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N. V,
n-4 Ui4r iu
. I'. I - MiH-n
AlSee to Gottoa Farmers.
The time will soon arrive tn, k
ItoASW mark;tlng of the next cotton crop
amlunh KH a chaneo U made a to
trie mode of doing it the same low
wiimingto. vi. , level of prlcoH that was current last
N..,..iM.r. ; year will Inevitably be the result.
r i ..... . .
. nti. mau Ultimate with t' : 7 vn wdiuimki fact that
. n tit:. i.uuh min ami num. ....
r r ;tr r i ii rufc iruiu u ib l HlT- , " ii.i:iins an-
Atlantic Coast Line i ! . ine P1??"19 of September, Oc
tober ana iNovemDcr are the great
actors In maklnt? Iirlcpfc ami it I
i . " " ... i-
u yuur oower tn
, vt r Hi"
.11- .,.mV... 1 kit-- . -
liJIU r IUOIUWOI ut lur o.ar B BU.
i that ho ia eonGdent that
,. thousand tickets for points
Nurtu htiiI West have hem
the ov.inoer race coifl -t
t,, V.iun'k"n u'groes, who aa
t0,,, i' ihir attention never to ro
, .,rri t thi i t y . M ac h tie preati r
ittiur: hi in hi tmvc u".ru rniij witii-
. l r i .
i.iT iour iii'JoinB. i roo&b'y
t,,r, i. inin )r?l or ine negroes pur-,-.,!
tn-l trf to New York. Lirge
n;lllli irH wiTit t VVahitigton, noma
i,, ;.).-uri, it'i'l othv-rs went to various
.Nurtti' ru hdiJ Wisrn points. Wil
li iiiu""" 'ar.
lu wruveilL III la u a
- - . j UQ
juu nave mo remedy In your own
hand which b to hold back on
your farms one-third of your gin
ning until after December or Jan
uary. The two-third will bring
nearly as much nuney mar
keted In thl way as the wholecrop
marketed in the usual way.
In doing this you will not be de
priving the merchants or the banks
to whom you are under obligations
of what they are justly entitled to,
but on the other hand, protecting
almost their salvation as well as
your own.
The government says the acreage
in cotton lands Is eight per cent
less than last year and that the
July condition is 3.4 (three four
tenths) per cent less, or a total de
preciation of 11.4 (eleven four
tenths) per cent.
Kstlma-lng the current crop at
11,200,000 bales It means a shrink-
I . L . . . .1 1 . I nit' 111 I 7jl inn. thCllr.u .. , 9
HI.il lumj-M ikiuk urmjtHlURQIS I ..,,. --- ' ui a Ul
two s nit, thirty Krandsons. eighty- WW Dales for 1H'M-VM).
two pand children, tifteen great- otwittistanding all this, and
hildnn and one grtat- ... uier iact inat the cotton
. 1 ImlllSl tlinmrrliAiif lw. ......
i'it .v Lrrai i(rauuiu, wau was Oom I , ,uu wunuj itre
1 it-
,f lr, Ki'e Modutii. t,t North
Cnrolliix, In IuiIIk.ii.
r,,nokln, Itd., August 5. Mrs.
Kitf Mul-iriF, 10 1 ytara old, is dead
at tin- homo ot her Krand daughter
Mr-. I T. Apple, of this place. Hhe
Wi t rn in North Carolina, June
jl Ii, MW. hhe leaves one hundred
prt-af. pra? i ttiuurt n and one gre at-
t crt!tt trrandsnn. who wt hnm
y.r hti-l Mrs. Overbaler, March ,,1iKin prouts ranging from 20
h, h!l!)p at Friocdswod. l'wr ni, 10 to per cent, mighty ef-
10ns are Dei ng made to create the
impression that the croD w.ll
Win tli! r the amendment will IigId bo an enormous one. with the viw
ths Di-taoprat. Hvpublican or any ' getting your cottm cheap and it
otnt r i-artr. should not concern ,s t you to determine whether the
I',.iu!i-'. It it ill srttle Ihe negrc
fiu.i'ti.ri aid give political freedom
to wlu'n people aud guarantee tbem
to v tc a they pleusn and have that
voUi f.ouu'eu, 1 opulista should vote
for it. Will it d j th'fcl There is no
ronvini'ing evidences of it as vet.
grewly spinner will succeed
You will be assailed by the wily
speculator with all kinds of argu
ments to prevent you from holding
your cotton, but it Is your only
weapon and your financial salva
tion depends upon its use Daily
uemocrat (Miss.)
Matting of Hi Mtnto Co... ...Htiie In Lynch-
The Populist State Committee
hold ;i meeting Friday night at the
Arlington hotel, in this city. Com
mittee - Messrs. J. I laskins I lobson,
of Powhatan, chairman ; W. K.
ii;mt, of llichmond, secretary: W.
II. (iravely, of Henry; Stato Sena
tor W. II. Hale, of Franklin, and
I r. T. V. Kvans. of Campbell
were present, together with other
mem hers of the State Committee
The meeting continued until
some time after midnight. An ad
dress to the voters was adopted,
and the committee then began work
on ;i plan of action for tho coming
The address, as adopted, com
phiinsof the heavy taxation and
unnecessary number of otllce hold
ers; decries the Republican and
Pen 10c rat iu parties both; complain-,
of rings aud cliques; objects
to the leadership of Senator Mar
tin; calls upon tho independent
people of all parties to unite and
secure control of tho next General
Assembly ; declares for reform in
our system of jurisprudence, and
closes as follows :
1. We demand tho destruction
of trusts, by making It a felony to
organize or bo intoiested directly
or indirectly in one.
2. The election of United States
senators by the people, and that
our legislators refuso to support
any one for this otllce who opposes
this measun.
ii. The enactment of a fair and
honest election law.
1 The Improvement of tho mu
nicipal and State public school sys
tem, and to divest It of every sem
blance of political partisanry.
.". Constitutional amendments
t hat will reform tha judicial sys
t; in and all tho antiquated costly
State government.
o' Stato legislation t at xvlll In
vite industrial capitalists. ml man
ufacturing interests to come into
Virginia, and the enactment of
laws that will protect and foster
them, without discrimination.
7. An annual appropriation com-
mensurate with the demand and
necessities to bo set apart for the
benellt of the old soldiers and Sol
diers' Home.
S. The building of houses of cor
rection for female and young crim
inals guilty of minor offences.
1 The enactment of laws requir
ing the penitentiary and jail con
victs to work the public roads in
organized chain gangs, distributed
over the State wherever practi
cable. 10. The repeal of the "land-grabbers'
11. Laws that will prohibit cor
porations, domestic or foreign, in
cluding building and loan associa
tions, from conducting usurious
business in the Stato of Virginia.
Hy order of the State Committee.
J. Haskin llonsox, Ch'n.
W. K. Grant, Secretary.
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the glas leceptaclfcs.
"Little Strokes
Fell Great Oaks."
Ut to the cordinuil blows of the -woods,
ryn. When the humn blood fits become
dogged nd impure the little drops of
ttxfs SvsipiHl!, property tiken. v
fen the uk of bid blood.
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Kirorts to Orgnly.e TrUHt to right Im
Ill view of the attack upon the
Koundlap bale of the American Cotton
Company, and the cry of "trust"
against the manufacturers of the
machine for making those bales raised
by the owners of compresses and
others the following letter, indicating
a"combine" of a dilFerent sort, is of
pecular interest. Tbe letter was for
warded to the Atlanta Constitution by
Richard Cheatham, editor of tbe
Cotton .Planter's Journal, of Memphis,
Tenn. It is as follows :
" New York, May 3. 185)9. Executive
Committee of the American Cotton
Compress Company, 71 Broadway,
Dear Sir : It is proposed to consolidate
by purchase or otherwise some of the
most desirable compressed in tbe Sout
hern States, provided such consolida
tion can be arranged on a conservative
" We desire to call your attention to
tbe fact that in order to meet the com
petition that has arisen from the round
bale system.it will be necessary for
the compresses referred to to consoli
date under one general management,
fully able and capable to reduce, ex
penses by improved methods, more
uniform systems of compressing (aided
by the adoption of the standard box),
to obtain lower rales of insurance and
secure lower rates of freight to foreign
and domestic points.
" We recognize the advantages both
to you and us of utilizingyour person
al influence in the new business, as
well as your plant, but at the same
time we feel confident that unless a
consolidation can ba arranged on an
obviously economical bisis, we may
not be able in the long run to success
fully compete with tbe round bale
systems or with other new compresses
which may come into the neid.
" If it is your desire to sell your press
property at a reasonable price please
be kind enough to answer tre list of
questions enclosed and also sign the
option enclosed.
"The information received wi?i be
strictly confidential and not disclosed
to any one else in the business of com
pressing cotton, except with your con
sent. "As there are over two hundred
compresaess, and as it will require con
siderabla time and labor to send a
committee to examine these properties
and books and make all proper arrange
ments, it is therefore necessary that
the option shall hold good for not less
than six months from the date of your
M Unless we hear from you within
two weeks of this date we shall con
sider that you are not disposed to
enter into tbe proposed consolidation.
Awaiting your reply, we are yours
Hrnrx C. Knubkl,
For Executive Committee
In hardly any subject are educa
tors interested more just now than
in the adequate and satisfactory r -presentation
at the Paris Etpos'tion
of American education The Director
of Education and Social Economy
f nrthe United States, Mr. Howaid
J. Rogers, writes on this topic for
the twelfth annual Educational
number of The Outlook, describing
the plans adopted and the character
f the exhibits to be made. There
are peveral striking pictures with
Mr. Roger '8 article. $3 a vear.
The Outlook Company, New York
Did it Ever Occur to You that a
little Perry Davis' Pain Killkr on
th end of the finger applied once or
twice to a moequito bite would coun
teract the poison and speedily reduce
the swelling? Pain-Killer will also
cure bites and 3tings of other poison
ous insects as well as reptiles. See di
rections as to use upon wrapper on
each bottle. Avoid substitutes, there
19 hilt, nun 1 i n-Tv 1 1 lor l'arrir Tkotria '
Price 25c. and 50c.
In Dilvinma.
" If I go ter school terday, de
tencher'll lick me fer not preparing
my lessons, an it i stay borne me
mudder'll lick me fer not going ter
school. Now, either I got ter go or
stay home. Bat if I go an de
teacher licks me an mudder finds it
out me mudder'll lick me fer not
doin my school work, and if I stay
home an me mudder licks me de
teacher'lllick me termorrow fer bein
a truant ! tree ! Guess I'll go ter
sleep ! Nashville American.
Atlanta Council Demand Mayor's Kfglg-
Atlanta, Aug. 5. Members of
the city council held a caucus this
afternoon and adopted a resolution
demanding the resignation of Mayor
Woodward by Monday morning. If
the mayor does not resign impeach
ment proceedings will probably be
institnted. The resolutions charge
the mayor with neglecting his duties
and indulging to excess.
On Wednesday July 12th, 1899,
the Angel : cf Death, visited the
family of Mr. Henry McLamb and
took from them the beloved daughter,
Miss Effie. She was thirty-two years
of age. one joined Mt, Lima Bap
tist church at an early age and since
that time she has been a consistent
member. She is missed we will say
more than tongue can tell at home.
But we feel that she will be missed
at her church. We feel that she
now sleeps with Jeshs, blessed sleep.
bhe leaves a father and mother,
nve brotners and seven sisters and a
host of relatives and friends to
mourn their loss. But while it is our
loss it is her eternal gain, and may
our blessed Savior suDply that spirit
of faith that makes all submissive to
his will.
We lay sweet flowers on the mound
That bides her gentle form,
Their odors voice resound
Another loved one has gone.
She cannot come to us, -
We see her form no more,
But we can go to ber,
If her Saviour we adore.
Ob ! the loving links that bind us,
To It. me so true and dear.
One by one we leave behind us,
As we to the grave draw near.
To the bereaved family we extend
i our sympathy and bid them look to
the tiod of peace for comfort.
I la r"rllo m lurtl4 by a Jlag
The recent Legi&latcre rtpaU d
tu non-partisan election laws ot
105 and 1S07, wbieii guaractt-d W
every party tbe rignt to be rt pnt-tu
ted on eUclion boards by elictict
officers of their o w n choosing, and
enacted n election Imw more viciou
than infamous Simmons Uuli-Ptc
L'hection law that was ia force befoi
Tbe leading provisions ot ttis la
as puliibhed by the Raleigh News &
Observer are as follows:
1. That tbe election for State acd
eoanty efficers shall be held oa th
first Thursday in August and ever)
two years thereafter.
2. That there ehall bo a StaU
board of (lections composed of five
persons elected by the Legislature
for a term of two years.
3. That there shall be a county
board of elections consisting of three
perBoni, appointed by State board
for a term of two years.
4. That the State Board of election
shall meet in Raleigh the first Mon
day in May, 1899, and organize by
electing one of their number chair
man and another secretary. Another
meeting shall be held on the first
Monday in April in each election
.... . t ii
year, bpecial meetings may oe can
ed when necessary. For thf ir services
the board shall receive four dollars
appoint all registrars and judges ot
elections. Members of the county
boards may be removed by the State
board; snd the county boaid in turn
may remove any regis' rar or judge
of election.
C That county boards must meet
not later than the first Monday in
May for organization, and for divid
ing the counties into precincts and
polling places.
7 That before the next general
election there shall bo an entirely
new registration. Among questions
to be asked applicant is "whether he
has listed his poll for taxation for
the current year in which he applies
for registration, and for the year
next prereding. And if any appli
cant shall falsely swear he has listed
his noil for taxation, he shall be
guilty of perjury and and punished
as prescribed by law."
8. That the registration books shall
be kept open twenty days and closed
on the second Saturday before the
election. On each Saturday during
the perioc the registrar shall go to
the polling place to register voters.
On such laysthi boks shall be open
for inspection by the voters of the
precinct. There shall be no no reg
istering on election day, but voters
may be cnallenged.
9. That on or berore the hrst Mon
day in July the county board shall
appon t Wo judges ot election jor
oach precii't.
10. Tha. to prevent disorder as
many as three special officers may be
appointed by the registrars and
judge of election.
11. Tbat.there shall be one ballot
for all State efficers, one forjudges
of different courts, one for members
of General Assembly, one for county
officers, and one for township offi
cers. That all ballots for each of
these classes of officers shall be the
same size, on white paper and with
out device. The siz of the ballot
must be prescribed by the State
board of elections. Tickets in the
wrong box shall not be counted
12. That the members ot the sev
eral boards of election shall consti
tute the board ot county canvassers,
which shall meet at the court house
second day after the election, can
vass the returns, and declare the re
sult at the court house door.
Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.!
Tern Begins vTr4rMav. 5frtaWr 6a
eitvavrdiaarj 1
Kives an -xtraordioiry roure of ictruction at te
chpi, in in iTuarnt.
It not only rdurstet but rrrr-tre its sludrMs to
uirwtors or agricultural and mr-baetcal entrrpr.
There are complete spmsl and &' courses in t he various A grictilturat
Ii.dutrial, Mechanical, Textile and Citil Arts. S
Students will b allowed to taa4 tbe rotrtor inintt Ion a 1
cttnty-sitof the counties in which tbey reside, tbu savings th e ip f
of a trip to Raleigh. S
Entrance examinations will be bel-1 on the 19tb of August, in tt.e court- a
bjse, under tbe supervision of (our ty Superintendent.
Fur further Information, catalogue, etc, apply to
WF-ST KAl.KKill. X. V.
Elkin Woolen Mills
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7k NeyMum - Ta
Katharine Oe Forett X
!Maxy B. WilkJu
Brendev M ettbewa W)
A thoroughly up-to-date weekly periodical devoted to tathiont lot eroroca.
will be, during 1894. heretofore,
Exclusive models el gown from Paris, London, and Nee York will b
. published each week
The Paris Letter The London Letter
Br KA TUAR1NE DE FORE ST ' Bra Spttial ComtponJnt
The New York Letter
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keeping one dressed la good taste
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published once a month, will assist women a selecting the proper colors
for dress.
Kit Kennedy s The Meloon Farm
A Confident To -Morrow
are three serial stories to appear io 180) that have seldom beta equalled ia
, plot and treatment.
Christine T. Herrlek . v 1 Harriet P. Spoford - -Mary
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- Ella W, Peattle F.5 ?" T? Caroline Tlcknor "J
..j Marlon Harland "J U Bulb MeEnery Stuart .
The Busy nother ' The Deaf Child
Women Earning a Living V After College, What?
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ment, helped for 20 years. Then Buck
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liruhe,3 Burns, Boila, Felons Corns,
Nkin Eruptions. Best Iil'cure on
r-arth. 2t cts a box. Cure guaranteed.
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We do not look upon the event ol
Inger&ol'.'s death like some people.
We do not rejoice at it, nor think
iiis condition wor?e than millions of
others who die. In deed, he may be
"aved. He preached what thousands
of professed Christians seem to live,
viz : that there is no eternal punisb
UHin hereafter. Times Mercury.
The Fanners Alliance Take on New Lite.
Tho frienda of the Farmers Alli
ance have cause to be gratified at
the new life being infused into the
organization. Only two weeks ago
tho State Alliance of South Caro
lina held a meeting more largely
attended than any session held for
several years past. In several of
the Northwestern States plans for
reorganization and renewed efforts
are being put on foot. In quite a
number oi counties in Texas the
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The question of government owner
ship of railroads is growing in public
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formation on the subject. Thk Cauca
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WlAiSeJta. OrtsOM
Csetlincaaye. fceaaaria.
Xe Tort
Ls Xv Yes-t. fe&a & K Xl aaua. ave
raueaWM I usm U
Ha il) snore lcea l
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kchtsoo4. A- r.L UtoJa
KoHolk. ss.Ar L as-Veas ijb
fortfoota e sdfeB
Ikeklua MiiVsiMl lAass
Ar Headrsaa. Ml Uml V
Ls luxaas vflsasa .
Lw Ihxfhasa ft UDshsi Stfl
LvKata w i Iteaji Svea
caanford I XSaai ft ubrea
Ho. i-lnes lata ft avpa
ftHtmil, fttCasa t-pm
OWsJeborX. ftftaaaa tus
kioaroe Uaaa trvea.
eavVlUalnftoo n-11 H'??
t haiWxie .? auam 10 Cfs
krj. beeter...... t aumjlvbt
Lv ColaniW C )TaT"R fc. . . . . .
Ar Cbntoo. 8.A.L w Cmmli liaai
Urseevood lOStec tCTaia
AbberUie. U CBasa 1 IMua
tUbertoo M ItKpm t Class
arAUsena t Ufsa ft 4las
At Winder atesi asj
Ar At laaui Central uaaj. Itusa ft n
KexeOS. Ka ft
Lt Atlaau (CeatrsJ Ume)ll uou a 7 aupa
Lt Winder S etVes 1ft SOtxi:
Lv Ataena. ft ilosu 11 ivmt
Klbervon. 15pm 121.
ADDCTUie a izvtm i
UrearawwM.... ......... ft lsa 1 U3as
t linion H ftuetsu jftcaa
Ar Colombia C. NAUR. K- 7 iSsua
Lt Cbevster. a. A. L Um tfsn
ir Charloue 10 fsn 7 Alsubi
Lv Monro. ' V iOicn e u&axa
lismleH u I5pen
l MImiaruu liuLf
Lt bo. rtnee allUUaat tfuuani
JUOench lltsm II Snau
Kr Henderson- ft Xtam lXft7leji
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New York espm CftftmB
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t.eneralOffl!: POKTBMOlITfl. VA.
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QlVrnorrata is mioerd . r A VllLT
totl.00.ytmr. .MAfiAZINF.
COTTOM ia cad w3 coo
tinuc tt be lis rvocxy
crop of tha South. The
planter mho jets the mo: cot
too fron a givtti xrca at the
Icait cost. U the one ho nukes
the moit monry. Cocx culti
vation. ' uiLaU roution. and
liberal uvc of fertilucTcot
tuning at least j actual
trill insure th largest )icld.
Wo ma . aeaa afeaUesksB.
t laaasT as Ue SA. 1
TI M C IAsll,- as.
To take efferi Vssesf iuave ism
r. M , at
ftaserWUa Tim TaVie
av4 aU
, ml fsr . aa,
more then a rAoUIUN MAUAZINK. el-
cTrrvjKSCrf though tt rifre the
TerT lalrwt borne
attd forrifcn fash
ions each month:
this Is only one of
its many Tsluable
featarea. It has
sonrthinc for each
member of the fam
lly. for T-ry de
partment of tbe
boasebold. and it
varied contents are
of tbebuhestKrade.
makinf it jre-crn.
ft I
T AXIOM raeMvw "iisJjp
deu.y. esevsa
1.t U lbore u ft J
Hsate ft . s s
W lrUranarv e ftas e (
FaUiat teaa a Ou s S Si
W ktoavj ...a ail e ti
laeweU f U I 4 So
laarsertV I tll S S ft
W Core Crws e 43 e ft u:
Tuarmrora f aft4 f ft IV
CSaxfca f Ivu f ft It
i, v..i, i. 7tft ft so
Ar Neabera . 9 . $w
Rivetxiale f ?ftu f a lft
. Vuataa f 7 &1 t a la
Heeekara s u s ftu
V Nea-port a a is s U .
wudwood fax f as
AUaauc t a ja M
Lv Mha4CMy...J. J . j
Atlantic Howl
X M. OtTlepo.... aM 7ij
r.M. r.M.
HTATJONf. liaUyex- Paaars.caw
rt dauly.
A.M. A. M
Ar UoMsUmi .M... liua so
Hs i IDU e a is
W Le4.rs.tif' ald a 17
falhnjr tYsaat e lu 23 s t7
W Kioaton e 10 IX e ft 7
I 'asweU. ttU f ft ftft
J mTrt... . ..) t mV
W ore a ftu a ftl
Tuaarore t Bio s ft ur:
laft s... .. f ail lU
Ar ar 3.
Kivwlale .. f iu f 4 IS
f roetan. .......... ( f cat
Havrlocft a ftuj a 4 UU
W Newport... ..... e s ft tn
WtUwoot f 7M I l
Atlantic. f 7 3 f ft ft.-.
aZ MoeaJMI,..j.'7g . J J.
Atlantic Hotel
Lv M.CIty Dsftvat... 7 ft it)
A. M. A.M.
OF THE WORLD. It fornisbea the be
thonzhU of tbe moat intereaUnc and most
Drozreasiye writers of tbe day. and ts atreaat
of the times in everythinr Art, litera'nre.
science. Society AOaira, ricuon. tioust-joid
Vv' Water atalione. f Stop oo hnal.
Telrttrapb elation e IWular e"p.
fi. L. DILL, fcuit.
Matters, 8ports. etc. a sinirle
c from w t
qnently containirts
lneie anmber ire
from am to 8U0 fine en-
irraTinen. makinsr
Dartment is in eTery way far ahead of that
contained in any other publics ti on.
Subscribers are entitled eacn monin to pat
terns of the latest fashions in women's at
tire at no cost to thk a other than that nec
eaaary for postage and wrapping.
than a Tear's subscription to DEMORE8T8
MAGAZINE can be made. By subscribing
4T orci von can ret tha magazine at tbe re
duced price, and will also receive tbe hand
some 25-cnt X-maa Number with its bean
tiful panel p'cture supplement.
Kemit Ii. uo try money oraer, npmsna tev
ter or check.
Great 8pecisl Clubbing Offerjfor Prom pi
ONLY If 1.75 FOP
CaT8end your sobeeriptiona la to Utoffloa
Hach Book Consists of a Handsomo Octavo Volumo of 64 Large Doubla-
Coiumn Pases, Neatly Bound in an Attractive paper cover.
Brief descriptions of a select list of useful snd popular books riV. I t mrtl tlov:. Tb) b
er a wide range of subjects, the object be!cg t. pica:-a c'.l tastes tn-1 rr-icremtot.'. Earn t a
The tks
ij.i.wk wn ii.. ti.vtiunfvhu h it trrat. nml t!:ev I rt cUKti'a BW'a ratuiiB as so
Dlace tnem witnm tne reacn or au. xho men mwomindi "-i -' ' , i
these books : no home should be without thca. Fach htn'i cm : i n biTi-ma-' r- tavo yolnm? or
6 larue donblrM:olumn uasea. nicely printed anl bound U. atracUTO pvp r cover .any of Uiera are
handsome! , ilinatrated:
'Ju How to Train Animals. Tuis
coMDinsat acMBDcra.
dated 'a; n; 5 5
a. at.'r. sj. a. . m.
Lv Weldon II M V 43
Ax Rocky Mount, 12 il 10 14 ....
LvTarboro '12 12
Lv Rocky Mount, 12 bl 10 U
Lt Wilson , 2 OttU i
LTHelma 2 OO i
Lt FeyHteTllla.. i 1 It
Ar rieaenos 7UI&I
r. sj. a
Lt Goidsboro.-..
Lt Magnolia ...
Ar Wilinioctoa..
4&!i2 A
7 bl
3 12
Lt Florence.
Lt FsyetvenUe..
ee i.
I S 46
II 30
; 1 oo
Ar Wileon 1 42
2 10
4 la
a aft
r. a.
r. a.
I i&;
10 so ..
' I..
12 10..
Star, the handsomely illustrated 1116 01(116 ilUlllldl dllU
imera. Windmill, licrocop KW.n.ral V y'V A Vf m"11'?-ttJJ I
,ic Battery, Elect tie Telegraph, Tlepan i frY-H ' !Jm -.' iSSCJItt 5SW 'i I
Boat Kites, UUlooos, ana owy cuier IiSSSc'-r I
Practical Guide to rioricul- ... -gc&S! im VZ f- I
Dlrie Di-uctical irui()i to til cuilu.oof fTS9.r-i iT YttiJTit '.--. k-it' . ' lr
TV Hz . I i
What ot to Say.
Don't nay," I can't eat." Take Hood's
Sursaparilla and say, "lam hungry
all the time, aud food never hurts me."
Never say to your friends tbat yon
are tire in tbe morning as at night.
If they happen to be sharp they will
tell you Hood's Sarsaparilla cures that
tired feeling.
Io not say, "My face is full of
pimples" Yo are quite likely to be
told by some one, "There's on need of
that, for Hood's Sarsaparilla cares
pi in pies."
It is improper and unnecessary to
ay," My health is poor and my blood
is bad." Hood's Harsaparilla will give
you good blood and good health will
follow as a natural consequence.
Sunday newspaper, are giving a
High Grade Bicycle each day for
the largert list of words made by
uing the letters contained in
'T-H-1S N-E-W Y O-M S-T-A-B"
no more times in any one word than
it is found in the Ntw York Star.
Webster's Dictionary to be consid-
A.Ai1 a a sb n Vi nasi f Ttxt". fXrrr
, m - T.l 1 I riQU Ca)0 aiAfcAAVAlB) J m HU A
quarterly meeunp tor eiuiy ua WATCHIS (firgt time-keepers)
Deen quite Rrawiyiug, uuwsuij . . . .. . RAftnnj -fl
Hill county ana iacogaucues, uu- third best m &nd m oth. r yft.
ty.-ooutnern mercury. rewards, includintr LDinner
Sts. Tfla Sfita. China. Stfirlinc Sil
Millions ttlten Away. I verweart etc., etc., in order of merit.
It is certainly gratifying to the pub- This educatianal contest is being
lie to know of one concern in the land I given to advertise and introduce this
who are not afraid to be generous to succeS8fui weekly into new homes.
ine neeuy auu BUu.uH. suC v. aii nrizes wui be awarded
prietors or ur. a nn ew Dromrjtlv without nartiaUtv. Twelve
enclosed tor
m . a : M iaii ha anfl PaMa
rnTwaT" over M ViHWin trial' 2-cent stamps must be
ki. Mm rrr mpdici n ; and thirteen weeks trial
havA th satisfaction ol anowiog it
has ahflnlutelv cured tbou?ands of
hopeless cases. Asthma, Bronchitis,
Hnarsaneaa and all diseases of the
Throat. Chest and Lungs are surely
cured by it. Call ou any Druggist,
and set a free trial bottle
size 60o. and $1. Every bottle guaran
teed, or price refunded.
-: t
Industrial College
Offers to young women thorough lit
erary, classical, scientific, and indus
trial education and special pedagogi
cal training. Annual expenses $J0 t
$130; for non residents of tbe state,
$150. Faculty of thirty members.
More than four hundred regular stu
dents. Has matriculated about 1,700
students, representing every county in
the state except one. Practice and Ob
servation school of about 250 pupils.
To secure board in dormitories, all frer
tuition applications should be made
before August 1.
Correspondence invited from those
desiring competent trained teachers
For catalogue and other informs
tion, address
Greensboro 2. C.
with full particulars and list of over
300 valuable rewards. Contest opens
and awards commence Monday, June
21st, and closes Monday, August 21st,
1899. Tour list can reach us any
nJtJitTmr day between these dates, and will re-
ClIAHLCSTON, 8. C, AngUSt 5.
Colonel L. It. Youmans, a prominent
farmer nf Fair-far. Ram wall eonntv.
shiDDed to Charleston todaT the first'
uala tit tVila uiun'i anllnn amn erat For cataloarne add res Geo. W. White
ceive tne award to wnicn it may oe
entitled for that day, and your name
will be printed in the following issue
of The New York Stab. , Only one
list can be entered by the same per
son. Prizes are onx exhibition at
Thk 'Stab's business offices. Per-
- FIVE LARGE BUILDINGS. - I sons securing bicycles may have
choice ol Ladies', uentiemen's or
Guilford College,
To, expenses for year. $133, can be
easily reduced to sw.
I Vm HOBBS, President,
sent to the market.
Treas Guilford College, N.C
Juveniles' low model, color or siz4
desired. Call or address Dept. 'E,"
Thi Nbw York Stab. 236 W. 39th
Street. New York City. '
Widest patronage and fullest equip
ment in its history. Faculy 38:1
Students, 495 ; 3 Academic Courses ; 3
Elective Courses; 3 Professional
schools, in Law, m Medicine and in
Pharmacy. New Buildings, water
works, Splendid .Libraries Liabora-
tories, Etc.
Advanced Classes, open to womeD.
Tuition $60. a year; Board $3. a month.
Ample opportunity for self-help
Scholarships and loans for tne needy.
Free tuition for teachers, summer
School for Teachers. 24 . Instructors,
147 students. Total enrollment 644.
v For catalogue, Address
President Aldbrman,
Chapel Hill, N a
bo k. vrn'tx n bv an ezrjerience l animal traiaer. UM.Show,
to toach horses, dags, cats, mules poats, hop a:ul ct :er
ina ieaci ot lnreiugenre. .
a (rraat dooc lor
rnotoeraptiie (. i
Machine. Cialvauic
Matte iaolern.
fur a com
aatharitias upua all matters pertaining to floriculture. r'
&h n-&. Home Amusements, a kpicihu h i x
lecLi m or usmen, ruzaie iticks, ifiieruuii.
Experiments, Tableaux Vivants. Sliadow Pantomime:-.. Act
ing Charades and Proverbs, for social. sratberiossfpublie
anl private entertainments and evenings st home.
m. nm. Modern Etiquette tor an veca-
9 ions. An excellent work upon this ewi-j-rt. n n
tainins the rates of deportment for all occasions, bota lor
ladies ana gentlemen, as observed oj tne dc-i society.
is i. mi.
Facts. Fi,
usdtul facts.
valuable lnrormation for the use or evory man, v-umau
and c'jild, cooveoientlv arransed for ready reference.
jno. ftu. Tne Practical l'oultry Aetper.
An entirely new book on poultry keeping, jurt publi-Jied.
involving tne experience of succasslul poultry keepers, and
embracing all the latent ideas on the subject.
No. rim. Tbe Practical Morse ana vanie
Tinntar. This-val uable book dtscriies ihe fvnin-
toms of every disease with which horses and cattlo ara
atBicted, gives the causes of such di.eaees. together with
plain and explicit directions for their treatment.
:no. ni. joa Mianay t;ycMOweaia ok Mvcry
Day Wants, a compen llnni of useful anrl vaitiawe
informatiodinlled with practical receipts, hinU, helps and
sagzastiona, of tha greatest use to every booseaeeper.
Vo. ha. Thtt Famitv Iinntnr Rook, contain
ing plain and simple directions for tbe treatment of every
known disease or ailment of the human frame, and sug-
. i r t : .1.1.1. hjh.ii. .irf . mm
without the necessity of employ Inst a physician;
No. hi Tne National Handy Dictionary,
a complete packet dictionary ol the English Jangrfac-o. eon-
tAiniugSJ.tXMwordl, with their ortbograpny.-ueumuou aim .
pronunciation, ana Z37 uiustranraa.
tfannal. An entirely new hook emiKKlyinB; all the
huest ideas In needlework, crochet, knitting and em broid
ery. It contain many new lace ana ccocaei iu
directions for making many articles of wearing apparel
an1 for decorative purprMea.
so. i. Th 3 American amity wk
A complete cook book, compiled by an experienced hou?e- .
kaeper. and containing more than seven hundred ct uia
choicest recipes, claseifiel for ready reference.
S t. has. The Ladies' Guide to Beauty.
This book contains minute and practical Instructions, ac
companied by many valuable recipes, toraecurin; a banej-
sooie lorm. a ciear ana nnnu se-ui, ,
Published float!
I ' rrft S V-ill
r. sj. a.
Lt WUmlnaton. ....! 1 W t
L ManMlia ....! )....' ' 10
LvOoldsbcro.... 10 1011 ft
a r. au'r.
Ar Kocy Hount, 113 .... 12 UU K 19
; i f
Lv Tartwro 12 IX
LvBockyafouoC J .... 12 U . ....
ArWakloa txr....lM
ir.a.i ,avat.:r. at.
r-i rZ 1 f-
ion, baaatifnl hair, ete etc.
Nj. hi Mrs. Partington9
Grah-Bat, tba
Tbe last and
. uj. ennn
best book wntten by B. r. emuaoer, meenp rr"..r i,. i.
No sis Kvervbndv's Law Book:. Tne bjt-ct tf this volume Is to Impart, in s suspfe.
coucis'mlaner thTfuUistoruon rardinf legal matUrt. In all ordtoarj emergeocie. It will sava ssa-
pl Vln? lwyer. ,
u. nai. rnrenoiomy jmauc x.maj.
i uni
Th only rellabse patterna, because
. tbe j aOow teams
Ascription Price $1.00 a yeaA
'6 cetts far alafla oeplea.
PartJ taeit- eaamlaalea. svitU 1W
taaI eftpy aa. terai tf Siaweriatlra
arV sat 14th Street, Nnr York Csty.
This book trils yon-how to reaa a rrn"s chancer br
iCers over the beau, ana ins aujuam iee mwuni u vm myim r
5" r?" rt??MU- J . o..rm a MiniiM Inetnirtinn hmt 'Vir It
the simple set of passing tha
i"TT 1 ei..wibiul as flnmev'a Rvatem A romnl
bow any one may acquire aad become Pftct8aS ia tais tat-
No. Mi
nt ot phonography
Nona. The Modern Hoyle, contaltilna the latest official rotes fr playlne whl'. waeare.
ehess. eribbage, dominoes, poker, draughts, beaiqne, backgammon, liapoleoa, solo whiat, ecarM, ate j
Tse above booka in other editiona are usually aold at 25 cents eack, bat
. . a an.. . We will send any dm of tha aboa booka by mafl pcet-faid trpoei
HtSa MmT UwZru Ullgr a receipt ofoniy Ten cents; aay,- w tor Tweniy-nro iewty ,
anr ra for Fifty Cents, w wmas; sen sooss asaaivsvi a
nr taa
ir ays aw.
hit vaumruc, ue qpk
rWnl tnArlvnal diamverv of tbe act). tHr
ant and ntttmkmt to taw taate, astjeoU
aad Txtfttrety eiifidiisrya. Uveraoi bowels
olMUiafnav thai BTslea. dlaoCl COkU-
lewer. 1 I liSSiasill txiaaUnafefic
of C.&C.UMlaT:20.t&Ucsnta. ktoid
KaawcntMl to cara tsaa
Wtth a Orala af kali.
- The way to tha aaaaida is by the
Seaboard Air Line. Satnrdav aad
Snnday exetiraionj from If ay aOth to
BaptesBb5r ZwUi to Virriaia Seaea,
a-Veiae. Vlew mmA AM Pnieift fTnwi tn-r
vyvsui v wms vee w iy v .
round trip 13.50 via tha Stbaardl
Air Lime. Tickets will ba on aal
tOally aze4 Monday. Dally exof
Train on tha 8orxlso4 Kack Braaca Bead
Isawaa Waldon 4 10 p. su Halilaz p.am-
arrives Sootlaod Neck at k'JU p. aa-j Uraso-
Tilie 67 p. ra JUbfStoa 7M p. at. Ectorn
lac laaTas KJbaton 7M a. au. OraaavUla
S.62 a. ra. arrivta Uailfaz 1L1S a. au.
Wakloo 113 a. m.
Traiba on Waa&uur'-on Branca lean Waaa-
ifKton HJO a. m. aad 1J0 p. as-, arrtrs har
meia 6-.10 a. as. and 140 a. aa-, ratwrnlng
laava Parsnais JU a. am. and bJO p. aa ar
riva Waanlncton 1LU) a. at and 1JU p. nu,
iy .. . .
Train kearas Taraoro. a. -. oauy eraorpi
Btxadav axSO p. aa., Soaday p. sau. ar
tires rrjmoutn 7.aU p. aa 6 a. av, rstorn-
inaT laavaa nvmoaui oauj axcrpt wutosj
7M a. nu. and aondav a. au, amvas Tar
boro 10:16 a. m. and 11.-00 a. aa.
Tram oa MkUaad V. U Bmncb laavaa
Gokkrtwro daily, eaorpt Bonder, 7J0 a. saw
arrivlBS 8mtnnald aJO a. bl, tst&raiai
learce Bnuthneld :00 a. as arrival at Uokla
boro 10:25 m. au
Trains oa Xaahvilae Branch lasva Boctry
atoont at 00 p. BUj arrive XaaoTiUa ft.iS) a.
bl. Sarins; Hope :j r. latttrnias; kasra
Bpriac Ho a. rc KaaavlUs -k a. am.
arrire at lUxkj Mount atOft a. arn dsdiy az
flBPfst SQsaaaaay
Train oa Clinton Branca laavaa Warsaw
for Clinton daily, except Sondaj, ll:Ue.rn
and 4:10 p- am, ratnrntrag laarea Cltaaoa at
7J0O a. am. aad ii p. am.
Train Ko. 78 taakaa ckaa otaanactkaa at
Waldon for all points Borta datly. all ml
Tta Bieaaaoad. ahm at Bocar atooatarttk
ttorfolk aad Caiolina B. B. for Vorfoik i
aU pointv Kona ria KorloU
H. If. EMXB30V, a 1
J. B. I0LY, Goa l Una.
T. XL BMCS30B. ZBaOs i
aareklUa tasVae aaMl
aa..-t t

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