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any more.
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m;u.:ng iyp. lour
i. n a printed label with the
rn your subscription expires.
,iiit to send your renewal (if yon
,v,t!it tin paper another year) at least
v week before your subscription ex-
I- !,,;- ... . ...
Mr. Hrown, of the lirm of
i:M,wn . arlnr, of (ioldshoro, X.
uill t.ik subscriptions and give
,, ..... mts for tli- Cmtasian.
;iT til. 'it
.'town is our autliori. d agent
I .ice.
.1. I'
S'.;tm:ii), Alliance organizer
for tli" eleventh district of X. (!., is
.,1,! Iiuri.fl to take subscriptions for
I ii i, ( '. f .'A-i A N titid trive receipts
j'.ii- niihx't ipiions. Ilia district is
, ,,ni) )ni 1 of Kowan, Ciihirrua, Meek
l.nliiii, (Jiiriton, Lincoln and Jte
cou it ti-H. Address him at
jiiut iHvi!lf or Charlotte, X. (J.
j l. A. KlMlKKI'ON.
u, Hi'- I 'ops they are a-popping;
Ati'l. you bet there'll be no stopping,
1 ill jou liciir of something dropping,
Like n thousand tons of brick.
n run tell il hy tli' humming
ul tln ir voices, by the drumming
til their cohorts they are coining,
A imI arc coming double quirk.
I ruin I'"' ' ii try they are swarming,
( r t 1 1 lie shops t lieir ranks are forming;;
nil I heir hosts will soon be stormi ng
I'hi' proud walls of Mammon'
Von an (lout it, you ran scout it,
I'.ni they'll get there, don't you doubt it :
Ami ttify won't hi- long; about it,
V hen they once begin the light.
"I'ii the riing of the masses,
Hi tter get in from the wet :
Ami the men who live by plunder
They had better stand from under,
I nr t here's going to be some t bunder
liaised when once the ranks are
t of the aires
ort A woman In North Carolina and
perhaps In the South.
President Cleveland hr.d been invited
to attend the commencement, and
wrote a letter expressing regrets at
not being able t be present and wish
ing a grand future for the University.
Senator Ransom, who could not be
present, sent a telegram of regret and
good wihe.
The following degree were con
fereI :
Herbert Hingham (rum laude). I .
I.ristol, .1. T. Farreli (ciiiii laude), V.
A. ifraham, II. II. Home (minima cum i t,z, ;net;t.,;An
laude), W.C. lcAlli,ter,l. K. M.Jiue j m1 Talnw.1 '"Stltlltions.
i. A. .MiKre, I,, ii. I urucr (cum lande),
W.V. Wicker, SI. II. Vount.
K. Alexander (magna rum laude),
W. It. Allen, I.. I. Ilrngil.-ii (cum laude;,
'. II. I .ui .tenter, I . I.. Carr (minima
cum laude). .1. .C;irr (rum laude), IJ.
Howell (magna cum laude;, A. I'.. Kim
hull (cum laude .1. W. McAllister, II.
McT. Thompson (mana cum laude,.
C. V. riimlmsoii. I...kIi Weill. II. K.
I. Al II Kl liKS I V M 1KMK.
M. i.ordeii, '1'. K. W. Uorden (ruin
lande), II. K. . I'.rjam, W.l . Klutiz,
I . I,ind."ey, 'I'. IJ. Little (rum laude;,
I. K. Mattocks, K. . Myers (magna
cum laude;,.!. I.. I'atlersoin cum lande),
1C. T. r. Steele, . I. F. (iaithei (da '!i;;.;
A. 1.. luickel, W. I.. Scott, W. J.
is. ; F. t ;
A. 15.
I5ridgers, J. M. tiruliam, I'h.
Harding, I'll. 15.; i.C. I.ee,
' I'is t he conllii
II has hern loretold by sages,
And mi poet's, prophet's pages
For a thousand years or more.
It is coming. We are near it
The f.iiut. rumbling don't you hear it?
liinl your armor, do not fear it,
"l is the last and liual war.
U hen the hosts of toil from slumber
li:ill arise in strength of number,
And shall smite the foes that cumber
F.arth with ancient forms of
hen the evils shall he righted,
And. above the lanes benighted,
I' reeiloin's heaeoi.H shall the lighted,
And the earth is tilled wijh song.
ii. the Tops are up and coming,
Yon can year their voices humming,
Vnii can hear their cohorts drumming,
t i... i : ..... r. ... iii.h iVnir
Von can see their forefront gleaming,
Von an nee their banners streaming
In the dawn-light, on them beaming,
For the new and grander day.
1lit t'eitteiitilul Celebration ami Coin-iiiriii-riiirnt
M eek C'oiifn rli'j; of He-
Fast week was a notable one for the
State University. It was commence
uienr, week, and also the centennial
luniinenceiiient of the institution,
tirailuates of the F diversity were
present from all over the Fnion. The
programme began on Tuesday with
exercises by thesenio"" class. This was
billowed by the annual contest in ora
tory hy represent ives of the two
literary societies.
tin Wednesday morning tlie spacious
auditorium held an audience of ;j,(KK
people, while on the stage were two
hundred and lil'ty of the most promi
nei uivii in North Carolina, and among
them were Home who had been students
of the University lil'ty years ago. This
gathering of people sang the "Centen
nial Song," which was composed by
Mrs. ('. I. Spencer.
Col. A. M. Waddell, trie ornate and
eliiiuent speaker of the Cape Fear, de
livered t he address of the day. After
this I'rof. E. A. Alderman read the
"Centennial Ode," which had been
'imposed hy Mr. .1. I. Lynch, a niem
lier of the class of lMUP. This was fol
lowed liv an address from Sir. A. II.
Kller, the orator or the "New Univer
sity" as against the old, and the morn-
uur programme closed with tne reau
ing of an original poem by Mr. Henry
Jerome Stockard.
The afternoon was consumed in the
A In in ii i banquet which was a brilliant
Kai tiering ot the nest men oi me im
versity. There were 2." present, the
hall being well II lied and all being
"iiil'urtably seated.
Alter a hearty enjoyment of the ban-
'Ui t, t hose present sat for live hours
with deliirht throuirh the following
Urogram me :
AI.I'M.M BAN'Jt'KT, JUS K ", 1 SO"
Song "The University of North Car
Home, A. 15., '.11 ; J. M. Old
15., ".; Si. II. Yoiint, A. 15., ".C.
K. II. ISattle, W. T. I airclotb, l. M.
Furrhes, Thomas M. Holt, Walter A.
Montgomery, Mrs. C. 1. Spencer, A. M.
lilK'lllltH OF DIVINITY.
O. II. Davis, A. F. Fhillips, Jtohert
Strange, A. D. I'.etts.
Mathematics..!. H. Alexander, A. 15.
Kimball, D. Findsey; French, .J. E.
Alexander; English, .1. E. Alexander,
II. M. Thompson : Latin, T. O. Carr;
ienn.ii, A. 15. Kimball; Natural I 1 1 i I -osophy,
D. Lindsey; History, II. M.
Junior class Honors, .F, W. ( anada,
.F. C. Filer,.!. F. Webb, W. Ii. Webb, Jr.
U. Craige, D. Eatman, W. 15. Fergu
gNson, Jr., K. II. ( Jrr ves, C. Fane, J. 15.
Lindsey, Jr., W. II. McNairy, W. Un
;.S.Carr,J. K. Doier, E. K. Cra
ham,li. II. Lewis, Jr., W. (i. Face, J.
D. Sowerby,.!. D. Webb, Jr., 1. II. Kley.
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased pottion of tlie ear.
There is only one way to cure Deaf
ness, and that is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused 'y au
intlanied condition of the mucous
lining of tlie Eustachian Tube. When
this tube gets inflamed you have a
rumbling sound or imperfect hear
ing, and when it is entirely closed
Deafness is the result, and unless
the inflammation can be taken out
and this tube restored to its normal
condition, hearing will be destroyed
forever : nine cases out of ten are
caused by catarrh, which is nothing
but an inflamed condition of the
mucous surfaces.
W will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by
Hall h Catarrh Cure, send tor cir
culars, free.
F.,.T. CHENEY & CO.,
' ' Toledo, 0
IrEfSold by Druggists, 75c.
Kveryw here We Go
We Ii nd some one w ho has been cured
by Hood's Sarsaparilla, and people on
all hands are praising this great med
icine for w hat it has done for them and
their friends. Taken in time Hood
Sarsaparilla prevents "serious illness
by keeping the blood pure and all the
organs in a healthy condition. It is
the great blood ponder.
llooil'a fills
Become the favorite cathartic with
every one who tries mem. z-c. per
The State tfoiversitj U 100 ye&xB
old. The centennial com me tiCemeut
laet week waa a notable event in the
history of the State. It waa the fir.t
Southern university and one of the
first in the United Spates. Every
State baa eince followed onr example.
Thia great seat of learning haa
played an imortant part in the hia-
tory of the State and ta one of ita
One of the uiot notable featureb
of this commencement waa the call
of the roll of claases on centennial
day. The first response waa from
the graduating claaa of 1821 Dr.
D l.'oscett, of Wilmington. He is
the oldest living aluninna. All who
graduated br-fore have been called to
their final account.
From 1821 down to 1805 the
dadoes filed up, one after another, on
the rostrum. In some caea only one
waa left to tell the story of th,e who
had gotie liefore. A number of
ntarjy every clasa who are living
wrote that they were too poor to go.
Aa class after ckta tramped up
with their decimated ranks, and the
history of each memlier living and
dead wa3 told by a member of t'le
claas, the scene was at once tragic
and pathetic, noble and inspiring
Thus a large part of the history of
the State for over a half a century,
passed in review, while every brealt
in the large audience waa moved
with varied and mingled emotions.
The orators for centennial day
were ('ol. Wad doll, of Wilmington,
and Mr. A. II. Kller, of Winston.
The former spoke for the old Uni
versity before the war; the latter for
the new University.
lhe speech of Col. Vaddell waa a
master-piece of beautiful diction and
graceful delivery. The speech of
Mr. Kller (a young man of the class
of 1K85), while no less beautiful in
diction, was a master-piece of broad,
progressive and stirring thought.
The class of 1885 and the whole
University should, be proud of Mr.
Eller. Considering the time, the
circumstances and the occasion, his
speech was one of the most striking
and impressive ever delivered in the
Mr. London and Dr. Weeks both
read papers of rare historical value.
Their productions should be pub
lished and preserved.
1 he alumni banquet was another
notable feature of the exercises. The
State needed another building
for its University, but on account
of the condition of the treasury the
last legislature was unable to ap
propriate the inoney. The Alumni
of all ages, from 80 years down
to 10, met and raised over $18,000
tor this buiimns to be known as
Alumni Hall. It will cost $50,000,
and when completed the Alumni
will present It to the State as an ev
idence of their love and debt of grati
tude to the great institution so wise
?y founded by our patriotic Tievolu
tionary ancestors. There is no Uni
versity in America that has a warmer
hold on its sons than the University
of North Carolina:
The speeches of the College boy
were also noted for their originality
or thought ana broad, progressive
spirit. The young man who got the
Representative Medal ?poke on"Cor
porate Tower." In a bold, striking
and impressive speech he showed n
the growing and alarming evil in
fluence of private corporations over
legislation and commerce. There
are but few colleges in America
where a student who spoke on such
a subject could have gotten a medal,
even if he had the brain of Daniel
Webster and the eloquence of De
mosthenes This young man will
be heard Ironi again.
FC3 rCIE ftlVEB.
''"I8U I"-To nock for Um u4 .
One littl eH brought about fifty
citizen of Jtekigh together in Met
ropolitan hall on Friday night of
last week for fhe purpo of getting
an expression iff opinion on the g
naneial qtKtrsn, and for sending
delegates to th bimetallic confer
ence at Memphis on June 12ih and
Fth. The meeting was strictly non
partisan. 31. T. Lrs.eh, Ej., was elected
chaittnan and Hal A jer," editor of
the Cai casus- was made secretary.
When Mr. Leach took the chair he
aaid" we a re not hereto repreaentany
political party." H made a strong,
ringing talk in which he exeorinted
the last nation! Congress and the
Democratic administration for failure
to carry out the pledges made to the
people. While he was throwing this
hot shot every word o' which was
vigorously applauded by the listen
ers peculiarly fuiinv thing occurred.
Mr. Jusephus Daniels, the editor
of the News and observer was in the
hall when the meetiugopened. When
Leach began to lash the adminis
tration and to evoke applause by
what he said, the editor of tho News
and Of server got up and eaxily ijliihd
out of the hull, and he Mierexme kirk.
Somebody said he was sick next day.
Perhaps it was brought on by the
speech of Mr. Leach, who is an ar
dent Demoe-ratland whoso mercilewsly
scored Mr. Cleveland and the admin
istration generally which includes
Hoax Myth.
Mr. Ed. Chambers Smith, ex-chairman
of the State Democratic Exec
utive committee offered the follow
ing resolutions: j
1. That we advocate the free and unlim
ited coinage of silver and old by the gov
ernment of the United .States at the ratio
of lt to 1, and in doiiiK so we are not asking
any favors or concession from any one.
but are simply demanding that the preat
wrong done the masses of the American
people in 1ST.' he undone and that, silver be
restored to the position it occupied from tlie
foundation of our government up to ttje
perpetration of that crime.
2. That in our judgment the in.niediatc
resumption of the free and unlimited coin
age ol silver hy the government of the
linited estates, as it existed prior to lsT.'J
without waiting one moment for the co oi
peration and without reference to the
conduct or policy of any nation on earth,
is the great duty that now confronts the
American iteople,.and we appeal to all men
of every shade of political opinion in North
Carolina who believes as we do, that the
restoration of the free and unlimited coin
age of silver means the restoration of pros
perity to our homes to join with us in the
great, battle of lSUti, which we intend to
wage to wipe out the crime ot 1S3, and to
secure for our State good laws and govern
3. That regarding the question of the re
sumption of the free and unlimited coin
age ot silver as the shadowing one in Amer
ican politics, we urge that such action be
taken by the various bimetallic leagues as
will open the way to, a union oi the mends
of silver coin, in their support of a candi
date for the Presidency and candidates for
Congress who can be relied upon to stand
Th eighth annual celebration lf
theGoUfoxd Battle Oruand conpaay
ill be held oa the bitne Hu!
field of Gailford Court lioase, Jalj
4th. 1505.
The committer r( invitation U: D.
Sehenek, it.di&t; David L Cfark,
G. S. liradshaw. JjiiaesT. il.Mf-I,..!
J. S. Cannicghm, 8. Jsterlinr Jae.
Joseph M. Ib-ec-. II. H. C&n!-...
JaWx MendcnhaH.
The t;ci!furd Hattb- OruatJ f..iu-
pany was organized Mav t"th. Lv7.
at Jirwnsboro. N. C.
Its object is to ndi-etu from n.u'i
t, . i . i .. , . ...
iue uaiue Il Id ul (iuilfonl I "...iff
House, and adoru it as a park aud
erect monument, thereon. It owns
seventy fire acres of this battle Held.
wnicU is laid out in walks, drives aud
avenues. There are eiirht monu
ments already completed, and vu in
course of construction. Five oV
lightful springs are bandootuely fated
up. Lake Wilfopg, on the grounds.
is a lovely shet-1 of water. Ten thou
sand people attend the celebiation
every year. The addresses all lise
to the dicnitv of historv. Th
museum relics is a most valuable aud
interesting feature.
lhe battle was foaeht between
en. Nathaniel Greene and Lord
Comwallis, March 15th. 1781. The
LJntish were driven from the St:it.
The magnificent statue of Maior
Jostph Winston, presented to the
company by ex Governor Thomas
M. Holt, will be unveiled and devi
ated. The oration, will be bv Geo.
T. Winston. LL. I). rrexi.L-nt of tln
University of North Carolina. Sub
ject: "The life aud times of Joseph
The Tobacco Crop
m hr anraont of tulphatc of potth. ExpcrtmcaSt t&oO
Uat the hrt yields and the best quality arc prxxWI from
Icrulizert containing
Not Less than 12 Actual Potash,
Purchase only knJTum cruinlng th'tn amount actual poCiNh In tba
. - j J wiJU4.4 V LUC . m
ot Potash.
VS cart tMitilM t
T wej rr
Are Xun Citr-Sirk Wlirn Traveling?
Car-sick ness is as trying to many
pojle as sea-sickness. It conies
from a derangement of the stomach.
One of 11 i pan's Tabules is an in
surance against it, and a box of
them should be in every traveler's
Itipans Tabules may be obtained through
your nearest dniigist. Trice 50 cents a box
lluie'H Crcrk Arailfiny.
Thursday, May 'J3id. was com
mencement day at Isuie's Creek
Academy. The exercises, consist
ing of orations, recitations, dia
logues aud music, were pionouuccd
the bess ever witnessed here. The
crowd was estimated at 2,00(1, and all
seemed pleased at the exercists.
lion. o. j. ncaroorougn, wno was
to have delivered the address was
not present, but the time was well
occupied by Kevs. C. . Brooks of
Jonesboro, and J. J. Adams of Holly
lue popular and flourishing insti
tution has had the most prosperous
ny me peopie in nieir greai mruggie ior n- session in its nistorv. two humiret
nancial emancipation from the evils of the auj one students having been enroll
single gold standard. , , . "
n ed iinriiiL' tho nast vear.
" ( j
Speeches were made by E. C 'Smith,
Secretary of State, Coke, Otho Wil
son, railroad commissioner; B. C.
Beckworth, ex secretary of the State
Democratic executive committee;
Hal Aver and Mr. J. B. liatehelor,
The trend of all the speeches, with
the exception of that of Mr. Batche
lor, was for the free coinage of sil
ver, and assertions were freely made
on all sides that no man would get
B. G. A.
Tb Ab.ar.l l'.lt ml lb hrf r iHa
tllr-U ilb ar ( i.n.ai, 1 h,Ma.
eriHfr "arr i in iith-r ridii nl
on and bnrd Miiin.n! i th- ut-je-t
of ridicule hy -mi t h tr..iii; t
Iartiafi iK-tmn-rat ic a-r.
Tbi w brtxigbt on ty a uim(i
attitude foiicv-rnitig tin- planting f
telepbt.ne pi!e- and running of wire.
The lelepliotic company put M.nif MiIe
along the i-idewalk roniiing bj the
Joverimr's mau-io'i. 'I hf governor
ordervo tlie romj. any t ren,..ve them.
and hen the con. nam refu-ed tod..
it, he ordered mhii Himi to i tiltlielli
lown. l he no n app-ared with ae:
but at the ..nine time i.uie idi.f.
men came on the .-nie and -aidth-
had leeii in-tru t .1 b Ma..r Ku l.
arrest the tir-t man who tllk an e
in a jM.le. And th.-n Imxiii an ab-ur.t
and rilieiiluii. - ; 1 . . t i 'xtwe.-n ,..
governor and llie majcr aitowbo ui
boss of the M recti around the inn
ion the ui.i..r claim in i.- t bat ill i )
treets were under t he p- ial jtirixlic
tion of the cilj, and the goiemor
claiming the right of eminent domain''
over the M reels near the ;..., r,,..,
M'tHti-m. Tlie row into which tlu-se
two HeiniM ralic worthies have irot ten
ntoover Ibis matter would beamuing
if it were not (ligii!.tiiigy devoid of
common sense.
This and some ot her matter in w hi h
the executive has become ridi. iil.ni-lv
ntangled has led a correMiondeiil of
UN to make the following
Tlrtr tlh annual mx.huI ttr lt,.
rr A-it.bi y v.li U- I,, ,i ml
lwJ ll),jLtirlMllt. 1h. It
will ! tbr m.( taluablo iiM-rtiif j
all to the trailer ai.d tt-- ti...t rn-
jo) able to all tri'C.Un . rtu. aTlt'li.
ui.g t be , .4,-1 nlu. il.t l-r-
PirrM i.n thr prti:raunic a- lr. M.
A. Mowrv. I'r-ij i.t .( Mariba ine-ya-d
Sl.,; .r. . Win.fcip. ,.
New Knclaiid .'.mm I .f I ducatMHi ;
Mr. Ttdik Miller, ibe v.Miitr favorite
dial.-, i M-akrr. 1 be I.iIm t rder .f
-nh ar. luia laim tt, j.'a. r-1
mi the proirraii.ii,.-. 1 be nlu, .-tioi.al
rk and ib ii.u.i, ai t,.i ra, y rn.
lertalliliii m. t II m- 4 rare (r t l-itbe
thousand. vb. i.l m- r.-ni tln
e.;ti. Kailroad rate unl kUhiI our
oiie-lialf cent a little, and t.ard at At
Ullti. llnlt-l i only I.ll adav. I lt krt
on sal. .ill lie I ..Ml lo .il, gtwt.1 t
turn until J;ily
lit llr I alt.
Tlif t ily t.f Calt-iti lia raiel
'wtuly-fivt hundred dollar It tb-
j.iirH,r t.f pajmg premium for the
iei .-.lAU-fair. rr. -idrnt i rr ha de-
ur-i that lie will make the
fair a rect.rd breaker.
1 1 oinuig
4vattl xliw.1 t taMtlnrr.
Mr. Joseph I. (itMlwin ha Imtii ap
M.inicd etmiity m h. I examiio r It.r
V ake count) under I be tiew law. other
t.unl) r Valnilif r bate lii apfMtiiited
a loiiow: Aiamaii. e. V. . Memiug.
i.raham; Warren, J. :. n.lnell.
Uarreiitoii; .ltme. 'Ilt.ma .1. hit-
L '..... .... . tt'.i t ..- ..
, , . in.... , . , ii.ii..aiijt-s t . na , I
i.imiiiy; joii-i-.it.il. Ira T. f urling,
ton. unth; 'umU-rland, II. C. King
good br j.cf jbro.
To ccor;, but w
i;d and s;coflfjc.
jSt bought Cotfoltii
Cause 5he T-dbirtr
UoJjtnd he could tjrtft
afcr effect. Now
ha A3 found tfia BtSTf
2,-d moat AeafTtfuf tHiorN
MA tmU r
cxica&a u4 st. tcu.
To tti e Farmers of Ts'urlh Carolina.
Insure your property in The Peo
ple's Mutual Fire lusuranee Co., of
North Carolina. The People's Com
pany does no business in the busi
ness portion of incorporated towns;
accepts detached property only, and
can carry your risk for you at a very
low rate 01 premium (about one-halt
the support of the speakers, whatever of WU!tt you now pay
nis pontics inigut oe, wno was
not suuarely in favor of free silver
coinage at the ratio of 1G to I.
I i n rv 1 3 1 n rf W V A rill l ArYCkC
V ' Ul VfclVU V' . . ' A . . ". .1 ....
the resolutions were adopted there
being only one dissenting voice.
The chairman was authorized to
appoint fifteen delegates to the Mem
phis bimetallic convention.
i he rouowing delegates were
Oct Coke, E B. Barbee. Judge
Walter Clark, It. II. Battle, W. E.
Ashley, E. Chambers Smith, W. II.
Rand, Armstead Jones, Herbert E.
Norris, E C. Beddingfield, John C-Scarboro,-
B. C. Beckwith, H. C.
Olive, John Drewry, Frank Stronach.
We want a few reliable men for
agents; only those of good moral
standing and undoubted responsibil
ity need apply. Reference required.
For full information, write or aj
plyto. 7 R. D. APPLE,
Gen. Agt., Roxboro, N. C.
Mch 143 mos.
Itiehard Olney Sueceedit Gresliaiu an Secre
tary of ..tate J uilson Harmou Suceeeitx
The President has appointed his
former Attorney-iteneral, Jiciiari
(Mney, to succeed . il. Cresham, de
ceased, as Secretary of State. Mr.
Olney is more famous as Attorney-
General, for failing to get alter the
big trusts 111 the country, than lor any
other reason. lie is a pronounced goni
standard man, and has a contempt for
the great masses ot the people, lie will
make an ideal Vleviaixi. secretary.
.ludson Harmon, ot Ohio, has been
appointed Attorney-General. He had
never been mentioned in connection
with the office. He is said to be an able
lawver. but lie has not been promi
nently known. It may lie asserted,
however, that Cleveland kmnrx him. He
is about lifty years) old, and a resident
of Cincinnati.
"XnrthCaroIinannd her University,"
"v. Klias Carr. TU.
" l he Up-opening f the University
in 1m;.V Uobert Watson Winston '7l.
"The University, it Merits tlie Sup
P"rt of all Patriotic Citizens." ex-Gov.
Thomas M. Holt. V.:i.
" the Four Maries." Kemp Plummer
b'attle. 'pi.
"The University in its Uelations to
Uliureh and State." William Anderson
l.ntliri.. 'Ill
"The University and the Alumni serving girls of the State. The amount
" hat the University does for her sons," to be raised is $5,000, and more than
Interesting Feature tf This Famous Old
Winston-Salem, X. C, June 4.
Salem Female Academy commence
ment is always a matter of interest to
the entire State. This year there were
several features that added to tne 111
terest of the occasion. One was the
nresentation of the Senator V ance
' !.! t. i. r ll
memorial wniuuw oj uic tiu ui
Another pleasing feature was the
fact that tint Alumnae scholarship fund
has reached a sum that enables the
ollicials to use the interest, and from
this time forth the fund will steadily
do its quiet work of good deeds for de-
Herman Barrel! Home, ".'.
"The Alumni and the University
What her sons owe their Alma Mater,'
bocluH raiir. '(): Charles Duncan Mc
Iver. "s.
.'ii... 1 - . .1 ,.. t.,,il.h e
tne i inversiiy anu me lujur,
Marion P.utler. 'S.V
"lhe University and the Press,'
'osephiin lianiels. SS.
"lhe University and the Public
School." Alexander Craham. '68
"Our Sister Universities." Dr. Paul
Ii. Itarringer, University of Virginia
vitrrthe stteakinir. the sum 01 if.
:m was subscribed for the purpose of
erecting a new and handsome alumni
U night, the exercises of the day
were i loM.d with addresses by Henry
niiainl London on "The University
""ring the War," and Stephen ISeatire
half the sum is now in hand
Sunday morning the old Moravian
church was nlld to overflowing by a
throng of people vho came to listen to
the able sermon delivered ty tne i;c
Kev. Joseph B. Cheshire, I). D., of
Kaleisrh. and to enjoy tne music
specially prepared for this occasion
JHOIIuay aim jitrntiajr nnc scimi
days. The gradrating essays were
short, crisp, and interesting, and the
topics in many cases were conneccea
With great questions 01 juie present
Tuesday airernoon a ioau ea-nioit
.1 .1... .. . I.:..!.
was coniiecieu Willi me art exiuoit.
This was a novel feature and one hav
ing great interest connected with it
Historic Salem was mere, witn a nun
tlrt.il interesting relics; the historic
academy was there, witn irs pewter
Kard Week ..n Hie "Hi. University nlates.uuaintadveriisements; rue com
Alumni iri the War." . mercial, industrial anu natural science
There ant tt.Mii mil enll of the denart ments were represented; the
lasses that have graduated from the pictures of the principals from 1302 to
l ifiversitv? mid pnchy class was the nresent time held a prominent
'Hlled, its!memhers woule respond by place in tlie hall.
v.. i ........ " ... I 'i'i..i.i..(.v mni-nino. flip cnmnience
n'Mi v 1 1 1 1 1 k r 1 1 u n Hi.inriii aiitt . lakiiijc i iiuiuhj ......
wt4 uhi..h uaiiu...iv imnrvitnUi.. ment oroDer took place. The orator
.. .... ,1 t. . et. . .t .. I . . . n n.trlir. .1
mi i iuirsiiav thu ntr.eritiance i n- i was a irii teu anu riuuusui. m. cutis n
reused. This was irraduating day. ian, Mr. James M. lieck, and the great
there w..ri n.ii.f v.itriit. ui-ndpnilc 1 Audience wa9 deliehted with his eltort,
(Craduatcs, upon whom various degrees The diplomas were presented to the
were conferred. The degree of Doctor fifty-three graduates oy liisnop kodq
W4 ami 1'iinfurFail tin Airs. (! P. I thaler.
Spencer. This action was one of much We notice from the catalogue that the
interest, siiw o It i. t.hf Hrt instance in number of students and instructors
wuich nucha degree has been conferred 1 exceeaiw mis year.
Too many colleges are to a greater
or less extent either mere carnal
deuslfor old fogyism or hot, beds for
teaching the poisnonous doctrine of
trusts and the vested rights of mo
nopolies. The former is the result
of stagnation and dry rot arising
rom the domination of an effete ar
istocratic class; the latter the result
of gold domination, arising from
arge endowments or gifts to the
college from the mililonaire heads
of trusts and monopolies. The latter
evil is now the most prevelaat aud
by far the most dangerous to Amer-f
ican liberty. The monopolies are
controlling many of our colleges aud
churches and this is anoth
er case of the wolf in
sheep's clothing. Not so at our
own University. It is not only the
State s University, but is the peo
ple's University.
The speeches of the graduating
class were equally as striking. The
speech that was graded second
was by Mr. Bristol on "Independence
in Politics. lie showed Sthat one
of the greatest stumbling-blocks to
progress and good government was a
blind adherence to party name after
the party had deserted its principles
and was lead by men who had. be
trayed the people. He said that the
good men who thus blindly followed,
such a party were the men who made
it possible for corruption to rule in
high places, who made it possible tor
hard times to prevail in the midst of
an aouuuance oi tne prouucis oi
labor. If the author of this speech
had had a better delivery he would
have gotten the medal. The medal
was awarded.to Mr. Home, of Clay
ton, whose subject was "Man and
Religion." This was a magnificent
speech, bristling with the highest,
purest and ennobling thoughts. Thia
speech aa well aa all the others
showed that the highest morai and
Christian sentiment prevails at the
University. The poison of the infi
del and the teaching of the Voltaires
and the Paines have found no con
genial soil there. Mr. Home gradu
ated with the highest honors. The
whole occasion waa a splendid suc
cess. ' The University and the State
are to be congratulated that such a
wiae, able, energetic and progressive
man aa President Winston is at the
head of this great State institution
of learning. Alumnus.
Ott' Kor Memphis.
The delegates appointed by the
executive committee of the People's
Party last week to attend the bimetal
lic convention to be held at Memphis
on the 12th and 155th, left for that point
on Monday and Tuesday. They were
Senator .Marion IJutler, chairman;
Major W. A. Guthrie, of Durham, Con
gressman Harry Skinner, of (Jreeii
ville; A. C Shuford, of Newton; Dr.
Cyrus Thompson, of liichlands : J. V.
Denmark, of Kaleigh; Malvin 11.
Palmer-of Warrenton, and others.
Literary Notes.
Miss .Julia Magruder, whose story of
The Princess Sonia," in the Century,
is attracting such favorable comment.
has given her new novel to The Ladies'
Home Journal. It is called "Tlie Vio
let" and deals with theuuestion of sec
ond marriage. Mr.C. I). Gibson, the
illustrator, is making a series of pic
tures for the novel.
Professor Frank Parsons, lecturer in
the Boston University Law School, has
made a statist ical study ot the question
of lighting cities by electricity which
worth a good deal more than the cost
of the June Arena in which it appears,
It is the most striking, although inot
We lie in aud The Free And Unlimit
ed Coinage of Silver And Gold at
The Present Legal Ratio of 16 to
I People s Party Platform.
To Farmers in General ana
Macco Growers
Why? Because it possesses more
natural advantages than any other
country. It is a healthy, finely
watered, tertile country, with mild
climate. All kinds of stock can be
raised with little care and no expense.
The soil produces to perfection,
all kinds of fruits, vegetables and
field crops. The county is out of
debt, and has a splendid system of
free schools, while the entire state
and county tax is only G2 cents on
the $100.00 valuation.
Why for tobacco growers, especial
ly? Because there 13 "big money
here for men of experience in this
croD, me yield ana per cent oi
wrappers is so great that old tobac
which has ever been put into the hands co growers cannot be made to believe
of American citizens and taxpayers, it. Lands have advanced here 100
who find every form of public service per cent in the past twelve months,
so cosiiy ueuause jioiiiiciaiis anu ring- rp :.,.. m)w beorinninfir to at
sters must live high. Professor Par
sons makes very few critical comments,
but his authenticated tabulated state
ments are damning evidence of corrup
tion and bribery and robbery in muni
cipal councils. Taking the returns of
the city engineers and tlie census
Professor Parsons finds the most extra
ordinary comparisons in the cost of
rutins, lhe comparative cost of
lighting in cities, all within a short
distance of each other in the same
State, is extraordinary and instructive.
It shows that what governs the cost oi
electric lighting is a law higher than
tract attention. Droughts are uu
known here.
I have here for sale, large bodies
of improved and unimproved lands,
m from 15 to 4 miles of a good
These lands will be cut to suit
purchasers, and sold to actual set
tiers at low pricea and on long time.
rite for particulars. '
I refer by permission to the Hon.
Mir ion Butler, U. S. Senator, Ra
Leggett, Polk Co., Texas.
Nearly everyone needs a good tonic
at this season. Hood's Sarsaparilla is
the one true tonic and blood purifier.
anv niiuwii tu economic i lie law ' . v w n il i
rocking ani stealing na internreted leigh, Js. C, and any of the county
! .... . , " ' 1 1 o:.:i, t r.t; i . n .wi
ny OUr political OOSSeS. uiuiiaio Ul uijr uauiciuuuijuiuirei-
lana) at avetteville, -M. J. or
on the ixc'omk tax dkcisiox, ; particulars and turther lmiormation
The July number of the Graduated address,
Taxer will contain a pair of forcible
criticisms upon the recent decisions of
the U. S. Supreme court upon the in
come tax law, one being from the pun
gent pen of K. A. Sankey, attorney-at
law, of Wichita, Kansas.who deals with
the subject from a legal standpoint,
and the other being by A. II. Norcutt,
of Villiska, Iowa, who shows up in a
vigorous manner the purposes of vast
wealth, to tax-free itself at the expanse
of the "eneral nuhlic. I. Dean, px-
o .
president of the t . A. and I. U, in New aprt-oms
lork, and 11. 15. (jongdon, of Tulare,
Cab, have something to say about the
graduated property tax as a preventive
of land monoply, etc. These articles
should be read by every one who be
lieves in laying a larger tax upon
wealt h. Send o cents to the Caucasian
and get a copy of the July number of
the Graduated Taxer or, la cents and
get the paper for a year.
Send 10 cents (silver or stamps)
and receive by return mail a number
of money-making receipts. You can
make money easily, rapidly and
honestly. Address,
M. B. Taylor,
Magnolia, N. C.
'ie Caitas
otiserval ions :
Klias Carr, Governor of North t :ir-
olina, hy the cowardice of the Hemo
cratie part v, treat-her v to the Farmer-
Alliance, faith!" H wet uuriug by
.la.. is, ecret circular of At-r, anil
manipulation of returns under order
from S: -uiiion-i, to the disappoint 'neiit
of everybody not of lhe imiiicli ,te
house of Carr. has. again put his foot
in it. As the I rihuiau said, he never
opens his mouth that he din s not put
his foot in it.
Now' he has raised an i?
city of Kalclgll as tlx- poles of the el ii
trie rail way, light and telephone com
panies on the curbing around the
JovcriiitiCs mansion. The iroveriior in
sists these poles must be removed.
Kuss, the mayor, sajs they shall not be
removed, and has ordered the police to
arrest any one who attempts to carry
out t he orders of the governor. This
state of deliance hasexisted for several
lays and the poles still sland. What
prerogative ol t he governor, as afore
said, i nese poles cm roai ll upon, no
me is able to discover: but then Klias
is the great original discovevr of
executive prerogatives, and any ven
ture by an unlicensed citi.en on this
line would be an iiilrinrcii cnt on bis
reserved rights. Holt, Kowlc, Jarvis
it ml urn in tvlet t he poles be put t here
and stand. 'They discovered no execu
tive prerogative on which this was an
encroachment. Unless it barks the
gubernatorial legs or catches the
executive mustache, as the presvut in
cubus of the olliee perambulates to and
from his meals, it is ..iL limling out
what prerogative these evidences of
progress in the city interferes wilh.
These are not the t.nly pop I es Carr
has tried to interfere wit b though, aud
it may he he will meet w it h no better
success now than he did on former
The fact is the city owns the streets
in fee and has granted a franchise to
these companies to put I heir poles on
the curbing. An ordinance forbids
toy one setting poles in the gutter.
I he control of t he city is from "build
ing line to building line," and the
p-ospect is the governor ( as aforesaid )
will have to bite that mustache or the
lust therein.
Hut our Governor, as aforesaid is a
great, discove-er of prerogatives. He
and Coke and Osborne, as members of
the returning hoard, discovered that
it was their prerogative to ignore ab
solute proof that an outsider had
changed returns and declare elected
Solicitors two of their partisans,
whom the people had rejected, lint tie
courts sat down on this capable trio as
soon as t he cases could be heard, and
ven the recipients of the executive
favor wotild'not appeal.
Then the Governor, as aforesaid, dis
covered, that notwithstanding the
convention of IH75 changed the consti
tution for the express purpose, and
the legislature hail exercised the right
for eighteen years, with the concur
rence of Governors Vance, Jarvis,
Scales, Fowle and Holt (and of Carr
when a Democrat was elected in lsi2;,
when the legislature undertook to cre
ate "courts inferior to the Supreme
court" ami to elect officers thereof, it
was an encroachment on his preroga
tive. A unanimous Supreme court de
cide t that the Governor, as aforesaid.
had not made much of a discovery
that literally the mountain had labored
and brought forth a very small mouse,
and the Governor had no right lo fill
these offices except in case of a va
cancy. Keading between the lines,
the decision means what every Ixidy
knows, that Vance, Jarvis, Scales,
Fowle or Holt knew more than Carr
could discover in ten years hard study.
In the shades of the executive iinis-
lac.ue, upon w nai meai uoes mis, our
. easar
These andjotherjmat ters of like nature,
such as appointing a kinsman exec
utive clerk, securing the appointment
of a Keely son as Pharmacist for the in
sane, calling a meeting of the truster
of the library several months earlier
than such meeting had ever been, held
before, that he might defeat the action
of the legislature and the will t.f the
people by the appointment of one of
ins noucnmeii: iotoyinr witn mem
bers of the legislature for an appro
priation to furnish the executive man
sion that he might look more like a
big bug in a silkworm's nest than ever;
trading witn Kepuulicaii members of
the legislature for appointments to
office and breaking faith after the trade
w;as made will make interesting read
ing in the sweet bye and bye, if any
competent, impartial scribe shall write
them up, and the public shali not feel
it too much of a riddance to read any
thing of our little Governor, as afore
said. He is the smallest man, from
any standpoint, ever called Governor
in North Carolina.'
I lm Inn lot '..i,iMHI.
'Iiic;lo Sentilif I J
On last Friday Fn.b iick W. Griffin.
the defaulting cashier .f the North
western .National bank and former I
president of tlie Ashlaiitl elub f thit
city, i nteret! his plea of guilty in the
United States Circuit court and r-
eivtd 1 rom Judge Uunii the miui
uium sciitt lie allowed by tLet&tute,
live years in the State penin ntiary.
It waserideut that the eourt wa
paiu d to be coin Pel led to Sentence
ue w ith the I this bank defaulter to th pen. but he
leelingly apo ogized for it and said
he made it the lightest puui.-liment
possible under the statute.
Five years iu the peuiteuliary!
The discovery of Griffin's defalca
tion was made about two months ago.
An account with an Omaha bank
had beeu overdrawn to the etnt of
"Js."iO,titm, jtiitl then cash had been
taken from the Chicago vaults to
make good the Omaha account.
Giifiin i-oufcsscd to the embezzle
ment when tL State examiuer dis
covered the discrepancy.
Ho claims that the money was lost
in speculation but his wife doesn't
expect to take iu washing Tor a living
while he serves out histuueat Joilet.
After h plead guilty the deputy
was instructed to "allow Mi. G.-iftin
to spend the morning as he hoses,"
aud the arrangements so a daily pa
per announce.- have Iteen made that
.Mr. Griffin should be given some
light clerical or office Work when h
reaches the prison.
A few months ago a woman was
committed to the penitentiary for
seven years "at hard labor" for steal;
ing .fHid.OO from some fellow who
followed her to den of infamy and
vice aud was robl.td while iu a
drunken stupor.
Five years at light clerical oflict
work for (dealing ."0,000.00.
fc even years at hard labor for steal
ing $100.00.
At the same ratio how many do
lars would mean imprisonment for
Fco Bill and
Legal Blanks.
:. farA, .v. c.
Will iM-nd tioMpaid, racK or Mtkot,
rr.i., to any Magistrate who will m-d1
bis addres- to them.
it if FKKK OP
& BROUGHT!)!!,
rale i a ii, y. c.
I am p-virt-d to make not) tract villi ttar
tic anywhere desiring to bav
A l- can nit up FORCE HMPS mod
KAMfJ. Their lUmi tutrm waler 12 tail
or more and m ill throw wratrr tatopof any
l.uiMinu from 2 to i rallona tier taioulm.
i'i tfll IA k'flt tUt 11m. t I .
ot over two dollars if we hgure it I of Move pipe and Elunwa on baud. Job
Frank Boyette, D. D. S.
Office over Bizzell Bros. & Co's. 9tore, West
Centre and Walnut street.
aann $i oo THK WGKKIT
Will tie aemt one jejur.
Offers his services to the Deoole of Golds-
boro and vicinity. Everything in the line
of dentistry done in the best style. Satis
faction guaranteed.
Terms strictly cash."; Do n't ask me- to
vary from this rule.
Is it any wonder that .Til-dice we -T
R-l-P-A-N-S. '
A gentleman of a methHlieal habit,
who had adopted the practice of re
taining a copy of every prescription
issued by the family physician, be-1
eaiue interestetl as the time went on,
to note that the same ingredients
were pretty eertaiu to be preseriled
at some point of the treatment of
every cas". For a or appetite, or
i sore throat, for restlessness which
disturbed the baby's sleep, and for
tioubles which be s l the aired grand
parents, the favorite remedy was!
always turning up, although slightly
modified from time to time and used
often in coijud ti-u with others.
(lis family physician had ever Wen
a sueeths'ul practitioner: and when
another was cousnlud, care had al
ways beet taken to obtain the ser
vices of some one eminent for skill
and repura'ioii. Still the freooent
recurrence of the favorite formula I
was a m irked circumstance. One
day our friend happened to observe
that the formula of a certain adver-
feed, that he hath grown so I tised remedy was identical with the
latest prcsc iplion be had received
from his own physician, and in some
surprise he stated the ease to him.
The family doctor, after l'stening to
what he had to say, replied: "The
case is about this way:. Whenever
there is a disturbance of the functions
of th body, no matter of what nav
turt .it is pretty certain to be avc
cnv mied by a derangement of the
d.i;. live organs. When they are
ali i iit the patient gets well. That
partiealar formula that too have
observed me to write mora and more
frcoi-'ntly is the result of an age of
careful experiment, and is pretty
generally agreed npon now by all
educated physicians who keep op
with the times The dieovery of the
past few years of a means of re
ducing every drug to a powder and
compressing the powders into little
lozenges or tablets, or tabules if you
prefer, which will not break or Fpoil,
or lose their good, qualities from age.
Ittbt l.xta a joint, elbow 2 13 m doern.
lots anui write mc for pneaa.
naiiMaeiioii iruaraiiuwa.
W. H
i:alk!(;ii,k. a
x f
mm ' - '
W. L. Douglas
..a wfiBiriiiA- .
at tb
t test85
a I I MllSil MAASi
OwfOat MUM ISayla tti t
W. L. Douflas $3 tr$A St3
rt II nnr ihnrs arn fmiafla I1raitin
J " mmmm www mm mmmmmrjm
Thtr asanl MMai mtrnm to Myas mmt M.
Tbdr weafi( alrUa mrm aMMaMaaaaaT.
Ta price mrm anllnai rl aaia aaftav
rraaa Si t w M4 atfewr aaafeaa.
11 yuuf dulct caaaU aapply J . feoal by
MT. OLIVE. N. C. .
Tagive the devil his due, seeing hf protected from air and light, is the
" : . . r ""T ""e ,i mus oe exidanation of how it haseoma abont
said his declaration when nominated,
that he was a good overseer, was true.
He has rooted out the wild onions on
the square, where for a ume he hath
tuai mis prticripiiou ia sow xor sal i . . . .
as an advertised remedy. It is as AO lZZCFtCd C!::i S::3 iZZl
you say, howeTer, and is all right. I . . , '
bisabidinr tdaee. and ir.tt r.uui ..n.i I It is the medicine that nin tw.nl I r or aale. ooe -.t year-oifl jmxw m ia
5 . "".. " - - . - -.- -- r- i oorud -Maunab sub, zowtaea
oi grass anu ciover uiereon, liowing ut or len neea every ume tney need I j,iti. ataadard bmhk; tmm&f
ne can at ieat ten oilier now to make I anv. and 1 bare no doubt that b.;. I haa been tmn. ITr ..
two blades of grass grow where one hog it so easy to obtain, so caref ullv I Onef-yaar-old Jac. bead saba. i
nmnn crrou' l.f ...... Ti.i. ... jt l " . . J I iim tl.iriMMi and mm half Banda atai
prepareu, ana wunai wcueap, will I .mi, three incbaa to crow. OaamsMsdt
tend to actually prolong the areragt
In rt.iv! Three tboiitnl Hnllra I
vear. with labor and tooU fi.Fni.ii.i I generation.'
to root UD a crOD of wild nninna an.ll
eret a stand of e. ass on a four rr i..t I TUparra Talmles: Sold by dnuseiiiU. or bv
Long live Klias the tirsL t.nt ., I IP! f price i50 cenu a box) ia aent to
aome else's farm. m I The Uipana iTteiaical Coupanr, Xo. 10 1
Bprooe street, new York. .t
onion grew before. Ibis was done
with convict labor and the cost will
never be known. And oh. what a nrice . . ru'J F' vers
Three thousand dollars a OI nam.an "Ie an"T me present
urea thirura and one-hall
with three inrfeaa to grow. U
erva. Ilioe S3-OU.
Five Jack eolta, frata mix to
old. rrVea from ll(JU to ISO.
Thraa Jack are all Mack, was
nointa. and will now to 14 and 144 hi
" 0 f fiUITWlkWfl
Bnadcr of Spaalah Jacks aad UtmfCta
jaootrs rora, ustawoa ua a. Va

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