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The Caucasian
0D RM-EIGH enterprise.
.rM September 10, 1908
.. Post-offloe in Raleigh. N. C.
r:.bli n;attr.
I,oeal Matters
) I.-
J. c
ed tJ.'
of Vi
He w;
,r overman was billed to
;. Kuleigh last night before
a.i-Kitchln Club, but he did
. ;md Gov. Glenn was asked
- j. lace.
rr.ice Ellington died Tues
; ir.g at her home In this city.
;i daughter of the late Mr.
I; j -ton who represented this
:, the Legislature a few years
:,r Glenn Tuesday commut
,iih sentence of Sam Glover,
;iiton, to life Imprisonment.
under sentence to be hanged
r 17th, for the murder of
another negro.
Ed J"1'"
la iin the names of the Wake
Cuur;ty Republican Campaign Com-Eif--
in our last Issue the reporter
iy oversight failed to state that
j;r. j..r i: Harden was elected a mem
ber of iliat Committee. Mr. Harden
was ihf Republican nominee for sher
iff t we : ars ago and is very popular
with th Republicans of the County.
Thi was some trouble in Raleigh
Hum!;!. afternoon between Mr. T. E.
I,ni a member of the Board of
Aid ! Tiia n and Mr. Peebles, a mem
ber of the police force. It seems
that on Sunday afternoon Mr. Moore
drov- hi.s carriage In front of the
Union depot and left it there while
he w iit Into the station to meet a
train. The policeman requested him
tr inove the carriage across the
street, ;ts he claims he had a right
to do under the law, but the alder
man refused to have his carriage
moved, and refused to obey the law
whit h hack men of the city have to
oky. The policeman says he is sor
ry he did not arrest the alderman
on the spot.
In Jail for Failing to Pay $2.00
Hoard Bill.
David Kornegay, a young white
man of Fremont, N. C, is in Wake
jail because he could not pay a $2.00
board bill. Kornegay says he and
his wife came to Raleigh some days
af?o thinking he could get employ
ment as a painter. He said he could
not K't the work and had no money
to pay the board bill, which he was
fharired with RlHnn1np
Later, the authorities believe that LIsht
"Kornegay" is Will Holmes from Mt
Olive. The woman in the question is I Improved
not his wife, but is said to be Mattie
Strickland, who lived near Mt. Olive,
who was traveling around with
Tt HAIrt.i.
uvuiiiiiuiu.MSTS WILL NAME
I W. F. 8. BUI, Nominated for Con.
ere at Greensboro Meeting.
WIU Put Out State Ticket.
At a conference of the leaden of
the prohibition movement In North
Carolina, held In Greensboro Tues
day afternoon, It was decided not to
nominate a State ticket, leaving the
members of the party free to vote for"
the candidates of their choice, but
it was decided to put an electoral
ticket In the field, which will be
named later. Prof. F. S. Blair, of
Guilford, College, was selected as the
candidate for Congress. Edwin
Shorer and T. P. Johnson, f Salis
bury, were chairman and secretary,
respectively, of the meeting.
Jurors Named for Wake Court.
At yesterday's session of the board
of county commissioners Jurors were
drawn for the October (civil) term
of Wake County Superior Court, as
First Week L. E. Rollins, A. C.
Olive, E. T. Bledsoe, of Buckhorn
township; Joe Debnam, Swift Creek;
W. B. Hopkins, Little River; W. M.
Fickena; Holly Springs; R. D. God
win, P. H. Ray, Raleigh; J. W. Wil
born, Middle Creek; J. C. Cooper, J.
T. Edwards, House's Creek; W. H.
Richardson, Neuse; W. S. Allen, J.
W. Terry, A. E. Allen, Barton's
Creek; G. D. Stell, W. O. Rogers,
Wake Forest; R. S. Barker, C. W.
Yates, White Oak; J. E. Earp, W. R.
Liles, Mark's Creek; W. D. Jones,
Panther Branch; W. R. Smith, Cedar
Fork, and B. M. Harrison, New
Second Week J. M. Griffis, W. F.
Young, Panther Branch; L. J. Bar
bee, S. D. Cook, R. P. Cook,, White
Oak; R. M. Rambeaut, Swift Creek;
C. E. Branton, Cary; B. G. Ennis,
Middle, Creek; E. C. Bobertson, W.
A. Faucett, Raleigh; A. F. King, Oak
Grove; A. R. Hodge, Jr., Mark's
Creek; J. E. Hoyle, Little River; N.
W. Powell, G. W. Baucom, St.
Mary's; L. E. Warren, House's
Creek; Henry Keith, New Light; M.
J. Boling, Buckhorn.
Third Week W. R. Carroll, W.
F. Brannan, M. A. Barham, W. S.
Weathersby, H. H. Hicks, B. H. Rich
ardson, Little River; G. P. Clark, R.
J. Carpenter, White Oak; W. E.
Redford, J. B. St. Sing, Wake For
est; S. G. Wilbon, Holly Springs; C.
N. Evans, col., Cary; N. M. Tomlin
son, St. Mary's; S. B. Seely, Swift
Creek; T. B. Perry, S. M. Smith,
Raleigh; W. N. Franks, Panther
Branch; W. M Brinkley, New
Jiegro U
Lynelwd for Irorlng a j
hit Wcwbaa.
Oxford. Miss.. Sept. St. A Bob
hammered 1U way into Jail here last
night and lynched Lawoa Patton, a
negro who attacked and then killed
a Mrs. McMullen yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. McM alien's husband, who was a
prUoner at the Jail, seat the negro, a
trusty, to bis home with a taeutge
to his wife, and while there the at
tack was made.
After delivering the message he
refused to leave. Mrs. McMullen
suggested to her daughter that she
get the gun and frighten htm away,
whereupon the negro slashed the
mother across the throat and grab
bed the daughter. She escaped and
the negro fled. Mrs. McMullen ran
about two hundred yards and drop
ped dead. The alarm was given and
neighbors and officers pursued the
negro and captured him in a field.
(la Effect 190M.)
N. B. These figure are subUhc4
as information and are not g?r
4-30 a. m. No. 1 1 2 for ColdUro
and local stations naadl Pull ma a
ileeplcg car from Gr-cboro to Ra
leigh. Coneeeu at Slma and Gold
boro with A. C. L. and with Norfolk
and Southern for Morehead City. j
K.3 ju m. No. 21. through train
from Goldtboro-Rateigh to AthevllieJ
handles Southern Railway Parlor ;
One Life Lost Dynamite Explosion
Caused Panic in Section of City.
Pittsburg, Pa., Sept. 9. Pittsburg
district was visited yesterday after
noon and last night by three fires
that aggregated a loss of nearly
$100,000, were the cause of loss of
one life and the wiping out of the
best part of one town.
One fireman lost his life and an
other was seriously injured follow
ing an explosion of either gas or
some high explosive in a big build
ing at Ninth street and Duquesne
Way at 10 o'clock last night. Dyna
mite something like fifty pounds,
sufficient to raze the entire square
was carried out of the place by po
licemen Just before the firemen arrived.
Schedules and Pullman
Service on the Southern Railway.
The Southern Railway wishes to
She was allowed to see the cal1 sPeclal attention to their im-
Slave of Jefferson Davis Applies for
LicenseShort Two Cents.
Washington, Pa., Sept. 9. Declar
ing that he had been a slave under
Jefferson Davis, John Smith, a negro
62 years old, appeared at the license
clerk's office yesterday with Emma
West, 36 years old, and applied for
a marriage license.
The license furnished, Smith had
not the 50 "cents to pay for it. The
bride produced 48 cents. Smith hus
tied out of the office and came back
with one more cent. Since he had
made such an effort to raise the ne
cessary amount, the license was
handed to him.
The former slave said he was not
going to be married until pay day,
when he would have some money.
Smith said his- first wife died on the
day President Garfield was assassi
prisoner and she gave him a saw and yiuvea "vice auu uut oi wu-
other instruments with which to eigh' effective with change of sched
make his escape, after which she
was also arrested and both are now
In Wake jail.
Trouble at Fayetteville Street Bap
tist Church.
Rev. P. G. Elsom, the pastor at
ules September 6th
Through sleeping car line has been
inaugurated between Raleigh and
Atlanta, ua., tnis sleeping car ar
rives Raleigh daily on No. 144 at
12.30 noon returning leaves Ral
eigh on jno. 16V at 4.05 p. m. ar
riving Greensboro at 7.15 making
Fayetteville Street Baptist in this close connection with No. 43 fast
city has had some trouble with some through train arriving Atlanta at
members of his flock, and they have 6:30 a- m- Eastern time, which
withdraw from the church and are makes connection in Atlanta with the
holding their services in the Cham- different lines for all points
ber of Commerce building. It seems No- 43 also makes connection at
that several of the members and dea- Salisbury with Asheville, Knoxville,
cons did not like Mr. Elsom's style Memphis train, which is through
of nreaehine and askd him to re- train from Salisbury to Memphis with
sign. This he refused to do. and day coaches and Pullman cars
they withdrew from the church and For any further information con-
on last Sunday held services in the cerning new schedules, Pullman res
Chamber of Commerce building. It ervations, etc., call on or address,
is a resretable state of affairs, and w- H- McGlammery, P. & T. A.
lUSt W'hnt tVio rii f rrTn a -will ha r a rm rtt Raleigh, N. C
be foretold.
The Situation in Wake.
-The political situation in Wake
ialeigh Lady Attacked by Vicious
i)og in Capital Square, County is getting very interesting,
Mrs. D. E. Pursell, of Raleigh, was and tne news f rom nearly every sec-
attacked and bitten by a vicious "on of the county is iavorame tor
shepherd dog while she was passing Republican success. A prominent
through the Canital Sauare vester- Republican of White Oak township,
day. Her clothing was torn and the told-tMs reporter a few days ago that
flesh lacerated before she succeeded sure tne Republicans would
in beating the dog off with her urn- carry his township. He said that
brella. Some gentlemen in the Can- there were 63 voters in the town of
la V 1 t A "WW TTT
itol were Knon to her rescue and pex ana ne was sure tnat mr. w.
drove thf rtn? nwnv Johnson, the Republican nominee
O " In . . X
ior snerin, wouia receive iuriy ui
tho"se votes. This shows
Labor Day in Raleigh.
Family of 60,000,000.
According to the scientific author!
ties, the average female oyster depos
its at least sixteen million egs during
single spawning season, and it is
said. to be no uncommon occurrence
for an individual oyster to have fifty
and even sixty million to her credit.
Comparatively few of these eggs,
however, reach the fertilization
stage, and of those that do, few sur
vive it, for many and fatal are the
dangers that threaten. Sudden
changes of temperature, cold rains,
greedy fish all contribute to further
the ends of nature. An oyster egg
has less than one chance in two mil
lion of reaching- maturity! "The
Romance of the Oyster," in National
Magazine for September.
car. Goldsboro to Ahevtlle. Coo-j
rn-ct t Greensboro with Main Uoe
train North and South. j
12.30 p. m, No. 144 for Golds-
boro and local stations, handle Pull-j
man sleeping car irom Atlanta to
Raleigh. Connects at Selma with A.
C. L. North and South and at Golds
boro with A. C. L. for Wilmington
and Norfolk and Southern for More
head City.
4.05 p. m. No. 139, for Greens
boro, through train stopping only at
Morrlsvllle. Durham. University, and
larger stations. Handles Pullman
sleeping-car through from Raleigh to
Atlanta. Connects at Greensboro
with Main Line trains North and
South; at Salisbury with Ashevllle
Knoxville and Memphis train.
G.30 p. in. No. 22. for Goldsboro
and local stations, connects at Selma
with A. C. L. for Fayetteville arid at
Goldsboro with A. C. L. North. Han
dles Southern Railway Parlor car
Asheville to Goldsboro.
11.59 p. in. No. Ill, leaves at
2 a. m. for Greensboro, connects with
Main Line trains North and South.
Handles Pullman sleeping car to
Greensboro, which is open at Raleigh
for occupancy at 9 p. m.
W. H. TAYLOE, G. P. A.,
C. II. ACKERT, V.-P. & G. M.,
Washington, D. C.
R. L. VERNON, T. P. A.,
Charlotte, N. C.
W. H. McGLAMERY, P. & T. A.,
Raleigh, N. C.
Wright Makes Successful Flight in
His Air Ship.
Washington, D. C, Sept. 9. Or-
ville Wright, in his new aeroplane,
shattered all the world's records for
heavier-than-air machines this morn
ing, when he sailed over the parade
ground at Fort Myer for 57 minutes
and 31 seconds. This flight, which
surpasses that of the French aviator
Delagrange, who made a record of 31
minutes and a fraction over the field
of Issy and which tops that of the
Wrights themselves by a little more
than 19 minutes, was made without
a hitch, without a blunder upon the
part of the operator.
The Influence of a Word.
How enormously important are
these first conversations of child
hood. I felt it this morning with a
sort of religious terror. Innocence
and childhood are sacred. The
sower who casts in the seed, the
father or mother casting in the fruit
ful word, are accomplishing a ponti
fical act and ought to perform it with
a religious awe, with prayer and
gravity, for they are laboring at the
kingdom of God. All seed-sowing
is a mysterious thing, whether tho
seed fall into the earth or into souls.
Man is a husbandman; his whole
work rightly understood,- is to de
velop life, to sow it everywhere.
Such. Is the . mission of humanity;
and of this divine mission the great
instrument is speech. We forget too
often that language is both a seed
sowing and a revelation. The influ
ence . of a word in season is it
not inclaculable? What a mystery in
speech! But we are blind to it, be
cause we are carnal and earthly. We
see the stones and the trees by the
road, the furniture of our houses
all that is palpable and material. We
have no eyes for the invisible pha
lanxes of ideas which people the air
and hover incessantly around each
one of us. Henri Fredreic Amiel.
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chance in that townshin. and means
Labor Day was fittingly observed nn pni whn it is mpmhArpd
"i uaieign Monday Dy tne tunerent that Apex ig the home of the Demo
unions in the city. A barbecue was cratic nominee for Sheriff as well as
given at the Fair Grounds, which Mr Johnson's home.
as greatly enjoyed by all the par
ticipants. Aftpr dinner. . addresses
were made by Mr. M. L. Shipman W. G. Briggs Nominated for congress
and Treasurer B. R. Lacy, following In Fourth District.
t V y- . T . " " A I
iuc sueaKiner tnere were ioot races, i j. h. r v,u
" l At lilts xveyuuiiurtix uuugicoBiuua
same oi Dan, ana oiner amuse- f,nVAT,Hon of thA Fourth District.
"lents which were greatly enjoyed by held in Raieigh Wednesday after
large crow a present. nnnn Mr w. O- Briees. of Raleich.
inntpd fo Concress and Mr
iwueign ryan-iviicnm uud. f d j0nes, of Gulf, was named as
A Brvan-Kitrhin Dfimocratic Club I elector for this district. There were
was organized in Raleigh Friday! two other candidates for Congress
ight. The meetine had been adver-1 Hon. J. W. Atwater, of Chatham and
sed extensively in the local papers,! Mr. G. B. Alford, of Holly bpriflgs
but when the time came the leaders! It is stated by friends that Mr.
could not muster but 104 members. Briggs will resign as postmaster at
This is a very discouraging outlook I Raleigh, and enter actively into the
ior the Democrats, when they stop to campaign
consider that the Young Men's Re-
E. D. Smith Nominated.
In a second Democratic primary
held in South Carolina Tuesday, Mr.
E. D. Smith, field agent of the South
ern Cotton Association, was nomi
nated for the United States Senate
to succeed Senator Frank B. Gary.
The Artful Squirrel.
You" may find many a squirrel in
the course of your tramp, but no two
alike exactly in their method of at
tempting escape or concealment. The
ways of the little rascals are legion.
One may flatten himself out against
gray patch on the back of a tree
trunk, absolutely motionless; and
unless In your earnest, steadfast
looking you can detect an ear or a
shoulder in relief against the sky,
you might as well abandon search.
Another may lie along a bough flat
tened at full length; but here the
tell-tale ears are more easily sil
houetted. Still another may crouch
drawn up In a fork; and here the
thing to look for is the fluffy tip of
that little signal flag which always
works and waves and jerks and sig
nals so bravely when danger is not
In the air. Or one may gather him
self up in a bunch to imitate a knot
or knob; and here he can very well
tell when you have spied him out.
He will catch your eye, even as you
catch the eye of an acquaintance in
a crowd, and will instanly limber up
for headlong flight, leaping from
tree to tree, till he vanishes over the
ridge. Field and Stream.
Five Persons Burned in a Hotel.
The Hotel Belmont at Denver, Col
orado, was burned Monday night and
five of the guests lost their lives in
the flames.
Publican Club of Raleigh has over
4 00 members.
Won't You Get Up a Club?
Car Inspector Killed at Hamlet.
W. A. Melton, aged twenty-five,
and car inspector for the Seaboard
Air Line, was run over and instantly
We hope every friend of the pa-kiiied at Hamlet Tuesday night by
Per, and for the cause for which weleastbound train No. 44. No one
are fighting, will get up a club of I seemed able to state the exact man
campaign subscribers for The Cau-ner In which he met his death, but
casian from now until November I it is annnnnpd that he was on the
15th. In clubs of five the Daner willlfrnnt tnd nf tho rear car. and when
ye sent for twenty cents each. Now I the train started tQ pull out he slip-
me time to start the ball rolling. Ped and fell under the car. Mr
Melton leaves' a father and mother
Death of fra nf , t. TLtgvtt. " I and several brothers, who reside
I T T nrt Tr. 11,-.
iviuii. wiie oi ex-ooncitor
Marshall L. Mott. died Friday night
a the hosnital at Winston-Salem. I We want several good agents to
The remains were sent to Statesville I solicit subscriptions for The Cauca-
ior interment. Mrs. Mott leaves alsian. Write us for terms. We have
husband and five children to mourn la good proposition to offer the right
their loss. I parties.
Republican Club at Howellsville.
A large Republican Club has been
organized at Howellsville. Mr. J
M. Sessoms is president of the Club.
J. M. Swann Killed by a Train.
J. M. Swann, aged 80 years, was
killed by a freight tram at Reids-
ville Tuesday.
In the churchyard of Leigh, near
Bolton, England, will he round a
tombstone bearing the. following
amazing sentence: "A virtuous wo
man is 5s. to her husband." The ex
planation seems to he that, the space
prevented "a crown" being cut in
full, and the stonemason argued
that a crown equals 5s.
Special Rates Via Southern Railway.
Winter tourist round-trip rates
from Raleigh, N. C, to
Columbia, S. C 10.55
Tate Springs, Tenn 15.10
Houston, Tex. 55.10
San Antonio, Tex 63.45
Jacksonville, Fla. .. 27.45
Deming, New Mexico ... . 83.40
All year round-trip rates from Ra
leigh to-
Hot Springs,-Ark......? 43.60
San Francisco, Cal .... 136.80
Extremely low rate one-way colon
ist tickets will go on sale Feb. 29th
to April 29th, Inclusive, to California
and the Northwest.
For full information concerning
any of these rates, call on or address
W. H. McGlamery, P. & T. A., Yar
borough House, Raleigh, N. C.
All things are literally better,
lovelier and more beloved for the
Imperfections which have been di
vinely appointed, now involving be
ing a chamber with elastic and con
tractile human judgment, mercy.
The Caucasian from now until Nor.
15 th for only 20 cents for each sub
scription if sent in clubs of five.
The Caucasian will be sent from
now until Nov. 15th for only 20
cents to each subscriber in clubs of
(Corrected every Thursday by Cha. K
Johnson & Co.) . ;
Strict good middling.
Strict middling
at abort notice. Dyeing a specialty Batla-
action guaranteed.
With this Guano Mr. W. A. Simpkins, of Wake County raised three bales
of cotton on one measured acre and was awarded the first prize by the State
Department of Agriculture; also first prize for best Stalk and Seed. :: ::
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j. r. hough;,
R. F. D. 2, :: Raleigh, h. C.
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food, cleanliness throughout. Good
teams will be furnished traveling men.
Rates Reasonable. : : :
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