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NO. 12.
The People's Great Leader on the
Logic of Eventg-Wbat Keeps
Hfrlh Coaatrf Ha Impilci lh Ka
lnlllaaa aa Oi lloraa of a iHlamaaa
lataraallaoal Irinalalllaua Maaae a R.
peal of lb Daclaratlan of ladapaadeace
Mr. Bryan Las written the sub
joined letter to the New York Jour
nal, lie declares that events, cot
mlfer agitators, are keeping the moo
ny vueation before the country. lie
impales the enemies of Democracy
on the horns of a dilemma. If, says
the leader , the gold standard be a
good thing, why do its advocates fa
Tor its dethronement by internation
al bimetallism T Again: If inter
national bimetallism be honest, how
ran Independent bimetallism be dis
honest T
II ere is the Utter, which appeared
in Monday's issue of the Journal:
"In answer to your inquiry, I sub
mit some of the reasons which lead
me to believe that the money ques
tion presents an issue which is still
paromount in importance. In the
platform adopted at Chicago the
Democratic party said: "Recogniz
ing that the money question is para
mount to all others at this time, we
invite attention to the fact that the
Federal Constitution named silver
and gold together as the money met
als of the United States, and that
the first coinage law passed by Con
gress under the Constitution made
the silver dollar the monetary unite
and admitted gold to free coinage at
a ratio baned upon the silver dollar
After thu3 elevating the question
to the place of supreme importance,
the platform proceeded to point out
the (fleet of an appreciating dollar,
and declared the unalterable oppo
sition of the party to the gold stand
ard, characterizing it as both un
American and anti-American. The
platform Hpecifically demanded :
First The free and unlimited coin
age of both silver and gold at the
present legal ratio of 16 to J.
Second That the standard silver
dollar be made u full legal tender,
qually with gold, for all debts, pub
lie and private.
raising prices. If a ftll in prices is
an advantage, then a rise in prices
cannot be desirabb ; and if, on the
other hand, a rise in prices, wheth
er 'obtained tbrongb independent
bimetallism or through an interna
tional agreement, is good, then
the fall in prices caused by the
gold standard must be admitted to
have worked an injury. The fall in
prices, extending over the last
twenty-five years, has, in fact, been
disastrous to the prodncers of weilth
in every gold standard country of
the world.
France (now den ire to 'abandon
the gold stapdard; the German
Iteichstag declared for international
bimetallism in 1895; the farmers and
laboring men of England are now
protesting against the gold stand
ard. Can any Democrat deny that
the relief from tbe gold standard is
imperatively needed Should the
Democratic party abandon the po
sition it has taken on the side of tbe
masses in this world wide contest?
The stand taken by the Republi
cans raises tbe most important ques
tioc that can confront a nation,
namely, the right of the people to
legulate for themselves,
pnblican platform is the
form which ever declared in favor of
repealing the Declaration of Inde
pendence. The platform expressly
transfers from America to Europe
the rijht to determine the financial
policy of the United States. Accord
ing to that platform, the American
people should seek international co
operation in restoring bimetallism,
bat must maintain tbe gold stand
ard until that co-operation is secured.
The Republican plan is to invite for
eign assistance, bat while we may
invite, European nations are at
erty to refuse the invitation,
they have thus far done so. The Re
publican platform therefore, means
that we must have the gold stand
ard as long as European nations fa
Tor the gold standard, and can haye
bimetallism only when they consent
to it.
tho purchasing power of aa oanee
of gold throughout the world and
lowered toe general level of priets,
while tbe same legislation has les
sened the demand for silver and low
ered the gold priee of that metal.
They contend that tbe restoration
of its free and unlimited coinage
by a great nation like the United
States will increase tbe demand for
silver to a point where the mints
will require all the surplus silver of
tbe world, and thus, by raising the
gold price of silver and lowering
the purchase power of an ounce of
gold, will restore tbe parity at 1G to
1, and thereafter maintain tbe parity
at that ratio. It is true that some
bimetallists do not believe that this
nation alone can maintain tbe par
ity at that ratio, but shall the great
majority who do believe surrender
their conviction to tb comparative
ly few who dcubt Upon what prin
ciple can a minority demand of the
majority the right to dictate a plat
form! Those who are opposed to
the gold standard must act together,
and the plan of action mast be de
termined by the majority. The mo
ment tbe ratio of 10 to 1 is surren-
The Re- dered our silver plank loses its force.
first plat-1 Those who oppose the ratio of 10 to
Shepperson Urges on Planters the
Importance of Reducing the
Cotton Acreage-.
1 are not agreed among themselves.
No considerable body of men ask
for any other specific ratio. One
man says 20 to 1, another 24, another
32; bat all the objectors together are
small in number when compared
with those who firmly believe
in the ability of this nation to
maintain the parity at 1G to L. If it
is proposed to leave the ratio to Con
gress, it mast be remembered that
those who desire bimetallism demand
affirmative action, and every one op-
lib- posed to the ratio fixed in any pro-
and posed bill will be counted against
any kind of bimetallism. If the ra
tio is left to be determined by Con
gressmen who run upon different
platforms, it gives a chance for a va
riety of ratios, which will effectually
prevent any legislation favorable to
bimetallism, and will also give a
Katlate Crop Oaa-Vaartli aad It Will aad
Cotton Boaadiag ay aad Prod ace
LIvalT Scrambla Adibi Spla..ra to
Tnrlr aata.
The Augusta Chronicle thus sum
marizes an article of Mr. A. B. Shep
person on the cotton outlook:
Mr. Alfred B. Shepperson, in the
current number of Textile America
presents some of the hopeful feat
ures of the cotton situation. He
teisons out that the p'atjuog of a
small crop this year will send up the
price or cotton in toe spring re
materially, and that u is possib
that the year may close upon re
munerative prices, despite the fact
that it is generally conceded this
will be a record breaking crop. Mr.
Shepperson's own estimate is about
10,4:10,000 bales. Ue calls attention
to tbe fact, however, Jthat though
a million&nd a half bales
more of American cotton had
come into sight at the close
of January than at the cor
responding date in 1897, there were
only 453,000 bales of American cot
ton in the world's visible supply
more than the year before, showing
how large proportion of the increased
receipts had been consumed by spin
ners. Mr. Shepperson takes the view
that the shut down in the east will
not materially affect the year's con
sumption. He assumes that it is
The recent events have demon- chance for friends of the cold stan-1 v, j;i j j
vorable conditions, and the s rike
is only of small proportions. The
result of the strike he says, has been
to pat up the price of print cloths
one-eighth of a cent per yard, and
this would justly an ad vace of one-
half a cent pound in the piice of
. a . a a
ne argues mat tne only reason a
big crop should depress prices is be
cause it is in excess of legitimate de
mands, and piles up a. big surplus
supply that is continuously pressing
upon the market for immediate sale.
To prove that this condition does
now exist as seriously as in 1895,
Mr. Shepperson says though the re
ceipts of American cotton have been
484,000 bales greater than in 1895.
yet the visit 1 3 supply of cotton, of
all kinds, is half a million bales less.
These conditions, he argues, are
much more favorable to an increase
in prices than those of 1895
ana yet in that year cotton rose
in New York from 5 in Febru
ary to 0!i cents in October. This
was the enact ot tbe redaction
ia acreage that year by the farmers.
The crop of J 1895-'90 was 2,700,000
less than the crop of the previous
rno" T' It a voa-1 it nf i An a? 4-Vi a a rr
silver plank, the division line be- of financial policy, they can threat- again in the mire of ambiguity and KMg - Q ag tQ . indicatio"s
tween those who favor independent 1 en such a withdrawal to prevent the deception would alienate those who Q rnn nnn Hia rf(;n ;
year's crop, says Mr. Shepperson,
would send cotton bounding up and
Third The enactment of such leg
islation as will prevent for the future along other lines.
the demonetization of any kind of le
gal tender money by private con
tract. Fourth- That the United States
shall not surrender its rights to re
deem its obligations in either gold or
Fifth That the Government shall
not issue interest-bearing bonds in
time of peace.
Sixth That the Government shall
not surrender to national banks the
right to issue paper money.
While the declaration against na
tional bank notes is not a part of the
strated that Europe has turned the! dard to slip in Congress under the
money question over to England, pretence of favoring some undefined
and England seems to have turned ratio, but who, as a matter of fact,
it over to the English financiers, would use their positions to maintain
who, on the 22 ad of last September, the gold standard,
met at the Clearing House, pledged The ratio of 10 to 1 has been adop
tbemselves to secrecy, decided upon ted by the Democratic party in a con-
the gold standard, and thus deterni- vention which, more than any re
ined our financial policy as long as cent convention, received its author
the Republican plan prevails. ity direct from the people. The
No one believes that bimetallism rank and file of the party, instead of
will prove a panacea for all political leaving the ratio to the leaders, ex
ills, but the money question mast be pressed their own opinion upon the
settled before other questions can subject, and that opinion has not
be reached. Financial independence changed since the convention. This
is a condition precedent to reform ratio has also been indorsed by the
The power that lopuhst party, the National Silver
controls our financial policy can con- party and the Silver Repulicans. To
trol the policy of our Government abandon tbe ratio would be wrong
on every other subject whenever oc- itself, and as impolitic as it would be
casion arises for the exercise of that wiong. If the Democratic party
control. Suppose, for instance, that were to allow its policy on this ques-
the money question were dropped I tion to be determined by a few doubt
and the fight against the trusts ling Thomases, or by the deserters
made the main issue. Mueh foreign who supported the enemy in the
capital is invested in trusts, and great struggle between Democracy
foreign financiers could announce I and plutocracy, it would lose the re-
that any legislation hostile to trusts I spect and confidence of those who
would be followed by the withdrawal I now iook to it as an eincient means
of foreign capital and a panic. If I of restoring the government of the
they can threaten a withdrawal of I people. To turn from its clear and
w - . I . . a
foreign capital to prevent a change courageous enunciations to wallow
J RJore.
H I. Jane.
Solotuoa Willi.
(I) A Reaaell,
Kagva Belt.
Tnoeoaa Thorns.
T X Thome.
Samuel Tbomaa.
. . 6 Meheley F. IH.r.
a rain ix ine ouie- i Tbm.o t wui.
la the Craatlaa af a Big "Bill af
It Inaaiit u SLOOt-baiJ Bt Hat
totlgare la tba Scbaaaa Ut lag raW
aay Tbey War JUter Saaaaa4.
bimetallism and those who oppose it annihilation of trusts or the regula
is almost identical with the line tion of other corporations. Not only
which separates the advocates of can this threat be made in regard to
government paper from the support- oar domestic policy, bat it can be
era of national banks of issue, and made to prevent the adoption of any
the two questions will be settled to- foreign policy which does not meet
gether. Nothing has happened since with favor in Europe. We cannot
have been drawn to it by the plat
form of 1896. The Democratic party
could have retained within its folds
the deserters of 1896 if it had con
sented to a meaningless platform,
bat it preferred to lose some mem
bers of the body rather than have
the election to lessen the real or rel- protect the rights of our citizens, the whole body destroyed. Regener
ative importance of the money ques- avenge an insult to the flag, enforce ation did not come too soon. The
tion. If the gold standard was bad the Monroe doctrine or express our gold Democrats were rapidly mak
iu 1896, it is still bad; if oar present sympathy with those who are strag- ing the party a rival of the Republi-
financial system was un-American I gling to be free, if we are to be de-1 can party for the favor of trusts and
and aati-American in 1896, it has I terred by the threats of foreign in-1 monopolies, if the Chicago plat
not become naturalized since that vestors. The right to legislate for
time. our people on the money question
la IS'. independent bimetallism involves the the right to legislate on
was pointed out as the only remedy all questions and until this right is
for the gold standard, aad the fail- secured the discussion of other ques
ure of our Monetary Commission to tions will avail nothing. When we
secure international bimetallism have released ourselves from the
strengthens oar contention. The dictation of foreign financiers and
Senate has recently pat itself apon overthrown the local money trust
record in favor of that plank of our which controls our financial policy
there would be a lively scramble
among spinners to get their share.
The growers of American cotton
hold the key to the situation in their
own hands. Will they reduce the
crop of this year's planting and bring
about good prices, or will tbe make
another 10,000,000 bales of 5 cent
For more than a year past, certain
fiartlea bave been trying to collect
rom tbe 3tat about 93 GOO on a claim
wbicb tbe btate Treasurer and other
present State officer do not think it
well baaed or fully legal. Tbia claim
la now known aa "The l'amlico Ojater
casee, taoucb Carteret count v UK urea
very largely in tbe matter.
Ibe claim was created under tbe
provision of Section 4, of chapter 27,
of tbe Laws of 1S'J3. Tbe senae of this
section eeema to. be that any person
a : i : -
jretet bed may be summonaed before tbe
cuuit io profe uauis grtntor ucenae
doe not include any part of a 'natural
oyater bed;n and if be faila to abow
sucb proof be must vacate the bed.
Acting under tbia section, certain
parties Give issued aummona galore.
creating with each aummona a "bill of
coata" wbicb it is claimed muat be paid
by tbe State. Something like one
hundred aummoba were made out in
Carteret county, and about eight hun
dred made out in l'amlico county. Tbe
aggregate number of aummona approx-
mates nine hundred, and tbe total
aggregate of tbe "bills of coat" exceeda
$r,KX).00. It appears that all tbe bills
ot costs bave been presented to tbe
State for payment without regard to
whether all tbe summons were aer.ed
or not; and it is more tban probable
that if all contingent facts could be
known in connection with tbe claim
made, tbe claim would assume an ap
pearance of absurdity and ridiculoua-ness.
lu order that tbe public and parties
who may be interested may see some
thing of tbe process by wbicb bis claim
was created, a list or names or Individ
uals on whom summons is alleged to
have been served is given below.
The Caucasian is in possession or
some facts with reference to some of
these names.
It will be noted that tbe names of
W. II. Sawyer and wife are in tbe list
with a "bill of cost." Mr. and Mrs.
Sawyer attlrm that no summons was
served on tbem.
Mr. C. M. Babbitt and wife are on
the list with a bill of costs. They say
tbey never had any kind of notice of
any summon?.
X. B. Augustine is on tbe fist with
tbe perennial bill of costs, though
be has been dead six years.
The name of Fred Merritt is on tbe
list. He lived in Pamlico county a
short while, and is now a member of
tbe staff of tbe News and Observer.
The claimants charge $7.40 for writing
his name on a "bill of costs," though
be has never beard of any summons in
tbe case.
Tba name of Noah West ison tbe list.
He died in 1S92. Tbe law under wbicb
the ' bill of costs" is made out was not
enacted till 1893.
The names of Sheldon Sawyer, Car
oline Sawyer, El!a Sawyer, and Sudy
Sawyer are all on the list with a "bill
of costs" for eacb, though no summons
was ever served on any one of tbem.
Tbe name of John Fenderson is on
the list. He has been dead tkn years.
It is not known just bow many sim
ilar cases of tbe kind given above
could be discovered if tbe matter
tuijan ii n una,
laaiab Pavia,
Geo I Mcjniiah Jr.
fMway II Iivia.
Robert It f BiWhurvt,
If eery J Willie.
Virginia A SbackUford,
William U Hancock.
Kdward ft Hancock,
laaiab I) Hmitb,
Wm T Takj,
!.awrenca l'tke,
John William.
J L Morria,
Jatnes I (iaio,
Thomas Kobinaon,
Tbomaa Willi.
Jamea Maaon.
Keubfn Kulcber.
T T ;aakill,
Rebecca (iatkill,
Morria J I.upton.
Jamea I.apton,
J W Gaftkill.
John J I.upton,
W M Goodwin,
r. XV Hamilton,
Andrew Dry,
Joaepb Abbott,
Joeph W I.upton,
C T Kulcber.
Auguatine Kulcber,
Geo W Willie,
John I.upton, Jr.
John I. Jone.
4 :
i :
4 Ti
4 U
i si
- 06
a io
. id
H hi
10 55
10 55
7 25
H 5
ii Hi
C t .5
6 65
10 55
, ,a
10 55
10 55
10 55
10 55
10 55
1I 55
. "
inroac er tmc tui&iu'n ns
rtoa iNC vims.
Pa... T h i
could be thoroughly investigated tut je jonee
Alex Lee,
Alice I.ee,
Tota. ;vj :-.
raaillru Caoatf.
Bill of coats in tbe following raaea;
State Kx Kel, Blount and l.eary So
licitor va. tbe following :
W T Caho,
J B Leigb.
Mary Hooker,
D B Hooker,
J F Co well,
Sallie Cowell,
Tbomaa Campen.
M K Camden,
J T Cooper,
Joella Cooper,
J B Turner,
S B Turner,
W II Sawyer,
M K Sawyer,
W K Hooker,
Jennie Hooker,
S Campen,
Sallie Campen,
Luetta Gates,
J K Heatb.
M K Taylor,
W XV Honker,
B S Griflin,
F L Merritr,
K I Bennett,
Jesse Bennett,
T Gaboon,
C W Miller,
T I rerkin,
YV S Simmons,
C M Babbitt,
M B Gibba,
M K Bobbitt,
C D Pearson,
L Pearson,
K A Hough,
C Hough,
D Uarrif,
M Harris,
Joab Kice,
II Kice,
J Linton,
J S Linton,
L Miller,
B B Miller,
K Linton,
II Rice,
Wm Belangia,
K Belangia,
form did nothing t lse, it drove from
the party those who had been manip
ulating the party for private gain
and using the government for public
plunder. There are many of these
deserters whose return to the party
would bring weakness rather than
add strength, there are "millions of
Democrats who would not surrender
a single line of the Chicago platform
Cotton Mill North and South.
Richmond Times.
L. A. Coolidge contributes to the
New York World an interesting ar
ticle on Southern cotton millls.
He writes from Charlotte, N. C,
and begins by saying that twelve
'States South of Mason and Dixon's
line boast more than half as many
cotton mills to-day as there were
enoutrh is known and shown to leave
tbe impression that bis scheme ap
proximates tbe size of Mark Twain's
famous "Beef contract." Th Cauca
sian has beard verbal opinions to the
effect that not half of tbe summons
were ever served. A letter from a well
known citizen of Pamlico county
states that be found, after oonsu'ta-
tion with tbe ex-sheritf (for 1896) that
not over a third of the number was
served. In fact concerning some of
the summonses, the Sheriff and Depu
ty Sheriff are reported as saying that
they simply "threw tbem under the ta
ble." But the "bill of costs" for eacb
and every summons is presented to the
M E Cabo,
J B Leigb,
E W Lupton,
S E Lupton,
E Lupton,
Herbert Lupton,
J U Lupton,
George Hardy,
H Ritterman,
D Mitcbel,
Peter Hardy,
Frank Casey,
N B Auguatine,
tl I Dowdy,
7 U0
i 30
ti :i
0 30
; :
ti so
li 3)
i 30
; 30
i 30
ti 30
0 30
0 30
; 30
li 30
6 30
li 30
7 1AJ
7 40
7 40
7 40
7 0
7 40
; :u
14 K5
7 40
7 40
7 40
c :to
r. so
0 30
0 30
6 30
i :to
7 40
7 40
7 40
7 40
0 30
0 30
7 40
7 40
7 40
0 30
7 40
i 30
7 40
0 30
(i 55
ti 55
6 55
6 55
0 55
7 40
7 90
Citoa I a.
4 laaMikalin
aa4 taalla t (.vataral taiv i
PkKToatA. Trstavaal Iiapothe.
l'eb.,9. Ial Krt(r ha ta re
elected Prea;JDt o! tba Soatb A fit
can republic.
A are il rablrgitea from Kaa
Jo, GaaUma'a. amoscr tb aa
aaeaieatioa of Preaida&t lWrrtoa. It
ia added that calm bow prevail.
'The .-nat In the Irgini lrt
latur n bill authorlu tbe
lloarvl of !irftor of th -.-nltm-tlary
tornrt additUui.il buiMIng.
Tho appropriation for tht- ..
dltion U lt,tan.
Adolph I.. I.uftfct-rt, th OiW,;o
fcaufcagt u.aker, w ho ha la ii on
trial for lb.- killing or Li wif...
convicts! and hwiU tin-.! to thv m-i.
Uentlary f..r th term f hi nat
ural life, l.tutgirt U wralthy
man nn tli' atlra tl much
Another fill but-rl lie kixolilluii
to tho Cuban lnurg-ni l It-llfl
to have gut away from tbe !ng
11.1 ml coat n.-ar Montauk Point
on Monday night, ami to Imv car
ried tin iiu mtx-n of the --ll-tloa
that n hipwrv kil .n t !
Tilllc a cuplf of wt-4-l ago.
lliirthquakf ho-k continue In
Aia Minor. Altout 4,"i -ople
liav tttt-n n-nlTfl bono I-.
miiiio 3,a Iioum, 30 tnowju-n and
iliteen khan have U-ti more or
le dHtroyod and 13h pcnon bav
lurii kllltHl or Injun-!.
A dbtlnct oatthiinkf hh k hb
fflt at Lynchburg, Va . -tTday
about thrro Vlock. Tb t!itiirb
anci wa! through Southwest Vlr
gina, lUtlford City ri'iMtrtlng that
a loud t'Xplolve Miuml, tlirfernt
from th usual rutnldlng. prff!-l
tlu shock.
Tb Cat io Stlaatira P iczntd ia
lh Setxle-Eu'lfi Qtttl
bMlM Si!
aTaaal laMaHat
4f (i SOU V.
! ltaaaa la a tuaKaa -
a laatui
fri! It In i a
Six lin-iiu-n, iiichidin nlitri t
chief, a captain ami a lieutenant,
wen killed at n lire in ltoton la-t
week, which lt.rned out tho In
terior of a fivc-Mtorr Lulldlni
cupied by manufacturer of tcd,
bxilding, etc.
At the cabinet meeting it wa
dcidel to send two cMiiultliei of
troops to Uvea and Skagwny,
Alaska, immediately, for the pur
pose of preM-rxing order and pro
tecting life and pro-rty. Advlc k
to the (iovernmeiit itate that tbe
rush to the gold lieldn bad attract
ed hundreds of the lawless element
and that troops are iu-earv at
once to prevent trouble.
While at work in a well on lart
Thursday, at liexlngton, two color
ed men met their death by the
brick wall caving in on them.
State for payment all all a big. ,
rar. I " '
scheme of Democrats to create and get
Amounts of bills of cost against the
State of North Carolina, due by
the several judgements rendered at
tbe fall term 1890 of tbe Superior
platform which declares that the sil- we shall be in a position to under- to recover every deferter who left be- seven years ago in tne unneaoiates.
. .trtii.a aViait kin 4aht.n;n ta.B-A ih oTtarmina.tiAn nf nthnr I p.ansA nf ma.1 antagonism to the The exact number is 4S3. By the
tiusts and the protection of our peo- principles set forth in that platform, census ot 18UU the number ot mills Court of Cartere6 county in what are
1 1 i . It j j. i. ii. u I in Ilia TTnilAfl Stulos wfta QOh. I. , nn s
that the government suau not sur- pie irom an iorms ot monopolistic 1 1 ao hot. reier iu muse wuu wcio ujw- v., v "v . . Known as tne ujowr aut
iui. vuuiiugo ouuno uui i.uo uiuio i wniCU tne Diaie Ol
render its right to redeem coin obli I oppression.
led. There were many who left De
lations in either gold or silver, and The other planks of the Chicago cause they did not fully understand ot tne outn aroin anourisning con
tbe House has declared against the platform are not abandoned. Those the issues raised, and they are com- dition and verifies the claim of the
nvnnnoilinn. Trio effrtrt nf triA Sao. w ho favnr frA (.oinityA at Ifi to 1 .d-1 inr hack of their own accord, be- New Englanders that labor is at
retarv of the Treasury to secure au- vocate aad will carry out alllothtr cause they find themselves ia sym- least 30 per cent, cheaper.
thoritr to isn mora bonds and his reforms ennmerated in the nlatform. Dathv with our platform. It has been said time and again
demand for the retirement of the but they will not lessen the empha
greenbacks are in direct opposition sis placed upon the money question
to the positions above stated. Thus by the party itself ia its latest utter
it will be seen that events, not free ances.
silver agitators, are keeping the But there are some who admit
money Question before tbe country, the necessity for bimetallism
cases in
North Carolira on
the relation of O. II. Allen and M. C.
Richardson, Solicitors, were plaintiff
and the persons whose names tbe
amount of costs are annexed were de
fendants as per itemized bills of costs
sent herewith to-wit:
It has been said time and
Ttin nirlv Ann win mnrA -votars bv of late, bv Congressmen and others
steadfastly atandintr bv the right who have been talking on this sub- nam of dkfen'ts
than by weakly compromising with j act, that the advantage of cheap Lockbart Gibbs,
error, and those won back to the labor in the South is merely tern- t R Gibbs,
platform will be useful when they porary, because in the course of E W Gibbs,
.atnun h a ihnoa vrh Yirntpsa nr. i time ine Doninern ouerativus win i " uowci,
lOUi I 1VIU1U) W UUV 1. AXVWVC VTMW aAwahw - I I . TJ
The evil fleets of the gold stand- and who confess that it can tachment to the Democratic name aemana tne same pay mat tne oper-
mde- rather than democratic principles i iu j-iunu icv5oio. lnraon
will always require watching. But there is this great difference Cnarlie Hill,
The Democratic party has put its which the Northern men do not j w Robinson,
hands to the plough, and unless I seem to understand. Mr. Coclidge Stephen Mason,
mistake the spirit which animates points it out. "It is, by no means, Wallace D Styron,
the members, it will not look back, unusual in the bouth," he says, "for Joseph Lupton,
ard are so apparent that the Bepub- only be secured by
lican Dartv refuses to become soon- pendent action, but suggest a
sor for the system; it is si indefensi- change of ratio. Tbey ask, Why
ble that even Secretary Gage, in his 16 to If I answer that there are
recent speech at Philadelphia, took several reasons. Sixteen to 1 is the
occasion to say that the President is ratio at which we had free coinage
in favor of international bimetallism from 1834 to 1837. It is the ratio
and has the support of all his Cabi- now existing betwen the gold and
net in his effort to secure the co-op- silver coins in circulation, and it is
eration of other nations in getting more favorable to gold than the ra
rid of the gold standard. tio now existing in most European
But while the Republican party, countries,
through the Chief Executive, still To change the ratio by independ
holds out the hope of international ent action, besides changing existing
bimetallism, none of the party lead- contracts, lessening onr currency
ers say a word in defence of the dou- and mcuring great expense, would
ble standard, independent or inter- put us out of harmony with other
national. Why notT Because inter- nations; especially would it put us
national bimetallism can only be de- out of harmony with France, the
fended on the theory that the exist- European nation most friendly to
ing gold standard is unsatisfactory, silver, where the ratio is 15 i
W. J. Bryan.
Same Troth From one Democratic Ma
chine. Papar.
The Charleston News and Courier
remarks that what has been said
about the close correspondence be
tween Populism and so-called Dem
ocracy, is well said and supports the
contention of all true Democrats,
that whatever it was, the Chicago
platform of 189C was not a Demo
cratic platform, meas
cratic standards.
a family of five, consisting of mother
and three children to earn $20 a
week. The father will earn $8, the
mother $5, and each of the children
from $2 50 to $3.' Now comes the
point. "This family," he adds, "lives
on $b a week, and with ordinary
thrf t they can save a handsome sur
plus every year. In a Northern
mill, the father alone would be wage
earner, or at best, he might have
the assistance of his wife. The ex-
Walter Homan,
Augustine Mason,
Wallace Fulcber,
J W Fulcher,
Geo W Emery,
Richard Styron,.
J A Gaskill, ,
E P Gaskill,
W H Fulcber,
John Day,
Frances M Lupton,
J A Lupton,
Ambrose Fulcber,
Silas Lupton,
It was in fact a Ponnlist Dlatform.
anrl tha Rannnlloan nartv hao nn nil I to 1 . Tf VlV 1 ntPm M tinnal amement i 1 Dl : l.
intantinn nf Viinnnino tha nrsiurt I VA ahonld eh&nfre tha ratio to .2 1 J 1 Ti:t- tlmkn. onlfl
gold standard, and they cannot, to 1, for instance it would ne- modeled as nearly after Populist
therefore, afford to say anything cessitate the recoinage of more than ideas as it was possible for men
which would make the people dissat- four billions of silver into coins twice claiming to be Democrats to do. The
A - 1 'il a . a. a . 1 1 Jl A. I 1 . .
isueuwunu. neither do tney, as a as large vproviaea me cnange was p0nnlists declared that the Demo
Ala . m 9 m . I ft 1 " 4.1 " A.1 I
ruie, say anytning in tavor or tne maae oy increasing me size ot vu crats had stolen their platform
I ft a. 1 ftft . a I v ffl J t-a.A.1 If I
goia stanuara, Decause to do S3 would saver coins;, ao aouoi me size ot
at once raise the question: Why. the silver coin of the world would
then, is international bimetallism de- diminish by one-half the silver
sirablef Occasionally a speaker will money of the world; it would dimin
ba found who will take both sidrs of ish by one-quarter the entire volume
the question, as did Mr. Gage at Phil- of metalic money of the world Such
adelphia, After trying to show that a shrinkage in the volume of money
the gold standard had been a great would, in effect, add billions of dol
blessing to the laboring man, he de- lars to the debts of the world. Should
claredittobe the intention of the so great an injury be done without
Republicans to substitute another the necessity for it being proven be
svetem. The question at once arises, yond a reasonable doubtf
if the gold standard has been a bles- Bimetallists contend that gold and
sing to the laboring man, why does stiver have been driven apart by
not the Republican party advocate hostile legislation, and that they can
its retention! International bimet- be brought together by friendly leg
alism will have exactly the same ef- islation. They contend that legisla
fect as independent bimetallism in I tion favorable to gold has increased
ured by Demo- pease of lmog would be at least $11 chris. Lipton & Z Emery,
' a week." "A difference of 40 per George Hill,
rmlUt nlatform eent in Py'' he concludes, "would James J Lupton,
"Bacteria do not occur in tbe blood
or in tbe tissues 01 a neauny living
body, either of man or the lower ani
mals.7' So says the ceieoraiea ur.
Koch. Other doctors say that the best
medicine to render tbe blood perfectly
pure and healthy is Ayer's Sarsapa-rilla.
No Federal U. . J udge has any
jurisdiction over State created cor
porations, nor the militia, until the
Government of the State is unable
by its State military, to enforce State
civil orders and laws. Ins and Com.
not beerin to equalize conditions."
Living is undoubtedly much
cheaper in the bouth than in
the North, and all things be-
m a a 1 . .
ing taken into consideration
the wages the Southern mills
are quite as high as they are in the
mills of New England.
Much of life's misery is due to indi
gestion; for who can be happy with a
pain in bis stomach i As a corrective
and strengtbener of the alimentary or
trans. Aver's pills are invaluabte, their
use being always attended with marked Julia A Lupton,
Sidney D Lupton,
George Lupton,
Sarah F. Lupton,
Calidonia Lupton,
C T Willis,
Mollie Homan, -
Lawrence Homan,
W H Lupton,
Dennis Mason,
Melton Lee,
Alonzo Fulcber,
Eugence Fulcber,
Francis Mason,
John J Day Jr.
George II Lupton,
am't ok cost
4 85
1 85
4 85
4 85
4 85
0 25
G 15
6 15
6 15
0 15
0 15
It 15
; 15
6 15
7 25
U 15
li 15
; 15
- 835
ti 15
ti 15
ti 15
6 15
7 25
6 15
If reports of Democratic papers are
true, about 300,000 Populists in North
Carolina bave returned to tbe Demo
cratic party in tbe last five years. And
to cap the climax tbe Monroe Enquirer
has discovered one Populists (?) whose
Populism bad come out through a boil
on bis arm. No name given. This is
a new way of announcing tbe "return
to the fold." What next? Plow Boy.
Abisha N Styron,
Stephen D Day,
J S Gaskill,
Britannia C Lupton,
Edward H Smith,
W O Lupton,
George D Mason,
Charles A Mason,
S S Lupton,
John S Smith,
Ellas Fiver,
i Thomas Piver,
Henry James,
S D Priest,
John Toney,
Richard Green,
II J Green,
L J Moore, Sr
B T Moore,
L P Moore,
M B Moore,
L J Moore, Jr ,
R 11 Dickeraon,
SJ NeMon,
W H Millican,
M E Fermon,
John Holly,
laaao Askin,
N II Sbepard,
E H Butts,
Fred Uines,
J E Morria,
Danla Table,
J W Horrill,
Wm Cokernan,
Geo. Broadstreet,
Thomas Slade,
Sam Scott,
Jacob Ginoia,
Julia Grimes,
Mary Foy,
David For,
S Roberta,
F Roberta,
C T Dickeraon,
C L Davl,
E B Spencer,
Joe Swert,
Tbnmas Bovder,
EW Simpkina,
David Sim?kina,
J S Heath,
S H ScoH,
S J Hudson,
Ezra Gordon,
John U adder,
Frank Tiadala,
Maj. Dudley,
R A Roe,
U Gorden,
J M Kilbern,
F M Bowden,
6 15 1 Toney Simmons,
til5 BSwerr,
J K Pate,
J B Watera,
L L Waters,
Virgil Windley,
Eli Elliott,
8 D Pamer, -James
F S Duffy,
R L Duffy,
Isaac Kelly,
L GNoe,
Norfolk Cotley,
Alfred Moore,
Thomas Blango,
A W Smith,
A N Gibbs,
Alfred Reed,
E Libliatore,
Henry Sons, .
Daniel Webb, a coloritl di'xTa
do, was last wwk captured near
Halifax. For a year or two bo ban
been a terror to the colored commu
nity. It is charged that ho out
raged his own daughter and anoth
er girl In Chowan county.
Hon. Julian S. Carr ban accepted
an Invitation to tako prominent
part in tbe ceremonies of tho lay
ing of the corner stone at Alumni
Hall, at Chapel Hill at Commence
ment on June 1st, in making the
presentation speech on the art of
tho Alumni. Frank I. Winston,
Esq., of ISc-rtlP, has also accepted au
invitation and will make the speech
of acceptance on the part of the
Trustees. The corner Ktone laying
will be an attractive feature of tbe
ii 80 Commencement, as It Is understood
55 that tho Grand Ixnlge of Masons,
7 lrt with their beautiful ritual will take
ti55 an important part In the ceremo-
In es.
ltaaiit(v !.'. t II.
1 ! vbta ajural tuft m li ta4 la
Ifca ?l.aa' iat TuraJa) - trd tikl.
ttrarr4 large rod. a4 atrium
great InlrraaU alo'a Vtxat t4
1 anno Ititrudur I rra.1 at !. Wat 4.
IBf tta r-Ou-iitt t ! It) Ja
dtra t.f tba I t4 at 4 I L 4,tla
Ilia oal two vaa rl) airita4
rvpfiaUV Uaaon aa d Hat t waaj)4
not if irtJ trm ta aitidt
tLe truaia ab4 aiexk da'ara. ao4
rixtlj t rblral tta arlto I I ! akal
tar. Ilia iwarb waa !! rHIla
the polu uf atwa-arli. n I V rt mt
Ite aduiniatratloa. 41viaa
diatrly lb trea. ao i a-a-afc. f I la
intrvdttrtloo and 4 ta-at ! o( lb ra
aolullon. a tb 4 a-rry ltat !
Iomr.tl ptfilab Mlbiatar, !
ruuntry ta4 wrutea a aor lailar
rritirlatng alcKlalry. aad a-raairg af
tun aa low litif-ia. tril
ralblr," and ol a , 4rair4 la
rlraa I Ur jir(vf .f ttii rair.
I bit letter a.aturai real 4 a aetiaa
tl.m and aa a.Mn aa ita aut liai.t i ily ta4
been eat atlll.e. dravai'd aa tnade 4
inltat le lue tr recalled. Ha
ill Iee ll.ia rtitry lai 4ia
grrre, and it r "atai.d Ibe 'fdr
uf LU fiMlf."
In lit llwuae Itat Weak AldfM It
(Kepf Atataoia, at ho wa coatteal.
Ing tbe aeat ot iuian (ea. waa
Aerator Itutler ta cflerad lo terr
iaiprtant atnettdmetita la tbe tiudr
civil bill one ia to eatabliab m fab ril
tural atatmn at aume fxitt In Nnb
('arclma to be drtertiMe4 t lb I an
ted Mat ea l lab i 'tttn tu i aa i tr, apr
( riatii g :.,.aai f(.r eatb purjja ; at4
tb ulber amecdnieiit ai4ee Ibat
tbe Attorney ieoeral at4 reretary of
tbe Interior are directed to aelert. dea.
ignate and ru-ure a aqitab aite In
or bear r ayettetiile. Kaleigb. lireena
buro, t'barlotte tr Wllmmgioo for tb
purpa of ronatructlrg a I oitrd
Stalea enitentiary, protided tbe ait
ia donated lo tbe toternuient. 1 1
auoi of Cte hundred Ihouaand dollare
ia appropriated lo err t the prlaon.
Tbia aoiendmebt laa btrn referred to
tbe Judiciary i i nniiiTiea-. 1 1 aneti4
inert to eatabliab l be fab rultural aa
tion baa already leen favorably re
Mirtad by I be renate tt milieu i n
t iaberiea to I be I omsnit1re on Apj ao-
Mr. It. I Keith, editor of tbe Neva
Era, of Uilunngtun, waa ia tbe city
laat week.
General William Booth. of tb .Salta
tion Army, opmed the henate with
prayer laat Wednesday. He baa been
here holding meeting.
John C lnry ha Urn a(toiti1ed
clleclor of Cuatom at U ilmirgton.
He held the position ucdtr llarriaon'a
Friday bight tbe I'reaident gate a
reception at the X hite Ilouae lo the
o filcer of tbe Army and N'avy. There
waa quite a dialinguuhed gathering of
people In t Dicial life.
Tbe Southern Relief Society gave a
grand ball aUo Friday night. The at
tendance waa very large. "Ihewitea
of many of the Southern Setalora etd
Representative -onlituted the recett
ing party.
B 30
ti C5
6 55
ti 55
ti 55
6 55
6 55
6 55
Barloaa Blaw Slrack at It af Eaaaap-laa
Caantiaa Kraaa lu Oparatlaa.
Colcmbia, S. C, Feb. 9. By a
vote of "S to 3U tbe Houae of Kerre
sentativea to-day killed the Child
prohibition bill. After refuting; to
substitute an original package meas
ure by a vote of 51 to 33 tbe House
agreed to take up the S.mkins ref
erendam resolution, referrica tbe
Paaaed by tba f aallaU mt I llalaa laai l.
Tbe ropuhata of tbia coualy met
in Din eonvention yeterday at tbe
W. C. T. U. ball. Tie mttltcg
was called lor tbe pnrpote ci
ejecting de!e rates and aleraatea l
Ibe btate eonvention at Indiaoapo
lis tbe 23rd of this montb. All ti e
townabips were repreaentid eic t
Madison. Tbe attendance wi a large,
several of tbe promicent member
of tbe party 11110111: it o
the largeat mating their party baa
held btre in three years. AfUr lb
delegaUs and alternates bal ten
elected a bommitte) on rela1iois
reported tbe following resolution.
wbib were adopted.
Resolved, That heartily com
mend ibe coarse cf tbe I'upolists
in Congreaa, who Obder tbe bead of
Senator IJatler and Allen bav
voted eonsutently for onr f nncipW
and carefudy upheld tbe true faith
2 That we beartilv eommecd the
; 55 1 question of prohibition, dispensary, Butler Postal Savings Bank bill, and
: es lor hieh license to popular vote in large its pasasg by Congress at
ti 55
ti 55
ti 55
or high license to popular vote
each count v.
At the night session or tbe tiouse
the referendum bill was taken up
and killed bv postponement. Then
tbe House dealt what friends de
declarcd to be a vital blow to tbe
urge its pasasg by congress
5. Tbat we orge ao early national
eonvention to b held m l'J(Mt as
early as convenient.
ti. Tbat we deem at unwiao to bold
a national nominal I oar ronventioa
dispensary by exempting tbe coant-1 earlier tban lb year l'.M. .
uR5 iesof York, Pickens, and Oionee Wu. A. Kiwi.i,
6 55 from the operationsof the dispensary C. M. Waltkr, Chairmaa.
law. Tbe exemptions were made
without a fight. It is feared many
other counties will be exempted.
7 V0
6 55
6 55
Clivelasd. O., Feb. 14. It is re-
7 90 ported here that the Ohio, legislative
65 committee appointed to investigate
1; 55 1 the charges of bribery against Bna-
6 55 1 tor M . A. Hanna have found Lim
AUagad Report of tba Obi
6 15
6 15
7 25
15 15
9 45
9 45
9 45
29 05
9 43
9 45
6 15
4 75
4 75
6 55
6 55
6 55
6 55
srniliy as cb treed, and will present a
memorial to tbe Lotted states senate
that he be unseated.
If L'.f". bonded indebtedness is
tbe basis -f security of National
Banks, must tbe Government re
main continually in debt, to uphold
National Banks. on penalty if debt
6 55 paid off National Banks fail, land fi
6 55 oioeial system of business currency
must fail, to the ruin of all vainer,
rr pertinently asked President Gre n of
6 55 Connecticut Mutual, to tbe astonish
a is I aunt of U. S. bondholders and Na
tional Banks of Hartford, to whom
ha lately issued these financial co
nundrums. Ins. and Com.Maga-
6 55
BSavol Uraa VaatlaaJ. rlaaa. Lav
The committee 00 arrangements are
oaingerery means in Ibeir power to
make tbe Festival Ibl year, tbe great
en t ever held. Elaborate arrangement e
bave beeo made for I be pleaaure and
entertainment of their guetta. How
ever, the manner in wbicb tbe trip le
New Orleans is made, will play no
am si I part in making tbe viait ao en
joyable one.
The Seaboard Air Line offers th
choice of two daily train, the ached ale
by either of w bicta ia very good. They
leave a foiiowa:
New York, 10 Ui a. m. and ft J p. m.
Philadelphia. 1:12 p. m. and 115
nigbt. Waabiogun, i:Vt p. ra aid
4 -Jtti a. m. Kicbmobd, s p. a. and
A5a.m. Raleigh, 2 :1C a, to. and X A1
p. m. Monroe, i -13 a. in. aad S:lz p. m.
Abbeville. ui a. m. ana 1 a- a. an.
Athene. 1 :15 p. m. sod 3 a. m. Ar
riving at Atlanis, 2 Jt tu n.aodtSO
a. tn , and New Orleaos, 7 :IU a. m. acd ,
8:10 p m. From Kicboiond and points
south, by tbe tram arriving; at ew
Orleaos at 0:10. only one eight is
spent on tbe road.
Call on or aaareaa any oeaooara Air
Line A genu
(Continued on 2d page.)
No one in ordinary health need
7 90 1 become bald or era v. if be win, fol
7 90 low sensible treatment. We 'adfiae
790 cleanliness of the ssalp and. the use
J 2 of Hall's Hair Kenewer.
Tbi Carcasiax tl per year. 5ow Is
I tbe time to subscribe.
Mr. Foraker wants to know if one
American dollar wont boy two Mexi
cau dollars. It will, Besjy. it will;
and on tbe same principle, and for tbe
same reason, tbat fifty American dol
lars will buy twe bales of cotton, when
fornierally tbey woold only boy one.
Atlsnta Coosututlon.

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