dt-cAiHoil f'Mii. IL.ri. "Kv Aimx
t)t lHov' thrut hi? id.-tity nr; ia
my iml hs had S twin. He
tyl.t U b" tltrn.i t h.i?goii to eurth
ItV U5fi2'rTf a march tK '.W-t
ginjti wl huv' cut int. Hk li.m.if.- rh
ir t;uit tv-sth !"mt th tv i--it.."
ti kV- "And sXt.-r a wh?k whi n H
yi-jf it at rt pyhyk!l i4fnnaern..r.
tit grtt interfri and :r.ip.-r". Yon li
tike pik- in i hi. e pi'ooi mni-f-t!ui
'- liiiw-? " what, an1
writ.- rvrticl-iK. v?b;-.h n'j'.K-ly will r.l.
or coiW nfKin?fc.M'l ii tivy i-vo'il
tntirvly to i ri v"'. irort v V'h y u
v.ill gain rtn -.wj
"Thtit wiy ,K"' yrntidi-! H "tut
m jfiBont "rp-jrl-Tv-H I 'h-mI duality fi
leiiur dioontjertin. If I 0- mr r: out
of this bvfore k-og I'll blort t? wh.le
tnith (it to Phylfcs, if nly tt giv my
ov-n o-lv."
! ..? lrlp Throiigli l yprrl
1 .Aini-w!. s,ttd the I!lgt ofCutic
I;rr5n,4 and U.-.ok tj Autrj-
;'p-!cia! Corn.Kr.il-n;. )
i.tirU'iii Samp.r. ln.a-1 of itstli.e
I fortst, t at veurii S.impHn nm
well his.- ,i str f.i. cr ps ?f t tt n
i aa 1 corn.
1 The v:roi- ui Mingo nre iiolhj god
jat ltt yii.r but dtidotlly much tut-:
U r than r.ny other part of the coua 1
T , V A T 1... . -. '
of cotton that is sdx iiu-h hither
than hnything around Clinton.
Found tiie land wry proluctive,
having . cly subto'.l capable of -os-taing
uny crop grown in Extern
North Carolina. J
Our first night was spent nt Mr. N.
A. Layton, a clever, csngenlal, stic
cessful farmer.
Found a good many faruiers near
Dunn trucking ti home extont.
From thence wo went through the
Scotch settlement of southern Cum
berland, finding a very fine crop of
cotton and Corn above n average and
besides tho tnot hospitable cop)t' I
ever knew.
Pas through Uodwin to And only
a t-mal town with but few house. "
Our tH'Cond night wo ujient at Col.
Tm De Vane's, one of Cumberland's
mos energetic and program farm
ers. Thf ro we spent a most enjoya
bio niglit n)y to wnko on the mer
rov. with the -ad thouirhtsof dei'urt-
urt. Pic'urt' in your imagination
p.:i ancient villa Hurroundtti by every
comfort obtainable and nil nature's
bt-jvnty to add to the nttractifit ;md
you will have that model chri.-Hrtn
homo and its inhabitants.
Wednesday we visitod Cant. J. j
Aury':i tho h;no and buinors to
some extent ! .North Carolina's
Turpentine King.
From thence wn went to the grow-
in jt and progressive town of Autry-
vil'e, the home of Capt. Autrv's
tn.riTj ru in it mammoth turpentine business. We
found b mercantile establish. i ents. 5
Mrs. Hart bmgiHxl. "I vo5l.-rrh1Hs of which wore occupied ; 2 hotel", 1
hosiievftr ip.-f tjevl anyt:i'i.
taM. joa m.y te otK-r um
niFtT appofM S to rlkvV.'W' h-r ininL To
1 sun?, th3 tinw htia Truui sti-n-t and
yonr ii.k-ivouiw dfultiry o-i.inpfr-fioiaJ;
addel to which, h-r "TtoJ eai is
sa. -milt,
The Weekly W ather Crop Hulle-
tld reports the average condition of
crops in Eastern Carolina an fol
lows :
Crops in good condition, especi
ally com. Cotton continues trom
two to three weeks late, present
condition of crops. Cotton, 70; to
bacco 83; wheat 88; oats 77; grasses
89; potatoes 82."
Grass seems to be our best natural
crop, men wny ooi rmo muiu
hay? That seems to be our best
crop. It would astonish one to
know how much Northern hay
shipped to this section each year.
Tho Wilmington Messenger on last
Country Produce handled to beet ad- Sunday says:
vantage. . . I Tho Clinton Caucasian rings the
IIefkrexue 1st National nans, changes upon the above term (com
Wilmington, N. C. aug2-ti mon people) used by us in n edito
" I rial. ITm thinks, norham he can in-
WTVJ R ARSER fiUHP. turn tb Mrwwiwr bv takincr the years, has accepted ft position on the
woras out oi ineir couuevuou uu cuuunai oiou .i.w v.v...-p, .
making them appear as if intended We are glad to know that our uupnn
(Special Correspondent.)
Miss Katie Lewis, of Wilmington,
is visiting at Mr. H. E. Btackmcre.
Matt. J. Pearsall, who has been
attending the University for three
When jou wish an easy shave,
As gtod as barber ever gave,
Just call on us at our saloon
it morning, evo or noon;
We cut and dress the hair with grace,
To suit the contour of the faco.
Our room i9 neat and towels clean,
Scissors sharp and razors keen,
And everything wo think you'll find;
To suit tho face and please the mind,
And all our art and skill can do,
11 you just call, we'll do for you.
to bo offensive.
lie thinks he can injure the Mes
senger," etc. It is unworthy of the
venerable editor of that paper to at
tribute to us any such desiro or mo
tive. We do not consider the term
common people" offensive in the
least, for wo ourselves do nut lay
bovs are doing so well.
Rev. T. P. Kicaua ana tatmiy, oi
New Berne. havebeonvisitingT.il.
Ricaud, Jr. We are always giaa to
have them with us.
There will be an Alliance picnic
at Friendship on the 21th instant
All aie invited to bring a oasKet ant
eniov the day. There will be some
fine speaking.
Delightful showers.
Huckleberries are a thing of the
upon the term simply past.
claim to belonging to any other claas ,
Shon on DeVane Street, opposite ftnd we don't think wo have many
Conrt House, over the oia a uiance friemi,, in aQy other class. We "rung
Headquarters. n rhanew"
lutTt uiii'inun tne cnauges
w.."-r, i ,r
The Clinton Barber. w rouuuu iC wwwu v fu, and the average darky is su-
.x-r-r T7TT r posterous claim mai uie common premely happy.
VY rLlijiN X J U XXvJ peonle were for Cleveland aud that The charming fr.mily of Capt. S
f o Goldsboro be sure to stop at the the politicians were trying to defeat A. Johnson left for Virginia last
nftrnnnu iMrtTmi Urvrnc him. Since such a statement if made week to spend sometime in the
UntbUni AnUblUn IIUILLO. 9Cri0U9ly would show gret ignorance moD- Hoyette, of Mt. Olive,
uoou iare, neunc ooi.n.it- infth true situation, horeiore wo n-. ;n tnwn a fi.w daw kst week on
r- itl I I wo ... w - "
largo comioriume rooui. ut in ronsiderinir it ono of Dr- a nrofestional visit
When you got off tho train " Isaac" KinR8bur hUge jokes.
everybody knows Isaac) viu ue
there. Give him your baggage and
go with him.
octlfr-tf Proprietor.
Mr. F. M. Sawyei, one of out best
young men, haa gooe to Uoidsboro
to accept a position in the Gregory
Miss Lila Lewis, who has been
Speaking of injurying the Messeu
ger, if we were to try we could not
damage it as much as did the editorial visiting her sister, Mrs. VV. R. New
In last Friday's issuo. headed "The
Atlanta meeting." An editorial
written in that style aad with that tou isviitiug the family of Dr.
spirit cannot win tne paper any McMillan.
Ite turn tttiH7 1 o iforkewed rotrnx.
A doctetaa onoe reached, Royal's mind
darifod, Ifte pooi in the qnieaceoce
wbioh Jfoikws Yirt Btirrtng up. Hie
diffionhies wew by do xaane dfe8ohed
or dfesip&feed, any more ttoan is the mod
at the bottom of the pool, bat for the
moment they sank ont of Bight.
The dy folkwtng was the one ap
mintinA frw tv nrwmfcinii. and whoo that
nhnnM 1 nrnr he wonkl bo awtkv for a I
time, o as to leave PhyiJte in the state
of absolute calm which wooM be es
sential to complete tho com He had
already exceeded the limit be bed al
lowed himself for holiday making, snd
his affaire m the weet required bis
proeeooa. His ptwctioe hd been in
trusted to a brother pbyskaaa on -whose
time and owirtieay he felt be could no
longer treepaaB, and, as be had Resumed
new reepooeibilitieH, and waa, mortxvei,
a nm by no mea-na iniepeodeot of hie
own eswtiom, it behooved hfan tore
to homo sod look after me tetttreets.
Phrtrw mttffc rotnoin tn Atesaodrfc to
b near tho ootillst for many months to
come, and daring that time oof fH nopoci
to arrange matr8 ia such ft fashion as
to withdraw bis future, in a meoeore,
from the shadow of the dead man's pact.
The feoling of possession, of being him
self, and j-et other tban himeeif, which
had been so strong upon torn dartng the
ceremony, bad modified, but enough of
it remained to make him reKtlve. ic
binwK be neither denied the impreeeion
nor attempted to explain it, and lie apofct
of the matter to no one. That tne soni
of a dying roan, freed from the material
in the intensity of a dominant and un
fulfilled desire, should, operating tbrougd
poiritual or iniaffinative laws, iufloeooe
the soul of aootner man oommatea uy
the same desire and in an abnormally
quickened condition by reason of nerv
ous excitement, was to blsn a thinkabk
proposition, and one which it would re-
bury, has returned to laison, her
Miss Maggie Davis, of W liming- QuireiKmore credulity to admit tban
would be demandea by nine-tienuffl oi
Has removed his Tailoring EeUib- triends among fair-minded men,
lishmentfrom his old stand to his either in the Alliance or outside.
office on Sampson Street, net to the
st. E. Churcn. Tho News and Observer in corn-
Rev. W. M. Shaw, our popular
Superintendent of Public Instruc-j
tion, has gone to auffoiK on a snort
Miss Maud Harris, ot itaieign, ana
low nrieSerse for "enS riofhesvS! etln on a sPch made Miss Belle Sawyer left Saturday to
low prices ior men b cioineH. jscon-i , . ... . , n:,i . r- , ..n
omy in cloth and money will force y tul A1,iaJ,w,UttU 1U "w ot"" V1f " " 'Yr l v
omjr in v j ,iflr t thn JoarHnrr I Mi3s Ella Boasle.v has gone to Ln-
VTVt 4 Oil 11
yV:rrirVi.M .1. : 'I'Z " L- : " field to visit her cousin
ray-ticov "owf'""7;B u The family of Mr. II. E.Newbury
n hand. juae un. lyr. t ... 1 j? v1Qaiirrimn-0 vHwht-
'Wrhat will people of information vilie.
I say of a speaker who indulges in Picnics are all the go now, and our
i such a wild and reckless assertion v young folks are having a grand time
They must either excuse him on the Senator Marion Butler, of Samp
plea of Ignorance, or conciuae tnat son. was in town riaay, on nis way
he its a f veay harmless demagogue, out to a Farmers' Alliance picnic at
because he: publishes 90 plainly his I Conaord; to deliver an address.
intention to mislead that no one will Asst. State Lecturer Hunter will
be deceived by him." speak here on next Wednesday, July
rnirt nnt tho nHv inntrnftra ha 29th. His appointment nas oeen
""v o o- I . " 7 . , i r .
applied at least with equal force to cnangea irom wuctw vo aguoua.
.."... . . .. . . i
tnose wno riaicuie ana auempt to
belittle the financial reforms de
Newspaper Publishers.
We will furnish vou a bright, new
sy Washington Letter every week in
exchange for a 2 inch advertising
space. Article written tooider, if
desired, on any subject.
Nat. Vidlagr Libkaiiy A ae'N, .
610 F Street, N. W.,
Ju25 lni Washington, D. C.
Tonsorial Artist,
Hair Cutting and Shaving execu
ted in latest styles. Give me atrial.
A hw Vont. in after school for bad
manded by the Alliance. Prejudice, orthography, excused himself to hia
get thee nence and let us all see trie parents by saying that he was gpeu-
truth ! ' bound. .'. ..-
the tbeees conetaotiy presented for the
consideration of mankind.
The intellectual man was in Royal
rafSctently developed to enabie htm to
recognise that all thoogbt pertaining to
that innnit wbich permeacee and wan
Bwodfl material thinos must forever root
itsett in instinct and intuition, and aL
that hie individual knowledge of the law j
of spirit or imagination, gteaned from
observation of tbeir manifestation in the
life of matter, was, reiative to bis r-
noranoe, aa a single plume from an
eagle's wing to ttie sum of tbe bird's
serial journeyings.
Still, withal. Royal was a very humar
natured man, and ince realization that
Phyllis was bis own wtft9 bad come to
him matrimonial aaaociation of her, own
in Jdoa, wkh another man had beooine
offenrtve.' It waa no that he was )oaions
of the dead man's memosy; Boyal wm
not sorSc-kctly in Iowa for that, and
would beed havt been bmptbte of the
meanness. PbyDfe, s his wife, would
be quite as fm to expend regret upon
hercoBcin a ttwaeh aba wao Btlll m-
wod. TbM which gaOed Boyal w hfa
ioabCStyfor tfMtbne to ecMa,lahc
GJatJjdsi, from the AbaA zbbt wutft5
abtOTOH.1 in anticipfttiorM tbont tbe
covt-ry of twr Fight. But yon eToblijvl
to make Wunds multitV (A
dcrt-ejjl p?wj onght to nx Aiw travi. I'm
disappointed m bftr peet ration."
j "Yon ritsxln't Na," Royal rortol.
I "My fainihax r-tan te by Ix.-ttor thnn
I t'nat. "Whi I Wt.V;r I r"er mypf
j with a mmbleneres ami wiavity whih
v,",ld si.'ni! tr, ffriL Yon nrStv-
Uv MiiiVy . "iU K,t .l.i, .11 rt VjS. ii
of substitution ruvl hnppjxion which
would f arni;ih capital fr tbs f.xniW3
of lQitny thecrioa. B-iii'VTfi, fy'j the
margin o tboe sir y-tT.s uto "irivii
oon-d-'-nvWe change may bo ot'A-di. "
In whv-h htstsiU-rnvni Koyal faeierK"!
oji a truth, for with Phyllis at dis-'i'p-
Kiiciiji? (ifxl tin 1i?T, a Mrr I.Urt ro
mai'lted, had n tK tKi t tor ruany)
win put down to the iTevitbie gr th,
moiiiftcrtn id ryRdjiwt-cv.Tit1 .!ffect?'l
by the passage of tin?. Phyllis m-m a
s-u.ble jid, wis? with thi wisdom f
t.hotvorht ard nature. ail sl; w.-w - oofi-
?eiTni of so inurh dwnge in he-Helf tht i
it tiii mirtiabio to suppow that her !
conMn had chanre'i alto. That he h.'vd
to be a demooetratlw m-vn hal
BurpriuHd ber st first, because tbe lover
of ber memory had been addicted to en
dearments. Tbon Je reflect ad that it was quite
natural be ehould no lontjor lwo her in
tho old way, sinoti, lattorly, ttvit long
gap had not even boen bridged by let
ters. It would take timo and mutual
knowledge to erx-t a new love, or rather
a newanperetrrK'tnTv in whic.n to
dwell; for tliefouudation mrtst be secure
still, eb bf ofx-ild not have done for her
sake tbe tbines which sho knew be IkuI
doni. Sbo dvl not 9x-iat the ilea of
the money with hit? oorluct in any ig
noble way. There was no intimate jux
taiwsition betwt!ei love arvl nvxy iu
ber mi ml, for life on a Vnxiy country
fana prevents tho to frori sowuing ir
any way int-lepoiKlent.
Ste cotiM twiiif tte vvwt viz ;
Msnre mmI dm itrst; it onite tokr
sat?fifioii; fr sin. wii no iikh active
ly in krve than bIk? rrapfXisrWl hercKn
to 13 CT.ly deejly gratoful, d tflll
with tmt in him v(l cntt tlmt be
6hoild be hfv hiiso tod. N- m;i Aild
be woro cwfid.ato, fei ttKnght, or
show nioreolicrta de, ia rey rd to oU.di-
ew to iBtrK"t-ia fJrboh, to bv
Buro, b wm a ph,vsi-.iau hL'rit, -k-n
of ooiirw gave.Uiwm. gw'xr vabro iu
hisen-es. His Bf.it ootitroi apiur-n m
ber nj'H mkI butlful, m J. k? tefct
Tniood that when b.?r w. sbiM be
ced-uwsdciTOh' K rl tbe
a-:T-j-niii fif woci?i fii'Tf htm
j . u x -
how ewwet & ttiir wM It a woman's
Tbt 1pt tbxmbt would hwr ytti
incW. m it bad a. ifl fs- yr3, fver her
chanoEw of rooovery of eij;ht, uotSi pho
would bethink her of ft oeah's in
atructiooa and dismic tho me-ttcr aa
much as might ho from b?r iiiial.
Saw in the matter of caresses (which
be felt would he an unfair alvantajje to
take of ber), Itoyal was not remiss ir.
loverhke attentions. He intended to
win the girl's love if posribfe before b
should claim ber aa his wifeIor be bad
wholesome notions relative to mamaga. I
While not consciously in love as yet he i
was strongly attracted, and be healthily
and manfully himself to HKke of tbe
attractioQ a bne which tbs stronger emo
tion woold ftnd it ewy to folkv. It was
in his favor that he had had no prevtotw
affaire do co?or that his profofskm had
insensibly 11 him to j?eoeraliao women.
It was in his favor also that when bo
embarked upon an enterprise his nature
drovo hfcn on the course without much
rftfflird for wi nd or Cde. If a man should
marry a woman it was his bot-inees to k e
W m his own soul, and to strain every
nerve to make her happy. Such was hie
pimple crood, a it unoooftJwdly. th
creed of more men .t3iac gain credit for
H with either tho workl or woroeu.
So Phvilis dweovered in him no lack,
being preoccupied by bet great hope
and not rendered exacting by any sel?-
ifAmess of paesior.. Oace a thought, or
rather specuiation, as to the events of
those six years of absenoo caused her to
put a (joeetion to him. They wore Bit
ting toadarkeoadroom&ejdrljU
rCorrttrraed on Second go:'
turpentine still buying
barrels tver day upon an
averagi: of ?2.T.r perbarr-1. Autrv
vili is r. beautiful littb' town, sim
vited on asanl hill onthenlth bank
of South river, on the ( F. & Y. V.
Kailrcad, 15 milos from Fayetteviile,
in the midl of an extensive turrn.'ii
tiue region. It i considered one of
the healthiest t daces on the ( F. A-
Y. V. from Wilmington to Fayette
viile, being II feet higher than any
other. We nlo found there the
South ltiver Haptist Institute v ith
indications of a fino school this fll
A. Oates, jr. l tirough uie h loiTuess
ot Capt. Autry thi'.v have aa excel
lent school building and cue ot the
prettierd churches ia the county.
Viewing thin modern little melrop-j
(di? an it in its infancy we can see
, in stnre for it a thriving, energetic
and progressive little town.
We next went to Koneboro and
j vbc TVltrd tM xtatry 1th a
! rVur tu AabfUbtnf T miwrt. m.iutar-
vm .ww .m vmmm w - Jtfmt i. mmr tium mJf
UUt cd Whil tJ t Kxuh f r b
prju-tkMlj abut liku. h tTXW, tw a
Jt V lZJ gi6 tl1 11 by
h tftUhndaiid thi. UV f buOdiati hw
11 - prkripal ww.ct Ulx m rnw
vbirh wm taakv rt impntdhfe
fjr oim to arft any of ht rtukir4 kMIo
that Che 3 ywU flralTatrn whkch
(xxjfTOntm R7 rontcmnwm la ouXm
tU. Kb tbr- toaiMitacCcuct qf Va-
rope k tho hlgber prkv U tn tKb
her, Hd tv4 fhd tiwt thorn was
:: m groat a trhTertinre of wages m
haa Uk cUnodl. Iadvd, he aajw tht.
aftir rurl innuirke tn the tndna-
trial diMtnrtu of Now Yk, Nfvr Jkwxf
JUti Pinwrvaoia. h nw Uiat thevamr
rata w mwoel 90 per at, hlghi'
than hi Ghrmany; axid he ik what thk
anouoU to vim tho mx.)Aau neodorta
aio kuI'oi4 to djtke rangtnr fmm 60 to
life) prr cuA
It h Iuuk lmaukuiwn by ptf witu
cam to infctta thintHvuof tho exact
facta fitt outvvi aiad wuiw wn
iiw owts hm tr vanr km WK
in U Urvod Statap than In avy
uroim ooontry. Wmtw are ad
laittod to bo tfnwrafly bifflwr, ut
Um znnnli li)$ttar, hw by the Jay or
br4 an xir Wiff ts numi pfwkai
iv, a yard -f dxxh laariaally wovu
unite cheaply with ue tbtui In Iorcfm.
Tnha a fareokially mrtuVd to li- the
antborn at WtfAbtngton mnW llpnb
lkyua aJmbifetrtAkiu.
In ViSi our oounb in ui woio di
reekml hy Secarotivry of tfTruarnry T.
FGhujrn to jvp(t npun tho cotton
and wwlre weavrng iitdartos m ib-ir
srspuct) w d b rxi. Oar otxmtl at Max-t4-r(
Eofijand, AUeirt D. Shaw, t
portod vyrtn the 'jotton indoftry of
Lsw-aahire. In U ivw of h.s ri ct
lirtgafeoertam t- prired by tlo
latoUbr. Janw Tbrrnly, of Maitoc,
nboHi; ta lr ojf4 ot c.ti wtwiug
at erl.Krgfkh acd.Vjnrriran ooii-!L
Tim If r. Thoridy -tJtoa Auiertcatn 1jT0
3 tii V?dw commWkwier" d tho
MiW;tfif T&itllo Mwiafacturer, and
wuf a htiV's of Wtors wlikii Vmi1
SbfcW vouchee for tun "r-huiAt"
Bito are two tables onoit'd by 0(d
Shaw tntn the Inttorp of Mr. ThunJy
which gHe the lnghuh and tho Amrri-
on cost ' weaving what ia oalV! irtnt
injr ciotb that K the ctoth tnrm wrrich
oaltoo printe art rmtdo:
I.if 1 2- rv IVjsiitii! :i:
Bock And .latnrt ftvicv. t
tMnpx Cetera? li!n.ir)
,r s
1 ii
14 j Mar4Bi4 at itlhr.
Just l.'fun lnr tereavement, Iidy
Mfccdonld, wldiw of th tato Mr
John MclVmald, cuinplottrl t,or fir I
ambition literary etr.vt ina-rlr
of articles fur The I.adleV Home
Journal, the tlrt of which Mil
uppear In tbeAugiwt number of that
jhtUkIIcuI. iMt summer Lady Mac
dor.ald, with aimrty of frier.J, trav
eled in her private st thnrUgr. th
inot plcturuc part. of ttuad,
and In a delightfully froh rianner
hhedohcnUt her e t ri tuiviott th'n
trip, in thofe article.! t hkh h
has given tl.o title of An tiKvn
ventional lloltlday." A iwrle of
U'lutlful illuAtraliotii, funt'.hd by
Iidy Muf fin I, !.il nY.mp.my
Awtdlr Uiter' ilfSf
The literary evrnt f tlif ) U!Si'tu-r
in the l-'iiltil Mat.- wiU in' U.e
ublioatitn in tb' Co:m p dt'mi
M igHiire cf hrl ?mvi 1 1 y A;. lie
KiV!, hlch nbo tvdU 'Avi .iiiii.g
o Si. J-ihi:.M It S- . 1 iv 'he
troni'-l worK from t! ): tb.it
produce. "A Hridhor to ! ar.'i-s"
and "Tb. ijui k ir tbf 1. Ui
put I ii Hi mV. in th- t.' ..ism-; -Uti.ii !
a ciun.ut'4- tii".: n.i :n.in-
iug of thokit.d tl;;.:.iiii. ,l . Stivuui
in Mh" r.Ive( earla r pr. lurt!vMn.
During her two year' : lJ.iw
abroad, Mrs. Chauh-r I.m iVilttu
nt.tl.ihg v!h- fr the pnKL ,u d '.';
prolut'l of I. r ..l.an d nli.i im y
exjK'Cted to iei: r with smctbiug
found it situated on a cly subsoil,
with a good country to back It. There
we found I3dtoro, 9 of which were
occupied; l hotel, 2 saw-mills,!! tur
I'er.tme stills and the best carriage
shops from Wilmington to Fayette
ville. lo okout, Clinton, or the new
towns will eclipMj you in trade and
progress. I), T. .
North CarolinaMuIe-- Hi Peculiarities.
Iu KimlnjnV
laAdueric -
FU itiwtm
HHMX pick 'ft if 4k
yttBlH. 9 J-TMtft.
. aa - SAi
11k i ac;tV"
ia 1 1 ; o world o
I l.jU-ra. Vx c, lttti.
;.t- !t't ln':ir i nf t hut i
miliy pap-i. "..!' rj : ,
Bill Nye, writing to the New York
World, from "Skylnnd Thought
Work-," (Hill Nye,v proprietor and
and operator) near Ashsvillf, gays:
Tho mule also flourishes here, and
it is well to take a day off while he
is doing so. The mule is rarely found
associated with his own kind here,
bat is often hitched up with a high
ly iuortified horse, or sometimes a
budding heifer of two or three sum
The isorth Carolina mule has never
been entirely satisfied with the terms
of surrender at Appomattox, and it
has embittered him a -good deal, so
that instead of taking up the duties
and obligation- of life and winning
success for himself ho strike one as
being rather moibid and unhappy,
lie. sems also prono to comment
harshly on the Kck of congeniality
among his parents, ftid to be con
stantly 2kinghim:elf. "IsMatriage
a Failure?"
W'v ciii' t!i-s follcwii.g f rom
.Sampler (S. C) App.al:
" Vo regret to chronicle tbe death
of Mr. liarry J. Carr, the well known
builder nnd contractor, which occur
red at re-idence ir. this city
Wednesday Viigt, after -an 'ill r.er-s
of six wtC-ki-. lie was a inemlwir of
the j!ethodist Church, and his fu
neral services were held t here Thurs
day evening. He, leave a wife,
three ehiidren and u number of rel
tives to mourn their Pisa."
Mr. Can was. a native of bH!i)p-on
Thin la oumpariHoo of wate8 by the
r a tim liar rwralt Is obtain! tn a
ooEipariHon of wgMi by the pooml of
cioth wr-"n. Tbu the wage vt per
pound ia: In Pall lttver, 0.907 oenta; in
Loffefl, 6.483 onnto; in Hhode Waid,
aects; In Penueyrraol, 6.44 cento;
in Engbiod, 6.0K3 cmta.
otwithf-Unding our lower wagee by
the yard and by the pound this Euglinh
man fonod thai owr weamra wore eam
ing mnramooey m a week than EntrHah
weavers did. The caune waa staple
enough. Tle Amerkam wwn ia
many am work dk$ht loarna, a thmg
TOhoard of in England.
Th figurw here giwei show a diller-
ence which certainly bae not grown lata
ainco 1970.
H'rw extremely rtdh-nkna, iu th iight
of these facta, beootn the cry of p-
toctVio for Amerirn laborf" Uuw ftxA-
teii the fear of the "wam-r aljor t4
(Special Correspondent.)
Roseboro has iKM-.n sib-nt for a
week but .she goes cheerfully toTm;
Caucasiax again.
The turpentine trr.de is adding
much to our little town among tb
stump and the sale are constantly
increasing. The pricecomiote with
anv in the county.
I The bte rains seem t miik the
farmers ;n this section rejoice.
The colon d people hav '-r.nouae-ed,
and desiro It announced throu;;h
your column thrd. there will Im a col
ored picnic at this ihw A uust
Thei wisli b make it
gun o: Siiinwy j ajei-, j.r
ingarul jtopultu V," eV ly D. tiu.t Kr-;
rre--.? For a concriti.ni its r. Utie
has been a house.Vdd woi J uf.l b:i
beconio a M i.onym for all that i a
cd!ent,purcar.d elevating in jeura
alim. It is U lightfu'.ly ei.tctl.ia.
ing, v.lthoul rtrt bi t in nti
nientalisTii, instrtu ti e vrithout In iug
prosy or jedanti Coiublnir.g the
literary qoa!iti of tho expet.i.ve
maga.ini with th- ! fight, l rctv
leaves nothing po t e ik-ir i-..
aventge n ader. It i. looked upon a
it welcome visite r by v-ry t.imily
wh rrads it, -a Li io tlioufaud- r-gtnl
it ;s iiidi ipeosabSe :tiI would u no
account go without ii. An enermou1
circulation of 12', c.j l(- per
we k attests it wonderful p.ipulfri-
ty. Jlvog:w.Irig th: f-ct that ther,
are those v.ho Aru uufauiidac w ith
its surpailng merits as a homo pa
per, the publlsiiers o:Tt-r to pvuil The
Fire Pro: to tkiu tor the balance
of tlii year (over llvo month for
only .W cents a club of four ior 1 1
or a club of teti lor $2. All our rend
ers should pubncrlbe at once. Sam
ple eople free.
Itev. James II. Corden, p.ittor M.
F. Church, Wilaon, N. C, xnyn i 1
have usel Hradycndino and never
in a single instance fallel to otdain
immiliate relief firun headache
when directions were followed. v
How Is 'VUisr
We ofler One Hundred I)o!lar-i Jl -ward
for any ease of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by taking Hall' Ca
tarrh Cure.
F. J. CI I EN IS Y t CO., i'roMM Tole
do, O.
We, the undervigiird, have knoM u
F.J.Cheney for the last 10 years,
and lHjlieve him jierfoctly honorable
in k11 busim-HS transKtions andllnan
ciallyabb; to cany out any oblign-tton-
made by th irJirm.
Wkst A Tui ax, Vho!.do Drug
gists, Toledo. (.
Wai.ivn'i;, Kinnan A Mahvim,
Whob-s.tle i)rUjZU, Toledo, O.
Hull's (,'atarr.i Cure i l.iken inu r
nidly, acting dire tly ujkjii tlie bhyjj
and mucus j-.trfacsi of the syU-iu.
Price 7rK-. jK-r bottle. Hd bv J.
11. Smith, lrugg!,- Mi.unt :ive,
N. i:id lr
ton, N. C
Ii. n.lioliub-y.riir.
l it!:, lslU.
quite enjoyaoie
rse. Ihi-ywlii Jiave (eo. JX'l.ur
lK'k, John's. I.-ary, G. V'. Herrb.g
avid .M.N. Ilo-mc?, co'ore', to ad
dress then on th occasion. They
have also employed I hv colored land
of Fayettevilio to make aiiwic f..r
the occasion. They invite all.
occasion fur tledr
wiii:i:i; .iohnston'
i i. r
There.sUnU- threo tnil-- vi of
Larham, UKlghlT the North Or
olina I tail road, Jit bumtJft, :ipre
tcalious cabin. I?: tbi cabin John
r,t.n Tiul Sh4 rn.n.'i mrrc th.:iiB qutir
1;t -f a ce.-.tury ngo rietl ;urii;i' d
with him tho de ad of hi- surren
der tu htiii. The historic 'cabin ii
Mr. Barton iluilard, who has beeu ; uoK ,nVi;Kt bv Mr. Ii. L. Duke, of
quite sick for the p;--t six mouths,
was in town a tew days ago. We
hoi. to so.' him ent'teiy well soo;i.
SwiNi:t:nv & Co.
La Grip? Aaiu. S
During the epidemic of La Gripie t
last season King's New Discovery j
for Consumption, Coughs and Colds,
proved to be the bt?d remedy. Re
ports from the many w no useu u
confirm ibis statement. They were
not only quickly relieved, but the
disease left no bal after results. We
aslc you to give this remedy a trial
and we guarantee that you will be
satisfied with restlts, or the purchase
price will be refunded. It has no
equal iu La Grippe, or any Throat,
Chest or Lung Trouble. Trial bot
tles free at Dr. It. H. Holliday's
Drugstore, Clinton, and Mr. John It.
Smith's Drugstore, Mt. Olive, N. C.
A recipe for lemon pie vaguely
adds : "Then sit on a hot stove and
stir constantly." Just as if anybody
could sit on a hot stove without stir
ring constantly.
Ihtrh&m, who contemplate having
it taken to the Chicago World' Fair
fur exhibition.- Ex.
I m:v. anii:kson m TLicfj in
Pnris is iuughingovera joke about llcv- A: A "'f1 S TTm-
Wake Forest College, has b'een to n-
an American inventor who is said to
have patented an electric corset that
is to bring about the reign of moral
ity at once. If one or these articles
is pressed by a lover's arm it at
once emits a shriek like a railway en
gine ; aud the inventor claims that
he has already married three of his
daughters, owing to the publicity
thus thrust upon a backward lover.
Mirtle M. Tanner, Boon ville, Ind.t
writes: "I had blood poison from
birth. Knots on my limbs wre as
large as ben's eggs. Doctors wdd I
would be a cripple, but B. B. B. has
cured me sound and well. I shall
tver praise the day the men who in
vented Blood Balm were born."
porarily called by the congregAti m
of. the Second Baptist chinch to fill
the pulpit made vacant by the re
moval Be v, J. N. Booth to Edge
field, S. C. Mr. Butler will have
charge of the church during his va
cation, at the clos3 of which he v. ill
return to his studies at Wake Forest
College. Durham Globe.
It Is very Important hi this ac of
vast material progress that a remedy
be plealng to the taste and to the eye,
easily taken, acceptable-to the sto
mach and healthy in its nature and
effects. Possessing those qualities.
Syrup of Figs is tho one perfect laxa
tive and most gentle diuretic known.
r '
- i

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