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It Is, we believe, prenerally conceded
that crime Is Increasing Id North Car
olina to an alarming extent. Indeed.
If tbe record of newspapers Is to be
believed the year 1902 is the blackest
page In the civil history of the State
with two exceptions, the first being
that brief period of the year 1898.
known as the Wilmington massacre
period, the other being the first quar
ter of the present year.
We read that Superior court for
trial of criminal cases Is now In ses
sion at Wilmington with the heaviest
docket In the history of the county;
not less than 100 cases being set for
Two hundred and eighty-five homi
cides In the year 1902 is North Caro
lina's quota. "A fearful Increase over
past years," as the State papers put
it, while the Washington Post ob
serves that "perhaps the accumula
tion of murder caBea may cause North
Carolina people to Insist upon ade
quate punishment for those gentlemen
who go about pumping cold lead Into
their neighbors." Hear also the Wil
mington Messenger In the following
significant wail: "To what length is
this wanton taking of human life to
extend? Two more homicides were re
ported In yesterday's Messenger. Con
ditions In this State are becoming be
yond endurance. What Is the matter
with our people? Has human life no
value In the eyes of mankind? Our
entire populace seems to have gone
mad on the subject of homicide. The
conditions are appalling. Society has
become honey-combed with the pistol
In his hip pocket."
Again hear the Morning Post In the
following unique, but melancholy sup
plication: "May the good Lord stay
the passions of our people! Five or
six homicides within almost as many
weeks." A gentleman of prominence
stated to the writer that within a
radius of 30 miles with Klnston as
the center ten murders have been
committed within three years and not
one of the slayers has been punished,
and these were notably, white men's
affairs. No negro in it. With the ad
vent of the good government promised
by Simmons and Aycock the white
man has monopolized the business of
killing In that neck of the woods.
A leading State dally says: "The
spirit of Cain seems to be possessing
men In North Carolina today. Ken
tucky has the name of the "dark and
bloody ground,' and we Instinctively
think of her as that State where men
go armed, but North Carolina has out
Kentuckeyed Kentucky."
Under the caption, "Increase of
Crime," the Warrenton Record pro
ceeds to take issue with Judge Brown
who in his recent charge to the grand
Jury at Nashville, attributed the in
crease In crime to foreign immigra
tlon. The Record very sensibly argues
that in such States as New York and
Texas Brown's statement might hold
good, but not so In North Carolina
where foreigners are few and seldom
in evidence, and yet the editor adds
that there were over one' fourth as
many homicides in North Carolina as
in Texas and half as many as, in the
great State of New York. -
Anent the deplorable conditions
now existing, the Democratic bible
The News and Observer, gives vent
editorially to the Jeremiad which fol
lows: "However it may be in North
era States which have received a large
Influx of Immigrants from abroad, the
Increase in crime in North Carolina
cannot be charged up to foreign imml
gration. It has been committed by
folks who were born here and are the
children of North Carolinians for gen
erations. It is a pity that we cannot
saddle it off upon some other people.
So upon what would seem to 'be
the very highest Democratic authority
the record is simply awful, and grow
lng worse at a rapid rate of increase
under munificent Democratic rule, and
what Is worse there is no Bcape goat,
upon whom to saddle the responsibili
ty. The saddling business will not
work. Not foreigners not Yankees
No, not even the poor negroes can
longer be made to bear the sins of
these worthy scions of mob ridden Tar
Heel aristocracy. No the people have
coma to themselves to the extent 'that
ust any kind of a lie will not go, and
blood. Our beloved native red-chlrted
Tar Heels at whose door tbe Iniquity
lies. We have sown the wind and are
reaping the whirl-wind, the legitimate
fruits of the seed sown in 1S98 and
lWO by men now high In authority.
In view of all tbe foregoing the
question arisen does good government
prevent or promote crime? Accord
ing to our distinguished governor
viewed either as prophet or apostl-j we
have good government in North Carolina.
Did he not promise us in 1900 tha.
good government should follow Dem
ocratic victory? Did he rxt In him iu
a.jgural address in depicting the hor
rors of fusion rule say: "Lawlessness
walked the State like a pestilence,
crime stalked abroad at noonday, bleep
we cannot "saddle off upon" the poor
negro everything ugly as in days gone
by, but are forced to face the music
Sunday Ine of tbe Charlotte Cb-1 - or ah no w
Bervet contained several photographs of humanity cholera Lithe worst,
of a petrified man found near Hen- j Treatment to he effective mart be
deroovIlle this State, by two Vt- , Wbeo "S
,, . . and sweat announce that the dueam
ditchers. The Observer ataU that u pTWntt combat It with Perry Da
It U a wonderful likeneas of thefe painkiller. All bowel treaties,
man, and the other Western pipers like diarabcea, cholera morbus and
make similar remarks about the ' dysentery are overcome by Pain-
, ,, i killer. It is equally health promot-
"petrlfled man" and we are all ex- y
ported to believe every word with-1
out so much at asking a question.
and admit that it is our own flesh and
lay down with alarm, and the sound
of the pistol was more frequent than
the song of the mocking-bird?" Did he
not use these glittering phrases as de
scriptive of a reign of terror a ad law-
essness which he attributed to the
fact that the wrong crowd held the offices?
And did not this self same governor
stump the State in 1902 stating every
where that North Carolina was eujoy-
ng peace and prosperity unprecedent
ed in her annals and attribute the
same to the fact that the right crowd
now held tne oinces: ine governor
must in the nature of things be high
authority. No one can question that,
and in view of all the Tacts herein
noted it must follow as the night the
day, reasoning from cau3c to effect,
that good government intensifies hu-
. ir ii
man depravity ana aggravates u n
does not actually breed crime. of the
basest and most diabolical type.
They state that it U, or was a white
man. It U stated that one woman
has appeared upon the pcene and
claimed the petrified man as her
husband. If this wife cau be in
duced to get a divorce on the ground
that this man has a "heart of stone,"
and of desertion it would be well
to bring him to the State Museum
that the people East might see and
The News and Observer dated
March 20th contained the following
bit of sad information;
"The debt of $200,000 due by the
State to the Park National Bank of
New York was due yesterday.
The bank continued the loan for
sixty days, as it has been impossible
for the State Treasurer to have the
$300,000 bond Issue prepared,"
The question is will the State j
Treasurer be prepared to pay tliU j guaranteed by all Druggist.
$200,000 debt m 60 days. If not.
then when? Our State debt will soon
be so large we will not be able to
raise enough money to pay interest
on the debt much less the principle.
This Is some of the fruits of Demo
Democratic "good government."
Do you want more of it?
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nearly as grave as an individual dis
order of the system. Overwork,
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be followed by utter collapse, unless
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cient to cure disorders of the Liver
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a wonderful tonic, and effective
nervine and the greatest all 'around
medicine for run down systems. It
dispels Nervouaness, Hheumatism
and Neuralgia and satisfaction
The 1901 Legislature promised the
old soldiers that they should all re
ceive pensions and that some of those
who were then drawing pensions
should draw even larger pensions. The
Legislature made a big bluff to make
the old soldier think they had kept
their promise. They voted to give the
old soldiers more appropriations, but
failed to provide the funds and when
the old soldier came to draw his mon
ey mere was not more tnan nan
enough money in the treasury to pay
the pensions, and some of the poor
and needy old soldiers received none
at all. This proved that the Demo-J
crats cared for the Confederate soldier
until they got his vote then it mat
tered not to them what became of him.
This last Legislature had the oppor
tunity of voting for two Confederate
veterans for U. S. Senator, but turned
a deaf ear to both of them. Not that
the Senatorship was any fight of ours,
but we mentioned the action of the
Legislature in regard to Mr. Carr and
Mr. Watson simply to show their gross
The News and Observer issued
a "Legislative .Edition" on last
Sunday giving the biography and
picture of each member of the
.Legislature. Home ot tnese men
are great, but none so great as Glen
Williams, manufacturer of old
"Nick whiskey." The Observer
devoted nearly half a page of its
paper Sunday telling what fine
whiskey Williams made, and its
Democratic and Auristocratic whis
key too. It will be remembered
the recent Legislature incorporated
the little town of Williams so Mr.
Williams could make democratic
auristocratic whiskey at the same
old place. It was charged by some
of the democrats during the last
campaign that not a single distillery
was operated according to law, Mr.
Williams, who by the way is a
member of the State Democratic
executive committee, was made
mayor of tbe town of Williams,
To whom does the editor of the
Biblical Recorder refer as the
"Morally Stunted?"
A woman asks a man's advice so
that later on she can tell him how
little he knew.
"Just in the nick of time our little
boy was saved" writes Mrs. W.
Watkins of Pleasant City, Ohio,
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in besides. Doctors treated him,
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length we tried Dr. Kings New
Discovery for Consumption, and our
darling was saved. He's now sound
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ka, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, and
Indian Terry's.
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February 17th, March 3rd and 17th
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vertising matter, Rates and infor
mation to W. T, Saunders, G. A. P.
D., Atlanta, Ga,
Now is the time to send in your
Subscription to the Caucasian
and gf t the advantage of our grand
clubbing rates.
We will send Thk Caucasian,
and there is danger that he may 'Atlanta Constitution and The
find himself running his distillery ( sunny outh all one year for
contrary to law and he will have to
call a session of mayors court and' nj CjvJt
send himself to jail. That would'
l)e too"bad, but then Gov. Aycock j
would pardon him out, and the Bv ordering the three at onco von
News and Observer could get nut
It is published weekly and is
fall of good Southern Stories by
Southern authors, including Stories
for the young as well as for the
older ones.
another special edition showing
that the Governor was justifiable in
granting the pardon as the people
all over the state needed more of
old nick whiskey for medical pur
porses, as the News and Observer
said Sunday that it was a sure cure
for the headache.
De3 Moines, March 23. Snow,
three inches of which fell last night,
continues to fall through the Des
Moines Valley. Reports from other
points indicate that . the storm is
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OO each
IO onch
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I Tb. uvmrj ud th aabMripuoa ..d U nUbui wmmmt mm U b tea T1
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Ha aa'Jatt mast b. Mall later lit a Dembf lltt. IMS.
7 la mm of a Ua apoa ur arts mI'bu & aaaay rpi hm immltf tvM4.
(To mm ha(.d If ubacrlaUooa Ml Mtlaaatei beta oro oosl )
publisher") conrrrruTio.i, Atuat, c.
Kate. THRBB MOmilii Imt mam, tot (1 1 .acioaad. la raor arr.at vaolaal faDowe
Upon Total Port Receipts
September I. 1902,
to January 10. 1903.
Postoffice. ....
MM. Minim .........
WOTJ& If job wUh on It ONE eatlmata tn Ua contort, nd PTPTT CBTS mm4 80 avt oafy i.
btaaka. If yea wlah TB N climate 1b toa eonteat Mod Til It EB DOLLARS aa whm raor m
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tka aombinatiom, obanglng thttconpon accordingly and cnaloa. wtta ramJttaaaa.
Sar at Jaaaary.
Sari 2TaIi"aMaa aaViS
SSS-P.. mm mm
t7-S mm mm
e-e... m. m
-t0O aa
OO-OI- a mm
faaaaur IB.
. litem
. 4VS04fl
mt Oa Ma
nrain u raatel acwaa to
Saata. tat a tn.
Soat fallal, ovav f SVtaaMa
vol amUftte wmm mm ana an
at t PMi erxooa .iat.
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ordora to..
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