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All Uj the angry eloiU bad ivept
Athwart a saffron iky,
AH ljr tb rtla wlnls had wejt
To Datum's terl'-i algb;
TtM eventM. and mitt
Htlll watched (tie bnita west
Wirh fearful rax. while artilog tbrofof
filled erery amicus breast.
Tben, udlenljr fame from above
A thing o awful form.
The rolling chariot of Jove,
The nonaroU of the storm;
With thunderous aoa deadly roar
And black aa Hittan s frowo.
On 'am tbe raiting, baleful (bluff
Tbat doomed Ibe happy towo.
Fly for your llrt ll coming down'
The pwopla wildly cry,
I)ut roar ou roar their voices drown
Tbofta luckless odri raut din.
Tli counting courier of the air,
The atorm king' midnight steod.
Come thundering down tbe raveo sky.
And naught tbelr course Impede.
Now round and round, In mazes dark
The whirling monster goe,
And from the Inky heavens' vault
A shrinking hurricane blown.
Ah, hear the scream of wild despair,
And we that man if led for:n
Goes hissing through tli) angry air
There' murder in tbe storm!
With crnsh and roar ilia bouses full.
Or soar aloft on high,
To mingle with the blackened smoke
That 111 In tbe weeping aky,
A moment, and tbe mounter'! gone
We panne to gain our breath,
While o'er that amoklDg ruined path
Thero brood.i the hush of death.
The wldow'a aob, the orpbnn'a cry,
The gronna that fill tbe air,
The trembling band, the tenrluss eye,
Ileipoak aupreme de:alr.
And all night long tho faithful toll
Ueneath tbe rulud baap
Until each manglod form is found.
And then lt down to ween.
John It. Mustek. In Kansas City Inde
top a bloek down. So be vesl oa
and earae pp to a mite cottage w aero
he drove op and went in, leaving me
in tbe sleigb. When be came- one ne
Lad tbe most noleran sort of face. I
thought something dreadful mast bare
happened. W bat do 70a tnms: ne aiu
"He plunged nnder tbe seat of tbe
leigh and brought out a little package
and went up to the door and tacked
some crepe on tbe bell. Tben be got
in the sleigh again, and we drove off.
and be was just aa jolly as nsaai. i
hardly spoke all the way home, and be
couldn't imagine what was tbe matter.
I told him I bad a toothache.
"I didn't see bim again for months.
Then I met bim accidentally one day
while I was at lunch down town. He
told mo be had bought a new four in
band, and was getting up a coicbing
party. He wanted me to ask a lot 01
girls and a nice chaperon, and be was
going to have some men we all knew,
a party of about sixteen in all, and he
bad planned a most delightful trip,
changing horses along tbe road, you
know, until we reached Oermantown.
was so enthusiastic about it tbat 1
forgot all about tbe other unpleasant
things that I hare told you of, and I
promised to go. 'But why German-
town of all places? I asked mm.
Why not go on to Philadelphia?' "
"We shall goon to Philadelphia
later be said; 'but tbe fact i", Miss
Madge, I shall bare to stop at Ger-
mantown; I am taking a body on there
it will only be a slight delay.'
After that I decided that he was
imply impossible. I liked bim very
well, but I thought that a man with a
nature so insensible to feeling must
be lacking in some way. So we drifted
apart. I saw bim driving with Miss
Jordan the other day. She is one of
those girls tbat don't care. Have an
other cup of tea, Leila." Tbe Criterion.
goqeerrprig r. urgatrogJ
OU eeo they
were having
tea and con
fidences be
fore the fire
in tho twilight.
became of
that nice man
that used to
send you the
When petroleum is burned in a
lamp, according to Dr. Crafts, but
two per cent, of tho energy is utilized
as light, the rest being wasted as heat.
He also told the people of the Lowell
Institute of Boston that in one motor
on the market twenty-five per cent, of
the energy of petroleum had been suc
cessfully utilized.
An electrio process of pottery mak
ing, stated to have yielded remarkable
results, has been developed by an
English firm. The designs are pro
duced by photography, and are burned
in and covered with a special glaze in
a special electric furnace, the perfect
control of this form of fnrnace en
suring a product of the highest excellence.
Cars CaUams 1b CampaelUaa.
Analyse made by Profesor Wiley
show that Indian corn maintains nn
der tbe most widely diverse climatic
conditions a remarkable uniformity of
composition. Tbe corn may vary in
size, color and general physical char
acteristics, but it kernels are very
uniform in composition.
A Hew Peeltry Idea.
It is said that tbe latest wrinkle in
poultry culture is tbat eggs lose
weight as the ben laying them ap
proaches broodiness. One fancier
claims to have made this discovery,
and by taking a ben in band before
she begins clucking to be able, by
special feeding, to induce ber to keep
on laying.
Ji Grass For Working Horses.
It seems almost cruel not to give
horses a feed of grass occasionally,
even when they are hard workingat this
season, when grass and clover are at
their prime. Yet every farmer knows
tbat if allowed to run to grass, even
for a few hours, the working horse
will have an attack of scours, will lose
his appetite for the eolid food that
gives him strength, and be incapable
for several days thereafter of doing a
full day's work. Horses are exceed
ingly fond of grass and clover. Some
times, if old bar is scarce, the farmer
tries to economize by cutting some
clover, and after drying it nearly into
hay feeding it in place of tho hay. But
even this has to be given very care
fully or it will work injury. A horse
at work should always be slightly cos
tive. If the excrements grow soft it
means that bis efficiency for work is
lessened. If there is too much cos
tiveness a tablespoonf ul of old process
linseed meal which will give strength
will put the bowels in good condition.
That is better than giving grass or
clover which when green furnish little
strength. It is not till late in the
fall that it is safe to feed new hay to
horses that have hard work to do.
bht Cor of Eloaoo Flaate.
A Terr satisfactory shelter for
bouse plant may be made by setting
np four poeu in a square, to which
strips of lath or boards can be nailed
about an inch apart. Make a roof of tbe
same materia!, and put on in tbe same
way as tbe strips on tbe sides, which
bonU be in a sort of lattice. Such a
shelter will admit all the air that is
stirring and all tbe sunshine tbat tbe
plants will need, and will not prevent
any one of them from getting the ben
efit of dews and showers, while it will
break the force of strong wind".
Ladies' Home Journal.
Cleanteg the Bongo.
The range should be polished each
morning as soon as tbe fire is started,
and dusted off with a cloth during the
day. Ovens should be kept free from
dnst or dirt by being brushed out with
a hair brush while the fire is slow.
The kitchen floor should be cleaned
when it looks at all soiled. . Some
housekeepers demand it cleaned each
day. It should be swept and dusted
each day, but if a girl is careful and
does not spill things upon the floor it
does not require washing up daiiy.
But when it is washed up it should
be done without the mop? which spat
ters the water upon the sides of the
wall. It should be washed with a"
cloth while upon one's knees.
asked the widow.
"Which?" said the girl with tho
dimple, coloring as though she knew.
"Why the man who gave the theatre
party the other day, and sent those
beautiful rubber-tired, electrio cabs."
"Oh, yon mean Mr. Murgatroyd?"
"Yen, that's the name. What has
become of him?"
"Oh, we drifted apart somehow.
You know he lived in Brooklyn?"
"But he was so unusually nice.
Don't you remember that princely
supper be gave us after the theatre
and tho tlowers and all?".
"Yes he was very nice but do
you know he was you must never
tell but he was an undertaker?"
"An undertaker? Ugh!"
J ' "Yes, I felt that way at first but
do you know, Leila, I wouldn't have
minded it so much if he hadn't insisted
on talking shop and even obtrud
ing his horrible profession into bis
social life in tbe horridest way. I
really liked him, and after the first
shock I made np my mind that it
wasn't a bit worse than booming bi
cycles or automobiles or any of those
other things."
"You poor dear! Tell me all about
"Well, I didn't even suspect it nt
first, but lots of odd thiugs happened
through his peculiar way of looking
upon his profession as an ordinary,
everyday one. He did not seem to
realizo how uncanuy it all was. You
remember that house party down at
the an Smartes' place on Long
"Why, yes yon met him there,
didn't you?"
"Yes, we met there, and the Van
Smcrtes had arranged for a lot of oil
fashioned games to be played in the
barn. One of these was forfeits. We
bad great fun, and when Mr. Murga
troyd was caught he dived down in his
pocaei ior a lorieit, ana wnat do you
trunk ne gave us?
"Leila, it was a screwdriver! Not
like a carpenter's, but quite small with
a nickel handle. I thought it odd at
the time, and later on be stepped on
my gown while we were dancing and
tore the duchesse lace flounce you
remember that white gown?
a a i-r
ne was areaaiuuy sorry, and in
sisted that he must replace it, although
I tried to laugh it off as one does, you
Know. 1 was pinning it up when and
denly betook a little tape measure out
of his pocket and measured the torn
part. It wasn't like any other tape
measure. It was white, with black
figures, and I asked bim to let me see
It. It measured about three vards!
"Then came the theatre party. There
were fourteen of us in all, and he sent
a cab apiece for us. When I was
thanking him for tbe delightful even
ing I spoke laughingly about bis ex
travagance in sending such n lot, and
remarked that bis cab bill must have
been enormons. Tben he told me that
be owned them. I thought this the
strangest thing! Fancy owning four
teen cabs! Sal I supposed be was
immensely wealthy and that it was a
"About two weeks after that be
asked mo to go driving with bim, and
be drove up with tbe dearest, little
snow-white team of horses and spider
phaeton. We enjoyed a pleasant drive
through tho park, and when we
reached Riverside, I begged bim to
let them out. I lovo to have horses
go fast.
"He explained that the funny little
jog trot tbey went at was their fastest
gait; that it would spoil them for busi
ness if they went faster. Tben I asked
him plumply what his business was,
and he told me. Leila, they were
bcarse horses!
"I didn't see bim when be called
after this. It made me shiver to think
" of it. Of course I did not let-bim
know bow I felt, for be seemed per
fectly unconccious of anything odd in
at at .
me maiier. uiu one aay it was a
glorious winter day the first really
deep snow of the season I was sitting
at the window thinking what a jolly
1 ning a sieign ride would be, when Mr.
Murgatroyd drove np in a beautiful
sleigh, with buffalo robes and bells
and two horses black ones this time
- that looked as though they could go.
"I weakened and aecepted bia invi
tation to go sleighing, and we went
through the Park and along tbe Boule
.Tird, when suddenly bo turned into a
aide street. I asked bim why, and be
aid If X would excuse bim be bad to
British marines see an important
collision preventing apparatus in the
ingenious sound locator of Mr. James
Anthony, of Newcastle. This has a
large circular-mouthed sound collec
tor, with a resonator, from which the
sound is transmitted through a re
ceiver to the ear tubes. When the
operator has turned the collector
toward a whistle or fog signal, tho ex
act direction is shown on a dial.
The discovery last summer of a re
markable asteroid, since named Eros,
which periodically approaches the
earth nearer than any other heavenly
body except the moon, has led a Ger
man astronomer, Herr J. Bauschinger,
to suggest that Mars itself should
henceforth be regarded as an asteroid,
instead of as a major planet. The
comparative smallnessof Mars's mass,
and the great eccentricity of its orbit,
are adduced as reasons for consider
ing it at a member 01 tbe asteroid
family. If the asteroids once formed
a single planet, as some have sup
posed, then possibly Mars is simply
the largest existing fragment of the
ancient planet, which traveled an orbit
lying between the earth and Jupiter.
So much of Europe as is interested
in the manufacture of high explosives
is just now engaged in speculating
over the discovery of a new one which
an Austrian chemist is alleged to have
perfected. It is a smokeless power,
free from nkro-glycerine, which over
heating affects but a trifle, and which
is as trustworthy and safe as is com
mon gunpowder. It is positively
smokeless, does not heat the arm in
which it is used, and altogether seems
to have completely filled the bill at
which all manufacturers of explosives
have been aiming. So far the details
of composition and manufacture have
been kept a secret, so far as this coun
try is concerned, at least.
Gardens aa a Fart of tlie Yarn).
No farm is complete without a kitch
en garden. It is very late, but not
too late, to have a good garden. Let
the ground get dry; then break thor
oughly. Use all the manure your
conscience will let you; spread it
broadcast; mix it thoroughly with the
soil. Throw up very light beds just
enough to keep the rainwater from
settling around the little plants.
Plant your seeds, if convenient, just
before night; cover lightly with hand
rake. Small seed should be planted
near the surface. Then be sura to
press the Boil tightly around the seed.
You can do this with a plank. Lay
the plank along on the seed row and
walk upon it, or roll the beds with an
empty barrel. This is easily done and
does good work.
If your soil bakes, loosen it up with
haudrake each side of seed row. No
work in the garden pays better than
this rolling and raking. The rolling
will nearly always secure a good
stand. All gardeners know how im
portant this is. The raking kills weeds
of grass in the sprout as soon as up,
and makes the soil warmer, which is
very important to the health of young
Turnips, kale, cabbage, collards,
spinach and other salad crops should
be sown in abundance. They are good
tor tne table, tne pantry, tne pigs
and the cows. Beets, beans, onions,
cucumbers, salsify, cantelopes,
squashes, peas, and others, accord
ing to taste, can 'soon furnish variety
and plenty. Look after the garden.
A good garden, a good cow, a few
pigs and hens will almost support any
ordinary family. Southern Cultivator.
Ventilation fcy Windows.
No set rules can bo given as to
whether windows should be opened
from the top or from the bottom. This
will, depend entirely upon whether
the window, when opened, is intended
for an outlet or an inlet, when the
wind is not blowing, windows should
be opened from top and bottom. In this
way the air of the room if it is warmer
than the outside air, will rise and pass
out at the top, the outside air being
heavier will flow in at the bottom. In
summer, when the air of the room is
cooler than that on the outside, the
current will be reversed.
When wind is blowing and the room
contains windows on opposite sides of
the rooms, the windows on the wind
ward side should be opened at tho top
and the one on the leeward side at the
bottom. This current as it passes
through will have an aspiring power
to draw the air of the other parts of
the room toward it. Admitting the
cold air at the top, and letting the foul
air out below seems to contradict the
natural theory of ventilation as before
described; but it must be remembered
that here the force of the wind is
utilized instead of the unequal weights
of columns of hot and cold air.
If the windows are, as more fre
quently occurs, on two adjacent sid es
it is generally best to make the prin
cipal top openings on the side of the
strongest winds and the principal
pottom openings on tne remaining
side. .
When the windows are all on ono
side of the room it is generally better
to make the principal opening at the
top and a smaller one at the bottom
The force of the air admitted through
open single windows may be partially
checked by fastening a piece of board
to the top sash and extending into the
room obliquely upward so as to retard
its fall on the heads of the occupants
lite Ova SUaiaaa.
The yonng lawyer has good taste la
antiques, and has dons mack browsing
about la search of them. He knows
tbe places in Worcester and tbe neigh
boring; towns when tho who Uke old
furniture and bavt tbe money to pay
for ft may find what will delight their
soula. So It was no mors than natural
when th professor sold bis deek.whlca
was of ancient design but ot doubtful
age. and began looking for something
better, that he should consult the
young lawyer. The man or law was
delightfully sympathetic. "I saw Just
what you want tne other day," be said.
but I'm afraid it's gone now. I'll
keep my eye out tor the next few
days. "Well. If you see anything
really good." said the professor, "buy
It and held it for me. It is not safe
to let a bargain go too long. Only let
mt know as soon as you can, so that
I won't be buying one, too. It would be
a great favor." "Not at all." said tne
lawyer. "It's a pleasure to buy a
good thing, even if you are not to keep
it yourself." In a day or two the pro
fessor received a Joyful note. The
young lawyer's mother haa found Just
what the professor wanted a beauty.
one of those rare old bits that they
cannot counterfeit, and such a bargain,
only f 10. The professor was charmed.
He immediately sent bis check to the
young lawyer with an enthusiastic
note of thanks and a request to send
up the desk. He was In the halj when
it arrived. He tore off the sacking
and Inspected his prize. It was his old
desk that he had sold a few days before
for $8.50. Worcester GarKfe.
Some interesting instances of the
rapid destruction of iron pipes by
carbonic acid in water passing through
have been noted by German engineers.
Near Beuthen, Silesia, a mile and a
quarter of cast iron pipe of average
quality connected a pumping station
with a reservoir, and this pipe began
to leak at the end of two years when
the upper third was found to be deeply
pitted and punctured, the rest being
unaffected. At Johann-on-the-Sarr,
which receives very soft and pure
water from the carboniferous deposits
of the Saarbruck district, the action
on tho iron was made known in a dif
ferent way. The water in a short
time became badly discolored and un
fit for use, and an investigation showed
that the supply at the source was
saturated with carbonic acid, either
free or as bicarbonate.
An Klepliaot Tramp In England.
For nearly a week past the peasants
on, tbe South of England roads have
been amazed at the spectacle of a
small herd of elephants slowly wend
ing their way London ward.
These monster animals have iust
walked the whole distance from
Southampton to Earl's Court, where
they will form part of the Greater
Britain Exhibition.
Their keepers took them through
country lanes and avoided as far as
possible passing through tho larger
towns. Many horses were terrified at
tbe sight of the great quadrupeds. At
night the animals were stabled in farn:
buildings along the route, and several
keepers who had accompanied them
from Africa took care of them on their
trip to London. This is the first time
that a herd of elephants has ever
walked through Southern England.
London Mail.
Scabby Potatoea.
Potato scab is spread in a number
of ways. Scabby seed and ground on
which scabby potatoes have been
grown, will grow a scabby crop.
Manure from stables where stock has
been fed on infested potatoes, will
spread the disease, for the passage of
fungi through the animal system never
destroys the germs. Surface water
flowing from an infested field will
carry the disease to lower land.
Plows and cultivators, unless they are
thoroughly cleaned, will disseminate
the disease, if they have been used in
the cultivation of a diseased crop.
Seed treated with corrosive subli
mate can be planted with safety. The
seed is soaked for one and a half hours
in a solution of two and one-fourth
ounces of corrosive sublimate to fif
teen gallons of water. The potatoes
should be cleaned before being im
mersed. At the expiration of the
time stated, take the potatoes- out of
the solution and spread out to dry.
The potatoes may be cut before or at
ter the soaking. A good plan of mak
ing the solution and soaking the pota
toes is to dissolve the sublimate in two
gallons of hot water and pour it into
an open head barrel. Add thirteen
gallons of water. Now put the pota
toes in a coffee sack and immerse for
the time stated. Stir the solution
from time to time.
But no treatment of the seed will
prevent the crop from scabbing if the
ground is full of scab. The only way
to rid the ground of the fungi is by
putting it to growing a rotation of
crops, such as grass, corn and wheat.
mo root crops snouicr be grown on
such soil. - When potatoes are scabbed
the disease will grow worse all the
time that they are in the ground.'
nence, dig iust as soon as they are
mature, and store in a dry place.
1 he jpitomist.
To Many Foil Dead la Sham Battle.
ville once during a sham battle," said
a Memphian who was once a State
militiaman. "In order to make the
drill realistio it was given oui that
some of the men should fall as if shot,
but no certain ones were specified. It
was a very hot afternoon, and it struck
me that it would be a good thing to
fall in a shady spot and rest while the
other soldiers drilled and perspired.
The first shady spot we reached I fell
all right, but the same bright idea had
struck every member of the company,
and the Captaiu suddenly turned and
found bis - entire command 'killed.'
He fined us $5 each, and we came to
lit utln an.l Aniili. la J -5 11
Memphis (Tenn.) Scimitar.
Learning to Play Golf.
The best way to learn the game of
golf is to get out on the links and prac
tice it. Over a dozen kinds of clubs
are used, but lack of space makes it
impossible to describe them and their
special uses here. The driver is a
wooden club used for making long
strokes. The putter is made of iron,
with the exception of the handle, and
is used for making short strokes. The
lofting iron, or club, is for lifting the
ball when it gets into depressions and
-has to be driven out, or for lifting the
bill over mounds, fences or other
bunker 8. These three clubs are suf
ficient for the uses of the beginner.-
(Jnicago Keoord.
Keel pes.
Steamed Eaisin Pudding One cup
ful of seeded raisins, one cupful of
molasses, one cupful of sweet milk,
one-half cupful of butter, four cupfuls
of flour, and two teaspoonfuls of bak
ing powder. Steam lor two nours
and serve with a rich sauce.
Baked Rhubarb Cut two pounds
of rhubard into half-inch pieces, put
them into a porcelain basin, add half
a cupful of granulated sugar, cover
thickly with fine bread crumbs and
pour in sufficient water to cover about
two-thirds. Bake in a quick oven for
about half an hour.
Torch e De Boeuf Mince the boiled
beef, fat and all, rather fine; add salt,
pepper, ponnded cloves, a little thyme.
and some finely chopped herbs, par-
y, chervil, etc. ; stir into this three
whole eggs and some thick fresh cream.
This may be baked in a border mold,
or in a round tin, with a tin or galli
pot set in the centre to give the shape
of a ring. . Serve with tomatoes filled
up in the middle, and ajiy good thick
sauce, according to taste.
Compote of Pears Pare and cut one
dozen nice, ripe pears into halves; re
move the core and put the pears in
cold water with the juice of one lemon;
place a saucepan with one pint water
and one cupful sugar over the fire;
aaa tne turn peel ana mice ot one
lemon; when it boils put in the pears
and boil till a straw will pierce through
them easily, then pour them in a dish;
when cold drain off the liquor and boil
it down to one-half; remove, and when
cold pour the syrup over the pears
and serve.
Green Pea Pudding Put one-half
mnt of green peas in a pudding dish
with four well-beaten eggs, one table
spoonful of finely minced ham, one
tablespoonful of butter, two table-
spoonfuls oi flour and pepper and salt
to taste. Mix all well together and
add sufficient milk to make the pud
ding of the consistency of thick batter,
Pour into a buttered mold, tie down
tightly with a floured cloth, place in
boiling water and boil for two hours;
turn out on a dish and serve hot.
Sicilian Sorbetto Mash one quatt
peaches, fresh or canned, through a
sieve. Add one pint strained orange
juice. Boil one pound Bugar and one
quart water five minutes; when cold
add tOftfruit. Turn into freezer and
pack same as ice cream, turn crank
slowly till dasher turns hard. - Add to
well-beaten whites of two eggs, two
tablespoons powdered sugar, remove
dasher and stir into soibetto. Mix
well and smooth down. Repack and
stand away two hours. A very popu
lar dish in the East, not only delict
ous, but very inexpensive.
One Woman's Face Wore a Look
of Seorn.
It was an Impromptu little gather
Ing of women, and before they had
been seated long together the conver
sation turned to the subject ot expan
sion, says the Detroit Free Press.
Women do not vote, but they discuss
politics just the same. The general
verdict seemed to go against the tak
ing of tbe Philippines. "It seems too
bad," said one, "that so many of our
young men have to be sacrificed just
for the sake of adding a little more
to our possessions." "Yes. but think
what a fine thing it will be for pos
terity!" exclaimed the only" enthu-
iiastic expansionist In the group
There was a note of coldness In the
thought that chilled the little group,
The woman's eyes flashed, and her
head bent haughtily back as though
braced up by the pride of exceptional
patriotism. But her eyes soon low
ered, and a deep crimson flush spread
over her face. Na ono said a word.
but the beautiful nale face of another
woman looked scornfully at her. She
had lost her only son "for posterity's
Ask Your Dealer for Allen's Foot-Ease,
A Dowder to shake Into your shoes: resti
tbe feet. Cures Corns. Bunions, Swollen,
Sore, Hot, Callous, Aching, Sweating Feet
and Ingrowing Nails. Allen's Foot-Eas
makes new or thrht shoes easv. At all drug
gists And sboe stores. 25 cts. Sample mailed
FREE. Adr's Allen a Olmsted. LeRoy, N. Y
"Such a Happy Remark.
Wife of Patient "I'm so sorry, doc
tor, to bring you all the way to Hainp
stead to see my husband!" Doctor
(from Mayfair) "Pray don't mention
it, my dear madam. I have another
patient In this neighborhood, so I'm
killing two birds with one stone."
London Punch.
Are roar nerves weak?
Can't you ateep well? Pain
In jrdsjr Met? Lack energy?
Appetite poor? DlgcsrJea
bad? 30IU or pimples?
These are sort eigne of
From wbst poisons?
From poisons that are al
ways found in constipated
If tbe contents of tbe
bowels are not removed from
tbe body each day, as nature
Intended, these poisonous
substances are sure to be
absorbed into tbe blood, al
ways causing suffering and
frequently causing severe
disease. - -
There la a common sense
I 7"
kara a
1v taasaraii
for all U VMM sU rf
ro IS oarroiWfo. r J T t- ; . ,
. r, ... iOmwi ra. Loot ta wo tw I n ' -i .
CA1T. W. T. SS. Kit- SmjSwrSBormnwo'"- mm.nm-w -.w-. m
,. Seoumler Ul on Military lUata. Boar&iBf a a u oa ! t,
Tbey daily insure an easy
and natural movement of
tbe bowels.
You will find that the use of
rt Acer's
1 umapcrca
with tbe pills will hasten
recovery. It cleanses tbe
blood from all impurities snd
is a great tonic to tbe nerves.
VfrKm tbm Doctor,
Oar Med leal Department hes one
Ot the moat eminent physician la
the United State. Tll tbe doctor
Jett bow yon ere ffertoe. To
will receive tbe beet medical advlco
wttboatcosv Address.
. DB. it C. ATEK.
Lowell, lUae.
1 x
It's more pleasant to kiss a miss than to
miss a kiss.
Thoneande or Iteny People
Have been cored aulcklr by Tettertne. Itmree
any form ot akin disease. Mrs. M. K. Latimer,
Blloxl, Miss., had an ltcby breaking out oa her
skin. She sends 1 for two boxes iiostpald to tbe
manufacturer, J. X. huptiine, havannah, Oa.,
uud writes, "Tetterlne is tbe only thing mat
fires me relief." Send fifty rents In stamps
for a box If your druggist dorsn t keep it.
The query ol the
disgusted flics "Wire
tsTssuMtn so rtaaa.
iSMUBaafcSL. - HClfCLi. V.
Low prtee oto4 oa Maanaeeata,
OraToeiLaie. tXe , la Maraio e
Uraaito. dellrored at any Sowlftorm
point. Write fee UlneXraUi taVaioC
Si. IX it is f re; and eare avo&ey.
WoeMlar cteka Six root Tall.
The wedding rake In this country
Iocs not plsy sovh an Important part
a it 'does abroad. In England at a
large wedding, the cake Is of colossal
proportions and Its adornment Is a
work of ait. At the recent wedding
of the daughter uf the Earl of Rose
bery. Lady Margaret Primrose, to tbe
Earl of Crewe, the wedding cake was
lx feet high and decorated with prim
roses, wild heather and the Rosebery
tnd the Crewo coat of arms. In New
York the cake is arranged with an Idea
of convenience and Is put np la Indi
vidual boxes and when there is a regu
lar wedding cake In addition It Is of
normal size and with conventional
flower decorations. In the bride's
cake, which is always plain, is tbe
thimble, ring and sixpence to foretell
the fate of the lucky or unlucky reci
pient Sometimes there is a combina
tion wedding and bride's cake, and
fruit cake In tbe center and the plain
outside. The cake la marked off Into
portions, with pink or green frosting
for the men and white for the women.
New York Times.
Bath Robee Made of Taper.
Bath rob-is made of paper are now
manufactured. The kind of material
used resembles blotting paper. Whole
suits are made of this paper stuff. In
eluding coverings for the head and
feet On? advantage of the fad Is the
cheapness ot such a garment, making
it possible for the poorest person to
own one.
ouiiliMiiuono. HjC.
fm 9 Mansat a! Tat 17001. CHla. S.af
i, Tai TawMW Sean. Ben I ,
a,i i iu t
Eext!t Clmifral. Scientific, B.ii.
csis. EmrUieti Tuchirt,
Eltctrla Llx-to, Stum Hut
Flat Cretsit.
prjgfct Mate mmm D. He pre at.
Write for Cata'octio.
JAS.I. flSC3US3M.B..rrlBciEj
Sc?t., 1337. StpMlh. 1899.
Itxed Carrleal .ra la Fre-t. aid - V
tta41eselcUrela Jaaiorabd
Three Degree 'ewra.
Lahoralorteo Caaapleie.
Te lroreaeeraad Aeeletaaie.
1. 91. C. A. Hall omm Uj aanaelnm.
Trrawa Iteaaonable.
mm for m C aiaUgwr.
S. . WtlKaatftlt, mmm Pi.. dat.
In the French nsvy tot more tLii
from t to 10 per cent of the rum i
tobacco. Tbe smokers numtx r !&
cent, so not lets than 40 per m: n.-ra
be total abstainers from :be .ri."
' Beaatr Is Blooa Xeep.
Wm Mwut mMM a dean akin. ' rTo
beauty without it. Caacarets, Candy Catbar
ioan vnnr hlfwi and keen it clean, of
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im
nuritiea from the bodv. Begin today to
fmniah nimnlee. boils, blotches, blackheada.
and that sickly bilious complexion by taking
Cascarets, beauty for ten cents. AH drug
gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, MB.
Even a grasshopper couldn't kick at this
Brv. (now Bishop) Joseph S. Key,
Wrote: -We gave your Veethika (Teething
Powders) to our little grandchild witt the
happiest result. The effect were almost
magical ar.d certainly more satisfactory than
from anything we ever used."
There was a ecarcity of frost bite
at the hospitals yesterday.
A Letter From Pickens County.
I am po well pleased with Dr. Kino's FbciT
r RESERVING fOWDER that l win not oe wiin
out U. .Mrs. M. S. Harper, Meet, s. U
Jnnn R. 1839.
A 35c box outs ud 40 pounds or Fruit. All
dealers sell It.
Wholesale bv BCRWELL UUKN CO..
Charlotte, N. C.
Ob, for a glimpse of the cold wave
Ko-To-Bao tor Kitty Cents.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes weak
men strong, blood pure. 60c.il. All druggist.
The Wonderful Discovery From
Soutti America, "Mata Mosquito," Famous
South American Mosquito Perfume, mailed to
any address on receipt or the retail pr.se.
Two sizes 10 and 25 cts. Address Arthur Peter
& Co.. Louisville, Ky. A few drops rubbed on
hands, face and arms keeps mosquitoes away.
Cartons Bird Habits.
It Is a well-known fact that If the
young of almost any kind of bird are
taken from the nest before they can
fly. the old ones will feed them most
attentively if the cage in which the
little birds are Inclosed is placed some
where where tbe parents can reach It:
and a popular but erroneous belief Is
current that they do this for a time.
and end by poisoning the vounr ones.
This, however, is a mistake, the fact
being that at a certain stage of a
young bird's existence, when it Is nat
urally able to begin catering for Itself,
the parent birds, also quite naturally,
cease to attend It, and then, if tbe
birdllngs are shot up In the cage and
their custodian has not thought of
placing some food at their disposal.
they necessarily die. not from poison
administered by tbe parents, but from
starving. Pall Mall Magazine.
The wise
finds them.
pickpocket takes thJags as he
Mr. Wlnslow'sSoothlng Syrup for children
(rething.softenatbe gums, reducing Inflama-
uon. allays patn.cures wi aa coiio sm a uoiui
It doesn't
throw dice.
A grasshopper invasion Is threatened in
North Dacota and Minnesota.
To Care Constipation Foteter
TMrn Pimeareta CandV Cathartic. 100 orSSC.
t C C. C. tall to cure, druggists refund money.
It isn't safe for the tiKht-rope walker o
deviate from the straight and narrow path.
Rev. H. P. Carson. Scotland. Dak., rars:
''Two bottles of Hall's CatarrbCurecomolete-
lf cured my little girl." Sold by Drugsists, 75c.
Jt AC III' ( 1 llb- yUJi
Smell Sweet "
The frAgr&nce of life is vigor ani
strength, neither of tvhich can be found
in a person whose blood is impure. And
'whose every bre&th speaks of internal
troubles. Hood" s SarsapzriKa. purifies
the blood and makes the weak strong.
The Boad to Wealth.
"In my opinion the secret of rtoney-
uiaaiusj aepenas cnieny upon five
things: Push, 'squareness. clearhead
edness, ecoiaomy, and rigid adherence
to the rule of not overworking." Too
much work is worse than no work at
all.' it undermines the constitution
and unfits a man mentally and physi
cally ior tne battle of life. Ten hours
a day of steady work is as much
any man no matter how robust
ought to attempt. . Iu addition to thes
things avoid being too grasping; better
make a small proat by sure . means
than attempt to make a larger one : Ur
uncertain and risky measures. An-
; drew Carnegie, in the London Mail.
Flily Tears From Now.
War had been declared, and Ameri
cans were again displaying the patriot
ism so marked a characteristic of the
trouble between the United States
and Spain some fifty years before.
vi o . it. . at
xeiore me tana oi tne enemy every
ship of the American navy was drawn
up in line, everything in fact from
battleships to tugboats.
Precisely at 10 o'clock the Admiral
mounted to the bridge of the flagship
ana snapped ms watch.
That minute every gun in the squad
roii ooomea iortn bo accurate was
the timing that it all seemed but one
detonation. An hour afterward the
fleet dispersed some going home
some to other places until at last only
tne battleships were left.
"Yes, it was a bit of trouble! ad
mitted the Admiral: "but it's worth
itl We won't be bothered now with
disputes about who fired the first gun
of the war." New York Journal. I
An Astonishing Fact.
No ; merchant Teasel 4ying ' the
United States flag passed through the
Strait of Gibraltar or the Sues Canal
in 1895 or 1898..
Ejaculations la Many Languages to Ward
Off Coming; Danger.
In many -a family, particularly in
New England, a sneeze is generally fol
lowed by a hearty "God bless us,"
though little thought is ever paid to
the meaning of the phrase or why it 13
used. A curious explanation of the
origin of the phrase is given. It seems
that several centuries ago an epidemic
like our prasent influenza became rife
all over Europe, the first symptom of
which was violent sneezing. ' The pope
at that time prescribed prayers against
the epidemic and recommended cer
tain short ejaculations, to be made
when anyone sneezed in such a way as
to ehow signs of having contracted the
malady. Hence all over Europe we
have these ejaculations, practically of
the same character. Italy: "DIo ri
becedica!" in Germany, "Gott segne
dich!" (also "Gesundheitl") In France,
'Dieu vous benlsse!" among the Span
Ish speaking neople of New Mexico,
Jesus te favorescal!" in Arizona, "Je
sus to oyude!" . The. English, "uoa
bless you," or 'God bless us." corre
sponds to the Gaelic. 'Dia linn." "God
with us!". Sometimes the response,
'Agus llnire!" "and Mary," Is added.
and In violent . attacks, "agus - Eoin
Baiste " ind John Baptist-" In New
Mexico they say to children sneeslng:
"Die te haga crecer," "God make thee
grow!" An equivalent expression is
used in Gaelic as a thank phrase, and
I have heard people, say In Ireland to a
child sneezing. "God bless yon, child.
you're no fairy!" a semi-serious alio
slou to the possibility of children be
ing changed by fairies, as the old leg
end had if: Donaboe's Macaaine.
take an expert wrestler to
Deal Tobacce Spit and Saieka Tear lift 1 way.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mar
netic, full of life, nerve and visor, take Ko-To
Bae, the wonder-worker, that makes weak men
strong. AU druggists, CCc or II. Cure guaran
teed. Booklet and sample free. Address
Sterling Bemedj Co.. Chicago or New York;
A France'
yet a thing o
i '
fJHmericau reciprocity treaty !
rrue iuiure.
Educate Tour Bowels WltU Casoareta.
Candy Cathartic, core constipation forever.
lOe.Kc If C O. C. fell, druggists refund money.
Etna is still in violent erup-
Flta permanently cured. Nofltaornerveea
ess after first dav'a usa of Dr. Kline's Great
Kerve Restorer. SStrialbottleand treatise free
f ess after first day's usa of Dr. Kline's Greet
Lh: R. H. Klibc Ltd. 861 Arch St. Phil
Piro's Cure for Consumption haa eared ma
many a doctor's bill. s. F. Habdv, liopkins
t'lace, Baltimore, aia . uec.z, ish.
Alcoholism In Franco.
In a weighty paper just prepared for
the French Bulletin Mea:cal. Dr. Bru-
qpn, an eminent medical writer, de
clares that the greatest national peril
hanging over France just now is alco
holism, and more than all. alcoholism
among women. Singularly enough his
researches have demonstrated that the
women of picturesque Normrejly are
more completely In the grasp of tbe
drink fiend than the women of any oth
er province of France. Drink is sold
by the grocer, the coal dealfga-even by
the green grocer; and what is still
more fatal, nearly every shopkeeper
dispenses "wee drops" to customers
worth cultivating just to steady the
connection. The question assumes a
dark aspect in its relation to the ter
rible infant mortality in Normandy,
which Dr. Brunon attributes to the al
most universal prevalence of chronic
- m
aiconousia among women or tne peas
ant and artisan classes. London
V amfotaS wit I TV. r tf-S-
res. ase KfV HeiW
Rcckville. - Md.
Its hudUs bare done well at the Vnl-
wrmltlM of Vlnrinl. Cornell- LrOblch.
Princrton. and at tho M attach use tta ioU-
iute of Technology, at Boston. Terms moder
ate. For Catalogue, addrcaa.
W. P. MASON. V. a. W. A rHartasU
Ales Mgeattem. Beswlates the aWa.U see las
Teathmv TJ. TECTniXa BrUetes
TreekUe ofthlMrea of Aay Age aad MOt
B Cents, Ask Y"r Druggist f or It
If not kept by drarglsls mail rv -
r. j.neri'kTT, n.D., ht.mm isi
FUnot forSI9S.
Buy direct from U
wiaauladarer. waurf
Uoa gusrstt-"i.
Csgcrtuwa. - - 1
4 rs i
Adding Ins nit to Injury.
' It was the first night of his comedy.
and. although it had fallen rather flat.
ne nan nopes. "What do you think of
It;' he asked a friend who had just
come out. . "Oh, it's all right for the
kind," returned the other, "but I don't
think the public likes that sort of a
play. It would rather hare something
to make it lough." "Make it laugh!"
roared . - tne Indignant playwright
"Yes," answered the other. "Next
time you ought to try to write a tra
gedy." Chicago Post
prou are the third man. Mr. Harka
long," said the young woman, "musing
ly, "who has asked me to marry him."
"And if you marry me. Miss Garllng
born." replied tbe well-preserved wid
ower, "you will be my third wife! All
great events go In threes!" . The com
bination was too strong for her, and
he yielded. Chicago Tribune.
Is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination, but also
to the care and skill with which it is
nanufactnred by scientific processes
known to the CiXironxiA Fio Strcp
Co. only, mad we wish to impress cpon
all thu importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Fig is manufactured
by the CAuroRviA Fio Stecp Co.
only, a knowledge of that act will
assist one in avoiding tbe worthless
imitations manufactured by other par
ties. The high standing- of the Cali
fornia Fio Stkcp Co. with the medi
cal profession, and tbe satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs baa
given to millions of families, makes
the name of the Company a gnai&nty
of the excellence of its remedy. It fat
far in advance of all ether laxatives,
as it acts on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating or weaken
ing them, and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects, plea&c remember the name of
lae Company
sen rauactsco. cm.
octs vuxg. a. raw YOBS, jlv.
A :
FOB ant u IKE OF ilS
And ReteJra for eame. Ptiafilnr. fu T.
BeltJag, Injectore, l lpea. Vae r" .;(
03&S3.5O 0HOE8 ""'dl
kla mt
rerth $4 te IS cetrsre
Indorsed hy rr
l.OIMt.tMMI etrarrrs.
Tse a . r'i
to bra aw. I '-"' m"'Z
erf es eoe nx ' ' "
v-)4. Yiw -r "'
taa tf "
mis aa w'.ctti. ouua r
atalocao C rrrew
W. L DOUSLAS fMOE C0. Crackle, lu
Over M kw3tu k J cul'b . n fi
wrMrra SisacwtraM la tr It I toa
St year. r- rta-rwe A44tv t-i
tTaAvcars numm cotxE. l
L L HOITO, rrraldrnt.
Opea alike te berth rxmar ui f1
vosnaa. Total ex pro are tea s4
lor tfee rear aa4 caa to rrf4 to "' '?
t-gva free. A4drre CK4. W- MUM
t rmmmrmr. fm!! imr m:fr . C.
College of Dentistrv.
dkxtal ucrArrarvr
AttaataCaAiac rfcreW-laa mm 1
Laav Ccu ct i r-rae. 'ju;-
anal nmtum unt kt X- cWi icu
aaoaia wnu rr ratak r
j I
mm H.c A'l ;
-case a
ana are a traie oaSerfel mtmAu-kmm i ......
Uae4 for a aaeaietaa 1um to take aaa at kS
bnirMMIUiCmnu. IMae7aaiaau!ra.alr
bloudba bee Mriae4 eat mj aitLTaa. El
way. aiaa. AiXis K. I sas loateaU. Teaa.
curs consTiPATiaa.
.utiivERsmr of virginu.
High luraUoa gtvM ftWvat free VaterM ess
fell wtrrmr.
trmkmm wmmrr I-
rw .-
UktaBM , !' fv erf
emrle:evvt3e ta.
mm, SV Set ! i. lOe ra
Fre. ar.l.LSUrilMa'l
Caasaaii flia sal May eer. AS mtmu
17.. B. On k CfcSJj,!.!.
ITrSMTlvS la Cedlit tr4 it T
rr-. T-J.
mmmwmmmmmmmwmmmmmmwmmmmimmmmmmM'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmMnmmim mmmwmmmmmmmmTmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmw
Ifliiilfp Clillitri lbtiiig
. Tn i r
-;. . . w.... wuivi wi muuvj rviunaea oy your oercsss

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