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"jjn7lill. N. C, Aug. 8, 1907.
S '
i at the Tost Office in Raleigh
a, -econd-classmail matter.
'wake county news.
Mr.. K. N. Mitchell, father of
- . i.lir. C Ihla ftlftrr slfltrl
morning In Philadelphia.
x tobtcco warehou-iG will be
at Wendell on August 22nd.
'rh(.p. will be three buyers on the
.'!oor r-i-resenting different eomr.a-
Mr-. Margaret Anderson, wife of
Mr J'4, Anderson, of Wake county,
,i ;at Thursday. The funeral ser-'.,-
a re conducted from the Wen
. 1,-11 A'-ademy.
I n f. K. II. Mclntyre, of Troy,
vfl() principal of VVrendell High
sch'! la-t year, has lKen elected
prir i f the County High School
at H-ly Springs.
Mr-. lather Whitelaw, of this city,
-mldenly Friday night. She
va- tin- widow of the late John
Vhiti-IdW, who was killed by a fall-t-iigine
at the rock quarry about
i4 year ago.
Til- home of Mr. C. C McDonald
va- -trurk by lightning during the
,. -rt- storm in Raleigh Saturday
IVmoon. A hole waa torn in the
:;k.f t" the buildintr. but none of
mr family were injured.
Tin re were just four eases in the
'Sleigh l'olice Court Monday, and
t,.,-- lour cases were for "drunk on
twt." Mrs. Cossie Miller, a
uurrinl white woman of Ilaleigh,
vvas 1ft off on payment of cost, $2.25.
Tht n; wa-4 a freight wreck on the
Southern lUilway at Walnut Creek,
leur Raleigh, Saturday, about noon.
Atiout .ix of the cars were derailed
ltnl h:nlly torn up and the track was
.ri(jii-tlv damatred. None of the
i miu crew were injured.
Mr. T. J. Searlette, of Portsmouth,
Va., who had been visiting his sis
, r, Miss Ileese, of Ilaleigh, suffered
t stroke of paralysis on Fayetteville
met Saturday morning. He was
iken to the home of Miss Iteese
where he (lied Saturday evening
Maggie McGee, a young woman
i'rom the Caraleigh Mills, near Ital
igh, was before Magistrate Roberts
Saturday charged with inhuman
treatment of a small boy. The boy's
name is Fitts and ia only 11 years
till. It was stated that the boy put
-and down the girl's back and she
l ulled him in on the porch and beat
niin with a small plauk and dislo
cated his hip. The case was con
unued to be heard before another
Dr. Thoriiai Ituffln. of tbe Char
lotte bar, has been elected a Pro
fessor of Lw at the Stale Univer
Mr. Robert Oweni, keeper of the
pef.t-hoase In Rowan County, was
killed Thursday by an unknown
Uncle" Joe Cannon, Sneaker of
the House of Representative;, baa
announced that he will not be In the
presidential race next year.
The annual meeting of the State
Association of County Superinten
dents will be held at Mintreat, N. C
4th, 5th and Cth of September. All
Superintendent are required by law
to attend.
A portion of Robeson County was
visited by a disastrous storm Sun
day afternoon, doing much damage
to crops. The lews on the plantation
of Mr. S. M. Oliver alone, it Is "aid,
will amount to about fifty bales of
The Mecklenburg Olnners Asso
ciation and the Farmers Warehouse
and Holding Company were organ
ized in Charlotte Saturday. The
authorized capital stock of the Ware
house Company will Ixs one hundred
thousand dollars.
After today the Atlantic Coat
Line and the Southern Railway will
s 'ill tickets at 2 cents per mile, at
least until the Supreme Court of the
United States passes on the consti
tutionality of the law. The Seaboard
is already selling tickets at 2 cent.
There was a terrific stoim in
Franklin County, just north of Lou
isburg Friday afternoon. It cov
ered a scope of over two miles wide
and destroyed everything in its
path. Mrs. Combs, who lived about
six miles north ot .Liouisourg, was
struck by lightning, killing her in
Conover, Catawba County, came
near being the scene of a lynching
Tuesday afternoon. The mob's in
tended victim being a negro named
Petree, who had attempted to assault
Mrs. Emma Sigmon, a prominent
white woman of Catawba Springs.
The negro was captured by Mr. Sig
mon and a crowd had him in charge
when a man arrived in a buggy and
persuaded them to let him take the
negro to Newton jail.
Head-on Collilon on Southern Kill
Engineer Prk.9f, Hi. Fireman nf
Fireman on Passenger Train.-Manjr
Others lnjurcd--Train Crew Forgot
Their Meet Orders.
There was a head-on collUlon on
the Southern Rail ay near Auburn
on Tuesday night in which three
people were kilted and many In
jured. The men killed 'Acre all
train employes and are :
W. C Parker, of Spencer, white,
engineer on freight. Leaves a wife
and two children.
John Young, of Greensboro, white,
fireman on freight.
W. J. Bethel, of Greensboro, ne
gro, fireman on passenger train.
The dead bodie of the white en
gineer and fireman were consumed
in the Haines of the wreckage. It is
thought that none of the Injured are
seriously hurt.
The wreck was caused by the crew
of the passenger train overlooking
the orders given them at Raleigh to
meet the freight tnin at Auburn.
Both engines were deraiUd together
with several of the freight cars. The
wrecked freight cars caught on tire
and were burned. The combination
mail and baggage car on the passen
ger train was badly broken up but
the mail Clerk escape! with slight
Injuries. This is possible the worst
wreck that has ever occurred on thi
branch of the Southern.
Ask your neighbor to subscribe
for The Caucasian.
The Seaboard desire to announce
that on after this date all mileage bojks
issued by them of Interchangeable
formwrib be good for passage over the
lines of Ihe Atlantie and North Caro
lina Jtailway Co., and Norfolk and
Southern Railway o. , and that Inter
changeable Mileage Books issued by
these lines will be honored for passsge
over the Seaboard Air Line Railway.
II. Gattis,
The Shelby Aurora
Both for One Year for Only f 1 .50
Th Aurora i pub!ib-d at fblby,
N. C and i one of the bt Repub
lican paper pablthe4 in Ue State.
Either paper alone is one dollar per
jear. Subscribe cow and sate fifty
cent on tbe two ptpers.
Raleigh, X. C.
For the Colored Race
G R E K 8 BO HO, C
Tfce erteeSLb aonoat turn Mam berifc
Sepumber Cni. We are prpr4 to
rite rood utfc&leat insinactio l Ag
ricuiiura. aed Mecbkt brb
toe lowett terms of any school
cocntry. We also tar a DpmrUt
of Teacher' TrainUf and a Dairy D
part men t,
.KucrrMfai Graduate. Sttotr Faculty.
For farther information, address
cSAPlTAL STOCK $30,000.
Largest and Beat Equipped Business College In North Carolina.
Methods practical and thoroughly modern. Bookkeping, Shorthand,
Typewriting and Telegraphy, taught by expert. Positions for all
cur graduate-. Write today for our new catalogue. Add re
HA LEI Gil, N. C.
In writing please mention thU paper.
EFFECTIVE SUNDAY. MAY 12, 1907, AT 12:01 A. M.
Southbound Northbound
1st Class 1st Class Dally
Daily Except
Except Sunday
Sund'y Daily Daily
i H 4 2
A. M. P. M. A.M. P.M.
The Unloaded Gun.
News has been received that the
oldest son of Alex. Iledrick, liv
ing near Cid post office, in Davidson
County, shot and killed his youngest
brother the other day. The boys
went to an old shop when the older
boy, about ten years old, picked up
hu old gun and said, "I am going to
shoot you," and fired away at him,
shooting off one side of his face. The
little fellow is not dead, but is in a
orf carious condition. Some of the
How the Norfolk and Western Railway
is Beating the Rate Question.
Daily Industrial News
A party of gentlemen were con
versing upon matters generally, and
you know men sometimes talk when
a bunch get3 together the ladies
owe the scribe a bouquet for saying
this anyhow, the bunch was doing
some talking, and one asked :
"Have you heard how the Norfolk
and Western folks are getting even
on that 2 J cent passenger rate law ?"
"No. How are they managing
"They are charging 2 cents per
mile for babies and ail children, as
well as for grown people. So, you
see while they lose on grown folks
they make up on babies and other
children. Figure it out yourselues,
gentlemen. They used to get half
Practical Education in Agriculture;
in Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical
Engineering; in Cotton Manufactur-
ling, Dyeing ana inausinai viieiuio-
... . . - A1 A
try. Tuition a year; uoaru a
monlh. 120 Scholarships.
West Raleigh, N. C.
Four Departments Collegiate, Grad
uate, Engineering and Law.
Large Library Facilities. "VVell-
Equipped Laboratories in all Depart-
ments of Science. Gynasium furnished
with best apparatus Expenses very
moderate. Aid for worthy students.
Young Men wishing to Study
Law should investigate the .
Superior Advantages Offered
by the Department of Law in
Trinity College.
8 00 4.40 Lv. Raleigh T t Ar. 10.40 6.00
8 15 f 4.50 f Caraleigh t 10.30 f 5.45 f
8.26 f 4 54 f Sylvaola 10.25 f 5.86 f
8.33 f 5.00 f Barnes 10.18 f 5.28 f
8.43 f 5.07 f Hobby 10.10 f 5.20 f
8.55 s 5.15 s McCullers t 10.06 s 5.15 s
9 01 f 5.20 f Banks t 10.00 f 5.01 f
9.16 s 5.30 s Willow Springs t 9.50 s 4.50 s
9.2G f d.38 f Cardenas t 9.43 f 4.85 f
9.40 s 5.51 s Varina t 9.40 8 4.32 s
9.55 s 6.18 s Fuq'y Springs T t 9.28 s 4.17 s
10.03 f 6.06 f Rawles 9.18 f 4.07 f
10.10 s 5.13 s Chalybeate t 9.06 s 3.59 s
10.14 f 6.17 f Kipling t 9.02 f . 3.54 f
10.29 f 6.30 f Cape Fear 8.47 f 8.37 f
10.37 s 6.36 s LillingtonTt 8.42 s 8.31s
10.50 f 6.48 f Bunlevel 8.27 f 3.15 f
11.02 s 6 o8 s Linden T 8.17 s 3.05 s
11.15 f 7.10 f Buckner 8.05 f 2.52 f
10.30 f 7.23 f Carver's Falls 7.51 f 2.88 f
11.40 f 7.32 f Tokay 7.44 f 2.81 f
11.55 7.45 Ar. Fay'tteville T Lv. 7.30 2.15
Boats U 9UU' X4 tea tip a! jUm
Coll eg, EarftrHn.
Graduate, Lav,
Medicine, Pharmacy
Library costtiat 45,000 Yolsaw.
Kr var vorts, ictric lif iu.
central baticf jura. New
dormitori, gjnaticts,
T. M. C. A.txstt4ief .
Tbm FALL TKKM twfla SrpUa
br t, 107.
Chapel Hill, N. V.
AfUr eatt4rat4e Ibaef kl tad
J&Jy, 1 hare al Ui ocee44 la
ttiaalcjra bax that U1 rota aeam
mwtleg the dVmaada of the arertc
fartort ihaa aty c4het bcit tm hm
market. Fur tae etJa(lloo of 8ae
cotols chaak aa4 itmte4 hooey It
ha do etsaL
Taking rrerythlcg Into eookirr
U the cbepvl aa4 m cctkal
bee box mad, a&4 U gaaraatel la
give entire eUfWtloa eeery Uta,
Price, cotsr4rte, 12 WHle f-t
geatral lafortuallcto. rlncicea ad.
Ml) II Argyll Hft.
UAt.Klcai, N.C
1793 1903
Ukmit huM.. (itjMi
HOT lff4 traa m m
witi Hum
Stiite Normal and Industrial College.
Regular Courtea leading to drgreet of ltachelur cf Pedagogy, Btcilof of
ArU, Bachelor of Science, and a new coor leading to tb degree of Bacaelor
of Music
, Board, laundry, tuition, and fee forueof text boot. et.,f 170 a year, for
free tuition tudeoU.llSA.
Thb Nobmal Dar aktmsmt gie thorough instruction In tbe MbjeeU
Uurht in tbe tcbools and college. and ipeclal pedagogical Ualaiog for tbe
profeadon of teaehirg. Teacher and Graduate of other colUgre are. of
fered a one-year epecla! couree in l'edagogy and allied subject.
The Commercial Det aetmist offer practical Instruction In splenography.
Typewriting, Book-keeping and other buiire eubjecu.
The Dbfaetmekta or Misni. Abt axi mMKtic Scieece provide In
truction in Mannal Trainiog and in ucb ubject a relate directly to the
borne and family.
The Music Depabtmekt, in addition to tbe degree course, offer a certifi
cate in vocal and instrumental music.
To secure board in tbe dormitories, all free-tuition applications should b
made before July 15. Tbe fall term opens Heptember 1, iw07.
For catalogue and other information, addr
.1. I. FOUST. President,
Raleigh Marble Works
Shipments made to any part
ot the State at same price at
at shop.
COOI'UK IIHUH,, lrirloeor.
Raleigh, N. U.
When writing to advertisers mention tbe Caucasian;
send for Catalogue
$1.00. EXPR
For Cataloaue and further informa
fare, or 1 7-8 cents per mile tor cnil- tion, address
dren between the ages of five and VFV5mr Reo-itriv
twelve. Now they eet 2J.ora gain lNW)3lf llefflStiai,
r f hvoo.0io-hth of a rpnt ner mile. Durham. Xorth Carolina.
hones of his head and face have been They used to carry children under
frpfi. Now thev
- . . . l d..i. I .-,1 TrwT Hi f rtrrtd t I I . I 1 1 Ar W y f g I
i-uient. Lexington in orui Diuie. cnarge -i ran, ccij w.. irillllV r ill r OHlUUf
r, ; - ,lnmn thnt thrt I w
HO, you may put v uuwu vai. mo
Norfolk and Western people are
At her home, near JLouisourg, rpadv to ioin President's Non-race
rhursday evening Mrs. Holme?, wife aui-.ide Society.' If they can haul
of Mr. William Uclmes, was struck en0ugh babies they will come out
i 1 , 4k -wntr rr rra f ion '
T. Telegraph Stat'a. t. Telephone Stat's. s. Reg. Stop. f. Stop on Signal
Conneotions : At Raleigh with Southern Railway and Seaboard Air
Line Railway; at Varina with Durham ana southern y.; at j?ayeiie-
ville with Atlantic Coast Line Railroad.
JOHN A. MILLS, Pres. and Gen. Mgr.
Notice This Time Table shows the Time at which trains may be ex-
t i t. : - l i ,in. fmnm 4 Vir untroro 1 fifafirtna Bnrl ill connect
necieu 10 amvu at uuu uepaii xivjux iuo dow . iti.
1 . . rrm . r-I'in 1 Itiall I 1 fT III II On R A
with other trains, but their arrival, departure or connecuous ai vneuuw jj0r Travelers, DlCK-ltOOm, uamp, VynnnuK.A's"t - -
stated is not guaranteed.
"Ideal Alcohol" Gas Stove
hv lie-htninc and instantly killed.
--pi n w
Mrs. Holmes was in a room with
her children, but neither of the chil
dren were hurt and no damage done
to the house.
"Have they a right to charge
children full fare?"
"It seems that they have, under a
literal construction of the new law,
but the general acceptation of what
u u;hortn nnnatifntprl ft naasenerer
Mary Saunders, an old negro ot fl . determiainfr
Winston was fined $10 Tuesday for rrha rir neonle. I
retailing Cocaine among members of d thafc tne law make3
her race. Cocaine has an enect simi
!ar to whiskey, and is used exten
lively by drug fiends.
a" i I A An. v nnrr
no provision lor uaii-imca ji aujr
I other fares other than 2 cent fare,
and says nothing about carrying
children below a certain age free,
and that to do otherwise than charge
each passenger 2 cents per mile, re
gardless of age, would be a violation
of the law."
. . a i EvT
two a disease orevailinir in this "This isn't the only way me jxur-
. i . . i : !
country most dangerous uecause so uecep- fQit an(j western people are geinug
-.-. -W r J 1 1
A First-Class Preparatory School
Certificates of Graduation Accepted
for Entrance tj Leading Southern
Best Eauipped Preparatory School in
the Soutn. Faculty of Ten Officers
and Teachers. Campus of Seventy-
five Acres.
Library Containing Thirty Thousand
Volames. wen iquippeu iryaioa-
sium. High Standards and Modern
Methods of Instruction.
Frequent Lectures by Prominent!
Expenses Exceedingly Moderate.
Seven Years of Phenomenal Success.
pranrp3 fnr Annanolis. West Point. Colleee or University. Three courses
f otnHtr r.iain' Sfiientific. andEnelish. 350 acres of hill and dale, excellent
dairy and garden, field and track ath'etb'.B, Tennis and Ball Grounds. One-
quarter miie ruuinujj iraua. aucm .w-.j.. - . ---- -
culiured women in dining hall. Individual attention to each boy. Limited to
1C0 boys. Climate best for Southern boys, no in ine oieaa -nounvawo.
School 55 vears old. Graduates inspired to higher education. For catalogue
J. C. HORNER, Principal. Oxford, in. u
The Cause of Many
Sudden Death9.
tive. Many sudden
deaths are caused
by it heart dis
ease, pneumonia,
heart failure or
even," said another of the party.
"What else are they doing
"Why. they have increased freight
rates in one particular, I know.
Air Line Railway
The Exposition Line to Norfolk
Jamestown Exposition
For Sale, Typewriters. April 26th to November 30th, 1907.
Keeping, or Wherever Gas is not Available or Desired.
IT makes; its own GAS ABSOLUTELY SAFE.
Smokeless and Odorless, Weighs Oolv Eight Ounces.
I Bolls: a Quart or WaterJIn NtneMinutos.
$1.00. Express. Paid. 81.00. Express Paid.
Hart-Ward Hardware Company,
For Catalogue and other informa
tion, address
H. M- NORTH, Headmaster,
Norfolk and Southern Railway
Qoldsboro and Beaufort, N, C.
Effective Saturday, December 1st, 1006, at 12:01 A. M.
Read Down.
Read Up.
dard Tvnewriter. No. 6 model, does i
... . .
the moso beautnni worK 01 any wruiDj?
?Kes?n cftS W7ere they used to charge $100 for &
lue v. . . . Tt I q oar inrt nf lumber to my place, Lppnt in cost of maintenance orer all
nev uibeabc. . ' 7. , . -.r.. i
thev are now charging $ lou, or an pener maKes. mu$c shuib wmu.
increase of 50 per cent."
Visible Writing .
Ink From Pads
kidney trouble is
allowed to advance
the k idn ey-poi sou
ed blood will at
tack the vital organs, causing catarrh of
the bladder, or the kidneys themselves
creak down and waste away cen uy . . f ia a rtrn? nf
result I tersoniau lor August
Watson's for August.
The frontispiece of Watson's Jef-
. a i.
T!i,n i i,nct .iiMvsresnlt Ifprnman tor ausjusi i
uiauuci uuuuit. oiuiuj. ' I 5
from a derangement of the kidneys and GoverDOr Vardaman, OI Mississippi
a cure is obtained quickest by a proper Tne openiDg editorial, 'Some Politi
treatment of the kidnevs. If you are feel- . . i rtmmot frnm
in-badly you can make no mistake by Cat iiisiory "
taking Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the the pen of the editor, showing as it (lpBO0F OF THESE FACT8."
reat kidtipv. liver and bladder remedy. I rlnpa. tho difference between the old
It corrects inability to hold urine and nomnprat ftnri whiff parties and the w have a large stock of secondhand
scalding pain in passing it, and over-1 not tnriav. There and rebuilt machines of all makes
eomes that unpleasant necessity of Deing ei" a h Onr- I which have been taken in part pay-
are BUlIiO Blll&lUg wiuu j
eompelled to go often through the da-,
and to get up manv times during the
night. The mild and the extraordinary
effect of Swamp-Root is soon realized.
It stands the highest for its wonderful
cores of the most distressing cases.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and is
old by all druggists in fifty-cent and
one-dollar size bottles. You may have a
sample bottle of this wonderful new dis
covery and a book that tells all about it,
both sent free by mail. Address, Dr. Kil
mer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When
writing mention reading this generous
offer in this paper. Don't make any
mistake, but remember the name, Swamp-
Hnn Nve. Other contents are :
m 11
Survey of the World," "Untne irau
nf the Settler." by Ernest uancrou,
n stirrincr tale of civilization in the
D . K
making. The Jeffersonian is pub
lished by Thos. ;e. Watson, xnoui-
son,JGa, at 11.50 a year.
ment for the "Williams",
good as bran new. Prices
25 to 50 Per Cent Lower than
borne as
are from
Round trip season tickets - - 8.25
Round trip GO-day tickets - - 7.5U
Round trip 10 day tickets - - 6.89
Round trip coach excursion tickets - .uu
r.i ,5n rtanid on each Tuesday nd Friday limited to
. . . i ni in flioanino1 Pnllman ana irarior
Cars." Other tickets will go on sale April iv na counuue n
For Rates From Other Points Apply to Your Nearest Seaboard
Agents or Representatives flamea iseiow.
Via Seaboard Air Line Railway
can be Bought Elsewhere.
rn States
At 3 A. M.
TTiq wife Yoa needn't make any
excuses. John. It's all right. You!re
Root, Dr. Kilmer' Swamp-Root, and the I just in time to walk the baby lor an
hour or two. r qck.
aclress, Binghaiaon, N. Y.t on every
m mil
No. 424-26-26 Candler Bldg.
tch for announcement of
For Information and Literature address
Traveling Passenger Agent,
Raleigh, North Carolina.
J- F. MITCHELL. City Passenger Agent,
Raleigh, N.C. -
8 1 2 4
Dally Dally Eastern Time Dally Dally
A. M. ! i
8:40 8:00 Lv Goldsboro Ar 11:20 7:56
8:50 8:13 Milleri 11:07 7:55
4.01 8.21 Best's 10.58 77
4.13 8.31 LaGrange 10.47 7.28
4.25 8.43 Falling Creek 10.35 7.18
4.40 8.56 Kinston 10.22 7.00
4.52 9.18 Caswell 10.08 6.46
5.02 9.23 Dover 5.58 6.86
5.16 9.41 Cove 9.41 6.20
6.26 9.51 Tuscarora 9.81 6.10
6.31 5.50 Clarka 9.26 0.04
5.48 10.10 Ar New Bern Lv 9.10 6.48
5.55 10.15 Lv New Bern Ar 9.05 6.40
6.18 10.34 RIverdale 8.43 5.16
6.22 . 10.38 Croatan 8.39 6.11
686 10.59 Havelock 8.27 4.59
6.52 11.06 Newport 8.11 4.43
6.58 11.12 Wlldwood 8.05 4.87
7.02 11.16 Mansfield 8.01 4.33
7.20 11.30 . Morehead City 7.60 4 22
7.40 11.60 Ar Beaufort Lv 7.10 4.05
P. M. -A. M. A. M. P. M.
Daily Daily Pily PHy
Tramc Manager,
Goldsboro, N. C.
Goldsboro, N. C, Nov. 80, 1906.
Gen. Freight Agent,
Goldsboro, N. C.

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