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IfOT. TL following article bat
teen vridely published and Is tie of
tit most reisarkable Ulastratlons cf
tbs value of careful marshalling ao.l
analysis of facta in printing a sub
ject to tfce public.
Tie Mission mf Whlkf, Tebacce and
Co are.
The Creator cade all thlujs, we be
Here. If ac. He Diut fTe mat! tbe.
We knowwhat He made food aud
ftrattr for, and a!r and sunshine, but
irbj WbUfcy, Tobacco and Coffee?
Tbej are l?rc sure enough and each
performing i!s work.
There n:ut Le some sreat plan be
hind It all; tbe thoughtful cuau aeeka
to understand soxetbin; of that plan
and thereby to Judge these articles for
their true worth.
Let ua not aay ,,bad" or "good" with
out taking testimony.
There are times and conditions trben
It certainly teems to the casual observ
er that these stimulant narcotics are
real blessings.
night there is the aatbusb that con
ceals a killing" euemr.
One can slip Into the habit of either
vbUky, tobacco or coffee easy enough,
tut to "untangle" Is often a fearful
It seems plain that there are circum
stances when the narcotic effect of
these poisons is for the moment bene
ficial, but the fearful argument against
them Is that seldom ever does one Cud
m steady uer of cither whisky, cof
fee or tobacco free from disease of
ome kiud.
Certninlj iowerful elements la their
effect on the human race.
It Is a matter of dally history testi
fied to by literally millions of people,
that WhUky, Tobacco and Coffee are
smiling, promising, beguiling friends
Oil the start, but always false as hell
itself iu the end. unce they get hrm
Loid enough to show their strength,
they Insist upon governing and drive
the victim steadily towards Hi health
In some form; if permitted to continue
to rule, they will not let up until phy
sical and mental ruin sets in.
A man under that spell (and "under
the spell" is correct), of any one of
these drugc, frequently assures him
self and his friends, "Why, I cau leave
Off any time I want to. I did quit for
a week Just to show I could." It Is a
sure mark of the slave when one gets
to that stage. He wiggled through a
"week fighting every day to break the
spell, was finally whipped, and began
his slavery all over again.
The slave (Coffee slave as well as
Tobacco and Whisky) daily reviews his
condition, scc perfectly plain the
steady encroachments of disease, how
the nerves get weaker day by day and
demand the drug that seems to smile
end offer relief for a few minutes and
then leave the diseased condition
plainer to view than ever and grow
ing worse. Many times the Coffee
slave realizes that he Is between two
fires, lie feels bad if he leaves off,
end a little worse if he drinks and al
lows the effect to wear off.
So It goes ou froni day to day. Every
night the struggling victim promises
himself that he will break the habit
and next day when he feels a little
bad (as he is quite sure to), breaks,
not the habit, but his own resolution.
It is nearly always a tough fight,. with
disaster ahead sure if the habit wins.
There have been hundreds of thou
sands of people driven to their graves
through disease brought on by coffee
drinking alone, and it is quite certain
that more human misery is caused by
coffee and tobacco than by whisky, for
the two first are more widely used,
and more hidden and insidious in the
ffect on nerves, heart and other vital
organs, and are thus unsuspected un
til much of the dangerous work Is
Now, Reader, what is your opinion
as to the real use the Creator has for
these things? Take a look at tbe ques
tion from this point of view.
There is a law of Nature and of Na
ture's God that things slowly evolve
from lower planes to higher, a sturdy,
steady and dignified advance toward
more perfect things in both the Phy
sical and Spiritual world. The pon
derous tread of evolutionary develop
ment is Used by the Infinite and will
not be quickened out of natural law
by any of man's methods.
Therefore we see many ilustratlons
showing how nature checks too rapid
advance. Illinois raises phenomenal
crops of corn for two or three years.
If she continued to do so every yeai
Jier farmers would advance in wealth
far beyond those of other sections or
countries. So Nature interposes a bar
every three or four years and brings
on a "bad year."
Here we see the leveling influence
at work.
JL man is prosperous In bis business
tor a number of years and grows rich.
Then Nature sets the "leveling lnflu
nce" at work on him. Soma of him
Investments lose, be becomes luxuri
ous and lazy. Perhaps it is whisky, to
bacco, coffee, women, gambling, or
some other form. Jibe intent and pur
pose is to level him. Keep him from
evolving too far ahead of the masses.
A nation becomes prosperous and
reat like ancient Rome. If no leveling
Influence set in she would dominate
the world perhaps for all time. But
Dame Nature sets her army of "level
ers" at work. Luxury, over eating and
drinking, licentiousness, waste and ex
travagance, indulgences of all kinds,
then comes the wreck. Sure, Sure,
Sure. '
'xne law of the unit is tb.e law of .he
mass. Man goes through the same
process. Weakness (in. childhood),
gradual growth of strength, energy,
thrift, probity, prosperity, . wealth,
comfort, ease, . . relaxation, - self -indulgence,
luxury, idleness, waste, de
bauchery, disease, and "the wrevk fol
lows. The "levelers" are in the bushes
along the pathway of every successful
man and woman and they bag the ma
jority. Only now and then can a man stand
out against these "levelers" and hold
bis fortune, fame and health to the
end. x
So the Creator has use for Whisky,
Tobacco and Coffee to level down the
Successful ones and those who show
signs of being successful, and keep
them back in the race, so that the great
"field" (the masses) may not be left
too far behind.
APd jjt we must admit that same all
V "
wise Creator bat placed It in the pew- !
rr cf man to stand upright, clotnld in !
the armor of a clean cut, steady mind
and ur unto himself. "I deciles to ex
change my birthright for a mess cf
"I wiil net deaden my semes, weak
en my grip on affairs and keep myself
(bean, common and behind In fortune
aud fame by drugging with vrbitky, 4
tobacco or coffee; lift Is too short It
is bard enough to win the good thing,
without any sort of handicap, so a man
is certair.!y a "Tool trader when be
trtdes strength, health, money, and the
"ood things that come with power, for
the half-aiieep condition of the Mrug
ger with the certainty of sickness and
t'isesse ahead."
It Is a matter each individual must
decide for himself. lie cau be a lead
er and semi gd jf he wiil, or be can
go along through life a drugged clown,
a cheap "hewer of wood or carrier of
Certain Jt is that while the Great
Father of us all does i:ot seem to
"mind" if rorne of His children are
fooliah and stupid. He teems to select
others (perhaps those II intend. for
some special work) aud allows them to
be threshed and castigated most fear
fully by these "levelers
If a u.r.n tries flirting with these lev
elers awhile, and gets a few slaps S
a hint, he had belter take the Lint or
a good tolid blow will follow.
When a man tries to live uprijh
clean, thrifty, sober, aud undruggedT
manifesting as near r.3 ho knows what
the Creator intends he should, happi-
ticss, health and peace' seem to come
to him. Dors it pay?
This article wsss written to set peo
ple thinking, to rouse the "God with
in," for every highly organized man
and woman has lime when they feel
a something calling from within for
them to press 'o the front and "be
about the Father's business;" don't
mistake it; the spark of tbe Infinite
is there and it pays in every way,
heulth, happiness, peace, and even
worldly prosperity, to break off the
habits and strip clean for the work
cut out for us.
It has been the bu:nes3 of the writ
er to provide a practical and ca?y way
for people to break nway from the
coffee habit and be assured of a return
to health aad all of the good things
tiiat brings, provided the abuse has
not gone too far, and even then the
cases where the body has been rebuilt
on a basis of strength and health run
I;: to the thousand?.
It is an easy and comfortable step to
stop coffee instantly by having well
made Postum Food Coffee served rich,
and hot with good cream, for the col
or and flavor is there, but none of the
caffeine or other nerve destroying el
ements of ordinary coffee.
. On the contrary, the most powerful
rebuilding elements furnished by Na
ture are in Tostum and they quickly
set about repairing the damage. Sel
dom i3 it more than two days after
the change is made before the old
stomach or bowel troubles or com
plaints of kidneys, heart, head or
nerves show unmistakable evidence of
getting better and ten days' time
changes things wonderfully
Literally miiilous of brain working
Americans to-day use Postum, having
fouud the value and common sense In
the change.
' c. w. tost.
A Japanese Foik Tale That dives th
Native Ideal.
Ia a current magazine Madam
Calla. J. Harrison relates the fclloih
Japanese folk-tale as illustrating the
native ideal cf perfect womanhood:
Kesa filled the eighteen require
ments of a beautiful woman. More
over, she was peerless in character
as well. Before her and her ibver
husbandj Watarti, life seemingly had
Stretched a long, happy road. Unfor
tunately, they feJl in debt to Morito,
a neighboring samurai, whos9 evil
eye fell upon Kesa, and he coveted
her with all his soul. Ho wished
Kesa for his wife, but whiio -tyaiaru
lived this could not be with honor.
But en enemy's life was but a small
hindrance one stroke at the keen
samurai, sword and Kesa CQnld be
free. So, Morito reasoned and press
ed this plan upon Kesa's old mother,
who In turn pleaded with her daugh
ter, till Kesa found herself between
two fires, filial versus conjugal love
and duty.
At last, after bitter weeplhg, B&a
consented and plans were laid. On a
certain night Wataru". 'would return
! from a journey and after hi? b&tn
wauia lie down on his fcwh pallet
among the sleeping ones in the fam
ily hall. Morito could easily find him,
for his hair would be wet from the
On the appointed night Morito
crept through the hall, lit on! by the
andon's dim llg.t. He found Watu
ru's placer; hia hair was wet and his
face muffled in th covering. Hastily
he spread down a napkin by the pil.
low, then with one sharp, swift etrok
of his sword severed the sleeper's
head. Gathering it up in the napkin,
he fled. There was no pursuit, and
when he had gained his own room In
safety he sat down to gloat over his
prize. A he turned the head to get
a good view the sight froze him with
horrvr, for it was the sweet, piteous
face of Kesa. She had s-nt her hus
band from harm, cut off her hair and
prepared it to Imitate his and meekly
lay down to die that she might be
truo to ootn tiesdying, she fulfilled
h.er duties as a filial daughter, and
a faithful wife. In these stern and
cruel tinjes, many -women had done
excellently, but Kesa outshone them
all. - - , ,
A dude preacher7 ceneraiiv nTA.i,
dead serraoas. o AA
. aW TX,
Arthur-How did you enjoy your
self at Harry's?
Theodore Splendidly! Harry's
sucn a fine conversationalist, don't
yoa know." He, never once through
the -whole evening indulged in friv
olities fcr an instant-such things as
the industrial question, th i
supply and demand, and things cf that
kind but confined himself wholly to
6UCh improvine trmira c.Tn. -
uaiexy, tne manner of wearing neck-
"w aa creasing of trousers. Bos
ton Transcript. .
arc made rich
er and more
productive and
rich soils retain
thtir crop-producing
by the use of
fertilizers with
a liberal pcrcentag'e of
Write r our Ys vmt free
which give all details.
93 Nttaa Street, Sew York City.
Famous Case Frcufht to Trial and
Venire Summoned
Only Nine Jurors Obtained Out of
the 50 Veniremen From Petersburg
and an Officer Sent to Richmond For
50 From That City An Essential
State's Witness Absent Without Ex
planation Prisoner Affectionately
Greeted By His Children and Kissed
Several Times By His Brothers.
Charlottesville, Va., Special. The
case of former Mayor McCue, accused of
wife murder Mas called for trial Tues
day. Soon after the opening of the
court It was announced that W. O. Du
rette, an important" witness for the
Commonwealth, v:a3 absent from the
city. Captain Micah Woods, who is
assisting the prosecution, said that Mr.
Durrette was an essential witness. It
was stated that Mr, Durrette, when last
heard from was in Itonceverte, W. Va.
Mr. Lee, of counsel for the defense,
stated that they were anxious to go on
with the case and that if Captain
Woods cared to disclose what he ex
pected to prove by Mr. 'Durrette he
thought it very probable the denfense
would agree to admit Captain Woods
; did not make this disclosure, but saii
that he had sent several telegrams af
ter the witness and would like a little
time to ascertain the result of these
messages. Without disposing of ths
question, the court took a recess uutH
A large crowd was in attendance in
the court room when the case was call
ed. The special venire from Petersburg,
from which a jury will be drawn to
try the case, was present. Mr, McCue,
when he came into court, was affection
ctely greeted by his children, ail of
whom were nresent exceot Samuel na
youngest daughter, cried, bitterly while
tcaieu in ner ratner s lap.
Comment was made on the fact that
Mr. Durette, the chief witness, should
have gone to Ronceverte, where the
ccnaren of the accused were taken sev
eral weeks ago and from whirh oitv
they returned. The aftefrinaft ocai
or tne court waa pfinsiiTnori in
amination Of thb fifty veniremen from
Petersburg, and out of the fifty orily
nine jurors were nhtainpd a .mHoi
- " V 1
i of the Petersburgers declared that they
i uiu not convict on circumstantial
wwuecce. At tne conclusion of the ses
sion the city sergeant of Charlotte
ville left hurriedly for Richmond.,
where h& will fenrnTrihii firiv
veniremen to serve in these cases.
The striking feature of the trial was
the fact that several of McCue's broth
ers, who were in the court room with
aim, Kissed mm a number of times.
The prisoner is said to have gone to
ja.ii uflis evening wnistling a tune.
Resigns Missionary Presidency.
Dos Moines, Iowa, Special. Rev.
Washington Gladden, of Columbus, O.,
resigned the presidency of the Ameri
can Mission Society, perhaps the jrreat-
est home missionary organization in
the country. The new duties of moder
ator of the Congregational National
Council forced Mr. Gladden to give up
me less important office.
Prof. V. E. DuBols, of Atlanta Uni
versity, (colored), created a sensation
py a statement in his address that th
Use and education of the ambitious
young negro student is a menace to the
security and class superiority of the
ncn, the well-born and white. He said
the negro problem is only a phase of
the greater 6r6blrh rif
The greatest crime of the United States J
j 7 ' aw"us.- wnicn is manifest
ed in the arroeation
leges by the well-to-do and the white
over uie poor and the black man.
Investigating Tuberculosis.
Macon, Ga, Special. The Georgia
ummission on tuoerculosis met
in this city to perfect an organization
avcurumg io an act of the general as
sembly providing for the appointment
pf one physician from each Congress
ional district and ten from the State
at large, for the purpose cf making
Investigations concerning this dis
ease. Dr. Charles Hicks, of Dublin,
is the chairman. There were two
sessions of the body, at which lead
ing physicians of the State made ad-"
dresses touching upon tho treatment
ef Ituberw-ujosl;. .
fllnbr Events.
The Pak Hang isa vessel of 424 tons
owned by ther Kwang Wan Steamboat
n', ilong KonS- T1e Hoi Ho
IS pi bOl tons and Is nxnixl Kir r$
Krt.rpy- ?f. Hong
-"p- "c tuuipame are twiusn con
cessions. nnJnyeT of 'boys Tide many miles
7v,r U J " W1T donkeys to attend
t vauiuon college at Khartoum.
v Because it rnntaine. o -... .
.3bP suppressed the
Tbs Wemsn Across tt Sea.
O, fer Vtp r4 aa cer s)ua was
TfeU ra xha -
AM bsr feair srtiriettfs. aafefe ersar.
This vtteu acre tfc sea:
Ae4 sfcs loved a man, are. ats fevta ft
tea a.
As or.Jy a true fetU taut.
Bat tte frowa cf fsu oa btr fUft
XkU eaa serosa t&s.sea
O. U4 days ws Ice Ihit k ca4 fcf
This woman serous U.t sa:
And cfc k"4 Cut at hiM verr fest.
Thl woman aers it sa:
Tor fct skla was Uit a&d fcia
And r3tausbJ fat Us erl aofdiey
- wsy.
And told fctr tales, ss soldiers cosy.
This wcxuui sertKsa tL a.
No prtest cams tfcers to biess her lore.
Ttis tomtn seroi t:
Efc thoufM him tnw as th stars sbors.
Thin woman serosa tha
But t went awsr and h walt4 km.
Ana crooned to his chad a motbr-sonc.
And worked and tolied and tbeusat &s
This woman across ths ses;
O. ths rr.an ab loved forsot her nam.
This woman serosa th a:
Korjot her face, forgdt her shame.
This woman across ths tea:
For he mated with ons of his fair-faced
He bound to br with t! that bind
So h laughs at tbe one that be left be
hind. This woman acroas th a.
Robert V. Carr. In St. Taul Dispatch,
TITS perasnonllyearel. Xo fits or nerroas
ressaftrfiit dsys use of Dr. Kline's Great
NerTeRestorer,02trialbo?tieAad treatise fre
Dr. E. II. Kxis t.Ltd.. 931 Area St., raiu., I'a.
In Taris last year 623 persons were
riso'sCarefor Ccimmption Is an infallib!
medicine for cou?h3 and co!ds.N. W.
Six est, Ocean Grove, y. J.. Feb. 17, 1M
The earliest xaoney vrts in the form oJ
animal's skmg.
Girls in Successful Whale Hunt.
A great whale hunt in Nestling Bay,
Shetland islands, came to an end the
other morning, after having lasted
twenty-four hours. The whales, wh!ch
numbered about sixty and were from
ten to twenty-five feet in length, en
tered the bay. Next day a number of
boats went out, their crews armed
with guns and other weapons. There
was a scarcity of hands, owing to
most of the men being away at the
fishing, but girls volunteered in large
numbers, -ami from their boats kept
the whale3 from escaping by throwing
stones. Forty whales were in turn
driven near shore and either shot or
The man of substance rras proud to
be mentioned in counection with so
high nn office, but he would not be a
"This rock," he exclaimed, pointing
to a great granite bowlder, "shall fly
from its firm base as soon as mine
Here the committee of notification
withdrew, perceiving that their mis
sion was hopeless. Puck.
Wiil Start From Pensacola.
Washington, Special The Navy De
partment has determined that Secre
tary Taft's visit to Panama will start
from Pensacola, instead cf Tampa,
as was originally projected, the rea
son being that the Columbia, which U
to carry the party, cannot safely en
ter Tantpa burbor because of her
great drafr. The party expects id
start from Pensacola on tho 11th.
The Protestant Episcopal House of
Deputies elected four missionary bish
op?. Labor-Savin YTand tirraft.
Labor-saving devices hav got td
the hand crgans at'last, says the New1
York Sun., In one of the latest, In
stead of the-trgari man turning the1
crank, he presses a button. The music
plays on till he release? i fineer. The
music is sweeter than that of other or
gdns and It can be heard blocks away
Airs. Hacs First Tjfettet Appeal
ing tri Mrs. iMnkbam for Help:
" Dear Mas. Pikkham : I have been
tinder Boston doctors' treatment for a
long time without any relief. They
tell me I have a fibroid tumor. T ran.
not sit down without great pain, and
mo aorcueas exienas up my spine. I
have bearing-down, pains both back
and front. Mv abdomen f arvollon.
and I have had flowing spells for three
years. My appetite is not good. I ean
not walk or be on my feet for any
length of time.
" The syamtoms of Fibroid
given id your little book accurately
describe my case, sa I ttrite to yoa for
advice" (Signed) Mas. E. f. Hates,
232 Dudley St (Roxbury), Boston, Mass.
Mrs. Hayes' Second Letters
"DEAB MRS. PnrsfiAM: Sometima
ago I wrote to you describing my symp-
fcviiu uju u.3neu your auv ice. x ou re
plied, and I followed all your direc
tions carefully, and to-day I am a well
"The use of Tcrlln. F!. Iin1rfinm'a
Vegetable Comnnund entirelv pt.
palled the tumor and strengthened my
wnoie system, l can walk miles now.
"Lvdia TL PJnl-hftm'a Vo.
table Compound is -worth five dol
lars a drop. I advise all women who
are afflicted with tumors or female
tronble of any kind to give it a faithful
trial." (Signed) Mrs. E. F. Hates,
252 Dodlev St. f IViVKm-i 'RrtfoTi Mal
15000 forfeit if nrlainnl rt tVuxt letfmrm ttretslma
ftr.uinenejs cannot is produced
"f fbnowed tb
trail frcba Texas
Pommel Sticker
SUicker. need in
AEQ overcoat whai
i - ii
,v . cow, a wind csat
whenwindy, a ram coat when It rafeed,
V f0" t nht if we (ct to bed,
fLrm.V have rotten mor?
Sr' ncker than aay other
cos srucls that I ever owned."
"J. aaUdt Wt
Wet Weather Garment, for EHicg,
WaUcpg, W twking. or
A. J. TOWER CO. mi
CO, limited - iri
xoaojrra oASAnA 'fljtrw& -
Et. Jsccb X. Vm Dtrta. ef W Siitk
tixn-i. rtnd Da Lac, Wi Tnsbf
terlaa rUr&txuz. tyi: "I t l
ittrti or Jasfy
C" Cm which krpt m la
k C V the bvcw tot 67 t
i;e, eciU to any-
can Urdly te toli
Coffipllcationi itt la.
the partTihut i
which I will be p!?d
to give la a perioml
!atrtiw to acy one
trio rrqu!r s Its forma
tion. TtU ! ctn coo
wlftitioanly say, iXwtn'i
K'Av.ty Pills earned a
fceaer.il Improvement
itt uy L?altb. Thfy
brot-jht ;rrc?t rel.'ef tJ i?tenir,? Iha
pain and correct irjf the action of the
kidney ttttctiOK."
Iran's Kidr.fy ViV.i are for scle by
a!! dcalffrs. P1cp, 5) cplIs. Foster
3ili!bura Co., Uiin.-:!--, N. Y.
"What did Noah live cn whea the
flood subsided and his provisions in
tne ark were exhausted?" askei a
Sunday school teacher cf her class.
"I know." squeaked a little girl af
ter the others had given up.
' Well, what?" inquired the teacher.
"Dry land." November Lippincott's
Pride makes the cross a crashing
weight. 3. 44.
pUARA.UEBD CURE for sll bowel troubles. ssocadlsrHs. biUaueocsf, bad breath, bad
Wood, wind on the stomach, boated bowela, foul mouth, b?!aeht lndlctlon, plnplea.
pains after eating, Hver trouble, sallow akin snd dlisintsa. When your boweia don't mor
regularly you are sick. Constipation kills more people than all other diseases together. It
r? e2c nic l5sT5ecta snd lone years of sufTerinr. Wo matter what alls yoa, start taking;
CASCARET3 today, for you will never ret well and stairwell until you get your bowels
right Take ear edrlce, start with Cascarete today under absolute guartntee to euro cf
money refunded. The genuine tablet stamped C C C. Never sold In bulk. Sample and
booklet free. Address Sterlinr Remedy Comoanv. Chtcaro or New Yoi V. ea
Will pull vfoot stump Tf3i.Mii
help. Ouaranted to stand s strain
nt &0.OOJ 11 1. Catilom Sn dl9
coHnt' fiddrejs , KO.VABCH
ancCDEli CO ;J tone Trde, K.
ptera wis hi . i?!r
G3Uk'h Sjtui, TastM iood. C3
IT JF L'U.sf .JSSf
) W. Lm Douglas tnuhma and
Bfioea than any otha manul
Thetfason W. T. Donela x.to eboes are the trreatest nellers In the vortd Is beraose of their ezceW
t strie. ensy fit'ine SfM Mperlor wearlns cuMttten. If 1 could show yon the difference between the
Shoes mad in mr fartnrr and (hnw nf nthar nika
etatul why w. I,. Donjtlas $&.m oca met more to make why they hold thrtr skfpc. fit better, wear
Ioiikt. and are of creator Intrinsic ltie than ur.r vther n.M ahoe on Vho market to-day, and way the
sak-s for the ynar ending Jrtly 1, lflW. rr.rv'?r,:(.04n.tfl.
w. L. Douelag guarxntees thir Yftlue by stamtitnc hit name and price ou Un bottom. Look fcr It
take no substitute. Sold by ahoe dealers everywhere.
W. p. Docgrlas e Corona Cnltskla In hla s350 shore. Corona, Colt Is conceded to
do the finest Patent Leather triable. Fast Color KyeleU oad. xelasively
Mf. L. DOUGLAS, Brooktott, MaaaaohumatttU
v Den tc.a
ne we complete
i ii a.u
I a
Ml Wcl StoIhv
UoUer Spates.
Fountafn Pens.
Bonne GloTes.
Two Beautiful
Ol'n SISD.VY DOLL Is a biz beauty, elaborately Pressed
buque bead, cnrly hair, -pearly tetUi. jointtd boi. ren-
ing cje. dressea in ti.k oi tat in and iate. h-te, tlcgant
l;at, siiovs nd s'ockuci to w.tcb s perfect dol; otb-
OIR KVEIIV DAY DOLL I a Uire caUr. bUcue
Lead, flnwlns hiir a real nice erery d?y dolly.
KXTUA I'RliSEXTit. X bejutifd JapaceM dQ fan
trA half a dozen daiatr toll handkerchief.
(illllA w sie ou the entire doll outSt for aeriirg only
thirty-two of otjr fir- rjaah' '"lodtercVipf t 10- ntrb
er.a us xne mentr. ana jthi w;u receive t core th ram.
rle etetmnt doll oulfic WE I AY ALL EVPHES
CHARGES, fc o-e ri ad-i ew at ooce.
Wool STcaters, School Cmbrellaa. Roller S la tea. Fcontain
Pena. MarWcre Seta. et.
Le noyne Handkerchief Ca.f
12 Eost 1 4th St., Nrw York.
TO THE -f.
JioiJembcr 10,1904.
The Seaboard Air Liae Ry.
nouncrs their last personally ecadact
ed tour to the Worid i Fair ux Thar
day. Nortntwr 10 th, I earing RalUa
at 4 p. m- Wilmington at SQ p. a,
Charlotte at 75 p. m. CocnectioO
will be made from all other polcU la
fhe Bute. Through aerTlce will be
arranged from
WHmlncton, Charlotte and rUteo!w
This i the last special train of tht
eaoa to the World's Fair, and P
clal low rates will apply frcm U
joints on the Seaboard and Its eoanec
This party will be in charge of a
lepresentativo of the Seabcard. who
will look after the comfort and pleas
ure of the party and arrange for iacw
to get located at hotels, or boarding
houses, whore th party msy desir
to stop In St. Louis. The route se
lected is one cf tho prettiest in the
South, i. e., via Atlanta. Chattancogl,
Nashville end Cairo, 111.
For circulars and pamplets, apply
C. H. GATTIS, T. P. A.
ORN If in need of Cern ML: or Mill
Mil I C atones yea will find 3 U you
ITILfLiO St!trett to correspond with
of Cameron, N. C. Mtnufac
tnrtrs of
CORN MILLS from ih famous
Moore County Grit.
Removes alt awelilcz in 8 to as
dayj; effects a ptnnanetit enrs
in ;o to Co days. Trial trfstment
given free. Kothinpcn be fairer
Write Dr. It. H. Grsca'j Sons,
Soenlalitts. Box n Atlanta. CA
M an oiherform.of Mal.rla ara tpclllj cured bf
JLfXIR BAHEK. rrsala at cU drugtorsi
Be. a buttie i're pared by .
KLOCZEWSKI .fit CO., W,klcrtou. 9. C5.
CcAMxrcu ropi rstCMls Vt
sunsohk mow rtvixs CMS.
crtAmxsTOH. . c.
Sore fret, berry Co, lerffs CHr, la.. hate s sue ears
A t!3&knf' training Bchool.
Goldey College Is fl Bttsisect. nd 8horthSn4
School that tnatii a tpecfll a.f tfatnlnfffts
ucVnmfor-BLelSESBKUCCEaS." it&d
tiatff rtth two firms.- Stvcenta from Gwr
Kin to New Vofk. wnteor eatalogut. Address:
Goldey College, Box ,1?; Wilmington, Pel.
malls more mon'a $3.RO (C
acturcp In thm wort
and ths hiah--ad lptherii nwil. Ton wunld nncr
WOItTH 53.00
crta'.mHr.a of " e!r- o.
Intercollrgute football f
psnti. 3eeTcUst iaaet.
fin aualitr wonted txlt. and handaoffle
Dtfr tf fork!r?fc a .-.leM an! St
r "i t
a -'.Mil
-1 -A
iiu i 3. we tlT you free this Hsnltome FoobIl Ouiat for Senisi
only thtrty-two of our fine qualify tiadkevbitf st mc. erh
aJU.JLISSrrtLVsr tou with
ter.d v the money w.d you yin ikHti at
rootonii mBt FREE. VR TOE
luniw - iHiiibti. Send jorrr
nune ana rajmi , T trrr
kerchief Co..
Aftr fsUI&s Ifcrt tot ,
tierce stld ls&d!ef ou a J
srftUK, i tiotos. usiiss&rr. s ja .
cr, cAtne U rnclo$ne r ,x '
mure rrxiin ci a .rw Twi v.
Ids Me Jamr!a ap.
rtmed the rvoni. tj -i L;f
ter his fall, sl4 tt sre-cz jrr!
111 llf.
nsHscaer occstkts!ly
tlsv t,c,lj 075 " of tL- .
tiir io-dsy br r rf .
srlaOw-. A rilcfinsa fcesri . J
block way. fht StirKt; rz
ttlth the aroimUac d..
for lo.. and It was thoccbt tl
sn operation cou!J sats U.
Air Line Rulw.w
DeaWle Daily Wlae Bttan
Taas. Altawta. (tear OtSeee 4 r.
a4 Wt.
i KrKKt:rKir. i, i
I ai r
lt. xrM r. run,
Lv. rbUsdeli bis
I.t. lultltnere
Lv. Wsb,. W. H. By.
I.t. Klebraoml, 8.A.L.
Lr. Irrg
Lr.N'tUaa ,
Lv. Heaclerson
Lt. lUleUb,
Lt. southern Tiaes
Lt. lists let
Lt. Columbia
Ar. Satsocah
Ar. Jsci sn vll
3 M ft
fi 10 p-s
7 W f rr,
u i:fm
l : t.
5 25 a n
4 00 a j :
10 W as
2 20 j ;a
6 fO in
' fa
ii is
N , I .T
Ar. te. Augustine S) 15 i n
Ar7ampa OS t.
Lt. K. T.. N. T. r. 7 i i a" ,
Lt. rhllsdelpbl Llls'n
Lt. X. V.. Orb.rf.K-Uo 3W t n.
Lt. lUttlmore.il. tLT.Co.
Lt. Waa..N.W.8.ll.
Lt. f ortamouth, B. A, 1 V 30 atu t.lii
Lt. WelJon 2 12a.n 'su.e
Lv. Norlina It? an lo Js
Lt HeuJertea l'i a n : ;s
Lt. i:a!elK alco'S r.a
Lt. Southern Pine CTQam tiCt
Lt. Ilsmlet
7 S.wta 13tjs
10 Ci s-n:o4J7si
10 Sa:a 1 l? ti
12S3jm ;yu
3 55(rn
Lt. WllmlDRtoa
Ar. Cbsrlctte
Lt. t heter
Lt. Greenwood
Lt. Alliens
Ar. Atlanta t
Ar. Angus'. C A W. C. ft ;0 fin
Ar. Macou. C ot Ga.. 7 iu c" lituns
ATliontff., AAVV7i 8 0 -n t, : J j ta
Ar. Mobile, L.4N. 1 Li atu
Ar. X. OrleauM.K & X. 7 16 atu
tena" X.C St.L.
Lt. NRihrille
Lt. Xev Or., I,. A X., 8 15 in
I. Mobile, L. A X. 12 40 a n
Lv. Mobtg..A.AW.P .61 6 on
Lt, Macon, C of Oa. 8 C'J tun
Lv. Angu.. C. A V. C 10 l'J w-r
LT. Atlscta, bTa"jZ 1200 uoy.
ArAlboDS 2 5" fin
At Greenwood 6 15 tm
Ar. Cheater 7 17 fm
Lv. Charlotte 75 puT
4 '.0 r-s
1 y.as
4 06i-s
S f fat.
Lt. Wilmington
3 1U f in
Lt. Hamlut
Lt. Houtb. Tines
Lv. Italetgb
Lt. Henderson
Lv. Not Una
Lv. Weldoo
Ar, rartimouth
10 3l(iu
11 15 fm
1 SO am
2 48 am
ii 30 o n
o05 a:a
7 tO am
0 i
00 an
37 f u
40 1 m
00 (U
SO p-
Ar. Wash., & & W.8.1X
Ar. BillL. B.S.I'.Co.
Ar.X. Y., O.D.8.8.4JO
Ar. Thll.. N.Y.I'. AX 5 4i& pm
Ar. Ne York t) 13 pio
No. CO .S i. C"
t0pm fSOsa
Lv. Tnmps, 8. A. I; By.
Lr. Ht. Aui;utiiie
7 aO am
t; iO i-a
7 6" l '
12 lOs-a
t M am
1 3o iv
) H j-w
r i a
; aa
Lt. JacJifloovillu
Lt. Columbia
Lt. Hamlet
Lt. Konth. Tines
Lt. liatelgb
Lv, Hrbilerson
J CO nm
1 Upm
C 5j jm
JO &0ftn
11 15p:n
1 20 im
2 41 o
Lt. KorllBO 3 23 ntn
LT.rttrsbnrg & 'il am
Ar. Eltmond r. iOaru
Ar. U'asfa., W.fi.rty. 3 :o am
Af. BaVtlmors. FJt.lL Jl S5 am
Ar. rhliddsiphta 1 40 pm
Ar. New York 4 13 y-.n
Note. f Dally, exee-pt hundsT.
Kentrst Time. Eastern Time .t I
rullmsn Drawing Kouj tipping can oo si
tbroOgb trains. New York to. Atlawa. Jac
sonTille and Tampa. Tlekcti ou l" '
points. PulJmsn reservations n.ale
apt Kcation t.o any Ticket Agent ci
j any, or at the
C. H. GATTIS, T. P. A.
Ysrboroagh Iloato liu Jiit.er
rbontsin. r.aleigb. N (X
C. B. Byan, Gen'l Pasfctngcr Agett,
Jas. IT. Barr, rreiuleot sol Gtcen
Usxagsr, Portsmontb, Va.
" Time Table Jfo. 28, to take
Sandaj. November 3ib. VJ02. t 7.33
4L m., Easter a tan Jar J Time.
pereJe Time Table No. 27, ot Jo
8, VJQ2.
ft s
Pas Pass.
U'ly D'ly
1st e Is: s
A.M. F.JL A.M- r-Jr
6 00 t30Lv OolJsboro Aril 05
18 18 IB ft) Beat's lOHJ1
8 26 I5i LaQrscs 11 3i J-.
(SSM41J Falllnc Creek Jtf 2i f
8 48 4 21
tl nton
Lt, .a
Axw "
Kiorton Jano
X 9 02 f 4 S3
9 50 r
Lt Mi
7 23
813 4 43
Lr Ac 9 43
ITioea SMbg
Core c reek
Ttuc .rora
I 913
8 03
5 13
f 625
7 01
9 111 6 4i
Keuse C:jtilng
5 43Ar
Lt 9 03
8 50LT
6 02
f 615
I 6 18
6 SO
6 4S
I 6 49
f 684
New Bern
Ar 8 3
8 W
7 H
7 53'
7 35 f
James C:ty
Croat aa
Morehead Cttr
Ar AtLantt Hotel Lt
7l5Ar il.Clty Depot Lt 7 63 p
A.M. P.M.
Train Ko. 9, freight,- leoTes Set?
1 80 pm, TnesdsT, Tnursdsy sod batuM.t
teeond-elasa. 4
Train Ko. 10. frelLt, arrires at v'
at 10 45 am, lioadaj, Wednesday and 1
I Stop on signal. , ,
Ar. Nnali , N.O ht.I CiOarw lM-i
Ar. Memphis 3 45 yoi M5 aa
Iai!y hii'.r
No. 31. N . ii
12 45 nK n H ( o it
Kl'OtTru i:oa
Uie. 15
Oen. Snpt.
Maetcr CMJii
aiaf Dlspatnasr,

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