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The Caucasian
Raleigh, N. C, - - April 13, 1909
Entered at tbe Post-office in Ralelfh, N. C.
s econd class mall matter.
Local Ma tters
Dr. L. J. Herring, a former A. &
M. College student, has located in
Raleigh for the veterinary practice.
There were eight drunks In police
court Monday and still more that the
Judge did not have time to pass
sentence upon.
"Rosle O'Grady," a street peddler,
was fined $8.25 in Raleigh Police
Court Tuesday for cursing a little
too loud on the streets.
Col. Wyatt L. McGhee, of Frank
linton, has been appointed commis
sary General of the North Carolina
Guards, with rank of Colonel.
On Saturday Governor Kltchln
granted four pardons as follows:
Oliver Redding, of Iredell; Allen
Gray, of Pitt; William Lowden, of
Burke, and Colon Davis, of Bun
combe. Earle P. Cotton and Tim Holder
field, found guilty of complicity in
the Smith murder, were taken to
the penitentiary Tuesday to begin
their sentence. "Red" Hopkins an
other accomplice, was taken to the
penitentiary some days ago.
A petition was presented to Gover
nor Kltchln Thursday asking for a
pardon for Thomas W. Dewey. The
Governor promised to take the mat
ter under consideration. This is the
second effort to secure Executive
clemency for the defaulting bank
Mr. A. N. Jones, of Raleigh, Mas
ter Machinist of the Seaboard Air
Line Railway Company, has secured
a positon with the Government as
floor machinist in the service at Pan
ama. Mr. Jones will leave for New
York Sunday and will sail for Pan
ama on the 20th.
Death of Mr. W. 8. Primrose.
Mr. W. S. Primrose, a prominent
business man of Raleigh, died early
Sunday morning, after an illness of
only a few weeks. He was connect
ed with an insurance firm in Raleigh
and was known as one of the best
fire insurance adjustors in the State.
Mr. Primrose was a prominent Ma
son, and at the time of his death was
Grand Lodge Auditor.
A Raleigh Printer Tells of the Day
That Kherman's Army Marched
Through This City.
On Tuesday morning while the
reporter waa glancing over the morn
lng papers dropped into his quarters
to find out the sews. The reporter
freely Imparted all the- news that he
thought would be of interest to the
"typo" man. After awhile the prin
ter became reminiscent, and re
marked that this (a mean drizzly
day) was just such a morning as
that one forty-four years ago to-day
when Sherman and his army march
ed through the streets of Raleigh.
He said that just prior to that time
that Johnston's army had marched
through on a retreat and he had
wondered why that many men had
to retreat from any other army un
til he had watched Sherman's army
march through all day, and then he
could understand. That he never
saw as many men and as many con
ditions of men as went to make up
Sherman's army.. There were, whites'
blacks, Indians, goats, sheep, chlcK
ens, and in fact a regular Noah's
Ark was represented in the line of
march. It was reported in Raleigh
that President Lincoln had been as
sassinated and the inhabitants of the
city greatly feared that the troops
would carry out their threat to burn
the town, but wiser heads prevented
the deed. An old mill near the city
and the old depot, where the South
ern freight depot now stands, was
burned. At that time Governor
Vance was a prisoner and General
Grant camei to Raleigh and had a
conference with Sherman in the Gov
ernor's Mansion, which was located
at the end of Fayetteville street,
where the graded school building
now stands, and he persuaded Sher
man to be lenient with the South
erners and to allow the Southern
troops to surrender on easy terms.
The printer's story was indeed an
interesting one, but the writer can
not remember it all, and it Is proba
bly well that he can't and none of
the few lines penned above are in
tended to stir up prejudice. It lias
been frequently said that th. great
est enemies the South has to-day are
the men within her borders who are
continually trying to stir up section
al strife. The war is over it ended
forty-four years ago. We are living
succeeded in an oSU an thrown oncost been saying. They are an 'I
the cold, cold world doesn't feel
much like going into his pockets
after ten thousand pounds at one
clip. I hope Mr. Roosevelt 3111 en
joy his hunting trip In Africa, how
ever, an regret that I conld not join
him, for I admire him very much.'
I seed that my friend, the mem
ber of Parliament wax gittin sorter
restless by this time, though the
King seemed ter be hoi din' hlz own
with me purty well, so, after thank
In the King fer hlz kind reception
to a poor wayfarin American citizen,
we bid him gu de-bye.
"If you ever visit London again,"
sed the King, "come an' see me, for
I love everyone of you Americans an
trust that your famous mule will not
throw you from his back when yon
visit the mountains of Switzerland."
Az we rode back the member of
Parliament wanted to know what I
thought of the King. "He iz
great," sez I.
Az ever,
have to leave yon; bat if yon will
only believe them, yon will sever be j
without comfort, no matter what
happens to yon." The hymn was:
"One there is above all others
Well deserves the name of Friend;
His is love beyond a brother's.
Costly, free, and knows no end.
Which of all our friends to save as.
Could or would bare shed his
But this Saviour died to hare us
Reconciled In Him to God.
When He lived on earth abased.
Friend of Sinners was His name;
Now, above all glory raised.
He rejolceth in the same.
O, for grace our hearts to soften!
Teach us. Lord, at length to love;
We. alas, forget too often
What a Friend we have above."
The British Weekly.
They Make Demands on Illinois Leg
islature for Woman Suffrage.
Chicago, 111., April 13. -Two hun
dred suffragettes left Chicago to-day
on a special train for Springfield,
where to-morrow they will demand
franchise rights from the State law
makers. The train is scheduled to stop at
Joliet, Pontiac, Lexington," Bloom
Ington, Atlanta, and Lincoln, to take
on more supporters of the move
ment. Arrangements have been made
with the executive committee for a
hearing to-morrow morning when five
minute speeches have been accorded
to twenty-five women, who have pre
pared addresses.
Miss Jane Adams, of Hull House,
Is head of the Chicago delegation,
and has been chosen chairman to in
troduce the different speakers.
En route to the capital speeches
will be made from the rear platform
of the train.
On April 6th, proposals were open
ed at the office of the engineer in
charge of the Washington Aqueduct
for restoring the name of Jefferson
Davis to the stone tablet on Cabin
John Bridge, six miles west of the
city from which it was expunged dur
ing President Lincoln's administration.
Armed with the text of a petition
of 250,000 persons in Chicago, four
women, representing the Woman's
clubs of Chicago, called upon Speak
er Cannon Arpil 8th to protest
against the proposed increase in. the
duty on woman's wearing apparel.
The life that has no clouds has no
showers of special blessing. Clouds
and showers go together.
X"gro Woman is Arrested Charged
With the Crime.
Some one entered the home of
Mrs. John C. Croswell, in Raleigh
Monday night, and cut her hands and
inflicted a dangerous wound in her
throat before her assailant was
frightened away. Mrs. Croswell said
that some time after she had retired
she was awakened by a voice, which
she thought to be that of a woman,
who said: "If you open your mouth
I will kill you." Despite the threat
Mrs. Croswell screamed and the in
truder made an attack on Mrs. Cros
well, Inflicting a very ugly wound in
her throat. Mrs. Croswell's hands
were also badly cut while she was
trying to defend herself. Mrs. Cros
well was housekeeper for Mr. A.
Dughi, and the negro servant, Han
nah Harris, has been arrested, charg
ed with the crime.
Mrs. Croswell is in a serious condi
tion, though it is not thought that
her wounds will prove fatal. She
came to Raleigh from McDowell
The Preacher's Sense of Humor.
Dr. N. McGee Waters writes in the
Homiletic Review: "I shall never
forget the awful Sunday the minister
used to stay at father's house. I
know now that it bored the minister
in the present, our ancestors win as much as it did us children. None
live In the future, and in fact nobody Df us acted naturally, and we would
will live in the past; therefore, there not let him. It was an awful, solemn
can be no earthly good in going back an(j noiy time. One hot Sunday at
forty or nfty years ago, ana aig up I ternoon my eyes were opened. The
tnings tnai were seiuea long ago, minister, left to himself for a mo
and inflict them on the present gen- ment, came out to us children, where
eration. It is all right to revert to we sat like martyrs on the lawn. and.
them in a historical .sense, but for grabbing up a blade of grass, put it
any other purpose, the man who between his thumbs and blew on it a
does It is hurting our dear South- blast louder than a locomotive's
land, whether he so Intends it or whistle. We had been dying to do
not. Did the writer say forget the something desperate all afternoon,
Confederate soldier? He did not! but did not dare. Mother heard it
No one respects the Confederate sol- and came around the house with the
dier or has a greater reverence for day of judgment in her eye. When
him than this writer, and he further she saw it was the minister she van
hopes that no pains will be spared hshed like a dream. My soul went
to make the remaining days of the out In that screech, and to me it
brave Confederate soldiers as com-1 wag sweeter than the sacred song,
fortable and happy as it Is within After that I knew the minister was
the power of this State to do. The human, and I loved him. Of all the
point is the politician who makes po- men I know, ministers are about the
litical capital out of the late un-lm0st human and fun-loving."
pleasantness" by trying to stir up
sectional and race prejudice, is mm- The Vaiue cf Good Cheer,
coif an Mipmv to the South. The I
1 h. . . m l
writer was born and bred In the mere is a mission ior aumur. Au
ai. or, witMn a few v05r ho at. man who can mate others laugn may
npcta tn Rp it reeornizd bv others be a great blessing to his fellows
as the garden spot of the world. There are times in one's experience
j when a bit of fun is better, more a
May noiuiug ue ssaiu ur uuuo w i c-1 -
Swept Over Niagara.
This terrible calamity often hap
pens because a careless boatman Ig
nores the - river's warnings grow
ing ripples and faster current Na
ture's warnings are kind. That dull
pain or ache in the back warns you
the Kidneys need attention If you
would escape fatal maladies Drop
sy, Diabetes or Brlght's Disease. Take
Electric Bitters at once and see Back
ache fly and all your best feelings re
turn. "After long suffering from
weak kidneys and lame back, one $1
bottle wholly cured me," writes J. R.
Blakenship, of Belk, Tenn. Only 50
cents at all druggists.
M SIS ill
I ; 1 L "nSlil nn flUc- 4
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Mrs. W. R. Collins Shot While Try
ing to Escape With. Baby in Her
On last Thursday night while Mr.
W. R. Collins, who lives on West
Morgan street, this city, was gone to
a near-by store, a negro entered the
room of his home where his wife
lay with a young baby and demand
ed that she give him money or he
would "blow her damn head off."
Mrs. Collins ran from the room with
baby in arms screaming for help.
The negro pursued her to the din
ing room and shot her in the back.
By this time neighbors arrived on
the scene and the negro made his
escape through a window. A party
was formed who searched for the
negro for sometime but failed to
capture him. Mrs. Collins , while
badly wounded, will recover.
A Fatal Duel in Stokes County Over
"Poor Mules."
Sandy Ridge, N. C, April 13.
Following a quarrel which was be
gun two years ago, Oscar Woolwine,
a young man 18 years old, was shot
and mortally wounded here Sunday
by Marion Shelton, 16 years old
Woolwine died this morning and
Shelton Is still at large. Shelton also
received a flesh wound.
The trouble was precipitated Sun
day by a sneering remark of Shelton
in regard to Woolwine's mules which
the former declared were about "the
poorest he had ever seen."-With that
Woolwine whipped out a pistol and
fired at Shelton, who returned the
shot, the bullet striking the latter in
the side and coming out at his back.
(Continued from Page 1.)
means of grace, than a serious ser
mon would be. There are times when
the best help we can give to a friend
is to make him laugh. "A merry
heart is a good medicine, says the
wise man. A hearty laugh would
cure many a sickly feeling, driving
though her son may prove even more away tnJ blues and changing the
progressive than hiz good and wise whole BS9ect of ufe for a man.
mother. After the introduction, the Tha to1, a fh inilP.hter la dvlner
King greeted me very kindly an' sed ont amone mer, If so. it is a Ditv.
that he wuz awlways glad ter meet It would bQ a sad tbing if laugh.ter
hlz American inenas. in my h. x.. untrMhr nmwdAd out of
. . w.wu.vt O " "
younger days" sed he, "I visited
life. There are other exercises which
Td Rather Die, Doctor,
than have my feet cut off," said M.
L. Bingham, of Princeville, 111., "but
you'll, die from gangrene (which had
eaten away eight toes) if you don't,"
said all doctors. ' Instead, he used
Bucklen's Arnica Salve till wholly
cured. Its cures of Eczema, Fever
Sores, Boils, Burns and Piles astound
the .world. Twenty-five cents at all
When writing advertiserf, plaas
mention thiM paper.
America an' wuz greatly impressed A M uch bette afford to lose
with the vast territory dominated by U.-u f worid of human beines
the United States government an' Che with no iaughter men and women
M.ivt . st.... Tint ii .l I QfvonTCOrao SI T1 I . - ...
nuuuciiui uaiuia uumuvu woarinir orprvwtlPro ntlfl n I WTRVR S6-
it. I " o ' "
unlimited resources ov me . solemn, faces, with no relax-
az a wnoie." uver mere, sea ne, lng of tue Bterness on any occasion
"you nev a mixture ov races, a va- Think of the laughter of childhood
riety ov human beings, gude an' bad, denartine from the world, and the
an some disadvantages will crop out laughter of childhood departing from
at times, nut, in tne long run the worldf and the laughter of youth
American will be a winner, xou ai- how dull and areary nfe would be!
ready hev a wonderiui variety ov U Frank H. Sweet
computation." Cheerfulness.
"Yes," sez I, "we air makin' purty a laugh, to be joyous, must flow
gude headway, though we hev purty from a joyous heart; but without
nigh destroyed our timber supply by kindness there can be no true joy.
tryin' ter make money an' helpin' And what a dull, plodding, tramping,
out foreign countries whar lumber clanking would the ordinary Inter
wuz gittin' scarce years ergo. But! course of society be .without wit to
we still kin raise lots ov cotton, I enliven and brighten it! When two
wheat, corn an' cattle, an' the Amer- men meet, they Beem to be kept at
lean mule still takes the cake every bay through the estranging effects of
chance hit gits," sez I, tryin' ter absence, until some sportive sally
work in a word or two erbout Bob. opens their hearts to each other. Nor
"A few years ergo wealthy Ameri- does anything spread cheerfulness so
cans visited Europe an' after landin' I rapidly over a whole party, or an as-
on this side they would make trips sembly of people, however large.
through England, France an' Ger- Reason expands the soul of the phil-
many, using ortermobills. I hev osopher; Imagination glorifies the
changed that," sez I, "an am makin' poet, and breathes a breath of spring
my trip erroun' the world a-ridin' ov through the young and genial; but If
a mule." Iwe take into account the numberless
"Iz it possible?" sed the King. I glances and gleams whereby wit
"Why, I never heard of anything like 1 lightens our every-day life, I hardly
that! You must find it rather slow I know what power ministers so boun-
travelin, don't you?" Itifully to the innocent pleasures of
"Yes," sez I; "slow but sure. I mankind. Archdeacon Hare.
spent a few days with President
nuuseveii. at nasuiusvuu, j The True Friend.
I sailed fer London, an' he wuz pow-l
erfully pleased with my mule, which! One of the greatest writers of last
Iz named 'Bob,' an which iz a gude J century has told of a forsaken wife
deal smarter than the average mule, dying poor, heart-broken, lonely, and
Mr. Roosevelt wanted ter trade fer unloved. She had no one with her
my mule ter take over on that big I but . hCT . little son,, whom she had
huntin triD he iz now Dullin' off in I taught to pray. When the end came
Africa, but I told him that hit would I very close, there fell a strange clear
take somethin' like $50,000 ter gitlness Into her soul, which calmed ev-
me ter even think over the matter, ery fear, and hushed the voice of
an' he finally decided that he could every passion, and she lay for a sea
make the trip without buyin my son as if entarnced. Then she spoke
mule." to her child, and charged him all his
"I imagine az much," sed the life to say every morning and every
King. "A man who hez Just been night the prayer and hymn he had
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merchant and the broker In touch I A Dollar Rill With Yonr Xame and Wat montn, you win appear ana an
with the markets of Baltimore, Nor- Address Will Also Bring You 8wer demur or plead to the com
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THE WOMAN'S PAPER. lan. pabUc 0pInlm
THE SUN Is the best type of a J throughtout the Union; Under the
newspaper morally and Intellectual-1 Vine and Fig-Tree, a Home Depart-
ly. In addition to the news of the ment, conducted by Grace KIrkland;
day. It publishes the best features I a short story of enthralling interest;
that can be presented, such as fash-1 Poetry, Humor, and Things Worth
ion articles and miscellaneous writ-Knowing.
Ings from men and women of note I 4 Dollar Bill With Your Name and
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stimulating to noble Ideals in mai-1 por the next six months. They
Clerk Wake Superior Court.
J. C. L. HARRIS, Atorney.
This February 11, 1909.
Low Winter Tourist Rates to Ha
vana, Cuba, Via Southern Rail
way. The Southern Railway announces
low round trip rate of $9.10 from
Raleigh to Havana, Cuba, during
vidua! and national life.
THE SUN Is published on Sunday j them without getting a shock.
Thomson, Georgia,
are both live wires. You can't touch ..Umrt .eaf.. T!5k?..oa
as well as every other day of the
By Man the Daily Sun, $3 a year;
including tbe Sunday Sun, $4.50.
The Sunday Sun alone, $1.50 a year.
Publishers and Proprietors,
sale dally until April 30th; final lim
it May 31, 1908. Stop-overs are per
mitted at all points In both direc
tions where there are agents.
Approximately low rates are In ef
fect to other winter tourist points.
fLOO worth for 25c. New York's new For aBy other Information, see South-
i-MlTcii- "nXii: ern a nearest agent, or address.
Passenger and Ticket Agent,
Dixie," In the Golden Summer.
for 25c postpaid. FollettB KlUilC
Rub. Co., Dept. M., 105 Hudson St
I New York City.
Raleigh, H. a

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