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NO. 32.
terns Gathered From All
Farmers Alliance.
J!.? annual meeting of the North
(;- !: . a Farmers' Alliance "will be
i at ilillsboro next Tuesday and
' ::.-' lay. Reports of officers will
.;., .v a good year's work and pro
s aiong all lines.
I.; . U tter to the Progressive Farm
(:, i :' Tring to the approaching Stat:s
r .!.!. Mr. George F. Parrott, of
Ki:.-t"!i, president of the organiza
t;...i .-:tys:
With no little pleasure we look
f,,i i!i to next luesday, August
annual meeting day for the
Alliance. We hope that every
ty in which there is an organiza
wiii w. fully represented and that
W l j:atc will have something to
t !r the good of the order
1'i.r the good of mankind.
( .'!
No well informed man who ha?
! .. proper regard for truth will de
(i.i!' that the Alliance stands for any
t! i! ' other than for the scattering of
p.;i'c ana prosperity an over mis
! "f ours. Our purpose is to build
i -. i ii ii
not to destroy; we antagonize
ity and strife among men; noth-
i:i' -re.
"(iiir meeting will be a very ira
I'Mtiant one. Wc will probably disci--
with a view to some action the
Inning of wrapping for our next cot
ton crop; also the marketing of our
(..ton ;is well as the attitude of the
American Tobacco Company toward
c;i!l i ation of tobacco.
"Let delegates at their leisure
h.'te just what suggestions they wish
t offer, also any specific matter which
they are instructed by their County
Alliance to bring before the Stale
r.ieet ing.
"Again let mc urge delegates to bel
:i hand ,and should anything occur
s- that the principal cannot attend,
t!i n Let your alternate know in time
for l,im to report at headquarters at
llillshoro at 12:00 M. on
Broke Boys Head.
Wadesboro, Special. Julius the 8-
vcar-old son of Mr. and Mrs. L. J.
Piiiton, was kicked in the forehead
hy a horse Saturday afternoon. The
little fellow in company with one of
Mr. P. T. Rlrync's sons was playing
jii the lot near the horses when one j
u iiiciu suuueniy oecame vicious arm
kicked the children. The other boy
was hurt, but Julius received very
serious injuries. His nose was broken
and his skull fractured by the blow.
While he is in a very critical condi
tion, unless some complications set in,
he will recover. Dr. Bennett dressed
his wounds.
Pardons Granted and Refused.
Raleigh, Special. Governor Glenn
last week granted pardons of three
who had made application and refus
ed the application of six, among these
six being two negroes who are under
sentence of death. These negroes are
Will Banks, of Ashe .county, and
James Rucker, of Buncombe county
ami the date set for their hanging is
the twentieth of August Rucker 's
crime was the atrocious one of rape
upon his six-year-old step-daughter,
while Ranks had deliberately killed
another negro. The Governor sets
out his reasons for the pardons grant
ed and those refused.
Street Railway Franchise.
Salisbury, Special. The Board of
Aldermen have granted a franchise
to the Piedmont Carolina Railway
Company, a Salisbury organization t
operate a belt line railway starting
at Newton IIeights,in Soencer, thence
through East Spencer and up Long
street to Inniss street in this city,
thence through Inniss street to the
western outskirts of the city, termi
nating at the new fair grounds.
Will Double Population.
Duke, Special It is said that the
Dukes are to erect another mammoth
mill at this place. This place exclu
sively a factory-village, has now a
population of about 3,000, the largest
population of any town in Harnett
county, and the new factory will al
most double this population.
Bitten By a Copperhead.
New Bern, Special. The three-year-old
child, a little boy, of Mr.
Morrison Rowe, who lives nine miles
from New Bern in the second town
ship, was bitten by a snake Sunday
morning. The snake was what is lo
cally known as a copper head mocca
sin, and is one of the most dreaded
and poisonous reptiles in this section.
Br. Cat on rendered medical aid,' and
the tender age of the child made the
case very serious and its condition
was considered critical at; last ac
New Court House Plans. t
Salisbury, Special. A. movement
is on foot looking to the erection of
a new court house for Rowan county
to take the place of the old one which
has been in constant use for nearly
half a century. Plans for a hand
some structure have been submitted
to the County Commissioners, who
are considering the expenditure of
$50,000 to provide a suitable temple
f justice for this county. ,
Sections of the State
Awful Double Tragedy.
ARheville. Special. A terrihlfl tra
gedy was enacted "here Wednesday
morning shortly after 10 o'clock,
when Robert Murdock, a white man
4a years of age, with a wife and sev
eral children, shot to death Mrs.
Laura Kay, proprietress of the "Suc
cess Inn." a large boarding house of
this city, and then turned the weapon
on himself and sent three bullets intj
his heart. The only motive that can be
assigned for the murderer's fearful
act was a debt due him by Mrs.-Ray
and temporary insanity from the
effects of drink. The double tragedy
was committed in Mrs. Ray's room in
the Success Inn. Murdock fired eight
shots in all, taking time after send
ing four bullets into Mrs. Ray tr
break the pistol, reload and fire four
additional shots, three of which
went into the madman's own body.
The wounds made by the' three shots
that Murdock fired at himself could
almost be covered by a postage stamp
Mrs. Ray was shot twice through the
arm and three times through the
body. The attending physician
stated that Mrs. Murdock widow of
the murderer and suicide was in o
very serious condition as a result of
shock incident to the horrible affair.
Shot Wife in Cold Blood.
Selma, Special. Ransom Godwin
a weii-to-uo white larmer, oo years
old at his home five miles west of
Kenly a small and remote place io
Johnston County, shot and killed his
wife without any real cause for tlu
deed, so those who know the family
say. She was his third wife he hav
ing married her about four years ago.
From the union two children survive
their mother. Mrs. Godwin was 33
years of age. Shortly after the mar
riage of the couple, the husband began
to drink and kept it up till his treat
ment of his wife became extremely
cruel. Tuesday night he came home
drink and beat Mrs. Godwin with
a stick till she was nearly unconscious
Wednesday night he came home again
in the same condition. When he
reached the house he called his wife
to come to the door and just as she
c topped into the light where he could
et a plain view of her he shot he
.down in cold olood.
Decide for Pilots.
Wilmington, Special. Judge J.
Crawford Biggs, who presided at the
late term of New Hanover Superior
court, and who, the past week, heard
the suit to test the constitutionality
of the compulsory pilotage law, ap
plying to the Cape Fear bar, which
law was recently passed by the Gen
eral Assembly after a fight on the
.floor of both houses, on Saturday ren
dered his decision, holding the law
constitutional and valid This decis
ion of course is in favor of the pilots
and will be appealed to the Supremo
court of the State, and perhaps later
to the Supreme Court of the United
States. The findings of Judge Biggs
are brief and are written after mature
deliberation, knowing that in either
event they would be reviewed by the
highest court in the land. On every
point the law is construed in favor
of the pilots.
Money in Old Shoe.
Salisbury, Special. While tearing
down an old log house on the lands
recently purchased by Mr. L. A. Cline
the St. Paul neighborhood, three miles
from this city, workmen found $60
hid in a child's shoe underneath the
large hearthstone. There were six ten
dollar bills. How long the money had
been there no one knows. The house
is known to have been built more than
sixty years ago.
Charters Granted.
The following charters have been
The First Congregational Church
Company, at Mount Pleasant, is also
granted a charter.
The F. W. Hunt Contracting Com
pany, of Asheville, to do general con
tracting for railroad construction,
capital stock $20,000.
Ford and Johnson Company, High
Point, f urniture ; authorized capital,
$25,000,. with $10,000 paid in; Steph
en d'Donnell, Carl A. Cline, J. W.
McDonald, incorporators.
Bridgeport Lumber Company, Cra
ven county capital $50,000- outhoriz
ed, with $16,000 paid in ; A. P. Buntt
ing, H. M. Bunting and some Norfolk
parties incorporators.
The Salisbury German Coach-Hor-e
Company to breed, buy and sell ive
stock; capital stock $10,000 ; O. A.
Fisher and others.
Superintendent of -. ; County Schools
t " " Chosen.
I Oxford, Special. At a meeting of
the county board" of education . Tues
day Mr. J. F. Webb was elected su
perintendent of the county, schools to
succeed Prof. Robert KittrelL-Mr.
Webb graduated at the University of
North Carolina and has held the po
sition of principal of Jhe Salisbury
graded school and r superintendent of
Gibsonville graded school.
New Hijh School Law Gcinj Into
Tore la the Several Counties.
Raleigh, Special. The Stat board
of educatkm has appropriated about
$22000 of the f400vi tet apart by the
last Legislature for higb schools in
the various counties under the new
system, now being inaugurated. Th,
law a? with
one representative, $750 to one with
two and $1,CKX) to one with three. Tb-i
apportionment is made by the board
of the counties which have complied
with the law and the requirements.
The following eounites each get aa
allowance for one school: Alamance,
Anderson, Beaufort, Currituck, Dui
lin, Durham, Granville, Jackson, Mc
Dowell, Onslow, Person, Richmond,
Scotland, Sampson, Surry, Swain, Un
ion, Wilkes, Yadkin. The following
get allowances for two schools: Cho
wan, Cabarrus, Catwba, Cleveland,
Caldwell, Davie, Guilford, Harnett.
Lincoln, Macon, Martin, Nash, Pender
Pitt, Transylvania, anee, Warren,
Washington, Wilson. The . following
get three schools: Cumberland, For
syth, Rockingham, Rowan and Gas
ton. The counties of Robeson and
Wake gets four each. Wake gets the
largest allowance, $1,0Q0. There were
no applications from Mecklenbur;
and New Hanover.
The State board of education grant
27 five-year certificates in various
sections of the State and within the
next few days will grant certificate
to the teachers in the new high
A Timber Road.
Raleigh, Special In an interview
with Mr. William Moncure, so we'l
known in railway circles and partic
ularly for the last few years as a
builder of roads, he said that Henry
E. Lichford, of Raleigh; John O.
Shaw of Rockingham; D. E. Mclver
and C. L. Chisholm of Sanford; him
self and others arc now arranging t
build the Bladen & Northern Railway
from Stedman on the Atlantic Coast
Line a distance of 20 miles. He says
that it is to bo a road to get at timber
and that it will reach what is perhaps
the finest bodv of standing pines now
in North Carolina about 200,000,000
feet of which this company ownes
50,000,000. Much of it is long-leaf
and considerable of it is short-leaf.
The road is to be 20 miles long and
work will be in progress within GO
days from this date. The road will
bo standard gnage and will handle
Finned Beneath Locomotive
Ncw York, Special. Pinned be
neath a -locomotive," Charles S. Hud
ley, a brakeman on the New York
New Haven & Hartford Railroad suf
fered the amputation of a leg before
he "could be extricated from under
the engine, which had run over hira
in the railroad yards in the Bronx.
The operation was performed by an
ambulance surgeon without the use of
anaesthetics and frequently Iludley
gave suggestions to the surgeons dur
ing the operation. It is said he may
Big Canning Output.
Mount Airy, Special. Some 25
hands are now busy at the Mount
Airy Canning Factory, putting up
canned tomatoes. It is learned that
at least 50,000 cans of tomatoes will
be put up this season by this company
This is a large out put for the first
ycf.r, and serves to show what can bs
aeompanied by the people of any
Njrth Carolina town if they but ex
ert themselves a little.
Bitten By a Spider.
Greenville, Special. Bitten by a
large black spider early Friday morn
ing Tilden Batson a laundryman of
this city, was stricken terribly ill.
Two physicians were summoned be
fore the man got relief from his suf
ferings. A New Industry.
Greensboro, Special The Acme
Match Company, with authorized cap
ital of $100,000 and $20,000 subscrib
ed has been chartered to manufacture
matches here. A site for the factory
has been selected near the city limit
and work will begin within 30 dayo
The incorporators are all from Win
ston-Salem and are J. Palmer, presi
dent; Gus Palmer, vice president; L.
A. Wade, secretary-treasurer.
Four Killed by Train.
Allenhurst, N; J., Special. Four
persons employes of the Norwood
House, were instantly killed when
- -a
tneir carriage was run down oy a
Pennsylvania passenger, flyer known
as the Banker's Special, at the Cor-
lies Ave. crossing here. . There were
Thomas Edwards, a driver and Loret
ta Gray, Jennie McDonald and Han
nah Murphy, Waitresses. The Cor-
lies crossing-is just south of the local
station of the New York & Long
Branch Railroad, ahd the statio-i
platform was crowded with summer
visitors, wlio witnessed the accidant.
News of the Day.
Senator Beveridge was married to
Miss Katherine Eddy in Berlin.
The Moorish troops at Casablanca
have been disarmed and quiet ha3
been restored.
A powerful cruiser fleet of three
squadrons -is already being" organized
in the Pacific
Miss Hay Bushnell 27 years old of
Winchester, Va., was kiMed in an an
tomobile accident near Berryville.
1 " -
England BkSng Largest War
Vessel Ever Planned
rVashlnjton Naval Circle Excited
Over Report That Keel is About
to be Laid Down ! New Ship to Be
of No Leas Than 30.000 Tons Dis
placement, and Design I Believed
to Include Many Novelties, Includ
ing Assembling of Three Guns in
Each Turret.
Washington, Special. Naval cir
;les are agitated over a report which
reaches Washington that the BritUb
idmiralty is about to lay down the
teel for a giant ship that will bo 50
?cr. cent greater in tonnage than tha
redoubtable "Dreadnought." It i
liflicult to secure any information
respecting the plans for this ship, and
t is said that the British govern
nent s agian proceeding, as it did in
the case of the Dreadnought, to build
the vessel behind closed gates. Even
tually, of course, the man character
istics of war vessels built under these
conditions become known, but the
British government feels that it U
amply repaid for the trouble it take?
to build the ship secretly, by the
fact that the British navy is thereby
kept at least two years ahead of
any other navy in point of design,
a most valuable consideration in
these days, when a battleship is fre-
iqucntly obsolete in the course of fiv
years after going into commission.
It is understood that the new slvp
is to be of no less than 30,000 ton?
displacement, against 20,000 tons of
the Dreadnought, but aside from the
mere matter of superior size, the, de
sign is believed to include many nov
elties some based on the experience
of the Dreadnought. Such a one, for
instance, is understood to be the con
templated assembling of three guns
in each turret, fo that if the new shij.
is equalled with the six turrets, she
will carry no Iess than 18 guns in
her main batter'. The calibre of thd
guns, however, wi?Ir it K fielieved, re
main at 12 inches, the present stand
ard. The report of the British plan has
caused eome of the bolder designers
to proceed to. greater length and to
propose the laying down of a battle-
hip of 40,000 tons displacement,
placing the American navy clearly in
the lead. Naval designers are be
lieved to be willing to undertake the
construction of such a ship. It would
cost no less than $20)00,000, but in
view of the predaminanco ,.it wornd
give to America as a naval power it
is argued by the advocates of the
proposition that such a ship would
be an economical investment by tend
ing to ensure peace.
100 Additional Union Mechanics Join
Building Trades Strike.
Washington, Special. Acting on
orders from the executive officers of
their unions 100 more union mechan
ics joined the building trades strike
here Saturday. According to the la
bor leaders every building under con
struction, where non-union mechanics
were employed, is now tied "up an.1
nearly 300 men have quit work. The
employers' association cliams that
that it has been able to fill the places
of all the strikers with the exception
of bricklayers. The union men de
clare that the strike will be extended
next Monday.
Lumber Company to Build Railroad.
Mount Sterling, Ky., Special.
Clearfield Lumber Company, of Clear
field, Pa., closed a deal for 30.000
acres of Walnut, oak and poplar tim
ber lands in Morgan county for $100.
000. It is announced that the com
pany will extend a line of railroad
18 miles up Rush branch and will
spend $1,000,000 in approvements.
Officers Raid Couaterfieter's Den.
Uniontown, Pa., Special. In a raid
on an alleged counterfeiter's den at
Smithfield, several men were arrested
a large number of moulds captured
and a big quantity of spurious coins
found concealed about the place. The
men were all foreigners. " It is claim
ed that the plant has been in opera
tion several weeks, as the neighbo
bee non a still bunt for the counter
feit monev. The authorities have
been on a still hunt fo rthe counter
feiters for some time and believe ad
implicated have been captured.
Martin A, Knapp Weds Miss Nellie
Maynard Gardner.
New York, Special. Martin .- A.
Knapp, chairman of the inter-State
commerce commission and Mrs. Net
lie Maynard Gardner, daughter of the
late George L. Maynard, of Syracuse,
were married at the Hotel Manhatttn,
in this cifv in" the presence of a few
family friends by Bishop Edward C.
Andrews, of the Methodist Uiuren.
But It Required Of fidai Count
to ScU?e Mississippi Primary
UU Cxecatirt Committee Meets at
Jaekroa and Declares . Eetsit of
United States Senatorial .Contest,
Friends cf .Vardam&a. Sseeadlai
Motion to Declare TmIHUeu Noni
nee After Short Caucus Zktweea
Two Factions.
Jackson, Mi., Special. Th Dem
ocratic State xeetmve mmiltc met
at noon Thursday ami declare! Con
gressman John Shaip Williams the
party nominee for the Uuited Stalest
The anvas of the returns bowed
a majority of 64H voles for Wiiliaraf
the totals being as follows:
Williams 59,40G ; Vardaraau 5S,S4.
There will be no content over Uo
result. -
After a bhort caucus between the
two factions it was finally cgrecd !
accept the emi-oflicial lttuins a
furnished Secretary of State Power
from the various counties ami wlich
show that Mr. Williams has a ni.t
jority of CIS votes. -This motion l
declare Mr. Williams the nominee wc
seconded by the friends of Governor
vardaman. The committee then
formally declared Mr. Williams nom
inated as United States Senator. Thi"
is considered the final settlement of
the celebrated contest.
Governor Vardomnn conceded the
nomination of Mr. Williams by seni
the following note to the' committee:
"The Democratic party, through iU
executive . committee, has declared
Mr. Williams the nominee and I ac
cept the arbitration of that tribunal
without a tinge of resentment or re
gret for anything done or said by my
.friends for me during the campaign.
"I am for the nominee and hoim
that he will make the people of Mis
sissippi a great United .States Sena
tor.' 1 have made the campaign upou
living important and pertinent princi
ples and while I have lost the nomi
nation,!, am thoroughly convinced
that the large majority of the white
members of this State agree with my
views upon public questions, and I
shall continue "to fight for those prin
ciples as earnestly in the future as I
have in the past.
"No man was ever blessed by mors
loyal and mAre faithful hands than
those who favored my fortunes in
this -contest. .1 want them to , feel
as I do, that we have not been de
feated, but that the victory is only
postponed for a season. I have been
a candidate several times in my lifa,
and los.t the fight, but never have I
felt the sting of defeat, and I am not
defeated today."
All Memphis Will March.
Memphis, Special. The Executive
Committee of the Lakes to the Gulf
Deep Waterways Association, local
branch, held a meeting last week and
appointed chairmen for the various
committees to take charge of the big
convention. One of the chief features
of the convention will, be the mam
moth parade which will take place on
the day the President and the Gov
ernors arrive. Gen. George W. Gov
don, a Confederate General and mem
ber of Congress from this district,
will be chairman of this committee.
The parade will be led by mounte 1
police officers, followed by Company
A and other Confederate companies.
members of the United Commercial
Travelers from several States, mem
bers of the Lakes to the Gulf Deep
Waterways Association, and chair
men or committees in carnages
prominent business men and club
members and companies of the Stat-J
militia. It is planned bv those inter
ested to make the parade one of the
features of the big convention.
Big Fire in Baltimore.
Baltimore, Special. Fire Thursday
destroyed the gigantic grain elevator
of the Baltimore & Ohio Railway,
with a loss 'to the building alone of
$175,000. No estimate of the loss li
the contents of the building is yet ob
tainable. Many firemen bad narrow
escapes. l atar fire started in the big
stables oi the mitunore lransier
Company, spreading to the chair fac
tory of Heching-er Brothers.' The
flames spread rapidly and it is feared
both buildings have been entirely con-
True Bill Against Kline.
Beaufort, N. C, Special. Soon aft
er the openinsr of Federal Court
Judge Purneli. announced that the
foreman of the grand jury had re
turned, a true bill of indictment for
peonage against E. A. Kline. Attor
nev Clark, for defense, stated that he
understood the bill contained 9ft
counts. Counsel for the defense ask
ed the privilege of examining the tiill
to enbl i them to prepare their de
Priest Kills . Hotel Man.
; Pittsbure. Special. Ludwiz Sezc-
giel, said to be an unattached Polish
priest, of Chicago, walked into t
South Side hotel at 1111 Carson street
and without warning, it is said whip
ped out a 3S-calibre revolver and open
ed fire upon the two proprietors, twiir-
brothers named Steven and Andrew
Starzvnski. Steven died " within an
hour and Andrew may "not recover.
The cause of the shooting is unknown.
Cd2 tpcrt ca tta ?ta&tr CU-
tiers fet tht T?ttk asf XSreday.
Acfuil 12.
The North Carc4iaa ec1b f lh
weather n4 trvp wmlc t the D
prtraert f Arjienltar ia tb
fuUowtnff bulletin f wrttbrr eo4i
Lkcs for tb t :
Ttteperatsr. Tb tprr!at
for the week aterayvd about oormaL
The first tea day wer coal, aod in
some place th lowct temperature
for tba week were recorded on tboe
day. The lcmjriatunr re o the
Mb, and the highest tcmprratur
generally occurred a that day. Dar
ing the rrroaiedtr of the week cooler
weather prevailed. Th highest tem
perature reported was 00 dcgrrtu in
Lenoir county on th Sth and iHh, iu
New Hanover county on the vUu, mul
in Robeson county on the 10th; th
lowest temperature raa 53 degree in
Caldwell county on the Flh.
Precipitation.- The rainfall aver
aged much below the normal. On the
southeast coast, in the extreme north
west, and in the nortb-ceutral ctmu
ties, rainfall was ample. In other por
lions of the State, and particularly in
the western district, only light how
ers occurred, and moisture U now
much needed.
Sunshine and Cloudiness. Sun
nhine was abundant in the eastern and
central districts, but dificieut in the
western districts. Cloudy weathei
prevailed generally on the 0th, and
partly cloudy in the western district
throughout the week.
Dastardly Crime Sunday Morning.
Asheville. Special. When the fam
Uy of Mr. J. A. Wild, living on Hill
street, awoke Sunday morning it was
discovered that some fiend had enter
ed the house during the night, ad
ministered chloroform to Mr. Wild'
daughter and attempted to ct fir
to the bed on which she slept Noth
ing of value was taken from the hou
except a watch belonging to Henry
Wild, a son. The familv did not re
tire until after midnight, and when
Mr. Wild arose in the morning he
found the doors of his house open
and the plac strongly filled with the
odor of chloroform Upon gome to
the room of his daughter he fonu
her in a deep sleep and had much
difficulty in arousing her. On the be
was a small bundle of rag thickly
saturated with chloroform while hei
clothing and hair smelt strongly o
the deadly drug. A large number o
half brunt matches were strewn oo
the bed in which she slept and th?
bedding was scorched in a number oi
places. A bloodhound was taken to the
scene of the attempted crime and ap
parently found a strong scent, wbicfc
led the officers through a nearby corn
field, where a watch fob was picked
up, which had been attached to the
tfatch stolen from Henry Wild, which
indicated that the miscreant had pass
ed that way. The trail was later lost
owing to many people having crossed
and recrossed it, thus mterfenng with
the dog. No further clue has beeu
discovered although the search still
continues. Should the miscreant be
discovered bis life may pay the pen
alty for his daring enrae.
Canning Factory Starts Up.
Keruertville, Special. The canninc
factory, lecently installed here start
ed up last week and will continue
thr.wah ti;c sfuon. There is sou.
complaint from the fanners that th
tomatoes are rotting on the vines, but
the crop is just beginning to come on
the market rtd it is thought that it
w ill be nu r.veraire one. This new in
dustry here means a great deal to the
town and .'uro: pdiug country, ltf
capacity sufficient to take all the
tamatoes that can be brought in and
at a remunerative price, beside il
furnishes employment to alarge num
ber of laborers.
Tarheel Town Sued.
Asheville, Special. The Sontherc
Paving and Construction company, a
West Virginia corporation baj
brought suit in the United States cir
cuit court against the town of Way
nesville and Herbert R. lergnson the
mayor alleging a breach of contract
made in 1905 for the paving of Maw
street. Damages are asked in the sum
of $15,353.
State News Items.
The Raleigh cotton mill which
I makes hosiery yarns, has completed
the installation of $13,000 worth oi
machinery. Added to this will be the
$10,000 worth of-combing machinery.
It is stated that borings for coal
and oil are to be made in Richmond
county near the Pee Dee nvtr. Soft
coal was found ther last year and
ihe late E- B. C Hambley, of Salis
bury, tad options on 20,000 acres of
the land, but these bave now revert
ed. V h said that traces of oil har;
been founoL there.
Fruit Grower! Meet.
North Wilkesbcro, Special The
Brushy Mountain Fruit Growers' As
sociation held its third quarter an
nual meeting and picnic at Kilby i
Gap, on Brushy mountain, between
Wilkesboro and Taylorsville, last
Thursday and it-was the most enthu
siastic meeting ever held by this as-
the building up and development
the .fruit industry in this section
I Lute JVcZj I
In "Brief A
A etiaWaallati of M fpW Crw
was fom4 la New Yr-
A Cbt&Ajo dopted CLart !!!,
whit bay of IVtlmH Ta.
Tb Soather Railway rrlrre4
to Alabama m tfe rat eUaa.
A big tether it City wat
bam4 cattitMS a lo of 1750,001.
Storm did tattch dajoajr U Mio
ttfMOta, Winii td Not them loa.
Many artit iUd4 lb fars!
of A. St. Gods CWnUh, N. It
Two prron wer kiUeJ ia re
for fCS between automobile ia Mil
Four bote! rtnrMe "f' ViU
hile summer vuitor at Allroh-rt
N. J, watched.
All tb Centra! American UfpoU-
Uea ar said to be ready to j4n in
ear conference.
The fight over Arlanai law fimn-
railroad that remove ee Irxx
State court U spreading.
New Jereya Supreme Court up
held the constitutionality of tba art
taxing "main tewM rauroada.
(leorc DeUmster who one ran for
Governor of Pennsylvania bol hia-
elf in hi office in PilUburg.
Governor Comer, of Alabama an
nounced that the Southern Kai!j
must obey the 2 1-2 rent ral law.
The firnt tetimony la tH
the Standard Oil Company
will Iks taken in New York, Septem
ber 3.
John Sharp William wa oflSeially
3cclarel to have a majority of
rotes in the Misiippi SenatorU!
It is reported that Peary ha aban
loued bis plan to ail for the North
Pole beeau of the delay in repairing
hut ship.
Ludwig Sezegiel, a polish rrit
without a charge, idiot and killed a
PitUburg hotel keeper and wounded
bis brother.
A vaudeville actrewi rode through)
the fctreeU of Coventry, reviving thJ
d acant bnwd on the legendary
ride of Lady Godiva.
Another drop in stock demoralised
Wall street, but a rally led to th
belief that th worst of the preot
liquidation waa over.
Minister Russell ha been instruct
ed to press President Catro for the
arbitration of five American claims
against Venezuela.
Final contract for the two new
20,000-ton battleship were signed,
and they are to be puhbed to comple
tion as fast a potwible.
T. J. Wingfield, aged 35, bot and
killed his wife, aged 25, and thri
committed suicide in the Wingfield
home, in Northwest Roanoke.
Acting Attorney-General RuolI
states that the Government doe not
contemplate a general proeetition of
railroads and large corporation.
Dr. C. P. Dcnsmorc, a well-known
physician of nar Littleton, Va., U
dead, and four others are dying a
a result of eating toadstools foi
The finding of a skeleton in a Telia
ride mine is ezepcted to prove true
the confession " Steve" Adams made
and repudiated before the Haywood
Edward Mulraney, who was acting
as peacemaker in a New York fight,
lost hi temper and killed Robert Sea
lander, a contractor, whose daughter
be was to wed.
The Iotendato Commerce Commit
fion decides that a railroad must
charge the full published rates, which
is as 'i fixed and unalterable" as if it
were a "special act of Congress."
Pope Pins celebrated the annirer
sary of his cornation.
Holcomb Bacon, of Albany, Ga.,
was found dead in an Atlanta hotel.
Tales of murder and pillage by the
Moors daring the bombardment of
Casa Blanca are told by passenger,
from there.
Koreans who are figbticg-ibe Jap
anese Army have called on the Chris
tians there to help save the country
from the invaders.
. The New York subway may be tak
en from the Ryan-Belmont syndicate
and given to another lessee.
The Steel Trust ha determined to
spend a total of 1120.000,000 in build
ing a city at Gary, Ind.
"Bill" Quantrell the famous Kan
sas raider is said to be living on Van
couver Island.
Brick maoufaetarere obtained an
injunction in Pittburg against sever
al railroads beeaure of new rate on
the product.
Secretary Straus is investigating
condition in Hawaii where the Jap
anese, now outnumber all other nat
ional tcs.
Government statistics estimaU-the
yield of winter wheat at 409,500,000
An interesting reunion of the Lewis
family was held at the Moorings, near
Charleston, W. Va.
Ernest Lemons accused of causing
the automobile accident which result
ed in the death of Mis May Busbniil
was held without bail at Barryrille.
Mgr. Faleonio expressed himself aa
of i being delighted with the Jameown

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