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SO. 3T.
H seed hy the Crowd, and Saved by
the Gendarm3St
fie Ct'J'1 Several Passionate
Huiii'irs: dv.s His Testimony in a
MnL'li;f"r" :ir J M-jii cr.
r. !!!. !'' ('"''!'. - A f! in :- f fnn
i . I i' ! ; : f - - ifi; of ilu? urey.its
,ii . n i cif-r ii.i" r t
. i who had llstc: o,! nrj.
. M 1 1 i II OH. ill r ', ,y c y.
ir' had 1 1 r I i. ( 11 convinced
lrrftM, and if t!i' lu-
:i n had not been fort'ilcl
' u.! il adpili l;o li a o I)
. yfils Jumped t, ;! k f,
winds had gali l; 1 1 1 z d
iiinl shouted in a vnlvi:
I tiu-rtigh the hall like a
" V mi eusht lo n:iv f 3
mi" ! ' I'ii ii'idifni biirrit Into ,i wild
, ..i. Mi" m her., mile;! fcr
V' Hilt vli"il IiTercbT ICpllrd tint
i, mi.M fdiu.t liifyfm was l;i,:i)',n.
i(' t i, v,.i:i iii;y doubt, tip.- prlxMnor
i n't you. thm!" At tM,
at. other out burst fif ai-
;! l! ,'
t.cn '
:z t;i
r:' l,V
! ,' '
; l-i
.1 I
I i
n ! I ' i I :
!" I r,
( Iifi (
i.nr IV'i-if r th' n in -c an 1 flra-li-TMnn
IimI lo h" i-ohfroutr-d
i" Mor: if,, in or.'- r to deny
1 i- Htatemoats. CmiOucI J(mi
Mi1 court to be arlj.nrn?il
,-!!. i.v, at h n., far i be
lt n, and as Mcreicr turned to
!c;n t'c ..!!lt, the illldif.!'.' rn.-" (IS
i,, h ; and i'irsr.1 li'un.i h
f. ili' In I; f.f the iDi. it Mandins on
':!! j.ti I 1 relics In order t b.tt.er
t' ':i.'; 1 t 1 1 ili n, The Kf:id,irtrr:i ;)!Jr
i; in !' -clvi's li'tTvoon tlir p;onr..l and
r , ;r.'li ii'. o, whosliowrd a st.mir; li--IH
-iii' ii t i iiiahrnt thp ftiniM Min
1 :i if Wi.r. CriH'ial Mf-rcior liMrutd
i.! nf ilsi- court room through a side
I-..,. :i -rsid tifTif ilruutudationj from
i ii;: l ' ".' P. On cnrng Intu the
,'U'",. the crowd Diit.-ido rhcrrcd him
mm! 1 1 i i "Vive rArmv'e!"
".Mi." rrip.l a Kpectator of tiij .t-enp
i' i.i li t, "if they had lu'.-ml thp inhu
I'iiim iix.ii-der Hfp'tk, they would n-t
i !: r liim ."
Two ltiuusin.1 Drown:d at Ponce.
I'ii-:.'... P. U.. Uy CiblP.The tprr'.iio
vi-il v.Mth arrnmpiniod the re.crnt
::ii;ii lic di'uyed thp crop;! and dPmo1-l-hcl
a niinilpr tf liousofl on tii- bipboi
nr:-jml. v.hir.p the floods tlesLroyod
and houses and raiia d great
of Inmian life. A large uwubsr of
Son: Spicy Testimony Introiactd loto the
Tl:-? effcrt of Richmond .-"par-on. of
hp A-hoviUc CcDgrcFr-ianal District, ia
North Car'c-Mna, to unseat W.liiam T.
f'rav.ford, who hold-, the c-?rt!ficat3 of
v:-0:i:vn, has jc ultfl In w)t,i.. very
nj.ii idiu tjctwofjn tb-'se two sciu'ip-in.-n.
Mr. I'pimon chaigj that Ciaw
ford secured th eltrtion through "in
tlriiidatloj. vitlcn.p, blx-d-?hed. de
battohery. corruption of xer.s, stuiring
of ballot boxes," and all other kinus of
roblipry, whi! Mr. Crawford retorts
u,"i icjrson.s i')i!ii'-ai sonicr-
nu'it:; hive never inspired the people
cf tbe district with rcni;Vnce In his
political integrity. Much more word
Klinsipg to the sjine effect Is found ia
the pilnted ropy of the testimony in
tii" ejse, which ha J.i-t hee:i Issued.
Crawford was il'.laral elcetr ! by lb.-;
narrow plurality of 2M nt?A. Peirson
elfiims that this number tind a great
many more, wmp fraudulently cast and
counted. lie Haim. too. that be wan
the victim of a plan cf r.inipnigii '.hkh
?(ematl.;'.!ly intimidated the Ilepub
l'.crtn votfrs. The hope and determina
tion wiia rot only boldly but defiantly
expressed according to Mr. rcar.son, U
carry the election, if not by one mean
then by ai;othr. Th? keyi.ote c,f. II13
nnipaigu.Mr. Pearson sarcastically 00
ppi vea, was th" declaration of a riil;n
Rnlshed ilcir.itor from South Camlina,
"an expert lu elrctions," who advi-d
tl." North Carolina Democrats to come
cut an,d thor.t. "ThU bloody advice was
nccoptfd." says Mr. I'earo:i, "ami
within a few days after the remedy
was prr-riibrd by this eminent Siperio.i-l-t,
thrt-p l:?publican wera killed .
the county in which it was delivered."
Mr. Pearson saya that the campaign
Avas ice of passion, rancor and terror-blood-hfd.
and breaches of the paee.
Ills bill of paiticulaio fairly reeks with
r cnsalions. In ono precinct a man w is
hit senseless with a ttone. two n-jre
were badly injured by pistol shots, and
others were wounded by pistol ?hots,
knives, sticks and sto;::.s. This bloody
affray cwt Mr. Pearson fully fifty
vot'.'.s. be say ). In ancitisor place a man
van lyml'.e 1 on the night before elec
tion. ts.nd In another precinct a Repub
lican was terribly cut. Not the least
tlniilinr; event was the fad that at
fttirpby a rrro shouted "Hurrah for
Pearsrn." and without further offense
he received a violent blow in the
mouth. Complaint is also mad? that
the Democrats, on. election day. sent
around forgrd letters to various lle-
publiears, telling them that other l
Captain Dreyfus Beic Procecuted
at Rennes
A Yost Dramatic Scene Said to b; Inevit
able London Times Statement Causes a
Henne?. By Cable. The Dreyfus
cojftmarLial concluded its secret ses
loni at 9 o'clock Friday morning,
vhn M. Paleolcgu of the Foreign
Office, complete! 'nU explanations of
the fecrct dossier.
The Londcn Time' .tatemerii of the i
lae Lieutenant Colonel Jleary's trea
son, caused a conablerable sensation
here, and Avas najich liscu.sed among
the r.ev.vjpapcr men and all others in
terested in the trial. The affirmatjon
cf Henry that EstiThazy was his ac
complice is only a confirmation of
what has already many times been
ttated. But what was regarded im
portant is the faet that The Times an
nounced it in such categorical lerms,
demonstrating, according to the view.-,
of the friends of Dreyfus here, that
The T imes people have actually ?een
documents, submitted to them 'by more
than one foreign military attache, pre
senting the strongest proof of Henry's
guilt, and moreover, that this an
nouncement can only prelude the pub
lication in The Times of 4-he actual
The correspondent here cf he Asso
ciated Press spoke to Major Forzinetti,
who was governor of the Cherche Midi
prison, during Dxe7fus' Incarceration
there, and who was cashiered on ac
count of his de.-laration lavorablo to
Dreyfus' attitude While in prison. For-
zenetti said: "The Times' statement
confirms my own view. I was con
vinced of Hen.ry'a complicity from the
very first and always regarded him as
the real culprit."
Regarding the courlmartial, he said:
aatm-riav will undoubtedly be the
1. 111 - - - -
most imponan: of the whole proeeed
legs, as General Mercier and M. Casi-
raer-Perier (fcemer President o
Poisoned From Eating CaWy.
Dr. It. C. EKIs was i-ummoyi oa
night !a?t week to the itikf of Mrs. M.
J. Walker and her Eve children, who
were suffering from aniline p?i oairg
caufje4 by eating candy cor.tairlrig 3
liberal supply cf this dye. The i.;u.;i.
live near ElMs Ferry, bt t vf re en route
from Belwood to their home when tac
candy was puicbstd from a country
etore, and eatea by the inottit and
children. Before they had recbl
Shelby the ettire family were !?.-p r
atcly sick, and in a dangerous condi
tion wbn the phyfl?!an arrive!, iij
arrested the vomiting and a!o cirtai'
od their water drinking, two- buck .ts
01 wnicn nau aireaa" .en trunk 0
uho five Cleveland t"-.
The Dukes Do-ata BailJir.jf.
Messrs. Wa.v.hingtcn and B. N. Duke
have donated an elegar..t brilding to
the Southern Conservatory of Music, a
Durham institution wMch ha? already
gained much eclat in tb? mimical world
:f the South. They have let the con
tract for the building of this cdifica to
Messrs. David Getaz & Co., of Knox-
ville, Tenn., who prooos? to finish it by
January 1. It is to be a two-stcry af
fair, built after th? Italian style, with
an auditorium to teat 600 people. It
means much for North Carolina and
the South this exceptionally fine mu
sic school.
pi of 1 mm. ;
One Hundred Peop'e Killed and
Much Damaee Done.
f'rcp.rty Damaged to tk: Amoait of $500.
003 Ail the Cfcurci:s aaJ Village
Th: State Aliirce.
The State Farmers' Ail'anc? eaded
its annual session at Hillsboro Thurs
day. During the ye3r it has cancelled
55,000 of debt and added $2,000 to its
balance, which is now ?9,000. The of
fers were installed as fellows: Maj.
W. A. Graham, president; J. A. Mitch
ell, vice-president; T. B. Parker, secretary-treasurer
and business agent; .1.
C. Bain, steward; W. S. Mercer, chap
lain; R. II. Dove-, door-keeper; D. A.
vvatson, assistant recorder. A com
mittee cf five, with Maj. Graham
chairman, was appointed to draft an
address to Alliancemen, along the orig
inal Alliance lines.
than 300 votes in the precincts in
which they were ussd. Mr. Pearson
also objects because the Demojats
hired negroes to vua for office.thus
splitting the Rcijublicn ticket.
?vlr. Crawford, of course, denies all
them for use at the polls. Mr. Pearson
admits that the effect of these letters
cannot be stated with absolute certain
ty, but it is safe to Eay, he remarks.
fi-ttlp v.ete killed. 'I he storm was that they made a difference cf not le?s
tin,. : srvfie in th? central pait of the
Hand and mlong the aouthern coast.
Tiiin" hundred bodies have been burled
In t:u city of Pone?, and it Is en! ;m:ei
that i.fiot) persons wer? drownrd in i'ra
I't'itcc di.-tiict. The number of people
in ! I- lower Hashes lost is not k-nowr..
I'ii it is c?rta!ii that there were 'ew
f ii tliii s among the prton9 of th? bet
I t ciasa. and none among the Atiieri
i tnM. The work of cloirin.; away the
i" l!i ri'o;;reracM slowly.
;-'!ior I. uls Oautier has b'en ap
l':!!iipd a'cadp, the former iiicuinLeat
:' tl'i ofiice having 1ei)Os,'d .n
in nint of negligence. Ccnsl l -rabl
v.pi '.-t ha--- been manife.ited amorg the
ripple and a cavalry pa'.rol bas luen
eylabllshcd. Th? water supidy has bce.i
re -t 0 r rd.
I'nring the progre.-s of the storm the
tinii:ii'ip:,l hospital wa w rocked -and
Its patients were rented to t.ne Mi'.i
t :i v Mt-.-pitab
Yahin'o.i. Adj'itas an! llunin.cao were
hr?tatrd. and In some instances en
tire vi;ia,-re.s were swept out of exist
. ne. One hundred persons are re
igned io hnvr b::n killed on a conc
plantation. Everybody H rr.ined, p?tl
!'i'"' thieatens nnd money and work
a;-,: 1 re;ird. and a newspaper appasi
In - teen mr.de to the American peop'e
f r ivii- f. The raiamity, with the com-tir-.rl.il
dr-rcssb:n, hn produced a tor
iiiiic co . m of tuir. Both Ani.'
Ii'ans ind Pi.v'c. K.caii-i cleaiand tl: :
nitipilon immediately of a derinne, prr
r.iatu .U policy " ths part ol th? gc-v-rinnipnt.
France), if time admits, will 'be con-
publicans bad various suras to hand to fronted and a moat dramatic scene is
inevitable, as their
certain matte rs
declarations in
differ on essential
Ston2 for Bryan.
S't. Douis, Mo.. Special. "I aiA for
President. I have al-
T11 . J
wavs been for him and expect to re
main so. I think tbsra is not a sba-
" Tobacco.in Fayettevlile.
About 43.000 or 50,000 pounds 0:1 th3
Roor drawn, from the counties of Ilsr
nett, Sampson, Bladen, Robeson. Moor
and Cumberland, v.ith buyers from
many points abroad, including Kkh
mend, Danville, Greensboro and Rocky
Mount, is the summarised record of ike
first "break" of the new FayetteviJ!
Tobacco Warahojse Company.
F.rt-de-Frauce, Martinique. tW
Cable. The authorities o! ihe inland
0! Guacaloupe are ftill without news
from the interior owing to t'ae inter
ruptton cf talfgraph commanicxtlon.
as a result cf the recent hurricane.
Hut other advices which have reacheJ
Ia PoInt-a-Pietre, say the coffee and
coroa crops have beea neirly totsJly
u?s:royed. Ia Point-a-P:elre ve
"persons were injured and at Moule the
damage doni was co.13ider4.ble and
several persons were killed cr wound
ed. At Petit Canal ar l Port Louis
several per.-ons were killed an.1 a num
ber injured. The villages of Grippeu
an 1 Laruentin have been entirely de
siroyea ana tne ngnt nou.-:es :
Monroux and Fosillioz hive been over
turned. The town of St. Louis de
Marie G:!anie has sufferel consider
aoly. Governor Moracbini arrived at
Pcint-a-Pietre Thursday ntorning on
the French cruiser Cecille and eoon
afterwards left for Caintes.
News which has reached the Asso
ciated Pre?:? correspondent here from
the British Antilles fays the island of
Dcniiniea his not suffered much from
the hurricane, that St. Thomas and St.
Crclx suffered lightly, ihat Antigua
was seriously hit and that at St. Kitts
200 hoa. 23 were destroyed. The hur
ricane pas-ssd ever Porto Plata and ap
pear.- to have ravaged the north of the
Dominica a republic. All communica
tion hei cen Porta Plata and the in
terior, not including San Domingo, is
Interrupted and it is inipossble to ob
tain a correct account of the damaga
dene, although it is thought to be im
portant. The railroad from Porto Plata
to San Dor&lngo Is no longer working
Eventually the hurr.:cax3 swept over
Cap? Haytkn, with lei-3 violence and
the charges made by Mr. Pearson, but J fl(w of doUQt about his nomination by
roiled. Captured anJ I ynched
Clryi. C.a.. Spedlal.-WiU McClure. a
rtnn, pgr I 1. was lynched a few
n ;s from her? Friday afternoon, by a
fifty of citizens. The negro went to
the house of George Moore, a respecta
1 farmer of Carroll county and t-tt-m,-
ed to nssault Mrs. Moore. She
nnd pssitanre coming, tne
i,n irs further. He enters into a tits
t usoion of the political situation la
North Carolina, and the analysis of Mr.
Pearson's career.
Mr.Crawford prc.-esd at great length
to show that the feeling against Mr.
Pearson e-11 cv?r the district was such
as to account for his defeat. Ha prints
letters and editorial extracts to show
the extent of the dissatisfaction, sever
nl Republican newspapers being Quoted
to show that Pearson's nomination was
not desired. He denies that Senator
Tillman's speeches "iad any effect upon
the voters cf the- district, and charac
terizes the election as one cf the most
iiui-ervative. orderly, and quiet ever
made. II? says that the joint fi abates
were singularly frc? from personal dif
ficulty. As for tbe appearance of the
letters promising the payment of
rao-ey at the polls, Mr. Crawford says
that Mr. Pearson's use of money ha3
V.en such in previous electiens as to
give color to the view that the letters
were actuary sent out in his interests.
At any rat?, Mr. Crawford ai.o rtvi?ws
In detail the stories cf the various vows
ca election day, and regarding one man
who wa- reported to have been very
badly carved, he reports that he "is
happy to add that he has since married
and is doing well.
Shot To-ty Prisoners.
Chicago, HI.. Special. A special to
the Chronicle from El Paso, Tex., says:
News has been received rem Montezu
ma that when General Torres learned
th"t his nephew had been killed by the
Yaauis. he promptly ordered that forty
rfri'cners who had fallen into his
hands during the engagement of three
weeks ago be put to death and they
, : "Z m his imrDCse and were accordingly tanen oiu aim
v a.T ;cm." - - 1
Eeidsville progressing.
The Southern Electric Company, of
Charlotte, has been awarded th? cou-
the next Democratic national conven
tion." This tta-tement was made by
Vice Chairman Wm. J. Stone when he
ni,ct !i-wnnt. vpnarts from Vash-
incton that he was preparing to for
sake Bryan and take up Rear Admiral
pvi,.r 0 n rnnriidnt? for the Demo-
O I 11 i. J 1-3 w
cratie presidential nomination.
Mr. i&tone further said: "I never
v,..-,i SrVilcvs name menuoneu as
possible candidate for President, ex
cept in newspaper gossip.
3.C00.0C0 Bushels Wheat Destroyed by Hail.
St. Paul, Minn., Special. Reports to
Great Northern Kail-road officials pla.-e
th? destruction 'by Thursday's hail
storm in Noi'th Dakota and Minnesota
at 300,000 acres cf wheat. If the wheat
should average net over 12 bushels to
the acre, this means a less of 3,000,000
bushels. In some places the wheat
will average 1" bushels to the acre.
Three and a half millon bushels is
considered a fair estimate of what re
mains undestroyed. At 70 cents per
bushel this meais a lass of over $2,-500,000.
The Census of Cuin.
Washington, D. C, Special. The
Secretary of War has directed that the
census of Cuba shall be completed by
January 1st, next, and Bishop Joseph
P. Sanger, cf the inspector general s
department, will ibe assigned to take
ohamei of the WiOrk, with
gj.A a m. -
headquarters at Havana.
ingiy light damage.
The Government in Pcr.l.
i, r.v fa Me. M. De Rouledc,
MacArthur Takes Santa Rita'
Washington, D. C, Special:
tract for installing tne new muuuiyai uus caoieu cue .ai ..uui,
electric lightir.g plant at" Reidsville. lows:
This plant will consist cf an arc light- Manila. Aug. 11.
, ,. rt flftv nre lishts capacity Tn Adhitant General. v asamgron .
ink: v iirin . j - 1 -
and an alternating current incandes
rrt system of six hundred lights ca
pacity. In addition to the electric out- gelea aEi other points.
fr-nder of th? tcigue of Patriots, anti
n member of the Chamber of Deputies
Tor the Angouleme division of Char
nite, was arretted at 4 o'clock Sattir
thy morning at his estate at Criossers
n"ar Paris. A number of members ci
ti'" Anti-Semite League and Patriotic
Lra3up were also arrested. De Ron
letie wai tak?n into eiuKJ. fot'r
RpudarmeH and was driven to Paris. On
his Arrival here, t? was incarcerated
in the Conclergie prison. The arre:-.t
of M. Marcel-Ilabart is expected. Tbe
nnllra iav rlnaod the offifCS Of the Fa-
tiiotic League, which are now guarded ner commercial career
ty gendarm?s. I , .
ru N'o'i-npc a Kuisance in renniaui.
va.. 1 - a I a, i n . A o:
o-,-. ramnniirii wnwharre. Pa.. Special. uoncrac- ueip ior ri i 1
Ma-field. Kv.. Speclal.-William G,e- tor Geovge 8. Post, of this city, who Washington, D. C. Special.-ine
i..,i ik. ,.nndi.lnte for Gov- ,nP fin neeroes from the Souttt I War Department nas taKen promyc
1 i. i r, lc uivv. itfcv-- u 1 vip" - a. a a m n. . v.
measures ior tne ivuvlul iuc uum-
North State Cullings.
Another brutal story comes from
en? of -ibe peaitsnitiary fa.rcns ca the
Rcancke, which should leceivo the
cionsideration of the investigating corn
mittee. The Post thas bsen inform'ed
that women ccavccts are flogged un
mercifully on itlhe Halifax farm, wlic:
E. C. Ehfiaron is the supeiTLar. It is
c.id that the wcavc-n are ftripp-al to
tilie waist la.:;hed. . ThoIIalifax
fsirm is th? only one cf tfaeo? in th?
ea'Ji where women are worked. It is
said that punishment meted out to
t.hem at the farm is cruel zzil brutal;
that 'they are madie to ba.r? taalr bod
ies and then lathed. Another subject
of investigtic-'Tii in tlae penitentOarry will
be the Ur-Ui of a whi;? child. Th?
csnnai.l'tte'3 will turn its attention to
the prison in a few days.
The State Veterinarian was advised
Thursday cf ia?. presence of splenic
fever on two farms near Wadetboro
and also at three places in th? suburb3
of Raleigh.
Lieutenant Douglas Settle, U. S. A.,
says that during the ten days cf the
month he has sent 25 recrurts from
Raleigh and Greecsboro to tbe army
and that North Carolina is doing well,
being considerably ahead of Virginia.
Tarboro special, 8th, to Greenville
Reflector: The dead body of a white
man named Gregory was found by the
side of the Norfolk and Carolina Rail
road this morning, about one mile from
the Atlantic Coast Line depot here. Ii
is supposed that an out-going freight
train ran against the man, though
thei'? were clear signs of foul play.
Many believe that the man had .been
killed and put near the track. -
Hendersonville special, 9th, to Ashe-
ville Gazette: On the outskirts of. the
city last eight Berry Mitchell killed
Pink Rhodes, cutting him to death in
a most brutal manner. Both are color
ed. Mitchell is a married man, but
neglected his wife and attempted to
Root and Miles Confer.
Wat?hiingtcn, D. C Spcciat. MajoV
more than half an hour with (the Secre
tary of War Thursday. Secretary
Root said that the conference was de
voted to military matters, but would
net speak definitely as to their char
acter. When it was suggested th2t
there were rumors that he was con
sulting Gen. Miles with reference to a
change of commanders in ths Philip
pines," be said that he had nothing to
say on the subject.
Mayor Woodward Hangs 0.1.
Atlanta, Ga., Special. Mayor Wool
ward, whose resignation was a;'ked for
by the city council, has declined to re
linquish his office. Councilman Thom
son called to tee the maycr Wednes
day at the request of a member of Mr.
Woodward's family. He suggested
that Maycr Woodward place his resig
nation in the hands cf the city council,
to bec-cme effective when and only
wlun the maycr had taken another
Negro Uprising Feared.
Washington, Special. The Evening
Star's report from Alexandria, Va.,
states that a request has been tent to
Richmond for the equipment of the
militia company located at that place,
because of the possibility of trouble
crowins out cf the . lynching ta&ra
Tuesday nigut, cf the negro Thomas.
The report states that some of the
whites are apprehem'-iva of an uprising
of th? colored population, but that au
is quiot.
R ot to Make Changes.
Plattsburg, N. Y.. Special. There is
reason to believe that Secretary Root
will soon have a conference with Gen.
Miles, at Washington, for the purpose
cf deciding whether changes ought to
'MacArlhur has taken possession of Pay attention to the daughter
ofa" wtt. rpvnwtitared Berat. An- ttnoues- L ut U1C
It-., 1 . . . 1 1V .
The i"sur- I -ruicxiies uuust; iaf uca j-itua . j-
" . ... iniiiii.ps the steam I cor.ta were driven norm, un? casual- 1 ""t". xCo "
nt. in? cuuiiuli. 1 . nH5. I Mm flic poiitd nrvf rrn in
m !!.!-... nnaar trt tflC WR- I TV VPSlPraaV UUUC J . ' I Cl.UK i vi" " "
plant ior iurai-m e A. . I n r tra rn.ars makes movement of I xtuoV,!! immedlatev drew a laree knife
ter work, .tatlon. as wet 1 . - "3 difficult, but it is considered and attacked Khc3!2S He slashed him
dynamos. vun an Hp-iw-u " ,"D necessary to open v.'P this section 0!
Bvstenvand water works, neiubure .vnirv. -as it virtually gives con
takes two important steps ioiwam m ivo c,f iprovince 01 isaaaa, aua re
lieves inhamtants tneit.
(Signed) -u-
Ceaeral Ictie f tat Ctp (hMUii at
Irp.'rte4b) Crrr(tJeiti.
Wliicc:n. V. C. Sj-:1.- lh
nwntLly r:r:i of ia- tit!-of
th- l;ir:n:r!i. it .Vx'IcuHarf. hu
tne avrJR rt-d.:ion of cutun oa Au-
S'"-'; 1 10 bare lxa ta coTpri
with 7.8 oa July 1; 1 2 ca iU' 1.
M.9 it th cvr.e ponilui! n
1S37. an! SS. tL m au of th A.ici't
averages for tl lat tin yer. T'u-r.
wan a declue diving July. amjalra
tj Z ikxuu in North Circ.'.nj. anl tft
In Trias; 4 In Trnct?e and 2 In Mi-
On th? othr bin! thre i
an lirroveaieut f 1 fo nt in 1.-U-
lana, of Z point la VlrginlJ. Onlaho.r. 1
ar-1 Indian Teulrory: k Z pinn in
Florida aal MKuDcri. r i f I
lolnts ia Arkiuac Th 3fii(t cf
the diflerc&t St:e on Au?a-t I. wttt
as follows: IrsLn'a Norta taro-
liru South Carolina Gr) rla "9.
FkriJa Si. M'itV.sFippi ul M ' rrl.
Louisiana. Arka'.ui Txa 7. ";Va-nes.-ee
SI, Okjthoaii V. lnd.au Terri
tory 9.'.
The Thm report icc'iil the ro-il-
ticn in the recrr.;ly t.;".nrri:? 1 r'K'on.
a ryecLal repert cn wi'.rh ia almost
lead for p-lhVrat'cn.
Tbe Augiist report of t'-e .-t:Nt4;.an
fhows tbe foHow'.r. nvcrrc cf o'-il-
tion on Augut I: Cra $!.!; v?ring
wheat K3.6; oats ln.$: ba.'e V3.C;
t-prlng rye 9.0; buckwheat 9.2; pota
toes S3.y; Timothy hiy SK... Th av
er? s condition iv ora lajprnvM 3 4
poiatfs during July, ari on Aug.t 1 it
was !!.! points higher tan at U;p -?r-re-jiondlng
date last yeir; ."..7 jnxnts
higher than ca August 1. 1S97. ani 3.2
poiutj above the mean of th" Angu-t
averago.ifcr the Ii-t' fn yt-ars. Tbe
averages In the prin'!pil States -re a
follows: Ohio 90. Indiana 01. Illinois
91. Iowa 82. M's ouri KiDja, Ne
braska !9.
The average cona.tion cf norms
wheat declined 8.1 pr.in'.s d ag Jtily
and on August 1 it w?s 12.9 p. Ia: low
er than in the correpon!ir. djte la.-
year. 3.1 points lower than c 1 A u putt
1, 1S97. and 3 points Icwr tii-.a the
moan of th? Aus'ist avcraqrs for the
la i -ten years. Th oor.P.ticn la th
principal States Is a-.s fallows: Miane
sct i 9(. Iowa S3. N:c:al:i ".. S.Mith
Dakota 84, Ncr;h Dackfa . Waliin?
ton S5. Qrfg?a Kl. The arr;se ct.r. 1'.
ticn of oats inrprovcJ .S points during
July and cn August 1 it vs fi.C points
higher than at tbe 01 rc jocdln d3
last year. 4.H poln".s higher than oa Au
emt 1. Is:i7. an! 8.3 p- nt a ov ta
mean of th? Align t avcapes for th
la.-t ten years, an.1 ta avera;1. s fo
the nrinciiial States are as fallorv.:
New York 90. Pennsylvania 9S. Ohio
au! Missouri 93. MicVjtan !'. Ir.l'ana
anl WIsccnMu !. Illinois 102. Minne
sota 9. Iowa 91. Kjr.oas S5, and Ne
braska 92.
The proporticn of the oat crop of
l33t year f.111 In the hanks of farmers
is estimate! at 6.19 per cent, as com
pared with 6.1 per cent, of the cro; of
189G in farmers' hands two years ago.
The average condition of barley Im
proved 1.6 points during July, an! cn
August 1. it va.s 14.3 points higat-r
than at the corresponding date last
year. 6.1 points higher than oa August
1. 1S97. and 8.3 poinU above the Au
gust averages for the last tea years.
The coudltiloa in the prioclpal states
is as follows: New York 90. v.ascousia
S6. Iowa an! North Dakota 94. South
Dakota 89. California 97.
The average condition of Hrinj rye
declined .7 points durlrs July an! on
August 1 was 4.7 points loer than at
the corresponding date last year, and
.8 points lower than on August 1. 1397.
but still l.o above the mean of tac Au
gust averages for the la lcn yeirs.
In Wkvomin. which Stale pro! aces
mere than one-half of the ec.ire rye
crop, preliminary returns indicate an
increase ef seven-eights of 1 per enL
in the acreage in buckwheat, as ccaa-
paro.l with last year. Tiure 13 aa ap
parent ir.cr?ase of 5 per cent, ia New
York and t 2 per cent. !u Pennsyl
vania. The averag? coailtloa tf buck
wheat is 0 pcini? h'gh-rr tnan at ta?
corresponding date la nt year, ani 2.2
points ataove the mean o! tee August
averages for the last tea ycor.. The
average condition cf potatoes eloclrl
8 points during July, but is fet 111 9.1
points higher than on August 1. 1S9;
13.1 r.clnts higher than ct tbe corres
ponding date in lb97. aal 6.9 point?
above the mean cf thaAugnst aver
ages for tbe last tea years.
Of the thirteen f weet potato fcHaes
eight report a decline during July,
and ifour en improvement, whl in one
North Carolina, the condition remains
about the iaie. Preliminary rsturns
indicate a reducton cf 3.4 per cent, ia
the hay acreage. Of the etates mow-
ine 1.000.000 acres cr uoward3 las:
bip n the mm.
Bil S)S Thtt tne Mcvctren't c!
the Srrts
Are ike f'4crt m,ttt cr trt Ikr a
Caagtf lcligt Traoat 3e at it
Th-e Mmon i rojr.toy t tw
3.fH n.-r fton h D' tby t ra
a iieu:. n .ntrvx ar r"
au.I I (oc't u.-..Vrjnl !it A. a:
aftc. Ai tho- retil rai-'.-l. .i
ser.i oa: :r n I : in ia rrrtt,r 1 jr. r
ri;!ca. or -r fvl l.Hit tra;.
who fin! th a an e: t ll
. m
1 n-T onifo t-m ni :ani n. ;.. a
"nyir iirij. ana re umi t. .1.' :v
Ittfnta ecu try 1 ia ? Jej!: .rt
to ih lie . t: n tir all -ot:r :..
Im! not h-i t.f J..m. !.- v
aaon co . th Pi-1 -trit It, .l.)i.i--
en-s.1 'lte: V.m I r-.iT .y to
nndwrmiiie ;be:r f;lih T sy m k i,t-
on the- ru mia !! an! fjnutVi! ;ol
only inike cotivs tr d- rojltie the
liei of th- f-m ly. Nj r.d.r ttiat
lae gol pi-p'. f th" rr-n ir. m.
drive the-m out tv! imltrrjt : a. at. 1
have no i-;- t for rr -.! tit
Ch.L-.l3n land h wcul I to
dra- the'r cc;ni frvii f.ir.-
tlan tlmrc.i to anoth4" tal 4t
lorJ in t 1 iri'y.
I 1, nrrluati in; .i'i .'f thl M r
iT.crism. bi '1 I nt. !b'r -l.ll I lxim
of New Knt.l:i.! I ir. atl n. w"a I
b.? drrl".'.a thlntr e.-'jtlratr I: I
okiKe ikn to t,' Jo-trlce of fr lokr.
tuat oiiIiutcd ;iiir hU a n:3iy
rgo. Mad .a uoa- p eity ienirjlJy
c epic I. If t r. aa doc far Tin! h; atR
i:liy wlitn he aikrrlr Le fi.;J her 1
! : a:d:. aa! hy p -ai;:ug
Jo? ta;itl. can.e froti Here anl o;.e
day p.culcJ o unJ a lt;'.le uzlr a
l.:x --o.:e. It w., pla I laeie by an
artle an! iva-l x ''lcn !fak". aal b
was toll to t.-il It f;.- '.' aa the ',
I wii! cf CcJ and li" ni'.tM p:.n-j 1". t.
lu' pccp.e. n .-.'pia tne r.:ii; an 1
wi goirg t a r" the goVI. liu. tb aa
g.r! rcbakel bi-a anl ttck the g-iMtn
lave a-iy. Well, taat tnaa fcjn!
feed enough to stir: a u.'w de-paiture
in roll gen and We i'j? the pool people
if koaae male fun of him. be aal h!
filowcra uiave! to Vi an.Tlvaa.a.
h-te be ha! mxe vl-lcn azl t.':?
angle gave Mm a p-lr A eij1; -
taclc and a I'slaa an! Thamni'm.
and talked to Liiia belaii! a. eu ta'a.
and John tlae Daptbtt vlvi.el Lira an!
gave Mm tr? Holy Gh vt ar.! Ih' ivlfi
of proiVcy cn! Mpcrn-'aral ioerK
From ther? he and bU follower v-nt
to Palmyra. N. Y.. anl hzi the "Hcic
cf Mormon" printed, anl crgan:zr.l a
church with thirty m?rr.'T'. ni
Smith ral a devil out of a in in camel
But Palnivra K't tfA hot for them
ar. ! tiy mcvej to K'.rManL Ohif. Ih
cause tbe angl? ?-iii to. Da: Klrt-
ImJ got tco warm, for them an! thy
moved to MJGtiri and foit lo! tbe
city of Zioa. Not long after he west
ba.k o Klitland ou a Iit anl they
tarre.l a4 feathere J him. bt hln :.
fcctutlon rave h'.m ftTengih an I f!
Lowers an! they lui:t a cbur-'la r.ire
an.! caJlf! vhen the I-avtr lliy
Saint';, and ;arted a ban an l flfl?4
the ecuntry with :i!:a: mcrey ia the
nm of ilie IrJ. TJ? lear were
crr?.:c! aal Inidr 1 f-r mirJer, trca
son. burglary. cricn sr.! larceny, but
were allowed to r : jp" from JaU an!
leave KiKla-iJ with tlifir families.
From there they w;rc to lilinoi.
guide! Iij" an- ar?;le, an.! founlel the
city of Na'ivcxa. There they built an
other e'aurch an! sent s-.'.j-doairk to
England to make e-onvevia. and they
made ihem. Nzutco grey up npidly
. r"jt. at i
r . r- Tt.t t 4 rtv
aiti t ia fa'tk . at&i
t. 1 J . id! I'h.i i I :.-
WM. ,: -r'r ; '' ot
I- ti itoir J it'..- !wUi ! 4
x- a 1 1 at . ra' j ; I ir
tfr ,ait-ry n:n r.i ? k nwr-i
rV'i; W.'f.t ru' 1 ! Bl Tr
Ki: it - u4 ht tir t-
1 -ry ! llns'tn! V t- tt
':t .f i "t
4 J iti I wn In rir-t r
tt i 1 .j Sm .1 K" arl ar a -l.-rlz-l
th .ti r I taat V ht
l-jr la l.i t V Ih
ma f tta'. I l!ey 'J!I rnak
d - n 'l'.l e th f I. 3 k IWw k.
Vn ; JJitif. trt w-ir anl !
r:,a ct f j la!
r a-. : : it r a i . urre. inm ni
It I'tua. m ibtai t u.urir ! ar-i
a:.! r: Thf faiJ U.im l!l
I V la 4 1 ! Jr. I 1 :a ar I
mac'.ti n t. at-'. 1. ant an a it M
c. I' t 't,p ir lltfjk.-r'a Kerry
ual f - loo t ltl t!r a4
i ta.-i I I 'f :r ! I . !tela
ib... l"'rl I Jfc ai . la!lel hlr
:b ir t 1 a '- I V a I a '. t t la
fr.' I a t'.; I'u! :! tt.A tn-
r I r 1 1 1 : I 1 H him aa 4
vxm! V:"; ' su t ncrr, ! r
dirt 11 . i. j 1 fcu ii'ti' t.4
laer :y-l 1-v!l Ufomr? r;.rl
M an! k r car-o! tL- u: 1 aal
tiK.k tV ji '-al a:1 fm ea'at'
it vt I 'Ti ic1.t:f 4 t li.
Hp. h- K tl'i 1 wi.ul! f 4 tli.
!!-t of at Ji.tH! in tbe t
sua I'i I -h'T l.--ri nl ol4
l.o. J'r. t' :.;t I.-. Tlf n -m
r-- J .hi Ui'taii 1 1 id t.
h' 1 fa i. L !ii I til rr' of U f t
!jr: I r f ;r t l.ti )ar the
J 1 f iVa ti !m -
nvi'if. i. ;it J.-'m liroan 1 j1. tSy
uy. k': tia:Mtat c atJ it
ttii J'i. w.lh I lie fMrcun ! btl
f c: :ml:ir :bu birf t.'i
.., 1 . j aal t-o Id Jrtiy. The
Pro a l Krn ar dur x I'' dm an
t.l.l." !si ani lb-r he ard LI !
t-a.ltK fm.ti.rr'jt ftn?a lbli
1,-buj" Ji-V t vat M .. m iitit'l
li.T.1 l!TVLa H ! U .
IVr lc!e jiir 'i nicr 1:1 Blfi of
lis 1-:1 -im. bVli m Ui tnart aa
la-urMt ro '.n Vir:?! ao4 1I I
pread all 01 cr 11. Sovifc. nn'il iy
lav hrd-lrr n-r1rrrl. AM M
1 hit lb? NvtUi mid a inaryr aal a
!-uil;o.l cf blra for.
Our earn Klri1 i:. tf. a l'iitrj
Fiatca Hi nay ffU-rr. cnViate at ala
captur an! H a'. J fTerr tivl all
Jim a M. Miv.n. of the I cl'-I l:atea
K-naV. wre a!pidnd a o?niu.tte
make report ipa an ivaaivi bi
elare t of nt iltn-lfinBaca .tre5t a
riowicg the atilmna of tbe Norta to
ward the No: tit.
A filjad witra rue who Ube lo
kno whte i e-ra a ra JiiftBcy
id Jclm l'.ro-n nrl hit Vle-glola rail
end fxctljn. Noahf" No feral a-
ern taiaa baa arriti-! hl blUry. Three
have tca wrltt n fim a Nortbeia
ftandj-clc: ! 3.1 of t"i Roflta.
1 he fair ac -o-un: w.ll IV Tatiri aa
Pi'etoi'a PI irs-aMcal Cncccp--
ij."bs.t ram tbia cn. wbldi maa arli-
t'u J'T Higir-un. I ta!n;M mlta tbi
tanae H e'icu llat Jaatlf: rery
th'.ng :i a'.-.linbi e-r !ld against
lh South. It doa Jook like thai fortf
yejra f t!a' and the fie4'na of !
nirroei 'f.i to ri cvdliflej tmr
facjil-M an! rr.lrri oi John Ilrova
ar.! h! follower ttfi o-'iliafan. ti it
baa bo a:d now tby ar traBfT-
ilng their b." 10 1 timtnit
roil an! vlll hive grani! ttTaou's
onr tlu'r Uirial.
MeKlnVr ha b-n !altJ. atl
to o! th .evea wre negrrira. I f k
on he will r,t. .Miyl fa devil ba
got th-n Irerpirg poioffire am-ab-ri
la Had-e-. Kill Arp la AUaata coau-
bs made among the officers in com- j year, oniy M!ouri. Kansar-. Nei'oraska. I an-J the Salnt3 oon numbereJ l.Vr) I CARQN rtoxuscHILD'S RED CAM
mand of the American force at the
Philippine Islands, in accordance with
the expiessed determination to push
forward ths campaign there with all
possible vigor.
itca and elected Smith maycr an! lieu-
fprnni r?neral. In 1S42 he was at
the very height of hla prosperity ana
1 urougn.t uv ic&i. 7. j
m;cr4 opened. his campaign her. S-t- here, to work on
urdny at a large meeting whuh was this evening, charged with aiding a
uddrcsBcd by blm and ex-5enatoi nuisance arirP(1 hPre thev
Blackburn. When a little over haif VV&en the nertr,!l!XJ they
v . u vi.. ii-.oKci was COfi tn en to work, claiming tney
iniousn nis spe&ca, tn. " . V I '" v" A 1 rn n dav .Thn
overcome bv the heat and fainted, but Uad been promised $1.50 a flay -
was quickly revived. He was unable o they became a puwic
proccd with his speech, However. At jn filth ana squaior,
cone sufferers in Porto Rico. When
the press dispatches and General Dav
is' advices made known the extent of
the disaster, steps were immediately
taken to send supplies.and the trans-
nnrt MrPherson was ordered put in
The health offi
. .. .. I f ,T
L'owlirTtr Green. Congresaman Even li Cers said the health 01 me iuUk, readiness to sail irom iew xor-. u
. . " . ,hitu An.san7Arert. 1 Mnrt,nv. sne win carry raiiwuis ituu
"lilt n uo n a - t .. I
peaklg for the Democratic ticket.
Another Call for Volunteers.
Washington, D. C, S;ecial. Secre
tary Root has under consideration the
question of calling for Tolunte?rs.
While he has not tedded definitely to
0 arantine Lified.
vrfAik. Va..SDeclal. There is noth-
lnc bult encouragement in the yellow
fever situation at tue
other necessaries.
Great Britain Threatened. -
London By Cable. Ths Boer organ
cSurreT FddaT" Inlact The lu London, The Standard and Digger's
1 Soat been removed. The Nw, (ptsWishca a Johannesburg dis-
Knrfrlk and other points I natch, threatening Great Britain in
do so, preparations are beittiT made for fl Inst Nwp0rt News, Hampton and j event of war, saying the Boers are
the call, Ehould it be decMuJ to issue 01d point wln be a thing of the past I fletemlTied to wreck ths mUnes and ir-
it, when the thirteen regiments now aUer Saturday euB . . w v r0tinevably ruin .the general body of
JSretr "l. . oTlS Uareders blowing up millions
a siv citiiaition conunuca iu ui- 1 wonn 01 jatu.-uirc.jr, - --
being organized are completed. It ir
tsaid that additional troopi may be
r.e-ded to relieve thoEa vh have -cry-
1 seme time m the tropical ctSttntrl-a.
It ia also tuggeited tiwt! It may te
deemed advisable to iaciJise tho army
f Genera) Otis,
th nnaiantine against tlie 60I- l-rfii tmaan the absolute ruin of Jchan-
A' vicmo. and Phoabua will be lilt- wti as a tc
UiVi 1 ucauuri
.a . ..'.:' I . . . .
both as a town
I mining centre.
and as a
about the abdomen, disemboweling
him, Michell then fled and Rhodes
soon after expired from his horrible
A street car and electric light move
ment is on foot at Wilfcesboro.
Roxboro Courier: A most distress
ing accident happened at the home of
Mr. and Mrs.Lukin last Saturday even
ing one which caused the death ot
their little 14-months-old son, Wil
liam. Thenurse had the child in the
yard playing and for some cause went
up stairs or a few minutes, and while
away the dear little fellow fell into a
small tin boiler containing about a gal
lon of water, and was drowned.
- The State charters the Banner tobac
co warehouse, at Clarkton, Bladen
county. Tobacco culture moves stead
ily further and further eastward.' "
Never in its history has the town of
Davidson been so busy as it is at pres
ent. The different forces at work on the
chemical laboraory, bath house, wa
ter works, cotton seed oil mill, and
streets, present a scene of unheard-of
activity. .
No additional cows cf "the Weat In
dian hurricane, was reoeiv&a at the
Navy Department Thursday mornin
All our ships In ita Wcat li-iles "are
uadcubtedly yale.
General Policy of Extradition.
Washington, D. C, Special. Thi
State Department has determined upon
a general policy of extradition between
this country and Cuba, Hawaii and
other territory wholly or in part under
the direction of the Unitel States. A
number of cases have lately arisen, in
which fugitives from justice have
claimed immunity by going 4o Cvba or
Jour insular possesions, on the theory
that cur relations with these place3
were in such transitory condition that
the processes of extradition would not
South Dakota, and California showed
an increase?! average. Th2 condition
of timothy hay 4s 12.6 points blow
tflai 01 iaai year. I . v ., v,a in rnrtr le 1S42 he
The averag? condition of toba?co has . .1 -1
.,1; 11 i Kw,uv-r et In I aa-i ano.aer reveiauw n-
Tennessee and Missouri; 3 ia Virginia I and wm advise 1 f take some sp'.m-
nH Tnn-vivjniA- 2 tn Missaehusetts. I ml w!vj. Aeeordlnsly he took two
1 in Ohio and Wisconsin, and 8 In In- I marr!ed women, the wlven of Dr. r t-
tl3i 1SMlt
There are but few state3 from which I neW: apcr 3aJnst an ana pirjiua.-a 1 td palate J a portrait 01 &11 precepwT.
the reports as to the cpple crop are I the affidavit of sixteen women, wba J Inrow. acj the aiir It created Ja to
not even more unfavorable than they I charw.j Smith ani h'n hei! aaaaa. Rig- I bU gettiag a ccmaUaica from Wanm
ZUHDftcnua. it aaaa ma ari mt j--.
ftcit .taaii.lr aUra4 I Tm Ita
t 4r lmm.
"A portrait painter can't affori to b
entirely iadepeadest ualeat fce baa
tremercoui vogue." remarked z arthit
to a New Orleans TltaaevIoofTat re
porter. I rrmrmbci" twhe-a I flrat reat
to Parla Servant, who la probable
rM v mIiaw 1 ihos 1 m . i
KJU IUC UlUTI XMJ. a- a-a I u-A WilYlirn lylW. tl'O Ci &S CXiCI I -v a.aa. M.a.fA. 4. anavlll fi!4
vl 5 polnU in North CaroUna and .'"Z'nr .hi, raised a . . . V 1 1. v . '" a2-a ..r
2 polnU io New York, ana I ... I
hid it r.wn in Connecticut. I rumpua anJ Foster ana Law etir.e-J a I beginning to attract atteotloav. Ha
were last montn, mr nas oe?n 1 . n ... Im...,t mn tmmoral'iiT.
. , . i .v- 41 I " ' - w -
roarnea inmproveoneni au ine iulmi- . w
Tr i h v R,.,'.-t Smith then discovere! th- pre.4 and
States. al?o la New York and Pennsyl- I FoAir and Law had Co ny ior in?sr
vanla, with eome InrprcaremeEt alio in 1 liveij. They apiW.cl ti tae co-aria 1
Ohio, Kansas, Michigan and Texas. On
the other hand there ha? ben a fad
ing off in.racdjtica In Kentucky. In
diana. Illinois. Iowa. Mi soon i and
throughout the Ncrthwest.
Military Called Out.
Indianapolis.Ind.. Special. Governor
Mount, on the request of Sheriff Dunn,
cf Miami county, has ordered one com
pany of the Light Infantry and ten
members of Battery A, with a Gatling
gun to Peru, immediately, to prevent a
mob from lynching 4he alleged abduc
tor, Joaes, who, it Is charged recently
inveigled Nellie Berger from her home.
Sheriff Dunn says" he has Information
that a mob cf 300 men will attempt to
take the prisoner.
. . r- .
The Baker Woman in Bo-ton.
Boston, Mass., Special. Three thous
and people paid "ten cents admission to
People's Temple Wednesday night to
see Miss Jeweet and the Baker family.
Mrs. Baker furnished the seosatloo of
the evening. While J. W. Hutchinsora,
the white haired abolitionist singer,
was singing his song. "The Fatherhood
of God and Brotherhood of Man." Mrs.
Baker experienced religious exhillara
tlon. She dropped her little son-. Wil
lis, who had been sleeping In her arms,
and strode arotmd the platform, rolling
I hex eyes and waving her anna. v
and hai warran'a lutJ for him and
Riedun an! i?evctVe?n oiacra. They
were anestel and put la Jail. The
ecvemor vlsiltd theaa arJ promised
pretention to item, if they anl their
farallicH wouli leave the country.
On hl3 arrivfcl from Sorrento. Ad-I the people were o xasperf.l wait
I . ... .Akfl
nvral Dewey will be the gnest of Al- them they went thai nuiu 10 a
b?rt Stcll at Naple3. and broke down tie doors aui fchot
Admiral Dewey. In response lo in- fenltli axJ hi hro'xaer to dea.h
quiry mada by The Daily Mall, read, WJrit kind of a itory U tha to roana
the 'following: "Regret cannot vlrlt the Mcnnoa religion upon. , Anl yU
England. Mc3t arrive in New York J tnese Mrrmon ciders have tbe citek
October 1st-" I . travei"uroja the SoaLVm land ts
Columbia, S. C. is cow eoncaotei I crCragale thiCr rpMrioiw faith among
h lnK.'i rh.rtnIA RWiTrirTi1 I " .
end New York by long dietanca ttle-
Bad Name fcr Otis.
Chicago, Special. A rpecial cM
patch to The Trrbuae from Victoria,
B. C, says: Comimand?r St. Jclia, of
the British cruiser Peacock, wio ar
rived here from Manila, br tie Eai-
nreas. ca rccte 3iom2. doo" area that i U expelled, ilur . tiBtzicz
General Otis is utterly Csaarw: : the I "dipping ani hon:? btrrzarj ani ethec
nesEitiea cx reonoEsalities 0 a earn- 1 3cualtie3 by mo'a vlolsace. Th:y
nvii-n in the trcoics. Ha has r, 000 1 ffiiirtJ In rcci.ttrt i bacr3 to 1"--h ani
-dead to Lis account, k'ae JiritlfJi (.S:tf I chos D.-lghain Yluzs, aa tli?Ir Icalc
declares, and his haferica a!-I He waa azciloua adYscateof po!yciny
ready thown Ws forced that !! 'Aii to I aal aox;j hi, ;a:th by hla rorta, frr
, w 'p w . I when h3 died !n UH is Ut: rea.ca
oa? peop.e.
Bui Sml-ia's wife ani hi o-u Joe.
coats- d!i acoevt th? rc-velaUon eitJ
spiritual irivc-a, arJ the eon reorgm
!ed Mormanlsm .t P!a;o. KL. wt
he pchlifhed Tie Tnis Silcis H:ra'.i.
and U In all lh:t i?sloathe acknow
JetfreiJ hiiil of vfce ain-.e cl the tic?
Mormoa charili. The polygamlsti
tot be went about It with exactly tba
sanaa sonrfcalance that eharateritea
tlna at preat. Da r lag tb last alt
tlng. wbeta tbe pictare r recrarlM !t
oaUblng toache. It chasred that oaa
of tbe barcn'a tars became nnoitaaily
red. a clrcomaitaiice probably d 10 t
Lea: of tbe r&cm. Eergeaat seized
It at cace as a good tit of color ana
mad tbe painted ear redder. If any
thing, than the original. Whea Botka
cblld Impeded tbe portrait k
greatly pleited. 'Bat, cf cow.'
tald. yon avlll icae down that left arr
Oh. no replied tbe paisur promptly.
'I think I thall leave It Just aa It la, I
rather like that red.' Tbe banker waa
astonifbed and very angry, and. while
be paid fcr the can raj. be never bun
it, Of course the iacidect raised a.
laogh. and tbe artlat'a obstlaaey waa.
admired In Bohemia, but It really fi
Sergeant a treat deal of barm aad waa
ore cf the things that ereatsally de
termined him to cere to London."
, I was in a little village, and out of
i bet came the earner and his tamilr
and all tbe hcosebold paraaitea pell
mell, leaving the driver la poaaet.ica.
but tbe mother rnd father cf taa fam
ily, when they recovered from th'-a no
wonted burst of activity, showed aa.-aj
a lively concern &r.d each uam'taia
ble t'iiii cf angrUb t bavin Ml
rcetblEg behind then Ut ths bet. thit
I tiocrtt it zzA be the baby.

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