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NO. 3J.
Si ii.
Ihi State Department Not Inclined
to Believe it.
uf lit finlJ Certificates -Atlanta's Mayor
Miivt Resign No New FekT Cases Issue
r f Gri d Certificates.
I',v CHbl. A dbnatch to th
I.I!,:' Parol says the Austrian govern
niMii nked Admiral Dewey to explain
rh" Mtpment eaid to hare been mad
hy him. (hit the next war of the Uni
ted stairs would be with Germany and
thn' trie United State would be sup
port"! ly England. To this request
I i -i f Parole says Admiral Dewey
n that he would deny nothing he
: and thereupon advanced the
' f f V departure tram Trieste.
Tie South.
Ingon. ' 11 YU,Un WMh-
.?nHl p,n,boat Frolic, Hawk
and Dorothea will be fitted for service
. iw it uttoi k yard.
v" Blackburn is Tery ill at
n the pending campaign.
Under the CPTT Vila a nntr I m. ...
MlKsiippi u divided into four super
v,.orl districts. Two of the supervisor
n u wnite ana two colored.
Baltimore haa
Newport, News, Hamoton and Ol.l
Point Comfort.
f p
' imin-'fo. Special. Regarding the
pii'riiiipd statement accredited to a
Ki-Ti'h paper, to the effect that th
An trim Kovrrnment made a demand
up'in .Vlmir.il Dewey to confirm or dent-
his allejred statement to the effect
fhnr our next war would be with Opm
ni.iii.v. the State Department officials
point ;ut that It would be a glaring
I r :t li of diplomatic proprieties to
i niiiiiniiiicate on a diplomatic subject
v. itli ,i T'nitP'l States naval officer dl
i.i ttv. nd ouUldc of the lawful rhan
ti l' ft would, moreover, "be a matter
cf i (.mplalnt should Austria have ad
lr -mm! Admiral Dewey on a matter
ifliit rix entirely to Wermany and the
N.ipliM, My Alrnlrail Dewey
itn'.v -1 Saturdjy, frrm Trieste,
mi lif iirtl ii" l'nlt"d States cruiser
nivmpia. was Isltc.I by Mr. Lewis
Morris Mdinga, fecretary of the Uni-
lul staler emlaiy at RomsjMr. Uich-
arl P. Parsons, second iccretary oi the
i inli isHv; Mr. Hector De Castro. I'ni
ttil States consul general here, and the
ice ronoiil, Mr. Charles M. Wood.
I ho admiral commanding this sta
tion, tliH commander of the girrlsoa
ami the prefect also visited Admiral
t! i. Drwfiv on beard tih? Olvmuia
pikI the American admiral returned
thd'.r vlF't Forty Amcirican tourists
nftrrward visited the Olympia. Admir
n! Dewey and the crew cf the Olympia
are all in good health. It is raid the
cruiser will only remain here eight or
un day;-.
The Situation Is Said to Be More
Surgeon Geieral Wymaa Oives a Word of
Cautien-AII Except Eleven of the la
mates of the Indian School are is the
Washington, D. C- Special. Official
reports of the Marin Hospital Servke
from the Soldiers' Home at Hampton
tthov that the yellow fovcr situation
there continues favorable. Surgeon
In view of the yellow fever outbreak Whlte rpPrt5 to Dr. Wyman fchat there
Southern leaders sav that the
cratlc party will maintain its indlvidu-
amy ana win serve its relation viih
&t the Hampton Soldiers' Home, Rich-
uiunu nas auarantinotfl tmind
Point and Hamnton.
Issue of Gold Certificates.
Washington. D. C, Special. The
Treasury Departrrent has made reqnl-
it inn upon the Bureau of Engraving
Hod Printing for the printing of $10,
iiim.ono ?:old certificates, In denomtna
tiona of $20 each. The Treasurer now
holds a large unissued supply of certi
ficates of the larger denominations. It
is the evident Intention of the Treasury
1 Apartment to be in a position to issue
J5!d tertilkates freely for gold coin,
chould the fall movemeut of currency
1'dd to a demand at the Treasury for
gold certificates. In exchange for gold
coin, it la to be noted that while gold
rolivs ran be freely had in denomina
tion' of fives and tens, the law restricts
thr issi.e of gold certificates to denom
lnatlons of $20 or multiples thereof. It
Is n debatable question, therefore,
whMhr gold certificates will adequate
ly meet the demand for money or small
The North.
XWT.X if ...
wutuii, is ratine in th fli , n
.! - - " ""U7 111
ounnejrota for lack of harvest hairwls.
Augusta J. Sohechter. 228 Madison
avenjue, New York diislooated her ja.w
yawning. , ,
Secretary Gage eavs he will not r.
ply to the last letter of the Civil Ser-
Tioe i(rorm league.
ecTeuiry Hitchcock lias announced
that the sale of the Cass Lake lands, in
iuinneaoca, will begin November 1.
Maxttn Dotz, Just released frcm
Bridewell prison, waa arrested in Chi
cago charged with having married six
women, four of whom are now living.
miss Kannie Goodwin, milliner of
Falrview, Pa., shot and mortally
wounded Bryan Allegree. She charged
mat he had slandered her.
in a freest collision at Dennison.
Ariz., Engineer Mdeod and Brakeman
Constable were killed.
The smelter strike at Denver, Col
ha. caen ccmproovlsea by i.ihe Board
of Arbitration, for 10 per cent, in
create in wages.
The bllla of rc:: .virant keepers for
reeuing policemen during the recent
street ear sliilke In Nw York oppoxl
mate $35,000.
Atter the naval reunion at Phila
delphka, SeptEiTniber 1, Admiaal Samp
son h fleet w-111 fall from Newport, R,
I., to meet Dewey.
At uen ton Harbor. M'jcn., a passen
ger train scattered a pile of baggage,
and Miss Olara Henley was fatally in
Jured by a flyling trunk.
A reward of $300 has been offered
for the capture and return to Chicago
of Dan.'el Ccug.hl.in, w ho was on.ee pen
tenced fo.r itbe murder of Dr. Cronin,
and is now cha.rged wife jury bribing,
The health ofucer of New lork sees
little danger of the fever reaching that
nort. No auarintlne has been estab
The fire at Tupper Lake, New York,
Sunday morning destroyed 69 buildings.
and nearly wiped out the town. Loss
It is officially announced that Sir
Julian Tauneefote, British Ambassadoi
to tihe United States has been elevated
to the peerge.
e cm raoi his mi
T. D. loseaua Brtvaei.
Kewt of the death of Mr. T. D. Rose- I Bill Arp SlyS the Old lady Will
Find Out
i3 nothing suspicious in the town of
Hampton. There were no new cases
and only two deaths at the Home Fri
day, according to a report from Dr.
Vkkery, the surgeon at the institution,
eent to the surgeon general. Dr. Vick
ery expressed the opinion that the im
mune help on the way there bhoulJ be
sufficient, as the epidemic seems to be
checked. The cordon around the Home
and the immediately adjoining village
of Phoebus, Surgeon White says, !s as
tight as he ever saw it at any place.
Surgeon General Wyman, In syeaklng
of the f ituatlon, inferentially uttered a
word of caution against too sanguine
views of the checking of the erldemic
at this time, which might rcault in a
relaxation of the precautions which
Khould be maintained against the
spread of the fever. He said:
'There are certain factors in the bit-
uaticn which make it encouraging and
they are, first, that the disea&a was dis
covered very promptly, conpared with
usual outbreaks In an institution where
all the inmates were under good con
trol. It was recognized much quicker
than it would have been in a commer
cial community, because all the cases
and all the deaths were brought to the
notice of one man. Another favorable
factor Is that the latitude is not ex
tremely South. Nevertheless It should
be remembered that in Brunswick, Ga.,
iu 1S93, a little more than two week3
alter the last reported death othsr
case? appeared.'"
In response to an inquiry a. to the
situation and ned at the Indian
School of Hampton, the following dis
patch waa received by the Commission
er of Indian Affairs:
"Rigid quarantine for and against us.
All Indians except eleven boys are In
the North. They are efficient and
faithful in the general guard duties.
Am authorized to say that the possi
bility of infection is remote.
(Signed) "F. C. BRIGGS."
The school has a total enrollment of
138 pupils and the news that all but li
of them are away and out of the fever
district reliieve3 the apprehension of
the authorities here.
man by drowning reaching Salisbury
Saturday afternoon caused expressions
of deep regret. Very few details of the
accident are known yet and those only
from a little boy who was dispatched
to town at once with his sad message.
At half past eleven Saturday morning
Mr. Ros man started out to have a
night's seining at Boone's Ford, on the
Yadkin just above Its junction, with
the South Yadkin, with Measra. D. L.
Arey and' M. L. Bean. Coming to
Swicegood's ferry, on the South Her,
they were unable to make the ferry
people hear their calls. The stream
being only about 100 feet wide at this
point, Mr. Roseman volunteered to
swim over and brine back the boat,
presumably not waiting to take off his
clothes, it being a public ferry. While
swimming over he was seized with
cramp and sank before aid could reach
him. Mr. Roseman was a resident of
Salisbury and was well known. He was
a man of considerable means. He was
married twice and leaves a wife, who
is a daughter of Sheriff Monroe, of
Rowan county, and six children. De
ceased waa between 35 and 40 years of
tii Cat Bows Saae Trees WfcUe Mrs. Arp
Oaotes Froai UacoU.
A. Misenheimer's House Berne '.
The elegant country home of Mr.
Abner MLsenheimer, of No. 5 township,
Cabarrus county, was totally destroyed
by fire at midnight Friday night. AH
household effects were consumed, ex
cept two feather beds, which the occu
pants of the house carried out with
them as they escaped from the leaping,
roaring flames. The origin of the fire
is not known, but believed to be in
cendiary. Loss about $1,200; no insurance.
Who Shall Appoint Counsel?
There Is. an interesting clash be
tween the corporation commission and
the Governor over the employment of
counsel In the assessment cases which
come up bsifore Judge Simonton at
Asheville. The commission ha3 select
ed coyasel; Governor Russell claims
thcit he alone can pay or select, and
that he will do the selecting. But the
commissioners know perfectly well
that the next Legislature will pass a
bill to iay the fees of the counsel the
commission may employ. The com
mission it -is true, has no fund for
counsel fees. It will go ahead. Of
course the Governor will get the
"short," as he always does in State affairs.
Chxago P.atform Democrats.
Albany. N. Y.. Special. The execu
tive rommlttee of the Chicago platform
I '"met rats, of which Thomas W. Cant-
of this city. Is secretary, Friday
Issued a call for a conference to be held
nf Syracuse, on August 9th, to perfect
flrrRngpment for the proper organiza
tion ct the party in this State for the
coming national convention.
Trouble Expicted in Hayti.
Washington. D. C, Special. Hayti is
in a state of ferment, perhapa from
sympathy with the neighboring State
if San Domingo. United States Minis
ter Powell Jias cabled the State De
partment that the presence of a United
States warship may be required, if the
Present threatening conditions contin.
n to Insure the safety of the United
Slates legation and consulates.
No New Cases of Fever.
Hampton. Va., Special. There are
absolutely no new developments in the
situation at the Soldiers Home. "No
r.w raes and no deaths," was Satur
day's report, and a general impression
prevails in this section that all danget
r.r k niriomtr retting outside the
Home has passed. The official state
ment to be issued from the hospital, is
new being made up, and will state that
sine-? the discovery of the disease in
the Home, one week ago, there have
been 42 cases and 11 deaths. In Phce-
btis no new cases have been reported,
and the only ca?e thus far reported is
Minister Hunter has entered a pro
test against the expulsion from Guate
mala of an American citizen, J. B
It has "been decided that sixteen Fili
pino actors, now at San Franci.-:co,
clhall be allowed to fill their engage
ment at the Omaha Exposition.
The Irklh agricultural and technical
instruction bill passed its pecond read
ing in the House of Lords. The sale oi
food and dmga bill was adopted.
At Poonalh. India, 56 deaths occurred
from the plague in 59 hours, making
the total 261.
In Mabanzas. Cuba, an American
wearing Spanish colors in his hat was
stoned by a mdb of Cubans.
The trouble he-tween the Canadian
Grand Trunk Railway and Its en
gimneera and firemen has been settled.
Thi2 Canadian Hcuse of Commons
has adcipted a TeTliruon of sympathy
for the OutlandeT3 in the Transvaal.
The Cuban National Party Commit
tee ha voted to make no demontra
tlon on tihe entrance to .Havana of the
family of General! Gomez.
Le Soir of Paris, announces that Col
onel Du Taty de Clam was noeratea
The House of Commons at Ottawa
has adonted a resolution expresselng
Canada's sympathy with the Uitlanders
of the Transvaal.
A clash between Dreyfusites and Na
tionalists haa occurred in the streets of
Rennes, France.
Are They Living Too High?
Havana, By Cable. Considerable
comment was caused here by the pub
location of a disjMitch from the United
States, embodying tha charge made
by a leading New York newspaper,
that Governor General Brooke, Briga
dier General Ludlow, military gover
nor of Havana; Collector Tasker Bliss
and Major Davis, sanitary officer at
Havana, have been receiving extra al
lovnnces out cf the Cutxin revenues to
maintain themselves in luxury. The
feeling among Americans in Havana is
that this charge is based upon a eexi
ous miaappreh&naion of the facte. The
suggestion of luxurious living per
plexes the Cuban-3, who are in. a pasi
tiom to contrast the democratic way in
wbkih men holdiing the high rank held
by General Brooke and Ludlow con
duct 'their establishmeats with the pro
digal habits of the old Spanish regime.
Should be RedeemaMe.
Gardner Bros., of Cherryville, Gaston
county, writes the State Treasurer that
the trade checks they are using are
transferrable and therefore not prohib
ited by law. The evident intention of
the Legislature, however, was to com
pel the person or firm issuing these
checks to redeem them in money when
not used in the purchase of goods. That
this is not done is the charge against
Gardner Bro3. The Treasurer ha3 re
ferred the matter to the Attorney General.
A Generous Gift.
Mr. A. F. Page, of Raleigh, has re
cently given six thousand dollars to the
Methodist Home for Orphans and Re
tired Preachers to be established in
Raleigh. He is one man who, when he
gives with his right hand, does not let
his left hand know it, but in this in
Etance the trustees of the Home have
felt It proper to print the name of the
generous donor.
Mayor Wordward Must Resig.i.
Atlanta, Ga., Special. On a vote of
1" to 3. th? resignation of Mayor James
O. Woodward, of this city, waa asked
for at a secret caucus of the city coun
-il and board of aldermen, held Sat
urday afternoon. Mayor Woodward
waa charged with drunkenness, several
weeks ago, when impeachment pro-
reedlnfs were threatened. At that time
the mavor Dromlsed to reform, but
4 now charged that he naa
faith with the city council.
101 Years Old.
Brooklyn. Ind., Special.--Mrs. Kate
Medaiis, one hundred and one years
old. is dead at the home of her grand
daughter, Mra. L. T. Apple, of this
place. She waa born in North Carolina
June 24th, 1798. She leaves one hundred
and thirty living descendants two
ona, SO trand-chlldren, 82 great grand
children, fifteen great great rand
ou, who waa born .to Mr. and Mrs.
Drval Bek.f t FrieudwooJ, March t0.
A nlan for the distribution of armor
on the new battleship Maine has been
approved by the Navy Department.
Bureau chiefs have been notified by
Secretary Loag that they will not be
allowed to criticize each other in offi
cial papers.
funeral Merrltt is making arrange
ments to transfer the garrison al Fort
Monroe to Battery Point at tne moatn
of the Delaware.
It is said in Santo Domingo that
General Gome, the Cuban leader, may
be offered the Presidency if the revolu
tion which is imminent succeeds.
A Halifax. N. S., dispatch says that
four men were crushed to death and
seven seriously injured in a wreck of
a construction train on the Miaiana
railway, in Harris county.
Tied f o a Tree and Shot.
Hattiesburg, Miss.,- Special. Henry
Novels, a negro who attempted to as
sault Miss Rosalia Davis was captured
vinnrinv.. and was identified by Miss
Davis. He was lmmeaiaieiy tiea to a
tree and shot to death by the angry
Legation as Aa AsyU m.
Port-AurPrince, . By Cable. The po
litical situation is causing anxiety.
Numerous arrests have been made.
Among thi0G9 taken into custody are
M. Doubillon, a former Minister" of the
Interior and M. Du Vlvier, a newspa
per man. Du Vivler made strong re
sistance and succeeded In entering the
United States legation, dragging with
him the officers detailed to take him
into custody. The officers, however,
were able to take their prisoner .out
side the legation doors.
The Comm'ss'K.n Overdue.
Washington, Special. The non-arrival
of the Samoa n commission is be
ginning to attract comment in official
quarters, as it is thought some n'fe.v
complication may have arisen in Sa
moa to keep the commission there. The
last report ww; that the paty would
leave Apia on July 18th, and if this had
been carried out, the commission would
have been due in San Francisco before
the present time.
Destroyed by Forest Fire.
Washington, D. C, Special. The fol
lowing telegram was received at the
War Department Friday:
"Vancouver Barracks, Wash.,
August 3.
"Adjutant General, Washington: : '
"Captain Hovey reports the destruc
tion of Ck'mp Dyea, from forast fires, on
the 28thV He reports no injuries to the
men. Some subsistence and quarter
er's supplies were destroyed. The
amount has not yet been determined.
Tie succeeded in moving the command
and supplies to Skaguay.
(Signed) -"- - "McCAIN."
"Acting Assistant Adjutant General in
Absence ofDepartment Commander."
State News in Notes.
Salisbury will vote September 4th on
a $100,000 issue of public improvement
Bethel voted on a proposition to es
tablish a dispensary. The Reflector
says K was defeated.
Including five new suits that are to
be brought at the next term of court,
there are twenty divorce cases on the
Guilford Superior Court docket. -
Chauncey Davis, the negro who last
spring burned the Battle residence,
Cool Springs, in Edgecomb'county, haa
been sentenced to hang at Tarboro,
September 7th.
The National Flower Commission at
a recent meeting in, Asheville decided
to recommend the golden rod as the
national flower. It is the only distinc
tive flower found in all parts of the
United States. ,
A. C. Flynn, a merchant who lives at
Pleasantville, Rockingham county.shot
and killed his brother. . He claimed it
was accidental, but the coroner's jury
found that it was premeditated. There
had been bad blood between them. :
Several political events are scheduled
for this month, these being barbecues
and picnics at Old Fort on the 19th and
Clinton on the 24th. The constitutional
amendment will be discussed by the
different political parties. . ,
Weekly Trade Reiew. ;
Ne'y York, Special R.G. Dun & Co
in their Weekly Review of Trade say ;
July failures have been smaller than in
any month of which there is record,
n'ina; May, and trading failures
smaller than In any other month. Sur
prising contrasts are shown by com
parison of small with large failures in
different years, and in no class of bus
iness without some large failures not
attributable to present influences, does
the aggregate equal the average of the
past six years.
.Bryan Addresses the Fpworfh Assembly.
Ludington, Mich., Special. About 6,
000 people were on the Epworth As
sembly grounds "Friday when "Colonel
Bryan was driven in to deliver his ad
dress on "Pending. Problems" His flr6t
propositions related to the religious
and moral principles underlying his
political philosophy of equal taxation.
The money questipn and anti-trust and
anti-imperialism arguments followed,
and the efforts of the eloquent orator
were received with applause. Later
Colonel Bryan spoke in the street for
15 minutes. He left this evening by
steamer for Manitowoc, Wis. ;
. Firemaa's Tournament at Greensbsra.
Friday was the last day of the tour
nament. The horse reel race, two hun
dred yards dash, lay three hundred feat
of hoseT was won by Newbern, in 43
4-5 seconds. Goldsboro No. 1 was sec
ond. The quick steaming contest was
won by Newbern, which got steam and
threw water in two minutes and twenty-eight
seconds and a quarter. Tha
hundred yard individual dash was won
by Garnesey, of Goldsboro.
Negroes Beatea at Has.
Pans, . HL, Special. Three negroes
who arrived in Pana Friday, were set
upon fcy sympathisers of the union
miners, pelted - with' stones and mis
s&es of evercharadter, and driven out
of hss city. In he party wfao ets
raultoi the blacks were a number of
the wlveu and sons. One of the re
groes wa.3 badly ustil up. DutCcs tihe
computoary exod-uj of the. negrcea, i:
is claimed by their arrlants Uuit they
were fire! upon four ttme3 from the
Springslde Mining Com?jny"3 UjTe
but none o Vx& shots o6j; effect. '
Mr. Lincoln :d, "You my fool
ome cf the people, all the time yea
may fx9 ail the people some of the
fjtne, but you cant Ccol fool all the
people all the time." That's ao. I reck
on, but I will add that a man can't
fool bis wife at all. Sha catches np
with him bj lassinct. My wife has
been awsy to Rome and ao I took ad
vantage of her absence ai4 had two
tree cut down. One was dying at the
bop and the other w3 crowding two
other trcej and doing no good. But
she is ittterly hostile to cutting down
a tree and so I have to do It while she
I away. One of them was cut down
low to the ground and after every chip
and tw'.g was cleared np I had gras
nut over the placs where the tree was.
I was goLcg to do th otiher the same
way but I got sick and she came home
prematurely and there wan the stump
grinning with its fresh cut edges. I
wa3 getting bcV.er, but when I saw her
coming I took a horizontal attitude on
the couch and tried to look sick and
sad and melonoholy. It was two days
befsre she nomcel that stump and
when cm called my attention to it I
told her that it wa9 an old stump and
had been there for years. She never
said anything, tout there was a doubt
ful ey-pres3:on on her 'tranquil counten
ance. If there were no grandchildren
around here I could get alotg, but they
let the eat out of the hi every time
and I am the vkolm. I don't remem
ber even- seeing that stump before,"
said ciie, but I persuaded h?r that the
late rains had colored it. When she
found me out. I assured her that the
tree was hollow .cd wa3 bound to die
soon and that its proximity to the
other trees prevented thsir expansion
and that expansion was now the policy
of the country. "Yes," eaid ihe, 4'I
suppesp we must cut down the smaller
trees to that the larger oce3 can have
more roam. We must kill off the Fili
pinos for the same reason. I wonder
how many of the poor creatures they
have killed. If our people kill a black
brute down here, they make an awful
fuss about it, but they are killing thou
sands because they are defending their
native land. It is all very strange to
I don't like some of our governor's
late utterances. The daily paper
prints in big lines that he eaM the
man or men who lynched a negro were
v.s guilty in the sight of God as the
negro they lynched. Surely he didn't
sayit. The reporter mu5t have mis
quoted him again. It does not sound
like 'him. There is no such theology
in the books. If God had not have
put a mark apon Cain anybody might
have slain him. Moses had to provide
ci'Lles of refuge for those who accident
ally killed anybody, lest he avengers
of blood should pursue and overtake
and slay him. The avenges of bleed
were recognized factors in the admin
istration of the law. What would
have been the punishmenjt of these
black brutes in Moses's time for their
outrages we cannot imagine, for with
the Jews no such crimes were known
and to this day no t.uch crime is
knewn among them. As a raoe they
are the purest people in their domes
tic relations. Husbands are loyal and
true and kind to their wives and wives
to their husbands; children are obe-
dien't to their parents and affectionate
to one another. But here among us
are a numerous people who seem ut
terly devoid of ihose family virtues
bhat are the safeguards of all good
govercnaenit. Within the last thirty
years they liav3 grown from childhood
to meiahocd and have become infinite
ly worse than rheir fathers and moth
ers were while in slavery. There are
more bastard negroes in and around
this city than those born in wedfock.
They are not mulatoes, but thty are
negroes of full blood. The moral de
generacy of the race Is alarming. The
state convicts and county convicts now
aggregate over four thousand, and all
of them nave come to maturity since
the close of the otvil war. The morals
of these negroes gets worse and -worse
and their outrages upon white women
more frequent and more brutal. Our
people are sbscked and whisper to one
onotaetr, who will be the next victim.
When be eavaga Indians burned the
hemes and tomahawked the women
and children our forefathers pursued
(hem by day and by night and bad
fiielr revenge. We have a people
among us many Z whom are worse
than savages, ana every man among
C3 who is loyal to his wife or mother
or sister or dacg&ter is an avenger of
blood and should sever stop until the
brute is caught and slain. For such
there are no citdeo of retfuge and no
horns of the aar for him to lay hold
of. This Is one cr'axe tthait make.? a
man an outlaw and the people have no
more fear cf provoking tbe vengeance
cf Gcd than 3id Governor Candler
when he was leading his brave men
against the enemy and crying at the
top of -Skis voice, "Saoot 'em, boys
Shoot 'em! : Kill iihe laJt rascal r corns
on boy 8; - Come on axil, follow me!"
He never thought cf giving them a
most bearcat rroza all their
ers. If yon wih to aar Um tnr.
Jat sound the eoanoa people -ra
country popK tha workta people
w uve la tae p of thaw otttraawa
the people wbo are too poor to nova
to towns or cttk th people w&o sx
of all people the mot otxdlsct to law
Che people who rve oa our ur4.e
and wcrk ta mH and nurv thefr
sick neighbors act bury tbir deal,
and who c&tber at Us btMsbis churcfe
on the Sabbath day and worship Gol.
Theee are tfhe lync2kera for thla parti
cular crime and always wit be. If a
i hough UeM. r?htt 4nmit jota
them it cannot be helped. Taa people
of our county cf Bartow, I suppo., are
a fair aample of tha psop! cf GoktIt.
There naa been but one hanging la
twenty-two years. We have no whits
citizens in the rhaingang. nobody ever
shoots or fights in our errceta Some
times at long intervals thr la a small
fight between lawyer la the court
house, while court is in session, and
The Developments ! tht
Fever Situation.
rVsit Gcttiaf Aw y frsai taa as
fast as rciJc-Gra mfa
Ike rettstacc tin StesycJ tvt.
the Judge on hand to rto? K, but noth
ing more. But- cJn out of ten of our
grand and petit Juries wouU Uynch a
negro for this crime a soon as they
could catch him. Ex-Governor Jonej,
of Arkansas', has g;t Mra.fr com mon
sense and be says: "AU tbU stuff
about the law's delay provoking lynCh
irgs is the merest nonseme. When
this crime is committed s) man stop
to think or to care whether the brute
will be tried next week or next year.
They want vengeance right cdw and
they are going to have it, and" that is
human nature in 11 civilised coun-
trlea and is to be commend e J rather
than condemned."
And so 1ft Governor Candler recon
sider and take back, if he said it. He
can wkh propriety teach us patriotlm
and the purity cf politics, but his
obler dlctu." as the lawyers cail it.
on our guilt or innocence before God
Is "ultra vires" it is beyond hi Juris
diction and hence goe3 for nothing.
But we are all getting along pretty
well. Two weeks ago it ;oked like
starvation was staring us in the face.
The garden had dried up. th corn was
perishing away; everything eave cot
ton had withered, but the rains came
in wK'h the Aos days, which this year
began on the 20th. and tfce change is
wonderful. It looks like a miracle of
grace, verily, uod moves in a mys-
terlons way and. as the pact saya.
"Behind a frowning provides:
He hides a nulling fe3."
Our second crop of garden vege
tables is better than the flrat. We did
not count on any more beans or Kqua
rihes or cucumbers and the tomatoes
were nearly teid, but everyt'aing Is
cn a boom. Our roes are more beau
tiful than ever before and every morn
ing I fill the rases with a fresfr supply.
and my wife ssnikia her pweet rewards.
Verity, we cannot foresee wthat a kind
Providence has in store t-jc ua. Now.
If the Philippine war will be honorably
closed and our northern brerfrnen will
apologize ard be reconciled to uf and
our negroes will behave and vote the
Democrattic ticket, we will all be happy
ECU Arp, in Atlanta Gon;tiiutioa.
Taty art flits t? tat CttfartOaa CsJ
Tto corpora eoxaaftjaiaa aTrtsaa
tt rilnae4 tax e a rottr stork
a fx'towa: Th aVarttMr tUllway to
rUl to aay lit ::Vo fee
tl year ul M ot t rwiMc
RailfMd cav aclt tt. for roiJac
Cork coi th N,T-i OaniUr-s fUCnmt
fastis feie-G,e,a r, iao(l ,,Jm j,. , 9
of tss firs Jr eatltm lit r far
rolUsg ukx oa tb lUktaok aa Tr
River tUUroai. Itmtl Trac t art
tVptslt Coats :cy. f 1'UaMtt t par
oi till. rtlcaUca aactMHy far
roiling curk cis) r K'tft a1 V
torn. RaSCgV Axt s4 9eoa
and Roaauk fTtKoc of tb r -ti"5
Air Lias for : tS tt .-.-
adtnc lat fr. Tt rtrpyr'iy
roausWloa left tut Ahrtil.- tlrfur
aoos and taru for frt is
toaaotvu. Thty will W sxms siwrt
mean week. Tiry wcM t
AcbetUl aala Aogv; m. vi
Jadg Rlmocroa t! ejr t anr
B3nt of lt Csrt?Uit ( nl Rl
roal's applW-vJoa for aa taJanVM
against th rr-lurt'oo ft fre'c&t ri
oa frrtiltarr. Hlc-no Jt IV. R. It.
IlsfUe. Juc K. Rhv?
Cbi!r M. !l jt- will ppr ross
rl for the romroV- 'cj la thU cr-.
Washlngtoa. D. C. 8pwlal-A4Tls
received by Surgeon Gnral Wymaa.
wp to o'clock Wednesday sight frua.
Hampton, thow that to oely change
la th yellow frtsr altaatloa U th ad
d::B cf four uprtd taej t- thorn
already in exUteace. Tlwn havba
ent front tha naaap to tae boapStaL
Thla iaformaUoo and the additional
Matement that tVrt ba4 not broa a
dvh lace 7 o'clock Tuejday ht,
an I that evsirthlng wVi rr.Vrrar to
ra dL-case Is more favorible. was r
celved from Oovernor Woodfia. of th
Soldiers' Heme. II lo telegraphed
thst he U quite ur th pAt'.llrnc
wiU be Ham;! out. From Dr. Whit.
w2o haa gineral charge of affairs at
H amr ton but who remains awsy from
the lnti:utlc3. word cafe thtt th
situation la unchanged. The facts,
couplfj w'.'n th cansplet pretirs
tiona ih( are being made to arrest th
prcsresa of the disease and the hearty
rooperaUon promised on every side by
th localities o which perkons Who
have b?n at the Home may go. coo
tfaiuc to be a source of gratlncatlon to
the offlc'-sls here who bop that th
measures taken may be productive of
great gool. Governor Woodfia haa
prepared a H't or all members of the
Home bo have been furloughed since
July 22. the tune time giving their
destination. This will! be telecranhed
to Surgeon Gene.rjl Wynsxa, and will
be spre ad brcu-lcast through the pi est.
thu ecabllcg municialitlea where th
Inmates may now be. to detain them
for a reasonable length of time. Th
governor Is also preparing a bltory of
the Eo'.dirr from SatV.igo who Is r
ported to have stopped bftre on ! way
to San Francisco and from whom It
haa been sufge?'.1 the infection may
have been spred. Dr. Wyman ssj sent
dispatcher to the health cocnmb-ronr
of Baltimcre and the president of th
board of heai-A of Rlchmcnl asking
them what meosures are being taken
regarding refugees from the bom at
Hampton cr the a 1 Joining town of
rhesus. The doctor tfitakt It U or
the utmost importance that all such
persons should be kept under close
observation for ten days following
tbcfr depsrturj parUcul&rly thors from
both plsoes showing the aotirity of th
officials Interested ani their sbltlty to
cope with the situation.
Tr ait fga Stat
Th pro. pert fr a anol cp-s'.aj ft
Trtatty lltgh Scboot r-a lb Had la.
stant U tery picmUli.g. The boJl4iti.
and ground hare rtat:y tea pat is
proper condition, and th rfcja! ap
pears to be oa tb road U escreea. Th
faculty rcmiliU of lmrottrt9 J. '.
Kelt man. J. J. Cahona and I. C. Jha.
son. all gradcitrs of Trinity t'ollrg
and reboot te4bers of eiprrunre. Ml
Cmua White. ho b ba4 chara
th irtniary dpartraeet fur eereil
year, and who Is a tbroMigh Wa. hrr.
aad Mls Kra llcttman. a daughter '
tb prlnclpi. and a i--.i.t eta'lecu of
CrrenebcTo Fcaiaie t'otlcs
fit.lTaaaccoaVtakal i'.
1 be cpealog tvbaro breik at WiUoa
Wednrwday was er at)fai1nry to all
coccerned. Atiot. a hundred and fifty
thousand pounds were mid. It will ar.
erage about eight cents It ia br!.eed.
But for th rain there would hat bees
a gool deal snore. Tanner ar et
fied with the pri -. TubQ tntr y
Wilton will eell faft-n mllliab i-jn-lr
thla seams.
trial by jury nor- o! being guilty of
murder. Let governors nroclaEsn in
their prefunctory fashion let preach
ers axtd judges spC'ak ex-cstihedra from
the pulpit and t3w beach, our people
will lynch a brute aa soon as they can
catch hicn, and it .is no sign of law
lessness, either . You cannot And . ia
any state a bettor dtfxeaaJaip than in
Early counky, and. my letters from
friends who Jive there defend them"
People la Power Have Alra Ce4
Tbem Lavlahlf.
The loo free nw of perfume alnnit
the inrson has been avoided for many
years, and held inadinissabl in good
society, the merest hint of a faint odor
leing all that was Kssibly allowed.
Recently this edict of good taste has
not been so strictly regarded, and such
perfumes as violet and sandal-wood.
both of them expensive ones when
pure, together with heliotrope, are
somewhat In favor again. It Is quit
likely that the very general wearing of
large blue violets has led the way to
It Is not easy to eradicate tle love of
perfumes anyway, for the nerves wade
to appreciate tbem will always demand
satisfaction; and since the race, civil
ized or uncivilized, has existed, the
love of perfumes has existed too.
Even animals are sensitive to per
fumes, and it used to be said that ono
of the helps of the great horse-tamer
Itarey was a bunch of violet.
Emperors, and prlets. and eplc
In power, have always leen lavlali In
their use of perfumes. Saladln wash
ed down the walls of the Mosque of
Omar with rose water, to make the
Mohammedan heaven more attractive.
Some of the liouris were declared to
hare bodies of pure musk. The Turk
has always been more fond of musk
than the Occidental is.
At a later period than that of Rich
ard's great foe one of the French
monarchs Ixuis Qulnzc, we think
used a different perfume for every
day in the year, although some of the
shades of variance must bare been in
finitesimal. It was a poetical custom
of the court at about that period for
two lovers to uxe the tame perfume.
Our grandmothers, and theirs before
thm. sometimes scented their balr
dresslnzs by means of an apple stuck
full of cloves and spices, kept a lodg
time in the pomade, - which was per
haps as simple a method and provided
as simple an aroma as could have been
invented. iTbey loved, too, the odor of
patchouli, with which everything com
ing from India or China in those rich
old days of the India trade was loaded
somewhat too powerfully for modem
tasfe; but perhaps they loved the scent
more for Its asoclatlon with the won
derful shawls and scarfs and stuff
which it accompanied than for Itself.
Harper a .Bazar.
VTbat a at eaaorr.
One rainy day in spring, says Stray
Stories, an eld Yorkshire fisherman returned-
to his satire Tillage after1 aa
absence of fifteen years, and fearfully
sought the -house which sheltered ha
deserted wife. Entering without knock
Ing. he seated himself near the open
door, took a long and vigorous pull at
bis dirty clap pipe, tad nodded Jerkily
to "t'owd woman." "btornln', MarlaV
be said, with affected unconcern. Sh
looked up from the potatoes sh was
peeling, and tried to otter the scathiag
tirade she had fully rehearsed sines his
departure: but it would not come.
"Ben." she said. Instead, ones more re
aumiag her work, "bring theafcn o'er to
t' fire, an' AhU darn that hols i thy
jersey. Ah meant. dola' V day tha
went awV- but summat put me off!"
D serthif Not fo!k-
-Wai-htngton, D. C. Special. The
steamer of the Norfolk at Washington
Steamboat Company that reached here
Wednesday mcmlng. brought an un
usually large number of passenger.
Many cf them are residents of Norfolk
and vicinity, who are leaving for fear
the fever will break out near their
boroes and detain them witbla th
quarantine lines. The same Is true of
the Baltimore steamers from Norfolk.
La isssrf ss a tm.
A large fare cf handa are at wot k
on the Scotland county cotton Mill. Tb
building committer ar punning th
work and It will not long before tb
work will reach completion. Mr. ii. It.
Spencer, of MrCoIL 8. has be
lcUd superintendent of the mill as4
moved In tact week. Thert Is s raw
ment on foot to light th town Kb
electric lights as scon aa tha fartori
starts up. Th movement la w1 oj
ported and tb prospects arc that tb
tows will soon b lighted by elertrlrtty.
Heavy rxasrfs f Lsssbtr.
New Orleans, Special. The exports j
of lumber and products of wood from
Southern porta during the fiscal year
ending June 30th. is beyond anything
in the history of the trade. The Lum
ber Trade Journal, of this city, baa col
lected and tabulated the statistics of
lumber exports, showing an aggregate
from Southern ports of 1J32.457I
feet, against a total of 1.095.792.007 feet
In 1898 and feet la
The Maryland DexscrsX
Baltimore, Md.. Special. The Demo
cratic State convention, which was held
at Ford's Opera House, ia this city,
Wednesday, nominated th following
ticket: For JJorernor. John Walter
Smith, of Worcester county; for Attot
Qey Geeeral. Isador Raynor. of Balti
more; for Comptroller, Joshua W.
Herring, of Carroll county. The con
vention was unanimously harmonious.
Will the Secssd Rarrlei
Stawe Say A best Tb s?
Macon. Ga.. Special. A special to tha
Telegraph from Americus, says: "An
a trod ous crime waa committed near
America. . 'Tuesday. by Eugene
Gibson a -negro, his victim being a 10-
year old negro child, tb daughter of a
farmer residing on the same plantation
The father of th little g'.rl seat her to
Gibson's bouse for a watermelon. Gib
son took the girl to the melon patch
and there assaulted her. The girl
terribly mutilated. Streams cf blood
marked her course from the melon
patch to her bouse. Gibson Is biding la
the woods near here. The Degress on
the plantation are greatly excited and
talk of meting vengeance upon the
black rsvlsber If captured.
Americas Abssrbs aUre Cesna sates
Chicago. I1L. p;daL Representa
tives 'of the American Tobacco Com
pany nave purchased the plant and
bnsinees of August Beck Jb Company,
for $300,009. Only a few weeks ago tb
American Tobacco Company purchased
the plant of Cradle gtrotx. . Th
American Company. It la said, hold a
option on the plant cf SpalXiaui at
Merrick, the largest of the three firms
engaged In tne tnanufactar of smok
ing tobacco la Chicago.
Fig Stsrm ia Harass.
Tallahassee. Flau, SpeclaL Severe I
wtorms raged here all. day Tuesday jand
far Into the night. The rainfall was
immense rod the wind terrific Tele
graph wires are down aouJCiward and
railroad cerrice for the Oulf la supend-
ed. Many Tnlltbtaarani are at coast
resorts with which there Is bow i
communication, unconfirmed rumors
say that the etcamer Crescent City was
lost between Apalachleohi and Cam
belle, and that several peracos were
drowned at &t. Marks. Much damage
has been done to crops. '
Tar Btel Ktts.
The Stae Baperiatrndent of Public
Instruction Is lasulng a circular Is
which be says th apnorticsmrnt of
tha public ad! root fund U very Irapms
trly made, as Is rJjowa by tV fart thst
whils la the paut Irs yearn th evboot
fund hat lncrra-l $700,000. th flgs
of the terms has not Increased.
Tuesday snorniag about S o'clock la
front of Mrs. C.G. Soutberlaad a board
ing bouse on WrigbUvllle Beach. W.
N. Harris and W. G. Fanner captured
a turtle that weighed iVt pounds. Mr.
Shepard while on the plaaas, where b
had been asleep, discovered the turti
on tb peach, and be called tb .b
to his assistance. They also found tea
docen and two egg which the tartV
had laid.
A large collection of relics of tb war
la Ctoba has been presented to tb
Trinity OoUegs Historical Society by
Sergeant J. T. Lewellln. of a -United
States Volunteers. Ia thla rot
lection there sre about CO apcln.
Boost of which are now at Santiago d
Cuba awaltlnc shipment.
The wheat crop Is Randolph county
this year appears ta be abo-jt tea per
rent, short.
CapUla B. J. Flsber. through bis at
torney, CoL Jan. N. Staples, wlil briag
suit against the Greensboro Water f .
for $30,000. charging fa!' a re to bate a
anfflcteat water pressare when his bo
te, waa burned.
Aa Interesting suit la XeDowell Ss
psrior Court Is the. Mitchell county
bond case, w nereis the county Is en
desvotlag to avoid payment of $110
of Its boada. Judge Avery. E. J. Jsa
tice. M. H. Jestiee and Jobs Perkins
appear for tne county of Mitchell; fie,
ator Lambert. Davidson & Jones sad J.
M- Gndger. Sr.. for the boadbo'.dera.
The trial. It waa thought, would Uka
p all ibis week. AabeviU CJUseau
Mr. Jobs Leslie la to be cashier of
the new bank at Albemarle.
George W. Bringle haa been appotaU
ed postmaster at Craves.
PmMnvWt HtS&tff sstssSsawf
lxndca. By Cable. The Daily Mail
publlabea the following dispatch front
Simla: "A dlatlnguUbed native officer,
a aubahdar. major and sura ha man, with
the Swat Valley edema was shot dead
by a Sepoy. The latter was Immediate
ly shot by a ncac3JBlesloBed officer
of the came reginienL
The Maaosic picnic at Occoorerb
waa a grand ao:ress. fuUy three thous
and people were asvseat. Dinner la
abundance waa served, the proceeds
going to the orphan asylum. The oc
eaaiosi was under the awtplees of Taale
Lodge. Every detail was perfectly
s4anned and carried out.-
Apple brandy procntrti to La plenti
ful In the Booth moco tains thla year.
There U a large apple etc and aaaay
brandy diatlTertee are t annha. 'Tb
dUUllers sre buying apples at from S
cents to 12 tenia per bushej. .
t r
f -
t i

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